Glenn Beck Accuses Trump Supporters of Racism

Conservative talk show host Glenn Beck has had it up to here with Donald Trump, even going as far as to accuse his supporters of latent racism. Beck, who hasn’t been shy in his opposition to the Republican frontrunner, said Tuesday that any Tea Partiers who jumped on the Trump bandwagon were probably not genuine in their beliefs.

“The media’s making this look like Tea Party people,” Beck said, noting the press coverage of Trump’s enormous rally in Dallas. “I don’t think these are Tea Party people who are following him. Some of them may be, but if you were a Tea Party person, then you were lying. You were lying. It was about Barack Obama being black. It was about him being a Democrat, because this guy is offering you many of the same things, as shallow as the same way.”

Beck said he didn’t understand what his friends Sean Hannity and Sarah Palin were thinking when they defended Trump.

He concluded by saying, “This guy is just a TV star. That’s what’s happening. He’s a TV star, and people just want to win, and they’ll take anyone.”

Though his remarks on the integrity of Tea Partiers who support Trump are offensive and ignorant, Beck is closer to home on this final analysis. It might be a stretch to say that Republicans will take “anyone,” but it’s definitely true that the Tea Party is ready for a win. A movement built out of outrage against the establishment must either grow or die. At some point, it gets tiresome to simply point out the same old things year after year. Ho hum, another Republican Congress fails to stand up to the Obama agenda. Ho hum, another boring establishment candidate loses to a failing president.

No one is fooled by Donald Trump. This guy’s on television around the clock, and you can’t watch ten minutes of punditry without being reminded of his liberal positions through the years. Voters aren’t blind. They see what the deal is. But what are the alternatives? Jeb friggin’ Bush? The guy who sounds just like Obama on a number of important issues facing the country? Rubio, his padawan? Chris Christie? Come on.

Beck endorses Ben Carson for the conservative voter looking for an outsider, and that’s all well and good. Carson’s poll numbers speak for themselves, and he may overtake Trump as the primaries continue. It’s not hard to imagine Carson – who in his delivery is the anti-Trump – siphoning votes from the brash frontrunner. Of course, that would be very difficult to imagine if Trump’s voter base really was made up of racists who opposed Obama because he was black.

In veering down this strange path, Beck sounds more like a liberal than ever. That’s their job, pretending like every Tea Partier is a closet racist. He should be ashamed of himself for playing that game, even if he doesn’t care to get on board the Trump Express.

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  1. To read data that shows how many of what race do not work and draw welfare is being racist. right- only if you are in the group that is unwilling to work.

  2. As a Tea Party member, and someone who has not made a decision yet, I think Republicans have multiple fine choices for President of the United States…

    Any of those that debated yesterday on CNN, as well as Gov. Perry, would be a better choice than what the socialists on the left have to choose from….. In the end, whoever it ends up being, it will be an awesome choice.

    The reason the left stream media is labeling Trump supporters as Tea Party members is because the media has been successful in the past at marginalizing the Tea Party….. The media hopes to be as successful at marginalizing whomever the Republican nominee is as they were with the Tea Party..

    Bottom line, the left stream media is Hillary’s machine…

    • Rick Perry who had numerous opporunities to stop illegal immigration, but did nothing about it because the powers that be in his state enjoy the cheap illegal labor, I think not; besides, he is not that bright, he is controlled by others in that state.

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      • “In that state” ???? Rick Perry wanted the border closed, he even wanted to send the Texas National Guard down to the border to do what the government agencies were told to stand down from doing. The O. threatened all kinds of reprisals if Texas tried to “interfere” with the complete lack of control by the federal government (who has the responsibility to patrol our nation’s borders) Texas was not permitted to seal the border. The US government promised the taxpayers of this nation in the mid 1980’s that if they would accept amnesty for the illegals in the US at that time, they would NEVER ask the American people to do this again. So much for the integrity of the US Congress!!!! Don’t blame Texas or Rick Perry for not sealing the border, the decision to keep it open to all came from a different source!!!

        • He rattled and did squat. All he had to do was send his version of the highway patrol to stop trucks 10 miles from the border for safety stops and the border traffic would have been stopped. It was his Republican Business guys who use cheap labor who shut him up.

          In the 80’s the Dems promised Reagan if he did Amnesty they would do the border..they lied.

    • Absolutely right. The corrupt media and the Progressives/Democrats have largely succeeded in demonizing the Tea Party with a caricature that is the antithesis of the truth. But that’s what they always do when they can’t win with Ideas and truth.

      I’m surprised Beck would stoop this low.

      • at this point Beck will probably support Hillary. what a phony he turned out to be,

      • I am not surprised that he would stoop this low.

      • Yeah Beck fell for it & now we are liars & racists & he is doing just what the liberal left want him to do I didn’t realize he was that gullible I used to watch him all the time but he is losing it by turning on the people that are sick & tired of voting in the RINO Republicans & them doing nothing & going along with Obama. We are for somebody (Trump) that has a backbone to say what we want & NO PC THAT HAS HIS OWN MONEY NOT DOING THE LOBBIESTS BIDDING..we don’t want amnesty & we want the illegals gone anchor babies & take care of the babies we have no Obamacare, no terriorists training in our USA…..getting jobs back in the USA for citizens. It really doesn’t matter what color Obama is he is the WORST PRESIDENT we ever had.

      • Me too! Beck helped to start the Tea Party and I went to a couple of his huge rallys in Wasington, DC. He has lost it all.

    • Parts of your post MAH are true but most of the repub candidates are rinos in favor of status quo govt and status quo America. They don’t want any changes made same as the demoRATS don’t want any change. That is why they are against Trump so badly.

    • Im not ony a TEA party member but also a co-ordinator, and everyone I know and correspond with in different states are supporting Senator Cruz, if Trump becomes the nominee, we will support Trump. Do your research on Carly Fiorina,she is no conservative and supports most of the same issues the Democrats do such as amnesty, almost ruined HP..

      • You are correct about Carly. She seemed like a self-righteous angry woman on stage. I don’t like her persona.

        • I think Carly is OK. But, we need someone like Trump because he as the old saying goes, Tells it like it is. I like Ben Carson. He may be too slow at delivering. Marco Rubio is too Hispanic. I am Hispanic too but would CLOSE THE BORDERS and shoot anyone who got through the new WALL. PERIOD. It’s the ONLY way to STOP the ILLEGALS from coming. WE have to STOP them. NOW So, at this time, I would VOTE for Trump. He will learn foreign policies as Obama has NOT. The little Negro PUNK ASS THUG doesn’t care. TRUMP cares. AND, as much as I like you Glenn Beck, YOU ARE WRONG about this one. WE are not RACIST. WE are tired of all the BULL SHIT, and it is just that.

        • Watch this it will tell you all you need to know about this moron woman.

          • Very interesting, thank you.

          • This is exactly what I was talking about… Liberals eat this shit up, without questioning it…

            The only reason Boxer doesn’t have five jets is because she can ride around in ones paid by the tax payers…

          • All of that is true by the way. As for Boxer, just like any other member of Congress, they do fly on the government, but not necessarily a plane all to one’s self.

          • Barbara Boxer. Yet another Yankee baby bayoneting carpetbagger screwing up California.

        • Her position on birthright citizenship was a deal breaker for me. I think that the 14th amendment applied to the slaves freed after the civil war. Not to illegal aliens.

          • The 14th applies to anyone born in the United States. If you are born here, you are a U.S. citizen. There are exceptions, but they are few.

          • You obviously know very little about the origination of the 14th Amendment.

          • Actually I do, since I have taken a number of law courses on constitutional law. Originally the 14th was the grandfather in the slaves as American citizens, but since then it was understood universally that anyone born in the US is a US citizen. There are exceptions to that, such as the children of diplomats.
            Now, it would be interesting to get rid of the 14th. Then every woman giving birth in the US must prove her US citizenship or the father.
            It does raise up a side issue and that if you are born outside of the US, but at least one of your parents are American, does that still make you a US citizen? Presently, even if you born outside of the US and one of your parents is American, then so are you. That is how McCain is a citizen and Cruz. Obama he was born in Hawaii, but even if you follow the fools that claim he was born in Kenya, his mother was American, hence native born American.
            Now I have read people here lying about his mother, that she gave up her US citizenship, but she didn’t. Sorry for the delusionals on that one.

          • Read what the author, Senator Jacob Howard, of the 14th Amendment said about it.

          • Apparently you don’t know squat about the so-called Constitution.

          • I know what you know racist, you want to tear it up

          • I believe that Mark Lavin knows more about the constitution than both of us put together. And he agrees with me. Besides the constitution means whatever five out of the nine says it means.

          • What is so-called about it?

      • Carly ‘s daddy & by association so is Carly involved big time in the COMMON CORE just like Jeb Bush is.

        • If you had to put up with the labor restrictions & costs in CA you would outsource your entire operation in a New York minute, if you had any sense. I was in manufacturing management out there a long time a go, and smaller family run operations could be very competitive, but larger corporate style operations were difficult to operate due to the high cost of living and the worker mentality.

          • You can’t really believe that you have to out source your jobs the only reason for that is so you can triple your already huge wages and buy million dollar yachts and 5 corporate jets the only ones that benefit from that is the fat cat CEOs and screw the American workers.

          • Look at the track record, when corporation boards started paying CEOs and and their presidents huge salaries, over a 1,000% of the average worker, the workers’ salaries became stagnant. You have to find the money somewhere. When Fiorina was fired from HP, she received a $100 million golden parachute. I always love it that at the higher end of corporate executives, you can be fired because you did a dismal job, yet will hundreds of millions of dollars.

          • Have you looked at ROI’s lately on American corporations?

          • I do not like the upper mgmt salaries which they cannot justify, but if you gave all the workers a 10% raise it would bankraupt most corporations in a shoert order.

          • Again you can’t believe that tripling that CEOs wages a million dollar yacht 5 corporate jets with pilots and fuel to travel back and forth to China all the time is not going to cost more than giving your employees a little raise Oh that’s right HPs loses for doing this move to China and taking away 30,000 American jobs is tax deductible again the America tax payer gets the bill.

          • They could have outsourced to Texas or any State without taxes and still kept Americans employed. HP is laying off thousands even now.

          • If union ized the NLRB does not allow you to move for wage relief!

          • So outsourcing is always a good solution?

          • Running out of CA as if your hair is on fire is a better solution…

            That is what Companies do, when the environment is too hostile to work in, they leave.

            And good companies are leaving CA by the thousands every year.

          • Only when forced by the stupidity of local overpriced labor or regulations that are un-needed and price your product out of a market. The ruleon outsourcing is if you are anywhere near breakeven, keep it in house. Remember the government and the unions set up the incentive to outsource, not the companies. Even the postal service is outsourcing deliveries due to benefit and wage costs…as is the military.

        • So Trump flaunts wealth & four bankruptcies and that’s OK, But Fiorina Flaunts wealth and that’s Bad?

          • I like both of them. They are, opponents, they will say mean things. NO ONE in this country come close to PERFECT. They even tried to make Mitt look bad and the only thing bad about him is, HE DIDN’T WIN. That piece of SHIT, Assbama did. So now WE are confronted with an Un-AMERICAN person in the white house. He should be in JAIL. PERIOD. Awaiting HANGING. PERIOD TOO.

          • What crimes? None. What has he actually said that is unAmerican. He also claims that we are the exceptional country. So, what has he done that has been unlAmerican? Provided healthcare for millions? Bringing us back from the brink of another great depression? Constant job growth so that we are down to 5.5% unemployment? Helps the auto industry get back up? Osama bin Laden? Keeping us out of another $3 trillion war? All of those things are really unAmerican.

          • He has never called this country exceptional. Health care at whose expense? Got us into a war. We are still very close to a depression. How about that horrible Iran deal? He is a CRIMINAL. PERIOD.

          • He has called this country exceptional. Plenty of videos to show that. Healthcare – for 2.4 million they did lose their policies, but if they put some effort in they could find something similar or usually better. if there is a cost difference and they qualtify, which most do, they would receive federal aid. But for the very vast majority of us, nothing happened to our healthcare, except my pays went down some. We are not close to a depression. The Iran deal is actually quite good, although it could have been better. But, it will stop the Iranians from getting a nuclear device. Despite what Netanyahu says, most Israelis are for the dead. No deal, and the Iranians and they will get it. The other nations will not follow us with going further with the restrictions. 24/7 inspections and they won’t be done by the iranians (that was a bold lie by the media). Now, if we don’t do it, then there are 19,000 facilities to bomb and then it would require our invading Iran. That will hit our deficit with, at least, another $3 trillion. And it will turn your average Iranain citizens who are proWest and in their 20’s and 30’s against us. And then, by our attacking and invading Iranian, will terrorist group will appear. In 2007 it was ISIS in Iraq.
            You might say, couldn’t we get a better deal? With the exception of Trump and Kasich, none of the Republican candidates want to talk to Iran. Friorina was adamant about that And, so it will be another war. ISIS will grow stronger since the Iranians are fighting them, and we would eliminate an ally in the war against ISIS.
            But, by the way, what war has Obama brought us? Not ISIS, since it appeared before he was president.

          • Yea, yea yea, 0bama is the chosen one… I forgot..

            What a load of BS.

          • Never said that but you can’t provide any proof for any crimes.

          • The burden of proof shifts when a person is a proven liar. 0bama is a proven liar.

            Only fools trust the word of a proven liar… All others question their integrity.

            Guess that puts you in the fool category.

          • First, everyone lies, including you. Whether it is a small lie or a big one. Now, when someone misspeaks is that a lie, or the person said something that was proven to be wrong? Let me ask you this, if you didn’t believe anything that you do about Obama, because of his race?

          • Your comment is extremely bigoted and opinionated don’t you think…..

            So pointing at others bad behavior justifies your bad behavior.

            That is liberal morals for you and proves my points about liberals and their ability to accept personal responsibility for their own actions…..

            0bama and Hillary DID NOT misspeak about Benghazi, nor 0bamascame. They LIED, PERIOD…

            It has nothing to do with his race, I don’t believe Hillary either…. This has everything to do with a persons integrity, honesty, and morals.

          • Didn’t say that but Obama and Hillary didn’t like about Benghazi. The latest reports actually affirm what they said. We have had a number of investigations into Benghazi and nothing was shown to be criminal or inaccurate. Except for one witness who lied through his teeth on 60 Minutes, and 60 Minutes didn’t even check to see if he was present. As for the rest, who is lying now.

          • The left Stream Media has been caught lying for Hillary and 0bama as well. You are a fool to believe what they say without doing separate fact checks.

            0bama and Hillary lied about Benghazi being caused by a reaction to a movie. Get over it, you are making yourself look stupid.

            So here is a Hillary lie that I didn’t even know about…..


          • Here is Carly Fiorina, owning one of your silly Liberal reporters…

            Watch and learn about Hillary’s lies…


          • You are correct on some of your points, but it is just opinion on what he has done or hasn’t done. You are for talking with Iran, I am for NEUTRO BOMBING them. I have no problem with it. They are closer to the BOMB that can kill all of us because of the Obama deal. Bet on it. You are well read and I appreciate corresponding with you because I can be more calm than I usually am. Just one thing I will repeat. I have lived in this country for seventy plus years, since birth and have LOVED it. At the present time, I feel that it is in jeopardy and one of the BIG REASON WHY, is that Barry Soetoro Hussein is not qualified to be president and DOES NOT care about this country. Have you EVER heard him say he LOVES this country. I haven’t and because of his actions, I wouldn’t believe it, if he said it. This is my opinion. I’m sure you have yours. Thank you for your input. Be safe, Spark

          • I have heard him say that and that this country is exceptional. For years we have heard that Iran is about to have the bomb. Every year for the last 30 years. Now, using a neutron bomb or actually bombs will legitimate other countries and Muslim terrorists to get theirs and use them. Added incentive for others to join ISIS. Plus, since the buildings will be intact, there would be no destruction of the facilities, just a genocide. So, that would actually not top the Iranians, just encourage them. Providing if any are alive. But someone will move in and use the facilities.
            Now, the deal is not perfect but it does stop them from getting it. No deal, then that just opens the door for them to get it. What about further restrictions on their economy? We would be doing that pretty much alone, and that hasn’t stopped them yet. But, yes, let’s nuke them and start a third world war.

          • You have my attention. You explain things way better than your buddy Obama. Maybe you should run for president. ??? Really, you make good points. I come from a time when we just went out and bounced each other around one day and were friends the next. Now a days, terror is in place.

          • The most unAmerican thing uttered by any US President…

            “If you’ve got a business – you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen.”
            Barack 0bama

          • And that showed up out of context in a number of campaign videos. What was left out was the opening lines “If you were successful, somebody along the line gave you some help. There was a great teacher somewhere in your life. Somebody helped to create this unbelievable American system that we have that allowed you to thrive. Somebody invested in roads and bridges.” Anything wrong with that?
            What about the infrastructure – roads and even bridges that connect to one’s business – the business didn’t create them. And, when a company gets huge tax breaks for moving to another state or they don’t have to pay taxes for five or ten years – the regular taxpayers end up filling in the gap, not necessarily by paying more taxes, but by taking money out of education, etc.

          • The problem with Fiorina is her lies. She brought HP down. Claims that was true for the computer industry but Dell was doing great and don’t forget Apple. She cherry picks the data to show how great she was, but if that was the case, why was she fired? Plus, why is it that no other company wanted her as CEO? Then, look at the recorded and validated accounts of how she would fire anyone who provided any critique of her actions. She only wanted ‘yes’ men and women. If you watch closely what she said in the last debate, with her at helm, we would be in multiple wars.

          • Morgan,
            In general, I agree with you that Carly was not a great CEO and her over site & acquisition of Compaq was a train-wreck in motion.

            That said, If given the only choice of Carly Fiorina and Trump the Chump, I would go with Carly hands down.

            Fortunately, for me, both of them have not made the cut for me.

      • I am just finding out how true that is. SHe is for Common Core, the very worst way our children can learn. COmmon Core is ti teach them to be sheeple and not know how to think for themselves at all.

        • There really is nothing with Common Core. The problem is that we have a lot states whose educational systems are substandard. For students in some states, that they don’t get the quality and the higher standards than others. People don’t like to know that little Johnny and Sue in Alabama can’t compete at an academic level with students from Massachusetts.

          • You are Clueless about “Commie Core”!

          • Not really. I am just not prone to the type of paranoia that many have about having a national standard for our children’s education. It is why we rank 14th in education; 24th in literacy, 2nd in ignorance and 17th in educational performance.

          • Common Core has made education worse. It is substandard. I see it when I see what my grandchildren are learning and it is not helping them learn. It is confusing; especially in math.

          • I would say the problem is because your grandchildren have sub par teachers. One of the problems of our education system is that the majority of education majors are in the bottom half percentile of the student body. If a student is not doing well as a math major or history major, they are advised that they should become education majors.
            I had a lousy math teacher in high school – the swim coach – and did lousy myself. When I went to college and actually had a mathematician as the instructor I started making A’s. For many of the countries that are better at education, they don’t want education majors but those with a masters degree in the field that they are going to teach.
            Plus, in countries like Sweden, the best and the brightest want to become teachers rather than, say, lawyers, because of high prestige with the job and because their salaries are equal to those that have engineering degrees.

          • We have Low ratings because of the Indoctrination of our children by Socialist and Communists over Many Years! My God, They have even Re-written our History and altered the Text used in our school systems.
            Dumb the students down, DOPE THEM UP, DIVIDE THEM through RACE and Economic Staatus, test them repeatedly to wear them out, teach them that Math does not make sense and promoting the IDEA THAT Individual Thought Should Cease……Everything is by Concensus for the COLLECTIVE and MUST BE POLITICALLY CORRECT…..according to THEIR CONCEPTS purposely instituted for CONTROL!

            Morgan…GET YOUR HEAD OUT OF THE SAND!
            IT is people like you who spout off DRIBBLE without FACT that allow our country and educational system to GO DOWN THE TUBES!

          • Not true. Textbooks in public schools are created quite often for particular states. EAch state has it own advisory board which decides what will be used as textbooks. Quite often when it comes to history textbooks, they are fine tuned for a particular state, although usually what Texas decides is the template for other states and how the textbooks are written. if there is any influence it is on conservative and ultra conservative agendas. Thus, you find that the Civil War was really fought because of states rights and not because of slavery. Or, no mention of Jefferson at all. So, if there is a bias, it is usually a conservative bias.

          • We have those ratings because they are the RESULTS of years of DUMBING DOWN and ADDLING ARE CHILDREN has been going on for YEARS!

          • We have those ratings because we do wan’t national standards. We prefer to let each state and community set the standards and quite often the standards are just at the basic point. It’s not dumbing down our children that is the problem but a lousy educational system. States like Mississippi and Alabama just lower their stands to make it appear that the children are excelling. The nations that are above us have national standards and a national education system. We prefer states’ rights over a high national standard.
            On top of this most Republicans are rather negative toward public education and love to humiliate teachers. Right now for several states, they have a teacher shortage because teachers are quitting the profession and they are being replaced with substitutes, who, at times only have a two year college degree. There is no longer any respect for teachers. Because of this students in colleges of education are normally found in the bottom half percentiles for student rankings.
            This is the opposite, for example, in Sweden, where the top university students want to be teachers and getting in is as hard as being accepted to med school or law school. In fact, in Sweden a teacher’s salary is comparable to one who has a masters in engineering. We don’t have anything like it. So, why should the best and brightest choose to be teachers in the US. Don’t teach biology, become a biologist. Don’t teach physics, become a physicist.

          • A definite LIBERAL!
            With AN AGENDA to Deceive!

          • No deceiving. How am I trying to deceive you? If I was the liberal you would think that I would supporting our education system. I’m not. I am more critical of it than you are. But, I don’t bring into it a political agenda or preconceived notions.
            I believe our rating in education has gone down, to a certain extant, because the pool from which we got our best teachers just about doesn’t exist. When women were denied entrance to law or med schools, or if they had a law degree, a firm would only hire them as legal secretaries, well the only place that they could truly succeed was becoming teachings. So the best and the brightest women were our teachers. But, with the change in society so that women could truly be lawyers, doctors, CEO’s, etc., we didn’t get the best and the brightest then. As for male teachers, if you are dealing with those who got their degrees in the 60’s and the 70s, many became education majors to beat the draft. Not saying all, but many.
            You see, why would one choose a profession, that a lot of governors want to downgrade from profession to just employee, start at a salary that, if you are married and/or have children, you are below the poverty line already? It’s not like you became a nun or priest. Now, at a time when a lot of states are taking money out of education, not only at the public school level but also when it comes to state universities.

          • The whole system is Political!
            Have you ever heard of the United Nations Initiative called Agenda 21?
            It permeates every cell of human existence and it acts layer upon evil insidious web of deceit. If one route it deterred there are numerous other avenues in place to effectuate the same end. The Aim: The destruction of our country as we have known it. Robbing American citizens of their wealth, there private property, their faith, their freedoms and liberties while they become the working slave cash cows for the rest of the world.
            Education is one of the key components of brainwashing youth and Stealing Our Children!
            It is the New World Order….brought to you by both Republicans and Democrats, Socialists, elites, big business, illegal Aliens, Unchecked migration, etc.

          • Yes. I have heard of it from white Christian supremacy groups and Christian militias. Completely fake. I have been dealing with junk like that since 1981.

          • Your Fake and Supposedly Clueless?
            I believe that you Are a DISINFORMATION MOLE.

          • People like you always make statements like this, rather than providing an actual rebuttal. Again, just name calling.

          • The Truth has No Agenda.
            You do!

          • Whose truth. The truth say, of Christianity, is that only those who are Christians will be saved and go to heave and everyone else will go to hell. Is there agenda? Yes, to convert everyone to Christianity so that there will be one world religion. What was originally true for the very earliest Christians – Jesus was an Israelite prophet, preaching the coming of the Kingdom of God and the cosmic judge, the Son of Man. Then the truth was that Jesus became the Messiah at his death and resurrection – that included the Apostle Peter (Acts 2); then the truth was Jesus became the Messiah at his baptism; then 15 to 20 years later the truth was the Jesus was the messiah at his birth; and then the truth in the Gospel of John is that Jesus was actually a pre-existent being who came down to earth for a brief period of time and return to his heavenly home on the cross. Agendas here? Evolution of primitive and early Christian beliefs.
            When it comes to the God of Judaism, Christian and Islam, this god is first mentioned in the Song of Deborah in Judges 5, and that is dated to the 1150 b.c.e. Before that, there is no evidence of the existence of this god.
            You might say well what about the stories of this god and the patriarchs like Abraham and Moses, but the oldest material that is found in Genesis comes from the end of the 10th century b.c.c. or the 9th century b.c.e.
            What or who is older that God the Father, is Goddess the Mother, whom humanity recognized and honored for 10,000 years – the years that are normally referred to as the prehistoric period (i.e., when there were no written histories).
            As for all of the major world religions today, they represent only one tenth of on per cent of human history. They are all relatively young religions. Daoism, Confucianism, Jainism, Hinduism, Zoroastrianism, Judaism all appeared in the 6th century b.c.e. Buddhism appeared either in the 6th or the 5th century b.c.c. Christianity as a separate religion appeared at the end of the first or the beginning of the second century. Islam appears in the 7th century C.E.
            Significance – what was truth prior to the 6th b.c.e. as to gods, etc., was different. Not the same truth.

          • You just outed yourself.
            Knew you were a “PLANT”.

          • If the NAME FITS!

          • Once again showing your lack of intellect and maturity.

          • When white kids in any state in America fail to make the grade, then educational standards change. They are constantly trying to keep black kids back and end up showing up the dumb white kids.

          • You’re a racist – that is simply not true.

            You are correct that there is always an effort, that has nothing to do with race and ethnicity, to dumb the standards down, to make the standards easier so the kids who don’t care (primary reason for failure) or are perhaps less able (secondary reason for failure) can ‘do better’ when in fact all that does is holds the kids that DO care and CAN do better back, thus making our educational system the laughingstock of the world.

            We’ve spent billions trying to help kids to do better but the ones that don’t care turn the school into a drug-infested war zone and how can you learn in that environment?

            But I’ll tell you what they ARE doing that is racist: They’re saying that since black kids are getting in so much trouble (since they’re acting out so much more, and in more serious ways) that we need to start letting them get away with more, holding them to a different standard, looking the other way when they do wrong.

            That’s not only racist, IT IS INSANE!

      • Carly suffered the same MEDIA whacking that Palin did… If you think the collusion between the National media and politics is bad…. Spend a little time in CA…. It is far worse…

        Carly, like Palin did not stand a chance. The media was worse than the skits by Tina Fey, they never gave Carly a chance to say anything… .

        I am willing to hear her out, and give her a second chance…. And I like what she does to the left stream media….

      • Carly is The Ringer!
        Don’t BUY HER ACT!

    • MAHBOO! I agree with you except for two things Jeb Bush would be just as liberal as Hillary, anyone that is in favor of giving all the illegals citizenship that has crossed our borders under cover of darkness are criminals and theres no remedy but to deport them and any children they have had here in the United States.

    • they can Orchestrate any dirty back stabbing plot they want and we will Not Cave, Bush and Rubio might just as well go home and sit this one out. Jindal sounds like a Progressive(Socialist) Shill for the Socialist movement. Jindal a sore loose, should have thought of that before he turned his back on America. Gov.Perry Faild to do his home work, to busy Bragging about thing he really didn’t do. Perry should have spoke with the Troops that were at the time Songbird McCain was there. McCains father was an Admiral and bought him home leaving others to die, be tortured, McCain didn’t want to come home but the others did. thousands of our troops were there, they were split up, between China and Russia, 9 that were still there were shop in the head. Pres. Nixon got McCain the Senate seat in hope he would help bring back all our troops, McCain couldn’t be bothered, he said their probably all dead by now but they were not all dead. The Vietnamese Crown Prince, Songbird McCain was never tortured, What happened to him was cause by his own Stupidity and Negligence. Gov. Perry cooked his own goose. He didn’t know when to stop, Instead of listening to others find out the Truth and go from their. Perry owes Donald Trump and the American People and Apology. Bush & Rubio are not going to buy this election.

    • In
      case you thought there might be some bias in news reporting….

      How’s this for having
      the “inside track”?


      ABC News executive producer Ian Cameron is married to
      Susan Rice, National Security Adviser.

      CBS President
      David Rhodes is the brother of Ben Rhodes, Obama’s Deputy National Security
      Adviser for Strategic Communications.

      ABC News
      correspondent Claire Shipman is married to former Whitehouse Press Secretary
      Jay Carney

      ABC News and
      Univision reporter Matthew Jaffe is married to Katie Hogan, Obama’s Deputy
      Press Secretary

      ABC President Ben Sherwood is the brother of Obama’s
      Special Adviser Elizabeth Sherwood

      CNN President
      Virginia Moseley is married to former Hillary Clinton’s Deputy Secretary Tom

      And now you
      know why it is no surprise the media is in Obama’s pocket.

      Ya think there
      might be a little bias in the news ???

      It also
      explains the cover up of Benghazi………

    • The bottom line is we need Trump in 2016!

  3. Our ‘Libertarian’ freedom fighter did everything he could to disparage Ron Paul in 2012. A flat out liar, using God to hide them

  4. He concluded by saying, “This guy is just a TV star. That’s what’s happening. He’s a TV star, and people just want to win, and they’ll take anyone. I’m sure many like you said that about ‘Ragan”.

    • However, Reagan was governor twice in California and did a great job there too. I don’t see Trump as a TV star since I never watched his show but I do know he is a great business man and we need that in our Nation. He needs a chance to prove what he can do to help our failing economy and our relationship with other nations.

  5. Glen. Trump is saying what I want to hear. Trump gets my vote.


      • couldn’t have said it better, thanks

      • ‘ supported Trump because he was saying what WE wanted gov’t to hear, but the longer I listened , ; the more I was reminded of a promising young man who spoke the same words Obama….I didn’t vote for him , nor will I vote for Trump….TOO MUCH SIMILARITY !!!!

        • The more Trump promises, the more he sounds like a politician…..

          • It is a political office…DUH!

          • But ,,,,,,,,,,,,he`s not ; just a businessman funding his own campaign

          • I am more than skeptical at this point in the game.

            Trust but verify….. We have plenty of time and plenty of great candidates to choose from.

          • and plenty of great candidates to choose from. ???????
            Like Jeb ? Christy ( gone ) . Trump was the First that Started about Illegals ; Build the wall ; send illegals home ; Stop Benefits to them ; etc. etc. etc.

          • Yep, still plenty of candidates to choose from.

            All, even Jeb and Christy (not my personal favs) would be better than the choice the Democrats have… A criminal (Hillary)

          • He has successfully evaded every question on; “How are you going to accomplish that Mr. Trump”………………..

          • If he got specific at this time many of the other candidates would copy him & then where would you/we be?

          • Trump is pandering to those who want to believe in him, he has no plan or policy-all mouth and no substance.

          • Like any of the rest are any different, look at our choices, Bush, Clinton, a socialist another Obama, the idiot Biden, Carson, and a few others. I will vote for Trump.

          • And you would lose.

          • We will see won’t we don’t want any unAmerican Democrat to win.

          • Bob666____YOUR BRAIN DEAD—LAY DOWN

          • That was such an intellectually profound post-you simply must be intellectually exhausted from composing such an aw-inspiring post. Does your head hurt from the effort?


          • They have all evaded questions, every single one of them. I just don’t want another stinking Obama, or we will have no country left.

          • Sounds like a Fascist dictator wannabe to me–wishy-washy in his stand on almost everything but damn sure to put his money in the pockets of those in power to gain influence the old fashioned way!

          • you hae no idea what a fascist dictator is like, and wishy washy is not whta gets you to rule over a nation and get some of your people to murder lots of others… hitler, stalin, mao, castro… all been called lots of things, but wishy washy is not one of them… about the closest you get is that hitler was effette…

          • Sorry Pal, I do, indeed know what a Fascist Dictator is–charisma is part of the deal–like Mussolini who was nearly worshiped as celebrity here in the US because of all the “good things” he did for the Italian people–by force of his will, but never mind that! Fascists allow the people to pretend to own their own homes and businesses as long as they run them the way the dictator wants them to be run and pays the taxes the government wants. In effect we’ve had a fascist type government here for a very long while–try not paying your property or business tax and see who really owns them! Depending on the degree of resistance to the governing forces life can be manageable–but will soon come to blows with the government with public executions and punishments to sway the forces of rebellion. All government’s use power to enforce their laws, Fascism dictatorships like communist and socialist dictatorships amass power into the highest levels and sometimes to one individual (such as Hiltler, Mao, Stalin, Mussulini etc) taking all rights from the people. According to Trump[‘s own words he has claimed to be everything from a far left Democrat to a Libertarian and everything in between–whatever is convenient for him at the moment is his stand–such as being for amnesty and a pathway to citizenship just like Jeb bush and then turning around and claiming to be otherwise–so he is just an actor, and a lousy one at that!

          • great answer… been so tiring accross the years to get people who actually dont know the basic points as what distinguishes the two… however, force of will within proper framework is different than force of will defining that framwork and acting under it.

            trump has followed the rules, even if others think the rules are not right. if the left had anything on him untoward they would be parading it more than cosby has his parade, and others as well (regardless of where someone stands on those issues). the whole funky hair, dictator, etc thing is cause there isnt anything, and so, there isnt any extra force the left can apply in terms of “if you dont do what we want, we will push that skeleton – but if you do, we will keep things suppressed like we do for barney and others”.

            yes, whatever is convenient for him is his stand, which is a tad more refreshing than lying to the public that they are who he serves when he doesnt. the saying is i can always do business with a man/woman who admits they are in business for their own gain, its the person that says they are doing it for you that you should worry about, and even more so when they obviously are saying that to be in a position to act for themselves.

            my family has lived under this stuff, my work neighbor is a russian immigre too, and my wife is indonesian/chinese, and her family has experienced some of this up close. all i can say about that is so far, the westerners who comment on it and say mostly have no idea what its like to be under it. they may have the structural facts, which is rare and why its nice to hear your comment and i am perfectly happy to admit my point in this discourse, but they have no idea what most of them are asking to get compared to what they have.

            keep on trucking and spreading the facts!!!

          • Trisha—I give up on you—YOU ARE BRAIN WASHED & STUPID

          • Go back to school and Learn History ; you are a kiss ass to Illegals , plain and simple .

          • Trisha—-Trump is running mostly on his own money —he owes no one anything
            He will not even accept a wage for being president.

          • And what are you running on aside from vast stupidity?

          • of course ; you are a brainwashed leftist , in love with Clinton.

        • Dominic Roy Accampo

          I don’t want to vote for Trump either. Mainly because of Eastern Airlines. I mean, would he trash America just for his own wallet & or ego? While you are right, many liberals sound good till elected then they show who they really are. I almost voted for Obama, I mean he was promising everybody everything wasn’t he? Thank God I don’t have that guilt to live with, but I was almost deceived. But if it comes down to Trump or Hillary, what choice do we have, even Trump would be better than her, wouldn’t he?

        • Trump supports the 2nd ; supports Veterans and a Strong Military ; what else do you want ;
          sorry , I forgot illegals .

          • Is that all you think makes this country unique and is worth salvaging? He also has said he is going to act for all the world like a Fascist dictator and order American businesses to return to the US and he knows intimately well the corruption in our government because he has used his wealth to “give money to politicians and tell them what he wants them to do and they do it!” You are asking for a corrupt Fascist dictator wannabe to be in control of the executive branch of government without any care or concern about what we have to lose! Fools born everyday!


          • TRISHA , you are uninformed and confused ; go vote for that POS Criminal Clinton .

        • With all due respect, please do not compare Donald Trump to Barack Hussein Obama/Barry Soetero. Mr. Trump is and has been a successful business person, and BHO has failed at everything of decency which he supported and/or proposed.

        • Just what words do you want to hear? If he didn’t say anything no one would pay any attention to him. I knew when someone like Obama came out of no where with no Birth Certificate, someone else’ Social Security number, a family history of Communism, no College Transcripts, etc. I was not going to vote for him. Trump has a History of being a true Patriotic American and businessman. I see absolutely no similarity between Barack Hussein Obama and Donald Trump. All candidates use words to convey their message of how they are going to fix the America Obama has screwed up. For the most part they all use the same words arranged a little differently; it’s up to you to you decide who might be able to make it happen; which comes down to a Popularity Contest, Beauty Contest and Personality Contest. The words most of the candidates say, turn out to be the same for all of them. Until the front runner brings up issues that none of the others would even mention until He brought them up; they were too scared to mention them until Donald Trump got such a positive response from the voters to his controversial issues. That is why I am one of them; he is talking my language and doesn’t have to be Politically Correct like the rest of them. He is different than the rest and is not part of the Establishment like most of the rest. I am happy to be part of the majority of voters in this case and hope it continues!

          • Trump is no where near that lying scum Obama,Trump is American, Obama was never American, Obama is our terrorist and liar.

        • You talk like a man with a paper anus…& you speak from shear stupidity to compare Trump with Obama…there is absolutely no comparison & if you had a brain, you would know bub!

        • Look at the alternatives, Bush, Clinton, Biden, Bernie, gives the me chills to think about them, or we got Ben Carson,. I like Ben, but he is not tough enough for the job, we need someone like Trump who don’t take no crap from anyone.

        • Both dictator “wannabes.” American doesn’t need another one of those!

        • Right… right…. I can see the similarities: deport illegal aliens, strengthen 2nd Amendment rights, repeal Obamacare…. I’m surprised I haven’t seen that before now! 🙂

        • JONES—–THERE”S no SIMILARTY—-Obama never accomplished anything, never ran a business, Just a smooth talking Negro Boy—–Trump Dad left him money but he has
          increased it 4 or 5 times over .AND Trump said he would surround himself with smart people—–not THUGS

          • “Trump Dad left him money but he has increased it 4 or 5 times over”

            Let me guess, English might not be your first language?

          • They both promise something but never get specific, they both have the knack of saying what the people want to hear, and as you saw on the second debate….Trump said nothing specific…..WE already have someone who did that, and you see the results. Until he speaks with a specific plan on immigration, defense, and OBcare, I’m not sure who to vote for. As far as Hillary, to the post above you, SHE CAN GO TO HELL !!!!

        • Your brain is confused ; go vote for Clinton , she likes illegals , perverts
          and abortion . Go for it .
          Maybe you should consider Jeb too ; is in love with Illegals and Amnesty .

      • This message would be heard on the evening news if we had one rather than the state-run, fifth column propagandists that we have now! This is why the cancer is spreading and the patient is on life support! Unless AMERIKA starts to hear this from the so-called Right and Consevatives, especially those that are campaigning for the presidency, you can kiss your asses, freedom and country – what little is Left of it – goodbye or realize that: REVOLUTION will be the SOLUTION!

        Our Gov’t has been diagnosed with an aggressive, deadly cancer which needs to be treated ASAP for as it spreads it does extensive damage to the quality of life of our nation. Everything else becomes a much lower priority, for treating & eradicating It as quickly as possible is of prime importance to our survival. All cancers have a name & this particular caner is called the “Communist & Radical Muslim Takeover of America” or CRMTOA for short.

        This cancer has infiltrated our Gov’t for quite some time. It started out very slowly to spread & as it did it damaged America & it’s people. The symptoms of the disease seemed liked a cold then the flu for the longest time, coming & going The American people should have gone to the Doctor to get checked out, but we kept putting it off. However, recently the symptoms worsened & America’s people began to suffer more & more. The cancer continued to worsen as well as spread & our nation was growing very sick. then within the last 4-5 years the cancer escalated within our country ravaging nearly every aspect of its well being.
        after many tests the results clear showed it was CRMTOA cancer which had mutated into a strain the Doctor called BHORL, which stood for the “Barrack Hussein Obama Regime plus Liberalism.

        So the American Gov’t has a very deadly fast growing cancer with it’s origin located in Washington D.C, & emanating specifically from the White House & Capital Bldg. which are the heart of our nation. The Doctors were asked how did we get this disease & why has it worsened so quickly. They said the constant violation & abuse of the US Constitution by greedy, power seeking politicians who through their selfishness took what once was a healthy functioning Gov’t with 3 coequal branches of Gov’t which served the purpose of maintaining its health & with the help of lawyers destroyed it. The source of the aggressive growth of this cancer was being caused by none other than the questionable POTUS Barrack Obama, his close associates Valerie Jarrett & Eric Holder, who it is believed obtained much of their sinister instruction from an elite oligarchy..

        To save our free Republic immediate treatment & eradication of every bit of this cancer must be undertaken as the top priority. But the nation is confused about how to eradicate this cancer. Many Conservative believe that focusing on the 2016 Presidential elections is the answer putting all their hope in the hands of a new POTUS who will destroy the disease, solve all of America’s problems & make us great once again. Liberals who strong adhere to the ideology of Liberalism which is poison & evil see no disease but believe what is occurring in America is exactly what should be to finally attain the global utopia they desire. But neither of these groups understand anything about cancer & are putting our free Republic in danger of collapsing from within & dying. Being a cancer survivor, understanding it & seeing what happens if it’s not completely eradicate & returns I would suggest a different approach in dealing with it.

        IMO, Americans need to first put the 2016 elections on the back burner & come together & eradicate the cancer by literally removing the traitor in the White House, his treasonous regime & all treasonous Liberals, RINOS in Congress who are all a part of this cancer. If it is not removed I don’t care who is elected POTUS he will be fighting this cancer rather than restoring America & sadly the cancer will win. Don’t minimize the strength & aggressiveness of this cancer. Unless we can go into this election cancer free, we will eventually relapse & die. Can you understand this?

        Obama is a very stubborn & aggressive cancer, he still has 1.5 years left in his term (assuming he leaves) & he can do a hell of a lot of damage to our nation in this time. This cancer must be removed now, If this isn’t dealt with now there very well may not be any 2016 elections. Obama could literally rule over our country as a Dictator & transform it both a communist totalitarian state which is Muslim nation with Sharia law as the law of the land.

        What will it take for Americans to rise up as Patriots & remove the cancer which is destroying America from within? I wish I knew.

        Joseph Stalin said ““America is like a healthy body and its resistance is threefold: its patriotism, its morality and its spiritual life. If we can undermine these three areas, America will collapse from within.” Since at least from 1970-current Liberalism has made this quote their mission statement.

        The truth about America is that the cancer of Liberalism is destroying it, In essence Liberalism = Socialism = Communism. Barrack Hussein Obama & many other Gov’t officials are communists. Liberalism is poison, it’s evil & for some reason no one is willing to take stand against it & remove it. Those that think a new POTUS will solve all of America’s problems simply don’t understand the nature of cancer & how hard it is to become cancer free.

        America needs to make some very hard decisions, decisions which could either save America & its freedom or kill America. If America dies it along with Canada & Mexico will become part of the North America Union. America’s sovereignty & constitution will be absolved. It is my belief that all will be relinquished to the United Nations. The EU, the Arab League, Africa, South America & all other nations will do the same & as a result the NWO will be created.

        Having dealt with cancer repeatedly I believe it must take top priority & be eradicate. If it’s not it will return with a vengeance. I’ve seen this happen too many times before. Even the Declaration of Independence supports this radical but necessary approach. Read more at Special Operations Speaks – See more at:

      • Trump is and has been a part of the corruption problem and has even proudly admitted how he knows about all the corruption is because he “pays them (the politicians) and they do what I want them to do.” Is that really what we want ? More corruption or does anyone really believe he will suddenly put and end to it and bring about integrity and honesty to our government once more? Please folks wake up–Trump is a loud mouth who says what he thinks people want to hear and changes his stand according to what he thinks is necessary for “his” best advantage and not what is right and true. He has no moral compass or educated dedication to the principles and values implicit in the US constitution–only for his own pocket-book. Further, by saying he would force American businesses to return to the US he is acting for all the world like a Fascist dictator–what else is he determined to force American’s to do?


    • I happen to be a Cruz supporter but to say that about anyone’s followers is sick. He sounds like the left accusing tea party supporters of being racist. Beck has finally lost it totally. I guess if you can be a Mormon and think you are also a Christian then discernment is not one of your abilities.

    • right on!! you and everyone else has the correct opinion about Trump. Glenn Beck gets it wrong this time.
      Keep your mouth shut, Glenn.


  6. You cares what Glen Beck says, he is a has been.

  7. Mr. Beck who takes every opportunity to make a buck [which is why I do not subscribe to his services because they are so awash in ads] complains about Trumps being a TV star…look below the surface Glen, there is an empire he built that runs on delegtion so the Donald can do his thing, just like you do your thing, a wee bit jealous are we.

  8. If Beck said that then he has taken up hard drugs or had a recent severe brain injury? Someone confirm Please!
    Semper Fi

  9. Tell me Mr Beck, when did the Lord make you judge and jury?

  10. Glen Beck, with your fading deck. The People know very well, and are knowledgeable in determining Racism. suppose you didn’t here what The Donald said, that He would, “BE FAIR TO EVERYONE” that’s what He said, so He did. Now ! tell us all when was the last time anyone ever heard words of that nature, from a candate running for office. Those words, Really, doesn’t have the ring of racism, now, do they ?

  11. I think Beck is just trying to garner ratings by jumping on the bash Trump and supporters bandwagon.

    His boldness on his Fox show could have been construed as racist, at least by someone who wanted press. Could that be why he got fired from Fox?

  12. Is this the same Glen Beck that tells everyone ” we must come together’? Is this the same Beck that excoriates Trump but talks endlessly about his alcoholism and thus his testimonies make him being right on all things? Does he not realize that all of us realize who Trump is? Jimmy Carter brought us Reagan and the conservative movement. Sometimes it take strategy to turn things around. I personally think that Trump could do the same thing in a better way. The Republican Party has to be transformed or it will emploed. With the exception of Cruz the rest of the mix is the establishment. Carson will be weak in that role. You are not going to love your enemy away. Carson thought the best way to handle the Ferguson Missouri incident was to simply arrest the man. Really? What is his position on immigration? What iare his positions on the debt, on regulation, on the IRS, on the world currency wars, etc? This is the time to transform the republican Party. Trump does talk about himself and so does Beck. A message to Beck,look at the timber in your own eye. I am watching Glen Beck, the net work he is building’less and less and don’t mention for the 10,000th time about yourself being an alcoholic, we got it.
    David Jackson

    • Perhaps Glenn should crawl back into the bottle as perhaps he may have made more sense when he did. I stopped listening to him year’s ago. Glenn, get a church of your own and preach till you run out of a “flock.”

      • Beck is starting to sound like some of the RINOS on Fox news like Carl Rove & a few more that can’t stand it cause they are wrong about Trump.

    • I liked Beck until he refused to give support to the ranchers out west. It was the first time the Federal Govt. was forced to stand down. Then, I didn’t understand why he didn’t give more support to those who were protesting Federal overreach. When people finally found their voice, Beck was silent. Now, Beck insults and ridicules a private citizen using his own money to run for office. Beck isn’t arguing the issues but using Alinsky tactics to isolate and ridicule his own listeners who disagree with him. It is beneath him. Trump isn’t my guy. Ted Cruz is my guy. If Cruz doesn’t win…I sure hope Trump wins. At least he’ll close the border down and fire some bureaucrats. Beck has shown little respect for the American’s who have given so much support to him. There are real questions to ask Trump about divisive Progressive Taxes, needed Supreme court litmas test, etc. Anyway, I thought the entire 2nd debate was a classless attack on Trump and showed tremendous disrespect to voters.

  13. Trump is the real deal! The rest are just lip service.change is coming , some will like it and some won’t! WE ALL HAVE HAD ENOUGH!

    • what change? He’s supporting Obamacare now, he’s supporting Planned Parenthood. That’s all establishment. New boss will be same as the old boss with Trump.

  14. Screw you Beck, you are sounding more like a RINO, daily

    • Beck has really gotten stupid and his naivete is astounding…thinking like that has caused great damage to our country by “making it all right” not to fight for and not standing up for our culture, laws and way of life. Stop being made to feel guilty about the slave thing, white peoples’ accomplishments, achieving the American dream which has faded and taken away from us to give to those who did not earn it.

  15. Ditto with Al, Trump gets all our six votes that were once Cruz’s.

  16. “You sick, twisted freak.” As a conservative, I am tired of race being a factor at all. It has been the consuming issue of my entire lifetime. It is tiresome. All the programs that have been formulated by democrat politicians and presidents over the last 55 years have done nothing to change racism, although they have improved the lot of African Americans with respect to civil rights, enforced, equal opportunity, affirmative action in education and welfare programs, they have not created “equality,” nor eliminated prejudice or discrimination which results from fear.
    The recent incidents in Boston, Ma., Florida, Ferguson, Mo. and Baltimore, Md. are significant in that they indicate a divide, on racial lines, over the fundamental issue of law and obedience to it, by whites, and the tendency, on the part of blacks, to justify crime, based on race, rather than “equal obligation” to obey the law. Is poverty a justification for breaking the law? No, but there is a fear that this mentality pervades, to a frightening extent, in the thinking of some blacks, which leads to the accusation of racism on the part of whites. It is not who or what a person is ethnically or racially, it is what they, in fact, do, in violation of the law, which creates a logical prejudice based on the law. There is a logical, non-race-based discrimination with respect to the law. The purpose of law is to inform people of what behaviors are not legal and to provide penalties for infractions. People are expected to discriminate on the basis of law. This is the issue with respect to illegal, Hispanic, or other immigrants. It is a matter of obedience to the law and has become an ethnicity issue because of the predominance of one group, Mexican Hispanics, to violate the border. Obedience to the law provides equal justice, if we assume the private property rights of both countries and individuals. For the country, it is an accountability issue, to know who is here, to prevent crime and to control affordability and costs. It is a constitutional issue because it affects equal justice, domestic tranquility, the common defense, the general welfare and the security of the citizenry with respect to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
    These are all the reasons necessary for which the Tea Party has an interest in the position of conservative or Republican candidates for the office of president.

    • My thoughts about the mal-contents are simple. They keep crying and protesting for freedom. Perhaps there should be a super fund that will pay for the transportation of all of the malcontents back to their ancestors’ countries of origin. Let’s see if the “black lives matter” protesters would be willing to give up their American passport, the free bees that they now get and the freedoms that they have and go back to the African nations from which their ancestors came from. Then, they can see how lucky they really are living in the greatest country ever created by man….the USA! I say, ship all the malcontents back. No “beautiful door for them…one way passage out!

      • That will never work because their native countries won’t like them either because they are Americans and will not get a job.

        • They don’t want a job anyway…not working here. Not working there. The only difference is they will be off our dole and back on their “home country’s.”

    • Finally a voice of reason .

  17. while I agree with Trump’s outrage, there are many points he’s waffled on that makes me very unhappy. I don’t like his flip flop to support Planned Parenthood. And NO Ann illegal immigration is NOT more of a problem then millions babies killed for their body parts. I don’t like his flip on Obamacare. Obamacare has killed TONS of jobs and if Trump is for job growth he should be staunchly AGAINST Obamacare. So if he’s flipped on these two VERY disturbing points how many more will he compromise? So his outrage is great but his message seems to NOT be what it started out to be. With all that said I do not agree with Glen Beck’s judgmental attitude.

  18. We knew all along -TPs and Repubs are racists and want all Blacks dead. That is why they hire racist cops to hunt us in our neighborhoods. How many white kids are dying in rich suburbs? Many. Why are they and their suppliers not caught by police. The cops do not fill their quotas in rich places. They go to Black neighborhoods.

  19. Beck has joined obama’s under the desk harem

  20. Glenn Beck has gone way over the top with his “love thy neighbor” mentality. Turn thy cheek and watch your head get removed. Get real Glenn…the days of being forgiving and loving are over as our enemies do not feel that way. Fight fire with fire. Unfortunately, that is the only way. You would be more honest if you said that you are a preacher rather than a talk show host. Wish you well, just my opinion is all.

  21. Beck has lost it. Racist simply for supporting Trump? Beck has gone bonkers. I support Trump but I would also be fine with Carson, Fiorina, Cruz, or Rubio as the GOP nominee. Where’s the racism in that?

  22. does anyone still care what glenn beck has to say,,that moronic dumb ass went over to the dark side,,,

  23. beck sounds too much like a rino to even listen to his rhetoric, the traitorous rinos by the way. If he thinks race drives the American, real American, voters then he has had too much of obozo’s kool-aid or is playing paddy-cake with the rinos. I started out liking Carson but his amnesty stance for illegals drove me away real quick.GO TRUMP & CRUZ in 2016

  24. the best that Mr. Trump can continue to do is keep this topics that are important to the American public so that the left/ liberals and all candidates will be called out to address. Not only talk the talk,but walk the walk. Yes things can get worse


  26. Irene Elizabeth Grooms

    Mr. Beck the reason i like DONALD TRUMP IS because he tells it just like it is and people like you can’t stand the TRUTH THESE DAYS.

  27. Glen Beck can jump on the liberal racist labeling band wagon if he wants to, but I don’t really care what he thinks. I don’t dislike obama because of his color on the outside, I dislike him for what’s inside his evil mind and heart. I’d vote for Trump because he says he’s going to do things that I want done for my country, and I know that no one outside of him is pulling any strings because he doesn’t need their money so he doesn’t owe anyone any favors. That can’t be said for the rest of the candidates, though I’d vote for Carson, Cruz, Fiorina if they are chosen.

  28. Glen Beck is a dildo. He was most likely either promised a hell of a holiday basket or the moron was bought off. Either way, he’s a damned liberal socialist. GO MR TRUMP !!!

  29. Geeze, unreality bitch hasn’t said anything yet. Where is that little QUEER TROLL BITCH??

  30. simply watching the debate, considering the line of questioning, the edits of whose responses are aired and whose are cut in the compilations, the redirection of every issue into a trump issue, the chumming of the waters hoping for a shark fight, etc. etc. etc. for any critically minded individual who is watching (regardless of political affiliation) it is clear that the GOP race right now is a sophomoric media frenzy. Several of the more mature candidates assert this themselves. Like the photojournalist in Hungary kicking the refugees, this is a clear case of the media MAKING the news and then pretending to report on it.

    Soon, all that will settle out and we’ll get down to some issues and substance. But, regrettably, i don’t think the best GOP individuals will emerge from this fray standing.

    Bernie is the guy i like… but rand paul, rubio, kasich, even bush have lots of important contributions to make. but, they are drowned out by the feeding frenzy chummed up by the media hounds.

    the rest of the world is laughing at us (and fearful of us … for all the wrong reasons).

  31. I stopped listening to Glen Beck many years ago. He is a very rich, arrogant and nasty person. He is no longer a conservative and has become delusional believing that his opinion is always right and if someone doesn’t agree with him they are “racist” or some other bad word created by the vile corporate media.
    Glen Beck is on the verge of becoming completely irrelevant and losing his entire following. The sooner the better.


  33. did you notice when you critize Trump his suportors cry

  34. I have made no decision on any specific GOP candidate to date. Much can happen yet on this mass of people running for office. Therefore, I think Beck is off base on his stance.

  35. beck and kristol are livid trump is doing so well.
    these two will start a thrid party if trump gets nominated

  36. Beck has lost all perspective. He is a total failure and a closet liberal. He should retreat into obscurity so his embarrassing and insane comments will not get a line of coverage. Who cares what he says anyway. The Tea Party is made of of pure patriots. He resorts to unproven invective’s when he cannot understand the motives of such patriots. Let us just pity him for his ignorance. As the old saying goes, “Stupid is as stupid does.”

  37. As a member of the same church Dr. Carson (SDA) is and a TEA party member I can guarantee Dr. Carson is not the conservative Beck thinks he is, even the majority of his own denomination is not supporting him, and he is a liberal. Dr. Carson is more of an unkown that Obama was, and until Dr. Carson begin running for president, he was a complete unkown.

    • I really like Dr. Carson. I just think he would be better as the country’s Surgeon General. Not because he isn’t smart. He is brilliant. I just think Trump and Cruz are better suited to deal with Isis and Idiots on the left. Obama has made a war time president far more likely. Trump is a natural fighter with executive experience. Cruz has tremendous courage, is a committed Patriot and smart as hell.

  38. Mr. Beck the Big Mouth needs to shut up and take care of his own personal problems that everyone but him can hear and see! Mr. Trump please do not listen to “Negative Stinking Thinking.Think Positive!”

  39. What has happened to you Glen Beck,not getting the attention you have to have to continue your raving. Glen when you first showed up on C.N.N. i enjoyed listening to you because you were right in my opinion about what was going on in our Government and i believed then and still do that anyone with just a touch of good old American common sense could understand what you were saying. What happened Glen i know i quit you because you slowly started to change your ways and actually begin to support some of the socialist ideas that was coming out of Harry Reid and some of the other in my opinion communist in the U.S.Congress.Now Mr. Beck you are attacking the people you should be supporting and iam telling you now Glen that the liberals will only embrace you until you are at a point that you cant survive without them and than they will dump you. Glen wake up,you turned on and are attacking the Tea Party, the very people that stuck with you until you got to where you are now and then you turn on them. Just like something Jeb Bush and Hillary would do Glen,i would tell you to wake up and realize what you are doing but its already to late to ever listen to you again. I no longer trust you

  40. perfect ticket would be Trump,Carson and Cruz to take out Kerry Trump is the only one saying it the way it is for john q public he doesnt owe anybody in government or special interests anything Our government needs a complete overhaul and get back to the basics of our constitution which by the way is NOT out dated as some would like us to believe

  41. Glen has turned to the Dark Side ….. FU Glen ………..
    TRUMP in 2016 !

  42. On a personal observation, Beck is too much like Trump’s personality and that is why he sees himself in Trump and can’t cope with it. I quit watching Beck a long time ago because he is too much like a phony politician eager for fame and money.

  43. I use Glen Beck, but his trashing of Trump is not accurate. So I no longer trust Glen .

  44. Deporting everyone thinks this has to happen quickly, it can be in place from now on a deport them as caught over the next 20years. No welfare, no school, e verified, criminals, make it so they have to leave.

    • I don’t think it would take that long to remove people that are here illegally. Some want us to think it would take a long time and can’t really be done. I don’t buy it. A small group of rednecks or cowboys on any Saturday could do better than these politicians. The left has neutered these male politicians. What we are seeing in Trump is the testosterone that is necessary to fighting the insane left, and fixing the problem.

      • Are you ready to pay $10.00 for a head of lettuce?

        • We’ll pay more than $10.00 for a head of lettuce if we don’t fix this mess. You cannot have a welfare state and open borders. To continue this way will make slaves of every tax paying American. Worse; those coming over the border illegally, are not going to share the concerns of American tax-payers because their interest are different. We are already paying for this sick national co-dependence in many ways. Terrorist, drugs, gang members and hardened criminals are coming into the United States. It cost money to find and prosecute them. It cost money to incarcerate them. It cost money to educate them and their children. Welfare is not a “free” gift from the govt. Welfare benefits are paid with the tax payer’s labor . “Free Healthcare” cost money too –also paid for with the tax-payer’s labor. Our national identity as Americans is harmed as well. Our strong work ethic, rugged individualism and can- do attitude is being replaced with collectivism. That cost far more than paying more for a head of lettuce. I often wonder if so many Americans are out of work why we need more workers? The last Presidential election many people sold their freedom for Obama phones and a chicken. I hope we don’t go for the lettuce next election.

  45. There’s no way on earth Trump is the Conservatives knight in shining armor however, just look at the oppositions candidates…., eek! Sanders…, please, a freaking prune of a Socialist? Hillary! The biggest and proudest lying b*tch America has ever seen. Give me a break!!!!
    I look at it as though I’m looking on a score board. If there are 10 major points that need consideration IMO regarding our country, I approach those points from the “Conservative” angle. The candidate that accumulates the most points on that list of ten from the Conservative view, get’s my consideration, and perhaps my vote. Look, who among us as teenagers or young adults hasn’t held Liberal opinions or views at some point in time. I know I certainly did. We grow, learn, read, research, and base our opinions and views based on the knowledge we’ve accumulated. My opinion has definitely changed from a Liberal leaning young man to, definitely a Conservative today. I consider this regarding Trump. If he was leaning Left on some issues in the past, what’s his position now? Trump is good at this game, and has his very own style playing it. We’re early in the game, and a lot can happen between now & Nov. 2016. If he’s conning the American people, rest assured, we’ll find out. I’ve only listened & watched Beck a handful of times. Don’t like his style. I like Bill Whittle’s style more. Whittle should be in Beck’s position. Just my 2 cents…., ok, maybe 2 dollars……

  46. I don’t know what happened to Glenn Beck and used to listen to him all the time but no more. Seems like he is heading in the direction of downing the movement of people wanting to get away from big government and are tired of the same old nothing from those running in the past. I am conservative and my one issue is big government that just keeps growing and is taking away our rights big time. I am 75 and know how it used to be and we have come a long way to where you have to be real careful anymore to even what you say, especially if you are a white person.

  47. Beck couldn’t hold onto an audience on FOX, so his show got cancelled… He is obviously eating sour grapes…


  49. Evidently Glen Beck has turned RHINO. So at least we all (the ones that ever listened to him) know his true colors now. SO GOODBYE GLEN BECK. You no longer have a voice we true Americans want to hear.

  50. Beck has about as much credibility as Pinocchio.

  51. Glen Beck, you say one thing in public and another thing in private, you are without a set. Trump, I will agree is not my first choice, but as in politics sometimes you have to take the best of the worse choices. Trump goes out un-rehearshed and lets it fly, the one time he holds back, the trash of the media Mahler condemns him for not taking up for the self proclaimed Muslim commander in Chief. Even if the president denies it any person in this country with a Library card can access the info for themselves, all of what he does all his actions,,,as many of you heard people say, actions speak louder than words can figure it out for themselves. Obama is being protected by the most wealth of wealthy in the world, far richer than Bill Gates, so you people in the projects and ones that have fought to pull yourselves out, please read, they accuse the republican Party of catering to the rich, those rich are trashing Trump, because they can’t control him, he,s a wild card that won’t do their bidding. The Koch bro’s are at the front of the line, no mater what they call the club. Trump wants to protect Social security and Medicare, the Koch’s want to eliminate the programs and for what, so all the tax the rich programs get ditched, they stand to lose a lot of pennies in your or my eyes. Millions in theirs, both of them are worth 40 billion plus each. Obama is worse, he is so deep into it he is holding hands with the rich that want to control the world at the same time destroy whats left of the United States.


  53. glen beck does not even qualify to be even a pimple on mr trumps ass

  54. Glen Beck is full of crap. Why does anyone even care what he says. He’s old news.

  55. Glenn Beck is an ignorant two faced Moron Idiot Glenn Beck just shut up and go crawl back in your hole.

  56. Everyone running on the Republican or Democrat side except Trump will owe allegiance to their donors first and then to their reelection, and if they have anything left to the people. This one of the many ways the people get screwed. Some rich person donates $100,000. to a politician and ends up with a $100,000.000.00 or more contract to build solar panels or something. We need a whole new way of doing elections and we’re starting with Trump.
    President Trump…

  57. From an EX-beck supporter, BECK F U !!!! Get your head out of your ass and wake up!

  58. Just one more establishment stooge defaming Trump. The libturds, rinos and thugs in D.C. are soiling their Depends!!!

  59. Every damned time an issue comes up, out comes that friggin “race” card. Now stop and think about it. If someone served you rice and beans every damned day, wouldn’t you get a little pissed off after a while? And even if people are racist, WHAT THE HELL DOES ANYONE THINK MADE THEM THAT WAY! Think hard now..

  60. As an ardent Tea Party supporter, I like Trump. Do I think he is the best candidate thus far? I like him but I also like Ted Cruz a lot more! Ted has sacrificed a great deal and he is very consistent in his advocacy for protecting the U S Constitution and our constitutional republic. I also like Carly Fiorina, a very sharp lady, but she is very weak on constitutional law. After all, she was not at all supportive of Kim Davis, declaring that she should obey the law! What Law? The “gay marriage” opinion of the U S Supreme Court is NOT LAW. It was an “legal opinion”, no different that Chief Justice Taneys radical and unconstitutional decision in Dred Scott vs Sanford (1858) wherein he declared that black people are inferior to white people.

    There are NO LAWS on the books within the U S Federal Statutes , U S Constitution, or individual State Statutes that have been enacted that declares that homosexual marriage is lawfull. To the contrary, the U S Supreme Court declared in a landmark decision when it shot down the Federal DOMA laws (Defense of Marriage Act) when it clearly stated that the Federal Government (Congress) has no authority to define marriage, which authority rests solely with each State. Ms. Kim Davis obeyed the laws of the State of Kentucky. After all, he public office was and is established by the laws of the State of Kentucky. As citizens, we are required to obey the laws of the land, not the whimsical opinions of maverick jurists who seek to legislate law from the bench.

    No, Carly needs to become far more intelligent and informed on the rule of law before I consider her a viable candidate. As for Jeb Bush, I can tell you all that we have had enough Bushes in the White House. I can point out several very serious problems with his brothers presidency, many which were totally lawless and unconstitutional. The Patriot Act was one of the most unconstitutional laws enacted during his presidency. We, as the people, forfeited our fundamental rights and liberties to a maverick lawless government in exchange for the promise of security, which was absolutely forbidden by our founding fathers. As a result, we have lost our individual rights of privacy to a lawless government who no longer serves the people, but demands to be served by the people. NO MORE BUSHES in the White House is my motto.

    As for Trump, I will wait to be glad before I give him my absolute support for the office of the president of the United Sates, which I am not even certain that we, as a nation and a people, will ever see another Presidential election in this country! After all, Obamanation, the lawless deceiver in the White House, is not gone yet. He still has a very strong and corrupt group of blind political leaders bowing to his every whim. These blind politicians are being led into the same pit that Obamanation has constructed for us all.

  61. Beck is a loser! He and Bohner should get together and cry some for us! People are sick and tired of politicians that lie to get elected and then turn their backs on us until the next election.

  62. I thought we ordered Beck a straight jacket and padded room.

  63. Glenn, it is time for you to dry up and blow away! I used to love you when you were on FOX. You taught me and many others things we did not know, including info on how PLanned Parenthood got started with Margaret. Now, you seem to be getting early onset Alzheimers or something like that. You have completely forgotten what you stood for. It is fine to change one’s mind, but I really feel something terrible has happened to your mind. I wouldn’t watch you now for anything. I no longer want to receive the Blaze. You are sinking further and further down. I really like Donald Trump. He reminds me of how you used to be, saying what you really thought. Saying extreme things that we the people needed to hear and wanted to hear. You have lost all that.

  64. For Carly supporters…she is outsourcing here entire campaign to India….a tiger doesn’t change their stripes….she cost many jobs in America in the past…now she is to un-american to hire Americans unemployed…this information was verified by one of her aides.

  65. Glen You’ve lost your mind. Open borders an lawlessness might be great with you and other morons . But that doesn’t mean the rest of the nation will follow you off of the cliff. Racism has nothing to do with our nations Sovereignty, or closing the borders or ejecting those who came here illegal or ejecting those that over stayed their visa. Only a N ignorant jackasses would even consider it to be about racism . After all numb nuts there are many from many other nations who have cane here both legally through a visa and many who just came illegally. We want them all out. No matter the race , ethnicity or religion. Glen Beck moron I believe it is only a racist hateful led heart that would accuse others of such hate.

  66. What Mr. Beck are you the hatchet man for the Rhino’s you on the take to trash the only candidate who has the balls to tell it like it is to speak the truth

  67. REMEMBER, it is the RACIST that accuses others of being a racist to take it off their shoulders.

    That is why Negroes and lieberals are the racist. Make no bones about it, GB is a racist and hates whites because they look down on Negroes, just like he does.

  68. Beck has been losing his following so now they are the target so he can get back into the limelight again. I liked him but he has lost me because he has caved into saying anything to get some publicity. He mocks Trump but he is just like him !!!

  69. I honestly do respect Beck’s opinion on quite a few issues, but I’m not so sure this is one of those. In my opinion, Trump is saying the things that NEED to be said. But can he win the nomination? Maybe. And if so, can he win the general election? Perhaps. Finally, if he wins the Presidency, can he accomplish the things he claims he will do? In my mind, THAT is the important question.
    If Trump is President, will he have enough support in Congress to actually do anything? Presently, we have a liberal Democrat in the White House, and he’s getting things done that “we the people” don’t want done, despite having the opposition party as the majority in Congress. I honestly believe that the majority of BOTH parties owe so much to lobbyists and special interests that they have sold out to the “liberal” way of thinking. If I’m right, then Trump will have a tough time bucking that same “establishment” in Congress if he’s elected. They’ve already been bought and paid for.
    Unless enough conservatives/Tea Partiers are elected to Congress along with Trump, or unless the present crop of Senators and Representatives see Trump’s election (if it should happen) as “the handwriting on the wall”, and they are frightened into supporting his agenda, then Trump won’t be a successful President.

  70. Beck has now joined the liberals in that those of us who believe in the rule of law, borders and defending our country are called racists….how sad to see Beck betray our country and its citizens!

  71. He is Not really listening to Trump because Trump makes perfect sense. Just because Trump does not WANT to spill all of the beans right now which also makes sense and no one else has either so what is the damn big beef? There is 16 months to go and rinos expect Trump to spill his guts about everything in the first 3 months but not anyone else? I am white and my husband is black. We both cannot stand Obama and not because he is black but because he is a very evil man. This is Becks first WRONG statement and sounding more like a liberal democrap every day. Many good reasons to vote for Trump and Beck is the racist as only racists bring up the racism argument. He will say anything just because he doesn’t like Trump personally. Trump didn’t want to be on his radio show and so he is pissed off and throwing a tantrum just like the rinos do. He does not sound like a Christian to me at all and I do not care for him at all. TRUMP/CRUZ 2016

  72. Dominic Roy Accampo

    Liberal political correctness is a monster that liberals unleash on any who dare to oppose them.

  73. I am a racist! I am against the Beck race.

  74. Trump 2016… Got my v ote Mr Trumpl…. He cares about USA Citizens.

  75. Hey, Beck, you do not know what you are spewing forth from your Tin Foil HAT mentality. You have been WEIGHED and MEASURED. You Mr. Beck, HAVE BEEN FOUND WANTING!.. You are nothing but some confused, moderate BLOW HARD. You are a member of the open borders crowd. You thus have NOTHING relevant to say

  76. Hey Beck no one cares what you think any more so just shut up and go away

  77. Trump also get’s my VOTE! I’m so tired of feeding the Monkeys!

  78. Glen is starting to sound like MSNBC more and more!

  79. Beck as the FOX FAKERS are phonies!

  80. Glen Beck is an idiot.

  81. Beck has fallen in popularity since he got out of cable TV and he is just trying to revive himself with outlandish statements, just like the 14 Republican Candidates opposing Trump are trying to save themselves with derogatory remarks toward Trump! Beck must not read his own News. We are” Voters” that are fed up and sick and tired of Establishment anybody telling us who we should vote for and end up with the Same old, Same old, fall in line, do nothing, go along to get along, Sad Ass Establishment Politicians that could care less about us and our opinions! I have been a Conservative for decades and supported the Tea Party from it’s beginning but I see someone in Trump that talks about the exact things that concern me in this Country and he doesn’t mince words or hide behind being Politically Correct like Beck and all the others opposing Trump do; except for Carson and Cruz. I don’t care who Trump donated to in the past, or what he did to keep his business enterprise going. I have a gut feeling about him above and beyond any other Candidate or Politician; in other words I believe he will do what he says he will do and I am sticking with him until the end. It’s no coincidence that Trump brought up the exact issues that the “Silent Majority” was concerned about long before any other Candidate had the nerve to talk about them; he has his hand on the pulse of Real America and we love it. Whether the other Candidates knew about those hot button issues or not they didn’t say anything about them until Trump shot up in the American Voter Polls!!! Keep doing what you have been doing Donald, we are with you.

  82. Glen Beck is a CIMO or RINO, or a Conservative in Name Only or a Republican in Name Only. To say that I am a racist because I don’t want to allow twenty or forty million people to come into the U.S. to be put on welfare Programs is down right stupid. Mr. Beck, have you always been a socialist supporter? Or just an illegal supporter?

  83. Owen! Fellow Trumpster! I agree 1 trillion %! I don’t understand how congress allows this kind of filth to continue! Discusting!

  84. Glenn Beck is a bigot for calling Trump a racist.


    I’ve been listening to Trump….he keeps saying he will do everything that everyone wants, but he can’t articulate a plan on any substantive issue past deporting all illegal immigrants. If you believe he can save you and me and all of America in all the issues just because he says “I’m a winner; you’re going to love me….” think again. The people looking at Trump need to hold his feet to the fire and demand some actual plans he expects to implement. He promises nothing other than “I’m a winner”…. He probably knows a lot about the economy, but I fear him on every other issue! If he fails to deliver, he will just shrug and say nothing….just purse his lips and whine. That is not a person I want to represent this nation with world leaders. A couple of weeks ago he wanted to increase taxes…today he says he will lower taxes…Trump says what the public wants to hear while he continues his run as a tv celebrity. Aren’t we smarter than that???? or do Rep. also have a fair amount of low information voters?? We must be smarter,….our future is at stake! Or maybe it is too late anyway…..I really only put my trust in God for our future…but I am praying .

  86. How about telling the who you voted for in the 2012 presidential Election! If you got any respect for yourself tell. the world! Don’t give me the BS that your vote is sacrosanct! C’mon tough guy let’s hear it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    You are just as bad as the racist Democrats by calling Trump supporters RACISTS! What’s next, calling Trump supporters, ‘ASTROTURF’! Stick with an intelligent and cogent attack on the Damnorats and Rinos! You voted for Governor Johnson on the LIbertarian line, didn’t you! I thought you had guts, but you just want to draw attention yourself! Philip Tropea, the real Conservative Candidate web site, maybe I should rip up your Book that I purchased at Borders in Tampa, ‘Arguing with idiots’.

  87. And America cares what beck has to say why?

  88. Glen Beck the Billionaire spreading his ‘Hate” once again.

  89. Glenn Beck sure sounds just like a dumbass conservative turncoat turned liberal!!! When he spouts off s–t like people will take ANYONE because they just want to win! What the hell do you think all the dumbass liberals did as well as the voter fraud people did when supporting fraud Obola???!!! Glenn Beck is an accusatory jackass who knows NOT what he speaks of!!!!! Racist tea party? What an IDIOT!!! He is probably just a RINO Republican supporter in disguise!!! Probably LOVES fraud Obola secretly and would willingly follow him to his own destruction!!!!! Just shut your sewer Beck!!! We are tired of hearing your ignorant and racist accusations!!!

  90. Beck is an irrelevant loser. He once did a Clarion call for the U.S. when he was on Fox, but now he seems delusional. Trump 2016!

  91. Beck is a big mouthed malcontent. He has slipped down the list in influence. He now suffers from cranial rectal impaction

  92. I for one has never liked Glen Beck & do not respect his views one bit.

  93. I believe Glen Beck is not playing with a full deck. Trump is the only one that says it like it is. He gets my vote.

  94. Beck is losing his ability to process what’s happening/happened to this country. America is no longer the America we loved – unless you’re a liberal muslin. When bho said he would change our Nation, he never mentioned what that change would entail. Now we know! Beck is sitting with the liberals and Rinos patting themselves on the back s thinking they have created a new America when all they’ve done is slice and dice oir traditions and faith and serve them to obasturd on a plate. Beck, you have lost much credability lately. Perhaps it would be better to stay inside out of the discussion if you truly do not understand most Americans concerns about their lives and country. Trump understands these concerns and is willing to fix our issues that bho created – because od inexperience, lack of moral compass and possessing a true myslin heart.

    If Trump can secure our borders and remove the illegals who snuck into our nation, if he can remove obummercare completely, if he can rebuild our mighty Military and place us back as a world leader, if he can destroy Planned Parenthood’s evil destruction and selling of live whole baby parts, if he can redefine Marriage between a man and woman

  95. Glen, just shut up and go away nobody listens to you any more.

  96. To think I use to listen to this moron, what a joke this clown has become, go to hell Beck.

  97. The last paragraph says it all. Glen Beck is a closet liberal.

  98. Given how detached from reality Mr. Beck has become, that’s probably more a recommendation for Trump than not.

  99. I guess Glenn was beaten by the left and now is a member of it, pretending otherwise…
    he isnt the first to be turned… i wonder what skeleton or issue they threatened him with that got him to cave

  100. NO, Glen Beck, Trump is up there because he wants to get rid of all illegals. If he backs off from that, he’s history.

  101. Well that’s rich, Glenn Beck accusing others of racism.
    Though he is right, Trump supporters love all the racist things he says. Almost 2/3rds of Trump supporters believe Obama is a foreigner, from Africa.

  102. Trump is relevant, Beck is irrelevant……..Trump represents the Tea Party movement. Trump is what the Tea Party has been waiting for. Poor Beck plateaued out near the bottom.

  103. We are not required to like all people. I like who I like and don’t like who I don’t like. Same with trust. I look at how they treat people, including spouses and children.We cannot try to deny civil rights to people we don’t like or trust. That being said, a religion that says anyone who leaves the religion will be killed; any religion that supports honor killing; any religion that says if someone draws a picture of Muhammad must die, is followed by people who are hard to trust.

  104. glen beck is talking but no body is listening, when Trump speaks everyone listens. I hope Trump can go all the way to the white house and get us out of this mess obama has placed on us citizens. obama is a terrorist appeaser and he also appeases the law breaking illegals and criminals while he dams us citizens and LEOs.

  105. I think Glenn Beck is losing it or he’s been taken to the woodshed by the Marxist leftist

  106. Glen, you used to be my hero, but you changed about the time you left Fox. I don’t know what happened, but, I no longer agree with you. Trump may be all the things people call him, but he has 10 billion things that says he’s smart.
    Plus he said he will surround himself with smart people to help govern

  107. B.O.’s ugly face is on the tube 24/7, and I feel that Beck may be a closet B.O. worshiper. Trump may be an out-going speaker, but at least he attacks the issues.

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