GOP Mega-Donors Dump Trump

The GOP’s largest donors are turning their focus on other GOP nominees for 2024 and potentially leaving former President Donald Trump behind. The poor performance and results of Trump-endorsed candidates in the midterm elections have led to several Republicans questioning whether Trump has lost some of his influence and grip on the party.

They have also been looking at the recent success of Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, who won his reelection bid by a wide margin. DeSantis-backed candidates also had success throughout Florida. Even outside of his state polls shows that he has gained a lot of popularity with GOP voters.

Several Republican donors have already announced that they would choose to back DeSantis over Trump.

Ken Griffin

Billionaire hedge fund boss Ken Griffin, who was the third biggest donor during this past election cycle, has called Trump a “three-time loser” and has said that he should make space for DeSantis. Griffin has also noted that DeSantis has “winning policies” which is what has managed to flip Florida to a red state.

Andy Sabin

New York businessman Andy Sabin who had added to Trump’s Victory fund in 2016 and had given $120,000 for Trump’s reelection campaign has said that he has no plans to give Trump even “a f***ing nickel.” He has also blamed the former President for the “Red wave” not materializing.

Stephen Schwarzman

Stephen Schwarzman, the CEO and co-founder of Blackstone, has also said that America needs a better leader and that it is time for the GOP to turn their attention to a new generation of leaders. Schwarzman was the fifth-largest GOP donor in this last election cycle.

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  1. So the big time donars are dumping trump. Well, no worry, there are plenty of loyal USA citizens that will take up the job, guess these donars will have to pay more taxes because I have more in they are really not that smart with their money. But wait until Trump has the US on it’s way back to where it should be, and watch them all reap their share of perks. We the people know who they are so things could easily turn their fortunes (donations) around and bite them in the wallets.

  2. The continued anti-Trump movement is aided by GOP, mega-donors who prefer a mature Governor that hasn’t time for posting mean tweets.

  3. Trump had his shot whether the Dems stole the election or not – they were all gunning to get rid of Trump as he was and would have continued to drain the swamp and whoever they were unleashed Covid which enabled the ballot dumps and more. He was doing a great job (with the exception of his stupid tweets), but he couldn’t overcome the Swamp. Now that he said he’s running, bring on DeSantis as his VP; when the 4 years are up, DeSantis runs for president – if the 2 of them do a fantastic job, we’d get 12 years of conservatism and prosperity. (Side note: the oil truck just left my house – $5.30/gallon – got 200 gallons – FJB!! These idiots who continue to support the Dems claiming the GOP took their right away to kill their unborn babies are morons – home heating oil through the roof, natural gas way up, food costs way up, gas at the pump way up, pizzas more than double now, everything costs more UNDER THE LEADERSHIP OF JOE BIDEN AND THE DEMOCRATS – and these people who think the right to kill an unborn baby is more important than just surviving are complete, total idiots. F them and anyone who agrees with them)

  4. Ask the people not rich guys

  5. Good for the rich donors.they know he’s stpude and all mouth.he he’s a asso anyway.

    • Gale,
      Your intelligence is shown in your post as does the posts of others with your Leftist mentality, and lack of personal research into a subject before you open you brain’s outlet and let the Leftist Media induced rhetoric be repeated.
      The peoples’ votes do not determine the outcome of an election: the machines programmed by those in control and the resulting votes tabulated, by those in control, determine the outcome of the so called election.
      FACT: An Election only has a true and honest outcome, when votes are made in person and counted by a person, making it possible to physically verify and certify and election.
      Don’t give me the Leftists’ mindless rhetoric of: It would take too long to count the votes! Put the unemployed to work and pay them for an honest days work. Then the results can be fact checked.
      Fact: Voting machines’ outcome are pre-programmed and or altered during the voting process as it has been documented, but denied by the “Lying Media” and “Fake News”, inspired by the 100 year plan, by Communist China; which by the way, the media tries to hide the FACTS, that the Biden’s are in bed with CHINA and the NAZI/Leftist led Ukraine!

  6. The reason the Red Wave did not finalize is that the Left has control of the voting machines and even the machines that count the mail in ballots, which by the way have dead people voting; AND there are the ballot harvesters stuffing the ballot drop boxes, put in place by the Swamp’s Leftist supporters. The Policed by a Leftist DOJ and Congress.
    The rich people do not control Trump! Trump controls Trump and it’s about time people start realizing he is honest about his thoughts and beliefs and let’s people know: NOT like the lying Left that tells people what they want them to believe!
    Trump Love this Country: Democrats& the Swamp love power, money and “People Control”! I include the Swamp, because they are RINOS like McConnell that play both sides and F _ _ k the American people.
    Lust for power and control has been around since the beginning of “Mankind”and Eve’s attempt to be God: NOT “Manlike kind”!
    Women are still trying to be in Control and make men subservient to them. Motherhood has been replaced by greed and lust for power, by the Satanic Leftist run Country. Poor Criminal: Bad Victim!

  7. GOP dumped people in races because they supported Trump in the midterms and then blame Trump for their loss. Over 200 people that Trump backed WON very few lost.

  8. Typical of fake donors of the party and one of the reasons I left it long ago. Both parties are loaded with wealthy donors who do nothing but buy politicians.

  9. LISTEN UP….GOD Power + TRUMP Power = TOUCHDOWN!!!! I Stand by the Lord GOD and TRUMP. GOD’S Blessing is with TRUMP. From SamuraiQueen aka CHIAKIA. 😄😄😄😇😇😇😉😉😉

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