GOP Bans Trump From Prestigious Role

Photo by Darren Halstead on Unsplash

( – On Tuesday, Rep. Kevin McCarthy was ousted as Speaker which prompted some Republicans to suggest former President Donald Trump as a possible substitute. However, as the Republican Conference rules currently stand, Trump could have a hard time being selected as Speaker as the legal woes he is currently experiencing could block him from entering the House Republican leadership.

In a historic vote, eight GOP members and all the Democrats voted against McCarthy remaining in his position. Following his ousting, McCarthy announced that he would not be attempting to win back the Speaker’s office.

Representative Troy Nehls, who had voted in favor of McCarthy remaining the House Speaker, in a recent post on X, formerly known as Twitter, suggested that Trump could be a possible alternative for the position.

He was not the only one to bring forth this possibility, as Representative Greg Steube, who had also supported McCarthy in the vote, also called for Trump to become the House Speaker.

However, even if the entire Republican conference supported Trump becoming the House Speaker, it is likely that because of the GOP Conference’s Rule 26, he would still not be allowed to serve. This is because it specifically states that any Republican Leadership member was required to step aside if indicted for a felony that has a possible sentencing of more than two years in prison. These rules were voted by all members prior to the congressional session in November.

This year the former president has been indicted four times, with two of his indictments being federal cases.

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