Harvard’s Creepy Social Justice Placemats

Knowing that Harvard students would be headed home to their families for Christmas and that liberal brainwashing can be undone by common sense, the campus Office of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion littered the dining halls with placemats meant to combat any truth bombs the students might encounter at home.

The “Holiday Placemat for Social Justice” prepped students with questions and answers about four controversial issues they might encounter from friends and family members.

First, the subject of widespread student protests. “Why are black students complaining? Shouldn’t they be happy to be in college?

According to the placemat, the proper answer is:

When I hear students expressing their experiences on campus, I don’t hear complaining. Instead I hear young people uplifting a situation that I may not experience. If non-black students get the privilege of that safe environment, I believe that same privilege should be given to all students.

Right, a “safe environment” free from the nastiest of all possible injuries: a conflicting opinion.

The placemat offers responses for other questions, such as why Harvard students were upset about the title of House Master:

Within our cultural and historical context, implying mastery of people feels both inappropriate and ill-founded.

Letting in Syrian refugees could allow terrorists to gain entry into the U.S., your friends might opine.

Oh, no, you uneducated fool. We let in Central American refugees without any trouble. “Racial justice includes welcoming Syrian refugees,” warn the Social Warriors.

What about black men being shot by police? Why didn’t they just obey the officers?

In many incidents that result in the death of a black body in the street, these victims are not breaking the law and are unarmed. With Tamir Rice, he was a 12-year-old boy playing in the park. When the officers pulled up they gave no verbal commands and shot within two seconds of arriving on the scene. He was not breaking any laws; he was given no orders to obey.

As if the case of Tamir Rice was the only one. As if the question does not clearly hint toward the powderkeg that started it all – the death of Michael Brown in Ferguson.

Jasmine Waddell, a freshman dean, liked the placemats. “This is a way to say, ‘You’ve been exposed to a lot of different ideas, and particularly in this moment when there’s a lot of discussion about various topics, you’re going to go home and you may or may not be able to speak the same language,’” Waddell told the Harvard Crimson. “It’s not that you have to believe in what’s on the placemat, but it gives you some tools to be able to have productive conversations.”

You don’t have to believe? Somehow, the diversity office failed to mention that on the placemats.

Embarrassed about making the news, Harvard officials apologized Wednesday. They wrote a letter to students saying they “failed to account for the many viewpoints that exist on our campus on some of the most complex issues we confront as a community and society today.”

In other words: We were dismayed to realize that not everyone has yet bought into our idiotic worldview and we’ll be back next year to try again when the indoctrination has had another 12 months to sink in.

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  1. libs are so dumb they need pre-written notes on placemat to carry a conversation.. I saw a picture of this mat – it was so stupid – ignorant arrogance

  2. Hoping their brain washing will sink into the young impressionable minds of these young college students.
    Trying to create a fascist form of government. If they get these young college students to believe in dictatorship or fascism then they plan on being dictators over these students. Hope the students will bring in more to be herded like cattle by these fascist dictators.

  3. Poor Cupcakes are returning home for a dose of reality….

    Sounds like these placemats are just a form of koolaid…

    Perhaps the precious socialists should just stay in Harvard. Forever. They are of no use in the real world.

    • I almost attended Harvard as I had a scholarship offered to me but they found out that I was also a Viet Nam Vet and all of a sudden they quit communicating with me. Glad they did. Went elsewhere and received a TRUE education and not a Liberal Brainwashing “ed ju ma cation”.

      • I was thinking that this was so stupid that it could not be true, but what do you know, the placemat actually exists….

        If I had a loved one at Harvard, I would do an intervention and not let them return…..

        • Checkout the polling that Ami Horowitz’s took at Yale University concerning repealing the First Amendment a solid majority favored it. Scary what’s happening to the youth in this country. The Wall Street Journal has the story and the video.

  4. Dead BLACK Man shot by police. Question – Did he just shoot someone else, rob a bank, steal a car or what? MOST of such cases were due to one (or other) of the above question BUT Liberals do not consider those reasons.
    More Black men are killed by other Black Men (and women). but that fact in never a consideration to them.
    MOST Black, White, Brown and Orange men and women are shot because they did something to deserve that treatment.
    Being BLACK does not give them a get out of jail card. Being WHITE (etc) also does not give you a get out of jail card but Liberals make that claim.
    Liberals don’t ask the question – “WHY”. Even when it is a Black Officer doing the shooting, the ONLY concern to Liberals is that a Black man was shot.
    When any other race (that appears white or whitish,) is shot, those same liberals will pass by and instead will stop in their favorite bistro – or continue on because it just isn’t on their agenda.

  5. Harvards Creepy…

    The author could have stopped right there.

  6. Buy big plates. Rather peaceful without Fearless Leader talking points….

  7. Ami Horowitz a filmmaker and writer recently polled students at Yale University, those polled were asked if they favored repealing the First Amendment a solid majority are in favor. You can find the story and video on the Wall Street Journal’s website.

  8. Walter H WILSON3rd

    Take the place mats away from them and ask them to recite the questions from memory, then have them give the answer, see if they really believe this garbage!

  9. Interesting but pure Bovine Excrement. You can’t carry on a civilized conversation with a liberal.

    • How true….that colon mucus just wont come off even after the head is removed from the anus.

      • One Extremely High Pile of CAMEL DUNG……As they say the PHD stands for PILED HIGHER AND DEEPER…

        • PHD’s are no different than any other breed of humans. Some are smart and some are not. I am not sure they are bred tho.

          • Jerry…that was said in the Joking Sense of the old Joke on College Degrees…Being the BS Degree…Followed by the MS Degree as in More of the Same….and then the PHD as in Piled Higher and Deeper….
            Although I only has Bachelors Degree plus Credits…I Personally know several PHD’s quite well…One being a Relative….Who makes it well known to everyone that he has a PHD….Like the others…His Arrogance Shows….And I had some College Professors back in the 1960’s who also made you aware constantly that they had a PHD and just how smart they were…

          • Freedom,
            Gotcha. I was joking when I said that PHD’s are bred. I could have said they were hatched. I have a son-in-law who has a PHD and he is smart. I know lsomevery liberal ones who are something else.

  10. Of course the bastion of liberal learning is too dumb( code for biased) to recognize any other views

  11. Walter H WILSON3rd

    I have another question, while these young brains are in the street yelling, what is it that they think they’re practicing? Sure looks like their First Amendment right to me, but what do I know, I’ve only been an American for 68 years!

  12. It is difficult to “Un-remember” something like propaganda.They were put there for that specific purpose. There are usually several possible answers to almost any question. You notice that each question had only one answer. That is called “BRAINWASHING”

  13. The placemats are sheer gibberish and sound as if they were written by Sec’y of State Yawwn “Particularized Focus” Kerry.

  14. Scary to think that college kids are the future leaders of tomorrow. Dear Lord Please protect us from the fools and the government . Amen this prayer is said in sincerity. Not as joke..the president on down are useless. They not upheld the duties,they sworn to do.

  15. [jestanutta sample of positive reinforcement of the idea dat academix aint fer she it!] Phuque Harvard & da boat he rode in on!]

  16. NOT DIVERSITY AND FREEDOM OF IDEAS….as these LIBERAL IN-STINK-TITUTIONS of Higher INDOCTRINATION believe…..This is the Continuation of the TOTAL BRAIN WASHING of these young people….Who have been BRAIN WASHED Since Birth….Most of them are now BRAIN DEAD…..so the LIBERAL MARXIST INDOCTRINATION CENTERS for Higher Indoctrination….Must now make sure that they are PROGRAMED with the Correct Message….As stated by the ELETIST SCUMBAG that created this Piece of CRAP….

    “‘You’ve been exposed to a lot of different ideas, and particularly in this moment when there’s a lot of discussion about various topics, you’re going to go home and you may or may not be able to speak the same language,’” Waddell told the Harvard Crimson”

    In other words: We were dismayed to realize that not everyone has yet bought into our idiotic worldview and we’ll be back next year to try again when the indoctrination has had another 12 months to sink in.
    TRANSLATE: All of the Students Have not been Fully Transformed into LIBERAL BRAIN DEAD BOTS…..YET…

  17. Where or who was it that if you are going to a team, one has to prove he/she is an honorable individual and accepts rules and regulations of that team or down the road you go!! Schooling has the same orders to follow or become persona non grata plain and simple. If one has a gripe, resort to the proper method prescribed, rioting over minor rules is not a reason to riot w/o sever penalties!!

  18. Are these idiots in the belief that all students will buy into a load of bullshit like this?

    • Have you seen any disturbances at any of these colleges fighting the liberal establishment and distortion of facts and teachings? These are kids of privilege and the liberal professors know they’re malleable.

  19. I guess there are fools at every level of intelligence and stupid really cannot be cured.


  21. These students need to return home to Mommy and Daddy. They might become mentally disturbed if they have to deal with the world and hurt someone.

  22. Pu Pu Del Torro, pardon my limping Spanish.

  23. All this brain washing is not what parents send there children to college to learn, and it should not be the schools business to press their opinions on students. How come this isn’t politically incorrect, like everything else, and why do schools not stop professors from doing it?

  24. Liberal whites deserve all the negativity that will come their way in the future. They are weak human beings.

  25. We should tear harvard down and turn it into a parking lot for MIT at least the land wouldn’t be going to waste like it is now.

    • I’d say all the ivy league colleges need to go! Professors are drawn to them like flies, and most hire the liberal idiots looking for an arena to brainwash students!

  26. very expensive indoctrination

  27. Marxist indoctrination!!!

  28. I am in a position to hire people every day and I choose the work ethic over the college degree every time.

  29. More physical evidence of brainwashing by the Establishment.

  30. Jeesh, when I was in college they didn’t give us answer sheets to take home for the holidays, in case our relatives asked us questions about safe environments, black shooters, or the use of the word “master”. That last one may have come up since my father was a master electrician! Guess his license is as good as shit, eh?

  31. As a refugee from a communist hell I waited 5 years (1957-62) to be admitted to the USA on a special conditional visa; today if you are a Mexican Indian of a possible jihadist you are accepted with no trouble. My visa specified that if ever I profit by any welfare measure I would be immediately expelled.

  32. As George Orwell said, there are some propositions so preposterous that only an intellectual can accept them. There is little difference between the Ivy League and madrassahs, except that the dress code is stricter, there is less drug use and the faculty does not have graduate students to do their work for them at a madrassah.

  33. Most of the seniors at Ivy League schools cannot name the first five US presidents, and do not know what the 1st amendment says in the Bill of Rights.
    So, what do you expect from brainwashing pinko institutions like Harvard?

  34. These idiots are in Harvard and need guidance to be able to partake in conversation? With their family and friends? I’m not sure how to react to that

  35. Crib sheets for those who are not fully indoctrinated….the infallible hand of the great harvard thinkers leads the lambs…

    Of course, where I come from a Harvard degree is a worthless scrap of paper.

  36. If it said TIPS FOR “useful idiots” it might have tipped them off. But then again it might not!

  37. Tamir Rice had a had a weapon on him and placed in his pants where you couldn’t see the orange tip showing it was a toy. The cops pulled up, he reached for it and was shot. The cops had every right to shoot him.

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