Gun Store Owner Declares “Muslim-Free Zone”

Like most Americans, Andy Hallinan was shocked and disgusted by the Chattanooga terror attack that left four Marines and a Navy sailor dead. And as the owner of Florida Gun Supply, a shop that sells firearms and instructs customers on their proper use, he decided that it was time to make some adjustments.

“I will not arm and train those who wish to do harm to my fellow patriots,” Hallinan said in a YouTube video. “I have a moral and legal responsibility to ensure the safety of all patriots in my community, and so effective immediately, I’m declaring Florida Gun Supply as a Muslim-free zone.”

Hallinan’s declaration was predictably controversial. Thousands of supporters have registered their defense of Hallinan online, but pro-Muslim groups are not among their number. The Council on American-Islamic Relations has asked the Justice Department to investigate Hallinan’s store to see if he is violating federal law. “These bigoted declarations are no different than ‘whites only’ signs posted in businesses during a period of our nation’s history that we had hoped was over,” said CAIR spokesman Ibrahim Hooper.

Hallinan does not appear to be enforcing the Muslim-free policy through any specific actions, however, which likely means there is nothing the Justice Department can do about it. In fact, he has expressed a certain amount of open-mindedness in later comments. He is not “bigoted.” He is an American who is rightfully afraid and angry about the very Islamic terrorism the Obama administration would like to pretend does not exist.

Muslims may get upset over people like Hallinan and Pamela Geller, but they have brought this on themselves. This is a cancer in their own community, and they should be on the front lines when it comes to stamping it out. American flags should fly high above every mosque in the country. The word Muslim should become synonymous with patriotism. When they can change perceptions to the point where someone hears a Muslim name and thinks “great American” before “terrorist,” they will have proven themselves worthy of respect.

Instead, representatives from CAIR and other Muslim groups sound more like the terrorists than they do American patriots. They claim to abhor terrorism and support only moderate, peaceful Islam, but they always seem to be on the defensive. Always complaining. Always skirting around direct questions regarding their allegiances and beliefs. Maybe if radicals waving the flag of Islam were not killing innocent Americans, gun store owners wouldn’t be discriminating. Instigators wouldn’t be holding Draw Mohammad contests. Passengers wouldn’t squirm in their seats when men with beards and brown skin boarded their planes.

When Muslim leaders refuse to condemn terrorism in a believable way, don’t be surprised when Americans are confused about what the average Muslim believes. When leaders in Washington refuse to take the proper steps to secure the nation, don’t be surprised when the citizens themselves take the burden on themselves. It may not be politically expedient for Obama to call a spade a spade, but someone has to do it.

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  1. Satan is Muslim and obama is kin to satan!!!

  2. CAIR is the new ACLU. Don’t give them any ground.

  3. Muslims want to kill everyone. It’s not enough that they have screwed up the entire middle east. Now they think they have the right to come here and start killing people. This the direct result of Obama’s immigration policies and it is only going to get worst from here on in. It’s high time we wake up and look at Islam for what is really is – The formula not just for world domination, but for world destruction. Obama belongs in prison, not in the white house.

    • Agreed. Way back in 2001 after the Towers fell, Bush 43 told us this war against radical Islamic terrorists would take a generation to run its course. We’ve been at it now for 14 years and because of Obama’s defeatist approach to winning it, we’re barely begun the fight. In fact, Alqaeda has morphed into the ISIS Islamic caliphate monster that radical goons have dreamed about for 700 hundred years. So, obviously, we need to change our rules of engagement. We can begin my adding another floor or two to Gitmo and begin filling it up with the home-bred crazies who want to kill us. Sadly, it’ll have to wait 18 months until we get a POTUS who has an inkling about how to fight a war and has the best interests of the U.S. at heart.

      • Barry and his mass murders are intolerant of those who want to live and let live, so, I say we turn the tables and become intolerant of the intolerant, starting with Obama. Prison is too good for him. Trial and execution are more in line with what this criminal has done to our nation.

        • i agree 100%, its too bad we live in a time where no politician will speak the truth and tell it like it is.(all but trump)..obama has allowed refugee status to over a million of these savages in 4 yrs..most are from radical muslim countries yemen/syria/middle east period..i would bet at least half are demented radicals..when the tenn shooting took place fox news video showed police storming this savages house, i was hoping a uhaul was coming to pack this family up and deport them immediately..we the people need to unite and watch each others backs and not be scared to step up for our neighbors..neighbor watch-the muslims lol..

          • According to the FBI’s own accounting, there are over 15,000 terrorist within our borders at this very moment. That is enough to wipe out a small city overnight without anyone knowing about it until it’s too late to do anything.

            Lock and load people. This is gonna get rough.

          • I agree, Jimmy.

          • Good for you Norman.

          • Yep, there are plenty of terrorist organizations within the American borders…they’re right wing domestic terrorists!

          • How you doing Croc? I guess it’s all about perspective, isn’t it?

            To an ant, people with shoes are terrorist, and to a criminal, the cops are terrorist, and to drug heads, the dealer is a terrorist because they must pay to get high.

            See, I can be a liberal too, but in the real world, people protecting their homes are not terrorists. They are just people who love their families and want them to be safe from people like you.

            Oh, I get it… the normal people are terrorist because they don’t like you. Now, that makes sense.

        • AND congress sill does nothing to stop his obvious treason …. !

        • you are right. the people hung muselini and riddled him with bullets. no reason it cant be done again!

        • Jimmy I agree, execution is the best thing for this P.O.S. It would be a hell of a lot cheaper than feeding this MUSLIM for the rest of our lives.

          • That’s what the Egyptians are doing to Morsi. It’s what the Italians did to Mooselini and it’s what we need to do to this P.O.S. Then we need to throw in the Clintons as an encore.

          • Jimmy, That’s a good one, I’m so pissed off about obumer I forgot about those ass-hols. Thank you for reminding me.

        • Stupid is as stupid does. Jimmy not so Quick. Jimmy kinda Slow.

          • hey troll, get off this sight, you are a liberal, and a rain dead one at that!

          • Hey Croc. If I’m not mistaken, you sound a little jealous. I’d offer to let you join the good side, but you’re just not quite smart enough. Sorry.

        • Just remember to dip the bullets in pigs blood first, that eliminates the 72. male virgins.

      • My suggestion would be give them several paper cuts and throw them in the ocean, of course PETA might get upset with me. The sharks would love it, free meals and maybe a belly ache!!

        • Lol thank you for the laugh. It’s always nice when someone throws some dark humor in these posts.

          • @Sara – Had you considered that it may not have been humor at all, but a realistic solution to a devastating problem? After all, proglibiotism is not only a mentally diseased distortion of reality, but a criminal mindset, as well.

            Sic semper tyrannis.

          • No, sorry, I was too busy laughing at the idea of chumming the water with terrorists blood via paper cuts. I’ve not heard of proglibiotism. It sounds like a liberal mental disorder involving denial? Did I get that right through context and breaking the word apart? Sorry new vocabulary for me.

          • @Sara – Haha! I was just kinda pokin’ ya in the ribs, albeit in a politically serious manner. “Proglibiotism,” a person so affected being a “proglibiot,” and a proglibiot who trolls conservative blogs being a “proglibiotroll” while being “proglibiotic,” stems from my fascination with the English language and my joy at expressing ideas concisely. Where no adequate word existed, I put one together:
            prog: From “progressive”
            lib: From “liberal”
            iot: From “idiot,” (“tard” and the relevant syllable of “moron,” “ron,” both being insufficient to express my disgust at such people’s inability to think logically and rationally, characterized by their politically skewed mental disorder)
            [t]roll: As “idiot” ends in “t” and “troll” begins with the same consonant, combining the two saves a keystroke in a model of linguistic efficiency. 🙂
            ic: A suffix indicating a tendency toward the base mental defect
            ism: A suffix denoting the mental defect

            As proglibiotology is a relatively new field of study and constantly evolving as we learn more about the virulence of the syptoms, the words will also and necessarily evolve. Stay tuned for more! 🙂

            Attention proglibiots: Do not concern yourself with understanding the above, as the explanation exceeds your reptilian paygrade.

            Cogito, ergo armatus sum.

          • I responded to wrong post up there, but that’s funny- thank you:)

          • @Sara – You’re welcome, m’dear. At your service.

            De Oppresso Liber

          • Let’s be chums!

          • Okay. That’s funny. Thank you:)

          • @Sara – (See above.) 🙂

            De Oppresso Liber

          • Suc temper tyrannisourous

          • @Proud Liberal – An attempt at insult would be far more effective if you were sufficiently educated to know the correct original spelling. As it is, you only show a juvenile temperament exacerbated by ignorance, common characteristics of proglibiotrolls.

            With very few exceptions (and you are obviously not one of those exceptions), those who are proud to be liberals proudly proclaim their intellectual inadequacy. Prior to engaging with adults, please obtain a basic education and ask your ESL tutor for assistance with rudiments of English language communication.

            De Oppresso Liber

          • Paper cuts as a “good one,” ….easily impressed. But not a lot going on upstairs with you if you’re a conservative.

        • @old codger – If those “paper cuts” were belly-slices, perhaps they could observe their own entrails as entrées. Then again, perhaps pulling a toenail would prolong better.

          De Oppresso Liber

      • It’s not that. He IS a Muslim jihadist himself and doing his job of ruining us.

      • The muslm terrorist war would have been over if bo wasn’t in charge of protecting the terrorists & foreign illegal entry into the U.S. to create his wannabe dictatorship with E.O.’d abuse of power !

      • Idiot. Al Qaeda and ISIS are enemies of each other. All in all, this administration has done a good job in protecting the homeland and keeping our noses out of unnecessary fights in that part of the world. I respect our men and women in uniform, and the best thing to do is avoid sending another generation to that shit hole part of the world.

        • Erin, wake up girl. When are you going to wake up to the real truth? When you are forced to wear a burqua, read, and conform to the Quar-an, and live under Sharia Law? BTW, pick up a DVD on women under Sharia Law, and see if you like all the rules you’ll have to live under. YOU are the idiot, girl, get informed. What “good job” are you referring to? His flying in terrorists from Syria to the US, or our porous borders? Unreal. Get a clue, and stop drinking the Democrat Kool Aid. It causes brain damage.

          • Phil…….I have discovered long ago that women (MOST) are completely in a fog. They talk just to hear themselves spew out manure. Working or listening to women is like working in Madame Orr’s House……you never know when you will get the shaft.

        • Idiot. They are both the enemy. Allow one of the few real warfighting generals left on active duty (that weren’t fired by O) to go in and torch the rats nest. Rebuild the military so they can get some breathing room.

        • obamarat has not done a good job of ANYTHING the mess over there is in a huge way his fault what planet did your spaceship come from and why are you here, do you come in peace?

        • Moron. Both Al-Qaeda and ISIS despise the U.S. and would kill us by the millions if given half a chance. What we don’t need is some leftist, twit dispensing her military advice on how best to fight wars around the world. You probably chose to forget it, but bin-Laden’s group of weird-beards attacked us because he considered the U.S. to be the “weak-horse,” too weak to fight back even when attacked. And bin-Laden is now sleeping with the little fishies after taking a double-head shot from SEALTeam6 members. Don’t you have some diapers to change or sewing to do?

          • And not long after 911, that pussy Bush declared he didn’t care if bin Laden was caught or not…that he didn’t think that much about it. You’re being played and not even smart enough to know it.

      • There is only one way to fight. And the world would go APESHIT. It is to fight biblically. Which means we go in and kill everything, man, women, child, animal and even insect. We kill and destroy everything. That is how you win. There would be no such thing as a NON COMBATANT, just an UNARMED COMBATANT…..

      • Time for states to impose their sovereign rights and declare themselves “muslim free”. Any of those having camels in their ancestry upon proof that they accept being an a American as their first obligation can negate the muslim stereotype. Then, and only then should they be accepted.

      • McFerguson. The only way those rag heads…aka camel jockeys would be no trouble at this point, is if we had dropped another A-bomb on their worthless bodies. After Bush finally got the approval of the House…….he sent the military over. That was 6 months later after 9/11. Still, the libturds did not want that……they wanted to turn the other cheek.

      • If Bush never went into Iraq in the first place (on TRUMPed up [make believe] charges), we wouldn’t be in this situation. Conservatives never will be able to take responsibility for anything…themselves or their actions.

        • Are you one of those loons who say there were no WMDs in Iraq? Is that what you mean by “Trumped up?” And how would a liberal describe nerve gas? Mustard gas? Ae they just toys for soldiers to play with? You should ask the Kurds how Saddam Hussein’s little toys dispatched thousands of their men, women and children by attacking population centers with these chemical weapons.

          • No WMD were found….period! We’re not the world police, otherwise we’d be in North Korea and every other part of the world where “evil” exists. Grow up and start thinking for yourself.

          • WMDs by definition consist of nuclear, biological or chemical weapons. Hello? We carted truckloads of chemical and biological weapons out of Iraq. Where were you then, in kindergarten pulling little girls pigtails? You sound like a world-class fruit loop. Still in self-denial, probably a true believer in Obama when he promised to “slow the rising seas and heal the planet.” Run along now, little boy, I think your ObamaPhone is ringing…

          • It’s WMD not WMDs, that alone shows your ignorance, nothing more to be said.

          • Have you seen this?

          • Nope…

          • Look again, it’s all you cons have, nothing

          • You mean your picture? Goofy. Unhinged. Probably nuttier than squirrel droppings and disconnected from adherence to any governing principles. I can’t see if the expression on your face is one of pain or joy. But, I suspect it’s pain and you just received notice that the balance on your EBT card is zero. You may actually have to go to work for a few days cleaning toilets at the local strip club. Good luck…

          • Oops, that’s not a picture of me…see, you cons are always assuming things and have no use for facts, just fiction…a bit like your writing, total fiction and rather poor at that…keep the day job, if you even have a job. Are one ‘o dem welfare queens a suckin’ off da guvment teet?

    • Barry is muslim.

      • & A HOMO!! HE WAS KING OF THE BATHHOUSE BOYS IN COLLEGE… That’s why there’s no transcript’s…. He didn’t do the work.. He plagiarized everything…..

        • So, is it fair to say, “he is the carbon copy president”? I bet he has more people monitoring multi-media than he does working on the Economy, Foreign affairs and Veteran’s affairs all added together.

          He’s so concerned about looking like a man of the people while he sells all up the river.

          Obama is the biggest fraud I’ve seen in my life and I’ve seen a lot.

          • ME also, I agree with every word.

          • Jimmy Quick…And a pathological liar. Nobody, and I mean nobody, lies like Obama can. If there were a contest between Satan and Obama for most prolific liar, Obama would win, hands down. I don’t think he could tell the truth if his own life depended on it.

          • Gotta push back on this one hermano….Grampaw Vaclav used to say ” when the Devil comes to bargain for your soul, he will only bring the truth”…..Obola however, lies so much, he wouldn’t know truth if it even bit those mosquito bites he calls his testicles

        • And buggerized the rest.
          Actually he’s passive aggressive, blowee and blower.

          • Anybody that comes into the store that I own,,,,, know where they stand as they walk in…..I pay people to kill in self defense. + 2 daugs!!! 2 homo’s came in 4 months ago, wanted a cake, !!FULL SHEETX2!! They didn’t want to pay the price, nor did the want to wait the length of time to receive it. 6 months 1 day. That was/is the back log. Then I told them that there was a contract to sign . I ask for the particular’s of the specific cake, & I told them that it would be 980.00, after they told me what they wanted. IT WAS SPICIFIC!!!! Size, flavorings, ingredence’s. Went to court, & I won!! now there’s a law suit for reverse discrimination. &, no one else will bake anything for this couple in AJ,AZ.

          • Kenneth Van Antwerp

            Good. Make it the same in PHX; AZ.

          • I’m AJ,AZ. near Gold canyon.

          • Awesome buddy, well done standing by your guns.
            It’s about time we started shoving it back up their rears.
            10000 upvotes to you. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ etc, etc, etc….. 😀

          • I will not be bullied,,,,, I will kill first, & the Pinal co. sheriff knows this to be true.

          • Home and self defense. Protect yourself and your family at whatever cost the trespasser causes and forces you to bring into play.

          • I have no problem with killing in self defense,,,, there’s 3. One in Virginia, & 2 here in AZ,AJ. In VA, I was charged with discharging a gun in city limits. Not murder. the other 2 “R”/were classified as self defense, as the Pinal co, sheriff’s dept. saw the whole thing. They were mad because of the paperwork….

          • They hate having to work when the day is over.

          • Yes, I’m aware of that…. TE HE!! Especially those that can’t type!!

          • It takes away from their donut chasing time too. Lol

      • Tom…And an ingrained Communist from his father. Obama is a Financial Terrorist.

    • Forrest Jane Cline


    • Jimmy that is quite possibly the dumbest thing I have read on here. and that says A LOT

    • Didn’t we fund and create Al Quaida to fight for us, aka Taliban, aka, Isis? Didn’t we leave all our 2400 tanks and high grade weapons over there for them to use at their disposal and play war with? We’re supposed to destroy that stuff if we can’t bring it back. It’s so hard for me to swallow w that we’ve spent trillions on war killing innocent civilians but could have just shut our borders to hostile nations and just let them all fight amongst each other.

  4. If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck and smells like a duck then IT IS A DUCK !!!!! My sincerest apologies to all ducks; male; female, and transducks

  5. The BATFE allows a FFL to refuse service to anyone the deem “suspicious”. I watched it happen after someone makes a comment in a gun store.

  6. What a fool , if he was smart he would be welcoming them in so he could hind out who they are !!! What a moron !!!

    • James H. Humphrey

      You have a good point. Really don’t know how he can determine which one is a Muslim. They are allowed to lie, so they can just say I am a “_____” and you know they are not going to volunteer the information. Think it is mostly just a marketing ploy to get business, I know with that attitude if I was in the market for a weapon or ammo, that is where I would shop. I have several but you never have enough weapons and especially ammo.

  7. Sounds about right to me. Rarely, if ever, do we hear a consolidated response from the Muslim community when Americans die in radical Islamic attacks. Silence portends approval, so its time for Americans to be aggressive. If that offends you Muslims, well, tough! We’ll be armed and watching. Lock’n load…

    • instead of neighborhood watch we should be forming muslim watch..this is gonna get bad when the muslims organize here, the mosques are breeding grounds for these demented savages..maybe when the goat humper in the white house is gone we will get a real american president to run america and have the guts to stand up for us and exterminate these savages.

      • Here! Here! I’m for anything that will guarantee the sovereignty of America and the Rule of Law as propounded in the Constitution of the U.S.

    • My 30-40 Krag is all set to go.

  8. All Stores that Sales Weapons, SHOULD NEVER SALE ANY WEAPON TO A MUSLIM.

  9. It’s a good thing for this fellow that muslim homosexuals have been stoned to death, beheaded or thrown off buildings, or else he would be facing a $135,000 fine, a gag order, shutdown of his business and probably violence for making them unhappy by not selling them weapons for terror attacks.

  10. All any gun store owner has to do is give away BLTs and Ham sandwiches to customers in their stores. This will keep out the unwanted. If one should come in to see a gun just rub bacon fat on it and try handing it to him. God I love this country.

    • Or keep bottles of bacon bits, Ritz Bacon Flavored Crackers on the counters and the wonderful aroma of frying bacon in the air! They won’t dare to come in then say the idiot PC drawing words of “I’m Offended!” because they walked into YOUR STORE!

  11. Sic’em, Andy, give’em hell. If we want the cock roaches to come out, just declare some place a jihadist free zone or a CC or OC zone. Maybe even a radical liberal, progressive and/or commie free zone. Since very few ideologies will coexist with real hardworking Patriotic America, the America we once knew before 1960, we have to take control of those that want to destroy us, from within. Keep the Faith. No retreat.

  12. They come to America, but do not want to become part of America as other immigrant groups or cultures in the past have done. Two recent stories are examples of this. In Texas they wanted land for their own cemetery (I had no problem with that, but

  13. Barack Obama is the Anti-Christ and Islamic Mahdi. Pope Francis is the False Prophet and works for Obama.

    • Nah. These guy’s are all lightweights. Just a lot talk with nothing to show. The Anti-Christ will be able to do miracles and the False Profit will have untold powers. Both will be enabled by the Beast. The catholic church is specifically mentioned in Revelations Chapter 17. Check out web site www(dot)end-times-prophecy(dot)org/the-whore-of-babylon(dot)html. This will make it all clear.

  14. The Council on American-Islamic Relations has asked the Justice Department to investigate Hallinan’s store to see if he is violating federal law. “These bigoted declarations are no different than ‘whites only’ signs posted in businesses during a period of our nation’s history that we had hoped was over,” said CAIR spokesman Ibrahim Hooper. BS.

    There are still all one race in the the US such as an all black school – no whites allows – muslim activity – no one but muslim who believes in allah id allowed.

    Since it now muslims killing Americans well as blacks claiming to be muslims killing children and the elderly, I agree with him to protect the true Americans of this nation since Obama is a mere camel butt and refuses to do it. It comes down to true patriotic to protect each other. The federal government is now a cowardly/ball-less bunch of brainless morons under their master the muslim traitor Barack Hussein Obama. Long live the true America – USMC

  15. Good for him, I wish I were close enough to give him some business.

    • Me too!! Wish I had lots of money not already allocated to bills courtesy of Obozo’s Lack of Care! I’d buy a truck load of ammo and several guns!

  16. Every journey begins with the first step.
    This man has taken that step.
    They journey’s destination is a muslim-free USA.
    All aboard !

    • Freedom of religion except Islamists.

      • AL,
        Treating Islam like a religion, as defined by common sense, is what got the US into this mess in the first place.
        There is nothing in the history of these murderous lunatics that lead any sane person to believe that they are anything vaguely resembling a religion.
        They follow the “teachings” of a madman who was inspired by Satan.
        My desire for a Muslim free zone includes the whole world and I make no apologies for that.

    • Are we to assume you are that man?


  18. Concerned Citizen

    If I lived in Florida and was in the market for a gun, I would definitely shop in this patriot’s store.

  19. The entire country should be muslim free zone!

  20. Muslims are killing Christians, Jews persecuting them right out of their country, we need to do the same in America and Europe, send them all back to the same shit hole they came from!!!

  21. Hell — we should declare the United States of America a ” muslim free zone ” and throw all of them out right along with obozo’s beloved illegals.

  22. CAIR spokesman is full of sh*t, whites only didn’t have killing other religions off in their heads when they come in, where THIS religion has proven time and again to be radical AND dangerous so i support this. BUT the first thing they want to do is have the feds investigate him. Our feds have proven they have no interest in protecting the American people.

    • The Cair Org. is fronting radical Islam and funds terrorist activities. They take advantage of the freedom in this country to try and conquer it!

  23. Muslims are savages with a veneer of civilization who have NO PLACE in any civilized Society. They are unconscionable, killers with an abiding hatred for ALL Non-Muslims and we should not allow them in this country. There are 15 million of them and 3000 Mosques, most of which preach Sharia hatred for every principle upon which this free society was founded. Kudos to Mr. Hallinan for doing what our GOVERNMENT ought to be doing in ,order to help secure our country and individual safety from these creatures. see the Muslims are already COMPLAINING BUT, IT TOOK FIVE DAY AFTER THE MURDER OF THE MILITARY PERONNELL WHO WERE UNARMED BEFORE THE HITE HOUSE AUTORIZD FLAGS TO BE FLOWN AT HAF MAST WHILE AT THE SAME TIME EXTOLLING THE “VIRTUOUS,” CELEBRATION OF RAMADAN!. What is wrong with this picture if you are a constitutionally loyal and law abiding American citizen? ANSWER THAT FOR YOURSELF AND IF YOU ARE AS ADVERTISED, AN AMERICAN CITIZEN,YOU CANNOT BE HAPPY. Every member of the military on every base ought to be armed all the time; for their own protection since government WILL NOT protect them! It will end or severely diminish the “workplace violence incidents,” the government will not call what they are : TERRORIST ACTS!

  24. Forrest Jane Cline

    The Koran’s mandate is to “subjugate the entire World.” This why they have infiltrated other Countries.

  25. I like that…a “Muslim Free Zone.” However, I can only think that the American Communist Lesbian Union will soon gain knowledge of this and file a “discrimination” lawsuit.

    Europe invited Muslims in and now all have a Muslim problem. Obama brought Muslims in, and also illegal felon invaders, who maim and kill Americans. What a sick legacy this fascist has left for America. All those who voted for him should feel really ashamed.

  26. Me, myself, I’m ambivalent towards Muslims… But it seems noteworthy to me that some Americans get outraged when any of their countrymen say a-n-y-t-h-i-n-g against the nation of Islam. “Like this is totally beyond the pail.” While at the same, the populace in Tehran say nothing as their neighbors chant, “D-E-A-T-H TO AMERICA!”

  27. Roy Buster Ranic

    Better yet the gun stores should give the peace loving muslims a pound of bacon with each purchase & free bottle of gun lube made from pig fat! All of this presented by a nude woman wearing pig skin shoes! IMO!

  28. I fully back the NO MUSLIM ZONE policy and it should apply to all stores selling firearms and ammunition. Frack that islamic trash CAIR and everyone there including their camels. Will a NO MUSLIM ZONE work to stop the shootings? It may stop some. But as we have seen with the liberal trash and their antigun and gun control laws that don’t work, there will be some that will find a way. The rights and safety of all non muslim citizens, police and troops comes first over and above any muslim claim of rights. Islam is the aggressor and the enemy killing our people on our own soil. Polecats can’t change their stripes, and neither can a muslim!

  29. Sounds reasonable. I have a Muslim free zone at my house too.

  30. If we had a real leader he would declare a “Muslim free AMERICA!”

    • Eventually:
      ALL mosques will be demolished…with wrecking balls.
      All korans will be confiscated and burned…(it encourages murdering anyone not in their worshiping cult).

      All muslims will be transported back to any arab country that allows such a cult to operate…… their expense.
      All muslim women wearing face veils and head scarves promoting their cult…will be arrested, heavily fined or given the choice to be deported immediately upon arrest.
      (these women wearing face veils are scaring our American kids…think they are Halloween witches)

  31. There is NO SUCH THING as a MODERATE PEACEFUL MUSLIM…Only those who have NOT been given the ORDER TO ATTACK…When enough Americans realize this fact…and stand up and take action…will this situation have a chance to be turned around in this country…

  32. every gun shop needs to follow suit..i know there is millions of guns on the streets to be had with just cash but, maybe making it harder to get a gun may save a life..obama has giving refugee status to 1.2 million muslims in the last 4 yrs, these are muslims coming from radical muslim countries like yemen/syria..imagine how many isis/terrorists/radical muslims have entered america this way??? i would say that every american should be strapped and ready because we never know when another tennessee shooting can american is safe from these savages..

  33. The Muslim quest to gain control over the entire world has been going on sense just after the times of Christ.
    Mohammed didn’t like Christ and started his own religion, an anti-Christian/anti-any other than Muslim religion.
    The reason we don’t hear much reaction from Muslims is because they consider what we call terrorist to be heroic.
    Once before Muslims almost took over the Christian world but we stopped militarily after much of Europe had been taken, this time much more is at stake. The two sects of Muslim (Shiite & Sunni) both support their own terrorists. So Shiite wants to kill Sunni and all others and Sunni wants to kill Shiite and all others.

    • Behead, kill, stuff ’em ALL. Get them OUT of the United States!! No more mosques are to be built. Existing mosques should be torn down. Enough is enough with Muslims in the United States. They are ALL terrorists in one way or asnother. If they practice Sharia Law, get them OUT of the United States and send them back to the middle-east where they put up with that garbage!!! Religion of Peace my ass!

  34. Its about time. Lets force them to swear an oath of loyalty to the USA or BOOT THEIR ASSES OUT OF THE COUNTRY.

  35. Thank you to the gun store owner.

  36. Why is it in Obama’s eyes that they are peaceful people then go on a killing spree of our service men. But every thing we do to protect our selves is wrong. I know when that happens Obama has a big party and has a grin on his face thinking ” I did well today got four out the way.” I take it a day at a time knowing that he will be judged just like the rest of us. God doesn’t sleep or forget.

  37. It is getting mighty close to time to start playing cowboys and muslims.

  38. muslim free U.S.A. would be a #1 victory over terrorists and murder by eliminating all of them & their cult pushing koran in D.C. starting with the #1 threat to U.S Freedom @ W.H.& in his crony administration.. !

  39. I’m non partisan, pro constitutional, however there ARE good Muslims, just as there are good and radical people from every religious sector. I would have put terrorist free zone. The point will still be taken without offending the good Muslims (and they do exist in the majority) but the few bad are giving all a bad name, much propagated by the media. Thus they are treated badly as a whole and are understandably unhappy about it. If you study the religion, it’s not far off from Christianity, but just like any religion things are taken from their Book out of context and used as a tool to do bad. Really, I hate the age of PC as it filters things that really need to be put on the table, and I’m by far liberal (just follow the constitution ant the golden rule and we’re all good), buy when you come right down to it we’ve torn up the Middle East, especially since 9/11, killed their innocent women and children, plundered and pillaged their resources. Had that been done to us over the last 14 years after a group of radicals (who actually knows the truth?) caused 9/11, and hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians were killed, I don’t think they’re be too fond of us either. And we just keep pouring gasoline in the hate fire. Will never get resolution if we keep on that path. What we should have done from the start is shut the effin borders to anyone from a hostile nation or screen and monitor them closely if they are allowed in if they’re visiting family or such. If we had simply done that, we wouldn’t have people who despise us. But I suppose oil /war is just too profitable so we gotta keep creating boogeymen to keep the game going.

  40. Irving maddocks

    We regular America citizens have been subjected to enough of the Muslim radicals and our own Political Slugs. Christian people have more than “turned the other cheek”. We only have two. If there are Muslim people in this country that truly desire to live in peace,…….. They need to get off their knees , stop facing East and LET IT BE KNOWN !! Otherwise there will be no one else to blame for being lumped in with the murderers. Get it ? Got it ? Good !

  41. The problem is that polls show on the average Muslims prefer Sharia law above our Constitution and our courts. On top of that they show no signs of openly condemning the terrorism and supporting this country in fighting as near as I can glean from news reports.

  42. When muslims start behaving like Americans, then they are welcome in this country. Until then then should be shoveled out, placed on cargo ships and deported to the land of the allah and the camel.

  43. Coucil of Angry Islamic Radicals… There, I fixed it for ya!

  44. Clara Anne Turner

    please google Reese family Fast and Furious scapegoat? This gubmint is the real danger to freedom.

  45. The entire United States of America should be a ‘ Muslim FREE ZONE’ !!

  46. Great job Mr Hallinan, keep up the good work.
    You are a true patriot and a great American.

  47. You guys and gals in Hallinan’s vicinity should organize – at least a hundred. Set up a communications net with Hallinan. If the “authorities” should take action against him, make all aware. Should they send agents to arrest him or to shut him down, go to his defense immediately – and armed! This crap has to stop. Cliven Bundy’s neighbors and supporters showed up when Harry Ried’s minions at the Bureau of Land Management attempted to strong-arm him. They backed down. The idea of dead citizens and agents would make life terribly, terribly unpleasant for them and the Feds overall – and they know it!

  48. While it might amaze some, that old truism, What Goes Around Comes Around still applies.

  49. The lame stream media is just ignoring what happened on our Home Land, but have spent weeks on trying to get a piece of cloth the Confederate Flag banned and destroyed. Can someone explain to me how an Isis terrorist supporter who killed five of our military people deserves less coverage than the coverage that given trying to ban a piece of cloth? I’m confused.

  50. Yeah, they don’t condone it but they don’t stop it or give information to the authorities about the radicalization of the youth. They don’t come out and condemn the attacks, and they don’t protest other muslims who do these things.

  51. Geez, the libTURD democrats and A.C.L.U. must be soiling their diapers. How dare this American deny weapons to these fine members of the religion of Peace.

  52. With the controversy over the IRS’s persecution of conservative groups nobody has brought up the fact that CAIR may be tax exempt. If it is, the question becomes why! How can an organization which was named as an unindicted co- conspirator in a terrorism financing case hold an exemption from taxation at any level under any section of the Internal Revenue Code. CAIR couldn’t be “charitable, religious, scientific or educational” as required by section 501(c)(3) if it financed terrorism nor could it be a civic league as required by section 501(c)(4). Obviously the Internal Revenue Service, in its zeal to persecute conservatives allows those who plot the death of Americans among others to go scot free and collect tax exempt monies. Shame on the IRS!

  53. Not only do we need some serious immigration reform we need some serious Islamization reform.

  54. You can also thank all the traitor corporate criminals in the District of Criminals. If you want a muslim free zone , then stock up your neighborhood, community, your home or business with pigs or wipe pigs blood around your threshold

  55. Sorry, but I think WE should put them all in the same POT. WE don’t need ANY of them here. I know I may sound heartless but I hope the ones who are here are scared. They should be. WE can’t let anymore of them in. More over NO MORE MEXICANS or other ILLEGALS either. The biggest threat to this country is sitting in the white house in the person of Barry Soetoro Hussein, the Muslim TERRORIST and PUNK ASS LIAR.

  56. If the.U.S. Constitution doe not discriminate against Islam as it should, the Courts will not allow laws or treatment of Muslims that discriminate against muslims.

    Vett all political office candidates with this or a similar question:

    “Why should I believe that your election will (1) stop or help to stop the advance of Islam and sharia law in the USA and (2) otherwise restore and defend the U.S. Constitution?”

    • So far, Islamic Jihad radicals are not a protected class under law, but then there has been no law passed by our law making bodies saying that the LGBT radicals are a protected class either. Liberal judges and those who hate a free America will soon start weighing in, illegally. Don’t sit still for it!!!

      • If there was no more violent jihad in the U.S., we will still have non-violent jihad which will dominate our culture of freedom if the political and legal battles to stop the advance of Islam are not identified, fought and won before the advance of Islam is pass the point of no return to constitutional freedom and/or there is a bloody civil war which the forces of tyranny will win. The future of the USA is lost to Islam in the absence of a national organization, never in the forseeable future to be a political party, for constitutional conservatives who understand Islam and/or an elected like minded President.

  57. When 80% of the Mosques in America are against America, and capitalism, and they have 35 terrorist training camps within, and across our country, it’s obvious they aren’t training Boy Scouts to be positive influences here.
    Ever since 600 AD, they have been a political / paramilitary murder cult, with the intent not to immigrate, and become a part of another culture, they invade, and take over other cultures, and religions. They’re slaughtering Christians, and Jews, and desire a “Worldwide Caliphate” under Islamic control with Sharia Law imposed on all.
    Since they have declared Jihad on America, their numbers have grown, and spread all over. Obama is even flying them in from Syria, and placing them where the Muslim Brotherhood tells him their numbers are weak. Just recently, the leader of Iran said: “We will not stop until the flag of Islam flies from the White House. Does this sound like the “Religion of Peace?” Only if you’re Muslim. Their plans are clear, when are Obama, and the Homeland Insecurity folks going to wake up, and do something to protect America, rather than ignoring the
    threat within? Close the camps, arrest, try, and remove the threat before a day when they attack us en masse, and that day is nearing.

  58. Like ol’ Teddy Roosevelt would say, “Bully for you Andy Hallinan! If only more such actions would occur, we could be seeing the end of islam in this country.

  59. Al, you are so right..all Obama has done since he became President is spend as MUCH money as he could, as FAST as he could, in any WAY that he could. He created as much debt as all the previous Presidents COMBINED.
    And put into place things which would continue to bleed us to death financially, long after he’s out of office like Obamacare. He has purged our military of all it’s patriotic, and well trained Officers, and replaced them with ones with allegiance to him. He has plans for us, and good Officers wouldn’t perform to his wishes. He is a Communist, and a Muslim financial terrorist to America, who has in-your-face appointed known Communists as Czars, and known Communists to his White House staff. When the truth about Benghazi comes out, that it was a deal made to procure Libyan arms and munitions to supply terrorists in Syria to overthrow that nation, and that AMbassador Stevens was murdered to cover up that deal, justice may fall. Obama AND Hillary were involved, and both must pay for their treasonous acts. Those same arms, by the way, after the failed Syrian action, were carried by ISIS / ISIL into Iran to overtake towns our troops bled, and died for to free Iraq from Saddam Hussein. Thanks Obama for undoing all their effort.

  60. Vett all political office candidates with this or a similar question:

    Why should I believe that your election will stop or help to stop the advance of Islam and sharia law in the USA and otherwise restore and defend the U.S. Constitution?

    I look for confirmation from all candidates of planned effective constitutional political and legal action towards stopping the advance of Islam and the allowed enforcement of Sharia law in the USA. It takes a brave person to be a public figure and to publicly avocate the violation of sharia law here in the USA….but I need some clues on the specifics that may set them apart from the other candidates.

    I try not to be swayed by good public speaking alone. I listen carefully to their speeches and ask myself how much of the content of this speech could have been delivered by one of the rino candidates of the past. Also I consider how much time they spend answering uncensored and unplanted questions from individuals in the audience. Although it may be better for funding raising efforts, I consider it a big negative if they only go from table to table and/or do not spend enough time taking questions when standing in front of their audiences.

    Saying “not all muslims are terrorists” is a true and oblivous but useless piece of disinformation. One useful fact is that all muslims are either (1) orthodox followers of Islam or (2) they appear not to be orthodox because they are in jihad mode or (3) they are not orthodox or in jihad mode and are calling themselves “muslim” until they are corrected or killed by muslims who have a different and usually more orthodox view of Islam which is always more dogmatic, fanatical and violent.

    Obama has been doing the jihad that an informed person would expect a muslim president to be doing. Individual people are unprepared to deal with jihad since public opposition to Islam makes them a target for terrorist action.
    While there are numerous organizations staying in business by telling us factual counterjihad information about Islam and Islamic jihad, i.e., telling us how bad things are, there is no organization that has a realistic plan for identifying, fighting and winning the political and legal battles that will stop the advance of Islam in the USA before jihad and the ongoing surrender to Islam has taken the USA past the point of no return to constitutional freedom. One measure of the degree of surrender to tyranny is the number of states where two thirds their elected reps and senators in Washington and their state legislature can not be counted on to restore and defend the U.S. and their state’s constitutions. Thirteen such states can block any needed amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

    While gun ownership is good for personal protection and causing the forces of tyranny to cook the frog slowly, when it comes time to use a gun in this battle, it will be too late or impossible to do so without committing suicide. There is no substitute for massive constitutional political and legal action now under the leadership of the most capable Republican Party presidential candidate. In the absence of any organized effort or even a website to vett all the candidates on all the issues by constitutionlists, constitutional conservatives are powerless to nominate and elect like minded candidates. The Republican party leadership is sacrificing freedom and lives here and around the world, by not fighting the constitutional legal political battle to get Obama out of office. The Republican Party leadership expects to win (or lose?) in in November 2016 by people voting against the Democrat Party instead of having candidates that give all constitutional freedom loving people something to vote for. (My observation at the present time is that Jindal and Trump give us more to vote for. I believe that Trump will drop out when he sees that a capable constitutional conservative such as Bobby Jindal can be made secure as the nominee of the 2016 Republican Party National Convention.)

    Without constitutional conservative organization and leadership to vett the GOP pres. primary candidates, the outcome of the 2016 GOP primary and general election is very likely to resemble that of 2008 and 2012 and it is up to the people, not just the GOP to change the outcome this time.
    Since some, most or all (?) states do not have party runoffs for presidential primary races, if the conservative vote gets split up among several or all of the GOP candidates, this allows the organized rino delegates and rino candidates to consolidate their power behind a single rino candiate. This is what constitutional conservatives and those like minded enough to be in the same camp need to copy.

    What’s missing is a publicized ongoing comprehensive website set up to display all vetting and comments on the vetting of all political candidates on all issues. Anyone who says this is impossible to do is mistaken or standing with the forces of tyranny to the Constitution.

    Enough said…not enough done…..the USA must elect a president who understands the threat of Islam to constitutional freedom and is willing to identify the evil within Islam and the political and legal battles that must be fought and won to stop the advance of Islam before the surrender to Islam is past the point of no return and/or there is a bloody civil war which the forces of tyranny to the U.S. Constitution will win. The organization to do this does not exist and will not exist unless one of the primary candidates fullfills the role of leader and thru his leadership builds the organization that gets them elected president, elects like minded candidates to other offices and dominates political thought in the USA.

  61. I been thinking about putting up a sign at the end of my road (Muslim free zone) including Oshit. hahahaha

  62. This man has the right as an American businessman to do business with whomever HE CHOOSES not dictated by any hostile entity or person. Intimidation, threats are Anti-American actions.

  63. Who the hell are these mus-slime pigs to ask the feds. to investigate this gun shop, just because we don’t want these pigs into our businesses, it is our rights to stop some animal bastards from coming into our stores. I applaud this guy for blocking these barbaric pigs from coming to his store. Over and over these slime balls have proven they cannot be trusted to own a weapon in our country.

  64. lol, you guys are so funny….and so sad.

  65. I say good for him keep up the good work but I am sure the damn muslim in the whitehouse will go after him after all he cant allow this guy to diss all his terrorist brothers

  66. I have declared my home as a liberal, progressive, democrat free zone.

    • like a liberal would want to hang with an intolerant con.
      dream on.
      so do you suspend that when the liberal union member fire department comes to put your house out?
      how about the union member police officer. he can take a flying F as well?
      I think the con didn’t think this through very well.

      • I find that I have become more selective in the company I keep as I see the deranged mindset of the liberal progressive continue to deteriorate into mindless irrational babbling, thus it not their choice as to “hanging” with me it is my choice not to associate with them. If the aforementioned “public servants” who are forced into Union servitude then they would probably do either more harm or do nothing should there ever be an event that should summon them to my home. I would rather they stay away instead of milling around watching the house burn down or “investigate the incident”.

        • you should put up a sign,

          • No need for the sign by the time the Union Hacks get here it will gone, besides if they are a product of the public school system they can’t read the sign.

          • well if you have balls you would forward some of your hatred of fire fighters to the local stations.

          • You are the one who said “hate”. How about you stop by the VFW and spout you liberal bile.

      • @Reality Check – Most often, Firefighters and Law Enforcement Officers are forced to join a union if they wish to pursue their career choice. Democrats put unionism above individual choice. To my mind, coercion negates freedom, so I’d welcome most Firefighters and few cops (the latter being another topic entirely, my having been a cop).

        And yes, I’ve thought this through quite well, as I suspect suomunon has.

        Cogito, ergo armatus sum.

  67. The biggest threat to America, and the whole world, is Islam.

    • Actually, the stage is being set for an even greater threat to practically annihilate the immediate threat. But don’t think for a moment that this tremendous whirlwind action by that currently-less-obvious threat will automatically mean that they are our friends!

      • that is the best job of putting down 50 words that sound very informed that don’t actually have specific meaning.
        not going to get pinned down on that post.

        well done.

        • Joseph O Morrow

          OK! Criticize what you don’t know about, instead of asking me to elaborate! I’ll still be monitoring my original post for replies, just in case someone IS intelligent enough to ask for clarification. Thanks for demonstrating the very-common approach of those who are ignorant on purpose!!!

          • so you know it’s vague post.
            I think I was asking for clarification, in a way.
            you wanted a reaction.

            you just didn’t expect a liberal to come by.

          • Joseph O Morrow

            I think you were criticizing . . . let me look again . . . yes, you WERE criticizing! And what were you criticizing? The clarification you never asked for, because your “liberal basketcase antenna” was working overtime!

            So, if you ever do actually ask for clarification, I shall give it, in a way . . .

            (By the way: Reactions are expected in the chemistry-related work I do. They are not appropriate during intelligent discussions!)

          • @Reality Check – Asking implies an interrogative. I am unable to find a question mark in your posting. Where might you have hidden it?

            Cogito, ergo armatus sum.

          • Joseph O Morrow

            I’m replying some more because I’m not a modern spite-filled resentment-engrossed so-called “liberal”:

            Look at the map of the world today. We have a king-of-the-south suddenly being granted power, finances, and legitimacy on the world scene. We also have a king-of-the-east being rapidly formed through alliances that would have been unheard of even several years ago. We also have a currently-kingless king-of-the-north with loads of resources, potential power, and knowhow. What will happen when this king-of-the-north is no longer kingless?

            History gives us huge ominous hints, but the Great Book gives us the best most-useful practical details!

    • I wonder why the 1.5 billion Muslims that are sitting around peaceful, are up to, if the Koran says they are supposed to be out there killing Christians?

      the biggest threat to America is Right Wing LIES.

  68. Thats where I will take all my business………in MUSLIM FREE ZONES. Am tired of those Texas Illegals working in stores too…..they don’t speak English, and many places won’t hire you if you don’t speak Spanish. If the Illegals can’t speak English………they don’t care. Good ‘ole Wally’s World going to the dogs (illegals)….

    • you think there are illegal Muslims?
      does granny know that Mexicans fought for Texas independence?
      Do you know that many Texans are FIRST language Spanish speakers?

      I think not.

      granny seems a little short on info.

      • REALITY CHECK….. We were taught Spanish starting in the 3rd Grade. How could we not speak the language. Of course you are a muslim lover… like bomb carriers. Where in GOD’s name did you ever read that Mexicans fought for Texas Independence. You are the one that is short on info & brains. You are either black, muslim, or an illegal. You know nothing about USA History.

  69. Let’s keep some perspective here….for nearly a 1000 years, Islam ruled the Middle East and regularly invaded Christian Europe. The last invasion by the Seljuk Turks was soundly defeated by Prince Eugene of Savoy ( in German, spelled and pronounced Prinz Eugen….WWII fans will remember the Nazi cruiser named after him). Subtle irony here is Eugene was rumored to be an unabashed homosexual….I digress. Prior to Eugene’ s victory the Turks regularly raided and preyed on their Christian neighbors….taking the children of those they killed and making them into mercenary soldiers known as Janissaries. All who would not convert to Islam were put to the sword.

    And now the modern day practioners of a religion that celebrates murder want us to trust them explicitly while their brothers carry on with murder?

    Something seems really messed up here.

  70. “I will not arm and train those who wish to do harm to my fellow
    so then he is not going to sell weapons to angry white conservatives.
    good to know.

  71. Alrighty, here’s my post for the day. The purpose of this forum is to share and educate each other. Let’s not be calling one another idiots if they’re misinformed. If someone attacks you, just ignore the post if they’re not polite enough to state their opinion in a proper manner. I’m often wrong, and I appreciate when someone corrects me and gives me credible info. That being said, if we’re all taking jabs at one another, then we’re divided and can therefore be conquered. Not all liberals are dumb, a true old fashioned liberal is quite smart. Not everyone on the right has got it right either. There’s a middle ground on many things. Not everything is black and white and critical thinking is necessary to find solutions for. For instance, gun control. Guns don’t kill people, people kill people, and by plenty of other means than guns. If one wishes to do harm and don’t have a gun, they’ll do it another way. So argue your points with logic, in an effort to undo all the brainwashing that’s been done. Stop and ask yourself whether certain things make sense and think critically. If we simply lived by the rule that if you’re not hurting anyone else, there should be no law depriving you of your freedom to do as you please on your own property. If we all lived by the golden rule and treated others as if we wanted to be treated, life would be much simpler. And a small act of kindness toward even a perfect stranger really does make a difference. I’ve witnessed it. Crimes should be dealt with as they are committed, more legislation will not prevent crime. They should have figured that out by now. This is just a parabole to kind of explain what I’ve experienced. I worked in the ER for 9 years. I never had to use physical restraints once. If they came in restrained, I was able to calm even the drunkest, drug crazed, suicidal, or delusional violent people simply by listening to them. All anyone wants is to be heard and understood. After calmed down, I would ask them, will you cooperate if the officer removes or loosens your shackles/cuffs? They always cooperated. Others would do the opposite and threaten to tie them down or restrain them, scream and yell at the patient which always resulted in escalation. I only ever left a couple people cuffed that had a look that made me uneasy, but even then, I would apologize for being not in a position to remove the restraints and listen and do as much as possible to make them comfortable. Anyhow, I’m NO SAINT myself, but I have learned that being kind is contagious and so is being cruel. So peace out friends, I think we need to stand together, now more than ever.

    • Well I’m in.
      the liberals and conservatives have more in common than the powers trying to divide us, want us to know.

      their task is much easier if we are divided.

      The “liberal” “conservative” fight takes half the work out of controlling us.

  72. If these muslim’s don’t like it, let them move back to their sandbox

  73. This is a 46 second VERY disturbing video, watch it only if you don’t mind seeing a Muslim slashing the throat of a camel, the blood spurting out, and the camel grabbing another Muslim by the head and throwing him a few feet. I don’t know why they were trying to kill the camel, but he is not likely to have survived this incident. ….

  74. I think you ought to rethink you stand on the “Muslim Free Zone.” You have an opportunity to be compliant with any fed laws. Muslim’s have special needs when dealing with we infidels which you might want to consider.

    You should build a “special shooting booth” just for them. You might even provide a prayer rug as well. That would be a very nice touch! The placement of their booth is critical as they should have a place separate and ahead of all other shooters on your range. I suggest that their booth be placed half way down range and center on the field of fire, You don’t want them to be offended by the common, infidel folk so this place of prominence would be fitting.
    Be sure to mark their booth with a big red “X” so that they know which booth is theirs and infidels will know just where they are. These are just suggestions, but they work for me.

  75. Screw the Feds, do what you think you need to do to defend yourself and fellow American’s who wish to remain free, er at least alive.

  76. TRUMP 2016 if you want to continue to use your firearms!

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