Gun Decides to Shoot GOP Congressmen, Take Owner With It

As absurd as our headline sounds, it’s basically what the media and Democrats like Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe would have us believe happened on Wednesday morning. Before law enforcement authorities could even get their heads wrapped around the shooting, which sent Majority Whip Steve Scalise and four others to the hospital, the calls for stricter gun control policies were already in the air.

Democrats know they have to pounce when the bodies are still warm; you can’t wait for the facts to come out. Inconvenient facts like…the shooter being a deranged lefty who was slowly but surely radicalized by the Democrat Party’s increasingly-unhinged rhetoric about President Trump. No, you have to strike while the iron’s hot. So to speak.

But in fact, it was not a sentient firearm that launched the attack on Republican politicians at that Virginia baseball field. But it was a gun (or two or three) that stopped James T. Hodgkinson from killing as many congressmen as he set out to kill. It was the guns belonging to the Capitol Hill Police.

And of course, those guns didn’t act on their own, either. They were merely tools used by heroic law enforcement agents in service of peace and justice. On another day, in other hands, they could have easily been used for evil. The same can be said of the van that was used to kill pedestrians in London, the hammer used to attack a police officer days later, or the jets that brought down the Twin Towers. To focus on the means of killing and not the killers is not only cowardly, it’s nonsense.

It is a shame that liberals think that this is their moment to start re-energizing their fight to steal American freedoms away from us. It’s a tragedy, really. Because why do we have congressmen if not to ensure that our freedoms remain intact? That’s the whole point of this grand experiment we call America, isn’t it? The land of the free. It’s not just a bumper sticker slogan. It means something. And if we’re going to use an attack on a congressman – a by proxy attack on our representative government – as an excuse to chip away at the Constitution, then we are truly lost.

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  1. Year, my a–H— Gov. McAuliffe (McAwfull) will start in on us again. The last time he tried to veto recognizing out of state CCW holders, our Representatives put forth a motion to defund his security team. He renegotiated and the people got what we wanted plus more. Hope he learned his lesson.

    • Isn’t he the one that stated 93 million people a day were killed by guns? Or was that some other stupid Democrat

      • Yes, he is the one. That’s a lot of people there Gov. Let’s see now —- in just 4 days the entire population of America would be wiped out. It’s scary to think that anyone as ignorant or evil as this could be in control of anything more important than cleaning up the dogie do-do.

        • A reporter caught him and he changed his answer, only approx. 7 more months and he is physically out of office. Thank God that our governor’s only get 1 – 4 yr term, it would be tough if we had him for 8 yrs.

          • Thanks God!!!
            We have to push for same things in DC…
            Maximun 2 terms of 4 years for everybody.
            Plus, we have to push for changes in the laws dealing with scams,bribes,criminal use of public funds.
            No pensions for service, and the same health insurance plan than the rest of us.
            And this just to get started…

          • We have another fight in November for new governor and the Republican running lost 4 yrs. ago to McAuliffe. The Demorat running is a gun law nut also, so we are not in the clear yet!

          • Don’t loose the hope yet…

            Like Winston Churchill said:

            “Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.”

            All what is going on against our President is going to help…

            a lot!!… you’l see… keep your hope hight, don’t give up…

            Never give up!!..

          • I won’t give up, but I am old and can only do so much!

          • My friend… I’m 67 myself…
            It’s better if you do something, than spend the rest of your life asking yourself why you did not.

            Age is not an excuse, it is an asset. Use it to your advantage.

            The best part is when you see doubts in others, and you can say .. “I’ve been there, I’ve done that”

            Do the best you can, by minimal that may be.
            Others will thank you, but more importantly … it will make you feel good about yourself.

            At least that’s my policy….

          • Started when I retired at 66. I am 73, became a delegate for the state @71, I sign petitions, call my representatives, called approx. 35+ Freedom Caucus members and 20+ Rules Committee members to get Boehner out of the Speaker Seat, another person and I posted these peoples names and phone numbers on site like these. I have posted bills and the Representative sponsoring it on these sites. Mike Rogers (R_AL) had/has a bill #HR 1205 to end UN support back 2 yrs ago. Have written letters to local newspaper for publication in the opinion section. Made up pro-Trump pkgs and gave to family & friends.
            Here is a site to sign a petition to cancel the Refugee Deal with Australia and has article –


          • Oh my God!!!… and you call yourself ….OLD!!
            I can even imagine you in your 30s…
            Stop please… stop… let something to do for the rest of us…
            Congratulations!!!… you are not old.. you are younger than many.

          • Thank you for signing the petition! Our President needs to “shit can that deal”.

            I feel it in my bones/joints! I take a lot of herbs, my hair is still brown. I might not look my age but I damn sure feel it. Bought my 1st gun at 71, my 2nd at 73! I actually got the 2nd one free – I had enough reward points at the local Gander Mtn. store to get a S&W 9mm. It is a shame that it has filed for bankruptcy, I used to get free ammo there also.

            If you can spread the word about the “Refugee Australia Deal”. Thanks again for signing.

          • I will with my friends… we all have to cooperate and help our President, my pleasure.

            Sorry about your free ammo…
            I’m “working” my wife for this.
            I’m always wearing shorts, and this is perfect to carry in the pocket :


            I even have ready to order some of this after I finish with her… LOL..:


            very light and can be hooked in the waistband…

          • I have a Ruger 38 special and the S&W 9mm (have not practiced w/it yet). I am a female and it is fun and not to late to learn how to shoot.

          • Never is to late to learn… Anything…
            Love to see a lady talking and involved on this themes.
            No very common, congratulations!!!..

            And please, at soon you get the time, pick up the 9 and go to the range. You never know when you will have to use it.
            Is very important to be prepared for it…

        • Hey!!.. a little respect for the dogs, please…
          They deserve better, even if it’s to pick up their do-do.. the deserve someone whit brains included..

      • Marlene Marty Fowler-helfrick

        That was most of all the democrats. Sad that all democrats are judged by the loud mouth minority. At least I hope they are not all that stupid.

      • Yeah, he’s right up there with Obeyme (been to all 57 (!) states) and Congressman Lewis, who believes that if you add too many Marines to the island of Guam, it will capsize the island…(I thought it was b.s. until I actually saw a recording of the hearing…didn’t think even Dimbulb-cRats were that stupid)

    • Actually NO! Isn’t he one of the DemoCRAPZ that is already calling for more and even more gun control???

      • You don’t think he learned his lesson? I don’t think so either but I will keep hoping. We have a great set of State Representatives right now, hope that doesn’t change. We also have a great state organization – Virginia Citizens Defense League -VCDL that is great! The are suing Katie Curic for altering a video where she cut out their response to a question, making them look stupid. 1 judge said she did not do anything wrong, so they are appealing. The Pres. of VCDL knows all the gun rules, when businesses or parks put signs about guns, he makes sure the wording is correct, calling them up if not to have the signs corrected. I hope they win!

        Yes, that is the stupid BFF of Killary’s & Bill’s, I think he came up with the idea of renting the Lincoln bedroom for contributions. He is always trying to get a gun bill approved.

        • To bad he wasn’t in the park/ ball field that day! Possibly it would have changed his Crappy outlook on self-defense!

          • He does not get anything until we threaten to defund his security detail, he has that hanging over his head for the next seven months.

          • Hmmm, hanging, oh you said over his head, sorry! did the light-bulb click on??

  2. The democratic party needs uneducated, naive, gullible people to survive. They are getting them by importing dirt poor uneducated refugees, they are creating them through control of the educational system that no longer teaches students how to think and analyze but rather what to think and by pushing hogwash out through the mainstream media that only the uneducated, naive and gullible would believe. This McAuliffe story is but one of thousands…

    • Dennis Anderson

      The people who are singing praises are also the ones cheering when the towers went down. They are anarchist. Im just curious how are these 21 million plus the ones coming out of the shadows going to eat? You free loaders dont think that this free ride can go on forever do you? Uneducated and without any means of support. This makes for quite an army doesnt it!!

      • There are over 55 million “registered” gun owners in the U.S. The vast majority are conservatives, veterans, and patriots. This makes for quite an army doesn’t It!

        • U bet’cha!! What do the LibTURDS/ DemoCRAPS have??? A nice keyboard?? When the SHTF they had better be able to run at least 900 MPH to outrun a bullet!!
          My oath of enlistment had “No Expiration” date!! Proud Veteran and Patriot!!
          U.S.A.F. 1969 to 1976! As you know the oath states “foreign or DOMESTIC”! SnowFlakes: “READ AND HEED”!! “IF” the SHTF you’ve been warned!! I did say “IF”!

          • Hey…Old Codger, THANK YOU for your service and thank you for standing strong! The DemoNazis are the true enemy and the No. 1 danger to our country, they and their scum media.

          • Thanks! There are MANY more like minded individuals, there are 2 more just above your post!

          • Hear! Hear!…..Ooh-Rah! brother…

          • I served in combat in Vietnam, Marines, now 100% disabled, and no Marine during the Vietnam war used ooh rah! That can about years later! Ok Coger, like me, has seen many changes in the Marines since Vietnam, but one we haven’t, is our Patriotism, without ooh rah, or some of today’s calls.
            We were not liked, we were treated like crap, protester’s we’re idiots, not Patriots, but we were the brunt of their BS.
            Had to beat the crap out of a Hare Crishna in an airport for spitting on me.
            I never said ooh rah, only Get the F out of here!
            I stand with our Freedom. I stand with our Constitution, I stand for our Flag, and I thank everyone who served, without thanking those who were cowards and hid!
            Please use real language when communicating. Ooh rah is not our generations term!
            Thank you!

          • I’m sorry if I’ve offended you. It was not my intention.

            I used it because a friend of mine who was a Marine still uses it with his friends. About how the veterans who came back and how some treated them, I know how it was …

            I’m with you. Anyone who tries to defile our flag, our principles, our America deserves nothing of me.

            Once again, I’m sorry if I’ve offended you.

          • Me thinks your just a we bit wrong on one point. They do deserve something of you, copper clad projectile hurtling at about 900 mph!

          • Any particular caliber that you can recommend?
            LOL…. you are right!!

          • The .500 Mag. as it would put a big hole going in and an even bigger hole on the exit and while exiting would scramble the brains(?) and the vacuum created would suck out any or all the brains! LOL!

          • What brains?…

          • Notice the question mark in parentheses aka calling into play if they do!

          • Oh!…. sorry… senior moment!!… LOL…

          • No need to apologize, it happens to the best of us.

          • Oh.. thank you!… What the hell I was apologizing for?..


          • IDK!!

          • See, now we both know that are in this together!!..

          • I remember those “Hare Crishna’s” not sure about the spelling. Decades ago when I traveled a lot for work they were a real pain in the ass. I knew that in some airports they were such a problem that security had to be called due to them blocked walkways by constantly moving in front of people who did not want to donate to them. Luckily at the time I was 6′ tall and about 335lbs. They would usually gat out of my way. It got so that I would travel in jeans and cheap pullover shirts,then change to a suit later. They did not harass you as much if you looked poorer.

          • USAF 1967 to 1973

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          • It’s pretty bad when the ONLY up vote is from you!! Well he/ she/ it you’ll be happy to know I gave you a down vote, flagged you and reported you!! Have a nice day. “NOT”!

          • Real classy there, giving yourself an upvote for your little scam!! No one in their right mind, ESPECIALLY GOOGLE is going to pay $97.00 per hour to work for them. Now I suggest you take your scam and STUFF IT!!!! DAMN TROLL!!!!

          • Margaretmhiggins

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          • USAF 1957 TO 1963 even though we Ameican Indians were not federally legal to own rifles until 1979 . 2 of those years I was collecting intel on muslims and they are right on target with what they were planning then. NSA dumped our’s and the CIA’s info and started ramping up for Viet Nam.

            ISIS’s leader in beheading 21Christains proclaimed “We are at war with the Cross and we will win the whole world for Allah”. Yunis Al Astal, popular Hamas cleric and Islamic law scholar in his April 11, 2009 speech: “Very soon, Allah willing, Rome will be conquered, just like Constantinople was, as was prophesied by our prophet Muhammad. This capital of theirs will be an advanced post for the Islamic conquests, which will spread through Europe in its entirety, and then will turn to the two Americas, and even Eastern Europe.”
            Despite over a decade of spending millions on the field of terrorist research, we are no closer to answering the simple question, ‘What leads people to political violence?'” We must read what our enemies have said. Remember Hitler, he wrote Mein Kampf. He wrote exactly what his plan was, and it was ignored to world’s great detriment. To understand our enemies we must read what they teach and read.
            Muslims have said publicly in videos, on the Internet, their goal is to destroy our way of life, with no equivocation. They’re not saying if you stay home, we won’t come after you. They say their goal is to rid the Middle East of all Christians, Jews and foreigners. Next, overthrow all governments not friendly to them, which means all those governments. Then, to use that base as a way to spread their terrorism and oppression across the globe to include a map that shows 100 years from now the entire globe will be under their domination.
            If you truly wish to understand Islam simply reading the Quran, as I did years ago, is not sufficient, you MUST read, Reliance of the Traveler, ‘Umdat al-Salik written by Ahmad ibn Naqib al-Misri who died in 1368. The English translation by Nuh Ha Mim Keller, is called the Classic Manual of Islamic Sacred Law, and it bears the approval stamps of Al-Azhar University in Cairo and the U.S. International Institute of Islamic Thought. Every single day more than 80% of Imams, Mosques and virtually every Islamic university in the world teach from this book . They preach strict unwavering adherence to Sharia Law, they teach the entire world under a reestablished Caliphate, they teach every last person on the planet should be forced into submission to Islam and Allah.
            It is the height of ignorance to think that the violent acts of radical Islamists can be divorced from their religious ideals, an ideology ingrained in the core of Islam itself.

          • Thank you for your service!! IF the SHTF be locked and loaded!!

          • Already there brother

          • Marine Corps vet of the Vietnam war ’65-’69. Was Marine Air Wing.

          • Mind if I get my name on that list?? USN 1950-54/ USMC 1954-1962 and I’m locked and loaded !! If that is what the libs want, let’s get it on…..

          • Thanks to all of you and to all those in Arlington Cem. who paid the supreme sacrifice.

          • Melanie Joy Pride

            Thank you, each of you, for your bravery and service to our country! My son is a Marine, he served 10 years. Very proud of him and all our brave men and women who served and are still out there fighting for our freedom!

          • I am with you my fellow vets. USAF 1962- 1993.

          • Just this morning, my brother and I were having a discussion about this very issue, and we both came to the same conclusion~~~more gun control laws ARE NOT, and WILL NOT, stop what happened at the Congressional base ball game in Virginia!! After all, Mr. Hodgkinson was a LEGAL gun owner, who had to go through the PROPER LEGAL CHANNELS (including an FBI BACKGROUND CHECK) to PURCHASE, and “OWN” (you now have to get permission from the “government” to “legally” possess) guns!! So, I have a question for ALL of the liberal IDIOTS out there who may be reading this~~~just how much good did your (present) so called gun control laws do to stop Mr. Hodgkinson from PERPETRATING, and CARRYING OUT his crime?!?! The gun control laws that are on the books now, did absolutely nothing to stop this, and even more RESTRICTIVE gun control laws will DO NOTHING to stop this type of thing from happening again!! But then, I don’t expect ANY of these (BRAINLESS) liberals to understand the very simple concept that gun control laws DO NOT WORK!!!! By the way Old Codger, THANK YOU for your service, and I am behind you 100% in your defense of OUR CONSTITUTION, and OUR COUNTRY against ALL enemies, FOREIGN, OR DOMESTIC!!!!

          • We must defend OUR CONSTITUTION and OUR COUNTRY against ALL enemies, FOREIGN OR DemonicRATic!!!!

          • I LOVE the twist!! Norman, TRUER words were NEVER TYPED!!

          • Since the rifle was made in the 40’s, if he got it from a relative, it might not be registered. We were free to own guns without all of the BS paperwork now required! I have several inherited from relatives, of course that are not so called assault rifles, and they were purchased legally, given to me legally, and still in my possession legally.
            I believe the guy was just plain “Left Wing NUTS!
            The far left believes getting rid of all guns would solve all of the world’s problems, but not one liberal understands it’s not the gun, but the person with the gun that causes the problem!

          • Trying to explain gun owner rights to “Left Wing NUTS” is like trying to turn a left-hand threaded wingnut on to a right-hand threaded bolt – it will never work no matter how many times you try it.

          • Exactly!!… Banned all weapons, a terrorists or sick MF use a truck …. then we banned trucks. Then someone uses a knife, prohibit the knives too… come on!!

          • Ban Democrats and most problems will be solved over night.

          • That exactly what I’m being promoting.
            WE… republican and conservatives, MUST go out and vote…. in mass.
            We the DEPLORABLES… can make them the IRRELAVANTS… WE CAN DO IT!!… WE MUST DO IT….

          • Look at England they ban guns and the terrorist can run around with a knife and kill people. Terrorists are trained to make bombs how you going to stop that. Someone shoots at me i want to be able to shoot back.

          • That’s the point…. Self defense!!
            On a situation like that, were you call the police, and they arrive in around 3 to 5 minutes… that is a very long time to wait…
            I don’t blame the police for that. Is impossible to be everywhere at the same time all the time.
            What we want, what we have, is the right to defend ourselves, our families and anyone that is en danger, anytime, all the time, anywhere… is the right of the citizenry
            more, is the right of any human being to defend him/her self
            from any predator, any criminal or any jihadist that exist in the world today

          • And you would be correct on all of the issues you stated here. Even if the gun he used was manufactured in the 40’s, it may not have been a hand me down, he may have purchased it from a gun dealer, hence my comment about following all of the “government rules” for purchasing a gun.

          • Agree..gun control works exactly like cocaine, heroine and amphetamines control… does not works.

          • You are SO right! Whoever wants a gun will get one, either legally or illegally.

          • Agreed i can’t own a gun because i have had 3 dui’s 3rd one is a felony. Why can’t i own a gun my crime was nonviolent. I never had a wreck cop set and wait for you to leave the little country beer joints just so they can get their quota for the month. Heck i don’t even drink anymore. Its bs

          • While I don’t agree with drunken driving, (I have to be honest~~~I’ve done it myself, and I am coming up on 14 years sober.) Fortunately, I am only guilty of misdemeanor OWI (Operate While Intoxicated) which does not bar or prohibit me from owning/possessing firearms, and I have no desire to drink or get drunk ever again, or to go to the next level by aquiring a felony OWI~~~EVER!!!! I’m having more fun being sober than I ever did when I was drinking!!!!!!!!!!

            Our present day law makers would be wise to go back in time to the 1800’s and see just how many SALOON HOPPERS that were carrying guns would be considered FELONS in today’s world because they were too damn drunk to even ride a horse, (much less drive a motor vehicle) yet they were still “allowed” to “own/possess” a gun!! Many may disagree with me, but it seems to me that felony drunken driving does not rise to the level of denying a person of their Constitutionally guaranteed right to own/possess a firearm!! So with the present day lawmakers views on felony drunken driving in mind, if you were too damn drunk to ride a horse in the old west 3 times or more, you SHOULD HAVE BEEN CONSIDERED A FELON UNABLE TO CONTROL YOUR HORSE, AND YOU SHOULD HAVE BEEN BARRED/PROHIBITED FROM OWNING/POSSESSING A FIREARM!! Doesn’t make much sense, does it??

            Felony murder, armed robbery, rape at gunpoint, or threatening someone with a firearm (unless it’s a case of self defense) would require that an individual who has proven by the above named offenses that he or she has criminal intent, be barred from owning/possessing a firearm!! But then, that’s just my opinion. Obviously lawmakers view the issue of felony drunken driving differently.

          • That’s why I put “registered” in quotation marks.;>)

          • Pssst. Don’t tell the demonicRATs that there are a lot more legal “unregistered” gun owners than they realize. Let it be our secret.

          • This is why it is imperative that we now have a President Trump and not (thank God) President Clinton. This country dodged a bullet folks. We must always be vigilant because freedom is like smoke ( very hard to get a hold of and very easy to let slip thru your fingers ).

        • Where is there a gun registry ?

          • Well there must be one somewhere. When we are stopped in the state of NJ their police will call the State Police in Virginia to see if we are a licensed carrier. We had that big fight about not letting this happen but we lost. I think we need to threaten to defund McAwfull’s security detail again.

          • A license to carry is not the same as a gun registry. You as CC are listed in a state registry so they know you have the right to carry. Some places and even Calif IIRC want registry but its not a federal registry. When you buy a gun you fill out a form and the gun dealer is required to keep it. But its in a filing cabinet. ATF FBI and maybe some others can go to that gun dealer and look through hose forms to see if a suspect bought a gun.

          • I thought that they were required to destroy it after 2 years. I have bought guns.

          • I dont think they are ever destroyed. But I have never had FFL so you would have to look it up. Not sure what you do with them when the shop closes.

            I started to apply for a FFL to produce munitions. But when I got to the block that asked me if I was expecting to make a profit the answer was no then it stops there, you do not need a license if you are not going to make a profit.

          • I will start looking into it, because over the years, that was what I either read or heard somewhere. I know that I have read that the ATF has raided stores and demanded their records.

          • I have friends that make their own ammo.

          • “we need to threaten to defund McAwful’s security detail”

            Now that would be poetic justice. Why should he have a security detail?

            Don’t “threaten”, just do it.

          • We still have the motion on the books. He did not want to recognize other states CCW license, so our representatives were going to defund his security detail and use of the plane was included, he changed his mind and we got a better deal than before. He only has 7 months let and then he is gone!

          • Well, “McAwfull” (as you call him) will be out of office as Gov. of Virginia next January. And because Virginia has a unique one-term limit on governors (not on the legislature), he’s not running for anything else. But I think that would make it hard to cut funding for his security detail and have it apply to HIM, not just his successor (who might even be a pro-gun Republican).

          • I live in Virginia, you don’t have to explain to me what happens in our government. I don’t care how hard it is, our Representatives put the motion on the docket and he immediately re-negotiated. They should be able to reinstitute the funding for someone else.

          • Most of the New England states as well as NY, NJ, Maryland, Del. etc, etc.

          • Like in Canada?
            In 2002 Canada’s auditor general released a report saying initial cost estimates of $2 million (Canadian) had increased to $1 billion as the government tried to register the estimated 15 million guns owned by Canada’s 34 million residents. This news was 2013.
            Like always, this liberturds playing with the money of the people.

            $2 millions in 2002.
            $1,998. millions and 11 years later and still is not finished…

            Site here:

          • Gosh, a minor “cost overrun” of just $1,998 million? Even in Canadian dollars, that’s mind-blowing.
            I’m also fascinated to learn that in a country whose leaders are constantly bragging about how THEY don’t have a problem with guns, their 34 million residents own 15 million guns! (All registered? Has the Auditor General even TRIED to estimate the number of guns they have that AREN’T registered?)
            Canadian sanctimony on the subject of guns has always been annoying, but now I have an answer — direct from the Canadian Government! So much for the picture of peace-loving, law-abiding Canadians who “just don’t understand” why Americans feel the need to own guns.

          • Liberalism at his best!!…

          • Everywhere!! Have you purchased a handgun lately??? They run the NIC check to make sure your NOT a Charles Manson and then, depending on the state, several pieces of paperwork and it gets filed! The paperwork has your name, S.S.# and the handguns make, model and SERIAL #!!!! Surprise, surprise!!


      • Being that an army travels on its stomach, makes one wonder how they expect to survive. Like the boneheads thinking that the rich are the bad guys, when not a one of them has ever drawn a paycheck from a poor employer.

      • Wow, you comment on the uneducated. Your petite tirade is hardly grammatically correct.

    • A lot of illegals/fraud voted in the last election in Virginia, all in the northern part near Washington, DC. Get the picture?

      • YOU are so right, Machines are now changed and ID required that MUST MATCH info on the books, lets hope we get an honest election in Nov.

        • I was not happy with the DC lawyer that won, he lost against to McAuliffe 4 yrs ago. We really need to rally the voters in Nov. because I think the Demo that won is a rabid gun controller.

    • They are truly dipshitz.

    • Don’t they have them already??? They have the DNC!! ROFLMFAO!!

    • This becomes so obvious when democrats scream to high heaven whenever voter identification or school reform is mentioned. Unfortunately, based on reports of the college student’s revolt against opposing ideologies, I can only assume the program to dumb down American students is progressing well, while their socialistic indoctrination is going on full blast. UNFORTUNATE !!

    • There was not NRA member who committed any of the shootings. They were all done by Democrats. This tell me and I am sure many more who needs to have gun removed from.

    • It will be amazing to see how many stupid leftist post that guns kill 93 million Americans every year.

      The end is near we all be dead within 4 years, oh god help us

      I see armed citizens caught the georgia killers. the need to cover that up

    • It’s about 120miles from Richmond to Alexandria, so our esteemed Gov. must have foregone breakfast and raced up 95 tto get his face in front of the camera to make his foolish speil (93 Mil). I am a firm believer in 2nd amendment and that guns don’t kill, people do. I f anything needs to be controlled, it is the violence preached by liberals and those that show violence, need to be prosecuted like Kathy Griffin and Maddonna. This business of outlawing even toy guns is pure nonsense, I raised 7 boys, plus a younger brother, all played “cowboys and Indians”, watched Roy Rogers, gene Autry, Cisco Kid, Lone Ranger, and others, not one has EVER used a gun to commit a crime, several down guns, but only fire on ranges. And oh yes, I have also owned guns fired first 22 rifle at age 12, and owned a Mouser 32, for years. God Bless the founders who put 2ndamendment in the Constitution, God Bless America and our rights.

      • Maybe he flew, we need to really take away his security detail funding which includes the plane instead of just threatening. The bill should still be there sitting in some committee.
        I am a Virginian also.

        • If he flew he still wouldn’t get there any quicker, need to go from Capital to Richmond air ,then to Reagan and fight traffic from there to Del Ray section of Alexandria, He framed Mc Donald and I don’t trust this Lt. Gov. either, all Clinton/Obama followers.

          • I don’t know if you read about the deal that Obama made with Australia about taking a boatload of refugee’s that they do not want. Well, they are all men, some have mental problems and some are from the countries that Trump wants to halt refugee’s coming here.

            There is a petition to the President to cancel the deal. Ann Corcoran of “Refugee Resettlement Watch” has posted on her site. She is in her late 60’s and lives in Maryland, I subscribe to her e-mails and it gives a lot of info on refugees. She posted the other day that the Church Charities that are being paid by the government are training the refugee’s to be vocal about letting more in and they will be contacting Representatives on June 20th, Ann suggested that we all need to be more vocal to stop this and call our Representatives on June 20th protesting bringing more in. Below is the site for the petition, thanks and spread the word!


          • I heard Australia rejected a mass of Islamic “refugee” invaders. I did not know obama tried to bring the muslim “refugee” invaders Australia rejected to the USA.

          • I think they are supposed to be here around October! Trump has spoken out about it saying another “bad deal”, it is approx. 1,000 – now he is considering it??????

            Also need to call DOJ 202-514-2000 ext 4 and tell them that Mueller is violating rule #28CFR45.2 by being friends with Comey and putting lawyers on the team that donated to the Clinton foundation. He needs to be let go.

   Send a message to the AG that Rosenstein, Comey & Mueller are all friends and need to be let go – because it is a conflict of interest. Go to “About” , click on Attorney General Office and then on the right it gives a list & at the bottom is “Contact form”. Anything you can do to help will be appreciated! We need to be more vocal in a respectful way and this is a way to do it!

          • I am totally against refugees from “Suspected” countries. These men and some women CANNOT be vetted and we have all heard the vocal threats against America. My representative is against brining anyone here, we can give help to them there. You do not leave your door unlocked if you know your neighborhood is targeted by robbers. All we need to do is read about the happenings in EUROPE, the recent killings in London, France should be an eye opening event. Obama is a Muslim, he even admitted this in his book, and on TV when he said how much he loved the call to prayer, he was NOT legally our President, I could list several cases against him, but they have all been listed and the do gooders deny them. I am a firm believer in God and that good will win over evil.

          • I believe also, but I am going to help him all I can. I just saw a large Muslim protest in Australia that overwhelmed the police and then it got ugly. Obama accepted the approx. 1,000 boat refugee men back in the summer and now our President is considering the deal to take them. I cannot imagine them being free in any town to do what they want and if they have mental issues that is scary.

            I have seen many videos of people of other countries crying about what has happened to them. Recently I saw where Germany is paying it’s citizens for vacant buildings to house refugees. I also saw one where an 80 yr old man owned a hotel (maybe it had vacancies) and the police were there making him take some in and they were apologizing for forcing him to do it. He was telling them not to touch his stuff, it looked like some type of B&B . He was well dressed and the place looked like it had nice artifacts in it. You can bet they will turn it into a dump.

          • Fully agree, I saw sections of DC turned into slums in the ’50’s, when people were actually forced out of their homes. I thank God everyday for Pres. Trump and pray daily for his safety. This rhetoric spieled by Dems and their supporters, needs to stop, Gun laws will NOT stop killings, there are such laws in England, France and Australia, to name a few, yet killings go on and if someone had a gun, there might have been less fatalities. Same example could apply to Orlando shootings. I signed for not allowing Australian rejects here.

          • If your esteemed governor is as corrupt as I’ve heard, perhaps he had inside information and was waiting in Alexandria for the publicity and another opportunity to bash gun owner rights.

          • He is a rat, just found out that our DMV and another agency (State Police infected computers) is in debt millions of dollars. Wonder why he has not addressed it??? He says he is working on bringing jobs to Virginia, one of them that he made a deal with and gave the grant to them, was investigated and did not have the qualifications to come here. I never heard anymore about the grant they received.

            He did things like this before he was elected 4 yrs ago, I even sent a letter to our local newspaper about this before the election. He and Killary’s brother were going to bring a plant making cars here somehow connected to the Chinese and giving them visa’s to stay. They took the money from the town, they set up a temp. shop and after awhile it closed I forget, I had all the info back then, it is so much s..t going on in both State and Federal that my brain gets so full that the oldest info starts dropping off into a black hole!

            Now that I think about it, Jared’s sister is doing something like that and I think it is with the Chinese! It was in the news not long ago where she was dropping his name in the deal even though HE is not involved.

          • Now we have a chance to turn this around and put a Rep. back in Richmond, and return this Commonwealth to it’s greatness. I grew up here and Virginia under Dems, sees only big job as for roads done, they are awarded to outside contractors, while our local roads go to Pot (Holes), we have never been known for good roads. We now have to pay toll on the beltway and part of I95, this started under Kaine and I find it a BIG mistake, the tolls are a $1 a mile, and have added to traffic jams during rush hour AM and PM,I cannot afford this on my SS and I know many in same situation, so we either avoid these hours or use back roads.

          • Seven yrs. ago, I commuted 50 miles 1 way into Fairfax City before the tolls and the construction started down past Quantico and decided it was time to retire.

    • This butt face McAuliffe is a power hungry low life like most lib’s and Democommunist politicians. It is also why the United States as it should cannot survive another 40 or 50 years with out another civil war to put things right again. Personally, day by day I am getting more fed up with all of these low life’s like Clinton, McAuliffe,and the entire new Democommunist party slowly ripping away America and treating her like she is some dam 10.00 prostitute for sale. Stealing and always attacting at every little right or liberty we have. It grotto end! It must!

      • Just calm down and bide you time. I don’t want to read where some Republican has made a dumb move has fired the 1st shot.

        • . . . bide your time but stockpile ammunition just in case.

          The media will twist the story in any case to make it seem that a Republican or conservative fired the first shot. Many times they have mistakenly (or perhaps deliberately) reported that a mass shooter was a Republican or conservative then when the shooter proves to be a demonicRAT or a radical, they either refuse or simply “forget” to print a correction.

          • That is what you do. In the meantime – call the DOJ 202-514-2000 Ext. 4 and tell them that Mueller violates rule #28CFR45.2

          • I heard Australia rejected a mass of Islamic “refugee” invaders. I did not know obama tried to bring the muslim “refugee” invaders Australia rejected to the USA as a final act of defiance.

          • He did not try to bring them here, he agreed to the deal and left the messy part for President Trump.

    • There is a website – Refugee Resettlement Watch – run by Ann Corcoran a 60+ lady in Maryland. She has a petition on stopping the “Australian Refugee Deal” that Obama made right before his term ended. He accepted a boatload of male refugees, some with mental issues to come here from some of the countries that Trump wants to put a hold on,Trump said at first he was not going to accept the deal, now he is considering it. Please sign the petition below asking him not to do it and spread the word to others. Thanks!

    • Sign the petition to cancel the “Australian Refugee Deal” that Obama made last summer. These refugees are all men, some with mental problems and from some of the countries that Trump wants to put a hold on.
      Ann Corcoran runs the website “Refugee Resettlement Watch” lives in Maryland and is 60+. Thanks and spread the word. ( I subscribe to her website, very informative!)

    • Right on with your points. Keep them slow and stupid, just like the Communists did after Stalin took over.
      Bring in immigrants that are told to vote, even if unlawful, as in California with the “motor-voter” law that gives illegals a license to drive as well as the vote.

    • No MOST of it is from the public fools system union run by stupid demoKKKrats

    • How right you are they take the young and mold thier minds to this ignorant B.S. all the way through school , these traitors need to sent packing , we need to rid our system of these libtard brain dead fools .

    • You should write a novel with that kind of talent for inventing stories.

  3. You can bet that after the Attack in Virginia, these congressmen will start packing fire arms. There are a lot more brainwashed liberals out there that are crazy enough to do something stupid. We can thank the MAINSTREAMED MEDIA and the last administration for that.

    • Laws will have to be changed, because there is a problem with Washington, DC. & guns! They don’t recognize CCW

    • Jame Hodgkinson proved you can’t fix stupid even at 66 years old. He was one of those useful idiots foolish enough to believe and repeat the 1% versus the other 99% lie the demonicRATs use to divide Americans and to incite hate.

      Don’t be surprised if there is a series of “copycat” shootings by other “peace, love, and tolerance” radical leftists just as with previous shootings and police ambushes.

      • Forgive me Lord God for what I’m about to type!!!! Quoting you Norman; “Don’t be surprised if there is a series of “copycat” shootings by other
        “peace, love, and tolerance” radical leftists just as with previous
        shootings and police ambushes.”
        Now the part I need God’s forgiveness for, “IF” the DUMB, Stupid, Ignorant DemoCRAPZ morons pull more of this SHEIT, the Sheit just may hit the fan hard!! It may just be the straw that breaks the camels back! God help us!!!

        • The violence of the “peace, love, and tolerance” leftists is quickly gaining momentum as they try to provoke a reaction. They may soon get more than they ever wished for.

  4. 93 million killed by gun violence every day in the us. should all be over by midday today

    • Birdy_3_1_alpha


      • That’s what butt crack Democrat Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe was quoted as saying to the reporters! Using his stupid figures in just under 4 days there will not be ANY man, woman, or child alive in the U.S.A.
        P.S. I checked the U.S. population figures prior to posting this and as of 2016 the U.S. was at 323.95 million so dividing his 93 million per day we arrive at 3.48 days till total U.S. annihilation by gun nuts!!
        I wonder if there is even that much ammo produced per day to support his stupidity???????? LOL!

        • What? Able to do arithmetic and to reason? Whatsamattayou? Flunked Common Core?

          • Need new batteries for your calculator??? Or were you being sarcastic? Or was your comment directed at the A–HOLE Governor????
            Even if one rounds the #’s off, 324 (Pop. in millions) divided by 100 (million killed per day) equals 3.24! I didn’t claim 93 million per day, the governor did!

          • Hey, Ol’ Codger; you’re one of my favorite posters. Cheers!

            “New batteries” would be nice. You got some? 🙂

          • Yeah I do but I couldn’t get them in the USB port! LOL! I was NOT trying to attack you but I’ve garnered quite a few “Back Stabbing Assassins” along the way and sometimes it’s hard to differentiate between the two!

      • The Governor of Virginia Terry McAuliffe. Made this statement twice the day of the shooting. 93 million he said by Gun Violence alone. If you consider all causes of death assuming the population of America is 321 million . The entire country would be wiped in 3 days . I don’t know if the GODS were included in his statement. But I am glad to be gone and even happier our Government is alone

        • Now you know why Virginia is in the shape it is. We have lived in this house or 20 years, pay taxes, local and State, yet we cannot get sidewalks or streets repaired, yet our Gov. can speed up to Alex. to preform for the press (Over 90 miles) pardon hardened criminals and restore voting rights, Thank God he can only have one term.

          • they put a lot into DC. it use to be great to go there. they lavish themselves and do nothing for the people. Time for a big change . All forms of Government now have failed. You are either on the Amtrak or under it.

    • Well…. So long everybody!!!..

      (just in case)

      • That happened in the northern part of our state near Washington, DC – It should be a little harder to do the further south you go.

      • He can’t be wrong 42 government agencies are in North Virginia all the Military and some of the Intel Communities. Remember what the Govt has been pushing 17 agencies all say RUSSIA RUSSIA RUSSIA TrumpMiester. You would think they had other things to do? Only Bo Knows . No Prosecutor would Go after HRC. Oh I forgot I am not a lawyer now I Id myself as the Director of the FBI. Little Tommy was beaten by his parents because we called him TAMMY What a country????

  5. Birdy_3_1_alpha

    Yep, no doubt about it. My fork is to blame for my being overweight. Bad fork!

  6. You can set your watch to how long it takes them to start there anti gun crap every time some wacko picks a gun to do there dirty deed .

  7. Collect names and addresses of the liberal dem bloodsucking parasites.
    The ersatz life forms are not going to stop until they get a civil war started.
    When it does, we will want to make sure that none of them survive.

  8. Democrats kill and are a bunch of goons. They need to be banned, especially the assault goons of the democrat party.

  9. Because Democrats are unaccustomed to the concept of personal responsibility and liability! It is always someone else’s fault, mom. pop, inanimate objects, the Republicans, “… the Devil made me do it,” no matter what bonehead decision, or move they make – hence Kathy Griffin “Trump is bullying me.” Always the victim; never the evil, hard core, fanatical perpetrator they are to anyone who truly pays attention and analyzes and can differentiate right from wrong.

  10. Gov McAuliffe of the great state of VA. thinks we are loosing 93 Million people DAILY to Gun Violence! Come on folks the whole thing is completely sideways. Guns don’t kill, people do. Period. Those who want to use guns for evil intention will find them somehow. Depriving everyone is NOT the solution.

    • You bet! SARCASM ON!
      I must have a defective gun!! It hasn’t unlocked the lock box ( I know it shouldn’t be locked but when you have children….), hasn’t loaded itself and gone out and shot 1, 5, or more people!! I’m going to contact the manufacturer and DEMAND a FULL refund!
      SARCASM OFF!!!!
      Hello DemoCommieScumbucketRATZ, are you listening???????????? Hello??? Anybody home??? Crickets!!

    • The radical leftists will continue to repeat the lie about 93 million Americans killed daily by gun violence until they believe it is true like all of their outrageous false claims.

  11. WHEN ARE THE COMMUNIST DEMOCRATES GOING TO REALIZE THAT GUNS DON’T KILL, STUPID PEOPLE WITH GUNS IN THEIR HANDS KILL PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    STRICTER GUN CONTROL??????????????????????????????????????????????
    EXPLAINE THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Absolutely right!.. I lived in NYC for 30 years, from the late 80s to 2015.

      The best years for me and the city were from 1994 up to 2001…

      when Rudy Giuliani was the Mayor.. Law and order was his plataform. When I moved to city in 1987, NYC had 1672 murders, by 1990 the number whent up to 2245.

      In 1993, NYC had 1946 murders , the last year of Rudy as a Mayor the number was 649.

      He went after the criminals, not the law-abiding citizen.

      Any other explanation?…

    • The vast majority of guns are owned by people living in small towns and rural areas of the USA. If guns caused shootings, why are small towns and rural areas some of the safest places in the USA?

  12. Ever notice that demonicRATs are adamant about illegally registering legally-owned guns but completely opposed to legally registering illegal voters?

  13. Gun Control? What is needed is exactly the opposite. What if some of those attacked had weapons themselves? Maybe fewer victims? What we need is to legalize both open and concealed carry nation wide by any citizen who can legally purchase a weapon. This shooter may have thought twice if he knew those Senators/Congressmen were armed to begin with??? Sometimes it is better to fight fire with fire. In this case some may have been injured or die because they had to wait for police to arrive.

  14. Gun control is like communism. It never works,

  15. Guns are not the problem, it’s the violent liberals who shoot people.

  16. Hard core, corrupt Clintonista insider (McAuliffe was a key member of the Clinton thug team of the 90’s, and he likely knows who murdered Vince Foster and his partner Jerry Parks) with a virulent hatred of the 2nd Amendment (like Schumer, Pelosi, Feinstein, Clinton, etc.). In fairness, he did mean 93 per day, but that was the usual leftist lie since they roll the suicide-by-gun counts into the total number of gun deaths per year. About 9500 people died from people shooting at them, while 22,000 died by their own hands. Dems refuse to admit this fact due to their extreme hoplophobic disorder. But they also refuse to call abortion homicide, but view this as “assisted suicide” it seems.
    So if we use REAL facts, about 8 people per day are wrongfully murdered by someone using a gun. About one third of the total 9500ish gun deaths are good guys being murdered by bad guys. Another one third (3100 or so) die righteous deaths (good guys shooting bad guys) and the remaining third die as “who-cares deaths” (bad guys killing other bad guys, especially in Chicago). So we have an effective rate of 8 per day wrongfully killed. Compare this to the 685 people who die every day from infections contracted during a hospital visit. Or the 1900+ who are killed every day in abortion clinics. It is easy to illustrate how progressive-fascism (the real name of the religion of the far left Dems) is a mental illness.

  17. Headlines should have read:

    “Are Blacks coming to their senses”???

    After 150 years of Democrats attacking Republicans for their support of Black people,

    today two black people attack a white man for shooting at Republicans.

    Are Blacks finally coming to their senses to realize that the Democrat party has always been the source of all opposition to their struggle for Freedom and Equality, including being the source of KKK?????

    Let’s hope so.

  18. Maybe the answer to the debate should be a law that says if you are a registered Democrat it will be illegal for you to own, borrow, use or have access to a firearm.
    Had the Democrats supported such a law the recent shooting would not have happened – as it did!
    Why are these kind of crimes not carried as Hate Crimes?”
    Is there a fear In the media that Democrats would be put in a spot if the shooting was determined to be a hate crime? Hell they were caught hacking into Bernie Sanders campaign and tampering with his efforts to be nominated to represent the Democrats in the general elections; they were also caught contracting out violence at the Trump campaigns and spreading hate materials to sway voters to support Hillary; BUT – they want us all to believe that they are the sane ones! THEY MAY BE – but they sure are not showing it – nothing but ignorant sniveling and complaining coming from their party leaders – no talk or discussion as to how they can help fix the mess Obama left us in!
    Next time the effort to ban guns comes up we should agree to accept a comprise; if you are a registered Democrat no gnus; all other can continue with their constitutional right to own as many guns as they desire!

    • I know it is not mathematically possible BUT 10,000% agreement!!
      Here’s one for you to further validate your post! I received it as an email and it had no author!

      One question that SHOULD be on any background check is political party affiliation! Why you may wonder? “Most are registered “DemoCRAPS””! If they check DemoCRAP as party affiliation, no need to pick up the phone, AUTOMATIC failure on the background check! ROFLMAO!

      Gun Control Solution
      In 1865 a Democrat shot and killed Abraham Lincoln, President of the United States.
      In 1881 a left wing radical Democrat shot James Garfield, President of the United States- who later died from the wound.
      In 1963 a radical left wing socialist shot and killed John F. Kennedy,President of the United States.
      In 1975 a left wing radical Democrat fired shots at Gerald Ford, President of the United States.
      In 1983 a registered Democrat shot and wounded Ronald Reagan President of the
      United States.
      In 1984 James Hubert, a disgruntled Democrat, shot and killed 22 people in a McDonald’s restaurant.
      In 1986 Patrick Sherrill, a disgruntled Democrat, shot and killed 15 people in an Oklahoma post office.
      In 1990 James Pough, a disgruntled Democrat, shot and killed 10 people at a GMAC office.
      In 1991 George Hennard, a disgruntled Democrat, shot and killed 23 people in a Luby’s cafeteria in Killeen, TX
      In 1995 James Daniel Simpson, a disgruntled Democrat, shot and killed 5
      coworkers in a Texas laboratory
      In 1999 Larry Asbrook, a disgruntled Democrat, shot and killed 8 people at a church service.
      In 2001 a left wing radical Democrat fired shots at the White House in a failed attempt to kill George W. Bush, President of the US.
      In 2003 Douglas Williams, a disgruntled Democrat, shot and killed 7 people at a Lockheed Martin plant.
      In 2007 a registered Democrat named Seung – Hui Cho, shot and killed 32
      people in Virginia Tech.
      In 2010 a mentally ill registered Democrat named Jared Lee Loughner, shot Rep. Gabrielle Giffords and killed 6 others.
      In 2011 a registered Democrat named James Holmes, went into a movie theater and shot and killed 12 people.
      In 2012 Andrew Engeldinger, a disgruntled Democrat, shot and killed 7
      people in Minneapolis.
      In 2013 a registered Democrat named Adam Lanza, shot and killed 26
      people in a school in Newtown, CT.
      As recently as Sept 2013, an angry Democrat shot 12 at a Navy ship yard.
      Clearly, there is a problem with Democrats and guns. Not one NRA member, Tea Party member, or Republican, conservative was involved in any of these shootings and murders.

      SOLUTION: It should be illegal for Democrats to own guns.
      We don’t need gun control, we need Democrat control. Guns don’t kill people, Democrats do! Ironic, yes????

      • Calling them “disgruntled” demonicRATs is redundant. If they are demonicRATs its understood they are disgruntled about something or everything.

      • I still hold that most democrats are as good as most republicans; the difference is in the party leadership and party members choice to vote and promote as they see fit; just as Republicans do.
        I was a registered Democrat from 1962 until roughly mid 2013 at which time I change party affiliations. Most of my family were democrats and I suppose that is why I registered as such. I never voted by party though; I believe ANYONE who allows party to dictate their policies, or religion or anything else important in our lives is not worthy of voting.
        My main reason for leaving the democrats was Obama and the agenda he was PUSHING DOWN AMERICANS THROATs and the lies he would pass out here and when visiting abroad.
        We have seen in the past eight years how corrupt and dangerous the Democratic party leaders are. The activities preceding the elections shows the lack of values, integrity and honesty democratic leaders posses. Their losses in the elections showed many people are drawing away from their party dictates; maybe not from the party but ready to exercise their right to vote the way they feel is best.

        • For the most part TOTAL agreement BUT the B.S. lefties, SnowFlakes, and DemoCRAPTIC rioters are staring to outweigh the good! Not a good sign! I was registered as an Independent because I too wished to vote for the better, cough, cough candidate be they DemonRATZ or Repukelitans for about 40 years!! I’m now registered as a Repukelitan!

  19. Cowardly and nonsense are two words that define the dems to a tee .

  20. Congress brought it down on themselves. Lie and cheat the public long enough and somebody’s going to try to fix it by violance.

  21. Francisco Machado

    The Democrat Paradox: Every time – without exception – an even occurs that demonstrates to the sanity faction that there are reasons to be defensibly armed against firearm bearing ideological terrorists and lunatics motivated by Democrat homicidal rhetoric, the Democrat demagogues dive off the ballistic Gun Control cliff in favor of laws and regulations that will disarm only people who obey laws. Completely overlooked are the instances where a shooter was able to kill several – even many – completely unarmed and undefended people when the presence of a scattering of armed people could have terminated the slaughter. The only people their laws protect are the criminals.

  22. Army and navy, liked them both, missed Vietnam by months, but still proud to have served in both , as far as weapons go, Many, ammo much, and the list goes on, but, like my military brothers, I to took an oath, twice, and still believe in the United States Of America, I am ready, as I have always been, for the inevitable that we know is coming, our enemy stands proud, but when the SHTF he will sink into the crevices of society and blend, becoming hard to spot, much like our dessert wars of today, war has been a study of mine, and it has paid off, I will defend this nation, and true Patriots alike, my hope is those in government will change and see what’s become of them and true leadership once again rules this land with God given common sense, ( I can hope can’t I?) But if the new next few years plays out like the last step 8 1/2 were in trouble. Be ready.

  23. Liberals don’t like our motto, they aren’t comfortable with a land of the free or a home of the brave, they’d much prefer a land of the smothered in nanny state regulations that tell you what to do from morning till night and a home of the spoiled, entitled cowardly who are only brave when in large, screaming, ridiculously dressed groups.

  24. These Congressmen/women and Senators need to have conceal carry ability. They need to be able to protect themselves from people like this liberal whacko. If there had been no guns at this practice, all of the Republicans would be dead. Thank God the police in D.C. are able to have guns. I wonder for how long if the Democrats stay in power in that city.

  25. The real problem here is not the guns, it’s those who are trying to get them away from you using whatever means possible to do that like this scumbag lowlife McAuliffe. It is people like McAuliffe and Nancy Polosi and Maxine Waters, that are always during their base up and stand back and laugh at them because they’re useful idiots doing their dirty work. Well one of the useful idiots got killed yesterday in out of the closet comes the rats like McAuliffe and Pelosi , When they are in fact the real problem. Can you imagine if you were not armed and these people were in charge of the country what they would have their useful idiot and orchestra dude you and your family?

  26. Please take note of this—-The GUN, itself, did not do the deed! It was done by a PERSON who had bad intentions! We DO NOT need stricter gun laws, we only need to prevent the news media from putting out the kind of news that causes people to become irrational enough to do this kind of thing!

    • The GOP baseball practice shooting was an irrational reaction to the fake news (i.e. radical propaganda) the leftist media has been publishing to incite hate among useful idiots against President Trump and the GOP especially since hilLIARy LOST THE ELECTION.

  27. Very well and dramatically put that it is the person, not the gun, that commits the crime. The Capitol Police were sitting relaxed in their car when the shooter began his spree. They were right on it, but with all of the hateful and malicious anti-Trump rhetoric so prevalent in the media, they should have been on alert, searching the scene in the way the Secret Service Agents are wont to do.

  28. Statesman Patriot

    A spoon made Rosie O’Donnell fat, mirrors made Michael Moore ugly, and technology made libtard snowflakes stupid!

  29. Liberal Democrats are the scourge of America. They are NOT VISIONARIES but arrogant egocentric “TRICKSTERS” that use everything and anyone to advance their agendas. I used to think they were just extreme optimists trying to find “something” or “someone” they can promote. Not true.

    I truly do not believe that any more. The Dems are a bunch of scared children in grown up clothes, lost and desperate and willing to corrupt or destroy to push their agendas – they don’t care abt this country but only abt hearing their own sick twisted ideas of how they think the U.S. “should be” run.

    If they truly cared abt the American citizens, they wouldn’t be pushing for every illegal in the world to live here or demand our borders stay open for the radical muslims who cause death and destruction wherever they go.

    No the Dems don’t give a damn abt us or our Nation and not one of them should be in office! If Americans get smarter abt the democrats slight of hand legislation, perhaps next election not so many dems will be in office and eventually that whole disgusting party will dry up and blow away. America will have a chance to survive if that happens! Pray for a huge tornado to blast them out of this Universe!

    • demonicRATs are DEMONIC. They want to increase the power of their political party especially if that means weakening the USA.

      • Yes, they have NO vision abt their actions, absolutely none! So their actions end up hurting millions of people and they think they have made the world better in their own eyes.

        I truly believe they are emotionally dead and cannot feel how their actions hurt others. The really sad part is they “think” everyone thinks like them and when they discover they don’t (like Trump winning the election), they go into a meltdown of anger and betrayal. This is where we are at right now…the demonrats think they still know what’s best for this country even though their candidate did not win. To me that describes the perfect loser mentality.

        They will never get it that Americans want a better world than what they give. So we vote them out of office and let the bitter old hags retire to a funny farm deep in the swamps of Florida. Perhaps they can chat up a storm with the illusive “Stink Ape” that lives there. The demonrat’s I.Q. is abt at the same level…

  30. Could someone help me here???? I need the phone # and email address to Glock. It seems, according to DemoCRAPZ, I purchased a non working, malfunctioning Glock pistol! I leave it loaded and it doesn’t get up from where I last left and go out and shoot anyone! Damn it I spent good money for it!!!!
    I intend to ask them why they sell, according to DemoTURDS, a defective product and DEMANDING a full refund!!
    Sarcasm off! Have a nice day fellow Patriots!! If I made at least one person smile it was a win!!

  31. Other than his free speech rants, Hodgkinson wasn’t on any radar screen that would indicate he’s a serious threat. With no felony convictions (but several misdemeanors) he was therefore able to buy his gun legally. Democrats want to close that loophole by denying anyone from buying and possessing a firearm of any kind.

    Hodgkinson was a Democrat. It’s ironic that Democrats in general want the 2nd Amendment severely limited yet this Democrat further justifies the need for law-abiding citizens to protect themselves. Not even armed security were able to protect their charge.

    • I read that they were in their vehicle (?) that must be why their window was shot out. Should have been in the field scanning the area and protecting Scalise(?) maybe it would have been less that 5 hurt, they were not dressed in uniform so he would not have known ahead of time that they were there.

    • I have a feeling that his wife knew something, someone always has a feeling or knows something. He had a list of 6 Congressman belonging to the Freedom Caucus, mine belongs but was not on the list.

  32. That’s the way these left wing retards think. And I use the term ‘think’ lightly. To them, they and their allies are never guilty of any deed. However if a person who is white, Christian, heterosexual and/or conservative does a particular deed, they are to be blamed….all of them. Not just the person who committed said crime. Left wingers are the biggest hypocrites on the planet because of this.

  33. Not one single person in the united states thanks russia had any influence on who they voted for. Why are they investigating Trump, when the ones they should be investigating are hillary and obama. We all heard obama on open mic promising to make better deals. We got Hillary making on the uranium deal with russia. But they waste time investigating the wrong party. Lynch on the tarmac meeting with bill. Comey dropping charges on guilty Hillary. Let look at his offshore account’s.

    • You’re right on. It’s all so bizarre. I actually believe the deep state and Clinton crime family is so entrenched in D.C. it’s beyond comprehension. And when considering the trail of coincidental unexplained dead bodies that seem to surround the Clintons, at the end of the day, it’s hard to find anyone brave enough to take on and investigate those topics for fear of ending up in a park where it’s been decided they had committed suicide.

  34. How do politicians go into office most are next to broke when they get there 4 years later the 200 k a year job they are all muti millionaires. Something is very wrong with the math here

  35. The Democrat Party is a propaganda machine for the Communist Party and needs to be eradicated from this country.

  36. Disarm the Democrats by removing their tongues. Their ammunition is lies, and fake information. Stop the talk and the BS will end.

  37. I think if A gun I owned jumped out of the vault and attempted to shoot me I would get the biggest sledge hammer and smash till it was flat. That would be the demise of an over aggressive gun. GOOD Guns don’t shoot people BAD people do! Those guns that the NAZI’s (Democratic Party) wants to restrict are the same guns that took out lyin cheatin sack , murder/predator that shot an innocent Senator. Those on the left know so little about human behavior, that is why their such failures in life always deluded going with whatever the whim is at the moment. It shows what Gen. George S. Patton said, if everybody is thinking the same nobody is thing at all. It is dangerous to not question! Look at the Germans Nazi’s of WWII, Japanese, and so own, go ahead and drink the cool aid. What bunch of dumb fucks! The left wants to feed all you to the “alligator ” first hoping that they will be eaten last. Wake up search for the truth or you will be like those in the Concentration Camps that believed working hard would make you free. Did it? NO it made them dead they believed the lie and the deception that that those who control others perpetuate before they end you!

  38. For everybody who’s wrote a blog below. Evil only exist because good people fail to rise to the occasion. May God bless America. One other thing evil is like rust it never sleeps.

  39. As far as Terry Whatchamacallit is concerned he is nothing at all unless it is being an idiot! He no doubt is a socialist like the Clintons that he is a fellow anti-American trash bag.

  40. The real question should be: What wounds did the gun man have? Mayor Euille seemed to be close to this man a good friend of Gov. Terry McAuliffe and Lt Gov Ralph Northam – was this a set up for gun control issue that back fired for the Dems in Virginia? “Murder for Hire” is active and a pattern and practice under Gov. Terry McAuliffe and was covered up by Elite FBI Head James Comey. Where this took place within about a mile 5 people where murdered by opening their front doors. Charles Severance with all made up information was jailed for it. It was a kangaroo type trial.

    We then have our Supreme Court Justice Cynthia Kinser who let Michael Gardner out of Jail. He was a fund raiser for Gov et al in Virginia Dem party. He molested several young girls. The Virginia appeals court said no, The Supreme Court Justice Cynthia Kinser said yes, with the help of our new one Chief Justice Donald Lemons, Michael Gardner released did the “Old Boys Network” type of business he hired a “HITMAN” to kill the young girls so there would be no trial.

    And now we have our Gov. saying because of the gun laws 93 Billion people die a day. WTF?

    Virginia is not for “LOVERS” is is run by a Dem Mafia of the Clintons.

  41. More Bull Shit reporting !!Wake up Peps !!

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