Government Shutdown Announced?

Photo by Ian Hutchinson on Unsplash

( – Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) might have managed to successfully negotiate a debt ceiling deal, but he now has to face an even bigger challenge as he has to prevent a government shutdown without risking the Republican conference revolting against him.

Following the Independence Day recess, House GOP leaders are scheduled to return to Washington next week. Following their return, they will need to work towards moving the 12 appropriations bills to the Senate as well as put substantial pressure on the Democrats in order for them to successfully pass some of the GOP’s priorities.

However, the Republican conference is not united in how it should approach a number of issues including 2024 spending, as many conservatives are demanding spending to be cut back to 2022 levels, while centrists are willing to consider a bipartisan compromise. Should the conservatives be successful in their push, they would go against the deal that McCarthy had reached with President Biden last month.

This situation has led to McCarthy and many GOP leaders needing to win over the conservative holdouts in order to successfully move the spending bills forward. Their narrow majority in the House has also meant that the Republicans cannot afford to have many defections.

Conservative hardliners who disagree with McCarthy’s handling of the debt ceiling package have also promised that they would use their leverage a lot more to push forward their demands. This could potentially lead to the government shutting down, however, they have claimed that this is something they are willing to accept.

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