Governor Accuses Biden Of Endangering His Entire State

Photo by Juliana Malta on Unsplash

( – Nevada Gov. Joe Lombardo wrote a guest essay for the New York Times in which he discussed President Biden’s failure to get inflation under control and how that could cost him in the presidential election. 

Lombardo pointed out that since Joe Biden first took office there has been a constant increase in prices while wages stay stagnant, with voters calling the state of the economy “unsustainable.” Prices have increased by 19 percent overall while real average weekly earnings have dropped by 4 percent, which has put many families in the state of Nevada – as well as across the country – in a very tough spot. 

He continued by pointing out that if the recent polling on Biden was any indication, Biden is going to be facing a big problem as people in Nevada are no longer confident in his abilities to take action on housing costs and inflation. Many are left believing that this was something Biden simply did not understand. 

Biden is behind former President Donald Trump by around five percentage points in key swing states, according to the latest Fox News poll. In 2020, Biden managed to win Nevada but only by a measly three percentage points. 

The U.S. Joint Economic Committee has found that Nevadans are on average paying an additional $1,199 compared to what they paid in January 2021 for the same goods and services. The governor also warned that President Joe Biden was losing key support from Democratic voting blocs, young voters under 30, Black voters, and Hispanic voters, within Nevada as people considered him responsible for the extremely high inflation and the housing crisis. 

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