Harvard Creates New, Six-Figure Position: “Librarian for Antiracism”

The grift goes on at Harvard, where one lucky candidate has the opportunity to make up to $240,300 a year to be the university’s new “Librarian for Antiracism.”

The prestigious, Ivy League institution put feelers out this week, looking for candidates with at least 10 years of experience and an expertise in date analysis, leadership, and administrative skills. It isn’t exactly clear what those years of experience should be in, but we’re assuming it’s the field of library science and not, say, running a Tumblr blog about all the ways in which America is racist. We could definitely be wrong about that, though.

The College Fix reports that they reached out to Harvard and asked them how and why the university came up with such a position. They also (hilariously) asked “how an antiracism librarian differs from a regular librarian.”

Harvard did not apparently have any answers to these questions.

The university announced in early November that it was looking to turn Harvard Library into an “exemplary antiracist research library,” setting itself apart from Twitter, which is just an “okay” antiracist research library.

Earlier in the year, Harvard announced plans to put together a “Library Anti-Racism Team,” which sounds like the worst superhero movie idea ever.

“This has been a long-standing priority, and the current movement for racial justice in response to violence against Black Americans has underscored the urgency of this work,” the university said in September.

According to the new job posting, Harvard’s Antiracist Librarian will be responsible for devising “measurable goals and metrics, and use data, research and evidence-based practice to identify and change systems, structures, policies, practices and individual behaviors that perpetuate systemic racism.” They must also be ready to “identify and pursue opportunities for the library to support education, reconciliation, restoration, and cultural transformation with regard to bias and discrimination against any group or people, including racism in all its forms.”

Racism in all its forms, we’re sure, will also include versions that have not yet been invented in the back halls of Harvard itself. Make no mistake, this is an industry born and bred in the universities, and the universities have identified it as a cash cow that they’re going to feed and exploit to its maximum possible potential. If you’re the kind of person who is willing to literally break society for the sake of getting rich, boy…now is your chance to get in on the ground floor.

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