GOP Representative Pans Hunter Biden’s Artwork While Calling for DOJ Investigation

Republican Representative from Colorado, Ken Buck, displayed a Hunter Biden painting during last week’s House Judiciary hearing, asking Attorney General Merrick Garland how it could come close in value to two classical art pieces he also displayed next to it.

The displays served as a lead-up to Buck asking Garland if he would appoint a special prosecutor to investigate the younger Biden. Garland declined to answer, saying he wouldn’t comment on pending investigations. When Buck told him he could comment on appointing a special prosecutor, Garland said he would take Buck’s request “under advisement.”

Buck showed Garland paintings by Claude Monet and Edgar Degas, costing $700,000 and $500,000, respectively. 

“The third painting … is a Hunter Biden,” Buck added to laughter. After Garland said he didn’t recognize the painting, Buck said that particular painting sold for $500,000.

“Now, you may think that … when Hunter Biden is in such exclusive company that he would have a background in artistic training, for example,” he said. 

“But you would be wrong if you thought that. And you might think that he had some sort of apprenticeship with a world-renowned artist, but you would be wrong again if you thought that. Or perhaps that he has been selling his works for years – and again, unfortunately, you would be wrong.”

Buck noted that Biden was selling his pieces for as much as $500,000. The New York Post previously reported that the gallery hosting Biden had received $500,000 in coronavirus relief.

As Buck noted, former President Obama’s ethics czar expressed concern about the Hunter’s dealings. 

“Hunter Biden should cancel this art sale because he knows the prices are based on his dad’s job,” said former ethics chief Walter Shaub in July. “Shame on POTUS if he doesn’t ask Hunter to stop.”

Garland’s department has reportedly started investigating Biden’s finances.

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