Group on a Crusade to “Educate” White People About Racism on Social Media

Most people see virtue signaling as a thing to be avoided, but apparently there are some liberals who are so infatuated with the idea that they’ve turned it into a part-time job. Thus was created White Nonsense Roundup, a collection of…well, we think the scientific terminology would be LOSERS…who volunteer to patrol social media for places where they can stick their noses into arguments about race.

The group, comprised of roughly 100 white people determined to “relieve people of color from the emotional labor of engaging with a person’s racist or racially insensitive thoughts,” was profiled by CNN this week…and man, it’s the kind of thing that almost makes you sympathize with the guys carrying torches in Charlottesville.

CNN explains the group’s function:

Say, a person of color makes a post about Black Lives Matter. Then others respond with ignorant or offensive comments. That person can tag White Nonsense RoundUp to snatch some edges — or, better put, to educate people with context and fact-based views.

Think of it like roadside assistance for social media debates you’re tired of having.

“It’s really unfair that we expect people of color to experience racism, but then also explain it to us,” the group’s co-founder Terri Kempton, a book editor and college instructor, told CNN.

So, a couple of things.

One, just because a white person disagrees with a (and we’re really starting to loathe this term) person of color on an issue of race, it doesn’t automatically make them a racist, a troll, or an ignorant, privileged fancyboy who needs to be “educated.” Guess what? These aren’t matters of FACT. These are matters of OPINION, as hard as that is to realize by following the mainstream media narrative.

It is not a FACT that Black Lives Matter is a positive organization. It is not a FACT that African-Americans are oppressed by a racist system in the U.S. It is certainly not a FACT that police officers are running wild, murdering young black men with impunity. In fact, we’d go as far as to say that some of what you see “people of color” peddling online is nothing less than anti-white racism mixed with outright lies and myth.

A bit more:

Chenoa Alamu discovered White Nonsense RoundUp when she came across one of their posts that said it’s not the job of black people to educate white people.

“I just couldn’t believe what I was reading. It was such a breath of fresh air,” said Alamu, a violinist in Springfield, Illinois.

“I feel strong enough and have felt strong enough to have conversations about race on my own. But I was getting tired,” she said. “When I saw the (White Nonsense RoundUp) post, that’s when I was like, ‘Phew, finally somebody white who gets it … someone willing to carry the burden of racism.'”

And that brings us to our next point. If someone disagrees with you online, you don’t have a “burden” to prove them wrong. You can just…walk away. You can just…go about your day like nothing happened. Your job in this life isn’t to convince everyone on Facebook that they’re wrong and you’re right. If it’s a troll who is impervious to reason, then why bother bringing in outside help – that’s not going to do anything but waste more of your time! And if you simply lack the ability to argue for your own opinion…then maybe instead of bringing in reinforcements, you should actually wonder to yourself: Hmm, am I actually right after all?

But of course, in the eyes of the mainstream media, ALL people of color are right on ALL matters of racism (conservative blacks being the exception) so there really is no debate to be had. Thus, we need “white allies” like the hambeasts of White Nonsense Roundup to go around and “prove” that whites are responsible for all the evil in the world.

Just when you thought social media couldn’t get any worse…

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