Gun Touting Homeowner Does The Police’s Job

Photo by Max Kleinen on Unsplash

( – A Wisconsin concealed carry holder confronted an intruder who had entered his attic. The man is suspected of a local crime spree, and the homeowner had held him at gunpoint until the arrival of the police.

The Cudahy, Wisconsin, was identified by the local media “John J.” reportedly stated that he had returned to his home last Monday morning after work to find the intruder in his home, which is located in Milwaukee County. The moment he entered his home through his back door, he noticed insulation from his roof and attic on the kitchen floor. His first thought, as he told WISN 12, was that an animal had made its way upstairs, but they soon realized that it was an armed felon with a pistol.

John revealed that when he went up to his attic to investigate the man had announced himself saying that his name was “Robert.” That was when John pulled out his gun and held the man at gunpoint until the police arrived.

Following the arrival of the police, the man was identified as 36-year-old Robert Turner Jr. At the time of his arrest Turner had ecstasy in his possession, and a stolen firearm was also found near the house. Turner’s leg was also broken.

At the time of his arrest, Turner was on parole for a hit-and-run. Following an investigation Turner was also found to be the suspect in a case from June 18th, when the police had been called in over a report of a glass breaking, and a person being seen jumping from roof to roof.

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