Harvard Republicans Decline to Endorse Donald Trump

The Harvard Republican Club came out against Donald Trump this week, making this the first time in 128 years the college organization has refused to support the Republican presidential nominee.

“Donald Trump holds views that are antithetical to our values not only as Republicans, but as Americans,” the club wrote on their Facebook page. “The rhetoric he espouses – from racist slander to misogynistic taunts – is not consistent with our conservative principles, and his repeated mocking of the disabled and belittling of the sacrifices made by prisoners of war, Gold Star families, and Purple Heart recipients is not only bad politics, but absurdly cruel.”

Lordy, you wouldn’t think these high-minded Harvard conservatives would spend their days zoning out in front of the liberal media, but it just goes to show you how omnipresent and invasive the establishment’s anti-Trump narrative really is.

This litany of Trump complaints looks like it could have come straight from the pages of the Huffington Post. Racist slander? Not in evidence. Misogynistic taunts? He’s hurled some attacks at specific women, but only a liberal would regard those attacks as commentary on an entire gender. Are these really Republicans, or are they just Republicans by Harvard standards?

“He isn’t eschewing political correctness,” the club tells us. “He is eschewing basic human decency.”

Oh, go cry in your porridge.

These Republicans, much like the oh-so-principled conservatives who write for outlets like The Blaze and RedState, are showing themselves to be some of the most easily-offended people in the country. And that’s really saying something. Trump’s affinity for the occasional sharp jab and the occasional off-color joke has blinded these idiots to the reality of 2016 America. Did these people grow up in a bubble where none of their friends ever said anything controversial or impolite?

“Millions of people across the country are feeling despondent,” they write. “Their hours have been cut, wages slashed, jobs even shipped overseas. But Donald Trump doesn’t have a plan to fix that.”

Oh? And who does? Hillary Clinton?

These Ivy League snobs don’t know the first thing about how “millions of people” in America are feeling. Most of these kids have never earned an hourly wage in their life, and they don’t know anyone who has. To them, these are just words. No matter who gets elected – Clinton, Trump, Harambe the Gorilla – their lives will be just fine. They don’t have a personal stake in this election.

But for the “millions of people” they claim to sympathize with, this election isn’t an exercise in rhetoric. It’s a chance to actually put the brakes on this country’s terrifying slide into socialism, throw the cronies out of Washington, and recapture the spirit of American exceptionalism before it’s too late.

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  1. Their as bad as the cry babies on the left. Who really needs them!

  2. Harvard’s Conservative Republicans. Conservative Republican in name only. They sound much like The Repuke rejects ,the American people are Set upon kicking out of politics. Yes ridding our nation of the arrogant self agrandizing elitist scumbags. They who would know the meaning of Eithics,Morals,intigrity,honoror what it means to earn an honest days pay at hard work. Harvard the school of shit heads.

    • Certainly having a high IQ and advanced degrees aren’t insurance against being stupid and idiotic.
      We have all met those haven’t we?

      • Yes Mary! They used to be referred to as Educated idiots. NO common sense. I will give you an example. I dated a man who had 3 masters degrees and spoke 4 languages. He Taught a class at Cal Berkeley. He was a very nice man but when it came to common sense he had zero! I had a flat tire on my car. He happened to be talking to me on the phone when I said I had to change my car tire. He said Oh, hey I’ll come over and change it for you. He was there in about 30 minutes. He asked me for the keys and preceded to go out to me car. I was watching out the window and I saw him take the jack out. He walked around the car about 4 times. Then he looked under the car. This continued for about 45 minutes. I went outside and asked him if there was a problem? He said no, I’m just trying to figure out the best way to do this. 45 minutes later!! Can you imagine? After another 30 minutes I walked out side and said give me the jack. He said no I can do this and I said NO, I have to get to work. Well, I preceeded to change my own tire. Unbelievable! The funny part? I married him. LOL But Lord he could produce smarts in his kids. 4 brilliant boys. Take care Mary. He was the most handsome man I had ever seen to this day. I figured since I could change a tire I would over look it. 😉

        • You made an excellent choice. We all have idiosyncrasies, but there were more good qualities with him. The fact that he was so determined to figure out how to change your tire was sweet.
          Methinks we all are all little weird!

          • Oh Mary, I sure did. He was a perfect husband for me. Patient, kind considerate and generous! Not to mention a good father. I was truly blessed!

          • My first marriage ended up not so good. We were the love of each other’s life, but we really never committed to each other.
            My second marriage was total wonderful. He told me that he loved me but would not marry me unless I was willing to make it a commitment till death do us part. We did that, but he passed away fifteen years ago from cancer. Such good memories!

          • I’m sorry Mary for your loss. But happy to hear you had a good marriage the second time around.

          • Oh Mary I’m so sorry for your loss. But happy that your second marriage was so good for you. Good memories are such a gift. God Bless you Mary.

  3. Elizabeth Cantarero

    Most of The Harvard students are leftists socialist like Obumer. We do not need them!!!

    • Unschooled people repeat spoon fed propaganda, I think you’re a victim of the big serving spoon. How many Harvard students do you know ? Most ?

      • I have an IQ of 140 ,college educated ,,veteran and i went to school with two who went to Harvard.who admit a lot of the school represented very liberal ideas,,, Thank God Clark and John could see through the obvious far left crap they were taught.. And i of course know the super liberal no brain Obama

      • Unfortunately, I know a lot of Harvard and Yale graduates and it is scary that I know a hell of lot more about life and reality than they. In fact, I sometimes wonder how they even are able to function at all because so wrapped up in their minds about how great they are (but aren’t).

      • “Unschooled people”….Laughable! The LibTURD mantra! “If you disagree with me and my comrades, you must be uneducated”……

        Schooled people repeat what their “scholarly” professors spoon fed them. Kumbaya!
        “Yup, dem college edumacations sho do gets them millennials good jobs”!!

        • First, education is not purposed to gain employment but to become educated. Second I have 3 degrees, have sat with many professors and served as one, not once has a professor attempted to mold in any particular direction, that would be grounds for dismissal . This is a spoon fed idea that you and yours have savored and spread(perhaps its true at evangelical colleges but not in real centers of education.) Third, you’re a bigot, Archie. Stein/Barrack ’16

          • That, is a crock and you know it! Who’s kidding who here? I have 4 sons who all graduated with Masters or Doctorates and Sir if you think some professors don’t manipulate and mold in a certain direction think again. You obviously have gotten to old to remember! There are Universities out there who are well known to bully and manipulating their students. The Universities I speak of are NOT evangelical either. Harvard is well known for their bias as is many others. Unbelievable that your a professor and can’t tell the truth. YOU are part of the problem we speak of.

          • BOOM!

          • 😉 I’m with ya!

          • Jazzbelly, you do have quite an education. At exactly which point in time are you planning to LEARN a bit?

          • I’ve learned more than a bit. You assume I’m a Democrat, I’m not. Service to humanity is our only job.

          • I have 3 degrees, High School, AA, and BA. But it seems that I learned far more in the Army than I ever learned in collage. It’s what is in your head that counts, not what is on your wall.

          • That’s what I said. Education is for it’s own sake. Even after my BA/BA/MA I have 146 hours of ‘non degree seeking ‘ credits. At 61 I also completed an ASA in Culinary 2015. I have never used any of my education specifically for employment . There are no diplomas on my wall. I will be in class again starting Winter ’17, if not in that environment I have only mundane conversations in which to look forward. I don’t know about you but I can’t spend the day discussing aunt doodad’s gall bladder, relationship dramas, Walmart specials or pot holes. Baseball used to be my average Joe connecting point, for 50+ years I have invested 8-10 hours 190 days a year; now few are intelligent enough, peaceful enough to have any knowledge. Its a sad world that chooses barbaric contact and constant motion in sport and entertainment and is a mirror of their lives and lack of refinement through education… booger pickers. Having a discussion about Mozart, Niche, Goghan, ‘Madame Butterfly’, Ty Cobb or ‘In Cold Blood”, Yogananda, Louis Armstrong or Steven Hawking with the neighbors …all met with blank eyes. Seeking education on one’s own is dead, institutional education is employment goaled. Sad state of humankind, missing the passion and nectar of life, missing the expansion of the self/soul, wasting a God reflective mind. Keep expanding Warren.

          • Narcissism ring a bell ‘PROFESSOR”

          • But, I cured cancer, brought peace to the Middle East, converted all of the muslims to Christianity, discovered fusion, gave liberals jobs. You are a typical, useful idiot.

          • …and you are a perfect image of Divine energy. What you choose to reflect seems to be something less.

    • You forgot they are also students of Saul Alinsky. A Rip Off Artist in his own mind

    • Obama — Harvard Law
      Bush 43 — Harvard Business
      Clinton — Yale Law
      Bush 41 — Andover & Yale

      I’d say that we’ve had more than enough Ivy League / Skull&Bones d-bags in the WH

      • Yes, its certainly time for a graduate of Trump U.

        • That would be preferable to another Ivy League D-bag…

          • Stephen Mackenzie

            Duh, wharton IS an Ivy League school…where Trump graduated from…man, this is why conservatives are taking it on the chin…know what you are talking about before making foolish comments. There might be a lot of good things to say about trump, but saying he isn’t an ivy league brat is just wrong!

          • UPenn is a very good university…. but most people don’t even know Wharton exists, let alone know what it is.

            By definition, a tomato is a fruit; legally, but by SCOTUS decision, it’s a vegetable.

            You and everyone else understood the point, so let’s not play silly-buggers, K?

          • Stephen Mackenzie

            My point is Trump didn’t go to a ‘workaday state school” He went to a school as elite as Harvard, so there is no point to be made in distinguishing him from “Ivy League elites” he is one…

        • Just not another community organizing couch potato!

        • I went to business school. They are all much the same. If one applies oneself and becomes skilled, you will find a decent job.
          So just look for a local school and go for it.
          I hated the business world though. After one job, I attended a Teacher’s college. The work was more productive and rewarding.
          That was many, many years ago though. Now I think the public schools have gone to “pot.”

      • Stephen Mackenzie

        so wharton is any different? its an I’ve league school just like Harvard and Yale!

      • All One World Government promoters + Obama.

    • Elizabeth Cantarero

      Well, well… You are probable one of them. Let me tell you…I went to College (not Harvard obviousky). I raíised three kids by myself all with doctors degrees, the last one still paying her loans. A very hard working woman who also ended up being hired at the college. Retired last year. Never received a handout. I also believe in keeping and obeying the laws. It makes me sick to see how far and disrespectful we are. All has happened while Obama has been in power. I voted for him the first time but not the second. Did you hear the news? Iran killed a man whose name was mentioned in one of the Clinton emails. He was helping the USA. Listen to the news (I recommend FOX). They are the only ones that are relating the truth. Oh… Even though I did not go to Harvard, I made a pretty good salary, and, possibly because I believe in budgets (which again is something that Obama and Clinton believe in over-spending) do not have to worry for my bills, my food or medicines and I do love to travel. My advise to you, start saving from your earnings so you won’t have to extend your hand asking for government help. So… That is why I can say GO TRUMP GO!!!

      • Yes please Go TRUMP and take your supporters with you when you disappear like you said you would when you LOSE.. and Lose he is going to do. Its going to be EPIC.

        • Poo, Poo little boy.

        • What will be EPIC is watching Killary go up in flames! Sit back and watch.

        • If DT and supporters go missing, whom will work, pay taxes and fight for freedoms to ensure that the likes of YOU can spout out your pie hole? Oh, you most likely are spouting from your other end. There is an overwhelming foul odor emanating from your posting.

          • Well it sure has hell won’t be trump he does not pay any taxes or why else would he be so scared to show us his???

          • Still waiting on Obama to release all of his past records and a birth certificate that doesn’t appear to have been Photoshopped. Kinda be nice if his lapdog Al Sharpton would do his civic duty and pay his taxes as well.

          • Do you mean the Birth Certificate that ANY American can produce at a moments notice, without an act of Congress?

          • Yes, I’ve had to show my birth certificate on numerous occasions. Not a problem. Fact is, I keep a couple of copies on hand in case I need to produce one in the future.

          • You enjoy living in the past I see.. Get over it he has been President for over 7 and half years and your bogus complaints will not and never will change that. It must chap your ass that the American People Saw fit to see the man and not the crap you and people like you were trying to peddle. So Here is the FACT. You are never going to erase he has been president for 8 years. Your never going to remove the fact he appointed 2 supreme Court justices and in fact will be three because Hillary is going to let his 3rd Nomination stand after she takes office. Your never going to change He help take back the Supreme court from the bought and sold Scalia. Yes I know all that pisses you and and all I can say is GOOD but you and This Clown that uses the name Barry Soetero can enjoy the fact that the majority of the American people think you and your views are not worth the paper you print them on. But the good thing is we had “conservatives in this country once before they were called Tories and if they had their way we would still be a british Colony.

          • Okay, now that you’ve had your little rant, why won’t Obama reveal everything from his past?

          • he showed you the Birth Certificate. So that part is dead and buried. He also has 6 months in office so there is no reason to to please a group of people thats going to not believe him anyway. So think of it as he politely showing you his middle Finger and tellng you what you can do with your ideas and claims. Like I said.. Has to Chap your ask he was elected then reelected and you can’t do anything about it. Now you know how we felt when Bush stole the 2000 election.

          • You’re right about the finger. This guy and his handlers have pulled of the slickest scam since the Trojan horse. 8 years of promoting and advancing the progressive/socialist agenda and nobody in the Republican party even made a strong attempt at stopping him. Apparently the NRC has the same mindset as the DNC.

          • Yea we can agree to disagree because considering what he was handed on taking office and only having a friendly Congress for 2 years He has done a great job. He is respected by our Allies. (Do i need to find that video of the Canadian Parliament Chanting “4 more years 4more years” a couple of months ago.) He has a higher approval Rating then Reagan did when he left office. And not a single member of his administration has faced indictment Unlike Reagan’s 131 members. He has two Great Daughters and even his enemies say he is great parent and neither one of them has been accused of having drug or drinking problems (unlike Bush’s Twins) So ya you may not like him and to be honest its your right but you are not in the Majority. Especially when gallup ran a pole that said if the constitution would allow it he would win a third term. And there is a very high chance that he will be trading in the Oval office for a set of judges robes. That depends on the make up of the senate after the November Election.

          • He did NOT show the birth certificate. Do you really believe that photoshopped paper, or do you know it is a forgery and are just trying to fool as many people as you can (as in, if you like your doctor you can keep him)?

          • You claim its phony but can’t prove it. Just like 5 years ago when one of you Birthers People tried to make the claim it was false.. And then pulled Birth Certificates from that week he was born and all the supposed Errors were on all of them that week. Sorry you lose.

          • Because frankly its he has reveal all he needs to reveal.. We know he went to Harvard, We know the Taught Constitution law. we know his Tax returns (which is more then you can say for Trump) . We also know he was born in Hawaii and his mother was an american citizen. Which means he is a citizen. We know his Mother worked abroad and she was with him while he lived overseas. And that is all your entitled to know. But then Lets look at what we know about Trump. He was a draft dodger that got Medical Exception from the draft for Bone spars in his heels.. But that did not stop him from playing College Sports. We know that he does not pay his Bills and thinks To solve the Debt problem he just has to have the Treasury “Print more money” We know he stood up at a rally and told his Follows to “Knock the Crap out of someone” then denied it But the video of his words does not go away. We also know yesterday he suggested that 2nd Amendment Follows “Stop Hillary” before she could Name Judges to the Supreme Court. We know he thinks Belgium is a City in Europe. And we know from people that were in the room with him during a Foreign policy briefing that he ask 3 times in an hour “we can’t we just use Nuclear weapons” We know that at a South Carolina rally he encouraged People to spy on their Neighbors and report them to the Gestapo opps sorry I mean to report them to the police. Slips like that happen alot where your dealing with someone that is work out of Hitlers play book. Trump just change the word Jew to Muslim.

          • Read an article that Liberals thinking is right out of the Hitler playbook as he was a liberal!

          • I don’t want to embarrass you but you might want to go look up the definition of Fascist.

            here I will help you..

            an advocate or follower of fascism.
            synonyms: authoritarian, totalitarian, autocrat, extreme right-winger, rightist; Nazi, blackshirt; nationalist, xenophobe, racist, anti-Semite, jingoist; neofascist, neo-Nazi
            “he was branded a fascist”

            1. of or relating to fascism.
            “a military coup threw out the old fascist regime”
            synonyms: authoritarian, totalitarian, dictatorial, despotic, autocratic, undemocratic, illiberal; Nazi, extreme right-wing, rightist, militarist; nationalist(ic), xenophobic, racist, jingoistic
            “a fascist regime”

            Please Note the phrase Extreme Right-Winger and Rightist?

            One of the first thing Hitler did when he seized power was boot out most of the Liberals out of government.

          • He went to Harvard LAW SCHOOL. He went to Columbia for his undergraduate degree. We do not know that he was born in Hawaii. Being a citizen is different from being a natural born citizen, which is a requirement to become President.
            Since Trump’s medical examination and exemption are shown (I have no idea whether that diagnosis was valid, and you don’t either)…that is not draft dodging if the diagnosis was valid. But the exemption and examination would have been AFTER college, where he likely would have developed the bone spurs.
            The Treasury, with QE, printed an extra $85 Billion a month to dilute the value of our money and spur the economy for years. Since Obama did it, why do you now have a problem with Trump?

          • Well One thing was because he DID NOT print an extra 85 billion a month and saying it over and over does not make it true. Pretty much like all of trump’s campaign. And to be very honest.. It does not matter what hospital he was born in. I could have been born in Kenya and it would not matter. Because his mother is an American Citizen and that makes him one as well. Did he live overseas. Yes he did but so did John McClain, Ted Cruz, and others that never stop any of the Birthers from going after them.. Only one thing did.. That like (R) symbol after their name.

          • Enjoy your refugees, illegal aliens, Shariah law, lies, corruption, cigars men in your daughter’s restrooms…………….

          • god are you really dumb enough to think that Trans Gendered People have NOT been using the bathroom of their choice long before now. This all thing started because the Republican Governor of my home state needed an issue that the Trailer Trash would support so he came up with this. Doesn’t matter he is about to become the EX Governor of this state he has set the state back 50 years. And cost the State hundreds of Millions of dollars In revenue and New jobs. The only thing that is sad is they twisted so many people Including you into thinking this was some major Problem. You seen the only so called Threat in restrooms up to now has been from Republican congressman.

          • Trump does NOT have to show his tax records as it is not required. Ony his financials are required to run for President and he did that!
            Since you think you are so smart and want to know about his tax records, it is public knowledge, so you can go and look for them in the Court House/City Hall records!
            Which is more than you can say about about Obama and his school records, birth certificate,etc, because he sealed everything! HUMPH!
            Have fun checking Trumps Tax Records.

          • Won’t need to bother checking them Since Trump is never going to hold elected office and anyone that thinks he is is fooling themselves.

          • GODBlessRealAmerica#1

            Crooked lying Hillary will lose!!

            TRUMP will win Ohio, Florida, Pa!!! We are signing up millions,,,,to vote and watching the Crooked Obama and Crooked lying disgraceful evil horrible Hillary voter fraud rig https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/4b52064ee8e796fd166f6f4ff5025644374275a469935d12faf8e0d0d6c8e0d2.jpg ging !!

        • You’re too dumb to even earn a degree from Harvard, and stupidity is one of the criteria for the awarding of the degree.

          • You’re back??? and here you disappeared like the simpering Cur you are before with your tail tucked between your legs.. But I guess that would work for you since its the only thing between your legs.

          • How would you know sissy boy? With looks like yours you can only attract sissy boys.

        • Unless your vagina doesn’t “short circuit” first!

  4. So-called top schools are far left Liberal in their teachings! What a waste of money for so many parents who think they sent their children to a good school !


    • Correct! The Republican elite and leadership are very frightened that DT will rain on their nice parade on Easy Street!

  6. Like who cares what they do at Harvard.? The Snowflakes are busy with their micro
    aggression safe zones. Having Cop Killing Rallies. Having Rallies for people who kill gays, mutilate baby girls at birth, treat women like slaves……………………..Harvard is a byword for what we hate In New World Order. USA.

    • Exactly! I no longer have any respect for the Ivy League schools. Since their politics are so lopsided to the left, that means they do NOT teach their students to think for themselves which should be what going to college is all about. I am so happy that both me and my kids graduated from university before all these leftist crap professors started to teach nothing. Many AMericans have lost any respect or admiration for the Ivy League schools, so no sense going there for the prestige because they no longer have any.

      • <<t:i. ★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★:::::::!!bz687a:….,..

    • True ??????????

    • Who cares about people who actually study a problem before shooting off their mouths? Far better to be involved in the two longest and least successful wars in U.S. history based on nothing more than duh-bya’s gut.

      For decades, the party has told its base what it wanted to hear in conflict with supported science and written history. Those who actually study such subjects speak up from time to time and the party, in order to protect its previous fabrications, distances itself farther from those of knowledge and intellect.

      The party is left with “think-tanks” supported by the Koch brothers, religious organizations like Liberty University and a handful of ex-scientists paid to deny climate change.

      I am surprised that ANY educational group which values its reputation stuck with the party this long.

      • I take umbrage with your premise that:
        “For decades, the party has told its base what it wanted to hear in conflict with supported science and written history. ”
        For decades the Party has been ignoring its base, their values, priorities, and the fundamentals of Constitutional Government. For decades an Oligarchy of Globalist and Socialist , in both party’s, have been working against the will of the People as they fundamentally transform America.
        The bases in both political party’s are now no longer willing to tolerate their tinkering with the Constitution. Trump is in fact a MOVEMENT that cross party lines and demographics.
        The Harvard Club and its members are in fact out of touch with reality … with the people. Both Party’s leaders are attempting to thwart the will of the people and are about too be handed their heads in a basket.

      • So nice of you to come up out of mommy’s basement with this amazing insight! I take it you’re still reading by candlelight.

      • They are One World Government graduates, close the school down.

      • I am stunned that there have been any Republicans found there !!

  7. It has become more and more evident that the political parties and the high mucky-muck are so far separated from the people of our country. Elected politicians both Republican and Democrat have totally removed themselves from the needs of the people. Our government is no longer a “government by the people, for the people”. Our government is controlled by party politics, lobbyists and who contributes the most to campaign funds. The American people need to clean house and get rid of career politicians.

  8. Harvard students are Very Rich children of Entertainment , Media, Religious, Political Elites. Then Rabid minority groups who are there due to color of skin and radical views………..who are not expected to study, who are given a degree.
    NO WHITE MIDDLE CLASS CHRISTIAN American men at Harvard. An Illegal Alien with a mediocre grade average gets free ride. A poor white kid from Kansas with the I.Q. of Einstein………………..Out of luck.
    HARVARD is a tool for the New World Order. Kill the Middle Class. People become moveable Trade objects. LUCKILY……..they have become a Joke. A degree from Harvard, outside of the Rich Bubble Cities of USA…………….a JOKE.

    • Stephen Mackenzie

      i was a white, lower middle class male christian when I went to Harvard. there were quite a few like me. It is NOT all rich kids. It IS kids who aced their sat’s, had exceptional grades, and yes, some were legacy’s, and some came from powerful families, but to say there were no middle-class students there is just plain ignorant.

    • Harvard financial aid is color blind, is based upon family income. Where did you get that misinformation about that poor white kid from Kansas?

  9. Anybody surprised??? The connection between Obama and Harvard remains intact.

  10. Mark Anthony Jones

    Well that’s about right. It may have been 128 years since we have had a Republican presidential nominee that was the people’s candidate and not the elites choice pushed on us. Go Trump! Let’s win this election and get our Republic back!!

  11. George E. LeFebvre

    So much for the intelligence of Harvard People. Apparently attending Harvard and getting a degree means nothing anymore. Degree without common sense is worthless.

  12. Shows how far politically correct has gone but these folk don’t mind a corrupt lying incompetent crook like old Clinton and ovomit running our country

  13. So the back stabbing a$$ holes are voting for a known socialist democ-RAT, commie, LIAR, FRAUD, Murderer named Hillary. I am so done with the repugliton party. Was going to wait till after November. I Shall Vote for Trump. The rest will be write ins of NO A$$ HOLES

  14. Who cares, all of the so called smart people are rejecting Trump, but look at the mess they have is in now. It’s time the common people, tell them enough. Were are smart ourselves and can and will make our own decisions. America in 2016.

  15. Its good to know that sanity reigns over insanity and that these future leaders place country over party, I respect that. Its time to require Civics, History and current events testing prior to voter registration.
    Here is the full statement of the prestigious Harvard REPUBLICAN Club:

    Dear Members and Alumni,

    In every presidential election since 1888, the members and Executive Board of the Harvard Republican Club have gathered to discuss, debate, and eventually endorse the standard-bearer of our party. But for the first time in 128 years, we, the oldest College Republicans chapter in the nation, will not be endorsing the Republican nominee.

    Donald Trump holds views that are antithetical to our values not only as Republicans, but as Americans. The rhetoric he espouses –from racist slander to misogynistic taunts– is not consistent with our conservative principles, and his repeated mocking of the disabled and belittling of the sacrifices made by prisoners of war, Gold Star families, and Purple Heart recipients is not only bad politics, but absurdly cruel.

    If enacted, Donald Trump’s platform would endanger our security both at home and abroad. Domestically, his protectionist trade policies and draconian immigration restrictions would enlarge our federal deficit, raise prices for consumers, and throw our economy back into recession. Trump’s global outlook, steeped in isolationism, is considerably out-of-step with the traditional Republican stance as well. The flippancy with which he is willing to abdicate the United States’ responsibility to lead is alarming. Calling for the US’ withdrawal from NATO and actively endorsing nuclear proliferation, Donald Trump’s foreign policy would wreak havoc on the established world order which has held aggressive foreign powers in check since World War II.

    Perhaps most importantly, however, Donald Trump simply does not possess the temperament and character necessary to lead the United States through an increasingly perilous world. The last week should have made obvious to all what has been obvious to most for more than a year. In response to any slight –perceived or real– Donald Trump lashes out viciously and irresponsibly. In Trump’s eyes, disagreement with his actions or his policies warrants incessant name calling and derision: stupid, lying, fat, ugly, weak, failing, idiot –and that’s just his “fellow” Republicans.

    He isn’t eschewing political correctness. He is eschewing basic human decency.

    Donald Trump, despite spending more than a year on the campaign trail, has either refused or been unable to educate himself on issues that matter most to Americans like us. He speaks only in platitudes, about greatness, success, and winning. Time and time again, Trump has demonstrated his complete lack of knowledge on critical matters, meandering from position to position over the course of the election. When confronted about these frequent reversals, Trump lies in a manner more brazen and shameless than anything politics has ever seen.

    Millions of people across the country are feeling despondent. Their hours have been cut, wages slashed, jobs even shipped overseas. But Donald Trump doesn’t have a plan to fix that. He has a plan to exploit that.

    Donald Trump is a threat to the survival of the Republic. His authoritarian tendencies and flirtations with fascism are unparalleled in the history of our democracy. He hopes to divide us by race, by class, and by religion, instilling enough fear and anxiety to propel himself to the White House. He is looking to to pit neighbor against neighbor, friend against friend, American against American. We will not stand for this vitriolic rhetoric that is poisoning our country and our children.

    President Reagan called on us to maintain this, our shining city on a hill. He called on us to maintain freedom abroad by keeping a strong presence in the world. He called on us to maintain liberty at home by upholding the democratic process and respecting our opponents. He called on us to maintain decency in our hearts by loving our neighbor.

    He would be ashamed of Donald Trump. We are too.

    This fall, we will instead focus our efforts on reclaiming the Republican Party from those who have done it considerable harm, campaigning for candidates who will uphold the conservative principles that have defined the Republican Party for generations. We will work to ensure both chambers of Congress remain in Republican hands, continuing to protect against executive overreach regardless of who wins the election this November.

    We call on our party’s elected leaders to renounce their support of Donald Trump, and urge our fellow College Republicans to join us in condemning and withholding their endorsement from this dangerous man. The conservative movement in America should not and will not go quietly into the night.

    A longtime student of American democracy, Alexis de Tocqueville once said, “America is great because she is good. If America ceases to be good, America will cease to be great.”

    De Tocqueville believed in the United States. Americans are a decent people. We work hard, protect our own, and look out for one another in times of need, regardless of the color of our skin, the God we worship, or our party registration. Donald Trump may not believe in that America, but we do. And that America will never cease to be great.

    • Not only is your rant incorrect and based upon lies and mis-characterization, its actually going to be used to elect a evil lying fraud named Hillary. So please take solace in you stupid ridiculous actions..and when we get four or eight more years of leftist, liberal policies…don’t you dare ask how could this have happened….YOU have helped….but then..that is really what you want , right????

      • Stated opinion devoid of measurable fact cannot be judged as fabrication or mis-anything, its opinion. The remainder of my post was a copy of the Republican Club statement. Democrats are politically positioned at center/right, not leftist, and have been for many years now, thanks to Senator Sanders we are finally moving back to the left toward the liberalism of FDR and Adila Stevenson and Eisenhower where we belong. I’m tired of Nixonian liberals; appalled by the far right fascism that took control of our government in ’63 to which you ascribe .

        • Permit me to disagree strongly. And you are certainly entitled to your opinion, however misguided it is….I am not a Nixon liberal nor some college ass-hat like you that think just because you have learned to write that makes you correct. The Democratic Party is about six miles left of center, Please extract your head from your backside. And Stevenson’s first name was Adlai

          • my dad had a saying,and it applies jassbely perfectly,he said you are born smart, average,or stupid, going to school does not make smart,no amount of education can do that,what it does do,however is give you the ability to learn to the level of your ability,now if you are born smart you can achieve great things when you graduate however if you are born stupid,while not your fault,you will still be stupid when you graduate,they just believe since they went to “Harvard” they suddenly and Automatically became “Smart” ….and no one can make them believe otherwise……

  16. Trump is turning their world upside down. These RINOs are happy with Klinton maintaining the status quo for them (and destroying the country for the rest of us).

  17. “Harvard Republicans”? Really? No way, that’s an oxymoron. Are there pork delis in Mecca or Medina? About as many there are true Republicans at Harvard…

  18. What has this bunch of Harvard snoots got to do with anything they like their liberal counter parts are as relavent to politics as I am to flying a plane,they need to keep their political opinions to their well educated ass’s to themselves. Who really cares what these pompus ass’s have to say. I like most people are sick of these RINO’s putting their two cents where it is not needed or asked for

  19. A natural born American

    It seems to me as though Harvard stopped producing iconic leaders of tomorrow and now simply regurgitate the same old crap the $32,000/year institutes are spewing. In the past decade I’ve seen people who graduated from community/private colleges get positions ivy league graduates applied for. Wonder why that is…

    • $60, 600 tuition, with room, board + $2,600 for health insurance; 2016 Harvard undergraduate programs .

    • …because they will work for bananas ‘n peanuts. Education isn’t really about getting a job, its about becoming educated.

      • A natural born American

        That’s what it’s SUPPOSED to be about. Until recently, that’s what it had always been about. Not any more. I mean really, Harvard students are crying about NEEDING their own SAFE PLACE on campus? Whatever happened to kids entering college and adults graduating from college? Now kids enter college and crybabies graduate.

      • Educated in what?

  20. Dennis B Anderson

    Yeah thats right dont even think about getting a paper cut worrying about this you dumb phucks. Get over yourselves and save this country and vote Trump. If you like the middle east move there dont move them here.

  21. Who cares, they are all a bunch of stuffed shirts, have no idea what the ‘middle america people’ have to deal with!

    • …and you have no idea what educated, thoughtful people have to deal with when dealing with the uneducated who are concerned with only their personal drama in mind.

      • I can conceive of no rational explanation of why YOU would be posting here except for your PERSONAL DRAMA of believing yourself to be so elevated above the other posters!

        • I’m doing a sociology study attempting to understand why and who supports the madness around us. Its as if this crowd has reversed everything that was moral and noble into evil. Understanding how anyone could want the sinister rights stealing Mr.Pence to be president is beyond comprehension. I poke sleeping dogs to study/record response. Not my drama, their delusion. Its sad to see the implosion of a party at the hands of the ignorant and uninformed but it couldn’t happen to a better fascist think tank, they fished for what they’ve caught. We must stop murder by cop, the jailing of protesters/cop acquittals and keeping humans in cages; militarism and its budget; end an economy based on going to war(55 years is enough); end corporate control of life; act quickly to end carbon industry and animal industries; militarization of police ; equal and tax paid higher education and improved local school standards, requirements and foods/etiquette. We must decide to care for each other or perish.

      • Narcissism ring a bell ‘PROFESSOR”.

  22. Harvard “Republicans” are actually just the same old Rockefeller Democommies they’ve always been. There are certainly no Americans left there.

  23. They reference all the media negatives in their objections. So they are against secure borders? Lower taxes? Conservative SCOTUS appointments? More funding for defense/military ?

  24. Sparkitus_Maximus

    Indoctrinated goose steppers.
    Another example of failed education.


    Useful IDIOTS !

  26. Harvard needs to GO AWAY and all the cronies running it! They are their worst enemies and OURS.

  27. So “Harvard Conservative Republicans” are so completely, efin clueless that they think this announcement will harm Trump? LOL

    I’d say that’s another reason to vote for Trump :>)


  29. Stephen Mackenzie

    like it or not, harvard grads go on to the highest levels in business and society. I’m not a harvard undergrad, but this is a troubling sign for the top. If this is how these kids feel, and they do vote, it says a lot about the inherent weakness of his candidacy. this would never happen to John Kaisech or Jeb Bush even…face it, the conservatives are gonna take it on the chin with this guy, sort of like the brits with brexit it sounded good at the time in theory, but once the reality of it reared its head, they were without a plan on what to do! given trump was going to cede all real power to Kaisech if he became vp, he seems to be the same thing as the brevet he championed, an idea without a plan on how to implement it!

    • You believe that mess put out by the media? Trump never offered cry baby Kasick all power of anything. The UK was responsible for Brexit not Trump. He supported the UK leaving Brexit for the same reason all sensible people did–tired of being dictated to by Brussels, especially importing Muslim rapeugees.

  30. Harvard has been a dumping ground for ultra liberals and minority cry babies for at least the last 10 years.. Their crowning joy is the waste of human kind called Obama. If you think going to Harvard is super special ,,it is not… The only thing Harvard has now is an over priced education for rich kids and minorities that are fed a big dose of liberal crap

  31. Elizabeth Raynor Short

    there’s no such thing as a conservative republcan at harvard. of course djt’s values aren’t those of harvard republicans. they are probably part of the america last crowd and see all values and cultures as relative. no doubt they are for unfettered immigration, trade that continues to strip america of manufacturing and energy production and, of course, no borders.

  32. Stephen Mackenzie

    and after reading all the comments here, I can see why the conservative movement is doomed. no plan, just a lot of noise. Think! if you want to win, you need a workable plan, not just slogans and insults and 5th grade name calling…lyin ted, little marco, crooked hillary. this sort of behaviour insults my intelligence. You wouldn’t have seen/heard this from Ike or Reagan…they had a plan and a message. Trump has neither!

    • The offer by the Trumps to Kasich to take care of both “domestic and foreign affairs” backs your words. It also tells us that Pence would be president. Having endured Mr. Pence as my congressman and governor I can tell you that is not a better option.

    • Michael Dennewitz

      T R A I T O R.. ???

  33. The Harvard Republicans are saying that Hillary is compatible with their positions? That truly shows the huge void that a Harvard education has become. They cannot even reason well.

  34. How could any “Woman” hold Hillary Clinton up as a “Role Model” for her daughter make the claim to being a “Good Mother”???

  35. It seems as though the think that the average American really give a dam about
    about their “feelings’. Trump is not a political correct person and he doesn’t
    care if it offends you when he speaks the truth and tells you how it really is.
    Life is rough and not full of lolly pops and Ice Cream but is difficult and made
    more so by those in Washington who are corrupt and out for only ne thing,
    Their own person Political Power and Personal gain at the expense of others.
    You have to help yourself to get ahead in this world and need to understand that
    if you want something you have to actually WORK for it and be prepared to
    fail a few times long the way. There is not free lunch nor someone to wipe
    your nose when you get your feeling hurt by the truth. That is not what made
    our nation great it was man and women with a vision for the future and a
    desire to excel. White, Black, Browm. Yellow, Red it didn’t matter they worked
    hard to make their way in the world and for their families also.

  36. Is this the same school that gave us Elena Kagan? Yep it sure is!!

  37. Stephen Mackenzie

    which is why the only true Conservative option is Gary Johnson. Small government, keep it out of peoples lives and bodies…there is nothing conservative or liberal about legislating morality. That is a personal choice! if you don’t believe in abortion, then don’t have one!

    • Voting for Gary is fine in a fantasy world. Voting for Gary in this upcoming election will hand Hillary the presidency.

      • Stephen Mackenzie

        You are probably right. But the revolution, the true revolution needs to start somewhere. Hell, I supported Ed Clark back in 1980! (to give you an idea how old I am!) The libertarian party, to me anyway, is the true follower of Jefferson, and a nation of small farmers and independent business people, not the mega-corporations who rule us now. Trump is the anthesis of what Thomas Jefferson saw our country becoming. Not that “her nibs” is much better, but if the libertarian party is to become a real contender, it needs continued support, and will slowly grow to become a real contender. If everyone keeps on thinking, “Geez I’d like to vote for them but I don’t want xyz to get elected’ then that’s just buying in to the 2 party structure. I know Gary won’t win, this time, but if the Libs keep growing, 3-4 points up each election, then maybe my grand kids will see a libertarian president in their lifetimes…and that’s a good think to envision.

  38. ivy league elite republicans are just snieveling rinos.
    OK folks, one more time answer yea or not to this question.
    Do you want Hialry Clinton as President??? If you answer no than you cast your vote for Trump.
    Not voting elects Clinton as does voting for her or another person.
    We know what we get with Hilary, complete destruction of the country. The out come under Donald Trump will be better than under Hi,lary.
    Your parents did not pay $250000 for you to be a retarded putz

  39. They are a bunch of pseudo intellectual idiots. May I remind them at least two of our greatest presidents never went to college. Unlike obama and clinton. So much for what you egg heads believe. I guess you prefer a proven LIERS, who have become multi millionaires with nothing to sell except political favors. P.S. Some of the most ignorant people I have had to deal with in my life time where college graduates.

  40. Republican club at Harvard?!? I thought they’d outlawed thinking years ago! Actually allowing someone to be other than lock-step progressive?
    What is there, all of a dozen anonymous members? Meeting secretly on various nights?

  41. Michael Dennewitz

    The repukelicoons are getting worse than the dumbasscraps! No wonder the country is going to hell.. Like my dad used to say, “with friends like that, who the hell needs enemies? ”

  42. Where did you find a Harvard Republican?

  43. Unbelievable you would vote for Obama with breasts and continue the downward spiral of this country!

  44. It is sad that Harvard has lost its way from it christian founder. I have worked with Harvard lawyers and they are dumber than dirt, I know those who have graduated with business degrees and haven’t a clue, and they think their you know what doesn’t stink. Surprised am I that there were republicans at this long lost university that hasn’t taught anything well (reminds me of Oxford universities) and live on its founding history but teach more communist leanings that they are the best to tell us what to do and how to do and think. Don’t believe any of these supposed republicans there want real freedom and think communism (which is being taught to them at Harvard) is a far better system and that government should control all and everything. So they don’t vote for Trump doesn’t mean a thing because we real Americans know Trump is the leader we need to take back our America. Remember, Moochelle was an Affirmative Action creep graduating from Harvard and you know how she thinks and act! We need Trump and they are trying their darnedest to keep him out of the WH. Too dumb to know that if Trump doesn’t win, their lives will be worthless under communism, but that is what thinking you are smart and well-educated when you are not will see you seen in a whole different light under the globalists’ communism (don’t even think about it being marxism, a whole different approach to controlling people), but the real Stalin kind where the dumber you are, at least you will live a while longer!

    • Barack was also an affirmative action admit, as he is not listed on his Columbia graduation program as having received honors…would not have qualified to be admitted to Harvard Law School.

  45. Richard Daugherty

    Mr. Trump is on his way to a complete and total blow out win. Get on board or get out of the way.

    • The good part of what’s going on is we will clearly see how deep the corruption is within our country. Common sense tells us that the alternative to not getting on the Trump train is that our country will go under and we all will loose big time the freedoms that we all enjoy today ( Socialism/Communism??). These creeps by not supporting Trump are helping the enemy ( Clinton) who is the Joke of the century:
      Talk about being totally unfit to be a President in America
      Clinton Can’t Walk, Needs Assistance, Can’t Think, Often Confused, Can’t See, Has Double Vision, Wears Long Coats to Hide Her Adult Diapers, Has Multiple Seizures On Camera, Left in Middle of Debate For Unexplained Reason, Called Donald Trump Her Husband, Massive Coughing Fits During Speeches… she’s a devout lesbian with her Muslim girlfriend/aid, She’s a known Cocain addict, part of the 6 th biggest crime families in NY ( Clintons), her daughter married a Muslim ( they will never fit within our society and will try to push Sharia law on a society/constitution that is based on Judea christian values), she’s totally responsible for the Death of four Americans in Bengazi ( gross negligence), Bill Clinton appointed the FBI official who investigated her for mishandling security Mail during his term ( who failed to prosecute her – placing her above the law). This speaks volumes about a Party and it’s followers who have lost their way and are Anti American and the new Satin within America.
      Go Trump!

  46. Harvard Republicans is an oxymoron.

  47. Harvard Republicans???? That’s like saying, Islam is the religion of peace.

  48. And you really expected Harvard brainiacs to come down out of their Ivory Towers to accept Trumps huff and puff? Of course not. These are super brains actually NOT in tune with the rest of the country. They have no idea of what they are talking about — just like the rest of the liberal world!

    • But do they have even a notion of how foolish they appear?

      • No they don’t think they look foolish because every last one of them thinks they are smarter (superior) than everyone else. In their fields they probably are, but in the field of Common Sense, they would flunk!

        • I had a very nice female professor in college who dedicated her life to academia. No husband or offspring.
          She combed the front and part of the sides of her hair, but the back was a total rat’s nest. I often wondered if she even knew she had a back to her head!
          I did not laugh at her, she was too dedicated to teaching us.
          But, few of the profs were really caring–they were off in left field.
          I visited the office of one really offensive prof. I protested his sexual innuendos and disrespect to the very young female students. They were too young to understand he was abusing them, just seem to feel pleased that he found them sexually attractive.
          He acted toward me as if he didn’t even comprehend what I was discussing! He was a pig!
          I also didn’t appreciate paying to sit in his classroom if he didn’t want to teach subject content.

          • I so hear you Mary!

            I had an Instructor in college who kept using me as an example in class. It was an elective, Drawing the Human Body. Art was my minor. There were so many really talented students and I couldn’t figure out why he kept using me in a classful of Picassos? And the really good students, especially female, he’d ignore but praise highly all the males whether they were good or bad. He was inconsistent and chauvinistic.

            I dropped his class and had to pick up my art work. He was in the classroom and was very upset I dropped his class! I told him I wasn’t happy with him constantly attacking me in class and that I had better things to do with my life. I also asked him if he were in place, how would he like being singled out every class? He said he didn’t realize he was doing that. So I told him to find another student to harass because I was done with his class. He still didn’t get it.

            I truly think academics get so wrapped up in their areas of expertise that they remove themselves from every day life and they don’t see what is happening around them. Your female teacher was dedicated to her craft. Mine too, but being a man with less emotional ties to his students, it made him more destructive than beneficial.

            Harvard has a reputation for snobbery on top of having excellent Profs that are very unrelated to the real world. For scientific fact, I would listen to anyone speaking from that institution; however for current events, I’d NOT waste my time because eggheads tend to go over the edge about things they know nothing about. Smart in their field is one thing. Smart in the world around them is a whole different ball game!

  49. Just thought i would drop in and use some freedom of speech,, Fuck these people that will not support Trump, They need sent down road

  50. Well they just proved 100% they are not republicans, but they are all closet democrats.

  51. “Donald Trump holds views that are antithetical to our values not only as Republicans, but as Americans,” the club wrote on their Facebook page.”

    However, it is obvious from this piece, that the ‘Harvard Club’ holds views which are antithetical to the views of the GOP’s base. There truly is only one Establishment Party, a New Word Order, that dominates the leadership in both Major Political Parties.
    These Establishment operatives would rather vote and support Hillary Clinton than their own Party’s nominee… Donald Trump.

    This piece speaks volumes about the Harvard Club’s Globalist/Socialist Agenda. If you have children and are considering where to send them to school, for a University Degree, Harvard should be at or near the bottom of your list.

  52. Clamber down from yer ivy-covered towers, go see Dinesh D’Souza’s film “Hillary’s America” and Peter Schweitzer’s YouTube video, “Clinton Cash,” THEN tell us you cannot endorse Donald J Trump for President.
    Please understand, even for Harvard undergrads, wisdom is a rarity.

    • Sure, we should trust a convicted criminal holding sour grapes. D’Susie has issues with a government that caught him red handed and prosecuted him for his crime.

      • Convicted criminal? After D’S exposed corrupt Democrats, they searched all over and found he had give $20,000 to a Republican candidate through a second party. So…home detention…??? 2 months confinement? Hillary and the Clinton foundation have $2 BILLION, received in exchange for favors from the USA. Since two of D’S’s movies were done before the “conviction,” your argument doesn’t hold water.
        Hillary has been caught red handed time and again…only thing that ever happened to her was being kicked off of the Watergate committee for taking documents home (to hide them) that would have helped Nixon. Behavior considered even too low for a lawyer. But the current Obama administration will not prosecute any of its own…but they ain’t innocent.

        • She’s never been convicted of anything . D’Susie did 8 months, 5 years probation and community service. Check out the evil rights stealing far loony fascist right witch he broke the law for. Who’s that man behind the curtain ?

  53. Harvard Republicans ???? No such thing exists. Low life RINOs. maybe but not republicans.

    Shining by the by the RUNO/Democrat establishment elite is a plus in my book.

  54. What all 2 Republicans at Harvard. That topic is so laughable to think there is any Conservatives at Harvard.

  55. Harvard Republican you don’t understand trump he just responding to the Khazir Khanz for denouncing him as president .. Harvard you support the scam visa that Khazir is doing you are useless Harvard Republican Club.. Not smart enough .. Trump 2016 ?????? Make America Great??We don’t tolerate corrupt politics … How much did Democrat pay you to criticize Trump…

  56. StupidConservativeValues

    Donald Trump simply does not possess the temperament and character necessary to lead the United States through an increasingly perilous world. The last week should have made obvious to all what has been obvious to most for more than a year. In response to any slight –perceived or real– Donald Trump lashes out viciously and irresponsibly. In Trump’s eyes, disagreement with his actions or his policies warrants incessant name calling and derision: stupid, lying, fat, ugly, weak, failing, idiot –and that’s just his “fellow” Republicans.

    • And Hillary does? Yelling and screaming at her own secret service agents, and lying about every time she opens her mouth? Her great achievement as U.S. Secretary of State was rejecting the pleas of Americans she sent to Benghazi against the recommendations of her own veteran state department experts, resulting in their torture and death.

      • StupidConservativeValues

        Yes, she does. Yet you think Clinton is an incompetent cretin who can’t even handle email AND she is so brilliantly evil that she will mastermind the total neocon and neoliberal takeover of what is left of freedom in the USA. IDIOT!

    • You would fit in perfectly with Hillary’s pac of liars because I am convinced that you really believe what you say. You will have a rude wake up when they kick all but the very wealthy of us into the hovels in their global New World Order.
      While you have fun stating unproven ‘liberal rumors’ about Donald Trump, the rest of us are fighting for the life of our once sovereign nation.
      Grow up. If your purpose for posting on this site is to waste our time and bait
      people who are seriously concerned for the future of America, shame on you.

      • StupidConservativeValues

        “If your purpose for posting on this site is to waste our time and bait

        people…” Yep and I got you dumb shit!
        “…people who are seriously concerned for the future of America.”
        I concerned alright, about you fucking conspiracy lunatics wanting to drag our country. Conservatives are the most unpatriotic American citizens. Heir Drumpf has called for 2nd Amendment remedies. Liberals have our own remedies for the likes of you.

  57. Khan went to Harvard. Khan says Shariah Law overrules our Constitution. Khan’s son was a hero. Khan Sr. escapes Muslim killers, is allowed into America, Muslims kill his son 12 years ago, is used by the DNC to attack Trump; Khan uses the DNC to promote Islam. Fraud vs. fraud. In Ivy League you can say you’re GOP but your brain is wired to Liberal crap.

  58. There was a time that the name Harvard was looked upon and accepted as one of esteem and integrity. That time has long passed.
    Today, the name of Harvard denotes derision, elitism, and the antithesis of morality, Patriotism and decency. Couldn’t give a hoot about what anyone from Harvard thinks about anything or anyone these days.
    Go form your socialistic global community on some deserted island and have fun picking coconuts and conversing with the wildlife.
    Just promise to leave America, our religions and our patriotism, but most of all, our EDUCATION to those of us who still have esteem and integrity, alone!

  59. All those Harvard students can go to hell.. they do not know shit from shine ola about this country..

  60. These over educated idiots are mostly atheists who deny that there is a God so why should anybody believe these kids, and yes they are kids.


  62. Michael Dennewitz

    Harvard is nothing but dumbocrats anyhow!!!

  63. Elitists Republicans from an elitist university failing to endorse a non-elitist politician. Nothing new here.

  64. Harvard, like many of the IVY league, “we know better, “are part of the One world Order, let’s put it together.” crowd. Satan casting out Satan?

  65. VegasMaster Sonny

    It seems like the highly educated {{{ Choking }}}} Harvard grads received a touch of the disease of LIberalism as most professors are Stone Cold left wingers which are ruining our Great Country. Just because people attend HARvard doesn’t necessarily mean they have any common sense or brains enough to figure things out without a Book! We need to fix the education system and stop brain washing our children!

  66. Than goodness!!! Those Harvard fools are just Democrats in Republican clothing. No big deal, seriously.

  67. Heh! Haawvud.

  68. “Leading the Way” join today!


  70. Harvard is nothing but a bunch of “Sissy Boys”. Daddy will take care of me!

  71. If the Harvard elite, ensconced in their Ivory towers (in their ‘Safe’ zones where they are free from ‘micro aggression’s) are against anything, that’s a clear indication for normal, balanced, hard working folks to be FOR it. Trump 2016.

  72. It seems to me that those professors with such high IQ’s could at the very LEAST learn to read, listen and have the skills to reason rationally!
    And we are turning such as they loose on our nation’s youth!
    They wouldn’t be so disrespected if they would just hide in their Ivory Towers and keep their mouth shut!
    As a retired school teacher, I am sickened by their abuse to our most precious commodity–our nation’s youth!

  73. And when these over educated azzwholes end up with another Clinton in the whitehouse they’ll all whine it’s not their fault. Sometimes brains without any common sense is dangerous.

  74. Are there truly any conservatives at Harvard??

    I’d like to hear their rant on Hillary for her calling a Gold Star mother, Pat Smith, a liar.


  75. It is staggering to see such sheep in America of all types – they form opinions on media renditions of what trump says that media totally creates- lies and dishonest –

    trump is fighting for America and they have no intelligence or awareness of what’s at stake – Hillary bringing in New World a Order and Americans will lose freedom and borders

  76. I had majored in accounting. I learned in inventory evaluation FIFO means First in First Out and LIFO means Last in Last Out. But when it comes to these so called prestigious universities FIFO means Fools in Fools Out.

  77. So now I understand where all the rinos come from.

  78. Several of today’s learning institutes require would be professors (teachers) to answer interview questions about their political standards before being hired. One question: What political party do you identify with?? If you answer (the wrong) party you will not be hired. Harvard is a democrat school and no republican leaning teacher will ever get the call. And get this. This twelve question interview has been ruled LEGAL>

  79. I had no idea Harvard had a Republican in its midst. With the exception of two U.S. colleges/universities, educational institutions are liberal, socialist, communist/Marxists bastions of stupidity. Other than Harvard Business School, Harvard is a lost cause.

  80. William Waggoner

    The alleged Republicans that put in print they won’t vote for Trump is against their constituents vote. Shows they don’t care what we want and only to “make a shady deal” to enhance their pockets. The people, the voters endorse Trump and whether they like him or not WE support Trump and Endorse him as our candidate. That’s what their job is to support our nominate. Buy declaring they will not disqualifies them to represent US. So sick of the Washington lies and deceit.

  81. I worked with a number of Harvard grads. I found them, in the main, more fond of the school they went to than comprehend the lack of working knowledge they left there with! They expected and, often, received more promotions and earnings than other grads for the same and, often again, better work.

    That they would vote against Trump and, in so doing, provide a vote of confidence for Clinton and the Rino’s, is no more than I would expect from them. They are the establishment’s replacements!

  82. I think this blog has evolved into personal and spiteful remarks. It would be nice, especially talking about Harvard and their graduates, to address opinions without being nasty. After all, isn’t that like the pot calling kettle black?

    Isn’t this the type of writing and response we have here that we complain about in the media?

  83. Would they rather have ISIS destroy our country? I thought Harvard folks were supposed to be smart. Trump will send them home and imprison the ones who commit a crime. Clinton as did Obama will welcome them in and pay them money. That is so un-American.

  84. Dumb asses,you would think they were smarter than this.

  85. What else could we expect from brainwashed people with very little or no common sense.?

  86. Harvard Republicans? NOT HARDLY! Should be Harvard Elitists. NWO fanatics that wish to destroy the USA.

  87. Harvard has gone down hill since they lost the vision of their founder which was to “to train ministers of the gospel”! Their motto which was “Truth for Christ and the Church” has been replaced with “truth”! http://www.allabouthistory.org/history-of-harvard.htm

  88. There is no such thing as a republican at the communist/socialist school called Harvard!

  89. There is no such thing as a Harvard Republican, anything comes out of that communist run joint is no American, it’s a globalist communist left wing nut case. Go to hell he don’t need your support, and don’t want the support of morons.

  90. Notice NO AUTHOR! Ha how chicken they are! This article is a farce and shows that Harvard is not as high and mighty as they would like us to think they are!
    Good, because they believe in one World Order and North American Union that Ameica be without boarders to completely put us into poverty.
    It also shows they do not believe in the Constitution/Bill of Rights and are really enemies of America and want to destroy us as a Nation.
    It also shows they support the elite Democrats and Republicans in destroying this country.

  91. Don’t send your children to a school that espouses the very LIBERAL agenda that Harvard does. Check out their Professors, they are ultra-liberal. Check out their Diversity Department, all PC down the line. No free speech there,just the party line.

  92. The latest generation of paid-to-play suits are exactly like the Susan Collins DC elites who are out of step with America.

  93. Remember, these are people who have spent their entire lives playing games where everyone gets a trophy. To me, Trump becomes more attractive without their endorsement. They are part of the establishment that should be abolished. When they go into their gender neural bathroom they will find that I have pissed on the seat.

  94. StupidConservativeValues

    From Patti Davis:

    To Donald Trump: I am the daughter of a man who was shot by someone who got his inspiration from a movie, someone who believed if he killed the President the actress from that movie would notice him. Your glib and horrifying comment about “Second Amendment people” was heard around the world. It was heard by sane and decent people who shudder at your fondness for verbal violence. It was heard by your supporters, many of whom gleefully and angrily yell, “Lock her up!” at your rallies. It was heard by the person sitting alone in a room, locked in his own dark fantasies, who sees unbridled violence as a way to make his mark in the world, and is just looking for ideas. Yes, Mr. Trump, words matter. But then you know that, which makes this all even more horrifying.

  95. when your made up lies Don’t match the Truth this happens.

  96. Yet another article that verifies my assertion of the remedy to the soft tyranny that is in place – which will inevitably become hardcore once they disarm “US” ! The truth shall set you free and here it is:

    This Viet Nam vet is right with you, brother! We haven’t been a nation ruled by law since this Muslim-Marxist jihadist, NWO implanted puppet and “Dick-taker-N-Thief” was implanted back in 2008! We also don’t have a free press which equates to “US” no longer being a free country – too many dumb-(m)asses don’t realize this! Voting in pseudo, third world banana Republic elections is only meant to appease the sheeple into thinking that they are free. This demonic psychopath and Merkel and other western (leaders?) are using Islamic terrorism and the refugee crisis as their sledgehammer to forge their NWO agenda into reality. Why any sane thinking person with an ounce of common sense and half a brain can not figure this out is beyond me, I surmise that most of them have been dumbed-down, drugged-up (legal and illegal) misinformed and uninformed and have become zoned out pornography/sports/techno/entertainment zombies! I assert that states, at least those conservative ones, should, no must, start manning militias as our trampled on constitution still permits us to do in order to put some fear in these Godless, Satan worshipping power mad NWO elitist ghouls! The party is over and an installment payment on freedom is overdue and that is why I am with you! REVOLUTION will be the SOLUTION, they know it and that is why we are experiencing all of these false flags by the FBI and CIA in order to PC bully and brainwash the dumb-(m)asses into giving up their only defense against these punk-ass, pseudo-intellectual sissies that are ruining our way of life! The ef’n sheeple have their heads in the sand as they are getting it up the ass! mInr, NSA!

  97. Harvard! This is a university that gives an A to very graduate who passes and a B to every graduate who would fail anywhere else. I earned a Masters next to one who could hardly read. Jeez Louise!

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