Groomer Epidemic: 135 Teachers Charged with Child Sex Crimes in 2022

On Thursday, Fox News published their analysis that looked at local outlets reporting the arrests of teachers and teachers’ aides within those areas, and got a picture of the fuller extent of educators committing sex offences involving children, nationwide.

“Arrests that weren’t publicized were not counted in the analysis, meaning the true number may well be higher,” the outlet adds as a disclaimer.

Over three-quarters of the examples found by the outlet involved students in the alleged crimes. The date range for the analysis went from January 1 to May 13, 2022, and the locations for these incidents spanned across 41 different states.

A further breakdown of the findings:

  • A gender breakdown of those arrested was 105 men and 30 women.
  • Fox News determined that 102 of the sex crimes involved students, 30 did not, but 13 cases fell into an “unknown category.
  • The pool of arrests includes 117 teachers, seven substitute teachers, and 11 teachers’ aides.

Outreach director of Parents Defending Education, Erika Sanzi, told Fox News that the federal government needs updated research about teachers committing sexual abuses against students. The last study done by the Department of Education in 2004 found that nearly 9.6 percent of students have been targeted at some point during their time in school.

There was a 2014 report from the Obama administration’s Government Accountability Office, warning administrators about child predators getting jobs in schools.

“Educator sexual abuse is a major problem that largely gets ignored because it’s so uncomfortable to talk about. While a very small fraction of educators and school employees prey on the children in their care, one bad actor can do damage to many students,” Sanzi said.

Sanzi also brought up recent efforts in Rhode Island to close a loophole in state law that allows teachers and school employees to have sexual relationships with students, as long as they’re at least fourteen years old.

Christopher Rufo of the Manhattan Institute claimed it was a tragedy that there’s not enough research on the teacher sex abuse issue.

“Parents deserve to know exactly what’s happening in the public school system and deserve to have tools for protecting their children from abuse. Congress should immediately fund a $25 million research program into child sexual abuse in public schools and provide complete transparency for parents. The first duty of public schools is to keep kids safe – and, tragically, that’s not happening in far too many cases.”

The topic of sexual abuse in the public education system ignited social media attention earlier this year amid backlash to the Parental Rights in Education bill signed by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

Christopher Rufo brought significant spotlight towards the company policies of the Walt Disney Corporation, when he leaked the internal reactions from Disney staff about the Florida bill.

Other recent reports about US educators targeting children include an Oregon teacher who allegedly sent a nude photograph to a student, a Florida teacher convicted for a 2018 sexual battery against a 13-year-old student, a California charter school teacher being accused of “29 lewd acts with children, including statutory rape,” a Georgia Christian school teacher being sentenced for sexual assault and child molestation, and a North Carolina high school teacher being arrested on over 50 sex crime charges.

Original Article: GROOMER EPIDEMIC: 135 teachers and aides charged with child sex crimes so far in 2022 | The Post Millennial

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  1. Parents could fight this if they had school choice. If the MONEY
    could go with the child, the parents could decide where their
    children go to school. This is going to become a much bigger
    problem, parents will not allow so called educaters to destroy
    their children. FIRST get rid of the school boards, all of them.
    Activate PTA, remember them?????

  2. Jesus said it best in Luke 17:2

  3. Just another step in the communist playbook. There is nothing left of the USA, just an empty husk. The nation has been taken over from the inside by a small minority. It’s the same,time proven strategy the communists have used and are using world wide.

  4. Funny. Most teachers are DemonRATS.

  5. Absolutely ridiculous that this is just now being looked into. I have been saying this for years. We are allowing sexually confused individuals groom our children without any oversight whatsoever. When schools start keeping the parents in the dark while teachers school boards and administrators push woke ideology the inevitable occurs. Sex education should be limited to reproduction and nothing more. This nonsense about 40 plus genders is nothing less than indoctrination in twisted sexual ideology based on nothing but confused people wishing to create victims for themselves. So when you hear that these woke ideals aren’t hurting anyone you should Absolutely push back and understand that perhaps the majority of those espousing these views have good intentions there are those who are just looking for opportunities. When we decide anything goes in our kids education we are only opening doors for predators. This needs to stop immediately. When a student knows their teacher’s sexual predilections there’s a problem. This is just common sense.

    • There needs to be more vetting of someone who teaches. Some states only check for sexual crimes committed in that particular state but throughout the United States or even out of the country if needed. Maybe we might need to install cameras in all classrooms, gyms and coaches offices etc!

  6. You parents better wake up and smell the coffee. I wouldn’t trust a teacher as far as I could throw them.

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