GOP Waging War on Conservatives

Conservative confidence in the Republican Party has been low for some time. After top Republicans demonstrated almost no will to fight President Obama’s executive action on immigration, the conservative base was fraught with rage. There were calls to remove John Boehner from his position as Speaker of the House. Many have seen the last six months of congressional machinations as one of two things: total betrayal or evidence of spinelessness in the GOP. And according to North Carolina Rep. Mark Meadows, it’s not just the voters.

In an interview this week with Politico, Meadows said that a group of conservatives in the House of Representatives is planning a major shakeup at the top of the party. He says these conservatives have grown tired of the “culture of punishment” coming from Boehner and friends. Meadows himself was a victim of this culture, having been removed from a subcommittee chairmanship after voting against the leadership.

“It’s not about ideology,” Meadows said in the interview. “It’s about that all members of Congress need to have their voice heard and this is a place for debate. Not a place for punishment. People should not be worried about the type of vote they cast, ‘yes’ or ‘no,’ based on retribution.”

Meadows’ concerns have been obvious even from the outside. Conservatives in Congress have been battling Boehner as much as they have been battling the liberal agenda. All too often, unfortunately, those aims come to the same. And while Meadows is not explicitly calling for Boehner to turn in his wings, his willingness to go public with these complaints demonstrates how fractured the party has become.

Politico speculates that instead of ousting the leadership – a task that would likely prove impossible, simply because of the numbers – House conservatives may begin voting with Democrats on procedural motions. That would prevent Boehner from getting legislation through and forces the party to take seriously the true conservatives still waving a flag for small government.

It remains to be seen how all of this will play out, but the fight should be of great interest to voters who want to see the Republican Party return to its roots. We’ve watched in frustration as RINOs ascend to the top of the party, advancing the cause of big business over the cause of the American people. We’ve agonized as Republican leadership talks big and delivers small. We understand that compromise and moderation is an important part of Washington politics, but there’s a vast gulf between compromise and conceit. It has been a long time since most conservatives felt well represented on Capitol Hill.

At the same time, it’s distressing to see these fractures as we approach the 2016 election. It’s important now for the GOP to get everyone on the same page. And it wouldn’t hurt if the “page” they choose is one that aligns with the wishes of the voters.

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  1. I quit the Republican Party in 2006, after having been a member since 1964! Why, because I clearly saw that the GOP had become the “Democrat-Lite Party”. Now, they have become fully “Progressive-Lite” and turn on the Conservatives anytime they have the “gall” to listen to their constituents. All politics is about wealth and power, at the expense of the taxpayers. When I see so-called Republicans lying like Democrats and selling out the rights and freedoms as installed in the Constitution I fear that our Nation is sliding into H*ll! And, I must remind all of us that any right taken from one is also taken from all. Our Nation will not be a better place if we fail to stand up to this tyranny, and those who think so will be the first of the “useful idiots” to be done away with!

    • Because Conservative Republicans don’t see any difference in the Parties they stay home & don’t vote.
      The RNC left me years ago…….Once a Conservative Republican, since the 1940’s….BUT NO LONGER!

      • When people tell me that, I remind them that the only wasted vote, is NO VOTE. I have stopped voting for who might win, I vote my conscience. If nothing else, they will know that there are many of us who feel unrepresented. I encourage EVERYONE to go vote for who they REALLY want to see in office. (Unless they are libtards!)

        • Carol Chadbourne

          I don’t look at it as ‘wasted’ as much as ‘going’ to hildebeast….the dems could win without a good showing of Conservatives.

      • freedomoutpost ken

        What are you now?

      • Sir, First, I have not failed to vote in Presidential and Congressional elections since 1963, Period! Yes, I have quit the Republican Party, but, I have never failed to be an “Conservative”. I always vote for the most conservative person running, unless they are an known Democrat or Progressive, whatever they run on, it is just for the election and will change as soon as they are elected. And, that is my problem with the Republican Party, far too many RINO’s who vote only for the Party line, and not for the Country. This is the difficult part, how to tell the “good guys from the bad guys”. That is the one reason that I believe in Term Limits, only that will cause “Mr. Smith” to go to DC, again, Period!

    • Carol Chadbourne

      Bravo….agree 100%, James


    • And LONG, LONG, LONG prison terms for corrupt politicians.

    • Boehner should have NEVER been allowed to return to the speaker chair, his past made it obvious he was no better than pelosi or reid. He doesn’t have the backbone or belief to stand up to obama. We need a speaker like Gowdy or Gohmert. Men with a backbone, conservative values and the spirit of a warrior for that which is right.

      • It is not only Boehner, but McConnell as well. Neither one of these should have gotten the speakers position. Crying Boehner showed his true colors with his display of standing firm and then tearfully giving in to obama’s demands. Let’s make a deal McConnell has sold out for personal gain on numerous bills; The unneeded bridge for one.
        Neither deserved the speakers chair and the only thing that can be said at this point is that the Congress got the leadership they deserved.

        • Absolutely McConnell also, I was just going with the article. We need some like Cruz or Lee to head up the senate.

          • Carol Chadbourne

            OR MARK MEADOWS……HE is showing spine after being kicked off a committee by Boehner because Boehner didn’t like how he voted. INEXCUSABLE…

          • There are probably about a dozen or so in the congress and a handful in the senate. I was just giving an example. One absolute though is that Boehner and McConnell don’t qualify to lead the republican party, they support the democrats.

        • Don’t forget graham and mccain also.

      • Pink ties and red eyes is his style…sad.

      • Amen to that!

      • disqus_MZe2ymfHQj

        7 papa 7—AMEN

    • REVOLUTION….REVOLUTION…REVOLUTION!!! We have a two-headed, one party oligarchy feeding at the public trough and they couldn’t care any less about the rest of “US”! Fraudulent elections are useless as Hillary the Pillory, ole ugly commie whore will be implanted as was the Muslim-Marxist jihadist in the “Outhouse” and the false prophet Marxist “Dope” Francis! We are at the edge of the tyrannical abyss and drastic actions are needed!

    • Term limits won’t deminish the slime we allow in politics.

    • Best solution yet. If right wingers and Republicans can’t forge an agreement and show solidarity, I feel you may wake up in late 2016 to the first female (not a lady) president. Then you can increase the volume on your whine-a-phone for at least four years of utter devastation and hell.

      • Carol Chadbourne

        Read “Revelations” in the Bible (even if you never read it)….we are not going to have to worry about Jan. 2017….by then, Putin has a new toy that will take out our power grid…EMD or EMP…can’t remember which. BUT, the Good Lord has His own ‘plan’….to eradicate EVIL. Including the Antichrist , who could very well be the Pope. Seriously.

    • I share your sentiments, but we already have them. They’re called “elections”. Auto-pilot is not the answer,,,getting our fellow citizens off their dead asses and putting some focus on what’s actually going on, and then communicating that to the gov’t reps and VOTING,,,,,is the answer.

      • You are correct but term limits would keep them from holding office more than they should. To re-elect the same aholes over and over again is such a travesty. These offices were originally not meant to be a way of life or a permanent job. Sadly that is what it has come to be. American MUST get off their a$$es and vote for the right candidate to prevent what is happening today. On that I agree 1000%

  3. Boehner is No Better than Obama ! ! ! He seems to be A Worthless Cocksucking Obama Puppet ! ! ! ! ! !

  4. I just hope they get this mess cleared up asap; otherwise, the Democrats will make mincemeat of the GOP during the election campaigns. It’s the establishment GOP vs. the conservatives brought in by the Tea Party/conservatives, but if this conflict continues, it won’t matter what’s going on in the Republican Party because we’ll lose all the gains we made in the last two elections, as well as congressional majority.

  5. Why Boehner got the position he is in is beyond me. That two face bastard had shown his colors BEFRORE the last election process for SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE. Not only are the dems a bunch of idiots, so are the repubs. I say VOTE THE BUNCH OF IDIOTS OUT OF OFFICE.

  6. boner & mcduck are no doubt obummers puppets. What America needs is someone like Trump who won’t take shit off any one, he tells it like it is. Can you imagine Trump and the bitc- killery in a debate. It would be better than Phil & Tiger in play off.

  7. The general term used for these types of useless idiots is “RINOs”. Those that are intimidated by verbal pressure or arm twisting during back room deals or threatened with pork barrel money being taken away or Alinskite type tactics from the radical left. Those that have forgotten that they promised true honest leader ship to those conservative constituents that voted them into office. Those that can be called traitors to their oath to support the Constitution that they vowed to honor. We can only speak at the voting booth by firing their arse. That’s what we do down here in Texas.

  8. I am in total agreement with this article and believe that Boehner, coward though he may be towards fighting democrats has no problem turning his anger towards the conservative wing of the party. Why, because who would we vote for – a democrat? I cannot envision myself ever voting for a democrat again, I switched party back in 1965 and have not regretted it until the past 15 years. I have witnessed the Republican party become the mouthpiece for big business to the detriment of the American People! In short, the Republican Party has become nothing more nor less than the democrat party – thieves, liars, corrupt, and maniacal in their effort to increase THEIR control over the American people.

    What are conservative options? The only option we have is at the ballot box – why would anyone believe the likes of Boehner during a campaign when his record shows positively that once elected he votes against conservative principals time and time again. All RINO’s are the same just as all democrats are the same – they ALL lie! We have to look at their total voting record and WHO they side with on tough issues – issues that matter to the conservatives!

  9. william russell

    hey all if meadows you are serious than start a third party call the conservatives and if you would do that and stick with your promises to the american voter you will become a party that will be supported by a majority of the american people. Mc connell and boehner promised no bill would be voted on until it has been release to the public 48 hours before the vote. They broke that promise on this trade bill. Anther obamacare bill, have to pass it to find out what is in it. Republicans you can play your games but the american people are not stupid. You will pay the price in 2016 when Republicans stay home or vote for any one but a republican to send a loud message we have had enough of lies, games, and tricks.

    • Carol Chadbourne

      IF any Conservative, Libertarian, or Independent STAYS home, it will be handing Clinton a WIN….no, do not stay home!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Another Pinocchio……

  10. Sorry to see the people we voted for and trusted going the other way. What a waste of American people’s trust

  11. And, their wishy-washy stances will be their demise. I deserted long ago, in favor of a part tea party/part libertarian stance, which represents MY beliefs better. The RNCC can go to the dogs for all I care. They stilll call and ask for donations. I tell the callers exactly why I no longer donate, or reference myself as R. I doubt that they care, as they just keep getting more and more left.

  12. Vote those Fat Cat bastards out every last one of them they are just lining there pockets off the backs of the working man

  13. Michael Dennewitz

    This will go down as the BIGGEST SELL OUT in history. The repooplicans kissed our asses to get votes and gain control…..and then the bastards stabbed us right in the back!! Now……?…..they’re as bad as the little QUEER running the show.
    Many times, I have seen notifications of terrorist training camps set up right here under our eyes, YET NO ONE WANTS TO DO A DAMNED THING ABOUT THEM! What should anyone expect???

  14. Boehner is disgusting and a disgrace. I’m sick of this Obama lapdog and he is clearly helping Obama with his agenda. He and his traitorous twin McConnell should be removed from Congress and run out of town. It’s time for the true Conservatives to take the gloves off and do whatever necessary to neutralize Mr. Weepy!!!!!

  15. disqus_ahtc0JSDBa

    Boehner needs to go , just like Obama he throws a tantrum when you disagree with him , No More RINOs

  16. My congress person voted for Boehner and told me he was the only choice. Bull Feathers. I no longer help fund her re-election, although I would still vote for her over any Devilcrat.

  17. Boner & McConnell should be tarred/feathered & thrown out of the Republican party.

  18. The G O P is DEAD due to BRAIN DEAD, Obama ASS KISSER LEADERS such as BOEHNER, McCAIN & McConnell , the informed voter is with the TEA PARTY…….G O P [ aka] the drmocrudfs J V Team.

  19. What’s Boehner, Ryan, McConnell and the rest of the greed filled RINOS in the house and senate going to do when their specified bag man doesn’t show up at their door because lacking a moral compass to stand for the American people, they were booted out of office by the voters who now see through their self serving ways.


  21. Yes we need term limits. and lets remove the liberals in the GOP. with next yrs election. Next yr. make that one Pelosi and Boehner.!!!!!

  22. Boehner has been getting his revenge on conservative GOP’ers for several years, and he is still in office. Where is the active ANGER? Boehner is like a sock puppet for the Obama administration, and has made the GOP a laughingstock. When one has the power to CONTROL, and – to the detriment of the American people – fails to use it appropriately, they have violated the “public trust” with which they were endowed. We need the power of the “recall vote” at ALL levels of government!

  23. I agree; Term Limits will end politicians from getting rich off the favors they do for lobbyist, who have been financially funding candidates in exchange for favorable legislation that benefits campaign funding in exchange for legislation that cost tax payer billions of dollars. (It’s a form of blackmail and should be outlawed). We should also limit the amount of money that can be spent on a single election. (it evens the playing field). AND NO MORE PROMISES; all politicians should be forced to sign an affidavit, prior to being sworn into office guaranteeing that they will be subject to an immediate impeachment if they fail to fulfill their pre-election promises. (This will eliminate the campaign bull-crap promises for the sole purpose of receiving the nomination i.e. Obama’s transparent government; but having no intention to fulfill. Any politician in power for more than 8 years = corruption. Any politician who suggest we should change the constitution= Treason and should be impeached.

  24. Here is a scary thought, if the Vice President dies or is removed from office, the Speaker of the House is his successor. Can you imagine Johnny “the weeper” Boehner as VP? Just another reason why he needs to go!!!!

  25. Can the right good people of Ohio do us a favor and initiate a recall election to get rid of him? Can that be done???

  26. Term limits, yes. But only one term, remove the back room money folks by limiting each rep to only one term. I do not buy the argument that we would lose valuable experience by this limit. The experience they have shown so far is best to be done with.

  27. And while we are at it make the Senate an appointed seat, just as it used to be. Sure we will get some stinkers, but what do we have now?

  28. The Republican Party will lose the upcoming Presidential Election due to being divided. I personally will not be voting unless we have a true conservative running.

    • There are no candidates for POTUS in the Stupid Party. They are all bought and paid for by AIPAC. This country needs to sink even further into corruption before the constitutional state militias are revitalized to take on the traitors in our standing army and navy. Texas has a 15:1 ratio of state militia to U.S. Army. JADE HELM would not be happening if Governor Abbott understood what the hell was going on.

  29. Robert G. Smith

    Read my article on John Houk’s Slanted right titled The Republican Party’s Fiascos . It gives my views on what needs to be done and what can be done to ensure we have conservative people representing us .

  30. Patricia McGehee

    Establishment Republicans are like the old time Democrats. Tea Party people adhere to the old Republican principles. Dems are Communist and Socialist.

  31. When will we ever learn to quit voting for politicians and vote in some real statesmen who are everyday people like the original congress was?



    I loved gov Haley when she broke down and cried. Then she spoke from her heart. I fear she got a phone call from GOP HQ who determined that the communist party was going to dump the blame on repuppies. To off set that communist move they struck back first and Haley was ordered to call for the rebel flag take down. Not for healing but for poll points. This American who was labeled long ago as an N lover believes it is not the rebel flag that the communists want taken down. It is a rehearsal for the American flag to be taken down.

    Already this communist president has told us the American flag is a sign of belligerence and is hated by people around the world and him. He also said he wants the SSB replaced with something more enveloping like I’d like to buy the world some coke. Now the communist move to take Hamilton off the ten is the first step to taking God’s trust off the money. If we want to pay homage to beautiful American women, Place them where they are worth. On a hundred thousand dollar bill. JUST ASK THE LADIES WHICH ONE THEY WOULD RATHER HAVE. A TEN? A TEN? DO I LOOK LIKE BO DEREK TO YOU?

  33. Republicans have changed, and not for the better. Arkansas became an almost totally red state last year, the first thing the state legislators did was to raise their salaries by about 200%, not traditional Repulicanism. National Republican party is no different, still spending money like drunken sailors on shore leave, no immigration stance, no further repeal talk of Obama Care, (Affordable Care act, a laugh, except on the pocket book).

  34. Pay cuts Pay cuts Pay cuts and benefit takeaway

  35. I no longer consider myself a part of the mainstream republican party, but only a member of the tea party who represents the values of most conservative Americans, not the rhino republicans.

  36. When the GOP is owned and operated by the demoncrats, why is anyone surprized that it attacks its right-wingers? That’s what RINOs do.

  37. freedomoutpost ken

    By attacking the Conservative Republicans the RINOS only deplete their supporters. I will no longer vote for a Republican if he is a RINO. If the RINOS want to keep losing, they are guaranteeing that by attacking Conservatives.

  38. Mark Levin stated, today, on his radio show that there is a goodly number of conservatives who might join in, with the Democrats, to oust Boehner. He said all Conservatives in the USA should put money away to vote for certain Conservatives who will run in 2016, and make sure that one of them becomes the Speaker. At least that is what I got from his words.

  39. Tan the Man Boehner is so full of himself that he just can’t stand to have anyone question him! He’s a white obamasnake as far as I am concerned and I hope those conservatives we voted in will do everything they have to to stop his reign of terror. That other twit in the Senate deserves the same treatment. I just hope enough of the “good guys” get together and uproot and get rid of these old elitist coots that think they own We, the People!

  40. SHARE


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    “Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups.”

    “Conservatives say if you don’t give the rich more money, they will lose their incentive to invest.
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    “The difference between left and right of center…originated in the French parliament. The people left of center were liberals; the people right of center were conservatives. Broadly speaking. And generally speaking, people on…the right of center, are interested in property values, property, property rights. The rights and the rights of property. And generally speaking again – it’s all generalized – the left-of-center people are more concerned with humans and human beings and human concerns; to the care of humans, not the care and worry about property rights. That’s generally been true. And Bush is pushing this country farther down the hill, faster than anyone has before.”

    “Now, there’s one thing you might have noticed I don’t complain about: politicians. Everybody complains about politicians. Everybody says they suck. Well, where do people think these politicians come from? They don’t fall out of the sky. They don’t pass through a membrane from another reality. They come from American parents and American families, American homes, American schools, American churches, American businesses and American universities, and they are elected by American citizens. This is the best we can do folks. This is what we have to offer. It’s what our system produces: Garbage in, garbage out. If you have selfish, ignorant citizens, you’re going to get selfish, ignorant leaders. Term limits ain’t going to do any good; you’re just going to end up with a brand new bunch of selfish, ignorant Americans. So, maybe, maybe, maybe, it’s not the politicians who suck. Maybe something else sucks around here… like, the public. Yeah, the public sucks. There’s a nice campaign slogan for somebody: ‘The Public Sucks. F*ck Hope.'”

  41. Boo Hoo Boehner is a joke.

  42. Boehner, has violated the ‘trust” put in him by the Conservative movement!
    Boehner, consistently backs the Libturd agenda, & it is time for Boehner, the ‘TRAITOR”, to step down, & allow an honest Conservative lead the charge!……….{ WAYYYYYYY, PAST TIME! ! ! ! 1}………..{THUMBS UP!}

  43. IT’S TOO LATE TO GO RINO HUNTING AT THE BALLOT BOX. You believed the liars and they betrayed you like I said they would.

  44. The GOP is no longer a conservative body. Our current federal government is a monstrous behemoth with two heads. The GOP wants the conservatives to believe they are acting in their best interest. They also want the zombies, which make up the bulk of the Progressive-Liberals, to believe they are kinder and gentler. Obama’s budget proposal for fiscal 2016: $3.99 trillion. The GOP counters with a much more fiscally responsible $3.87 trillion budget. LOL Don’t believe the garbage about the GOP trying to stop the waste and abuse. The fact is both parties do not have the best interests of Americans, as a whole, in mind. The politicians put on this act of division to keep Americans divided. No matter what the people want, they continue with the plans of the NWO.
    Most of the people on the Left are willing to go along with the destruction of America, as long as they get what they believe they are “entitled” to. They have been bred and indoctrinated to do exactly what they are doing.
    The conservatives of this country are in the minority and have become the counter-culture. Is there a conspiracy, at the highest levels of government, to bring America down? Is it possible that our elected officials could be as incompetent as they appear? Why do the wishes of most Americans fall on deaf ears? The USA has been replaced by the USSA. The America we have thought of so fondly and been proud to be a part of no longer exists. Can we bring America back? Maybe, but it has become increasingly clear that D.C. isn’t going to give up their power without a struggle. Is civil war or revolution in America’s future or is it only a reform that is needed? I don’t have the answers, but I’m heading to a safe place with my family and friends. There is going to be an unprecedented economic catastrophe and it will envelop the world. Please, any of you who feel the same way, don’t put off making plans to find a safe place where you can sustain yourself and your families. Good luck to all of you.

  45. I believe that the Rockefellers and their allies control most of the so-called Republican party. Except for Ronald Reagan, no true Republican has been able to run for office-and win, purely from momentum gained from the general public. The rats running things back then knew that they couldn’t stifle what the public wanted. But through the years since then, by steadily moving towards socialism, they portray Conservatives as the ones out-of-touch. They push Conservatives overboard, then claim that they jumped. We, The People have to state loudly, constantly, and without compromise, that we want people like Reagan in office, not a Rockefeller stooge rat!!!!

  46. Carol Chadbourne

    I HAVE BEEN SAYING, FOR A VERY LONG TIME THAT BOEHNER, McCain, McConnell, Graham and a few others, have NOT kept to their promises of the ’14 elections, to listen to ‘the people’….they have this ‘game’ they play consistently and constantly, called “BAIT AND SWITCH”….and they ALL continue to lie to us because they think we are STUPID. It’s bloody well time that a strong person such as Mark Meadows is going to try to do something about these BUREAUCRATIC TRAITORS to the American people…YOU GO, MARK…You have the people behind you. GET BOEHNER OUT OF HIS SEAT…AND CENSURE HIM AND THE REST OF HIS GANG…

  47. The GOP has been dying since Bush(1) turned his back on the Reagan Republicans. Bush(2) did a great head fake.

  48. It is quite clear the RINOs represent their party,,not their people.

  49. I don’t think it is just John Boehner that needs to go (maybe the 1st to go lol)
    I believe that there are several that need to go.

  50. We need a third party ! Most certainly not the Tea Party because they are splintered into smaller groups & not combined into one party. Us call it The Conservative Party.

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