HA! CNN’s Jake Tapper Says We’re Living Through a “Golden Age of Journalism”

We’re not even sure what to say about this, other than it’s more evidence that liberal media journalists working for the mainstream Beltway media really do live inside an impenetrable echo chamber where all they hear are each other, congratulating themselves on a job well done. At a time when the media has less trust from the American people than any time in our nation’s history, CNN’s Jake Tapper told the American Society of Travel Agents (?) that we are in fact living through a “golden age of journalism” in which news reporting is as good as it has ever been.

Just wow.

“I see a lot of excellent journalism being done,” Tapper said. “This is a golden age of journalism in a lot of ways. The New York Times, the Washington Post, the Wall Street Journal, the Los Angeles Times; there’s some really great journalism being done, right now. I think we’re doing a lot of great journalism at CNN.”

Yes, we got a terrific example of CNN’s “great journalism” this past month with their EXCLUSIVE SCOOP on what Michael Cohen was going to tell Robert Mueller vis a vis that Trump Tower meeting with the Russian lawyer. According to them (via an anonymous source we now know was Cohen’s lawyer, Lanny Davis), Cohen was going to tell Mueller that the president was well aware of the meeting ahead of time and that he knew Don Jr., Jared Kushner, and Paul Manafort would be meeting with the Russians to get dirt on Hillary Clinton. It turned out, of course, that Davis either didn’t know what he was talking about or was simply lying.

CNN said this week that they were “standing by” their crack reporting.

“Where it is difficult to be a journalist today is when it comes to what I perceive as standing up for basic facts, basic truth, and basic decency,” Tapper told the audience. “These are the only things and principles I try to take a stance on, because as a journalist, I don’t think it’s my position to say, ‘This tax bill is good. This tax bill is bad. This candidate is good. This candidate is bad.’ But when it comes to basic decency, I think we can all agree that white supremacy is horrific and an outdated and anachronistic ideology that should be condemned by polite society.”

Indeed. Problem is, a lot of what Tapper and his media buddies call “white supremacy” doesn’t have anything to do with white supremacy, racism, or any other kind of generally-accepted evil. They’re basically taking their moral viewpoint from the likes of twisted groups such as Black Lives Matter and substituting them for rational thought. And that’s just one example of many when it comes to the way the mainstream media (and CNN is probably the worst offender) guides their viewers down the pathway of illogical nonsense.

Oh and don’t get us started on Tapper’s claim that he doesn’t take a “this candidate is bad” position. Come on. Just…come on.

Golden age of journalism? Well, you go ahead and think that, buddy.

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