Happy Memorial Day (From Bitter Muslims)

Memorial Day is a time when we can all come together for a few moments to honor the men and women who died to protect the country we all love so dearly. It is a time when politics should come second to patriotism. A day when we can set aside our knives and pitchforks for a little while and just reflect on how fortunate we are to have it as good as we do.

Well, not everyone sees it that way. Some Americans see this holiday as a chance to get their jabs in about the military. Take the Council on American-Islamic Relations, for instance. Zahra Billoo, the head of CAIR’s San Francisco chapter, used Memorial Day to tweet her deep thoughts about military troops. “If one dies in an unjust war in which we illegally invaded and occupied a sovereign nation, should that person be honored?”

Of course. Next question?

“How does one balance being pretty staunchly anti-war while honoring those who died in the military?” she asks.

Well, it’s actually not that hard at all if you put your mind to it. If what you’re really doing is trying to score political points at the expense of Americans braver than you will ever be, though, it’s probably going to be a challenge.

One doubts that Billoo’s primary concern is the blurry line between pacifism and patriotism. Plenty of peace-minded Americans have set aside their grounded concerns about armed conflict to pay tribute to those who fought honorably for a cause they believed in. For liberals and Muslims determined to see America as an evil, Zionist wing of Israel, though, it’s going to be a little bit harder to do that. Billoo probably finds it a lot easier to mourn the terrorists who were “tortured” by the CIA. Her struggles to align her anti-war beliefs with her allegiances probably vanish when convenient.

There may exist Americans who are absolute in their opposition to war, but they are probably a lot rarer than you would think. There are those who think we should have let Hitler run roughshod over Europe, slaughtering as many Jews along the way as necessary. There are those who probably think even the Civil War and the Revolution should not have been fought. But most people, when cornered, will admit that some things are worth fighting for. That might not extend to the war in Iraq, but you can oppose a particular war or two without wringing your hands on Memorial Day.

Few countries have citizens as beholden to the troops as the United States. We do it up right when it comes to honoring their sacrifice, even if it doesn’t always show in the way we treat them economically. That’s why it would be a shame if Billoo’s view of the military started to catch on beyond the usual radicals. This world has been shaped, in large part, by the strength of the U.S. military. And if you greet this truth with a sneer and a “yeah, that’s the problem,” then you are beyond hope.


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  1. Michael Dennewitz

    I wish I had a few hundred mooselums to use as target practice. Most of them would be tied while a real hog rapes them doggie style!!

  2. I really do not care what that idiotic woman thinks. If she likes her sharia she can keep here sharia! Or she can leave. But she is here and the veterans who died uphold her right to speak no matter how inane and idiotic but she has no concept of that does she? Stupid vile woman.

    • Azzwipes from all over the world can’t wait to come here, and then they get here and cry about the way things are. F___Off And Die!!! If you don’t like it go back to where you came from. We don’t want your stupid azz here anyway.

    • Billie June Hall

      She (CAIR) are all wrong. CAIR needs to be destroyed. They and several other groups have names that DO NOT represent what they stand for or even do. They are definitely anti-American. If she wants to believe in sharia law, then she should be in a country that allows sharia. We still believe in the troops that have given their lives in order for us to have any kind of freedoms. God bless America. All Americans must stand up and say “NO….NO….NO” to anything they say we can’t or shouldn’t do. Being a looker and just stand by and do nothing, will allow them what they want .

      • donemyhomework

        That’s exactly what Russian President Valdimir Putin said. Russia doesn’t need minorities, minorities need Russia. If you want Sharia Law, then emigrate to a Country that has Sharia Law. Yes, Islam want’s a submissive population. And the Democrats want to import more votes so they can hold office. Don’t ever be afraid to make a stand. That’s what the Founding Fathers and our beloved Soldiers and Military have taught us. Stand Proud and Stand Firm.

    • She can be shipped out.

  3. I’m glad she spoke out! If I listened to media, I might be led to believe lies about those wishing our country harm, instead of hearing the real anti-American thoughts straight from CAIR (the horse’s patoot).

    • CAIR is just a hateful group of Muslims. They are never satisfied with this
      country. We need to stand up to them.

      • We need to buy them tickets back to where they came. They have no allegiance to the USA, its Constitution or the people who welcomed them here.

        • donemyhomework

          No…don’t buy them anything any more…revoke their citizenship or Green Cards and march them into the desert like the Turks did to the Armenians. (Islam against Christianity).

  4. Radical Liberals and Muslims. Send them all away.

    • I agree they are both the same.

    • Personally, I can think of a nice Atoll they can all go to, and in about 10 or 20 years they will have a real nice night time glow, it is called Bikini Atoll, we tested at least three standard Atomic Bombs under water detonation, and two Hydrogen Devices as well under water. That would be the perfect place for all Muzies.

  5. There seems to be a cultural divide that permits only one side of a question to be considered. If we are so bad.why is she here?

    • @greyfox… i guess she came here to say us from all things the muslims consider evil.

      • donemyhomework

        Yes, spread misinformation Muslims are like Nazis in America before WW2.

        • The muslims loved & supported hitler in WW2 because he hated & murdered Jews along with his hatred of Chtistiians ..! This is now happening in the U.S. by people that did not learn from the history of a tyranny dictators crimes & are being duped & doomed to repeat their ignorant demise & fate for enslavement…! bo must go or the U.S. Freedom will die !

    • She is here to conquer. Please read “An Explanatory Memorandum: On the General Strategic Goal for the Group in North America”, by the Muslim Brotherhood. You can find it under the “Holy Land Foundation Trial”. It outlines the Muslim Brotherhood’s plan for “their work in America as a kind of grand Jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within”. This is no joke; it is deadly serious and they are making good progress.

    • donemyhomework

      To help destroy America.

    • AnonymouseIsAWoman

      They’re here for the money, period. They have no respect for Americans who are not Muslim, and they would love to implement Sharia. I was once told in a California religion class held at a prominient masjid, that when Muslims were the majority they would outlaw all alcohol and that would bring the Christians to heel. When my husband later pointed out to my teacher that would prevent many Christians from having communion, the response was essentially “so what?”

      • Banning alcohol would only be one of minor problems. There would be things far worse than that under the sharia.

        • AnonymouseIsAWoman

          The point is that they are fully aware that the proposed ban would obstruct Christian worship and plan to do so. Note that this is the same bunch that constantly claims that everyone else is discriminating against them.

    • I would like to ask Ms. Billoo….” If a man rapes little boys and issues war against Christians under the orders of allah, does he deserve to be called a prophet and honored for it ???? For that matter , does allah deserve the same honor ????Ans. NO ! Both will answer to GOD on judgement day, in the meantime they can both rot in hell !

    • That is a Great question. If the US is so terrible and unjust, why don’t these people pick another country to go live in and they be welcomed abroad, like Somalia, or Sudan. Or any other craphole in the world….Just leave if don’t want to participate, just pack your crap and go……

    • She only wants the free handouts!
      What kind of name is Billoo anyway? What a silly thing!

  6. How has the political climate in this wonderful country changed so much as to now be unrecognizable from just a few years (maybe 7? ) ago. When creatures like this woman can say BS like that without Americans responding? Frightening?!

    • It changed when that black POS lied his way into the WH.

    • Give thanks to liberalism ! The people that live or want to live in a Utopian society where anything goes. Except God that is.

    • Its from 1 man!!!! Obama!! Period!!! Hell even under ( cigar man Clinton) we were still proud Americans!
      Trouble is were letting to many illegals into the USA who don’t swear a n oath to the flag!! I remember hearing stories of the immigrants back in 1890-1919 up til 1938 who got off the ships at Ellis Island! Got on their knees weeping & kissing the ground. They didn’t come here to suck off us. Hell even some a few years later were right back in the same country they fled onlybthus time wearing the uniform of a US Serviceman .
      Today’s. Immigrants care MTV about what they can do for thebUSA but what freebies the USA can provide them!! When we already have enough people here who need help & they want to start bringing in _130’000 Syrian refugees who even the other Arab countries dontbwant now we will have an influx of people who hate our guys! Won’t integrate & I betvmy paycheck a shitload of ISIS fighters will infiltrate!!!;
      Obama has a plan alright!! Why is the southern border side open?? The govt spends more in stupid shit than would take to secure our borders!!
      Ohhhhhh .its all about VOTES people!!!
      Us Trueborn Americans are a dying breed

      • Obama is doing what the United Nations wants him to do. They want
        open boarders, just like in Europe and will soon want us to change
        our money to the Amero. Don’t think Clinton will be any better. Hillary
        and Bill attend all the Bilderberger Meetings for a One World Government.

        • I agree!! What’s that UN thing??? Agenda 21???? That’s scary reading. I mean look at the morons sitting on the human rights council!! & they have the Gaul & Balls to tell us to reign in our police!!! While those same Dick-Taters UN troops murder, rape & pillage!!! The USA should withdraw from the UN & kick their asses out of NYC

          • The U.S. pays 30% of the money, of all the countries in the world that belong to the U.N.
            If the U.S. pulled out, there would not be a U.N. and that would be a good thing. However,
            that would never happen. Yes, you are right it is Agenda 21.

          • If we elect a patriotic Republican president in November 2016, perhaps he’ll appoint John Bolton as our representative to the UN. If that were to happen, I suspect the rabid anti-American BS that has been rampant within that tower of babble in New York City will end! If it doesn’t, the U.S. needs to sharply curtail our level of contribution! Since we only possess 3% of the world’s population (so they say!), we should pony up no more than 5%! That would fix their wagon! Furthermore, we need to put an end to all UN demands that the United States continue to accept unlimited immigrants and refugees from the Third World! Ann Coulter is absolutely correct on that issue — our country is becoming a Third World hellhole, and we’ve got to put a stop to it before it gets any worse!

      • I know that’s what I stated 7 years!

        • Exactly!! Did you see the pic of him eating an icecream cone?? Stating ( oh happy memorial day BTW)
          This current generation doesn’t have a damn clue what vets have gone through. If it weren’t for vets people wouldn’t be able to babble their BS!!
          I say lock liberals & demorats in a shithole oppressive nation!! See what happens!!!

    • America doesn’t respond because “we the people” are afraid of the repercussions that will come if we actually try to do anything about what is happening and we are being spied upon…most people are followers rather than leaders and when someone does stand up to fight the garbage going on, ‘we the people” don’t support them…for example, Rand Paul is fighting like hell where the spying is concerned and he obviously has instilled fear into DC as they are doing all they can to eliminate him…and I have no doubt these little ineffective ‘comments” are scrutinized regularly…I truly wish there was a private site where there could be honest dialogue from people around the country…there is not one area in life that Obama has not effectively destroyed, including taking over the streams and rivers of America…where, at some point in time, you will have to pay thru the nose for a drink from your own well or pond or take the mark to get a drink…In a desperate move to try to save my own grandchild, I texted him and his friends to read some areas in the Bible…and they did…no one had ever told them these things(actually I had but he wasn’t listening at the time)…the kids, see things coming and are ‘reacting’ rather than acting..let us face facts…there are NO leaders for them to follow today except the atheistic creeps from both coasts…and the muslim transplant from out of Chi town….speak up men lest you see your offspring unto several generations go down into bondage…and I am going to say something really bizarre in today’s society, as a woman….we do not need a woman in the white house and the reason should be obvious…obvious, only if you are a real man…

      • Cheryl Rahkonen

        As a woman, I totally agree that we DO NOT need a woman in the White House!

        • Too late, we already have one!!

        • As another woman, I totally agree! Bleeding heart liberals in Congress are bankrupting this country with 67 duplicated welfare programs for the generationally worthless, for low-skill and no-skill illegals from the Third World, and for millions of refugees they’re pouring in, all to gain votes for the Democratic party! After 8 years of Obama’s “leadership,” we’ll be lucky to still have our Republic intact by the time he exits the White House door! The burden of debt we’ll be left with, thanks to the Leftist Liberals, could sink our economy! The very last thing we’ll need in January of 2017 is to watch Hillary take the oath of office!

      • You’re correct, that is why we have idiot in charge forcing his his lawless will on half of the population and the other half accepts this emperor’s BS. WE (the half with a little sense) cannot allow another socialist government to run this country and continue to destroy it from the inside.

      • Also I want them to scrutinize my posts!

      • Lol I seemed to have read somewhere ( before Obama had true us history changed to fit his ideology)
        That our founding father’s actually got into fist fights & brawls then went to the local tavern afterwards to drink a few pints, made up etc.
        Now all you see are a lying, backstabbing bunch if cowards afraid to rock the boat. . can’t insult some azzhole without the other one pouting like a 2yo.
        Our current govt sucks!!!!
        And I agree right now is not the time for a woman president with the 3 yd expiration Obozo set.
        We need a take no shit, tough leader!! ( where’s Ronald Reagan?)

        • Sadly Reagan’s gone. Great president, but we need to put another conservative in office. I hope people do their due diligence and stay away from killary, or that might be a can of worms we didnt want to open.

  7. Randolph Rivers

    Shut up and move back to the astray you came from. This is AMERICA where AMERICAS live not towel heads.

    • Start to fill hollow points with left over grease from bacon & the blood from the pigs in tx! That way they don’t get to see Allah or their 77 virgins!! They will be meeting a guy named SATAN & ass raped 77x a day by pigs!!! Lol

  8. Who gives a pigs butt what this crazy Looney Tunes thinks! Send them back to the caves from whence they spanned.

  9. If she and here ilk don’t like our holidays and the way legal, conservative, Christian and even atheist Americans live in this country, she and her kind should go to where she is comfortable – i.e. Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia, etc. if they will have them and their citizenship or resident paperwork revoked, if they have any.

  10. Wasn’t Billoo the chickens–t bear from the Jungle Book by Disney. No, wait. That was Ballou. Sorry, I got confused! But you have to admit they both have the same “deep” thought process. And they both are “so very intelligent”. Hey, bee-yotch. You don’t like it here, go the hell home to some Mideastern sand lot of your choice. There, you will be afforded the opportunity to live in the 3rd century squalor you so desire! Don’t forget your habibi!

  11. Given that many of today’s wars are fought for ulterior motives of control, oil, influence and even manipulation of other governments… the people who should be MOST up in arms about these wars are the veterans and current military themselves as they are sacrificing so much more than anyone else (even those who wage the wars). Not all wars are equal… but all should be a last resort and be fought for the loftiest of reasons. Some of our recent wars (last 50 years) have not satisfied those highest of standards and people needlessly were hurt and died (On both sides). Those who fight … actually do the fighting… are victims of these poorly construed wars as well and deserve all of our respect, our support, our affection, our thanks. But, the wars many of these good folks fought were wars that should not have been waged. It is easy to be a pacifist (although i am not) and support the troops… no matter what spin the government puts on it… the war does NOT equal the troops. They are distinct: the war deserves our critique, our oversight, our condemnation sometimes. The troops deserve our everything.

    • WW2 was a good fight!! Honorable & fought for the right reasons. ,Korean war fought for somewhat same ( keep communism above 38th) though that war isn’t over, Vietnam started out good then the politicians screwed our troops, Desert Storm was a good fight but stopped short. ( should have gone all the way to Baghdad, . gulfwar 2 was Bush’s way of finishing desert storm and Afghanistan was an afterthought until they pulled their heads out of their asses & actual began fighting it right. Now were out & ISIS is running rampant & why??? Because of the spineless duckweed Obama!!

      • good summary although desert storm and invading iraq were not good wars in my books (oil wars and mistaken identity wars). but also grenada and other small invasions that put our folks at risk and hurt a lot of innocent people. we have not been always the nicest kid on the block.

    • You are so right.

  12. Well now, should “hate speech” laws be enacted this sounds like a fine starter. I have a counter suggestion for this “speaker”: Just pack your bags and move to muzzie land and then begin criticizing they way they do things that you don’t like; your problems will soon be resolved.

  13. Islam is our enemy…and they are bringing the fight to us!


  15. Concerned Citizen

    Regardless of what our current narcissistic anti-American president says ours is a nation founded on Christian principles [not muslim]. If the muslims don’t like our respect for our troops who protect us from their attacks and their mistreatment of women and children, they they should go back to the countries they came from.

  16. Send her ass packing back to Syria, Iraq or Lybia & let her live their a year!! Bet she wouldn’t speak shit about the moozlums huh??? They would cut her tongue out or rape her & make her a baby factory for future good little jihadists!!

  17. The CAIR indictment should have resulted in convictions instead of being dismissed by Obama and Holder. Islam has no place in America and at some point there will be extreme and constant violence here as a result.

  18. democRATS, isis, communist, PURE EVIL.

  19. Why would anyone care what CAIR thinks?

  20. Hey, these F’en Muslims POS should NEVER have been allowed into this Country, PERIOD!
    I can’t believe or understand …why the US Government EVER allow ANYONE to enter this Country that wants to eventually … “Kill Us, DUH!!!
    Oh, “it must be Bush’s Fault … of course not the Muslim In-Chief Himself … who can recite the “Call to Daily Muslim Prayer” … Perfectly in words and dialect … WTF huh … Obama, with the middle name of “Hussein” – like in Saddam Hussein, DUH again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    “F” ALL Muslims and “Deport” them ALL, Immediately!!!!!

  21. deport her to Iran – she will love the freedom (laws for women) there.

  22. One of these days we will have a second memorial day and that day will be the day that we rid America of all muslims.

  23. She is a ho bitch who has no rights in her own country.she is worth as much as livestock.and it shows.go back to your own country where they marry and rape little children you blanket ugly pig.

  24. grin-n-barrett

    Anyone who in any way insults or attacks our veterans in an way, shape, form or fashion is to steal the line from an old country song……Walking on the fighting side of me….Merle Haggard if memory serves….and my memory really sucks. Our military personnel are not responsible for where the government sends them. They are doing the job of protecting our country. They deserve our full and complete respect, PERIOD. As in all groups of people, there are idiots involved, example Bergdahl, but for the most part we have hands down the absolute best military in the world.

  25. She forgets that Muslims attacked us on 911 so which war was unjust. It seems that only Muslims are just when

    they murder innocent Christians or other Muslims. Why is Cair even in this country, some day our government
    will wake up and not allow our enemies to operate in our country.

  26. Bomb them back to the stone ages. PERIOD…NO FURTHER DISCUSSION.

  27. Oh, and by the way take the bunch in SF with them.

  28. The only good muslim is a dead muslim

  29. donemyhomework

    The first thing is author=admin…who is admin? The second item, CAIR is not American…it’s Islam. The third item Zahra Billoo is a Muslim first and not an American. Muslims hate America. The fourth item is that Zionism is only Satanic to Muslims. Muslims want to kill and destroy anything that is not Islam.

  30. Those muslims who don’t like Memorial Day or what it stands for are not REAL AMERICANS in any way. If they don’t like our government and our holidays, then they are welcome to leave and never come back.

    • These damned musllm enemies are getting away with war instigating terror attacks on U.S. Citizens soil with no penalties or arrests by bo’s administration..! bo then accuses U.S Patriotic Citizens to be the domestic terrorist while he protects illegal foreigners entry into the U.S. creating his dictatorship …!

  31. This muslim and her cult are the creators of war & being the enemy of the U.S. Citizens Freedom & should never been allowed into the U.S.A. … ! bo & his muslim brotherhood are the worst threat in history to the U.S. National Security… ! bo has proven his violations to his POTUS sworn oath with many E.O.’s violating U.S. Laws and bypassing the U.S. Citizens representation in congress … ! bo must go 2015 to stop his tyranny dictated regime !

  32. I regard muslims as second-class citizens who have entered our country as guests of the imam of DC, Achmed Farrack Obama. I further assert that you have overstayed our hospitality and should return to the land of camels, goats, and prayer rugs. I will not shed tears at your departure.

  33. Re the Bitter Muslims referenced in the article’s title, Screw ’em.

  34. AnonymouseIsAWoman

    CAIR is considered a *terrorist* organization in the United Arab Emirates. CAIR is opposed by many American Muslims because it panders to the most extremist Muslim factions and receives a great deal of foreign funding. CAIR makes pronouncements based on only the most extreme factions of Islam, suggesting that women are required to veil, etc.
    Equally suspect to me is ISNA. Some ot these alleged “Muslim Rights” groups are simply Islamists attempting to use Western culture against our own values. Accusations of racism against those who assert the First Amendment – for example, the draw Muhammad contest – are the norm. Note that many liberals tend to oppose freedom of speech if the speech is “offensive” or “hurtful” – which is why the coverage portrayed those who drew Muhammad and Pam Geller as the violent, deviant criminals, while the two fanatics who attempted to mass murder everyone at the event were innocent victims of “racism.”

  35. Hey Bit-h; have a Ham sandwich on me.

  36. Invest in precious metals and be prepared to distribute it as needed.

  37. Tell em all to eat your PORK. SCREW MUSLIMS and ISLAM. PERIOD> Feed them ALL to the PIGS.

  38. c.a.i.r. needs its ass thrown out of America, PERIOD!

  39. It always amazes me that ANY woman would support the Muslim agenda. Whether they are liberal or anti-war, whatever their reasons, they cannot understand what Sharia law will entail for them, as women. They will no longer work, vote and exist as equals to anything but cattle. They will be treated as property and any Muslim man can violently reprimand or even kill them with little consequences. Watch the film “the Stoning of Soriyah” to get a real example of this.
    I will keep praying that people wake up to the threat that is building around the U.S>

  40. She is the property of one of those islamic trash members. They let her flap her lips for fun when she’s not giving them lip service. Outside of that she has no rights and no purpose.

  41. There are millions of people in this country that are trying to be tolerant towards Muslims. Each day, they seem to push the envelope a little farther. My family has been in the US for 400 years and my grandfathers gave everything to make this country what it is now. Islam has no place in this country and when the shit hits the fan, I sure as hell wouldn’t want to be wearing a rag on my head.

  42. Unfortunately this article fails to even mention multitudes of other country’s “citizens” that should be grateful to our boys and girls who died for their lousy disappreciation of freedom!

  43. Right question greyfox “If the USA is so bad why they are here” move your dirty aaa out of this great country

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