GOP Attacks Mainstream Media Over New Lies

Many Republicans and GOP groups are still staying on the side of Herschel Walker for his senate campaign even after many reports came out about the GOP nominee paying for his girlfriend’s abortion in 2009.

On Tuesday both the National Republican Senatorial Committee and the Senate Leadership Fund announced that they would remain on his side and they would continue to help him to win the seat in Georgia which is currently held by Sen. Raphael Warnock (D). They also said that these reports were merely a distraction made by the media because the Democrats are losing Georgia.

Chris Hartline, an NRSC spokesman also reiterated that this attempt was made by the Democrats and their media allies who are seeking to attack Republicans with lies. He added that they are trying to distract with allegations of the past and what is happening in the present. He also noted that Senator Warnock votes in favor of Joe Biden close to 96 percent of the time. Georgia can see the effects of that in the border crisis, inflation, and increased crime rates, this is why they will be voting against the Democrats.

Steven Law, the head of the Senate Leadership Fund, said that the election coming up is about the future of the country, and that “Herschel Walker will make things better” while Warnock is making the situation worse. Everything else is nothing but a distraction.

On Monday night the Daily Beast made a report that after Walker’s girlfriend got pregnant in 2009 he urged her to get an abortion and covered all of the medical expenses for it. The woman also presented the check and receipt for both the abortion clinic and bank deposit.

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  1. So tired of petty politics with weasel media losers trying to dig up dirt that doesn’t matter. The weasels need to go after national security breaches like they didn’t with Hillary but tried with Trump – Hillary was caught red handed and nothing – with Trump, he didn’t do it and they try to impeach or jail him. The media are weasels and don’t pay attention to their baseless and useless statements.

    • Trump” did” it, Got impeached twice, now has done worse , stole secret documents, may have sold them to our enemies.
      Clinton sat for days,, answered all questions and they found nothing.
      Trump took the fifth over and over.he’s a liar, sociopath, a traitor, and worse, and thefools that support him (!who he tells his staff “ those awful people “) are wirse.

      • Why are you even on this site?

        • Because even idiots have to be someplace. LOL This just goes to show the rest of us that these Democrats are demented and brainwashed with no conception of the truth.


      • Bemused Berserker

        “The Kool-Aid only works if everyone drinks it.” – Jim Jones.

        Buddy, you done guzzler the whole barrel.

      • William Stout — You are wirse. Whatever that was supposed to mean. Don’t you pay attention to anything. They did have the dirt on Clinton. FBI director James Comey said Hillary Clinton and her aides may have violated the law in using a private email server when she was Secretary of State, but that their actions didn’t warrant criminal charges. She broke the law but they declined to prosecute. Trum was impeached twice, could have been impeached 30 times. That doesn’t mean he did anything wrong, it means that the Democrats in Washington are corrupt scumbags. Maxine Waters said she would impeach Trump before he even took office. You are either criminally stupid, criminally dishonest, or just plain criminal to post what you did here.

      • So your a supporter of joeobama who has from day one ran our country into the ground. Do America a favor on election day and stay home. Your lies are astounding. Your political ignorance is equal to 100%

    • Hey DemoComms: You’e the ones that are so pro-aborion – So what’s the BFD? HYPOCRITES!!

  2. Even IF-IF-IF this story is true, what has it got to do with Walker’s politics?

  3. Of course they do and will. They’re part and parcel of the criminal Demonrat party who also needs to be held accountable for their treason.

  4. frederick fetty jr

    OK, did he commit a crime???? If true, he did not abandon the woman and if she was going to get the abortion, she would have done it anyway. I am anti-abortion but, realize that abortions are a part of human behavior. I just finished a book “You can not fix everything”. If this man is a good man then judge him by what he is doing in this moment, not a mistake he made years ago. I am a combat veteran. What I did in Vietnam is not what I would do today. I am not very religious but I do believe in an authority higher then man and follow the word. “judge not least you be judged”.

  5. First and foremost, this is all false information provided to the media by an and unknown friend of a friend with no physical evidence being presented. I frankly don’t care if he did or not, but he is denying it and I believe him, period as there is ZERO evidence.

  6. William stout, you are the perfect person democrats depend on to get elected STUPID. Hillary Clinton is the most corrupt politician this country has ever seen and you believing she isn’t is STUPID. Joe Biden is the STUPIDEST president this country has ever seen along with being a Irish, Jewish, Puerto Rican truck driver liar this country has ever seen. It’s almost laughable you believe these people, I say almost bc our country is being destroyed by the democrats and STUPID PEOPLE like you.

  7. Goes to show what a dumbass Walker is. Give her a cummyface and this is a non-issue. Just shows how he has no idea what women like.

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