Gun Decides to Shoot GOP Congressmen, Take Owner With It

As absurd as our headline sounds, it’s basically what the media and Democrats like Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe would have us believe happened on Wednesday morning. Before law enforcement authorities could even get their heads wrapped around the shooting, which sent Majority Whip Steve Scalise and four others to the hospital, the calls for stricter gun control policies were already in the air.

Democrats know they have to pounce when the bodies are still warm; you can’t wait for the facts to come out. Inconvenient facts like…the shooter being a deranged lefty who was slowly but surely radicalized by the Democrat Party’s increasingly-unhinged rhetoric about President Trump. No, you have to strike while the iron’s hot. So to speak.

But in fact, it was not a sentient firearm that launched the attack on Republican politicians at that Virginia baseball field. But it was a gun (or two or three) that stopped James T. Hodgkinson from killing as many congressmen as he set out to kill. It was the guns belonging to the Capitol Hill Police.

And of course, those guns didn’t act on their own, either. They were merely tools used by heroic law enforcement agents in service of peace and justice. On another day, in other hands, they could have easily been used for evil. The same can be said of the van that was used to kill pedestrians in London, the hammer used to attack a police officer days later, or the jets that brought down the Twin Towers. To focus on the means of killing and not the killers is not only cowardly, it’s nonsense.

It is a shame that liberals think that this is their moment to start re-energizing their fight to steal American freedoms away from us. It’s a tragedy, really. Because why do we have congressmen if not to ensure that our freedoms remain intact? That’s the whole point of this grand experiment we call America, isn’t it? The land of the free. It’s not just a bumper sticker slogan. It means something. And if we’re going to use an attack on a congressman – a by proxy attack on our representative government – as an excuse to chip away at the Constitution, then we are truly lost.

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