GOP Establishment Still Thinks This is a Normal Election

Republicans are reportedly in a frenzy this week, freaking out about Donald Trump’s inability to stay on message and his refusal to move on from his ongoing feud with the Muslim family that spoke at the Democratic National Convention. The reports say that RNC officials are exploring ways to replace Trump should he have a complete meltdown and abandon his bid for the presidency. There are also reports that an “intervention” has been scheduled involving Rudy Giuliani, Newt Gingrich, and other Trump advisers. They are apparently going to recruit Trump’s family in an effort to steer the nominee back on track.

If you get all of your information from the usual mainstream sources, you’d think this was the beginning of the end for the Trump campaign. It’s over. He’s swirling down the drain. Columnists at the Washington Post are openly speculating on Trump’s sanity. It’s doom and gloom everywhere you look, and Trump is on course for a landslide loss to Hillary Clinton in November.

Well, don’t believe it for a second.

While it’s true that Trump has had better weeks, this is hardly the first time that reports of his demise have been premature. In fact, we’ve gone through this exact scenario at least once a month since he jumped in the race last summer. And yet, no one in the GOP establishment seems to have figured it out. They understand that Trump is an unusual candidate, but they don’t quite seem to grasp that he is a RESULT, not a CAUSE. It’s the ELECTION that’s abnormal, not Trump.

It’s impossible to say what things would look like right now if Donald Trump had never thrown his hat in the ring, but it’s a safe bet that Jeb Bush was never going to be the Republican nominee. The anti-establishment outrage didn’t start with Trump; he simply became the voice of a movement that was already beginning to form. What we’re seeing right now is the result of deep anger at the Republican Party for their eight years of utter and complete incompetence. And now it’s supposed to matter to Trump supporters that the establishment is angry?

If Republican leaders don’t take off the blindfold soon, they are going to lose their party.


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