GOP Replacing RNC Chair?

The Florida GOP is holding a no-confidence vote in Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel next month. This will be an important step as the leader is heading into re-election.
Republican insiders have insisted that this move has a symbolic importance as Florida has been important in resisting the Democratic wave in 2018, and in generating a red wave in 2022, despite that some way failing to materialize in order states.

Following the three disappointing elections that the GOP has had to face, many have become critical of McDaniel and earlier this month the Texas GOP voted unanimously against her in a nonbinding vote. On Wednesday members of the Florida GOP’s executive committee were also successful in their petition which called for her time as leader to end.

Anthony Sabatini, the GOP chair in Lake County, noted that Florida has become an important state for the Republican party and that they would help “vote Ronna down”. Sabatini was the one who gathered support for the no-confidence petition. He added during an NBC interview that Ronna was continuously losing support which is why people were becoming increasingly mad as they wanted to see her gone.

The vote by the Republican Party of Florida executive committee is expected to take place somewhere between Jan. 14 to 20. The vote is going to be nonbinding as the RNC is set to hold its official chair election in late January.

Currently, McDaniel is facing a challenge from Harmeet Dhillon, an RNC committeewoman. McDaniel earlier this month announced that she had the support of 101 of 168 RNC voting members.

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