GOP Candidates Going Around RNC to Improve Debates

In an election cycle that has been full of unpredictability, it seems nearly all of the GOP candidates are in unity about one thing: the irrelevance of the Republican National Committee. And to that end, the campaigns met Sunday to discuss a new strategy for upcoming debates that will leave party officials swinging in the wind.

After the debacle that was the debate on CNBC, the campaigns came together in Washington D.C. to draft a letter that would be sent out to forthcoming debate hosts. The details of that letter aren’t yet known, but insiders say the candidates want to have a direct line to the networks when it comes to negotiating opening statements, how many questions are allotted to each individual, and even the nature of the on-screen graphics.

This is basically the power of Donald Trump in action. Not Trump himself, but the gigantic ratings he is bringing to these debates. He is a prized commodity for these networks, and he can basically make any demands he wants and expect them to be met. The rest of the candidates are riding the train, hoping that Trump’s magic popularity will give them a chance to shine. Who needs the RNC when you have the Donald?

Instead of negotiating this thing or that thing, the candidates should really consider taking the advice of Ted Cruz, who said the next debate should be hosted by proven conservatives like Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity. Or they should even go a step further and eliminate moderators altogether. Maybe have someone there who can hush them up when they’re talking over each other, but limit their role. We don’t need what we’ve had at every debate thus far, which is a network’s top stars trying to get themselves over at the expense of the process.

The excuse we hear is that the candidates should be able to answer the tough questions. Ridiculous. The moderators of these events aren’t trying to vet these would-be presidents. They’re trying to give their ratings a boost by manufacturing drama. And it’s completely unnecessary, because everyone on that stage is looking for their big moment. You don’t have to beg these candidates to throw each other under the bus.

You can sense the weight of power shifting this year. Not just from the RNC to the candidates, but from the Democrat media to the people. The harder the press tries to crush Trump and Ben Carson, the more popular they become. The harder they try to embarrass them on national television, the harder they fail. And everything’s in disarray because the elitists in Washington don’t know how to respond. The Republican leadership is so used to playing by the media’s rulebook that they don’t know what to do.

Someday, maybe they’ll realize that it’s not that hard to figure out. All you have to do is open your ears and listen.

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