Harry Reid Says Obama Will Soon Replace Scalia

According to Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, his conversations with the president have led him to believe that Obama will nominate a Supreme Court justice soon. “We’re going to have someone in the next few weeks,” Reid said in an interview with MSNBC. “I think it will be a little over three weeks.”

Reid predicted that after all the talk coming from Senate Republicans, the GOP would eventually agree to a vote on confirmation. That would be a devastating, if unsurprising, betrayal; already, several Republicans – including Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley – have softened their tone on blocking an Obama nominee. And if the last seven years have taught us anything, it’s that Republicans fold like a house of cards when push comes to shove.

“The American people should have a voice in the selection of their next Supreme Court Justice,” Mitch McConnell said after news broke of Antonin Scalia’s death. “Therefore, this vacancy should not be filled until we have a new president.”

But McConnell and his fellow Republicans have been slaughtered in the mainstream press for this position. Some of the more idiotic political pundits have even accused the GOP of being racist in refusing to allow Obama a choice. If history is any indication, Republicans get nervous when the media gangs up on them. Surrender is usually quick to follow.

For his part, Vice President Joe Biden said that he thought Obama should choose someone that everyone could get behind. “My advice is, the only way we get someone on the court, now or even later, is to do what we’ve done in the past…we have to pick somebody, as the president will, who is intellectually competent, is a person of high moral character, is a person who is demonstrated to have an open mind, and is a person who doesn’t come with a specific agenda,” Biden said in a Politico interview.

“But the idea that we’re going to go in and decide we’re going to pick, I don’t know, a new Justice Brennan, I don’t think that’s going to happen,” Biden continued. “That’s not how the system works.”

If Obama were to take his veep’s advice and nominate a moderate, things could actually get interesting. By blocking a moderate, the Senate would be taking a big gamble on winning the White House in November. If they don’t, and if they lose their majority, the new Democrat will have a much easier time pushing a raging liberal through to the Court. But if they confirm Obama’s moderate and then we elect a Republican president, we will have missed out on a chance to keep a strong conservative seat on the panel.

What is not an option is to confirm a liberal Obama nominee. If Senate Republicans do that, the anti-establishment war of 2015/2016 will be nothing compared to the uprising to follow.

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  1. Knowing Obama, he’ll pick another Muslim, thus forcing Sharia Law.

    • Probably not, with three Jews already on the court. And two lesbians. And a murdered conservative, Justice Scalia, haunting them.

    • Think Loretta Lynch. She was recently confirmed as head of DOJ so it would be hard to block her, PLUS a woman, muslim, and black. If she is nominated and blocked there would be a race war.

      • That is what Obama wants to try to stay in office by calling for marshal law. The scum is trying to be our dick tator.

        • Marshall law my ASS! You right wing wackos have been predicting this for months on end
          and it has not happened and will not happen. After he has left office without declaring marshall law, I shall return to several radical right wing online forums and remind you morons that you were wrong, wrong, and WRONG on this ASSertion!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • You stupid left wing communist lovers are all the same, you know nothing about that liar and treasonous fool Obama. Your the ass hat fool.

          • After the election, I will check back with you on that martial law thingy.

          • The CORRECT word is “You’re,” and “asshat,” YOU fool! But then we expect that from military fools from the South!

          • headsonstraight ??? My a$$ ! You voted for a disbarred dog-eating “down low” racist muslim lawyer TWICE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111

          • Neither the President –yours and mine–nor the First Lady have been disbarred. That is just one more viral lie being told by gullible and sloppy wingnuts. And he is no Muslim except in the deranged fantasies of the same scumbag crowd. The “down low” and “dog-eating” elements of your diatribe–equally false–are not worth the keyboard work it would take to cast pearls before swine line you.

          • You are entitled to your opinions – but facts are facts ! Neither Barrack nor Mike or Michelle (which ever) holds a license to practice law in any state in the union ! Period ! In his own book he admits to his “muslim faith” ! Period ! Google Trinity Church “Down Low Club – His name comes up ! Period ! Dog-eating he admits in a public interview ! Period ! Facts are foreign to you slick ! Period !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111111111

          • I have neither the time nor interest in responding to all of your bogus ASSertions, so I will simply address the first of them. From Factcheck:

            “Q: Did Barack and Michelle Obama “surrender” their law licenses to avoid ethics charges?

            A: No. A court official confirms that no public disciplinary proceeding has ever been brought against either of them, contrary to a false Internet rumor. By voluntarily inactivating their licenses, they avoid a requirement to take continuing education classes and pay hundreds of dollars in annual fees. Both could practice law again if they chose to do so.Barack and Michelle Obama”

            The false rumor about the President being disbarred, which you are perpetuating with your post above (“You voted for a disbarred dog-eating “down low” racist muslim lawyer TWICE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111″) has been circulating for years but it is just NOT TRUE, as Factcheck explains. Read the full report here:http://www.factcheck.org/2012/06/the-obamas-law-licenses/

          • An “un-named court official” ??? Bought and paid for ??? Gotcha ! Just like the sealed school records ! ROTFLMAO ! Grasping at straws scooter ! They lied on the BAR exam applications slick !

          • You did not read enough of the material I posted, “slick”.. The official who verified the Obamas’ status is NAMED. He is James Grogan. Read and get your boorish self educated, “slick:” From my original link.:

            “Lawyers who voluntarily change their registration status to inactive or retired “may not practice law based upon their Illinois license or hold themselves out as being so authorized,” according to the Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission of the Supreme Court of Illinois. But James Grogan, deputy administrator and chief counsel for the ARDC, said that the Obamas were “never the subject of any public disciplinary proceedings.”

          • Bulldump ! That was part of the plea agreement so they wouldn’t face indictment. More cover-up by the Ovomits and the Chicago “machine” !

          • Then show us proof that there actually was such a plea agreement. You can’t do it and you know you can’t. Like other Obamaphobic haters you believe what you believe solely on the basis that you WANT to believe it. Ignorant dumb-ass YOKEL!!!

          • Barrack spent over a million bucks sealing all his records slick – how do you propose I do that ? And why does your muslim maggot hero have to seal all his records in the first place slick – unless the boy gots something to hide ??? Wow – over 3,000 posts and barely 1,200 people like you ! I can see why ! you one dumb sumbitch !

          • LOLOL… you forgot a 1!

          • Naw – He stuck up for the little hood-rat in Florida (Treyvon Martin) – that proved he’s racist ! Didn’t figure anybody forgot that he said (Treyvon) could be his little hood-rat brat !

          • Ain’t my pretend prez slick ! He’s all yours !

          • He is yours whether you like it or not. He is President of the United States and presumably you are a citizen of the United States, so that makes him the President of YOU. Congratulations!

          • Nope – never ! I don’t recognize disbarred dog-eating “down low” racist muslims as my prez ! No morals – no ethics – no honesty – not even American !

          • Were it possible, a third time also! and you extremists would all be in FEMA Gitmo camps!

          • Not even scooter ! Unlike you – we kept our guns (and bibles) and since Barry or Barrack or whatever has been prez – we been on a buying binge ! American gun industry is the only one Barrack couldn’t screw up ! Me included ! Got north of 2,000 rounds of boom stuff. You an Barry start sheite – we got you covered !

          • These pretend military retired people are beyond help. The word is shell shocked and they never recover. They should all be in VA hospitals where we can treat them the way they should be… oh, that’s right. We ARE!

        • The proper term for Oblamer would be “dicktaster”.

          • Your so right sir, and thank you for your service to America, I call the scum much worse, but dicktator is prefect.

      • O’bama has already declared this war.

      • Bring it! Let’s have a REAL RACE WAR, not a pretend war fabricated by this loser black president who only thinks about himself — Narcissistic to the core. He wouldn’t know which side to be on and would soil his pants and disappear — #1 Coward of the World!

        Patriotic Sane Americans are ready for this! Bho has hurt our Nation enough already and needs to slither out on his belly like the snake he is. He will push this issue and the Rhino GOPs will fold like the cowards they are…bunch of losers! Where are the real HEROS OF AMERICA? Time to gather…

        • Well, IF we counted you, probably 2,000-3,000 heroes, LOLOL. Do you guys know how silly you sound??? My goodness………

          • Read the definition of “delusional” then apply it to your forehead! Time to wake up out of that Fantasy you’ve been living and take a good look around you. Just because people around you don’t talk abt their feelings doesn’t mean they agree with you.

            THERE ARE A GREAT DEAL MORE UNHAPPY AMERICANS TODAY THAN EVER BEFORE AND THE MAJORITY ARE NOW VOICING THEIR ANGER. Don’t be left behind. Learn how to really “Listen” when people talk…you will survive longer!

          • I figure I’ll surpass you, as I’m 71 and in great shape! You, on the other hand, are a violent, delusional, anti-government, unpatriotic fool who will foment (or TRY to) a war with our government. If you have that little regard for people and the USA, you deserve a well-earned grave in whichever military cemetery you so desire! You’re a disgrace as a human being, a military person, and a irresponsible citizen! I note your comments and they are DISmissed.

          • You may be physically fit, but you forgot to exercise your brain…it is still in first grade!

            All your pompus ass name calling just shows how immature snd childlike your brain is. So good luck with that super duper body and that lessor intelligent brain.

            Processing requires “Using that brain”. You know, like challenging what you know. Oh, I forgot!! You’re a D.D. — “DENSE DEMOCRAT” who knows about everything, tells everyone “how” to live their life, denies anything “NEW IN HIS LIFE”, clutches on to his tiny teddy at night, has nasty dirty nightmares he doesn’t understand, thinks all women are whores but hillary is a beautiful successful woman, loves Muslims because they worship a book that gives all males total authority over females (your mother was overbearing and as a result you fear women and choose to share your life with men only), you think all Conservatives are out of their minds and don’t know what they’re doing!

            This last point is where you will wake up one day in November and suck your thumb because all that you knew as truths will come crashing down on your HEAD. REALITY SUCKS, ESPECIALLY WHEN YOU LIVE IN FANTASY LAND! DONALD TRUMP WILL BE AMERICA’S NEXT PRESIDENT AND TO BE A DEMOCRAT WILL SUCK HIND TIT!

            Welcome to your life in a Conservative world. Try not to make too many enemies. We have so much crap to fix ftom the most ineffective administration in our entire history as a Nation! If you try to get in our way, we will roll right over you like road kill. But don’t cry. Trump will clean up your mindless irrational messes the Idiot Liberals and your fraudulent leech of a president created. Thank God for Conservatives level heads and quick thinking! There is still time to save our once great nation by removing obamaCauticCare, stopping all illegal immigration and changing our immigration policy, securing our borders with military backup, closing down Planned Parenthood and repealing the Gay Martiage Law. Sorry abt the last one, but once it is repealed, you and your “guy” won’t be married any more. 🙁

            Now go stick your head in the sand before you get into too much trouble…perhaps a Rest Home is on the horizon for you?

      • Oh, she will be a shoe in for Obama!

        • 80 million LEGALLY armed Americans need to lock and load; this fascist leftist government is all but out of control now!

          • And that Marxist Communist Left Wing Government includes both the “R” & the “D” Factions of the Marxist Politicians Party…And they are ALREADY TOTALLY OUT OF CONTROL…

            And the ESTABLISHMENT REPUKE’S and all their many CO-CONSPIRATORS are already meeting BEHIND CLOSEST DOORS to map our their CORRUPT AGENDA….To Destroy Donald Trump and Insert their ESTABLISHMENT SHILL RUBIO at the Convention…

      • I believe most Americans are expecting that to happen and as a veteran I would much rather give my all in my country, for my country, then in some other nation that cares little about me or mine…..

      • Bring it on !!

      • I would hope that if a person like her gets in there will be an uprising not seen since the civil war!.

      • She is NOT a Muslim! Why, oh why, do you wingnut wackos insist on making such inane claims? If you have solid documentation to show she if Muslim, then put it up! Of course you can’t do that, because truth is the last thing you blithering right-wing bozos have any concern about when it comes to the President and his appointees.

      • Let there be one then, this betch is a terrorists who thinks just like Obama does, both are muslim terrorists.

  2. Obama killed Scalia like he killed Miss Fuddy from Hawaii on the birther note. What makes you think hes not going to finish the job with another mother lovin muslim with a pillow.

  3. That’s all BS. We the People will never accept that. I think congress better go into hiding because I am sure there will be a lot of pissed of Americans.

  4. Once again the “guilt-trip” card is played. According to dirty Harry, the media will say bad things about the Republicans if they don’t cave to Obama’s choice….so what’s different about that?

    I believe Obama will nominate someone who doesn’t stand a snowball’s chance of being confirmed (like Lynch) so the media & libs can scream & holler about “obstruction.” Better to obstruct than have a raging lib on the SCOTUS.

  5. The supreme court judge, should be nominated by some one from one of the branches of the government,an they nominate who they want, but WE THE PEOPLE VOTE , YES or NO. this should not now or ever be their decision only , same as their pay raises.

  6. Nominate maybe, but replace – Not without help from RINOs who might not have the guts to do so against the will of the people who put them in office. They know that we are no longer tolerant of their betrayals!

    • They have no fear of rebuttal, they keep getting voted in by the blind sheeple and so think they are above the demands of the people. Call and write all your representatives and senators (lower case intended), make them do the bidding of the people who put them in office, no more time for hand sitting,

      • We had a RINO in office and it was time for his re-elections, from Utah and Bennett was his name. He never made it past the primaries. It is time for the same thing to happen to Reid and Hatch.

  7. Barry has yet to make any positive and wise decisions about this country so do you think the nomination for a new Justice will be any different?

    • It will be Obamas way to rip apart this country this is one to watch. Im glad there is some attention on this one. Another player for Obamas rainbow kingdom. If the republicans vote with him they are giving away our country and theres something we dont know about. I want someone who wont just clench their fists and stop their feet? The democrats put into law in 1960 he cant do what he wants on a replacement they cant have it both ways. I hope this saves us.

    • When it comes time to put him in jail for treason I would like to para phrase one of his quotes for his all black minion he used to rally to! O YES WE CAN.

  8. Flood the senate with calls and letters, not asking elected A-holes but telling them what YOU want them to do. Jam the system with everything you can. Time OUR voices are heard, perhaps a march on DC with enough people flooding their offices will get some attention. It is time for us to get directly involved in what our electee’s are doing, no more BS statements after they do it to appease us, demand they fulfill their responsibilities or put them on notice. We damn well better stand up now, or we will be fighting another civil war.

    • Well, let me know when everyone is leaving to picket the White House!

      • That’s the problem isn’t it? Conservatives have jobs and responsibilities, kind of hard to just stop and take a trip, but those who can should, those who can’t can call and write letters, the point is DO SOMETHING, whatever you can. I can’t let you know when to go or do, you must make that decision. I will be going shortly, one voice no matter how small in the greater expanse may make a difference.

        • I have been doing all I can from home. I have a family to look out for. I will make it there in due time however. If I knew Barry was going to be arrested and when, I would do all I could to witness personally the best day in the history of the USA.

        • Conservatives actually work and have jobs, unlike most Liberal Democrats who are on Government Welfare.

      • It became the Rainbow Mosque in Jan 2009. We may need to torch it and start over.

    • I do believe that is exactly what the Muslim traitor wants.

      • To what purpose? What would be his end game? Not that he doesn’t have one.

        • He is first and foremost a Muslim. Their Koran demands they kill all infidels. Having a civil war erupt, which I think he has wanted to make happen since day one, would give him the excuse he needs to declare martial law and begin killing whites and Christians with impunity. He didn’t intentionally decimate our entire military from top to bottom for nothing. Several thousand officers were forced to retire or got demoted after Obama had them asked if they were willing to fire on Americans on our soil. His is a power hungry dictator as evil as his idol Adolf was. I put nothing out of the realm of possibility with this lying gay Muslim traitor.

      • I agree. He’s looking for something, no matter how large or small, that will justify his declaring martial law. That’s the sole purpose of having people like Sharpton hanging with him. Sharpton has only one purpose and that is to stir the pot of racial hatred to the boiling point. He is incapable of doing anything else. He’s Obama’s version of Joseph Goebbels, except that Goebbels was moderately intelligent – something you certainly can’t say about Sharpton.

  9. For God’s sake ! Are the Republicans ever going to do what’s right instead of worry about the left wing press. Who cares what those little shits write in their Communist left wing rags.

    • The only guidance they have is the left-wing press because they absolutely refuse to listen to us – their constituents! We no longer have government by the people. We have the progressives who want to replicate Mother Russia and a little club called the Republican National Committee whose sole purpose is to perpetuate their cozy comfortable existence at the taxpayer’s expense.To them we don’t exist except for when they want campaign money, votes, or our hard earned taxes to fund the atrocities that they and their progressive buddies keep coming up with.

    • Except for a very few, there are no republicans in Congress! They themselves have proven it!

    • Except for a very few, there are no republicans in Congress! They themselves have proven it!

  10. Good gawd, the U.S. will be done with Obama, Kagan, SotoMayor, Roberts, etc. Obama sucks!

    • Quote From Founder of La Raza: “We have got to eliminate the gringo.
      And what I mean is, if worse comes to worst, we have got to kill
      him.Those are the words of the founder of La Raza, an organization which
      Judge Sonia Sotomyaor is a member.

  11. Obama replace Antonin Scalia, you must be joking, Obama would not make a pimple on Scalia’s ass.
    Besides that Obama wants the Islamic world to crown him the Mahdi and seat him as the Sec. Gen. of the communist U.N.
    BUT, if Obama somehow becomes a member of the SC, I pray the one eyed, one armed man with the briefcase meet up with him.

  12. WAIT, until President Trump is in the white House, and let HIM nominate SCOTUS Justice! If obuma nominates himself, I do not believe that ANYONE is going to accept it! We the People say WAIT!

  13. Thats nothing. Some Roman Emperor gave his horse a Senate seat.

  14. Hey this is exactly what we all want!! Go back to Saturday when Scalia was found with a pillow over his face and let Obama to take his place.

  15. “We have to pick somebody, as the president will, who is intellectually competent, is a person of high moral character, is a person who is demonstrated to have an open mind, and is a person who doesn’t come with a specific agenda,” Biden said in a Politico interview.”

    I guess that rules put anyone Obama would nominate. Joe is so stupid.

  16. Headline above says, “Harry Reid says Obama will soon replace Scalia”, actually that header is deceiving…the Truth is Obama will nominate someone to replace Scalia, and it’s the Senate’s job to approve the replacement. Or it could say, “Obama nominates multiple Liberal DumDum’s, as next Supreme Court Judge, and the Senate VOTES HELL NO! That would be more realistic.

  17. Any republican voting with Obama on this is gone

      • Heh heh heh… you guys almost sound like you’re serious!

        • Heh Heh Heh……Ol Georgie Porgie….Knows what is best for everybody else

          Claims to be well-informed even though he gets his news/talking
          points from the Daily KOS and/or MSNBC or D.N.C. Factivist site.

          – Accuses every person with a dissenting view of being a racist

          -Drives a Prius with a COEXIST bumper sticker

          -Believes in the rights of everyone, except those who disagree

          -Thinks the Constitution is flawed because he can’t control all 3
          branches of government

          • I can’t think of anyone who is constantly 100% wrong. My news comes from NBC, ABC, CBS, and I watch Rachel Maddow, the Ed Show. Outside of that I watch Faux Noise, CNS, Patriot gibberish (3 different websites) just for snits (sic) and giggles. I do try ot to label anyone racist unless they really ptove themselves as such, and I have NOOO intentions of ever controlling, much less taking part in government outside of voting. Now then… your point was? (Ohhh, and my last vehicles were Chrysler products and Suzuki, fantastic SUV, that Gran Vitara!).

    • Those morons don’t care, they have plenty in their pockets from the left, they will vote with what that fascist traitor wants them to vote.

    • The Republican Party is working Rapidly to join the WHIG Party that they replaced in 1854….on the SCRAP HEAP OF HISTORY…..Combine what they are doing to Destroy Donald Trump at the Convention…with all of their BACK ROOM DEALS they are working on already…So that they can get a Brokered Convention…and Install Rubio….Who by the Constitution is NOT QUALIFIED TO BE PRESIDENT….

  18. Harry Reid is a Shiteating weasel

    • LOLOL… that may well be, but he’s still in office and stronger than ever!

      • Not for long hopefully

      • Liberalism is a communist disease on America, they are not Americans

      • Naw -Harry Reid’s brother beat the sheite out of him and blinded dingy Harry’s left eye ! He’s done.

      • Hey Rev.! Molested any boys lately?

        • We all go some time , But when you count on it they seem to live forever, When I was almost 65 , Ford put me out ona medical saying , Enjoy your self you only have months to live and now 23 Years later still kicking ,but Ford got my Stock and I hope they are happy .

          • For me, this is a good thing! I used to drive Fords… now it’s Chrysler or Toyota all the way! Thanks for your contribution!

          • it would have been nice if the tax payer had Bailed out Ford as I put 255,000 dollars of my pay into stock which they lost, found 6 years later and it is now worth about 35,000 and you have to pay taxes on your annual distribution , but that is probably every company , The worst is I think I will have to go to an Attorney and then he will Profit , but 15 years has been a long time getting lied too

          • Oh myyyyy!!! Life sucks in the slow lane.

          • after 40 years with most years enough Hours for two years in one , Owning 54 Fords and being on Skilled trades Served my Apprenticship there and even after there Medical retirement have you come back and train other People , I know they have some people on top that are real stinkers , The workers are very good in the Plant I worked for , At the end of last year a lady called to tell me they were not allowed to mail me any thing in Writing , She said She would tell me on the Phone How much I had invested which was a Question I had asked many time , I could get it in writing and the IRS form I could declare it a loss ,

        • In your dreams, young’un! Listen, you right wing extremists are a joke and only exist for our comedy and entertainment! Don’t continue to make fools of yourselves. You have no effect on us or the 2016 elections!

      • Oh Georgie at it again. hes grinnin like a opossum lickin $heeiet. Your food stamp days will soon be over and well stuff you back in a box where you came from.

        • Are you really THAT lame? Comment noted… DISmissed!

          • Whats lame is you think the rest of us will keep on supporting your existence.. Obama doesnt know it but hes cleaning out Gitmo for himself and all of his administration for treason. Bad pull huh. No I think not most would give $100.00 to pull the electrical switch on this fake president. Grow up milk toast. we wont dismiss anything we will put an end to you free lunch roaches. Some of you democrats will have to go to work for the first time. You will have to get over that desease you democrats all have its called work intolerance. You will have to train your brains if you want to eat the food you will have to go to work. HA-HA-HA. It will be the 21st century trail of tears all the mexicans going back to the southern border. Why dont you join them.then well close the borders..

          • I’m retired and on a good pension and SS, loser! You spew on an empty stomach! Figures!

        • grinnin’ !

      • C’mon, Georgie Boy. Reid is a dead man walking who will be buried at the end of the legislative session. He might be huge among liberal loons, but he’s been defanged in the Senate where his power is gone. Caput. Done. Finished. He cannot control the Senate anymore. He’s the Senate MINORITY Leader now. Budgets will be passed over his head and Presidential nominations will wither on the vine when they’re not contributory to the legislative process.

        • We hope. Remember we still have Rat Ryan and Dough Man McConnell along with the rino contingent like McCain, Rubio, Graham, Flakey, etc.. We have some serious culling to do. McCain is on the hit list for reelection in AZ. Every dem and rino running in every state for reelection must be removed and replaced with better constituent oriented legislators. Since the dems all follow their leaders in the party or legislature, they have to be replaced with real republicans not of the rino persuasion.

          • Yeah, I agree with you. That lady, Ward, I think it is, seems like a serious conservative. I also thought Flake would be one, but he turned into a first class wus. The four senators you mentioned were the ones “representing” our side in the Gang of Eight discussions . Sadly, they weren’t representing us, but selling us down the river on ILLEGAL immigration. If a nation can’t control its own borders, language and culture, then it’s no longer a nation. I think that came from Michael Savage.

          • LOUDER, please… we can’t hearrrrrrrrrrr youuuuu! LOLOL

        • Riiiiiiight! We shall see… we shall seeeeeee! (Looks like the Senate has caved more time than old ore mines to the best President in decades. Ah well….. 🙂

          • “Caved?” Georgie Boy, you mean like when Obama, the Mouse that roared, caved on the red line in Syria, right? Or was it with Solyndra, the crony capitalist punk who the Mouse gave $500 million taxpayer dollars to challenge the fossil fuel corporate structure? And it never got off the floor…emblematic of most things he touches.

          • Doesn’t matter… move on… comment(s) DISmissed!

      • Stronger then ever ??? Putin bent him over and fvcked him in the a$$ !

    • Fox news showed a clip of Biden saying Bush should not make an appointment to the Court in an election year but that the appointment should be made by the new president. What a retarded hypocrite that baboons ass really is!

      • yep it is all ways , back to the 2 sets of rules, the one made up on the spot for the demo-crapper lib-turds, an the one the rest of us follow, I like that ” retarded hypocrite, the baboon ass is a retarded hypocrite , corrupt career politician

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      • Don’tcha love video? 🙂

    • DIRTY HAIRY….is a Weasel….which is a SLIMY LITTLE RODENT….

    • Oh now you have insulted weasels. But I agree with the thought

      • My God… you don’t know the difference between an opossum and a weasel?? No wonder you have the 2016 Republican candidates you do, LOLOL. Don’t bother me with your total lack of knowledge!

    • Too bad the guy who gave him the beating whether it be a man or machine didn’t break his neck!

    • YEA !!!! that is STRAIGHT an TO THE POINT, you NAILED IT.

    • Agree, but the shiteating weasel is right about one thing; the GOP does fold like a deck of cards.

      • Obama has Dirt on all these Idiots thru NSA spying they are all Lying cowards Do you believe John Roberts Twisted the law into a pretzel on his own He was givin an altimatum Play or be Blackmailed and ruin his career This is why they all Fold except for a handful 🙂

    • Don’t insult the weasels.

    • Harry hasn’t seen straight since he bonked himself on the head.

  19. Sorry, dingy Harry, Obama can only nominate. The Senate will give their advice and consent. Likely they will defeat any proposed nomination because Obama will only send up a nominee that’s a half-a-commie or a whack job like Eric Holder.

  20. I expected the Senate Republicans to cave the second that McConnell spouted his words on the subject. He cannot help himself from lying. Lying is ingrained in these DC Republicans and can never be trusted. PERIOD!!!!!!!
    A Progressive is a Progressive.

  21. Reid needs to go away and shut up the crazy old fool

  22. This man is absolutely evil. Time to put him out of our misery. When he had his accident, the man or woman did not go far enough. Go away Reid. And if congress does not stand up this time they are finished anyway. We are fed up with you and your kind.


  24. You can not trust the elites of either party and trying to guess what the RINO’s fold on next will drive you nuts!! IF Cruz can find the time HE will filibuster the nomination but Rubio will not attend to vote!!! NOW we need to get behind the one nominee that has done EVERYTHING he has promised to do and HAS BEEN conservative his entire life not just the last 9 months like TRUMP! CRUZ 2016!!!

  25. If these morons fold,it’s time to switch party’s. Vote TEA PARTY!!
    Time to send clear and precise msg if you fold to this COMMIE.STICK A FORK IN, YOU ARE DONE!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Republicans fold on this issue guarantees Trump will be the next President. If they think “go along, to get along” will hold their seat; well good luck with that one.

  27. The Republican better not fold like a house of cards, the damn liberal media has nothing in this except thier on agenda. I would bitch slap that prick they call Harry Reid, he is a evil man with no morals.

  28. F-U Obama and Harry azzhole reid

  29. I never ever in my wildest dreams thought I would agree with reid on anything but when he said
    “And if the last seven years have taught us anything, it’s that Republicans fold like a house of cards when push comes to shove.”
    He is sadly correct on that point. We have a bunch of wusses in congress who are afraid of there own shadow. It is time to inundate both Grassley’s and McConnell’s office demanding they do NOT approve any obama nominee.

  30. Ameroicans We the People should rise up and stop Obama from being on the Supreme Court after all the tyrant and treason activities and wrongs he has already done to America and the World! We are “DOOMED” if this bastard gets in Scalias
    Seat! Call Congress and your Senators and tell them We the People do not want Obama on the Supreme Court and Why!

  31. There will have to be a revolt in American if he is nominated for the position or puts a muslim on the Supreme Court Vacancy….We just need him gone for good!

  32. I notice the right wing is already shakin’… this is a good sign. The left gets what they want for the good of the COUNTRY… ALWAYS! Don’t forget that.

  33. Let the resident pick someone. The Senate should vet the nominee so thoroughly that bho’s term will expire. The other b.s. about loosing a majority in the house and Senate is to scare the panty waist republicans.Just do what the democrats have done to republican presidents in the past. Why do they think they should always make the rules. Our Constitution is at stake here. Do you want to please the liberals and media, a loose your Constitutional rights. It’s time to stand up and fight their agenda.

  34. Let Bathhouse nominate anyone he wants. If the Repubs have any testicles, and that is up for debate, this person will not even receive a hearing unless he/she is Scalia or Thomas warmed over. And, don’t hold your breath for that to happen. He will nominate another homesexual like the two women who were lately appointed or a muslime (sp). Neither category is acceptable.

  35. I cannot imagine the misspelled words, improper grammar, sentence structure, not to mention the retarded ramblings of the conservative extremists on this blog. Didn’t any of you go to school or were you all home-fooled??? Oy veh, such a mess!

  36. How does that works? Is Obama going to appoint Obama to the SC before his term ends? Knowing him he would try.

  37. “..the uprising to follow.” would be more like a revolution. People are sick and tired of liberals dictating every aspect of life.

  38. The likeliness of Obama securing any Governmental seat whatsoever after gnawing and whittling away the Citizens of America entitled Freedoms and Liberties since 2008 simply just completely failing America in every avenue possible is nill to none!

    With his resume he would be lucky to be allowed to roam about with the homeless in Chicago, cart and all! Now if he were to apply for a position in the Middle East, like say in Palestine as Speaker Of The Parliament or Prime Minister he be hired immediately without question!

    No, America is truly done with this Socialist Commie Muslim Marxist that worked tirelessly day and night to destroy our Blessed Constitution, Bill Of Rights and the American way of life! Litterally trying to strip our entitled Freedoms and Liberties from the very homes and communities we live in attempting to CHANGE us into a Socialist Commie European State! This kind of change America does not need! Ridding and Exiling those hidden vermin that only want to Kill our American Family Values and Ignore and Burn our Constitution, Bill Of Rights is the right thing to do!

    A Supreme Court Justice, don’t make America puke and defecate all at once! We all been through enough crap since 2008!

    So Be It

  39. I bet that fascist scum Obama will try to appoint himself to the court, Congress needs to get off their rear ends and do something about this psycho Obama before he tries to finish off America.

  40. Any Republican Senator that goes along with this will become target 1 in the next election.

  41. Whoever Obama picks won’t be of any help for our country. Just more of his ridiculous choices, not caring for the U S at all All of his choices in the last 7 years SUCK, no matter what the subject was

  42. Let the games begin!

  43. No doubt, Obama will quickly try to replace Scalia… and what with? Why another communist Democrat yes man.
    Democrats so slimy it is disgusting!

  44. “But McConnell and his fellow Republicans have been slaughtered in the mainstream press for this position.”

    Who cares anymore what the press is saying. They have relegated themselves to nothing more than a Super PAC for the Demoncrat party and Obama in particular. They tried to destroy Cruz for filibustering Obamacare before he even ran for president then set their sights on Trump and guess what. They are the two most popular candidates. They cover for Obama and Hillary (when was the last time the MSM even mentioned Hillary being under FBI investigation for serious breaches of National Security or her lying to the families of the Benghazi victims) through powder-puff interviews and censoring negative news about them. Stay the course for once Republicans. Don’t let the media scare you into thinking they are reflecting the people’s wishes.

  45. I don’t care who he picks if the rep’ let him do it …oh well I follow the laws as long as I believe it the right law if I don’t I don’t obey it plain and simple …as far as sharia law that’s a joke …but I my have to practice it on a few muslims and maybe a few illegal mexicans

  46. Republicans always get slaughtered in the press, and why is McConnell surprised? This shouldn’t even be under discussion just run the Senate the way Reid did. The Dems will squeal, but they always do when they don’t get what they want…Mitch should put in some ear plugs and work on other things.

    • Exactly! McConnell needs to remember that the liberals/socialists/communists/progressives (aka those screaming in the MSM) aren’t the ones who elected him to the Senate so why should he ever care what they think. He is there to represent the wishes of the majority of people from his state and not the far left extremists whining and screaming about everything.

      • When you see McConnell along side the opposition he looks like someone lost, like where am I, what should I do next to please the opposition. DAHHHH

  47. Sorry Harry, not going to happen. They will wait for the next President. President Trump.

  48. I think Grassley is correct. Let Obama nominate someone, it doesn’t mean you have to approve them. McConnell just gives the media and the Dems ammunition by taking this public stance. You have to do this as if you were the Godfather talking to Sonny,” Never let anyone outside the family know what you are thinking”. Don’t say what your plans are. In this case it works against you.

    • I don’t know if it is worse that he knows what he is doing, or, he is just that stupid. These are supposed to be intelligent leaders. NOT! Judgment day is coming, this can’t possibly continue much longer.

  49. Yeah, go ahead Repulsive Repubs, give obama his liberal Supreme Court justice…then go change your tidy whiteys because once again, you lousey COWARDS, you’ve let the fox into the chicken coop.

    More and more Conservatives are looking for another Party that holds their beliefs above those of the feds. Perhaps we should just rename those lousey republicans in Congress as the “RHINO PARTY” and remove them from the GOP. Once their foreheads are tatooed with that name, we won’t ever make the mistake of electing them to anything but “latrine duty”!

    Wake up Americans! These Rhinos are giving our Country away just so they can fill their pockets with gold. Deny them. VOTE them all out in November!

  50. The GOP will cave. It is all about money and muslim fear, not necessarily in that order. The Muslim brotherhood has taken over our entire system and the legislators demonstrate it at every turn. Think about this, are you afraid of dying and being beheaded? Sharia law is being practiced all over the US with no opposition.

  51. Maybe with a little luck, Reid and obama can share the same pine box.

  52. No more Obama appointees to the Supreme Court!!! Let the next president appoint a judge to the Supreme Court. NO MORE OBAMA ANYTHING!!!!!!!!

  53. Obama chose Kagan and Sotomayor who quickly demonstrated they are nothing more than Obama puppets. Neither should be on any court much less the Supreme Court.

  54. False Information and Rumors are carried by you Haters, spread by you Fools, and accepted by you Idiots.

  55. The DC DICTATOR and the D****RATS should Study their OWN RECENT HISTORY of BLOCKING Supreme Court Nominees…..Their Rational and Arguments are ABSURD AND DISGUSTING….


  56. Obama is full of crap he is a stinky man and that is not even his real name is whole life is a lie his orginal name is Barry Sorteo and he comes from Indonishia and his real Parents are Muslims he Invented the Idea that he comes from Hawaii he even faked his Columbia University Records there is someone else who looks just like him that went to Columbia and that Guys name is Frank Marshall Davis Junior the Orginal Barak Obama comes from Hawaii and this Barry Sorteo used his name to Con this whole country

  57. and who will replace obama

  58. obama doesn’t make a small pimple on Judge Scalia’s ass !!

  59. Harry Reid is about as full of crap as a Thanksgiving Stuffed Turkey! Obama might appoint someone that he would like to be on the Supreme Court but they will not ever serve a day. That decision will be up to the next President. If the Senate would allow such a radical Liberial socialist as Obama to pick the next Judge this country would be like a snowball going to hell. Hey Harry, paybacks a bitch isn’t it. Remember 2007 when you and your Dem wit Senators would not allow a choice to be made by George Bush. Harry go change your depend and be happy your still alive you old clock!

  60. If GOP Senators cave on this, they can expect to be looking for work after November!

  61. The headline can be read 2 ways. I thought Reid meant the negro was going to REPLACE Scalia with the negro.

    But I see, he meant the negro was going to find a replacement for Scalia as SOON as possible to declare martial law and gun confiscation.

    The goal of the negro since he got in office. He was suppose to have done that on his 1st term.

    He is being pressured to do it before his last term so he can LEGALLY declare himself the NEGRO FOR LIFE of America!!!

    We live in a strange world….. The world of the LIEberal!!

  62. We the people must stop this little piece of shit reid and the black scumbag traitor hussien obama from appointing another corrupt liberal lowlife to the supreme court. If we let these bastards get away with this we are done as a free country and can kiss the constitution good by. LOCK AND LOAD, get ready FOR WAR.

  63. No Eric Holder No Obama No No No

  64. Obama has never proven his educational credentials in anything! We have only “his word” that he is at all genuine and qualified for the position he now holds. He has perpetrated a first class smoke and mirror scam on a gullible and naive voting body. This was accomplished with the support of a failing Democratic party more concerned with presentation then substance. To mention in the same breath Obama and a position on the Supreme Court is just to summit to the second act to what was previously mentioned. Can we as a nation turn over a judgeship to a person who has proven himself to be the personification of the words charlatan, fraud and traitor? Pray God, NO!

  65. The article headline is misleading because indicates a lack of understanding of the constitutionally mandated process. The president cannot “replace” a justice, he can only nominate a candidate. A nomination is, by definition, a proposal, a suggestion, a hope that the senate will confirm the nominee. Only the Senate can “replace.” The confirmation process that follows is a purely political function of both parties.

  66. I say vote down who ever he trys to put in let the people vote

  67. First Clinton needs to pay the piper for her crimes against America that will take care of Harry Reid and everyone else in this corrupt administration

  68. They should never have made the statement. Itch McConjob hasn’t been “slaughtered” enough, he’s still there.
    Don’t talk about it as though it’s up for debate, just do it or in this case don’t do it.

  69. There is no difference between the RINOs and democrats. We have a one political party system in charge of our representatives and it is basically a liberal democratic party. Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan are in fact liberal democrats pretending to be an alternative to the democrats. Whoever the appointed president decides will become the next not so supreme judge will receive immediate approval by the leaders of both houses, as if their approval is necessary. I’m very disappointed that the untimely death of Antonin Scalia was not thoroughly investigated but that’s how it goes these days when it is anything goes before the fall of the new roman empire.

  70. Let O’Bama on the Supreme Court? You have to be kidding. He has almost destroyed this country and if he gets into the Supreme Court he’ll finish destroying this country with his frivilous laws he dreams up for HIS utopia.

  71. If you want justice snuffed out forever, go ahead.

  72. Whatever happens we must never ever give up. If we bring God back into our lives I am sure he will rid us of the likes of the foreign exchange student, this puss head reid, the wicked witch of the west pelosi, dick head durbin and the rest of the garbage

  73. Trump’s pick for Judge nominee:

    Donald Trump Says He’d Consider These Two Judges for U.S. Supreme Court
    by Rachel Stockman | 10:30 pm, February 13th, 2016

    “She was part of the 2011 panel that held a Chicago ban on firing ranges unconstitutional.”

    Second Amendment
    Ezell v. City of Chicago
    Seventh Circuit Holds Ban on Firing Ranges Unconstitutional.


  74. The scummy little prick all to be hanging from the gallows with his pal Nancy the loser pull Losey

  75. No Harry. You will soon be replaced.

  76. Obama would like to replace him, but he can only nominate the candidate, not replace him on his own. He’thinks he’s a dictator already, but he’s not! If a replacement is appointed and confirmed before the next president, it will be because of TREASONOUS, C.S. RINOs!

  77. After that total A-hole, Obama, laughed about replacing Scalia I cannot see too many Senators either Dem or R voting in favor of him. If they do they are anti-American scumbags just like Obama!

  78. The GOP should block any nominee, but the record of the GOP since 2008 suggests they will fold like the big-government statist cowards they have become.

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  80. Didn’t Obama and Moochie have their licenses to practice law revoked??? Or was that one of the many lies??

  81. The only reason Reid is still in office is he has made millions on land insider schemes and for the last 6 years has done nothing but get on his knees in front of obama. He will be retiring and the morons in Nevada better use their heads to elect someone who will work with the gop .

  82. Nomination is one thing…Confirmation is another!

  83. Reid is delusional, his accident has impacted his cognitive side. I believe he thinks he is still in charge. Course with dough man McConnell and Rat Ryan working for him, I can see he might have some sort of grasp on power still. But the rino rats and dem wit dems had better be ready for retaliation if they do give BO this win. We are so gonna take em out! Remember Cantor, remember the Gang of Eight abominations death in 2015, now look who is gonna be prez, Trump. And finally look how the rinos and dems are not doing well as they run for reelection! Party leaders are very unhappy but not the silent majority. We are fed up and Reid, you gotta go, just like McCain. At least Reid is smarter than McCain and knows it is time to retire. Remember he said he is not running after this term. McCain should quit now too.

  84. I agree with you


  86. Harry is wrong again. He’s just another jerk in Washington.

  87. Liberalism is a fascist disease in America, commiecrats are destroying America.

  88. Reid is right about one thing. Republicans generally fold like a house of cards at the thought of being called a “racist” or an “obstructionist.” What the GOP does not realize is that they will lose their re-election bid for caving.

  89. Only if the Senate agrees.

  90. Fuck you Harry reid and Obama

  91. Over his dead body, not mine

  92. America is so full of commiecrats Democrats they are so easy to brain wash, just mention free, and they are gone. Not caring about their own country, just what they can stick in their pockets for nothing

  93. Well, it’s been a great afternoon again with entertainment from the right wing loony extremists. Have to do a lecture tonight on habitation and tiny houses with a church friend of mine. I’ll be back later to check your homework, boys! LOLOL.

  94. I see that the INTELLEGENT….NOT….Resident Liberal “George M Melby” is Posting some of his WIZZ-DUM….To Enlighten us….now that he has reached the Mental Age of 2….MAYBE????

  95. I think Harry Reid is just to sure of himself. Maybe he has something in mine no one else knows about. That fool should have stopped screwing this country many years ago.

  96. Do these people ever check their responses before going public. Take this morning for instance when the WH Press Secretary did it again. Josh Earnest made a left-field statement today concerning the fact that the Republicans position of not allowing Obama to name and seat the SCOTUS Scalia replacement as “unprecedented.” This was another lie from the Obama Administration. Unprecedented – never done or known before. Yet, how many times since Scalia’s death has a segment run on tv showing Joe Biden in 1992 regurgitated the Democratic position of a SCOTUS replacement. This Administration has so many lies floating about they can’t keep track of which is truth and which is lie.

  97. Dream on Harry Obama will never ever get another appointment within the USA ! 2016 you will see the demise of the Corrupt Democratic party! America is waken up, and we are going to take out country our constitution, our Supreme court, and our White House back to We the People!

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  99. Harry, just how hard did your brother hit you when he knocked your eybeall out? He must have really scrambled your old fool’s brain. Haven’t you been indicted yet?

  100. Who is going to nominate him harry?

  101. Reid needs to go away shut — the biggest crook in DC other than Hillary.

  102. If they approve anyone that Obama appoints then they will be a lot of tea party people and independants Elected the next time and Republicans and Democrats are OUT PERIOD

  103. Hopefully the DO NOTHING Republican congress will accept the BLACK President of the USA nominee and fill the vacant seat on the SCOTUS. It is also time that a BLACK Female be nominated and appointed to the bench. AG Loretta Lynch is the famale that should be picked.

    • Lynch should never have gotten her confirmation as AG. Her duty is not to protect the president and his lawless agenda but the Constitution and the Laws of the Land.
      Of course you and many others can only relate to skin color and sex as your guideline for eligibility for an office.
      How easily people forget that until the election of 2014, it was a democratic controlled house and senate. They exercised complete dominance over the congress and many of the GOP bills were either voted down by the dems or if they managed to get past the House, Reid quickly tabled them. Obama used the bully pulpit of threatening them DOA. A practice that the dems and Obama still practice today.
      You, like many others prefer to blame the non-acceptance of Obama on the color of his skin, and there are some that do. However, most object to him based solely on his agenda, his over reach of presidential authority, his disregard for the Constitution, and his preference for dismissing laws he does not agree with.

    • peeweetanner@yahoo.com

      no she is a yes person for the PRESIDENT

  104. reid,,, another POS that should NOT be breathing!

  105. Obama may try to fill it, but he will not be successful.

  106. peeweetanner@yahoo.com

    REID has a mental disorder TAKE HIS GUNS OBAMA

  107. In your leftist dreams, Dirty Harry!

  108. Who is Harry Reid? Is he that cretin from Nevada who got schmered by a workout machine?

  109. O’Bama has his sights on Secretary General of the United Nations because it represents the ultimate power a man can attain. He wouldn’t be satisfied with such a lowly position as associate Justice of any court.

  110. @Drop Dead Disgusting HARRY REID………………..You are long past your expiration date so go jump off a bridge!!!!!

  111. peeweetanner@yahoo.com

    REID has alot of loose marbles in his brain since OBAMA took office and he supported all his issues he due to go to a nursing home that takes care of the mental patients

  112. Hey Dingy Reid, go crawl back under the rock your slithered out from under. Reality is, the Congress doesn’t have to do anything to ASSist Obama

  113. Obama should be in Jail,not the Supreme Court! I’ll move out of this country if he is ever elected to the Supreme Court!

  114. Dennis B Anderson

    If we havent lost our country yet Obama wont get his replacement. He will get jail time when the rest of the Benghazi situation is revealed. We have criminals running our country into the ground and they started decades ago. Obama and his administration will be looking at treason charges. I would be embarrassed if I were working in Washington DC. A 10 year old kid can see this. God Bless America.

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