Graham and McCain Need to Get a Grip

While the rest of the Republican Party is busy celebrating the Make America Great Again movement and hoping for good things to come out of the Trump era, Sens. Lindsey Graham and John McCain can apparently not come to terms with the new direction of the conservative movement. Every time they get in front of a microphone, we can only conclude that they would have been much happier with President Hillary.

Last week, it was McCain’s turn to tell our friends in Germany that Trump’s ideas were not those of America. This week, he’s letting Graham take the lead with an uncalled for assault on the new White House budget proposal. Graham told reporters, “It’s not going to happen. It would be a disaster.”

Speaking specifically to the cuts to the State Department’s foreign aid budget, Graham said the budget was “dead on arrival.”

“A budget this lean would put those who serve overseas for the State Department at risk,” said Graham. “And it’s not going to happen.”

In the proposal, Trump called for $54 billion in spending reductions in conjunction with an equivalent increase in military funding. The cuts would take a significant amount of annual funding away from the State Department and the EPA.

Graham is not alone in criticizing the budget proposal. Marco Rubio tweeted: “Foreign aid is not charity. We must make sure it is well spent, but it is less than 1% of budget & critical to our national security.”

Let’s be clear: We’re not necessarily in disagreement with Rubio and Graham on this point. And it’s a point that Trump himself occasionally downplays or seems to miss, which is that most of what America does overseas in terms of “charity” or military aid is done for us, not the country in question. Or, in more generous terms, it serves both purposes.

But let’s also come back to reality: The White House budget seldom looks anything like the final version passed by Congress, so it’s not like these Republicans should feel pressured to come out with this kind of knee-jerk reaction. In many years, Congress barely even pays any attention to the president’s budget. That’s their right. They are Congress. They hold the keys to the kingdom.

So knowing that, what made it so urgent for Graham and Rubio to once again loudly and publicly disagree with the Republican president? We have the Democratic Party on the verge of total and complete internal collapse, and you think that this is a good time to have a slapfight over foreign aid? Wake up!

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  1. Michael Dennewitz

    I don’t know about graham but mccain was our little Vietnam “songbird!” Personally, I don’t trust ANY politician, but mccain, even less. At the end of his last term, mr songbird will be ancient! He needs to be put out to pasture IMMEDIATELY!! ?

    • I’m ashamed of myself for voting for him when he ran.


        Your right Palin had the brains and balls on that ticket !

        • Yep, she was the one that did most of the speaking……….When McCain knew all along that BOBO was not a legal citizens and was not legal to run as CIC………

        • Palin was the only reason I even bothered to vote that year. McCain is a cretin.

      • Sometimes, it pays to look up facts, but facts disappear when that person is running for CIC….

        I loved it when BILLY stated on national TV that Chelsea was not his biological daughter as he only shoots blanks………….He must have been really ticked off at hildabeast that day…….

    • The country would have been better off if McCain had died in that prison camp.

  2. I’d like to get a grip on McLame and Graham…

    • You mean McLame ass the Graham Cracker LOL….

    • are you reporting they finally came out?


        Of the same liberal closet !

      • Haha! The only one that don’t know that McNutty and Graham Cracker did not come out are they themselves!!! Everyone else knows!!! They are practically Siamese twins they neen the good doc Ben Carson to step in!!

        • Ben Carson is a human being………..McCain & Graham are insects………..

        • They were practically “holding hands” at Trumps speech when they were on camera.

          • When they walke in together they really were almost holding hands!! They looked like two old gay hags! ?

          • Just because they both have female partners means nothing today. Rock Hudson was an extremely handsome totally macho guy who dated dozens of the most beautiful Hollywierd actresses for years. But in the end the truth about him killed him. The entertainment industry is mostly a bunch of perverts trying to make their lifestyles the norm. It will never be.

          • Holli-weird is nothing but faggots

          • Hollow-wood is what I use…there R some that have the common sense to recognize the Democrat Socialist Party is evil, no morals what so ever, anti God, anti guns, anti America.

          • Amen

        • Ben is ok…………Those two had me fooled. However it makes sense now. It explains why they are always holding hands. If only we could get rid of them and the other RINOs.

        • It is an insult to connect Lindsey with Graham crackers, I am a Graham, but Lindsey could not possibly be a real member of my family, which is connected to Sylvester Graham, who did develop the Graham Cracker. Nibesco, has ruined the Graham Cracker too, producing it in Mexico. It now taste like garbage!

      • Did those idiots leave their zippers open again……


      I don’t know if I could wait in line that long !

    • AMEN! You should read what some of McClain’s fellow prisoners at the Hanoi Hilton have to say about him. Graham is merely a pretender and an errand boy for the Establishment.

      • Right

      • My best friend was a guest there when McLame was there. He’s told me some interesting stories…

      • Some called him the songbird it is said.

        • Michael Dennewitz

          He was transported on a different ship than mine, but that’s all we heard – “How many souls did you sell, mchate?” ??

          • So you were on the Forrestal? I saw flight deck film of the fire, McCain climbing off the wing of his aircraft and probably a Chief running over with a fire extinguisher to try to put the fire out. When the first bomb exploded, that man disappeared. There were Heroic things done that day that kept that ship afloat.

          • Michael Dennewitz

            No sir, I was onboard an LPH. “Landing Platform Helicopter!” I was manning 4 5″-38s from plot (radar room) in the very bottom of my ship. We took everything we could possibly carry, down there and brought body bags back. The American public will never believe how much military equipment is STILL mired in the mud of Vietnam!??

          • I spent 4.5 years on an LPH but after Vietnam, the USS. Iwo Jima. We also had a fire while in port that was set, needless to say the fella that set it was taken off the ship quickly.

          • My friend lost his testicles from flying shrapnel. His face twitched till his dying day

    • That makes two of us

  3. And just when Republicans have the Democrats where they want them, along come Graham and McCain to help Republicans stay as the Stupid Party once again.

    • republican’s are stupid for putting the RINO’s in charge all the time!

      • HURRAH………..PRESIDENT TRUMP WON………….the alcoholic hildabest LOST………..

      • These RINOS have to go , we don’t need these traitors polluting our public offices .Get them the hell out now ! Recall or impeach but get them the hell out ,these traitors are selling our country out and costing us a great deal of money . Money that they conto give away to international thieves and the Soros crowd and his friends. It will stop when we get these filthy bribe taking whores out of office. McCain and Graham have to go along with all the other sellouts.


  4. Impeach or recall these traitors. Their acting as senile as Pelosi with this Russian hacking fairy tale.


    Uncalled for attacks? We hate to ruin your plans but there are alot of American patriots in the sense that we want to keep civil liberties and the bill of rights alive not fascists wrapping them selves in the flag.

    • That may be your interpretation of a patrot but the Pro-America people think not.

      • indent invent needs to book passage to africur…they are in need of more street clowns over there to carry on the tradition of the african pretender kenyan boyo..

      • I want my fellow Americans to think about these facts. The leftists always want to have rights that our constitution gives them even if they are talking ’bout their illegals but they are always setting our flag on fire and burning it regularly for all of their mindless protests. That’s very two faced and you cant want constitutional rights and burn our flag at the same time almost.

    • Interpretation please? For your remark as it stands does not make sense.

  6. Two old drunken reprobates that are and have been nothing more than traitors to this country and it’s people. They’re both disgusting and have sold out to the Soros crowd! Try them for treason and then hang them!

  7. Both mccain & graham need to go!!!

  8. You can go ahead and gut the EPA, that agency is responsible for countless malaria deaths around the world as well as the death of industry and jobs in this country! This agency needs to be funded at the bare bones minimum to keep the environment safe, regulating to the point of putting millions of workers out of work is outrageous!

  9. SouthernPatriot

    John & Lindsay could be, I say could be, a great asset to the MAGA movement and to the presidency of Donald J. Trump. So far, they have been major aggravations/vexations with loose lips. Maybe for too long they have been in D.C., and wanting to please the leftist media, which has become an “enemy of the people” and the demented Democrats. While the Democrats have been moving steadily left John & Lindsay have moved left with them, leaving the principles of conservatism. At other times, like other RINOs/CINOs, they usually forget that “the perfect is enemy of the good.” Either both should shut up or just retire. I don’t think they will shut up, so the last option is theirs.

    • It’s a classic example of what Trump has been preaching. The establishment is so entrenched and not averse to either party. The swamp is a real place and McCain, Graham. Ryan , McConnell and quite a few other repubs are up to their Necks in it. Do you hear any of these RINOs ever talk about cutting the size of the government? Never. The government beauracracy continues to grow under their watch also. Trump wants education and EPA to vanish at the federal level . He wants states to become more self responsible , but the Dems and half the Repubs want a bloated and all oppressing federal government. Quite ironic when OBAMA was POTUS the house and senate got a repeal bill of Obamacare to his desk but now that they have Trump as POTUS, they can’t seem to agree on what should be sent to him. Really? First of all anything Ryan wants reject . Go with Rand Paul’s version and run with it. There are too many egos running around wanting their plan to be the one instead of taking no one plan and running with it. Also forget promising catastrophic coverage and ore conditions and insuring people up to 26 living with their parents . How about we just go back to private free market healthcare where people can choose the policy to meet their insurance needs. But it across State lines and quit worrying about covering everyone . Everyone is not covered under Obamacare. Many are choosing not to be covered and many millions are paying such s high premium with a huge deductible, no in essence they are not covered. Quit trying to govern in the same way the Dems did. Put the repeal and replace out their and go with it. Quit being A holes about the whole thing. Why do we always capitulate with those whose policies have cost the American taxpayers more, given less and always failed . We don’t want anything that looks like socialized medicine, so tell them that and repeal and replace . How is this si difficult ?? Pathetic!!! Once again the republcans find a way to be totally incompetent when they have the people on their side . I am totally sick of them. All politicians are in it for themselves. They are a big Kumbaya party no matter D or an R before their name. Dems want to destroy America with an ax and Repubs will use a chisel but both results will be the same. There is ni “We the people” in either of their plans.

      • Congressional seats should be filled by ordinary citizens selected by a lottery. Professional politicians were even despised by Ben Franklin. He was very familiar with the nepotistic practices of the British monarchy and foresaw it happening in the new government. .

    • They shoul BE retired, and without pensions unearned for “civic DUTY”. Politics must NOT BE A “career”. And ALL the “pensions given them are unearned and outrageous, the ones they voted for themselves….

      • These Rino’s and the democrats believe that they are royalty and are entitled to tell the American population how to feel, how to think and how to act. If you disagree then you are un-American. Really? America- government for the people, by the people, remember? They are nothing but one worlders and have been bought and paid for. They are not to be trusted with our well being as they only care about their own. These over the hill, out of touch, self appointed royalty had their day, now it is a new day and time for them to go.,

    • Term Limits

  10. McCain and Graham are doing what needs to be done.. Putting America Frist above party…..

  11. Typical republican self destruction . Amazing how 60 democratic senators stayed in lock step when Obamacare was shoved down our throats yet whe repubs have the house senate and POTUS they can’t come to grips with reality. First lesson is when you are the majority act like it . Second the people have elected Trump on what he promised , so put away your egos and do what the American electorate wants and Third, Ryan and McConnel repeal and replace Obamacare immediately if not sooner. Oh yeah fourth: never compromise with these commies because they will give you nothing in return . We are at a breaking point and any compromise with the other side is a death knell for our Republic.

  12. It must be said about our RINO’s and CINO’s in the Congress, “Get with the program or We, the peoples, will run over you like an Armadillo running across a Freeway”! It appears that both of these idiots really want to be Liberals, and the problem for them is that the “other Party” would never allow them to change Party’s because they are the go-to turncoats for all things Socialist”!

  13. How would one summarize these two politicians:
    Disgusting, disingenuous, RINO’s, warmongers, Kool-Aid drinkers, CFR puppets, open border proponents, curmudgeons and finally Maggots.
    P.S. Think I forgot Lobbyist Lovers (the prime driver of war mongering).

  14. Lets get rid of these morons, they are Democrat sheep in Republican clothes!

  15. It’s a good thing for Pelosie she lives in a sanctuary state. If she lived in a fly over state like one of the ones Trump killed Hillary in she could be recalled. Oh wait she would have never got elected there in the first place.

  16. McCain and Graham are like a couple of little kids , they need to learn when to keep there mouths shut . Feeding the Democrats with talking points will never do any good . And that goes for Rubio and the rest of them also . Learn to keep quit publicly and stand by our President . Remember you guys lost the election .

    • The reason they praised Obama and won’t shut up about Trump, is because they are progressive’s in republican clothing.

    • I’m still doing backflips that Hillary Clinton lost. The world’s most arrogant, lying, crooked sea hag in a pantsuit was finally made to eat crow and there was nothing her rich friends on Wall Street, her media buddies and her RINO allies, or husband could do to stop it. Donald Trump’s populist message certainly resonated. Working class people, and particularly working class whites, were sick of being dumped on. They keep hearing about this “white privilege” thing but they’ve never actually seen it. They were searching for an advocate and they found one in Donald Trump.

      Millions of people decided to switch their votes, or vote for the first time, because they finally heard someone who was speaking to their issues. Trump smashed the bipartisan consensus on trade. When a clear choice emerged, traditional party loyalties were tossed aside. Donald Trump spoke to their issues and assured workers that there’s nothing racist about not wanting to lose their jobs. Surely the Dems must have known that Hillary wasn’t polling well in the rust belt. Or did the Dems believe their own lies in the Media.

      If the Democrats had listened to the middle class rather than arrogantly dismissing them and calling them names we’d be calling Hillary “Madam President.” The bitter clingers made their voices heard on November 8th, pulling off the biggest upset in recent memory and it was a beautiful thing watching the Leftist and there media melt down.

  17. Patricia McGehee

    Are McCain and Graham “Progressive Republicans” and in sync with the “Progressive Democrats”. They are sounding more and more like it. Can States RECALL their errant Senators?
    Progressive Democrats have finally revealed the huge difference between themselves and the old, true Democrat Party. In the beginning they called themselves “Progressive” to know each other. They USED the old Democrat Party as a conduit to elections until they could gain power over the Party. Now they have it and and have not only destroyed the old true Dem. Party but are going down the drain themselves. The true name for the Dems. in Congress is The Progressive Party. They not only do not represent the Democrats in America, they are their enemy. Their ideology is unAmerican. Like Obama and Hillary, their Leaders, they lie, deny, deceive and seek to disrupt everything that does fit their ideology.
    McCain and Graham are behaving more and more like Progressives!

  18. they sure need to get a grip, they were in the middle of a circle jerk and almost fell out…close call..

  19. The actions by the trio and lets not forget Kasich are defensive measures in attempt to hide their unethical and treasonous acts. The fear of Trump bringing out their underhanded actions has caused them to lose their minds. The providing arms to ISIS with Obama and Hillary resulting in murder of the ambassador and patriots Plagues McCain, Graham, Ayyotte and others. The money taken from Soros plagues them along with money taken from Saudis Arabia and asking for campaign donations from Russia by McCain. All actually treasonous acts.

  20. These RINO’s didn’t have a problem when their man Obama shrugged off the death of four American’s in Benghazi with his “bump in the road comment”…And now they oppose anything Trump puts forward…??? Gee I wonder if they are disingenuous democrat Globalist, just pretending to be republican’s….??? Vote those liar’s out!

  21. Time for term limits to further rid us of those stuck in the past.

  22. It’s time for fake hero Johnny and gay Lindsey to switch to the democratic party we are sick of those two Rino’s that are really snow flakes. It’s either that or someone needs to tell them two idiots to shut the hell up. We expect stupidity from the democrats it’s what they are about but we expect the republicans to stick together and back Trump that has the right ideas to put this country back in the right direction and back on top again.

    • Those two are a couple, why they stick together as they do…. Get rid of them BOTH. ASAP.

    • Craig Vandertie

      Considering that the RNC provided nothing in financing Mr. Trump’s campaign he certainly owes nothing to those lobbiests who donated the most to the RNC.

      Mr. Trump is not popular among the New York, NY, state of NY, or CT elite, because those spoiled rotten babies hail from old money, whereas Mr. Trump is a self made man.

  23. It is very sad to see this aging old man McCain who obviously is showing signs of early onset dementia, to work with the dems against our WH which has an agenda of pro-Americanism. Same for Graham and Rubio. They have put their self-serving opinions before the betterment of our country. They believe they have all the answers but are proven obstacles to MAGA.

  24. graham cracker and mcpain are simply shooting their mouths off and trying to stay in the news. They both ost and need to now get with it. They were agassed about the ” i am not sure I will support the winner thing?.
    Rubio got hi arse kick and a beat down because of his previous rino/liberal stances.
    They a need to take a chill pill and work with the president. thy are alos three of the biggest illegal Alien panderers

  25. This is a no brainer come on the fact that Trump won the election by a landslide should be the first clue the American people want different and straight talk. In spite of huge voter fraud against him Trump still won because more Americans came out to vote than ever before. Forget about crooked Hillary’s trail of corruption and dishonesty she basically had nothing to offer and Trumps views were similar to the voters and he is delivering his ideas daily in spite of the crooked media, democrats, and Rino’s like McCain and Graham. Nothing is going to stop Trump he just knows how to win and now the crazy democrats are entertaining the idea of running Oprah Windbag in 2020 that should be a real hoot. Can’t wait to hear what she will be giving away to get votes and maybe she will pick Moochie Obama as her running mate to make it even more hilarious. Can you imagine those two idiots running this country after Trump fixes everything. Trump will be a shoe in for 2020 no matter what clown the democrats come up with. besides there shouldn’t be many democrats left by 2020.

    • I can’t imagine the Oprah/Moochie ticket……….but I assure you, the Dumocrats can. And the scary thing is that many American idiots would vote for them.

  26. McCain and Graham are both turncoats, they will do about anything to return the leftest back in power. McCain lost his run for president now very Bitter and Graham the same..

  27. Watch Marco Rubio! It appears that Rubio is rushing in to join the dastardly duo of McCain and Graham. There used to be 3 Musketeers before Joe Lieberman retired a couple of years ago. After Rubio’s campaign foundered badly in 2016 – primarily because of his regrettable mishandling of the Gang of 8’s “Comprehensive Immigration Reform Plan” – he desperately wants to get back in the play. If he joins up with McCain and Graham, he’ll get all the public attention he needs for another run in 2020. These three will do all they can to screw the GOP pooch in 2020.

    • I have concluded that Rubio is more of an opportunist than anything else.

      • True, he is a typical follower of Political “Science”, a program based upon lying and appeasement for purposes of manipulation, that is IMPOSSIBLE to follow and still retain pure principles — every time you use immoral means to attain an end, that end is tainted. AT BEST.

      • Yes, and sadly, I think you’re conclusion is right. I say “sadly” because Rubio is one of my Florida senators and I had high hopes for him.

    • They will be stopped AND REMOVED by We the People.

  28. McCain and Graham cannot deal with reality and both act as if suffering from acute dementia.

  29. Two sore losers. They are both so arrogant they cannot see past their self adoration. They need to mature. Scares hell out of me that 2 people with a partial bit of intelligence can be so opposed to their own constituents, They need to be sent
    to the cloak room with dunce hats on to think about what they are doing. They seem to think their way is the best. I beg to differ, the count is in. They lost.

  30. McCain plays the veteran/POW card just like Obama/Clinton and their minions played the race card. I have nothing but respect for any veteran, especially any who were wounded or spent time as POW’s, but the overwhelming majority never use it for political gain. Okay, we get it. He hates Trump. He should either get over it and aid the rest of us in getting this 8-year Obama mess cleaned up and turned around or do the honorable thing and leave office.

    • He was NOT given the appellation of “Songbird” for being a patriot, when he was in Viet Cong hands! NOT a patriot, is a phony and a traitor all the way, as well as a failure for getting caught that time. However you LOOK, McCain is and was a FAILURE. And he has hooked up with his “bud” Linsey Graham, a gay idiot also.

  31. “So knowing that, what made it so urgent for Graham and Rubio to once again loudly and publicly disagree with the Republican president?”

    It’s because they’re Democrat mascots; the south end of a north-bound one, to be precise. And full of that smelly stuff that spews out of that end, every time they speak, as well.

  32. What is a disaster is these two going around bashing Trump. I think McCain is sore because Trump won and he didn’t. Lindsey is sore because Trump won and his boyfriend didn’t. They both need to resign. Then they can move to Palm Springs and live happily ever after.

    • McCain ran for president but was only a place card, he made sure that Obama won . McCain silenced any Republican that spoke against Obama. Apparently McCain could not pass up the money tree, while screwing America. Time for Term Limits.

  33. They both have been proven to have taken money from George Soros. If you don’t understand that Soros is the biggest problem facing Trump, then you have not been listening. I believe that the Trump administration has begun several investigations into Soros and his sedition against the United States and other countries.
    McCain and graham are both traitors and should be tried and punished. I believe both deserve to be hanged.

  34. Graham and Mccain should retire at once or else become Republican Rookie’s and divorce themselves from Democrat ideology. A Waste

  35. McCain and Grahm should step down and get the Hell out of any republicans business because they are Demonrats and always have been they agreed with Omuslime a every turnand have done nothing to help the PRESIDENT they are slime and nothing more. McCain the fake hero has out lived his brain

  36. Elizabeth Raynor Short

    Isn’t this the first budget bill by a Prsident ince before BHO? And Was there even one budget under BHO? I don’t think so.

  37. So There you have it folks (as Oslame would put it) It’s finally out in print ! The $$ we send to these countries isn’t for them , it’s for us ?? What are we paying for or what are we getting for our $$ ? Is it a bribe so they won’t attack us ? Is it Blackmail for our people to be safe in these places ? What is the real reason we turned over all that money to IRAN ? What did we get in return besides saber rattling and nuclear enrichment by them and their testing of Long Range Ballistic Missiles ?? Oh , and lest we forget their Moms and Imams shouting “Death to America” Well Obama that was surely Money well spent !!
    WE should also stop selling military items to these countries ……….P.S. I don’t remember a “Budget ” for the last 8 years , I think Oslame spelled Budget S P E N D…………………Wow, Can you feel the Transparency ?

  38. I wish they would just walk off quietly into the Sunset. They are just as much Problem as the Democrats.

  39. Only one comment — do you remember when out favorite ‘crook’ was Secretary of State ?? She seemed to have ‘misplaced’ three (3) or more BILLION dollar$. Now, do you REALLY believe that State needs all of this money ???

  40. Both are operatives of the Democrat-Communist Terrorist Organization. They just don’t have the testicles to admit it. However, I believe what comes around goes around and I pray for the time.

  41. wHAT WE NEED TO DO IS GET THEM REMOVED FROM OFFICE. Last night they were on CNN and that should say plenty to all of us. What were they afraid to go on Fox.????? We don’t need traitors in Trumps Gov.!!!!!!!

  42. Who keeps voting for these idiots ?


    The way I see it, both of these men should either retire or go over to the Democratic side as both of them are Republican posers !

  44. id like to squeeze the necks of mc cain lil miss lindsey grahamnesty and little marco

  45. These two never saw a war they didn’t like, perhaps they need to walk point for awhile. That will change their point of view

  46. yes i think they are both dems in dicquse if not they sure as hell ghive a good imitation of it


  48. Senator Yawn McShame and Girlie-Boy Lindsey Grahamnesty are pure RINO’s and nothing more. Neither of them have a place in the U.S. Senate.

  49. I, getting tired of McCain and Graham speaking for the American people. They don’t. What are these 2 Destructive agenda after. For me they are part of the Left wing agenda and are working for the Democrats. This how I see these 2 scumbags.!!!!!

  50. Craig Vandertie

    Foreign aid is charity, all corporate and foreign charity should be paid for by those benefits the most (i.e.) the upper 2% of the wealthiest U.S. citizens.

    Seriously European nations there are plenty of filthy wealthy European citizens Rothschilds and Soros families for instance, I guess they are far more concerned with manipulating our government with their money than helping out the people of Europe.

  51. Ya right! All that money we send to the terrorists is for us. Get real. Use the extra money on our people who need help!

  52. McCain the disaster is a closet Dem that has Soros $$$$ in his pockets…….Graham is about the same except he is clearly in dementia but clearly is in love with Soros and his $$$$……

  53. Richard I Ellis


  54. Both of these Blistering Idiots need to be recalled by the states that put them in congress to begin with !!!

  55. McCain and Graham need …”to get a grip?” On what, their sanity? I seriously doubt these two clowns have any idea how they are being used by the Schumer Gang in the Senate. Both of them need to retire from the Senate and go buy a bullfrog ranch in the Amazon. They can croak with the frogs.

  56. Rubio is right. Foreign aid is not charity, IT IS EXTORTION BY THOSE GETTING THE AID. Without huge payments to the leaders secret accounts they won’t be our friends. I don’t call that the actions of a friend.

  57. Only two Republicans with any common sense and enough spine to teach Trump how to govern.

  58. These two old fools need to retire and enjoy their senior citizenship. They have become an obstruction to our new conservative agenda because they are not true conservatives. They spend more time crying about what the Republicans in Congress are doing and siding with the Dems,than even the Dems do.

  59. I’d like to beat the hell out of both of these obstructionists , these dirty damn lowlifes are a abuse to our country and they will not ever do what is best for the American citizens. McCain and Graham are rodents that need an exterminator ,badly . Get this lousy ,stinkin’ garbage out of office . We don’t need either of them or the rest of their slop.

  60. Songbird McCain outed by his fellow POW’s as a phony war hero, * Light in his loafers Lindsey Graham are despicable low life idiots. Could go on, but enoguh said. Two low life moronic idiots.

  61. They are both senile and in bed with the liberal weasels.I almost put them in the same class as pigpiglosi,mad dame hitllery,barry the anti AMERICAN,and the list continues,and not a list of people that want to see this country thrive.

  62. Vladimir Michaylov

    McCain corrupted like hell, is Trump not see it ? He’s always been looks like white crow in Republican party, traitor, corrupted and working for demo-rats for money , bama-son !

  63. Jealously.

  64. Forrest Huck London

    McCain and Graham are both jealous because they aren,t in the oval office and mad that they might be part of the swamp draining I would not give either one the time of day and my thought may take Rubio in as well if he does not change his attitude I want to see support for our President not dissent

  65. McClown and Gramasty should be honest and switch parties. They have been closet Democraps for many years now.

  66. They need to be quiet and stop complaining

  67. I would love to see them both lose their seats in the next election.To another Republican of course.If you look up RINO in the dictionary both of their pictures are there.I personally can’t stand either of these obstructionists.Both McCain and Graham are standing in the way of America’s Recovery.

  68. These two dorks need to retire. The “People’s Party” is replacing idiots like these…stay tuned!

  69. McCain and Graham are like a couple of spoiled brats trying to get back at a schoolyard playmate who told an ugly truth about them. GROW UP, guys!

  70. When you watch these 2 it’s like watching laurel & hardy. Graham acts a little uncomfortable with the position the tag team is going. Watching body language, and when ever graham goes soft, McCain takes over the conversation and takes the couples hard-line position back against trump. It’s like there is a deal that’s been struck with these 2 ice cream cones.

  71. Those two speak for the compromisors. They don’t speak for the vast majority of conservatives.

  72. So John, you go to a foreign country and piss and moan about what’s wrong with the USA. Why don’t you find a different place to live. You complain about the new military budget and you may have some knowledge of what equipment we need but you have no clue as to how much we have overpaid for equipment in the past.
    Consider this John. I will never question your heroism, but day after day we have returning heros who have done as much or more than you. So quit thinking you have an exclusive on heroism.

  73. Yeah, handcuff them together, and throw them in the River with some cement shoes!!!

  74. Both of them need a new pair of heavy shoes.

  75. If they’re not going to say anything constructive, why can’t they keep thier mouths shut or just move to the other side where they belong.

  76. Grasping @ straws attempting to remain relevant. These are two dancers to the “democrat lite Republican tune” these establishment wonks love!

  77. McCain & Graham need to get a Grip & Board a Train Out of Town !!! NWO Bought & Paid For.


  79. What John McCain needs most is somebody to “Bitch-slap” him into the reality of his office.

  80. These two senators should step aside. They are obstructionists to what Trump wants to do for this country.

  81. “Get a grip?” What is needed for congress is term limits and a senility and dementia criterion which restricts members from serving beyond the limitations of reason and common sense. That would eliminate all of the liberal democrats and many of the republicans whose financial portfolios must indicate the extent to which their conflicts of interest assure their life-long service in an institution, the remunerations for which, as public information, are in no way comparable to the salaries that most of those people could acquire in the private sector. We know that simple patriotism is NOT the reason for their longevity in tenure in office, if it were or had been, America would have been winning foreign engagements instead of making strategic financial investments in the infrastructure of those countries while enduring the attrition of human resources. Congress has come to represent the perversion that “In a multitude of counselors there is corruption.”

  82. McCain has no business being a Republican let alone being a Senator. And Graham, I have to wonder about him too!


  84. Irene Elizabeth Grooms

    We now know just where these two stands. They should join the DEMOCRAT PARTY.

  85. Neocans always looking for another war to fight.
    Never satisfied with the cost of American lives.
    The war machine lobbyist money offsets any concern of our men’s lives.

  86. Mr. McCain and Mr. Graham fear that if Mr. Trump gets the U.S. out of some of the globalist open borders agreements and rewrites the globalist free traitor agreements that their donors will quite funding the campaigns at the current level. Both Mr. Graham and Mr. McCain need to lose their seats. I will admit thought that even a lukewarm republican globalist is better than the current crop of dimbocrats.

  87. The both need to retire before they get kicked out!

  88. they need to join the Denocrats so their states can have the chance to elect a Republican

  89. McCain and Graham need to choose what side of these issues they are on. Both need to get out of the way as their usefulness is gone and they are just in the way. The next time you guys want to criticize our country on immigration just remember we aren’t talking about immigration we are talking about ‘illegal’ immigration, a whole different issue you apparently don’t understand. So, when you feel so sorry for someone being deported for being ‘illegal’ hand them a copy of our Constitution and tell them to take it to their government and make something useful out of the shthl they came from! As far as the WALL goes look to Israel to see how its done right and then check out the wall on Mexico’s southern border. You might also ask how they treat foreigner’s illegally in Mexico.

  90. Well done Senators. The draft-dodging, adulterous buffoon is play acting at being President in a manner similar to the role he has played for years, a reality TV personality. He has no concept of governance.

  91. Both Graham and McCain need to go! They have both lied to the American people by claiming to be Republicans. Their actions prove otherwise. Their home states need to do a recall vote and replace them.

  92. Both of Senators need to keep their mouth shut and help President Trump get this agenda through the Congress or they need to go home and let someone else have the job. How did they ever get re-elected?

    • I'm Inventzilla

      His agenda is bad for the country. Cutting weather satellite funds will worsen weather forecasts and people will lose their lives and property to weather disasters. People involved in environmental remediation industries will lose their jobs. You water will be contaminated by EPA cuts. Nobody should feel obligated to support his agenda. And don’t tell us to shut up.

  93. Rubio will not win his next election in Florida – many voted for him cause Trump asked us too. We will not make that mistake again

  94. richard stabler

    I am from South Carolina. I am totally disgusted with Lindsey Graham. He is a disgrace to the state and the USA. I did not vote for him last election that he was in and I definitely will not vote for him again, ever.

  95. The title is exactly right:
    “Graham and McCain Need to Get a Grip”
    just not complete:
    “Graham and McCain Need to Get a Grip on their canes in an old folks home.”

  96. The problem with the two of them, (and others) is they have been in office far too long and think that they can really do something. All they have ever done is corrupt everything they’ve ever touched. When drunks reach the point of senility, it’s time to “term limit” them!

  97. They both need to take a trip of no return.

  98. It’s past time for these two miscreants to SHUT UP.

  99. McCain & Graham both BELONG in a NURSING HOME with constant CARE. they both lost it years ago.

  100. Two of the biggest RINOS I’ve ever seen. They need to be voted out. Can you say turn limits?

  101. Yea McCain really needs to get a grip. How unpatriotic flying combat missions over Vietnam and being a P.O.W. for years. He actually was unpatriotic enough to choose to stay a P.O.W. to get people he was responsible for released first.. When our really patriotic President kept the V.C. from taking over the Times Square sex shops. & endangering his reproductive health bu putting himself in the path of all those S.T.D’s.

  102. old news

  103. Grip,Hell !!!Just get out !!

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