Graham: “At This Election, God Showed Up”

Evangelical leader Franklin Graham never endorsed either presidential candidate, but he said that Donald Trump’s victory – which he termed “the biggest political upset of our lifetime” – suggested that 2016 might have been a year when divine intervention played a hand in determining the outcome.

“I could sense going across the country that God was going to do something this year,” Graham told The Washington Post. “And I believe that at this election, God showed up.”

Graham made similar comments on Facebook:

Did God show up? In watching the news after the election, the secular media kept asking “How did this happen?” “What went wrong?” “How did we miss this?” Some are in shock. Political pundits are stunned. Many thought the Trump/Pence ticket didn’t have a chance. None of them understand the God-factor.

Exit polls show that, despite all the talk, evangelical Christians came out in force for Trump. He won that piece of the electorate in a landslide, defeating Hillary Clinton 81-16. The man who many see as a strange choice to represent the values of Jesus Christ captured the imagination of Christian America in a way no Republican has in a long time.

For liberals, this is proof of religious hypocrisy. They’re mocking Trump’s voters like never before. Oh ho ho, you just voted for a thrice-married New York City blasphemer who thinks it’s pronounced “Two Corinthians.”

Here’s what they don’t get.

Evangelicals were never under any illusions about Donald Trump. They didn’t stick their heads in the sand, hoping that if they kept their eyes closed, they could believe that Trump was a man with deeply felt Christian beliefs. Contrary to what the mainstream media would have you believe, Christians aren’t dumb yokels.

They are, however, sick of losing. And they understood intuitively this year that it wasn’t going to do any good to nominate a Ted Cruz or a Mike Huckabee just to watch them get creamed in the general election. They saw in Trump a man who, despite making missteps that would have seemingly destroyed any other candidate, KEPT WINNING. A man who wasn’t afraid to come right out and say the things that other Republicans only hint at – or, worse, actively reject.

And then there’s the Supreme Court.

It would be fascinating to rerun this election without Antonin Scalia’s death. It might have made more of a difference than we realize. It put this election in stark, clear terms. A vote for Hillary Clinton was a vote for the first liberal-majority Supreme Court in decades. A vote for Trump was a vote to keep the court restrained with constitutionalists and, perhaps, even shore up a conservative majority for a generation.

Evangelical Christians knew what was really at stake in this election. The #NeverTrump crowd could learn a lot from their example.

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  1. Franklin Graham said that God was going to do something this year, us as Christians couldn’t agree more. Donald Trump and Mike Pence are being led by God to lead our country back to the Lord.
    Now we have liberals who are demonstrating, for what? My message to these liberals is don’t blame Trump! He’s not president, he didn’t do anything to cause this. You are rioting for nothing! God bless America!

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    • When hard core democrats finally realize the dem party changed to socialism 30 years ago and now is a commie, muslim attack on U.S. Patriotic Citizens Freedom & Rights the wannabe dictators will die …. !

      • Hate to disagree but “You can lead a horse’s @$$ to knowledge but you can’t make it think!

      • ward: actually let’s go back to the DNC’s published 1963 Communist Manifesto to take over our Republic, the feds taking our taxes to own the school systems, and teacher unions. All appeared at about the same time and like a lobster, we let ourselves be killed by increasing laws, controls, and constantly saying we were fine.

        • Reality of democrat socialism was post depression of F.D. Roosevelt when he pushed socialistic recovery which at the time was necessary for recovery but WW2 changed his goals to become a socialistic nation; thank GOD … ! Capitalism created the success and a #1 Nation under God until another dem was elected then the theft of U.S. $$’s again took over by government no longerFor & By Patriotic itizens ! Kennedy created the rip off of Social Security that was retirement investment & turned into socialistic, health, education & welfare to take care of the free loaders & non-tax paying school districts of poverty and put the only bureauracy that was in the black into the red in 2 years … Socialism sucked then & still does have the stench of dictatorship created by the freeloading lazy asses that do not belong in the U.S.A. to use U.S. Freedom to destroy U.S. Citizens Rights … !

          • Okay? But it WAS LBJ not Kennedy that first started the raping of S.S.! LBJ was the first of many using S.S. to try to balance their budgets!! LBJ took every nickel, dime and penny from the S.S. Trust fund in one fell swoop!
            One more thing to thank the DemoRATZ for!

          • As a history expert and political analyst, you would make a pretty good operator of a hot dog stand.

    • If you know your Bibles, you will see that God quite often uses not-so-holy men to achieve his aims. And the Communist/Marxist/Fascist stench had already reached up to meet God’s nostrils. God did this. No one else..God did this and we would all do much better to remember what we almost lost.

    • Dkix1ey, no the current president as Soros’s puppet has worked diligently to destroy our Republic of America and kept saying we are a democracy when we are not!

  2. God showed up because millions of nominal Christians realised that Satan was about to take over America. Now they must keep fervently praying 1 – for Trump to be saved 2 – for Trump and Pence and their families to be protected and 3 – for the enemies of God and mankind to be confounded and their plans brought to nothing – George Soros comes to mind.

    • Well, Lady Gaga proved that when she marched out on stage with that damnable half Satanic half Nazi costume on. Oh, yeah, and one word destroy Clinton…We the People were about to become a real basket of deplorables.She said it herself,”I believe that Americans need to go to camp, for we do not want to be around people who do not have the same believes as we all share! Then,the villagers and the natives ran/not walked to the polls in real time like madmen, for the black jackboot was about to come right down on our heads. We would all do well to remember that these dangerous ideologies are of EUROPEAN IMPORT and they have no room in them for the natives or the villagers,just the ruling class and the elites. Our Constitution was about to be thrown into the ash bin of history. Well, now it is time for all good Marxists, Nazi Fascists and Communists to be thrown into the ash heap of history…trouble with those trash bins are that they can be resurrected for future implementation.

      • Madonna reneged on her Clinton BJ promise! Not that I would have taken her up on it by lying to her saying I voted Clinton! I PROUDLY voted for Trump/ Pence!
        Now if only the 23 celebrities that said if Trump won they’d leave the Country would ACTUALLY leave I’d be happy! I would have posted a link BUT some sites get upset!
        They are:
        #1) Jon Stewart
        #2) Chelsea Handler
        #3) Neve Campbell
        #4) Barry Diller
        #5 Lena Dunham
        #6 Keegan-Michael Key
        #7) Chloë Sevigny
        #8) Al Sharpton
        #9) Natasha Lyonne
        #10) Eddie Griffin
        #11) Spike Lee
        #12) Amber Rose
        #13) Samuel L. Jackson
        #14) Cher
        #15) George Lopez
        #16) Barbra Streisand
        #17) Raven-Symoné
        #18) Whoopi Goldberg
        #19) Omari Hardwick
        #20) Miley Cyrus
        #21) Ruth Bader Ginsburg
        #22) Amy Schumer
        #23) Katie Hopkins

        • I would be glad to help them pack.

        • I don’t see a name on the list that our country needs and should leave as soon as possible. Problem is, they will still be idiots; just in another country. Actually their is some places in Russia would be great, or maybe Iran, Iraq or Saudia Arabia. They would be able to reform those countries.

          • I have a nephew who should go with them yesterday his mother and I had a nice talk she brought up Hillary all I said everyone has some thing wrong he was in another room playing games on his computer he is 50 years old and never works he lives off his mother isn’t that nice his mother told him to go to his room and he would not move he yells at his mother also he makes elder abuse take him away with all the star PLEASE

          • You are insulting the mother.

            You are insulting an individual who is obviously developmentally disabled.

            The mother needs your support.
            Have you considered talking her place for a day?

            Have you considered researching all the service providers that provide assistance to families caring for developmentally challenged adults?

          • Total panty waste & a libtard idiot ,while his mom sucks welfare & condemns discipline !

          • Your name is missing.
            Please, hurry up. America needs you to leave.

          • Sorry, I was afraid you had died. America needs more people like me; GOD fearing. You do realize that Trump was elected due to GOD’s will. You do know that, right?

        • The U.S. is better without these 23 asses & the more of their type that leave the better the U.S.A, becomes in a government “For & By U.S. Patriotic Citizens”, “In GOD We Trust” !

        • Ha! Didn’t some say New Zealand? They should not let one little 7.8 earthquake scare them off! Sure it will be fine! Don’t use it for an excuse!! There are plenty of other lovely countries. How about Germany? I here there’re still taking refugees!! ????

          • Have you ever experienced an earthquake?
            I doubt it. If you had, you would not insult those who have.
            Pray one does not swallow your house,
            let alone your loved ones.

        • I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for that SCUM to prove their B.S.

        • A list of all the republican congressmen, that stated they would stand with the democrats against Trump, needs to be compiled. They are nothing but RINOS, and should be flushed with the liberal/democrats. Replace all of the above with regular citizens. Mandate term limits, no SS protection details for obama/biden and their predecessors, no more retirement plan, same health care as we have under odumbocare, legalize insider trading for everyone.

          • Trump is Nixon resurrected.
            He will probably make Nixon look like a saint.
            You have not yet seen even a preview of what is to come.

            I suggest you begin your education with The United States v. Trump, 1973

            Trump is cureently on trial for criminal noney laundering.
            Maybe he can serve from a prison cell.

          • Ah Yep!!
            Term Limits and Drain the Swamp. Ad infinitum! For those that don’t understand the words it means again and again in the same way!!

          • And add in a requirement that ANYONE seeking office above local (city) level needs to be a veteran or an alumnus of the Peace Corps or some other similar organization

        • Everyone who can afford it are already leaving.
          The jackboots will be sounding on your street next week.

      • “Those that do not learn of history in tyranny are doomed to repeat the demise of Freedom” !

      • American bigotry, hate and ignroance on display for he world to see..
        Is it not beautiful to behold.
        America is failing and there is the evience why,
        right there in tjw Kleiman post.

    • Uh, Enemy, the Trumpites have claimed that Trump has already been “saved.” If you had paid attention to Trump’s trumped-up spiritual journey, you would have known that he and his acolytes brought together a number of prominent religious “leaders” to pray over him and declare him “born again.” That little huddle included a good number of con men and con women of the “prosperity gospel” species, who regularly contaminate cable television with their promises of great wealth and good fortune to those who will send MONEY to them. Included in the array of truly deplorable holy hucksters backing Trump are Paula White and Mike Murdock. Check out this info on Murdock and save the link in case you have some future need for an emetic:

      Trump is basically theologically illiterate and spiritually depauperate and is using his association with “spiritual leaders” in an effort to offset the known and published truth about his definitively un-Christian corruption in his relationships with women and in his rancid business ethics.

    • The muslims are the anti-Christ and a murdering cult from hell, not a religion … ! Their invasion on world humanity has the same genocide intentions as WW2 hitler .. ! The muslims supported hitler’s murdering !

      • Islam is the second largest of the world’s religions.
        Religious bigotry insults everything America represents.

        To what lengths would you go to save your life?

        Hitler was a Catholic.
        Hitler condemned atheism

        Hitler described religious leaders such as “Confucius, Buddha, and Mohammed” as providers of “spiritual sustenance”.[

        Hitler thought Christianity was finished.
        The Germans supported Hitler.
        The Catholic Church supported Hitler.
        The Lutheran Church supported Hitler.

        • Then tell those Moslems to stop being such bigots toward everyone else’s faith as well. It was only in response to the Islamic expansionism that the Crusades were first raised, even if it did later degenerate to a bunch of Christian nations taking their own battles to the Holy Land.

          • Your history is more than a little off.
            The Crusaids were about Catholic wealth and power. Religion was the excuse.

        • Look again. Izzlam is a cult, not a religion. It thrives on control of the people. Kinda like what the catholic church used to do, early in its existence, but not so much now, as catholics have gotten smarter and realize that it’s flat out DUMB to let anyone rule their very lives.

          • Islam is the second largest of the world’s religions.
            A “cult” wth 1.6 BILLION members???
            You are a religious bigot.

    • GOOD point, ESPECIALLY about that POOR excuse for a human being SOROS.

    • Suggest you invest in a mental health professional.
      Trump sold his soul to Satan.

  3. Sec Navy needs to deploy SEAL TEAM 6 to be additional
    security along with SS to protect The Trump and Pence
    family’s as there are a lot of mentally disturbed democrats
    running loose.

    • Jim “a lot” is an understatement….

    • You are so right but the bo E.O.’s that let illegal foreigners & muslims into the U.S. are a #1 threat that bo created to destroy U.S. National Security & support him as wannabe dictator with a new populace !

    • NO, I said that first. There had better not be one red hair missing from that man’s head. He needs some cup bearers and food tasters.Chis Christie would be just the man for the job. He has been licking Trump’s boots ever since he was smeared in the nominations.

    • You betcha!! Trump/ Pence please watch your six!!

    • Jim, and excellent suggestion and I and many of us want him protected against those who would take America’s Republic over to communism and slavery.

      • You mean people like yourself?
        People who support poor wages>
        People who buy foreign goods?
        People who woukd see the elderly,
        disabled and poor put in the streets?

        • It is difficult to buy anything other than foreign made products in the USA – unless you like apsartame, high-fructose corn syrup, MSG or salt.

          • Difficult??? How’s about damned near impossible. One would stand a better chance of winning the lottery (big one) 10 times in a row than finding something actually 100 % made in America!! Emphasis on “100%”!
            Back in about 2004 or 5, my fiends wife worked in what was one of the last few “blouse mills”. Her job? Cut out the made in China tags on the men’s shirts so the could sew in the “Made in the U.S.A”.!! I believe(?) it was the Arrow shirt line, may have been Van Hussen! Regardless it WAS one of the “BIG” named shirt manufacturers!! The only thing made in the U.S.A. was the little tag!!
            Two things one MUST remember:
            #1) if there are NO periods between the u, s and a, Then it is made in USA, Japan which was founded/ formed in April 1967! For it to TRULY to be made in the U.S.A. it MUST have the periods,ex. U.S.A.! No periods? Made in Japan! Sneaky little slant eyes! They knew most people were looking for AMERICAN made goods!
            #2) if any one or more parts are made in America, then the manufacturers can claim the whole damned thing was manufactured here. If I’m not mistaken they can also claim it if it was assembled here with 100% foreign parts! WTH over??

            We the American people have been conned by the manufacturers!!! Anymore about the ONLY thing 100% made in the U.S.A. is cow farts!! LOL!

          • I remember hearing about the Japanese “USA” trick a while back!!! Thanks for bringing it back so people will know what to look for.

          • You and all are welcome! I learned of this back in the late 70’s and early 80’s when I was laid off! I was trying to do my patriotic thing and buy “AMERICAN”! I happily bought USA thinking I was helping out my fellow Americans. Then I stumbled onto the article about the periods between the letters, man did I feel like a horses @$$! Now I know yet it is still damned near impossible to truly buy American! Except maybe cow farts! LOL!

        • Irene Elizabeth Grooms

          I think you’er pig doo doo.

    • There are plenty of “locked and loaded” wingnuts who have posted on many forums their intent to instigate armed insurrection against Obama, based on their frequently posted ASSertions that he will declare martial law (more often than not ignorantly spelled “marshall law” by such illiterates) and remain in office after his legitimate term expires. No surprise; that sector of deranged humanity thrives on myth, paranoia, and absurdity.

      • bo’s E.O.’s of abused power are proof enough for belief in his wannabe dictatorship that points to his crony administration that supports his treason and dereliction of duty to his sworn oath … ! Is this what you are posting as facts of interpretation for libtard B.S. & twisted finger pointing ..?.. !

        • Congratulations! That post earns you the Master of Deflection and Irrelevance degree. You ever so conveniently and transparently ignored the fact that many nutjobs subscribe to the silly-ass martial law absurdity so often posted by wingnuts, but that kind of evasiveness is what I have come to expect from crackpots on the right.

          • Leave the U.S. with your asinine libtard indoctrinated stupidity & your future dictator will pull your head out so the stench of hell can dominate the 3rd world demise of your choice ! Your proof as a libtard ass hole does not deserve U.S. Freedom & Rights …. !

          • I am not so stupid as to have bought into that “martial law” nonsense so many of your fellow wingnuts have such misplaced and irrational confidence in. Again, you ignore facts and reality in favor of childish insult!

          • “Wingnuts”… ? “Chldish”…? You a stripped nut that has no functional use has to be as irrational & beyond repair as insults can get ! Get lost with your 3rd world dictators… !

        • THAT about covers it!

        • Accusation, accusation, accusation
          Not one valid fact.

          • ward is sulking because that long-expected Obama martial law has not happened yet and he wanted it s-o-o- badly so he and his fellow throwbacks could “lock and load.”They are left with little to do with their guns but shoot rats down at the landfill.

          • They have been telling that lie for 8 years, When the Fourth Reich begins, they will not turn thei rheads, Rather, they will actively prticipate.

      • ALSO on Political crooked HACKS!

      • No, it is called justice.
        The man violated the embargo on CUba.
        The man sold weapons to ISS.
        The man supported Russian spies.

    • You are 100% right! The Clintons are known for making people conveniently disappear FOREVER. Anyone that publically disagrees or knows dirt on either killary or willy should be very very careful. Many people have never been found.

      The clintons must have their own private Hit Team to do their dirt so nothing can be traced back to them.

      I believe Trump is too well known all over the World for the Clintons to pull anything. Still, he has a beautiful family and I pray he has the BEST Security that money can buy to protect them all.

      It wouldn’t surprise me if B&H still try to do something. After all, once a criminal, always.a criminal!

      • You are the only one that I’ve seen or heard of telling the readers all about the Clintons enemies AND friends leaving this earth with NO “SO CALLED” witnesses. Evidently, money does talk.

        • Since you asked:
          http://www etherzone com/body.html
          You’ll have to insert the periods after www and etherzone!

        • Money covers up many things, not only disappearances, but building a fraudulent persona to convince Americans that he is genuine, e.g. barrack hussein obama. I’ve done a great deal of research on that fraud and know that he was placed in our government by George Soros – a multi billionnaire. Barack’s whole life was created and formed with $$ from Soros so you and I would think he was a good ole American family and he was a U.S. citizen. He is neither. I discivered in 2007 that barack was born in Mombasso – way before he actually threw his hat in the ring. Then the fake Birth Certificates surfaced that anyone who knew PhotoShop could see the changes — many siftware expecrts checked them and every expert said they were fakes…and had been changed. Plus the descriptions used in the Certificates used today’s terminology, not that of the early 1960’s.

          I could go on, but TMI. Just know that Soros had become good friends with killary this past year. For what reason? Remember his plans for obama…and what would have happened to the U.S?
          A lot to take in, but the present administration is just as guilty as killary. They all need to be tried for treason and imprisoned for their crimes. When that happens, a new stronger America will emerge.

          • Eight years lter, you are still telling the same old kie.

          • Irene Elizabeth Grooms


          • If Trump is elected, you will need your God. You will pray every day you sit behind the fence in a concentration camp.

          • uh I believe Trump WAS just elected…have you been in a Cave? Electing Trump saved us all even the “losers” from the concentration camps (remember Fema?) & perhaps the Guillotines & the mass burials planned by Obama…read about that? Why does our Obama government have millions upon millions of rounds of ammunition stocked away??? Should I go on??? Get out of your cave…

          • Have ypu heard of the U.S. Army? Air Force? Marine Corps? Navy?

            Have you heard of the Iraq War? The Afghaniostan War?

            How much ammunition is needed for a war?

            How much ammunition would be needed if America was attacked?

            I suggest you seek mental health care.


          • Oh, you believe that the American government must wait until we are attacked to prepare to defend America?

          • Trump WAS elected.

          • No he was not.
            The Electoral College elects the President.
            The Ekectoral College will vote on Dec. 18.
            Congress will count the vote and announc the winner on Jan. 6th.
            Pease learn how your government functions.

        • Thou shalt not lie.
          Something many people taje to heart.
          Trump is a bigot and a liar.
          Start the United Staes v. Trump 1973. there are over 160 more federal cases, 100s of state cases and over 4,000 cuvuk cases.

      • If that were the case, Trump would have been gone a long time ago.
        Why do you need to tell these lies?
        Why do you embarrass America this way?
        Why do you believe it is acceptable to lie?
        Why do you believe it is acceptable to repeat lies?

    • Why do you need to tell this lie?
      Why do you embarrass America this way?
      Why do you believe it is acceptable to lie?
      Why do you believe it is acceptable to repeat lies?

    • By definition, Democrats are dangerous.

    • Are you certain that those Demoncraps have ANYTHING in their heads that would allow them to be mentally disturbed?

    • My son-in-law was a NAVY SEAL and is still involved as a retired SEAL in keeping the lines of communication hot within the SEAL family! A typical SEAL, he says very little but stays in touch with the SEAL mates! All special OPS personnel are true to their oath and can be counted on! I was not special ops but served during wartime in an Armored Battalion in a support position for ground troops, the details of which I’m not at liberty to disclose! Suffice it to say my combat training prepared me and my crew in a mission support role!

      • It is always fun as a former Marine Radio Operator to
        call in Artillery on someones butt brings such good
        tidings on the recipients.

        • Great post brother, as a former tank jockey firing 90mm and 105mm down range at specified coordinates was a site to see! The turret mounted .50 cal wasn’t so bad either! Thanks for your service! My best friend post war to this day was a Marine infantryman in theater, a solid guy!

    • Unfortunately, SEAL TEAM 6 was killed (murdered) five years ago in a suspicious helicopter crash. The investigation was blocked by the Obama administration.

      • While You are quite correct that SEAL Team 6 took a
        major hit with the downing of Extortion 17 they are not
        destroyed and have probably re built the Unit. And I am
        very hopeful that there will be a Full congressional investigation
        into just How this happened and if the information about the
        Mission was compromised by someone in Washington Dc.
        And if so then allow The new SEAL Team 6 have the person or
        person’s for retribution.

  4. God used Cyrus, a “non Jew” (Christians) to rebuild Jerusalem (USA), people forget that “all have sinned”, and “Sinners” is all God has to work with in this world. Everybody will have to wait until Jesus returns before they’ll have the “PERFECT” candidate for “PRESIDENT” of the “WORLD”.

  5. You bet God show up for us to take our country back. Their is no doubt in my mind God had a hand in this.

  6. Once again we see that God works in mysterious ways….

    • I prayed to God for Trump to get elected vs the skank. After the Election I again prayed to God thanking Him for Trumps win. I have again prayed to God to protect and watch over Trump for his term(s) as President. I hope God is listening!!

    • Keep our guard up by praying without ceasing as God’s Word commands.

  7. Yes Franklin Graham had a lot to do with getting the word out on his 50 state tour – I saw him in Austin and he was powerful – never said who to vote for but pretty obvious to vote for biblical values who that would be.

  8. Thank GOD for blessing the U.S. return to government for & by U.S. Patriotic Citizens and a Christian Nation !

  9. Dirty Mouth Harry Reid should be sent to the HOME ??

  10. Elizabeth Raynor Short

    Like many others, from the beginning I felt the hand of God on DJT. I am not an evangelcal. I am Orthodox Catholic. Many of us across the spectrum of Chritianity have felt God’s hand on DJT and the USA from the begining. God bless and protect DJT, his family and team, all citizen and the USA.

  11. What people don’t know or want to know is how many past presidents had mistresses, took and gave bribes, only attended church to get votes, mostly were progressive working to take over America (sound familiar?), and in general bad people but people were not as informed as we are today with TV, even lousy lying MSM, newspapers, magazines, etc., so choosing Trump was not because of what he supposedly did or did not, but the fact that most of those past presidents were democrat and protected but that was not to be this time. Thank you Wikileaks especially but all the above for showing us we had better step up to the plate and endorse and vote for a candidate that had the skills, abilities, loves America, and so much more. We won the lotto and the losers, like all losers, are crying in their beer and wondering how and why? Simple. We real Americans for our Republic finally decided enough was enough and we proved it by the thousands attending and listening to Trump and the truth instead of relying on being fed lies and not necessary debasement of a candidate vs. a candidate with few attending rallies and spending time running down Trump, being snarky and with an evil and dirty past that luckily kept coming out more and more. Well, which would you choose? A candidate with great and good possibilities or a candidate that was nasty, filthy, evil, and no skills nor love for America but her pockets (Clinton Foundation) and to hell with us and our Republic? Logic won out!

  12. So now we know: God selected a thrice-married, adulterous, thin-skinned, narcissistic, foul-mouthed, racist sexual predator to lead this “Christian Nation”!

  13. i would like to know when justice ginsburg plans to pack her bags and move to new zealand like she said she would it’s timke way past time if you ask me for american taxpayers and citizens are put first in their own country instead of foreigners and foreign country’s it would not suprise me if they don’t try to kill trump in order to keep power and make their agenda of ruining this country

  14. There is no God, Trump won because the people are tired of inertia and corruption in D.C., particularly the Clintons, as well as the stagnant economy of the ineffectual Obama administration.

    • Thank you for voting for the right person for the right reason. You are still invited to become a believer even if you are an atheist. May God bless you until you do believe.

  15. Contrary to our current presidential leadership, America is still a Christian or christian leaning nation. My family, as Christians, were in prayer for God’s mercy on our disrespectful nation. Our prayers were that He would show His power over the will over a decadent mankind and that He would save His nation that at its foundation was established on His values. The multitude of prayers and petitions were heard by our merciful Savior. A new national leadership now stands ready in the wings to take control. Let us all continue to pray for the protection and wisdom with future decisions our new administration will be face to make.

  16. Trump won by standing on America’s founding principles and campaigning on what he would do for ALL Americans. HRC lost because the Democrats are still doing what they’ve been doing for over 30 years: Concentrating all their efforts on voting blocs instead of what’s good for ALL Americans.

  17. I voted early for Trump because I feared that if I died, I would become a Democrat. Trump be da man!

  18. So God showed up and handed us a man who cheats his workers, does not seem to pay taxes, and who likes to grope women. What kind of God is that?

    U.S. Secret Service
    Office of Government and Public Affairs
    245 Murray Ln,
    Washington, DC 20223

    Please do not assume it’s a joke, let the Secret Service decide that.
    Please provide screenshots, recordings, video, or what ever evidence you
    have. Thank you.

  20. Believe me, the Secret Service will take “Grand care” of Mr. Trump and Pence! After 8 years of putting up with Odumbo and his “house of Idiots” such as Clinton, Kerry, The “thing” at DOJ, they are looking forward to finally being treated as human beings and give the praise they deserve for doing a very dangerous job!

  21. Yes, God showed up and the evangelicals showed up and helped to elect Trump. And, I say thank you God and thank you evangelicals.

  22. Angela Camden-robertson

    We may have elected the Anti-Christ to the office. But what choice was there? Hillary is the personification of the establishment bought and paid for member of the society pledged to getting themselves and their ilk in power and staying there

  23. As a Christian, I felt more peace with Trump. I made up my mind first day I watch him on TV. The SPIRIT. I VOTED TRUMP.

  24. And “God” gave us a woman groping bloviating loud mouth who is impulsive to the core as well as being somewhat lazy. What kind of “God” is Mr Graham talking about?

  25. Maybe your god. Teu,p worships the God Profit wirh greed.

    My God feeds the hungry, clothes the naked, and houses the poor.
    Trump has denied him from day one of the campaign.

  26. Why did Frankin Graham not endorse Donald Trump? He should have, because President-elect-Trump will be standing between him and the destruction of Christianity which we have known all our lives.

  27. The firepower rests with conservatives in this country by a very wide margin. However they will not abuse that power I am certain. What Americans better do is got to work as there is a decline going on that is denied by the media (that is strange that they DON’T get how bad off the USA is) and only positive action will give us a chance. This debt, sending jobs overseas, and overspending on unproductive things has left us with a mortgage that we cannot in all likelihood pay! Andrew Cuomo in NYS seems to be leading the charge for disruption! Most of NY counties would seced from NY if possible. Look at Pennsylvania jobs! Just across the border New York’s Southern Tier is in deep trouble!

  28. I laugh at these ignorant..Liberals complainting about Trump being Married a few times which they seem as sinful. But yet they praise Hillary Rodham Clinton who is a lesbian. And has now an affair with Huma. Hillary Rodham Co-Worker. And old Bill Clinton. Billy Boy Clinton. AKA peanut head. Who is groping women and airliners. Yet those ignorant ..Liberals don’t mention the sins there doing. Yet they love to throw the first sin towards Trump. But yet try and make Hillary Rodham Clinton. Holy then thou! ?? A saying from the bible. He who is perfect and without sin. Let me cast the first stone. Another thing is before cleaning up someone else’s backyard. Clean up your own backyard before helping someone else clean there back yard. Definetly these so called liberals are ignorant of knowing and telling the exact truth. The only thing that Liberals do is spew out incorrect information and truth.

  29. Jim Scofield : I quote what you said here about the seal Team 6 need to protect the Trump family and Pence family. Are you for real? The Trump family and Pence has been disloyal towards our military service personnel. I am sure if you talk to some former Millatary personal as well as veterans. They wouldn’t have a kind word to say about That racist trader President Obama and family. As well as the Pence family. Neither about the Traders of Clinton’s either. You lack a lot of knowledge about Obama family and Pence family as will as the dirty Clintons. Shame on you. As far as I am concerned all these families plus there co-Horsts of crimminals who associate with them. Should all face a Military firing line. And be shot until dead. They have all turned from the people of this United States. And the people of this here United States. And spit on our flag and the people.

  30. Amazing what can happen if Christians actually get out & vote…huh? Wonder what would have happened in2008 & 2012 if the same thing occurred? God Bless Trump & Pence & their Crew & God Bless America including the “losers” who are really winners!

    • We did get out there 2008 and 2012. Those elections were stolen. Obama was PUT in office. And this election was set up for Hillery and it fail to go thru. (Thank God.) There was an intervention from above. And she is so mad, she is biting nails in half. And so unbelieving that this could happen, she is going crazy, recounting votes and cursing everyone. She truly believes it was ”her turn”. Sad, sad, and if she don’t get over this and accept and move on, she will have a mental breakdown. And i feel sorry for the mental ward that gets her. And Bill….he will just go on his merry way….

  31. It is the politician’s that run the world. God never left. He just observes.

  32. If Mr. Graham is correct about Trump being elected, we may be looking at the “end-time” scriptures in the Bible. GOD does elect the leaders who will fulfill his words (Proverbs 21:1).

  33. I believe Phil Robertson said it this way, ” Better a man who sticks his foot in his mouth a few times, than a woman who spews out lies.” Nuff said.

  34. God has never left the universe. Any religious person should know that. It is certain people who run it. Even if the people voted more for someone else !

  35. Many other Christians saw this as well. From the start. God gives His children insight even if we are not involved in politics..we see what others dont see. We know what is going on..which is why millions of us pray. Hillary obama and their groups fear God which is why they want to eradicate. Christianity. Foolish

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