GOP Congressman Changes Parties Midstream

Colorado state Sen. Kevin Priola announced on Monday he is switching to the Democratic Party, saying he could not “in good conscience” be silent about Republicans who baselessly cast doubt on the validity of the 2020 election and the existence of climate change.

Priola, a moderate who served four terms in the Colorado House before arriving in the state Senate in 2017, said the GOP has changed since the presidencies of Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan, and he had hoped the Jan. 6, 2021, attack on the Capitol would cause Republicans to distance themselves from former President Trump.

“Our political affiliations have become too tribal and too much of a litmus test,” he wrote in an open letter posted to his Twitter account.

“I’ve almost been an independent thinker and sometimes buck the conventional wisdom of my party, and I don’t plan to change that,” he added. “I do not believe either party has a monopoly on the truth.”

Democrats previously held 20 of the state Senate’s 35 seats, meaning Priola’s party change won’t affect the control of the chamber and will only further cement Democrats’ majority. 

But Priola said his ideological views hadn’t shifted, and he continues to hold conservative views on issues such as abortion, school choice and gun control. 

“To be clear, I will not be changing the way I vote on legislation,” he wrote. “I just simply will now cast my votes with a D next to my name instead of an R.”

Priola said he no longer wants to be affiliated with the Republican Party after Jan. 6, also commending in his letter Republicans who have broken with Trump’s position on the riots, including former Vice President Mike Pence, Sen. Mitt Romney (Utah) and Reps. Liz Cheney (Wyo.) and Adam Kinzinger (Ill.).

In the wake of the Capitol insurrection, Priola told Colorado Politics that he supported removing Trump from office through the 25th Amendment. He also was the sole Republican to vote with Democrats to call on Congress to pass federal voting rights legislation the same month, Denver7 News reported.

“I cannot continue to be a part of a political party that is okay with a violent attempt to overturn a free and fair election and continues to peddle claims that the 2020 election was stolen,” Priola said.

He also took aim at Republicans’ position on climate change, calling the issue a crisis and an existential threat. Priola noted that Nixon, a Republican, signed legislation as president establishing the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

“Today, my Republican colleagues would rather deny the existence of human-caused climate change than take action,” he said. “I increasingly believe this inaction is counter to our responsibility as political leaders.”

Colorado GOP Chairwoman Kristi Burton Brown said in a pair of tweets that Priola has “finally made the move to the party he’s consistently voted with.”

“After lying to his constituents, routinely voting for tax increases, & hurting the working families of his district, he’s now admitted his true affiliation: a pro tax-increase Democrat,” she continued. “It’s clear that Priola has selfishly chosen to make himself the story at the expense of Coloradans he was elected to fight for. He will regret this decision when he is in the minority come January 2023.”

Colorado state Senate President Steve Fenberg (D) celebrated Priola’s decision in a statement, saying the lawmaker chose his constituents over partisan politics.

“Where we’ve had disagreements with Senator Priola in the past, we have always maintained a respectful dialogue,” Fenberg said. “That conversation will continue, only now we will be engaging him as a member of the Democratic Party.”

Original Article: Moderate Colorado Republican switches parties, citing stolen election claims | The Hill

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  1. Republicans who baselessly cast doubt on the validity of the 2020 election and the existence of climate change.
    Glad he’s gone. He sure is ignorant, so he’ll fit right in with DemonRATS.

  2. Kevin you blind moron. Look up thr number of times the Libs have charged the right with stealing elections. You have no memory of HilLIARy saying Trump stole the election in 2016? Is that to recent for you?

  3. The election in 2020 was the most corrupt election in the history of this great nation. If Kevin Priola doesn’t realize that, then he belongs with the other idiots who make up the Democrat Party.

    • Corrupt ???? You must live in a cave….
      Judges appointed by trump found no EVIDENCE !!!!
      Besides Biden won the popular vote by over three million
      Get your head out of your ass doofus


    goodbye WORTHLESS – you are not rightly where you belong. You can honestly accept what the demorats have done and what they propose to do. You have not got a clue.\

    • We’ll he surely hasn’t see the corruption on the other side. But I wouldn’t take him back.

    • So he’s probably been a turncoat the whole time he’s always been a liberal socialist if he doesn’t believe the election was rigged and he’s just denying the truth like all the rest of the Socialist Democrats you don’t want to admit they are deceitful Liars and crooked corrupt and do any damn thing it takes to win election about destroyed American 2 years

  5. He should never to be politician again poor judgment sitting waiting of party doing something but he won’t be part of to the goal of Republicans actual fighting to win to most corrupted democrats pro communist China and Iran being socialism to the US wrong wrong wrong go home eat pile we never want to see him again !

  6. The conservatives should be glad he has fessed up and
    revealed who he really is. Shame on him for deceiveing
    the voters. Good riddance !!!!

  7. If he feels that way about the GOP then why did he wait all this time to change parties , Guess he had to pull another fraud on the voters?

  8. There definitely was fraud and Soros found a way to pull the wool over our eyes. He should be taken out and shot.
    There is no way that Trump could have gone to sleep winning by thousands and wake up just a few hrs later to be losing by thousands. How does that make sense?
    And Liz Cheney should rot in hell and fall off the face of this earth!

  9. ANYONE Holding a Seat, who decides to change Parties, should be Required to Return ALL Funds Provided by the Party which placed them in the seat they hold! Otherwise, whatever their excuse, they’ve committed Fraud! Considering the Millions usually provided, A Felony, which would likely prevent them from even Running!


    Let those who cast doubt and those who don’t cast doubt. So instead you defect to a party that casts doubt on anyone and anything that isn’t a democrat!!! What a weak argument from another potential RHINO COWARD WEAKLING!

  11. ANY politician that decides to switch parties after being elected should have to forfeit their seat and run again in the next election as their newly designated party affiliation…people voted for this POS according to what he ran in as a Republican. He lied and misrepresented himself in order to be elected. This is true for any of them that pull this switch after being elected.

  12. This man is going against the very people who voted him into office. You don’t change parties mid-stream no matter where your alliance falls. That is abhorrent. The voters voted him in on the basis of his party, not on the idea that he would switch sides. He is a hypocritical person.

    • The truth of the matter is his constituents are the reason he’s switching parties….they know

    • He is a thief. All monies given by Republican party should be returned to those who gave to support him.
      Any money still in the fund also should go back to Republican campaign fund and returned. they are required to keep good records. should not be a mystery as to who gave. If so, they too should be audited. I suppose he was ok and backed antifa and Soros and his goones. The burning and looting of cities was ok with him. Wonder how much he was paid to propagate the fraud he definitely committed on his Constitutes. Bet his bank roll is alot bigger. Someone needs to investigate..probably won’t nowthst he is part of the Socialist party.

  13. The democrats definitely have some dirt on this guy. One can only wonder what.

  14. Does the phrase “who cares” mean anything to you? Now they will find out if they were elected by their party or them as a person. Anyone who can turn away from capitalism, law and order, life, smaller government, less taxes, less regulation and respect for the Constitution just to attempt to score points with the media should fit right in to the socialist democrats.

  15. They likely paid him off with Soros money. His career as a politician is over but he’ll retire with millions.

  16. Good riddance to ignorant rubbish! He must be a believer in Fauci’s “science”!!

  17. We don’t need you in our Party. You know that was fraude in 2020. Go MAGA 2024.

  18. Any deaf, dumb , and blind person can see that the 2020 election was a total fraudulent fiasco, and nobody says climate change doesn’t exist, at least I don’t doubt it exists- the rub is that democrats think they’re able to solve the problem by throwing taxpayer dollars at it, instead of reading what the bible has to say about it. First of all the wrath of God is going to destroy everything on earth that is manmade, and the Creator of the universe- who made the weather- will do HIS will concerning the temperature of the earth. There will be extended periods of rainless days all around the globe, the sun will cease to shine at HIS appointed time, and wind will cease to blow at times. So much for solar and wind power (unless all the leftist Komrades stand together in one accord and blow their hot air in unison.) This is the nitty gritty of man’s situation, either accept Father Yahweh’s plan of salvation and live forever with Him in the place He has provided for humankind- that requires no light or energy to sustain mankind, or ignore Him and and live forever in a hellfire where you will beg to die but will suffer your fate for eternity as well. Choose while you have a choice.

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