GOP Governor Attacked For Defending State

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has received a lot of criticism recently over his latest migration busing stunt which led to many people, including children, being sent to Washington, D.C., on Christmas Eve. Abbott’s program for busing immigrants to different Democratic-run cities has widely been considered a controversial political stunt, but Abbott himself has maintained that it is the only way to bring more awareness to the security issues at the U.S.-Mexico border. Often Abbot does not supply warnings before the arrival of the buses which has led to immigrants arriving in locations where no contacts are waiting for them.

When the buses arrived on Christmas Eve in Washington, D.C., near the residence of Vice President Kamala Harris, the people on board claimed to have been traveling for two days to reach their destination. At the time of their arrival, the weather in D.C. was at 14 degrees Fahrenheit, with strong winds. These below-freezing temperatures made the conditions of their arrival all the more dangerous.

Following the arrival of the buses, many attacked Abbott online for choosing to do so during a major holiday. While it is confirmed that the migrants arrived from Texas, it has not yet been verified whether they were sent specifically by Abbott. Julián Castro, a Texas Democrat who had served in the Obama administration, posted on Twitter that Abbott did not deserve to be in office. Castro noted that while Abbott calls himself a Christian did not care about others enough to choose to act like a Christian.

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