Graham Drops Out, Claims Race “No Longer About 2016”

South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham dropped out of the GOP presidential race this week, surprising no one. Graham struggled to make even the slightest showing in the polls, never able to break out of the “kiddie” debates and make a play for the big stage. In a Republican field as crowded as this one, though, he’s not the first good candidate to fall by the wayside and he certainly won’t be the last.

Graham was the voice of war, long before a fresh series of terrorist attacks hit Paris and San Bernardino. Upon announcing his departure, he predicted that the rest of the Republican Party would come around to his way of thinking on the Islamic State.

“I think the nominee of our party is going to adopt my plan when it comes time to articulate how to destroy ISIL,” he said. “We’ve fallen short here, but the fight continues. To those who are doing the fighting, I want to be your voice.”

In a subsequent interview with CNN, Graham said that his wing of the Republican Party was in trouble. “What’s happened here is sort of my lane of the party has collapsed,” Graham said. “This is an election for the heart and soul of the Republican Party. This is no longer about 2016. This is about who are we as a party, where do we want to go, and where do we take the country.”

Graham has not made a secret over how he views the current frontrunner. After Donald Trump announced his proposal to halt Muslim immigration, Graham told Newsmax TV that the real estate mogul was “a complete idiot.”

In terms of voters, Graham leaves little on the table for the rest of the candidates to fight over. Even so, his departure could change the race more significantly than it might seem. The party’s establishment has helped him tremendously. The leaders and donors who were in Graham’s corner will likely move on to another candidate now, leading inexorably to a moment – which surely can’t be far off now – where the establishment coalesces around a single candidate.

When that happens, this race will really begin. Voters will be presented with their final choice – Trump…or someone else. Right now, it’s looking more and more like the “someone else” will be either Marco Rubio or Ted Cruz, but these things have a way of changing rapidly. And you can’t forget about Dr. Ben Carson; he’s not on fire the way he was a couple of months ago, but he’s still very much at the top of the polls. Of course, the Republican establishment may be no more willing to support him than they are Trump.


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  1. His “eulogy” is pathetic. So another idiot bites the dust. Who cares.

  2. Tell the truth. Graham drops out because his numbers were failing. No one wants a RINO in office and he is being exposed as such. RINO means hypocrite in Republican clothing.

    • Lindsey KNEW he had no chance. He’s a loser. He was only in it for the free money. After he burned through his five supporters that free money dried up. Goodbye Lindsey, you won’t be missed!

      Jeb, are you listening? Time for you to go! You are all done.

      • Jeb has been done before he started. All the money in Texas will not get him anywhere.


      • The Media and GOP is really pushing Jeb!! That is why the GOP is drying up and FAST!! If the GOP pushes someone to the center and they have remained in the back of the line since this all started, then we NEED a NEW PARTY for the Conservative American voter!! We now have the CAIR THREATENING any one who will THROW them out!! That is UNAMERICAN and I am ready to THROW these people out before Obama makes them registered Democrats!!

  3. Another RINO bites the dust. Yes!!!

    • Amen to that!!! He would have been the worst rino President and I am so glad he dropped out. He never should have been running because everyone knows what a big rino he is.

      • These idiots love the smell of unaccounted $$$ thrown to them and then they go and retire like King & Queens!! I am on Social Security and so is my wife and the S/S office WASTED $$Millions to let us KNOW that we did not qualify this year for an increase because the cost of living did NOT go up enough!! Are they living in another world up there in DC??

        • lindsey graham is one of the biggest idiots and should be fired. He is another good reason why we need term limits desperately. I also am on social security and the idiots in DC are giving themselves a big raise but cannot give us seniors any kind of cola increase. Their excuse was because gas is now cheaper we don’t need a raise even though food, medicines, medical bills and everything else has gone up in price. They always just look for an excuse. Another thing this pisses me off is that we are paying income tax on our social security even though we have already paid taxes on our income. If they would just stop taking taxes out of our SS we would be much better off.

        • Yes they are living in another world .& it sure isn’t ours.

        • This fine government of ours took every dime of my military disability away from me.. And beginning just yesterday, they are taking 1/3 of my social security away from me. I’m losing the house and will have to rent a room… FUCK THE GOVERNMENT UNDER THE PMIC!!

    • Yes!! I see the WALL of TRUMP coming up soon!! NOW, it looks as if we will have to build another on the Northern Border because Canada’s PM Trudeau is far more Left winged than his daddy was and is continuing to allow these refugees to move to Canada!! Ask the people of Germany if their Chancellor made the “right, humane” decision! Come on people WAKE UP!! Now we, MUST get TRUMP into office and IF the GOP wants to remain the GRAND OLE PARTY, they had better get their act together!!

  4. What Happened Graham? Did the “Free” Money quit flowing in and it was COSTING you too much to campaign?? You and so many of the other low bottom ringers need to bow out “with dignity” and IF you want to REBUILD the GOP, get behind TRUMP/CRUZ for President & Vice President. If you want the GOP to bite the dust and dry up, watch and see IF that Wicked Witch of the NY area get into office and ALL of us, as GOP supporters will NEVER be able to get anyone into ANY office!! Tell the GOP to quit sending me requests for $$ UNTIL they assure me that they will BACK OUR nominee, Donald J. Trump!!

    • Y E S S S S !!!

    • LG is a flaming liberal RINO as duplicate of John McCain
      Who the hell would back this toad???

      • You got it!

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      • When my ship pulled out of Vietnam, we should have left mccain there. He’s a turn-coat!!

    • Exactly that is the point the establishment is missing we will no longer support the establishment Republican part because they are going along with Obama & the liberals. We got them elected to STOP Obama & they just helped him…. they didn’t do anything. Now we got Ryan in there doing worse…he needs to go & so does anybody that does not stop the ILLNESS OF LIBERALISM in our government. Get back to conservatism or your all are out. Not RINO….CONSERVATIVE.

    • As a New Yorker who lives upstate in the country—I can tell you all that the only people who voted for that witch were inside of New York City–we mostly vote Republican and get stuck with the scumbags the city votes in…and suffer the embarrassment of these shitters. TRUMP ALL THE WAY !!!

      • Glad to hear that!! Why cannot NY remove NYC from the rest of the smarter people of NY? There are ALL kinds of scumbags that move to NYC and San Francisco, too!


          • Still waiting for California to fall off into the Pacific Ocean!! I thought that back during a World Series years ago and the Earth started to SHAKE, that was the SIGN, but still waiting!! Actually has gotten worse. And these bums are moving northward and ruining the states of Oregon, Washington, and Colorado. Follow the weed!


    • Not gonna be another election. We’ve been in the NWO since obama took office and there will be some kind of outbreak or riot and obama will declare martial law and remain emporer.. Better wake up, floridaboyee, You can google the Gerogia Guidestones, or better yet, if you’re in Florida, drive up to them in the northeast corner of Georgia. Read the new commandments on the stones. This is what we are under now. We now have the antichrist and the final pope who is the false prophet

  5. No sane person wanted Lindsey Grahamnesty anyway!!!!

  6. Graham has been a RINO ever since he cleverly convinced South Carolina he was a conservative, then turned on the voters after he got to DC. How he continues to be re-elected escapes me, but his small group of state sycophants was never enough to get him to the White House. He failed to realize how well other voters actually know him and don’t like what they see.

  7. Graham may have like “our boys” a tad too bit, but he is too eager to send them into war. Another neocon. We don’t need another.

    • Why you’d use that Liberal buzzword for Graham escapes logic. He’s nowhere close to being Conservative.

      The Democrats in charge are doing a fine job at war mongering. Are they neolibs?

  8. AND Graham is only about Graham!! 2016, the American people, the constitution, uh uh, just Graham!

  9. Wasn’t he for bringing in refugees, Well I just read on WND that they started to arrive in South Carolina

  10. Thank goodness he’s dropping out! Now if a half dozen more would drop out, we could concentrate on those who have a chance to be the nominee.

  11. Graham why don’t you do a Lincoln Chaffe and run as a democrat when your conservative base deserts you…

  12. Graham you failed, because you are a FECKLESS, MODERATE R.I.N.O., a closet democ-RAT and everyone knew it. Now go back and sulk in the corner like a good whipped puppy. Maybe one day you will actually drop a pair.

  13. dear GOP. No more rino’s! what part of that don’t you understand? You don’t represent us and so the mainstream republicans go blithely on their way into oblivion. Good example?. Latest spending bill for us from none other than “rino ryan”……. See the new boss? Just like the old boss…………………..that’s why trump is in the lead. He is saying what we are all thinking. You republican in name only better get on board here. We are sick and tired of your business as usual baloney. You have the majority in both houses and yet you let the dems have their way over and over again. WE HAVE HAD ENOUGH OF YOUR WEASEL WAYS, AND LACK OF REPRESENTATION AND WE ARE GOING TO TAKE IT OUT ON YOU! Don’t bother sending out any surveys or request for support…you wont get either.

    • But you forgot, as Ryan said, they got the right to export oil!!!!!!!!!

      • Yeah…I missed that because I was blinded by the eyewash and stunned by the almost total capitulation. Wont get fooled again! Merry Christmas to you!

      • Ryan is full of sh*t as a Christmas turkey. We conservatives have no chance with Ryan.


          • We can’t wait much longer……..or we won’t have a chance of getting our country back.
            everybody is going the liberal progressive way……..and it won’t work!

  14. The GOP sold out their “heart and soul” long ago. The party has become more and more akin to the democratic party.
    And Rubio is a perfect example of the problems within the party. He supports illegal immigrants being given amnesty. He supports an increase in the VISA programs that will cost American jobs. Had he bothered to show up for the vote on the omnibus bill he would more than likely voted for it. Even though it blast off the spending caps, funds Syrian refugees, increased VISA applicants, continues funds for planned parenthood, and did nothing to shut down sanctuary cities.
    A vote for Rubio is a vote for the final nail in the coffin of what was once the United States of America.

    • By not voting he is not on record of supporting the omnibus plus it still passes without his vote. Nice trick, you go Rubio.

      • I am from Florida and I would NEVER support RUBIO!! He has NEVER worked a day in his life for a living, but he is sleek smooth talking Spanish speaking RINO and he THINKS people are DUMB enough to vote him into office! Stay up there in DC, since your homes were confiscated in Florida for non payment!! Maybe you can get a job as an interpreter .

    • Brenda…..I couldn’t agree with you more! Rubio = Amnesty for illegals.

  15. The best way to defeat ISIS is to withdraw US and Saudi funding and training camps .

  16. He calls another canidate stupid, but he should look at himself.

  17. And your PARTY, via Paul Ryan, just sold out the Country to the Socialist/Communists or worse. And they did it all because they were AFRAID they might LOSE a little POWER.
    There were only 4 true Conservatives, most of the others were Socialists, in the big list at the start: Walker, Jindal, Huckabee and Cruz. You,Graham, and Walker and Jindal are not out of the running. The only Viable Conservative Candidate remaining is MR. Senator Cruz. But IF I know the ‘Party’ they will not support Curz but will sell out to the Socialist/Communists in the end. They always do!

    • Cruz is in all probability the most intelligent of the group. I like Trump, but would vote for Cruz in a heartbeat. Anybody, but an establishment Republican………or a Democrat!

  18. At this point anyone with less than 10% in the Polls should drop out so we can concentarte on running a real Primary.

  19. Lindsey is right, it is about the direction and future of the Republican party. We’ve spoken. We don’t want a war-mongering democrat running as a Republican.

    Bye, Mr. Graham.

  20. He said that this is about where we want to take our country. The majority of the American people do not want to let the UN take over our country like the Rino’s are letting happen. Kick them out-the Rino’s and the UN.

  21. This whinny little bugger has no clure what a horrible representative he already is…How did this creep get re-elected in his state…Re electing idiots like Graham must stop now.

  22. I see the Graham cracker little weasel and butt buddy of the Muslim-Marxist jihadist also uses the term ISIL instead of ISIS! He, as his partner in treason, J.”McShame” need to be made to leave the sorry-ass GOP! REVOLUTION will be the SOLUTION, they know that and that is why they must disarm “US”! Armr==================================? States must start manning militias as our trampled on constitution permits the states to do; this communist regime is aiding and abetting terrorism and it will be up to the states to protect themselves from our Muslim-Marxist jihadist’s Islamic terrorists that he is having imported! The Muslim flees the “Outhouse” at Christmas time so as not to offend his Islamic religion and brethren – it should be obvious by now, sheeple!

  23. Who the heck wrote this article, calling Graham a “good candidate,” as if to lament the fact that RINO Graham has dropped out? Utter nonsense! There is nothing good about RINO Graham concerning the Republican party, true conservatism, or our Republic. He has done more to further leftist ideals than perhaps any other member of the Republican party during his time in Congress. It’s way past time that Graham not only dropped out of his bid as a presidential candidate, which he has only done to avoid further embarrassment, but also to drop out of Congress altogether and be replaced by someone committed to restoring our constitutional Republic, and the Constitution for the united States of America (original) to their lawful and intended status.

  24. What has actually been gained from the prosecution of a “war on terror” overseas? Iraq is a mess. We have been in Afghanistan for 14 years and it is still not capable of handling its own internal security for the “democratic” government which requires it. Christians have been persecuted and killed, few of the Muslim countries of the Middle East and North Africa have a stable government where it is safe for Americans or Western Foreigners to live or work. Anyone who thinks that war overseas against Islam, while allowing the refugees from those countries into the United States, is a sensible, coherent policy is whistling “Dixie.” There are sensible policies which will work, for which the only “name calling” would be justifiable shouts of “DISCRIMINATION.” So be it!
    The dead would be glad to discriminate.

  25. Another little pukey whiney RINO

  26. No surprise. The race isn’t about democrat supporters. We have had enough of the other democrat party. Its time for Christie, Bush(?), Carly Fraud, Hasich, Sanitarium and who ever the establishment wants. Oh yes RINO Anchor Rubio,are those ears part of his disguise?

  27. The GOP needs to get its head out of its behind and actually look what is happening around it. More and more Conservatives are leaving this politically “pooped” party because it is going nowhere. It doesn’t listen to the Voters but tries to force its own ideas down our throats.

    We are done with these idiots and like another blogger said, STOP SENDING EMAILS ASKING FOR MONEY. I wouldn’t give matches to a little child to play with, so what makes you think I’d give $$ to an organization of halfwits to promote the wrong candidate? Scrap all the old Rinos and try rebuilding a better GOP – then get behind the “We the People’s” choice for President, Donald Trump!

    • Americans will start cleaning out the closet in 2016 in beyond. We will institute our own term limits on all those with over 12 years in Congress. It is time for new blood with fresh ideas like representing those that put you in office, not the Corporations!

  28. GOOD! We don’t need any sellout RINO’s any way. There are already enough problems.

  29. The whiner will not be missed, he has been in DC since dirt was discovered and he didn’t seem to influence anyone to do the right thing, that is what always amazes me come election time all these DC politicos make all these assurances if elected they will change everything, shoot they are the ones that put us in the miserable condition we’re in now.

  30. Graham has a knack for grabbing a hold on a conservative issue and having a leftist or RINO stance on others. He is no champion of mainstream America.

  31. Mr Trump puts fear in the hearts of assholes. That’s why they dislike him so!!
    GO TRUMP GO ! ! !

  32. INFO TO AMERICA . >>> If you only knew how many SOUTH CAROLINA VOTERS > E Mailed ~ Phoned in / to Grahams office and told HIM HE is Not-Wanted > but his need to resign is MANDATORY to SOUTH CAROLINA Voters / oh he has the CAMPAIN Money * MILLIONS ) WHICH he will STASH i n his greedy back pocket ! IT TOOK TIME BUT THEY DO KNOW HE IS AN EVIL DESTRUCTIVE GREEDY ~ POWER HUNGRY ~ MONEY HUNGRY EMBEDDED ELITE 3 RING DC CIRCUS CLOWN TO BE REMOVED !

  33. as should any of the others below 5ish percent…but they will hold on, at least til after Iowa…

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