GOP Senator Won’t Vote to Defund Planned Parenthood

House Speaker Paul Ryan has said that Congress will include a clause to defund Planned Parenthood in its bill to repeal the Affordable Care Act, but at least one Republican in the Senate now says she will never vote for any legislation that goes that route. Sen. Lisa Murkowski of Alaska told her state legislature this week that the two issues should be divorced.

“I, for one, do not believe that Planned Parenthood has any place in our deliberations on the Affordable Care Act,” she said. “Taxpayer dollars should not be used to pay for abortions, but I will not vote to deny Alaskans access to the health services that Planned Parenthood provides.”

In that, Murkowski is basically parroting the Democrats (and the abortionists), who say that no federal dollars actually go to funding the abortion part of Planned Parenthood’s operations. Like them, she apparently gives no credence to the obvious argument that money is flexible. It’s like the state lotteries that were ostensibly set up to fund education. Yeah, they did that, but it didn’t result in any extra money. The governments just moved the previous education money over to other places.

In any case, her line in the sand could turn out to be a big problem for Republicans. They only have a two-seat advantage in the Senate, and they stand little chance of pulling Democrats over to their side of the aisle when it comes to Obamacare. Especially if the repeal bill includes the Planned Parenthood clause.

But they may not have Murkowski on board even if they do ultimately drop the abortion issue from the Obamacare bill. She also said that she was skeptical of the GOP’s plan to cut off the ACA’s Medicaid expansion.

“Here in Alaska, some 27,000 Alaskans — 28,000 actually — now have coverage for the first time,” she said. “Which means they have access to care for the first time. While I clearly have concerns about the expansion’s long-term costs, it has strengthened our native health system and reduced the number of uninsured that are coming into our emergency rooms. So as long as this legislature wants to keep the expansion, Alaska should have the option — so I will not vote to repeal it.”

Here we go.

Ryan and Mitch McConnell need to put their houses in order. Voters all across the country are waiting for results – the results they’ve been promised for years. They don’t expect perfection, but they do expect something.

Let this opportunity slip through your fingers and you’ll look back on the 2016 voter revolt with longing fondness.

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  1. If Mexico was such a great country, why isn’t people from the United States by the thousands crossing the border to live like kings and queens where American dollars far outweigh the peso? For one thing this might would happen if it were not for the massive drug cartels that freely operate under Mexican rule.

  2. Could this be the Republician’s way to hijack the repeal of Obamacare. They continue to have a reason why they cannot Repeal this law. Are they looking for yet another reason; are they afraid they will not win their next election and think that Obamacare users will make a difference in their election; are they honoring the American public who voted Pres. trump into office to REPEAL AND REPLACE!

    Another reason we need the Convention of States which will propose a wiggle proof term limits ammendment. We need to get the socialists of both parties out of office. We also need a “bill stand alone” policy in which no tags can be added to bills which gives excuses for congress to say they are not opposed to the bill but to other provisions in the bill. Please all, Google Convention of States and get involved. The Constitution gives this power to the states for when the Federal government gets out of control. We are there now and must take our country back from our career politicians.

    • Don’t be fooled by the CoS. It will be hijacked by the communists and the Constitution will be destroyed. The CoS is just what they are waiting for.

      • The CoS is our only sure way to bypass Congress and the POTUS. The scare tactic that it will be hijacked is just that, a scare tactic. Anything that comes out of the CoS will have to be voted on, and passed, by 2/3rds (or 3/4 ths, I forget) of the states. The communist and the progressives (I’m being redundant) do not control those votes. I contend they do not control the influence to get appointed to the CoS to begin with. The CoS was included in the Constitution for a reason. Our founding fathers had the insight to know that the government they set up could be manipulated into a tyranny. We should use the tools they provided for us.

        • Nice thought, but money talks and the communists on the left have plenty of it. I fear they will buy their way in and destroy what we have now. They have cheating and buying votes down to a science.

    • I would support that, but they do not go far enough to demanding States Rights. There proposals seemed to be focused on term limits but we need is all major policy go back to the States so that some states may fail but not the whole countey. Unless they push to eliminate all federal departments with the exception of those which protect us from domestic and foreign terror then we are not the Republic we say we are. We are not a Republic. Unless we pull out of the UN we are not protecting our sovereignty. If 37 stares sign on to those specifics then I am not in. We need drastic change not 1or 2 items. What is the sense of a convention if it is not to change these specific issues.

    • The republicans are working on the repeal of Obamacare. Theses things at enot done overnight. there are many other items they are working on also. Give them a chance and don’t expect it all done in three weeks.

  3. Abortion is murder of an unborn child! There is no way to dispute this, although there are fools who try through semantics, false science and plain stupidity. There is human DNA in the fetus and the fetus is alive, since if it were not, the uterus would attempt to spontaneously abort the infant. Since the act is murder, there will come a time when the person who commits the crime, including the mother if she seeks the abortion, will stand in judgment! There will be no plea bargaining and the sentence will be severe! Elected leaders would do well to reconsider their beliefs if they are currently “pro-abortion” [pro-murder/anti-life]! They are as guilty as the abortionist!

  4. She’s a Dimwitocrat in all but name; votes usually for the B team.

  5. Separate the bills, period. They are asking for no action by doing this….on purpose I imagine. What fools.

  6. Lisa Murkowski has decided to back the same “Planned Parenthood” that runs a baby killing machine–killing 70 million babies to date, and counting. Anyone who supports these murderers is an accessory to murder! This is not; kill the baby to save the woman, but rather a “Convenience Killings” Wake-up America–babies are a gift from God. The God fearing people in Alaska should find someone to replace her in the next election,


        • In reply to linda shelton: I agree with you except that CAPS ARE EASY FOR PEOPLE WITH VISION ISSUES TO READ, ESPECIALLY ON A SMARTPHONE OR TABLET.
          If your point is a desire for better understanding of a post, then you should complain about poor spelling and grammar.

      • Do you want the deaths of 70 million lives on YOUR head on Judgement Day? That’s almost more than Hitler, Stalin, and Pol Pot combined.

        I, for one, do NOT.

        • Non-viable fetuses are not babies.

          • They are humans, regardless of their deformities. And what do you mean by non-viable? If they won’t survive, the mother’s body will miscarriage them, except for rare cases, like the ones born with only a brain stem. They are still human, and deserve to be kept comfortable until they die on their own schedule. Dr. Mengele had an attitude very much like yours.

      • I hate to tell you, but we are already paying for all of those children. Abortion has not stopped that. The reality is that I think children were actually better cared for in some cases prior to abortion being legal. There needs to be more focus on birth control, and more focus on taking care of the children after they are born. I use to be pro-choice, but as I have gotten older, I do not see abortions, particularly beyond the first 6 to 8 weeks to be beneficial for society, and now believe Planned Parenthood should lose its taxpayer’s funds to end the practice of abortion.

        • They do, Ginger. Planned Parenthood provides low cost contraceptives to women, especially those women who don’t have health insurance (yeah, conservatives, they really exist) or whose insurance doesn’t cover contraceptives (even though it might well cover Viagra!) If children are not CONCEIVED, they will not be aborted! You sound sensible. Unlike so many right wingers who wring their hands about 4 week old fetuses, but kick them and their parents to the street if they need assistance after the birth occurs. I only logged into this thread by accident trying to find my husband’s plane reservation he couldn’t find. He’s a republican but pro-choice. I’m a democrat and obviously pro choice. Would I want to have an abortion? No. Fortunately, I never had to make that choice. But for women who honestly can’t handle having another kid, which is a big deal, people, WHY ON GODS GREEN EARTH DO YOU WANT TO FORCE THEM TO HAVE THE KID OR SHOVE ABORTIONS BACK INTO THE BACK ALLEYS? If you don’t like abortion, don’t screw around unprotected and get pregnant. But actually, right wingers have illicit sex too. Oops. That’s not fake news either. But they want to act all pious like they’re all so perfect, which the Bible advises against, but never mind that! LOL. There’s no talking to some people. If you can handle having the unwanted abused and even killed child abuse “holocaust” on your conscience, have at it, pro-lifers. I hope some day you come to your senses.

          • Every time you go to planned parenthood you are going to the back alleys. Have you ever checked your facts on how many planned parent hood abortions end up not only killing the baby but killing the mother also. Please check the real facts. I am not your enemy but we have enough killings without killing the innocent also.

          • Um, trust me. I know much more about PP and its clinics than you do. Abortion in a sterile clinic is a safe medical procedure. Look, we just disagree on whether it’s better to have unintended pregnancies ending in abortions (hopefully early) or with people bearing children they are not ready to care for, don’t want, etc. I feel neither is ideal, but the first is the better option, assuming that adoption is not an possibility, as sadly many women can’t bring themselves to do that. Adopting out your child can be heroic. But everyone can’t always be a hero. It’s a tough choice, and I’m glad I never had to make it, but safe legal abortion should be available, I believe. You disagree. Probably nothing will ever change either of our minds. The best we can help for perhaps is for civil debate and forgiveness from God and people we may hurt through our inflexibility or our inability to know the mind of God. Peace to you.

        • Finally Ginger someone who reasons with sanity. The Time to speak up is long overdue. Thanks for your comments.

      • 1, lose the caps, we might understand what you are talking about!
        2. there are a lot of people who would be willing to take babies since they can’t have ones of their own.
        3. God gets very angry when his babies are killed, he has wiped out whole cities before for that and more.

      • The unmarried minorities need refrain from having sex.

        • That would save a lot of babies from being exterminated. Give them free birth control. Problem solved.

          • FREE Birth control IS available to ALL (that is 100%) of those who request it – irregardless of financial ability to pay! All they have to do is say they cannot afford it and it is GIVEN TO THEM TO USE! Any clinic, everywhere in the U.S.! Problem is so MANY irresponsible women who carelessly say “if I get pregnant no big deal I will just get an abortion”.. And careless. irresponsible men who say they prefer the “natural feeling” without a condoms, “it’s up to the woman to take “care” of it”!! Both know they will not be legally held responsible for murdering a baby so they could care less! And welfare moms continue to have babies as their checks get bigger with each child. We have an immoral society without any sense of conscience today!

          • You’ve hit the nail right on the head. This country has slipped way down in having morals but, that is what happens when the government doesn’t want us doing anything religious in the schools or in public. GOD is not happy with this world anymore.

          • Your morality is yours. But not everyone agrees with you. Problem is, you are soooo sure you know the ,mind of God, you want to force your religion down everyone else’s throat. I say, unconstitutional. But now with your oh-so-moral, thrice married Prez in the White House, maybe you’ll get your way.. you must be so proud. 🙂 He’s so caring and moral and Biblical and respectful. God Bless.

        • But they don’t. Even GOP married white dudes in congress screw around some!

        • Just the Minorities. HuH?


      • Wayne, 1st, quit YELLING!!!!
        Children are gifts from God, not disposable globs of tissue no matter who the mom is. I know of at least a dozen families in my church that would love to enlarge their families but it’s so expensive to adopt, so the issue can be as simple as lowering the costs of adoption (put the money from PP into adoption agencies!!! Brilliant! Saving lives by spending money sanely instead of for murdering!).
        I also know that it’s NOT PC, but wouldn’t it also be beneficial to the MOM, the BABY and SOCIETY to step back and make people RESPONSIBLE for their actions/activities?!?
        If a gal is old enough to spread her legs, she’s old enough to say no, to wait till marriage (my wife did and so is my 21 year old daughter) and if “something happens” then she AND the guy need to be held responsible. Society’s and churchs’ job is to come along-side these people & hold them accountable for their past while upholding their present to solidify their future… AND the innocent child!

      • Yet that doesn’t explain all of the couples that can’t or are unable to have children? I think this abortion deal is a little more sinister then what we see at the top?

        Yet our government imports third world immigrants and children while encouraging aborting our own??

        What’s wrong with this picture???

        To say that all 70 million babies will be unproductive to society is a little racist or bigoted in my book!

      • Why not kill all the drug addicts, rapist, petty thieves, pedophiles, tax evaders, alcoholics, car-jack-ers, arsonist, rioters that destroy hundreds of millions in property, and other felons.–Think of all the money we would save. Why kill just babies who are yet to have caused a single act against society. I can feel your anger, but even you were given the opportunity not to be eliminated at birth. Has man become the ultimate judge to decide who lives and who dies? It is a dangerous path that demeans the very sanctity of life.

        • Albert, We always have been the ones that decide who lives or Dies.
          We are Civilized(?) . We go by laws. Some people do not look past the end of their Noses, to see.

  7. Are you paying attention, Alaska? Vote her out!

  8. the hore cow strikes again, surely that moron from back east, the hore suzi colon polop, will join with this democrapo undercover agent to continue to fund planned murder inc so that her bribes keep flowing in..

  9. “The only hope left for your loved one at this time is a brain transplant. > > > > It’s an experimental procedure, very risky, but it is the only hope. > > > > Insurance will cover the procedure, but you will have to pay for the BRAIN. > > > > The family members sat silent as they absorbed the news. After a time, > > someone asked, “How much will a brain cost?” > > > > The doctor quickly responded, “$5,000 for a Democrat’s brain; $200 for > > a Republican’s brain.” > > > > The moment turned awkward. Some of the Democrats actually had to try > > not to smile, avoiding eye contact with the Republicans. > > > > A man unable to control his curiosity, finally blurted out the > > question everyone wanted to ask, “Why is the Democrat’s brain so much > > more than a Republican’s brain?” > > > > The doctor smiled at the childish innocence and explained to the > > entire group, “It’s just standard pricing procedure. We have to price > > the Republicans’ brains a lot lower because they’re used.” > >” This lady Lisa Murkovski is proving that there are also a few unused Republican brains! I hope her last name is her husbands because Polish people are normally smart!

  10. Shows she is for planned parenthood. When voting comes around next time put her on the chopping block and get a more conservative nominee in her place.

  11. No, this is a senator that still cannot see the forest for the trees.. You have added 28,000 people to those insured but the rest of us had to pay for them thru super high premiums so they could have the government subsidize their insurance payments. How unfair is that Senator? Add in the fact that the policies we PAY for are not as good as those we had previously and what we got was screwed! Repeal the ACA and make sure the new act covers the good points that were intended for the ACA and we will be happy! As for as PP is concerned , and given that the government has always been able to squeeze blood from a turnip, why can’t the funds pass through without including abortion! Just make PP provide proof like anyone else to back them up!

    • How can anything be “unfair” about socialism and communism ??…especially when the parasites and commies are willing to get out into the street and “demonstrate”…did you not realize how hot those limousines get when the “demonstrators” set fire to them…..the Real American Taxpayer should be paying for fire suits for these protestors…

  12. The nazi Trumphitler will fire up the gas chamber and tell her to get in line.

    • yes and we need to throw the scum from the congressional darki carcass in there along with the “bowel licking movement” hos and those hos in the “new black pu$$ies…might consider the scum sucking pigs in cair and the aclu and their jerkoff buddies at the southern pubic law center and masturbation university…the paid penis noggins out there in bezerkly along with those twits, kenyan boyo’s boys, that did all that nasty demonstrating in Ferguson, Missouri…that will help clean up the gene pool and reduce the future burden on the prison system…

      • Fuck you, bigot shit.

        • what should I use ?? a racist penis like you…??

          • You damn sure can’t use your own, acorn dick.

          • did you miss out on kenyan boyo’s free gender reassignment surgery billy ? It is obvious that your tiny hot dog has failed miserably and you are in need of a brand new taco…rush down to your local Planned Infant Murder office and they will get that paperwork in the mill…oh and do not worry billly the Real Americans, you know them they pay work and pay taxes, will see to it that you get free birth control pills…heaven forbid that you would find yourself with an unwanted pregnancy…

          • I just happen to be a member of MENSA and a sperm donor. So I have lots of my intelligent genes being handed down. You just dribble your satanic spawn into Kleenex tissues imagining getting some trim. Never gonna happen.

          • did you enjoy the last mensa strating circle jerk when al sharpless, jessi jacksonoff, and that real african ahole louise “I am a rag communist racist” fairyconman joined the spurting ??? now they gonna have a new member…yes sirree they be inviting the african pretender…you know the clown that told folks that he was a “law professor”…also suggested that he was an American instead of a Kenyan…we all watched as the nimrods in the media(sic) all sang praises to his excellency and showered him with accolades..too bad that the clown that occupied the oral office for 8 years (when not golfing or vacationing or bowing to dicktators ) was nothing more than and egotistical arrogant product of a muslim America hater and a hore..oh wait just a cotton picking minute I forgot to add that his granny and grandpappy were avowed racists who got to influence little barry sotoroe along with his mamies new leg hump davis my and the african announced his intention to run for pres in the living room of an unindicted terrorist scum sucking pig…go donate some more sperm robbie mugabooboo over in that failed black experiment of zimbangwe needs some more..hey donors can show up in person…

        • GODBlessRealAmerica!

          Last night we lol at you liberal moronic protesting morons ha ha
          Keep Hope Alive we comin we comin strong!!!!

          Hope n change is here!

    • And another FRIGGIN troll heard from!

  13. That bWitch continues her RINO agenda of voting with the dimwits. People of Alaska what in Hell were you thinking when you voted for this totally worthless LIfe Support System For A Pu–y

  14. Planned Parenthood’s proper title should be Planned Murder. They by their own admission has a PRIMARY mission of abortion/killing babies. There are very, very few that offer prenatal care. Those offices that do are located in political active white areas opposed to them. It’s all a ruse to deceive people into believing they deserve our tax dollar.

  15. I am as conservative as they come, but a political realist (you should be able to figure out what that means). There are only 2 options in this situation.

    1. Completely defund planned parenthood

    2. Continue to fund planned parenthood, because they do offer other services to woman aside from abortion, but make it illegal for planned parenthood to perform abortions. Also, make it a felony offense for any planned parenthood facility, or any facility referred to by planned parenthood, to perform an abortion and hold any medical personal criminal culpable. Change the laws….Abortions that truly protect the life of the mother, rape victims, incest victims, drug users etc. must be given consideration above and beyond the scope of an all out abortion ban, BUT only in the first trimester. After that their negligence should be paramount to a felony.

    Women want equality and equal treatment under the law. I TOTALLY and COMPLETELY agree with that. However, they also must accept personal responsibility as well. No one can have it both ways and not one without the other.

    • after a lot of investigation it has been determined that many Planned Infant Murder locations ONLY offer abortion…no counseling, no exams, no prenatal assistance…just abortion..oh I almost forgot in the event that you might need a tiny leg or hand or some other part contact you local PIM to get your request in the queue for quick fulfillment..

  16. This senator is one of the Islamic terrorist

  17. Problem is….PP no longer provides any “women’s health care services” other than abortion.

    • That is what needs to be in the main stream media news, but will never see the light of day there…they are all aborted and support anything that the Christians and Conservatives promote..

  18. Unfortunately both parties use this political trick to cover their asses when they deem something to political they attach it to something that has to pass or something that will never pass because they are polices cowards

  19. So, the GOP should put the repeal in front of the House and Senate and watch the votes. Then America will know better how to vote next year, and the year after that…Americans must vote for those who support America, not just for McConnell and Ryan, who I fear are mainly interested in themselves.

  20. Sorry lisa, while you’re slaughtering babies, we’ll be celebrating life.

  21. Planned parenthood does not provide women’s health care services (as the Alaskan senator said) other than abortion. Call them yourself if you don’t believe it.

  22. It is a shame that Lisa’s mother didn’t abort her.

  23. Why do people here resort to name calling? Just stick to the facts as you know them. It makes for a more intelligent discussion.

  24. Get rid of the liberal vermin baby butchers !

  25. Some one should check into just what health services do they provide, in the lower 48 they don’t provide much of anything except abortions.

  26. She is wrong and I hope the people of Alaska let her know.

  27. The trolls posting here should make their statements on a leftist news reporting site.

  28. I bet she will be looking for something to do if she has to run in 2018 for her seat. She has nothing to do with me except the babies she is welling to end their lives, sad.

  29. If the Alaskans have any sense, this will be the last term for her. I don’t see her representing their values and she is a thorn in the side of sensible conservatives who want to restore moral values to America. She has to go.

  30. So-called Senator Lisa can quit acting like a dumbacrap.

  31. War is murder (killing in order to protect yourself or in many cases not premeditated . Abortion is a killing field. Direct violation of 6th commandment “Thou shall not Kill”. So there is no giving those that perform this act against the living unborn , justification to brush it off as being anything other than taking a human life. They do not have the excuse that life doesn’t begin at conception because once God puts that child in the womb, let no man or woman knowingly wirh pre meditation take it’s life. To take a life of an innocent , defenseless life is a grave sin against God. Rather you believe in God or not, he does exist and will have final judgement. The Democratic Party and RINO Murkowski face a worse fate in the future . God made them and I am sure they are happy with their mother carrying them to full term. We have a very sad and pathetic society today . Secularism is how communism and fascism start. It’s where we are heading . How else do you explain sanctuary cities which are filled with murderers and rapists and illegal lawbreakers. How else do you explain abortion ( women’s choice is just a pathetic way to try and justify it) it’s not Gods choice. How else can we explain the lefts determination to destroy the America our founders envisioned. How else can we explain a nation voting in not once but twice a president who’s only mission was and still is to take away our 1st and 2nd ammendments. Our constitution gives every human being the right to Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The left communist wing of the democratic creative party, which obviously is the democrats and some RINO’ , , , ,will stop at no end to save this one world order. Globalism. They want a handful of world leaders to rule the world with the United Nations being the vehicle to make it happen. Trump can go a long way in bringing America out of this stranglehold by exiting the UN and kicking them the hell out of the country like he is ISIS and illegal criminals . The founders saw this day coming and it’s why they gave us a Republic so that there would be no one person rule. Three equal branches of power. The legislative, executive and the judicial with precise powers. Unfortunately the left and the right have been chipping away(in the Dems case chiseling away) the very fabric which keeps all of us connected to the belief that we are in a nation whose principles were embodied in Judeo Christian religions. Today Christianity is constantly under attack, there is not separation of powers . The executive and judicial branches legislating making new laws. The judicial of all the branches have created the most dangerous scenario. The fact that courts like the 9th circuit continually rule by their political views and not by the original intent of the constitution, is bringing us to the point we are failing in domestic , foreign and spiritual sanity. God did shed His grace on us as a country but not so much today . Remember these natural disasters have nothing to do with man. They are an omen to the final days . Man has declared themselves the Power, and are only fooling themselves . Benjamin Franklin knew that man would try and trash this Constitutional Republic. God bless America !! However it is becoming crystal clear only His Grace can do that. Man will not.

  32. Typical “do nothing” from RINO’s in the returdlican “Do Nothing” party.

  33. Long story shortened…Sen. Lisa Murkowski, of Alaska, supports the slaughter of unborn human beings.

    • Oh, really, who WANTS to bring life into this nasty world full of simple headed, mean people like you? Geeze! What a fulfilling life you have. You lie and say anything to ensure that every unintended, unplanned pregnancy results in a live birth to parents who don’t want to care for the kid (though unsurprisingly, almost no one adopts out and many kids are not adopted but stay in foster care. Reality bites.)

  34. Let this senator know that federal funds/grants will be a lot tougher to get in the future if she doesn’t tow the line.

  35. GOP leaders have talked big for years, then collapsed when it was time for action. I’ve no faith in Sen. McConnell and less in Speaker Ryan. They are both eunuchs, i.e., neutered males who lack the testes to follow through on policy promises. For example, for six or seven years, now, they’ve promised to repeal ObamaCare when they were in the position to do so. Now, they hold all the political power, all of it – the Presidency, and both the House and Senate – and the plaintive wail and moaning is sickening. They’re paralyzed with fear, and it’s palpable. They’re gonna cave on us…again!

  36. Murkuwski is a Democrat

  37. ALASKA …….Wake Up ……your .Senator Lisa Murkowski, supports the slaughter of unborn human beings

  38. No surprise here…am sure Collins, Sasse, Flake, McCain, Graham, Hatch, McConnell, etc. will join the Dems, too.

  39. Okay, citizens of Alaska, get it? Murkowski needs to be defunded!

  40. Murkowski is a world class RINO. The RNC needs to withhold funding from her next campaign and find a true Republican Conservative to run in her place. Like burned out old Johnny McCain she crosses the aisle so much she ought to just move her desk over on the dem side and join them.

  41. If a wpman wants an abortion, let her pay for it herself.

  42. Murkowski is the ego manic fool who stole her Senate seat. Not surprising that she is a member of the “Progressive” RINO wing in the Senate.

  43. Originally, an abortion had to occur within the first tri-mester. Now, apparently, it can be done just before a baby is born. By that time, it is a live, viable baby and a person. That is murder, plain and simple.

  44. Queen of the RINOS, Lisa Murkowski needs to be recalled immediately….she is a shill for the Teachers Union and Planned Parenthood….(who incidentally do not do parent planning, lots of non-parent planning tho)

  45. Maybe Lisa Murkowski should look to fund other avenues of health care for her constituents instead of turning Democrat lite. She should take the high road here. If she supports the repeal of Obamacare with the defunding of Planned Parenthood, she can work to make sure other options are available for her constituents. Her way is the lazy way out. She doesn’t want to do the work expected of a good legislator.

  46. Not only is Murkowski in the teachers union back pocket she is also in the baby killers union back pocket.

  47. Murkowski is a Dem in all but name. This isn’t the first time she has sided with the Dems. Ryan should trade her baseball style for Joe Manchin who seems to back the GOP as much as his own party

  48. I normally do not agree with this person. however on this I do, agree.
    Planned Parenthood, does do good things for Women. The Abortion part should not be Funded, removed completely from any Bill Funding Planned Parenthood.
    That can Not be done if it is included in the Repeal and relaxing of o’bozo care.
    Planned Parenthood is a Completely different problem.

  49. Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski IS NOT A REPUBLICAN, she is a RINO, and should be DRUMMED OUT OF THE U.S.SENATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. The nights are too long in Alaska. She needs to come out into the daylight and maybe she can think straight.

  51. She’s another left wing woman who says she has the right to do what she wants with her body. Hey, I don’t know why bank robbers and other criminals don’t start screaming about how their rights are being violated and how they’re not allowed to do what they want with their bodies when they’re arrested for robbing a bank….LOL.

  52. “Sen. Lisa Murkowski of Alaska” Nothing more than an ignorant JACKASS Rino who should have never been voted into office.

  53. So, maybe we need to divorce Murkowski from her Congressional seat.

  54. GOP.— DON’T DO THIS. defund them and destroy this obamination of planned parenthood, now. Since you have taken the Word of God out of your lives , you re going to pay the highest price going against him. You have turned against Pres Trump and we will get destroyed because of your actions. We who are conservatives know why Trump was sent to us. GOP you cross us and it will be you who pays not us. Either you do as Pres Trump wants to get the hell out of Gov. We don’t need the likes of you. I hope the dem,s get shipwrecked. GOP get some guts and also stop obamacare and start moving in the right direction.!!!! WE have had enough of jack asses.

  55. I think the money should go to help Americans & to reduce the debt.Also one should use a condom if they do not want children makes a lot of sense.

  56. Lisa Murkowski is a MURDERER. Anyone that is for planned parenthood is just that.

  57. This Senator Murkowski does not sound like a true Republican if she is trying to hang on to Obamacare and Planned Parenthood. Sounds like it’s time for some RINO’s to be voted out of office.

  58. I vote we defund Senator Murkowski.

  59. Someone should tell her to go visit a PP building and ask what services they really do supply. She will find that they do nothing except hand out contraceptives and offer abortions. Those are services women can get anywhere. The facts speak that for every closed PP in every given area, there are less sexually active and pregnant teenagers.

  60. Then this is one Senator that we must refund as soon as possible.

  61. Lisa will not be reelected the next time around. she is a closet democrat.

  62. There are other clinics that can be used for normal healthcare. Also insurance and Medicaid pays for health care for the rest. That is not a good excuse at all!!

  63. And this surprises whom? She’s been pseudodeomrat for quite a while….

  64. She and Collins of Maine have both been longtime democrats!


    Abu Tom · New York, New York

  66. Kick her ass out of office now

  67. “I, for one, do not believe that Planned Parenthood has any place in our deliberations on the Affordable Care Act,”

    How about somebody explaining to senator Lisa that “We The People” Taxpayers do not believe that Planned Parenthood has any place in our deliberations on the “expenditure of taxpayer monies” on Planned Parenthood! If she can’t ‘add it’ to action on the ACA, shut down the government sending millions of dollars to that outfit ANY OTHER WAY she desires, just git-er-dun!!

  68. Forrest Huck London

    lisa murkowski hs a hole in her head her state has all this oil money that could be used for health care for the natives keep it out of the pockets of the elitists planned parenthood should be desolved

    • disqus_vM1Ts0vZ7C

      Alaska comes in dead last in education (50th), and yet Lisa Murkowski
      could not (or would not) understand that obviously changes needed
      to be made in the educational system. Voting against Betsy De Vos, who has a proven track record of educating the ‘uneducatable’,
      Lisa Murkowski employs this same blind, stupidity in her
      one-track mind to elevate ‘feminism’, and all the evils
      that come with it.

  69. I applaud Lisa Murkowski!

    they should divorce those issues from each other.

  70. There is a birthing jihad by the illegal immigrants that will fill the generational void left as a down turn in numbers of children from legal American citizens is felt in future population demographics.

  71. This claim that 28,000 having coverage for the first time is not the thing to be focusing on. What needs to be asked of these newcomers to health insurance is whether they can afford to use the insurance. One poll I saw showed 67% said they couldn’t afford the deductible and out-of-pocket expenses. What good is insurance if you can’t afford to use it, Lisa?

  72. Why does she think that Planned Parenthood is the only option for women to receive non-abortion medical care? Her excuse is ridiculous.

  73. Murkowski is full of Crap Abortion is the only service they provide they claim they have other services when they are requested they are denied.

    • I am against abortion, believe that it is Murder.
      However ,either you are misinformed or whatever.
      Planned Parenthood, does indeed provide other services for women and Girls. Maybe not at ever location, but they do provide Womens Care.

      • They played a tape on the Radio a Woman requesting a Mammogram prenatal care & several other procedures at 3 or 4 clinics with replies of we don’t do that here at each one recommending a non- affiliated Clinic. One actually said we only do Abortions here!! I have been trying to find it on the internet but we have lost control of that now. obama gave it away to Foreigners must have bought it from Al Gore

  74. Health services for women don’t just happen in PPH, so what is her beef? If she is not for abortions, and votes for it, then the blood is on her hands if it fails to get repealed. I think she is a democrat in sheep’s clothing and to vote against this bill is the same as saying she agrees with the human slaughter houses that are no different than the holacaust under Hitler against the Jews. Many cry about the holacaust and how monsterous it was, but when about 50Mil babies being slaughtered every few years is going on, this is beyond monsterous.

  75. “Let this opportunity slip through your fingers and you’ll look back on the 2016 voter revolt with longing fondness.”

    Actually, I think any RINO Senator who votes against this “will of the people” legislation will look back on the 2018 election and say to themselves, “Gee, I guess I was wrong to vote against that ACA repeal and PP defunding bill” — as they begin their search for a real job.

  76. RINO Murkowski should have run as a Dem.

  77. This women is a conservative phony liberal baby killer! PP doesn’t give a crap about women’s health care, they murder babies, thats all they do!!

  78. There are lots of people that would like to have a child and pay big money to have one there is no need to have an abortion

  79. See Hillary Clinton Exposed part 1 on youtube to see who started planned parenthood and she wanted to kill black babies

  80. Trump is an America-hating piece of shit. Putin helped him steal the election to weaken us. Wake up, people… Before Russian becomes the national language.

  81. Murkowski is a RINO.

  82. This Senator needs to pack her bags and go back to Alaska. She is doing everything she can to disrupt the Republican Party’s plans to make America Great Again. I don’t believe she is a true Republican. That is probably the only way she could get elected is to claim to be a Republican. The Republican National Committee needs to tell these rouge so-called Republicans they will get no money or support from the Party unless they start supporting the agenda of the President and Party. This includes McCain, Lindsay, Ryan (who, by the way, got $10,800 from Soros) and the lady senator (can’t remember her name) from Maine.

  83. The GOP better think long about why they are not going to defund PPH, I have a feeling there will be a backlash and there well be a few looking for a job in 2018.

  84. Lisa should have been aborted, which Planned Parenthood does, & we would not have to concern ourselves with this moron.

  85. Thank Allah for her!

  86. Lisa Murkowski is apparently some sort of a RINO! This is the second time she has gone against the Republicans. The Republicans need to get some people up in Alaska and find someone that would make a good Republican Senator and support that person with money and help. Murkowski needs to be eliminated at the first opportunity.

  87. She’s a RINO, remember the Sect of Education vote too….Poor wacky Alaskans that voted that mess their Senator

  88. Suzette Pulvirenti

    Well….then her name needs to be put on the front burner and published so that everyone knows that she believes in abortion and the selling of body parts. There are many other facilities women can go to for the services they need and Planned Parenthood does not plan…..they abort.
    Ms. Lisa Murkowski…….your vote needs to be FOR the defunding……

  89. If they were really legitimate “Pro Choice” advocates they would figure out how to solicit a choice from the unborn child because without that, Pro Choice is actually Pro Death. There are two living parts to the equation, so giving choice to only one is disingenuous and dishonest. Can an unborn child provide input to such a narrative? Of course not, but I do believe that a strong will to survive is ingrained in every living thing. So, IMHO, another way should be sought to mitigate the consequences of what is most often the result of irresponsible behavior.

  90. Just watch Hillary Clinton exposed part 1 to see the kind of monster Hillary it is on YouTube

  91. It’s well past time to rid the Republican party of Murkowski; she was only elected because of her surname and it’s past time to try another.

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