Gun Sales Slow Down Due to Trump’s Election

Conservatives and the NRA expect President Donald Trump to be good for the Second Amendment, but the latest figures show that he may not be good for the gun industry itself. According to TheStreet, American Outdoor Brands, the company formerly known as Smith & Wesson, issued an earnings report this week that cost them 6 percent in Friday’s pre-market trading.

The company revealed earnings of 66 cents per share on a total revenue haul of $233.5 million in the third-quarter announcement, a trend that could indicate a downtrend in gun sales correlating with the election of Donald Trump.

In a statement, AOB president James Debney did not connect those dots specifically.

“Toward the end of the quarter, consumer firearm purchasing began to cool — a trend that underscores the importance of remaining focused on our strategy to continue growing and balancing our business across the shooting, hunting, and rugged outdoor enthusiast markets,” said Debney.

But other reports show that slowdown as well. FBI data released last month showed that January marked the second month in a row with a decline in background checks. Compared to the same time last year, the FBI ran 20% fewer checks in 2017.

Of course, this just proves what has been blindingly obvious for a long time: Barack Obama was the best gun salesman in history. Once he started ratcheting up his threatening rhetoric towards the Second Amendment, Americans started hitting up their local gun stores. By addressing a problem we didn’t have, Obama wound up making the “problem” even worse. That, by the way, is almost always the case when you go after this country’s individual freedoms.

That’s the obvious part. Here’s the hidden part: This completely undermines one of the Democrats’ biggest arguments about the NRA. For years, they’ve been telling us that our domestic security is being held hostage by this group. Republicans are beholden to the NRA and the NRA, in turn, is an arm of the gun manufacturing industry.

The truth, though, is that there’s actually nothing better for the industry than to have a threat in the White House. The NRA is, indeed, a powerful lobbying group, but their strength comes not from the gun industry – their strength comes from millions of Americans who want to protect the Second Amendment from grabby leftists.

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  1. Hey, look at the bright side – gun prices and ammunition prices will decline.

    It will soon be time to buy the gun you always wanted and stock up on ammunition.

    I am thinking about buying another AR-15 . . . and another 1000 rounds of ammunition . . . just because I want to.

  2. marcus johannes

    The law of supply and demand prevails , Donald Trump believes in free markets and free enterprise ,Instead of Foreign Free Trade Agreements that hinder and destroy our company`s and businesses

    • Yes – he does and he has his clothes made in other countries because it’s cheaper – and that’s what most American companies do – have it made outside the US and shipped in – because we pay next to nothing for foreigners to make it. It’s the American way. Drain the swamp – but put all of the Wall Street, banking and industry people in charge – that’s draining the swamp. What an idiot!! But you all think that that’s great. Am so waiting to see the “new and revised ACA-II” and that’s what it is. Because you can’t get cheaper health care than what was in place without limiting what is covered and not. With the Donald – it’s always the “biggest”, the “best”, the “most wonderful”, the “greatest” – which all turn into lies and nobody knows what to believe. It’s all a diversion so that people won’t find out the truth – and people buy into it. So very sad – and other countries are wondering – “what the hell happened to the US?”

  3. Obeyme didn’t make me buy more guns, I already have two safes full. What he and our governor here in KALIFORNISTAN did was make me go from buying ammo to building all of my own. Instead of spending thousands on factory made average shooting rounds to handmade, consistently accurate ammunition. The big plus…I can make up 10,000 rounds for half the price and better shooting…Thanks Obeyme and moonbeam brown!!

    • your battle will be difficult. California is a haven of fascist. NY is not as bad as the enemy is mostly located in one city

      • Wish I could move out of the state but I have both my boys and 6 grandchildren here so the boss says we stay. Thing is these pukes are going to push to try and secede, that’s when I and many others get to start purging out state. Civil war in our state will start in Sacramento.

  4. I am starting to go to garage sales again, and watching the For Sale portion of the local “Shopper”. I want to stock up for 6 grand children and 4 Great grand children. All grandchildren are in child bearing age, so I need lots of extras.

  5. Maybe Trump will sell all the ammunition that obama purchased for the federal government.what would 9 billion rounds of AMMO on the market suddenly do to the companies that charged $50 for a box of 100 rounds of .22LR ammunition?

  6. Went to a local Gun Show in Northern Cali yesterday. Not as many “shoppers” and prices were still too high. Forget CCW in Calisforistan – too much paperwork and red tape and they can still deny you the “consealed carry” permit.

    Az has a faster and more efficient system of obtaining CCW. When we lived there, many young women had their permits and many men open carried everywhere. At the time, the only place you couldn’t take guns was the UofA. We’d be grocery shopping and the guy next to us had a 45 on his belt, gleaming in the store lights! Met some very nice people who were open carrying, all responsible, all levelheaded.

    Obutthole’s gun lunacy didn’t affect AZ, but as usual, the luny liberals in CA including BubbaBrownNoser, tried to destroy CA’s gun ownership. Almost did it. Now Gun Organizations are cropping up everywhere and “The State of Jefferson” has renewed strength!!! You may see the great state of California divide into North California and South California in the next few years! This has been a long time coming! We wish Northern Cali lots of Luck making this happen!

    We will be watching from AZ’s interior at the impending war between the bizarre, pot smoking, immoral Southern Caliphites and the more rational, moral, struggling Jeffersonians. Good luck Jeffersonians!! ★★★★★★★

  7. George E. LeFebvre

    This is not the time to stop buying Guns and Ammo. The Dumbocrats are still at work in the background. We are heading for a second civil war, Obummmer and Company are still working to turn us over to the Muslims lurking all around the country thanks to Obummer opening the flood gates.

  8. It is SO wonderfully ironic for gun buyers that the biggest, most ardent enemy of the Second Amendment -not EVEN arguably but CERTAINLY- did the complete, ass-backward thing he wanted to do by simply opening his mouth about a topic of which he knew nada! And it’s so CRUELLY ironic for HIM that the thing for which, other than national healthcare, he most wanted to be remembered, exploded and expanded and went viral during his 8 years – like a danged wildfire on the prairie!!! The Lord indeed works in mysterious ways, HIS WONDERS TO PERFORM!!! The funniest scene in 8 years as commentary on Obama’s anti-gun stance was people wearing pro-Obama T-shirts, walking around a gun show and shopping for a firearm!!! Go figure!!! That those who voted for him ALSO joined the buying frenzy just adds to what I hope is his continuing frustration every time he thinks about guns, hears about them, or watches another state finally pass CC!!! I wonder if the dumbschitt (Old German word for half-assed, flunky neighborhood organizer pretending to be president) has ANY idea that his ABSENCE now means LESS in sales than when he occupied public housing in DC. How ironic, too, that had he never gone after the 2nd, there would NOT be the gun proliferation there is now! DUMBSCHITT!!! The idiot made the gun manufacturers RICH!!! Perhaps they should, in political satire, give him a token commission!!!

    • Comrade Chairman Obama does not need a commission from Gun Manufacturers , He is getting millions from George Soros and the Institutional Left

      • Amen! Agreed! Although my point about the commission was strictly sarcasm, you understand, as is EVERYTHING I say about Obama! But GREAT observation – I wonder exactly how much Soros gives him; would it not be MOST interesting to get a leak on this!

  9. Makes sense. Obama was the best gun salesman in the country. Now that his threat is gone things will loosen up a bit. Rimfire ammo will become more available. But, just because he is gone doesn’t mean there are not anti-gun groups and politicians out there waiting for another chance to bring about (non) sensible gun control. We still do face real threats such as ISIS. The threat never ends it just slows down for a while. They still want your guns because they can’t have their way if you have your guns.

  10. Yep, whether he wanted to be or not, King Sewer Rat Obama was a better firearms salesman.

  11. Couldn’t prove that past me. I’m a CCW instructor and I have classes booked through to August… and it’s only March now!

  12. After 8 years of Records sales to LEGAL households and Trump Revival of LAW & ORDER enforcement to keep AMERICA SAFE….May be al the Record Profits by Smith/ Wesson. Cold,Ruger, Glock.Remington,Beretta and Company can take a time out!!….. But ammo sales just to keep in practice shall contimue after “RATIONING” by BHO ZO

  13. Now, just maybe, the supply and demand curve will intersect where the costs of weapons and ammo might be more reasonable. In addition, I might actually be able to buy ammo because of availability.

    • now all we need is to get rid of the taxes that cook county has on ammo and buying guns

      • I assume you’re referring to Cook County of Chicago. If that is the case, sorry to say, I highly doubt you will ever get rid of taxation on guns and ammo.

  14. I Just purchas A Glock From T.J. Norths In Marysville Ca.I’m A Retired Veteran, 80% Disabled, So far I’ve Paid for the weapon. I don’ t know whats going on but its supposed to be ready for pick up Mon 13 Mar.

  15. Sorry I purshed Last ov Feb.

  16. Ammunition prices at my local WalMart dropped significantly in June. Now I can restock my ammunition storage lockers. Yes, I do mean ammunition lockerS.

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