GOP Secures Another 2nd Amendment Win

Following a lawsuit by a local resident in Washington, D.C. the limit on how much ammunition someone with a concealed carry handgun permit holder can have has been removed.

On Sept. 14, Robert J. Contee III of the Metropolitan Police Department informed the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia Circuit that the district’s ban on carrying more than 20 rounds had been removed due to an emergency.

Contee in the legal filings wrote, “On review of these developments, this regulation, its enforcement history, and in consideration of other regulations that govern concealed-carry licensees, the Chief has determined that emergency rulemaking action is prudent and necessary for the immediate preservation of the welfare of District residents and to enable the district to avoid accruing liability for attorney fees in legal challenges.”

The concerns regarding liabilities come from a civil activist named Dick Heller who for the second time this year has managed to win a lawsuit in the federal court and amend the district’s gun laws. Heller became well known for the Supreme Court’s 2008 ruling in District of Columbia v. Heller, which ruled that the Second Amendment protects “the individual right to possess and carry weapons in case of confrontation.”

In the lawsuit he made on June 30, Heller said that the city’s regulation regarding the limit to 20 rounds of ammunition was unconstitutional and had no historic precedence.

Heller noted that he was really surprised at how quickly his complaint was looked over and how quickly the limit was removed without even a judge’s intervention.

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  1. This is another great win for the 2nd Amendment!

  2. The attacks keep on coming from the Looney Left, so our Constitution needs an amendment that protects the 2nd. amendment from attack’s from Tyrant’s punishable by imprisonment to any political party or politician. That’ll stop the hater’s who try to mess with our Rights. If that’s too hard to swallow then pack your bags, you’re free to leave!! Find something else to bitch about!! Get out we don’t want you here any way. We like guns so get!

  3. Take guns away and Biden will totaly become a Dictator . Hitler Biden

  4. YES!, It will give that bullshit FBI director no resistance to do anything him and his cronies feel like!!!! F–K Him!!!

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