Harry Reid Blasts Trump as “Human Leech”

For several years, polls have said that Americans blame one thing above all else for the stagnant state of the economy: Washington gridlock. Whether that’s an accurate assessment of the problem or a reflection of the media’s portrayal of Republicans as obstructionists is up for you to decide. But if you think that America’s ills can be traced back to do-nothings on Capitol Hill, the root of that illness is personified in Nevada Sen. Harry Reid.

As Senate Majority Leader for the first six years of President Obama’s presidency, Reid turned the upper chamber into his personal fiefdom, expanding his power like his pal Barack was doing in the White House. All legislation had to go through him, and he made sure that very little of it ever went beyond that point. For years, thanks to Reid, we were budgetless, funding the federal government through an interminable series of continuing resolutions. If Washington is broken, Harry Reid is the rustiest gear.

Now, with only a few months left until retirement, Reid is turning his attention to the 2016 election. From the Senate floor on Thursday, Reid launched into a nasty speech against Donald Trump, saying the Republican nominee is “a human leech who will bleed the country and sit at his golf resort laughing at the money he has made.”

“Let’s be clear about Donald Trump,” Reid said. “He’s a spoiled brat, raised in plenty, who inherited a fortune, used his money to make more money, and he did a lot of it by swindling working men and women. Why would he change as president? The answer is simple: Trump won’t change. He is asking us to let him get rich scamming America.”

Well, no. Trump is already rich.

That makes him unlike a certain someone, who has never built a business or earned an exorbitant salary…and yet has somehow managed to become a multimillionaire through decades of public service.

“I did a very good job investing,” Reid explained in 2010 when a political challenger questioned his wealth.

Indeed he did. Two years prior to that exchange, Reid made a killing when he sold off his shares in the U.S. Energy Sector Fund, which included companies like ExxonMobil and ChevronTexaco. A month after selling those shares at $41, Reid helped to pass a bill that slammed American oil companies with billions of dollars in fees and taxes. Two months after Reid’s stock market windfall, the Energy Sector Fund’s shares were priced at $24.41. Nice job, Harry.

“If given the opportunity,” Reid said Thursday, “Donald Trump will turn America into a big scam, just like Trump University.”

Actually, Mr. Reid, the scam is what’s coming to an end, and your impending retirement will get us closer to a working Washington than we’ve been in a long time.



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