Guess Which College Just Blocked Another Conservative From Speaking

Just when you thought it was safe to go back to the University of California, Berkeley, the liberal college administrators are bloodying up the water again with their pick-and-choose approval of who gets the graciousness of their welcome.

This time around, it’s Ben Shapiro of the Daily Wire and formerly of Breitbart who’s getting the shaft from the university. UC Berkeley officials announced this week that while Shapiro is welcome to make some sort of arrangement with the conservative club on campus for a speaking event, he shouldn’t expect THEM to make any accommodation whatsoever for his arrival. This is the sneaky way they have – as seen in the Ann Coulter debacle – of censoring conservative speech while still maintaining an air of plausible deniability. It fools no one, of course.

The Young America’s Foundation, the national conservative organization that finances speakers to come around to address clubs like UC Berkeley’s College Republicans, said in a statement that the school was supposedly “unable to identify an available campus venue” for the event.

“Ben Shapiro is welcome on our campus and we are committed to supporting his, and your, rights to free speech,” said the university.

Shapiro, however, isn’t buying that.

“This bullshit will not stand. Don’t worry, Berkeley. I’m coming one way or another,” Shapiro tweeted Wednesday.

In comments to YAF, Shapiro said the university’s excuse was just that – an excuse.

“Using ridiculous pretexts to keep conservatives from speaking is unsurprising but disappointing,” he said. “We’ll find a way to get this event done, and UC Berkeley has a moral and legal obligation to ensure we do so.”

At this point, we can only conclude one of two things. One, the administration at this school is so terrified of the liberal anarchists that populate the college that they’re willing to give in to virtually any demands that they make. Or two, that even the anarchists are an excuse and the administration really, really believes that people like Milo Yiannopoulos, Ann Coulter, and Ben Shapiro should not be poisoning the young, impressionable minds of their students. And really, regardless of which one is true, the situation is equally as pathetic. The university has a responsibility to its students to expose them to different points of view and they have a responsibility to the LAW to make sure that free speech is welcomed on campus. And they have a responsibility to humanity to make sure that a handful of left-wing radicals cannot shut down ANY event with predictable threats of violence.

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  1. They just want to ensure that the minds they’ve already poisoned stay poisoned.
    Can’t have that nasty old reality sneaking in and swaying the young, impressionable and mislead away from their newfound love of everything but America and it’s values. Churning out more hate filled leftists who will do their bidding without questioning its massive stupidity is imperative.

    • We read George Orwell’s “Animal Farm” in Junior High School and learned the story of the Socialist/Communist machine. These people need to be taught how, if ignored, history repeats itself.

      Orwell’s apocryphal tale, once again, needs to be taught in today’s universities. (If the student body isn’t too steeped in Socialist dogma to understand).

      • I’m surprised ANIMAL FARM was not outlawed by the obama administration. Leftists want to stamp out everything that will expose the evils of socialism and communism.

      • sandraleesmith46

        Brave New World should be required reading too.

      • Stephen Griffith

        I seen the Cartoon of Animal Farm, last year got the DVD from the local Library. I agree that it should taught in the Public Schools as well. They need to know the Truth. I with you Capatin, aye aye sir!!! Right on the nose!!!

      • Animal Farm, 1984, Brave New World, Fahrenheit 451 , and books on “Logical Thinking” SHOULD be MANDATORY reading, but ALL these novels are probably BANNED as racists, xenophobic, and ethnocentric (just like Huckleberry Finn). After all , we don’t want the little “snowflakes” to be able to actually “think” independently and “rationally” do we? Otherwise they might actually become “Conservative” in their “World Outlook” ! God forbid! OOPS! My bad. I invoked the name of God. That is “politically incorrect”. Also, they should be made to watch and discuss the Twilight Zone episode “The Obsolete Man” (It is a prescient depiction of modern day academia).

        • …(just like Huckleberry Finn)…
          And the fools see a word, do not recognize the context, and fail to understand that Nigger Jim was a good guy, even a hero.

        • Glad they are not banned where my grandkids go to college. Guess their teachers must be a bit more normal than the California idiots.

    • Stephen Griffith

      So sad & oh so true.

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  4. Yeah, the Universities must not upset their little snowflakes, those precious little angels with feeling of mush who will be crushed like roadkill if exposed to conservative ideas.

    • Their heads might explode! What a shame! LOL

    • Academic freedom is blasphemy to the left. Truth cannot be tolerated except as they define it. Socialism and communism are titanic shipwrecks RUSTing on the floor of the social order.

    • Wanna bet that those little snowflakes were not taught right at home: honesty, morality, responsibility, etc. Kids whose parents leave everything up to the universities are the victims, and parents could be considered to have contributed to the child’s brainwashing by the university nutballs. A parent PARENTS. A leftist brainwashes. Simple.

      • No doubt, one’s life journey begin at home. If he’s left adrift there, all bets are off. And a country that believes sloth should be rewarded with free phones, food, healthcare and education is sliding toward destruction, as our $20 trillion national debt indicates is already afoot.

      • Unfortunately, just because someone is BIOLOGICALLY capable of having a child doesn’t guarantee that they are capable of being good PARENT.

  5. Berkeley at no time wants to expose it’s students to honesty and decency.
    The pedophiles that run Berkeley are more interested in shitting on America.

  6. Why is a single tax dolor going to this festering rat hole?

  7. Freedom of Speech is not related to the old idiomatic saying that “There is no such thing as a Free Lunch”
    I always thought that I could learn by listening even if it proved that who or what I was listening to proved to be a bad example or differed from my own beliefs and discussion was always a better way to learn than banning or shouting down a speaker or threatening violence or even condoning violence…………just sayin………….

    • THERE’S NO FREE LUNCH! By the sweat of your face you will eat bread till you return to the ground…. But socialists have tried to reverse that to get votes by inventing “food stamps” and other freebee handouts. Academic freedom is the highway to truth. Socialists erect roadblocks to keep young minds off that highway because they might learn something.

      • Stop all government free hand outs. After they get hungry enough they will go find a JOB to earn money to by food.

        • The ones you speak about johnn are more likely to rob and steal. But that is not justification to keep freebees available. We are where we are in this great nation because of failure of parents to be responsible and JUST SAY NO about having children they were not able to take care of without government assistance. Freeloaders have discovered they can get paid to have babies. Our problems mushroomed when a faction of the population told God to “Hit the road Jack”.

      • Well Said !!

  8. Post-secondary education has become the bastion of Liberal Socialism with most or many colleges preaching and poisoning young minds with their globalism propaganda philosophies! A sad commentary on our times!

    • Truly a sad commentary, spot on.

    • True! And we need to be doing more commenting, and we should do it strongly. When fire is not fought, it gets out of control. And that is why the left has as much power as it shows… is never actually fought.

    • If parents are paying for any of the child’s college, they should be picking the college their child attends.

      Liberty University in Virginia is the largest & best Christian University in the Country. I am sure there are more but this one is in my state.

  9. BERKLEY would welcome a speaker like the corrupt Jane Sanders, and her equally morally bankrupt Bernie, I’m sure. Or the red carpet for the corrupt Maxine Waters. BERKLEY is far worse than any dictatorship. This is not a University for learning but a propaganda machine that would hold book burnings and invite professors to play the fiddle while America burns.

  10. The battle is not political as much as it is between Good and Evil, knowing the majority of students (not all) have been brainwashed by liberal-anti-God Professors. When you’re a young adult, and away from home, being accepted by your peers and liked by your professors, who decide your grades, becomes your priority. You convince yourself that you believe everything they believe because for young adults (not all), the path of least resistance is a lot easier, and for some, moral standards do not exist. Speakers that conflict with the school’s brainwashing procedures are rejected, without consideration to their rights covered under the 1st amendment. If this brainwashing of our young adults continues, our nation will fall. Evil and Christianity are at a standoff in this country; the choice this past election was between Good and Evil, and thank God, it has been affirmed by the patriots that…… God is not dead!

  11. Its simply the school has its point of view and don’t want the students to hear a different point of view. The ol its my way or the highway attitude with them. I think that is the way Hitler would of done it.

  12. Berkeley is a just another liberal shit hole denying the first amendment, along with the others that ”offend” their squalid, kool-aid saturated and vile brains. If anything is decent, moral, truth filled and factual, these liberal indoctrinating cesspools will have none of it.


    • Yes, BUILD THAT WALL! And on the Mexico side of the wall, post a sign every mile or so that reads, “Abandon hope all ye who enter here illegally. Free lunches are done. Sanctuary cities closed. Voter ID mandatory. Go home and wait your turn. Period.”

  14. Cant see why any parent would want to send there kids to these type schools . But i can see why we need to cut fed funding to them I bet all the schools in Cal would support a muslummm

  15. anthony j. manzo

    It’s time for parents if they are good American PARENTS to stop their children from going to a school that does not believe in the CONSTITUTION. All piblic moneies should be stopped and any graduate who is American should NOT contribute any money to this POOR IMITATION of a school of higher learning. PS, Just being born in the US, doesn’t make you an AMERICAN ( only according to law) just as being born on a ship won’t make you a sailor.

  16. This whole State is in a death spiral, and the rest of the Country ought to boot them out of the Union.

  17. anAmericanByChoice

    The whole of Californicommiestan is doomed. Let them! Maybe with all the global warming and climate change bullsh|t goig around the Cali Iceberg will break away from the USA and drift into oblivion! Good riddance!

  18. They would not want their brainwashed masses to develop the ability to have critical thinking skills. They might actually develop logical thinking and be able to decipher right from wrong. Which could in turn lead to having morals and values that would induce patriotism. That would ruin their whole globalist scheme and attempt to gain control of our youths minds that they bend to their liking. They are sick people that are under the guiles of Satan!

  19. Any parent who deliberately sends his child to this (and many other similar) “university” needs his head examined IF he truly loves his child. If I had a youngster today I’d not allow him to go the university route unless he needed the sciences for a degree in things like medicine, architecture, nursing, veterinarian, etc…..those professions that require university degrees. Bear in mind that many professions that now “require” degrees do not actually NEED the degree to do their jobs quite well, but the degree lends “class” to the profession, and in my view that is the ONLY rationale for requiring degrees in some jobs and for some careers. Additionally, I’d not send a kid to university until I had made sure that he was brought up right, honest, responsible, and moral…..if I teach him those things, I don’t think a university can undo his early teachings.

  20. and if you remove all Federal Funding from any University halting the Freedom of Speech for any reason, they just might take another harder look at trying to help it along.

  21. The school i a public school–and I am saying I as a tax payer decline to have my tax funds be used as a Commie way of education–and will ask other friends to do the same.. Univ. Of California are a tax paper school and do not have the right to do by poisoning the mines of the students of this nation.. I am sending a letter to the President to ask that he stop funding the Unv Californian system — and to have tthe over all system investigated for the action of trying to over through this nation by the actions being taken

  22. The California school system is teaching the over through of the UDA–and teaching Socialism –they should be teaching democracy.. I feel we are in our school systems are teaching socialism–not what we should be teaching as outlined in the US Constitution

  23. It is time we as a country should throw them out–we are becoming a socialism country –instead as outlined in the Constitution a demoracy

    • Mr Gordon Sir: This country’s form of government is NOT a democracy, it is a Constitutional Republic. For those that do not understand, there is a great difference

  24. No more federal money to support that type of hatred towards man kind

  25. Robert Cuillerier

    What the hell is happening to OUR free speech? We have too many liberal arts University and not enough occupational University. Therefore, California University Board of Regent, start looking around and see how many of your graduates have the knowledge to get a job? DO NOT BLAME TRUMP FOR THE LACK OF KNOWLEDGE.

  26. Bring plenty of gun power with you and show up for the event. Shoot anyone that tries to harm you. That’s called self-defense and it’s a good reason to thin out the herd of brain-washed idiots.

  27. The left has no idea what’s in store for them next. And that’s what we want to happen.

  28. The rest of the colleges should block liberals from speaking. But then they would holler about it being unconstitutional because it is taking away their freedom of speech.

    • God’s Law – really??????????? Yes, death penalty for blasphemy, disobeying parents, not being a virgin on your wedding night, adultery and witchcraft. The last one will get you witch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. These are the same idiots who are running around screaming that we should open our borders to the savage animals who would gladly behead them for being so liberal. I say they should open their campuses to them and see what happens to them, especially the homo-snowflakes. There’s a special love for them from the savages.

  30. I’d like to boycott Berkeley.

  31. Colleges like Cal / Berkely are NOT institutions of higher learning! They believe in free speech, so long as they agree with what you have to say

  32. Colleges today are NOTHING like when my kids went in the 80’s. Now days I pray none of my grandkids go to college. It’s disgusting what brain washing is going on these days. So many of these “kids” are messed up with hate and drugs wallowing in elf pity. What has happened to America. Oh, it’s called Clinton, Bush and Obummer. So sad!

  33. Richard Muccillo MDDCM

    I am a UC grad/alum—I say shut them down and get rid of the fat woman president Nappy

  34. sandraleesmith46

    It’s SUMMER; find a LAWN and speak there! Let UC Berkeley deal with the MESS it causes! Maybe they’ll rethink their policies; but probably not!

  35. Isn’t disctimination in any form a federal offense?
    Well then the president, deans etc of the college should be arrested, tried and sentenced as well as federal funds stripped…

    • sandraleesmith46

      Sure; but discrimination against white conservative Jews or Christians isn’t discrimination by Liberal definition thereof; so it’s not a crime.

  36. Berkeley is becoming one of the USA’s most hated college. I would not send a person there for anything!

  37. i agree a sad situation with many misfits bad government lousy movies strange weather terrible food overpriced bad schooling one has to put children in private school to many people of color not against but it is an area where the whites have left area due to all the bad problems . I need to understand the American language not have to check someone to speak the language same with all cities to many have been allowed to enter we need to come back to our country.
    There are conservatives but unable to state their rights. Bring back my country get rid of the bad politicians
    Vote with your head look , listen and be patriotic otherwise move to a socialistic country

  38. It’s becoming more clear everyday that California may need to be removed from the United States. They just consistently do everything possible to alienate themselves from the Normal God fearing and loyal Americans.
    They openly harbor known criminals and fight any type of law enforcement available. Their unemployment and welfare policies use up as much as 30% of our nations federal budget designated for states federal subsidies. This fund helps all the states provide temporary unemployment and welfare to it’s CITIZENS not to anyone that just walks across the border and files for assistance. There are a few other states that need to wake up also.

  39. And Berkeley considers itself the “Home of Free Speech”, NOT. The only thing that Berkeley is now is a home for Antifa protesters. All they want is if you agree with them, then you are welcome. However, if you don’t agree with them, LOOK OUT.

  40. It’s just pathetic. The UCB isn’t afraid of the students starting to think for themselves, but a fear that the administration and the faculty will get confused. Umm… maybe I should say ‘get more confused’!

  41. The state of California became a great and growing state because of the thousands and thousands of Military veterans coming home from the wars they were proud to fight in! Then, something really ugly happened, folks like most of the o-called “Stars” and morons like Gov. Moonbeam came along and now, well it a downhill run-away train wreck headed at the taxpayers in the so-called Golden State! Hey folks in CA, that’s your tax money that makes the politicians so happy and wealthy………………..Get a Clue, before it’s too late! Oh, I lived there for 58 years of my life, and I still remember how wonderful it was back when common sense was not a violation of State Law!

    • I was born in Calif about 90 years ago. Very good place for years since then. Right now I live in southern Nevada, but often visit friends and family in Calif.

      And from what I understand, southern Calif is still pretty good. The coast area around San Francisco and the Berkeley area has problems. At this point, it might seem as if the whole state was tilted on edge and the loose stuff just rolled westward.

  42. File a federal lawsuit for 1at amendment rights! They would!! And sue the shit out of the collage and file a civil lawsuit against the students for infringement of your rights as an American citizen! Then let’s see how many of them riot because then we can expose them personally and liable! And there’s no denying their part! Millions$$$$$!!!!!

  43. Liberalism/Socialism/Communism…
    Variations on a philosophy which promulgates the belief that it is possible to pick up a turd by the clean end, and, moreover, that it will taste good. This also has the effect among its adherents of ensuring all the available misery is shared equally by everyone except those in charge.
    Because some pigs are MORE equal than other pigs…

  44. Berkeley has ALWAYS BEEN LIBERAL…FOREVER! It has never had a Conservative day in its life…just demonstrations, hippies, flower children and Progressives. No one on that campus – except the Young America’s Foundation – even knows the definition of Responsibility or Consequences. I bet they’ve been removed from all the college dictionaries.

    What amazes me is the not so smart parents who send their kids to that Liberal School with ash trays — oh excuse me, School with POT trays. If you don’t do the research parents, you deserve exactly what you are going to get from that Institution…Entitlement with a Capital “E” and not much responsibility acceptance from that crowd.

    So having the “Institution” be so flagrant about who can speak at their Halls is no big surprise to anyone who is familiar with Berkeley. Actually, it is exactly who they are and what they do…but now they do it because they truly are stupid people running that Institution. Sorry, I can’t honestly call it a University when all of its instruction/demeanor is so one sided. That would be the definition of an Institution, not a University.

  45. So who is surprised that this campus might obstruct any speaker not in alignment with the Liberal, progressive, democrat agenda?

  46. berkley has been radical since the 60s , defund them

  47. Cut off all Federal Funding to this liberal cesspool!!

  48. Economic is not a science.

    Assumed repetition patterns are unwarranted.

    Economics is a non linear system and therefore subject toChaos Theory. It is not close to an exact science. Someone will win theelection and that is not going to have an affect either sooner or later. Power
    has not shifted. We will have a cliff until it collapses imminently andinevitably It will not be corrected, because collapse of fiat currencies has always remained ineluctable

    The fundamental problem starts with a denial of the reality of change. The idea that our economy can be modeled by some kind of long term pattern

    The collapse of our country is caused by the government control over what is taught in Schools at all levels without regard for the truth. which is resulting in great harm to the strength of our country.
    of constant economic growth modulated by periodic business cycles justdoes not match any objective measurements of reality. The economics
    profession is of limited value in understanding the problems of our economybecause almost all of the profession wants to deny the reality of
    qualitative change. In any case, there are no economic policies thatcan manage dimly understood processes of long term change. Change
    primarily driven by technological advance is the dominant reality of human
    history. The post World War II era is rapidly fading into the past. All of the different hopes of recovering that era are also lost in the past.

    It is inexcusable that school search the Federal Reserve Act Fractional Reserve Systems are legal and viable
    when the Supreme Court has made an error in deciding the Acts are constitutional

  49. Do we get 3 guesses & the first 2 don’t count?

  50. These “leftist liberals” are very dangerous “bubbleheads” who live in a cocoon of their own delusional thought – these are the people who believe Jane “Hanoi” Fonda did the correct thing when she was responsible for the murder of POW’s in Hanoi. I have more respect for the “love crowd” of “Woodstock” & Bobby Seale of the “Black Panthers” then this Berkeley bunch of over intellectualized “twit” heads. They have NO moral compass to distinguish what is really right or wrong for the common man. They proselytize their progressive, diversity ideology with no thought as to the consequences when suddenly a Muslim extremist shoots over 40 people in an Orlando night club. Their ability to distinguish between a belief system and what actually happens in “the street” is diminished & inept because they lack any meaningful life experience that would teach them the difference. Woodstock was in 1969 & most of those people went on to meaningful jobs & families. Get a grip Berkeley – free speech is for everyone. And if you want to foment violence then do it in Afghanistan or Iraq wearing a uniform that stands for the “moral high ground” and you just might grow the fuck up!

  51. Stephen Griffith

    The Leftist Propaganda Colleges & Univerisies do not want their Zombie students to know The Truth. They want them to be Mindless Zombies, that will march to the beat of their Drums. To talk, act, walk, speak, & live according to their Leftist Lies & Hate filled Propaganda. They are told, that anyone that disagrees with what they are being taught. Is a selfrighteous bully, that is seeking to harm them. Which is not true at all. For when someone seeks to share The Truth. It is with Love, not hate. But the Leftist Liberals seek to Poison their young minds with their Propaganda which is Despicable, Disgusting, Degrading, & Dishonorable Etc. & they should always question this Massive Stupidity at all times, everyday & night!!!


  53. I would recommend doing what U of MO conservative alums have done: quit donating & don’t send your kids to schools that don’t practice free speech. U of MO hurting—bigly!

  54. The administrators of Berkeley should be prosecuted for consumer fraud.

  55. Consider who are running universities. Generally, they are not people who know business nor people creating value. It seems that those people who are comfortable in large organizations tend to flock to larger colleges. Large colleges give no guarantee of proving practical educations.

    Two of my sons attended an agricultural college and thus got into a practical educational environment. Then, two younger sons graduated from UCLA, which really provided a non-Berkeley environment. My fifth son dropped out of high school and seems no worse of because of that. So, all seemed to work out OK.

  56. SOLUTION???

  57. Berkely officials don’t want the embarrassment that now comes with conservatives and Republican party appearances on campus. The embarrassment that comes from the mercenary appearance of protestors exhibiting prehistoric tendancies in defending territory even though the territory is public ground.

  58. Professors at Berkeley have a long standing reputation for being some real scum bags

  59. If they’re not going to do their job, trump should use the federal funds to allocated for this college and going there with federal people and do the protection that they refuse to do and do not give any more federal funds to the University of communist California.

  60. Keep in mind, Janet Napolitano, Obama’s early Secretary of Homeland Security, is a KEY figure in the educational system in Southern California.
    She drove the Obama agenda on handling the illegal immigrants coming into this country; basically, look at them and ignore them as she forced Border Guards and ICE to pretty much ignore the illegals – – the Obama “open borders” that Napolitano sold to Obama.
    She has been supporting illegals and the left political circuses in Southern California ever since she left Obama’s side; there is no doubt she is still at the top of the mess California is faced with!

  61. If UCB receives money from the Gov regardless of its use then all Monies should be stopped asap and let UCB either fund its self or go under. All Money from the GOV needs to be stopped until they clean up their act. To allow all the thug protesters come and destroy buildings that WE pay for is BS. It has to stop somewhere and this is as good as any place to start. Fire all the faculty members and start fresh. If the campus police will not step in to stop the protesters get rid of them too. Friendly protests are just fine but when it gets out of hand and they start destroying buildings this radical behavior must be stopped.

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