Harris: The Gift That Keeps Giving To The GOP

President Biden picked Senator Kamala Harris to be his running mate because it would help him with the female and black voters – especially the black females.  At least that was the theory.

Some argue that Biden gained his black vote in the primaries when he dangled the promise to select a black woman as a running mate.  Others argue that it was the strong endorsement of Congressman Jim Clyburn in the South Caroline primary that gave Biden the creds he needed in the black community.

It was only after Biden secured the presidential nomination that he had to select a specific black female to fill out the Democrat ticket.  He chose Harris.  However, there is no conclusive demographic evidence that she provided the winning margin.

Even if we assume that Harris was beneficial to Biden in the election, it has become increasingly clear that she has not been a benefit since.  In fact, it is quite arguable that she has been a disaster – and picking her has become one of the decisions that are contributing to Biden’s low polling numbers.

If one were to compare Harris’ positive contributions to Biden with her negative impact, it would be hard to find any positives at all.  Worse yet, reports suggest that team Biden is not happy with Harris.

We must keep in mind that Harris was among the most unpopular Democrat presidential candidates in 2020.  As a black female, she received a lot of good coverage from the left-wing media but did not resonate well with the people.  She brought that problem to the vice presidency.

So, what is it that most folks do not like about Harris?

While it may seem superficial, that cackle that bursts forth at the most inappropriate times makes folks cringe.  But even if you put that aside, her public appearances have mostly been public relations and even diplomatic disasters.

Harris was sent to Europe to represent Biden with the NATO leaders.  She gave remarks that even the bias news media found embarrassing.  Yes, Kamala, we all know that “Ukraine is a country.  And Russia is a country. And …”  Harris’ tendency to speak as if she is a guest in a kindergarten class was in full view in Europe.

It was seen again when Harris was sent to address the personnel of Trump’s new Space Force – although she did not give Trump credit for creating it.   If there was one word to describe the Vice President’s speaking style it would be “condescending.”  

Biden handed Harris one of what should be the most important assignments in his administration.  She was to oversee the situation on the southern Border.  Since taking on that duty, Harris has basically been AWOL.  She did make one photo-op visit to the border location where you would not see the throngs of migrants crossing illegally.  Since then … nada.

From the unprecedented number of staffers running for the exit – and saying unkind things — it is fair to suggest that Harris is not well-liked by those who know her best.  Just recently, Harris’ chief-of-staff bailed out.

Perhaps Harris greatest utility is to keep the nation hoping and praying that Biden can complete his full term.  God help America if Harris were to move into the Oval Office.  It would be no laughing matter.

So, there ‘tis.

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