Giving Too Much Ground on Religious “Fixes”

Under fire from a legion of protestors, corporate executives, and politicians, Indiana’s lawmakers are desperate to “fix” their Religious Freedom Restoration Act so this firestorm will quietly go away. Unfortunately, some of the propositions being made would swing too far in the other direction, putting the state in a worse position than it was to begin with. It’s commendable, perhaps, that Indiana is going to make sure gays don’t face discrimination, but some of the ideas could put religious freedom in dire jeopardy.

For instance, several Republican representatives said one possibility would include bringing sexual orientation and gender identify under the umbrella of Indiana’s civil rights protection laws. That would put them in line with 18 other states that have similar legislation. The problem is that we’ve seen how these laws can be used to target Christians in the workplace, limiting how and when they can express their religious beliefs.

These laws – employment non-discrimination acts – have been introduced federally on an annual basis since the early 1990s, and they have been shot down every time. And while many Americans believe that individual rights should and can be compromised if it means eliminating discrimination, there comes a point where the First Amendment must be respected. There comes a point where we’re no longer talking about equality; we’re talking about granting favoritism to a small minority of the population.

Consider the case of Regina Redford and Robin Christy, two city employees in Oakland, California. After their fellow LGBT employees formed an association, they decided to start one of their own. Calling it the Good News Employee Association, they passed out fliers to promote the new group. Calling it a “forum for people of faith to express their views on the contemporary issues of the day,” the pair were censured by their supervisors. An email was sent out staff-wide, decrying the promotion of “sexual orientation based harassment.” In other words, it’s okay to start a gay alliance, but it’s not okay to start a Christian one. Favoritism.

Then, of course, there are the cases that have made headlines in recent years. The business owners who have been sued successfully by state governments for refusing to provide services for gay weddings. Not for gay people, mind you, but for gay weddings. The LGBT activists think this is exactly how it should be. That’s why they have come out in force against Indiana’s new law. To their way of thinking, it’s better to see Christians forced to betray their beliefs than for gay couples to have to call another bakery. How is this equality?

Under ENDA laws, businesses would be forced to hire transgenders without considering what impact they might have on their clientele. This is a category – plainly speaking – that was defined as a mental illness only a few short years ago. Was this definition changed because of new insight in psychology, or was it changed due to pressure from the LGBT mafia?

Discrimination against women and racial minorities is one thing; discrimination against people who flaunt their alternative lifestyle is quite another. Indiana’s Religious Freedom law is intended to ensure that the courts give due weight to an individual’s religious beliefs when determining whether to infringe. Setting in stone laws that provide unquestionable favoritism for LGBT citizens isn’t “fixing” the law; it’s gutting it.


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  1. This country was based on religion. All religions, not cults. Most people assume that the biblical values promote an equality without laws. Those that do not hold that belief are trying to destroy the beliefs of the majority of the people.

    • Tell us then, O wise one, how do YOU distinguish between a “religion” and a “cult”?

      From what I have read, a “cult” is often defined as such by how different its beliefs are from those of the person calling it a “cult.” That creates enough latitude for just about every religion to attain cult status in the eyes of someone or other

      Just what constitutes your cult radar and how does it work in actual practice?

    • All religions are cults, this includes our government!

  2. The country was based upon freedom. Freedom to hold whatever religious beliefs you wish – with one very important caveat. That belief may NOT violate the freedom of any other – which is embodied in our system of laws. The moment a segment of believers attempt to influence the government of the USA in any way that simply conforms it to their beliefs it will be challenged and suppressed. That is essentially a form of illegal trespass.

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      • We do let child molesters have their way. PRIEST, who preside in Catholic Churches across this country, raping little boys everyday & The Vatican allowing it to continue. Disgusting, isn’t it ? Seeing you pawing & kissing someone would make me vomit, you bigoted piece of trash!!!

        • I was referring to the male queers. I do enjoy watching two females getting it on. I’m not bigoted, I just have no use for queers. They are immoral and dirty.

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  3. under fire from the Regressive, liberal, Homosexual Mafia of Thugs & Goons the question is who or what is next on their Evil list? As Christians they have a bullseye on our backs and the Persecution will get worse because these Evil people have a Seared Reprobate mind that has no bounds to what their Daddy ( Satan ) wants them to do. Get ready it is Coming.

    • Michael Dennewitz

      You got it vet. And who cries the loudest? ALL THE LITTLE QUEERS OF AMERICA!! Sick bunch of little sissies!!


      • Thanks, evidently they are not man or woman enough to act like the Perverted adults they are suppose to be.

        • Michael Dennewitz

          I once rented out a room to some lesbo.. Didn’t know it at the time, but soon found out and she (it) wasn’t there to pay her second month’s rent!! EEWWWWWW!!!!

      • I think one problem is that “The Winds of Change” are blowin’ on several fronts, but there exist Dinosaurs who haven’t yet noticed a chill in the air. They will soon be extinct.If you cant adapt to changing conditions, that’s what happens.

        • The only ones to be extinct will be the sexual deviants like you. Homosexuals are less than 10 % of the total population( and this are inflated numbers by the leftard agenda) they are more like 5%. And their inability to procreate and the sickness they constanly bring onto each other by their “lifestyle”will end with them with time. As it have happened in all other nations that tried to institute the “gay empire” in the past.

          • You know what they say concerning “assumptions”. I’ve been happily married since’72, and have two grown Sons. So, you were saying ?

          • Really troll?? Happily married with 2 kids as to try to look normal while supporting the gay deviants agenda??LOL.. you only have the internet to thank for your fantasy.

          • Yes, whatever you say, Richard.

          • Michael Dennewitz

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          • 3% with 2% fringe, and 2% support from government, that was a gallup poll, and a pew poll.

          • It’s more like 1.5 percent of the total US Population. A sliver of the population at best.

      • Bigot, you should be ashamed of yourself. You need some sensitivity training to see if you could be educated or if you are a hopeless case! Being homosexual and being effeminate are not the same thing though neither are a disorder. A human sexuality class would also be a good idea to correct your ignorance.

        • Shofar threading

          No classes needed for Michael, Vernon, just two passages for you. It would be helpful for you to learn them.

          “So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; MALE and FEMALE he created them.” Genesis 1:27

          “Do not have sexual relations with a man as one does with a woman; that is detestable.” Leviticus 18:22

        • Sounds like an obobo troll crying in the wilderness trying to
          sound rational while wondering where you will sleep tonight
          an with what?

        • Michael Dennewitz

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        • Michael Dennewitz

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        • Homosexual is a mental disorder. It needs to be treated as such

          • Christianity is a mental disorder & needs to be treated as such.

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      • I’m convinced the shadow government doesn’t favor any of these minority groups they are nothing but tools, when they are no longer needed they will be dealt with accordingly, many people dead and alive wrote and spoke about this shadow government using various names instead of shadow government such as presidents Lincoln, Wilson and JFK, at least one Supreme Court Justice, even the FBI’s J Edgar Hoover spoke and wrote about what he called a Monstrous Evil that controlled Washington. An evil genius by the name of Albert Pike a Confederate Gneral who was a Satanist and bragged that he could call up Satan; he probably could since he wrote about World Wars One, Two and Three why and how, Pike is said to have been capable of conversing in 16 languages. I better include at least one woman so I wont seem to be a male chauvinist pig{):-) her name was Alice Baily also a Satanist who left her evil mark on society. Once these minorities are no longer needed they will crush them, the same goes for the created career welfare class that have depended on government from birth to death, I’m equally convinced this class of people have been purposely created by past and present evil men and women in our government by setting up certain curriculum in our schools, Hollywood and of course the media, and to top off as added assurance (not insurance) they import more of the same from third world countries and an added bonus they might even get the sort of people that would give them a real excuse for Martial Law. But personally I believe it’s most likely they may have even hand picked some of the maniacs from the middle east

        • Lets not forget Lt. Colonel Micheal Aquino the government brainwasher and propaganda king and devout satanist, while he was still in the Army.

          • Thanks, there are too many of them to list, unless it was in a huge book, this evil monster is alive and as far as I know he is still working for his god Satan. He was involved in child molesting but just got an early discharge from the military. Aquino seems to have contributed much to the control freaks in their bid to enslave the world in a world government or New World Order but there is nothing new about it, Satan is on record of trying since the days of Nimrod and no doubt before that, to bring the world under him as the leader. The scary thing is how many are in military leadership positions that are likeminded and how many regulars have been brainwashed that will follow these Satanists, the Luciferians have grown in numbers over the past few decades, Hollywood is proof of this with all the satanic symbolism on display and stars admitting they sold out to Satan, pretty scary stuff, I watched Bob Dylan being interviewed about a month ago from the way he looked age wise I’m guessing this is recent, but anyway I was shocked to hear him give credit to Satan for his success as he sold his soul.

      • There pissed because they where not a queen of a platoon.

      • And who cries the loudest? All the little brainwashed Christians of America!! Sick bunch of little sissies!!

        • Michael Dennewitz

          Hey Faye! Did your mommy have any kids that lived???

        • Do you know all the Christians in America? Would you mind elaborating on your accusations such as American Christians being brainwashed. You should rehearse anyway since you’ll be questioned someday.

        • To bad you don’t have your brain saturated with Christianity. It’s the best thing around and always will be.

          • Michael Dennewitz

            Nasty Faye got her brain from a Cracker Jack box. They’ve made millions off the ignorant!! LOL

        • William J. Dager

          EXCUSE ME? I was in the Air Force. I am an honest-to-goodness, red-blooded AMERICAN, and first of all a CHRISTIAN. You arrogant, ignorant wench (may God forgive me), Read this, from

          “What has
          Christianity done for the world? Christianity led to the end of murder
          of slaves in the coliseums of the Roman world, the beginning of
          healthcare for the masses and education for
          the common man. It brought an end to the slave trade and slavery
          itself. It brought workers rights through Lord Shaftesbury, and child
          agencies, like the RSPCC by William Wilberforce and other Christian
          leaders. Christianity also birthed the Civil Rights Movement with the
          being the preacher Martin Luther King Jr. and the end of Apartheid in
          South Africa, thanks to the leadership of Archbishop Desmond Tutu and
          Nelson Mandela.

          Christianity in addition has had a major impact upon all European
          languages, adding words, spelling, grammar and shaped what we say – the
          our idioms, and the Christian names of people, places and
          organisations. Great authors like C.S. Lewis and freedom fighters like
          John Knox were also
          inspired in the Christian tradition and helped change our world.

          Christian leaders like Elizabeth Fry fought for prison reform and the
          first Workers Union was set up by a Christian preacher and his friends,
          for fair pay, better working conditions and a day of rest.

          Modern democracy is in huge debt to non-conformist Christianity, from
          Magna Carta with
          its Christian author, to the Rev. John Ball, the first great leader of a
          mass revolt, to Cromwell who ended the absolute rule of the Monarch and

          Christian parliamentarians who fought for the right for all to vote. In
          the U.S., Rick Warren said, “It was Christians who helped abolish
          slavery, achieve women’s suffrage, lead the civil-rights movement and
          the Bill of Rights.”

          Without Christianity, the story of Europe, the United States, Canada,
          Australia and New Zealand and other nations would be totally different.
          same could be said for modern Africa, where 60% of the people are
          Christians and a large majority of the states are now Christian. In
          Africa, it
          was Dr. David Livingstone, the missionary who worked to end slavery and
          introduce Christian values to much of the continent. He is one of the
          world’s greatest explorers and humanitarians.

          In addition, Christian leaders in their fight to end the slave trade set the template for all modern campaigning, and mass
          education was a significant step towards the people calling for democracy and human rights.

          In the field of science, many of the founding fathers of many areas were
          Christians, with a devout belief in the God of the Bible and the same
          true for the leaders of the Industrial Revolution, which shaped the
          world we live in. Michael Faraday was a scientist and evangelical
          whose pioneering work changed the modern world, in that he helped give
          us electricity and the founder of the Greenwich Observatory that gave us
          the world’s first great star map, was of course a preacher as well.
          Many of the people who put man on the moon, working in NASA, were also

          Christianity in addition shaped politics, which gave us laws that
          protected the common man, as the Bible’s teaching on the equality of all
          shaped our civilisation. Then missionaries spread these values around
          the world, turning entire nations into new realms to be shaped by the
          Christian message.”

          Now, who is brainwashed? Maybe it is time you spent some time in church and actually LEARNING what it is to be a Christian instead of calling us names. How DARE you.

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    • I’m wondering what you think of Jade Helm, to me this doesn’t sound good but anything this administration does isn’t for the good of the country anyway, they only represent some of the small minorities that will further their evil agenda. I cant remember if this is connected with Jade Helm but this cop was telling a reporter that those Constitutionalists represent a great danger to this country as we are armed too. Maybe he is just a government dis-information specialist and not a real cop there are several different videos out there I’m sure some are real cops with this mind-set and it’s a shame that these fools believe this Communist propaganda that calls those of us who believe in the Constitution are would be terrorists. Most of these cops I’ve seen in these interviews seem to be in the 25 to 30 year age bracket the right age to be products of the Dumbing Down the government took over our schools with the creation of the Department of so-called Education. I’m sure there are many of us who realized there is something very wrong in our schools, a former ambassador and school teacher has website and her book is Free, a great book for all parents too “The Deliberate Dumbing Down Of America” just type in Charlotte Iserbyt with the title. Another free book by Doctor Lyle H Rossiter a 35+ years Forensic Psychiatrist, very respected amongst his peers his book is also Free at his website the title of his book is: “The Liberal Mind; The Psychological Causes Of Political Madness” I’m sure he is on the DNS watch list as he believes in God and the Family and of course our Constitutional Republic.

      • Dumbed-down and ignorant people are easier to control and manipulate and take orders without questions. Those testy Constitutionalists ask questions, want real leaders, think carefully about an order and if it is correct…

        • Hi Beverly: You’re exactly right, the American population as a whole has been dumbed down, mainly through our schools and so-called news media and of course Commiewood, California. As I mentioned above Charlotte Iserbyt has written a book about our schools and it can be read free of charge on her website. It seems most American are afraid of the truth, that is those can even understand the reason behind it, the people I’m referring to are professing Christians and the Bible teaches us that there will be world government in the latter days of this age, they seem not to understand that there has to be a lot of manipulation for this to happen, it has to be long in the making, countries like America must be changed, or taken out of the way, In order to take America out of the way is to destroy the Constitution and slowly but surely it’s being done. For the past sixty years and there has been bills introduced to change the Constitutional requirement of a presidential candidate being a natural born to just a citizen of the U.S of A. Some bills it was living here for 20 years, and all sorts of ways for a foreign born person to become president. Get this a decade or so before Obama ran there were many bills introduced, it seems as he was being groomed far in advance, if they didn’t understand natural born citizen and citizen then why all these bills for many years to try and change it. I learned the difference in grade school many years ago, it’s not that difficult. Obama is a fine example of why our forefathers didn’t want foreigners becoming president in the future. What next another Muslim from ISIS with their black flag flying, the Saudis may have to fight another Islamic group because they have already claimed they would get their man in the White House or should I make that the White Mosque. There seems to be two separate groups trying to take over this country, the Islamists and the Communists the Muslims are Fascist, Fascism isn’t much different than Communism but under Communism there can be no deity just the state which makes Islamists unable to worship Allah the former Moon god.. The Scriptures are pretty clear that there will be two very large false religions in the last age and the False Religion will destroy the Great Whore the whore cant be Islam because Islam is antichrist they never belonged God making it impossible for Islam to become a Spiritual Whore, the definition of whore in a spiritual sense is clearly given to us in the Bible. I see two very large religions that will exist in this last age, Islam and false Christianity, the only religion that exists that hates Christians with a passion and has sworn to destroy it is Islam, they openly boast about this, the Qur’an teaches they must do this, yet many foolish Christians claim we worship the same God, no way Allah is 180 degrees from the God of Abraham and the God of the Bible, God’s prophecy about Ishmael’s descendants are exactly as he said they would be. I am very grateful
          to God for giving me understanding as I’m sure you are for yours, I don’t claim I know everything but many things are so clear to me that it’s very difficult to understand why anyone can be as deceived yet the vast majority are. I suppose it was their own choosing as the Scriptures plainly state. I have difficulty with some of the sites like this one because for some reason my reply window is way too small, I cant make paragraphs and usually when I start scrolling back up to check for grammatical errors I end up on a different page and when I get back my would be reply has vanished, frustrating Yes{):-)}

    • It will come down to the Oath Keepers once again standing in the breach to
      defend our very way of lie.

    • Christians need to get organized, get vocal, and demonstrate and let elected officials know they will be remembered at the voting booth if Christianity rights (and other religions!) are attacked by a minority. Next thing we know there will be an Isis minority group demanding everyone kow-tow to them and if the lack of social combat by majority groups continues, these radical small groups will take over. These minority groups might show a little more respect for a majority religion that has given them a free country and one which is protecting them from the forces of chaos in this world. The saying used to be, “don’t bite the hand that feeds you.”


  4. I was very happy to see Mike Pence and the Indiana legislators stand up for the people of Indiana. I would have at that time considered him to be a strong presidential candidate for president, if he had decided to run. America needs a strong presence in the White House. Since the cave to the LGBT, I would not even consider voting him in as dog catcher. He has done grave damage to his political career that won’t be forgotten by many for his act of cowardice and failure to continue the fight for the religious freedom of the people of Indiana. This will be used against him, in his future political ambitions, and very well should be. We need strong Republicans that will stand their ground and fight for us, not cave and run. I, personally could not in good conscience, after this, ever support him for any national office. He had a chance to stand proud and didn’t. He chose to cave and run. Not a good quality for a true representative of the people of Indiana or for national representation. It really is a shame, not only for himself but also for the religious freedom of people of Indiana.

    • I spent a great deal of my adult life in Indiana and no matter what Pence did it won’t change the basic Christian belief system that is there…If I had to guess why he did his change, it would be the finances of Indiana which are already crippled and have been for years, to the point that a previous gov leased out the interstate to a foreign whatever for 75 years…the threats of businesses leaving was probably the clincher, even Walmart..(I have decided I will boycott them for their threat as should everyone else)..what bothers me about this is the lack of faith that God would replace the losses with something better as was the case of the pizzaria…what a blessing when they stood their ground..same thing applies to state govts…AND national government…problem is…they don’t really believe, it’s just lip service…

    • Michael Dennewitz

      You only say that because he DID SOMETHING THAT THE REST DON’T HAVE THE BALLS TO DO! I hope and pray that every state does the same thing he did. FINALLY, Americans are beginning to wake up!!!

    • Malcoolm1999 ,YES ,YES YOU ARE SO RIGHT ON!!!!

    • Absolutely right. He came across as afraid of an ugly crowd of a minority and ignored the rights of the majority. If he caves that easy, what will he do if we get into a war? If we have a terrorist invasion? Consider their “rights” first? Duh! Now that he rewarded “mob demands” he will have to confront it any time a group of people can call a mob together! Bobby Jindal was on tv this morning and he sounded the bell of reasonableness and respect for the Christians which is not a perfect religion but is a major factor in the existence of this country which enables the LGBT community in the first place. In many countries they would be punished or killed. Not respecting a major religion and the right to practice according to faith calls into question what rights the LGBT community would grant to any religion? Religion is a right LISTED FIRST in the Constitution, so you know what importance it carried for the Founders. They didn’t mention anything about LGBT rights; those rights have been “granted” to them by the American people, the majority of whom are Christians. I do not know who “leads” the LGBT community, but it seems they need to rethink the lack of respect for a Christian who wants to LIVE their faith, and what good is a faith if it does not direct one’s actions?

  5. Shofar threading

    In spite of all the wickedness in our country and the world today, remember: “He is not here for He is risen!” Matthew 28:6 A blessed Easter to all who read this post. Shofar

    • BLAH!! BLAH!!! BLAH!! You are right about jesus. He is not here, because he was crucified by The Romans, died & was buried. End of story!! Where is your proof or evidence that he rose from the dead? I know of no one who has ever died & came back from the dead. If you happen to meet someone who you knew had died & they suddenly appeared in front of you , alive & well, You should call FOX, CNN, CBS, NBC, ABC& so on… I guarantee this would be the # 1 news story of the night. LOL!! It’s all wishful thinking in that deluded brain of yours.

      • Shofar threading

        Learn this: “The tongue of the wise uses knowledge rightly, But the mouth of fools pours forth foolishness.” Proverbs 15:2

  6. Michael Dennewitz

    So… What these morons are trying to engrain in America’s minds is, it’s ok to flaunt the fact that you’re a faggot, but NOT ok to flaunt the fact that you’re NOT… Makes sense to me.. NOTTTTT!!!!

  7. Us poor straight white crackers are losing more and more of our rights everyday.

    • Poor straight white crackers are not losing their rights. Instead they may be put in their rightful place for the bigots they are or more positively perhaps they can get educated about sexuality and cease being ignorant.

      • This isn’t about so-called gay rights, they have as many rights as everyone else. I doubt there are as many gays that support these Fascists as they would like us to believe.

      • Are you ready to go fight Isis? Those “white crackers” are the majority of dead soldier bodies shipped back from every war. 90% of all U.S. deaths in Viet Nam were white crackers. We wouldn’t have a country but for them. Maybe this next one, all the minorities can go die in battle, or come home all damaged, and all the “poor straight white crackers” can stay home and be protected and make babies while the glorious “others” defend them!!! After all, “freedom” means “equal responsibility too.

      • Michael Dennewitz

        Vern’s been drinking goat piss again…

      • When the rubber meets the road the 98% will crush the 2%.

      • Michael Dennewitz

        Vern, you’re not another shit packer are you??

      • Michael Dennewitz

        Hey verny, are you black, or is you white???

      • Kindergarten it’s in the works, common core, Government back along with reciting the Muslim prayer how’s that for fundamental change for yeah?

  8. Looks like the minority has taken over. But it’s been that way for while. One person complains about a flag, poster, or anything they disagree with and it will come down. PC is ruining our country and we are letting it happen.

  9. Raymond J Ambrozaitis

    I wonder if one just one Republican can take off the blinders and take a long hard look at what is happening here. As government specifically the Republican Party slowly has removed itself from it’s job, that of governing, they have made rather obvious mistakes to take over and nationalize Christian Churches. All you need to do is look at the laws they are passing vs those they refuse to even put to a vote

    • Michael Dennewitz

      Raymond… Money talks. We voted repooplicans in, they were given mucho $$$ and promises. That’s when we lost them. Turncoats for $$ !

      • Money hungry lawyers are the ones that are benefiting from defending the sads, mislabeled as gays !

        • William J. Dager

          Most people in government regardless of party affiliation are lawyers trying to serve both God AND mammon and are greedy, self-serving hedonistic swine.

  10. Our government has turned into a bunch of whimps, no balls to stand for their beliefs but to hold on to a position!

  11. All this CRAP started with a Kweer, Muslim Sambo President!!
    BIG Changes in 2016
    NO DEMS !
    NO RINO’S !

  12. GBT: “Little Guys and Bold Turkeys”, “Leftist Goons and Big Thugs”, “Lost Group of Bad Thinkers”.
    Make up your own.

  13. Ah, the old land for peace scam.

  14. Let’s face it the Homosexual militants and George Soros’ anarchists, are out to destroy Religious Freedom in this country. Ain’t gonna happen.

  15. Pence is going to lose his base here. He promised no protected status for LGBTQ when he was running for office. If he gives on this he is going to find a revolt on his hands.

  16. Jennifer Parodi

    I would like to remind that religious freedoms apply to ALL religions, so good luck with that bill as it also makes it possible to deny service to christians as a lot of people’s only interaction with christianity was to see Westboro protests on the TV

  17. Morons. Pass a law your not going to stand behind. Then why did you pass it? Homosexuality is a religious issue. It is a choice made not a state of being. In the Old Testament it is a sin punishable by death. But man can not live by the Law. We have the New Testament and were given Jesus to teach us the way of the Lord and how to live by our faith. We are to love one another and Christ died for our sins so that we may live. The New Testament did not remove homosexuality from being any less of a sin. Christianity is discriminated against much more than any religion. They did something good then try to reverse it. Ask God before you vote.

  18. If Mike Pence had not been dumb as a rock, none of that turmoil in Indiana would have happened. He now claims that there was no intent in the original RFRA bill to provide any way for anyone to discriminate against LGBTs.
    But when he signed the original bill into law, he gathered about himself a bunch of representatives from anti-gay organizations. That act gave a strong signal to the LGBT community about what was indeed intended in the bill or in any case, what Pence wished them to believe about the intent of the bill i.e “this is for you, my right wing buddies”. That was the fuse that set off the controversy. When you poke the bear, the bear does not suffer it gladly

  19. I’m going to reserve commenting on the uber-religious, ultra-conservative drivel floating about and ask simply: why is common sense and logic absent from legislation? The only real legal challenge to any of these laws are where state funding or state actors(judges, clerks, and so on) are concerned. Remove those provisions from these laws, and good luck fighting the First Amendment in court.

    • Bite me, kweer-bait !!

      • Amazing argument; really, I’m blown away.

        • – Really … what do you charge for a BJ??

          • My wife does a fantastic job, so I’m set in that department. I appreciate the offer though, truly.

          • WHAT’S HIS NAME ???

          • Ah, so you’re one of those morons who believes anyone who supports equality must be gay. Sorry to burst your bubble, but I’m not. I’m also not a liberal or democrat, because identifying with a political party makes you part of the problem. I own firearms, believe abortions should be legal only as a matter of medical necessity, and was even in the military prior to and during both conflicts. Oh, one more important tid-bit: I own copies of and have read the constitution word for word. I know, how liberal of me right? Why on God’s green would I want to understand the document I swore to defend, right Jarhead?

          • My other comment to you wasnt meant as derogatory, just that people watch these sites and your comment might be misconstrued as threat of bodily harm with a deadly weapon. Sorry if you took it wrong. Good call on the Gunny R Lee Ermey, he’s on the
            N.R.A. board of directors now,,
            SEMPER FIDELIS 1983-2004

          • Nothing to apologize for, and you’re right. Intent is a pretty tricky thing however 🙂

          • WHATS HIS NAME??? MICHAEL D.

      • I think I would refrain from biting you. Wouldn’t want to take the chance of catching some incurable disease. You throw that kweer word (sic) around a lot. Maybe you’re gay & you don’t even realize it. Not to worry. If you find it hard to fight those urges, you could always call your friend Michael Dimwitz. Just make sure you use protection. Have fun!! LMAO!! DIRTBAG!!

  20. This is the problem that we now face in America today. The minority (abominable) groups want to force their way of life on everyone else. We have given them the encouragement, and then the means to do it. I don’t care what anybody else’s beliefs are, you have a right to feel that way. Just don’t go trying to force your propaganda down my throat and expect me to swallow it. Surely I promise you, I will start applying some of my rights, right back on you.

  21. It all depends on whose ox is being gored.While I may believe that some beliefs are ridiculous, if they are yours, you are welcome to them. So long as you allow me the same consideration,no problem. I do however insist on you extending me the same courtesies I offer you.

  22. Most of those commenting below unfortunately do not know enough about the Indiana RFRA to comment intelligently. The majority of the comments are driven by emotion. Here is a link to a very useful discussion of the issue, with contributions from both the bill’s detractors and its supporters.

  23. That’s the left for you, trampling on the religious rights of Christians to protect the “rights” of another group. And members of the right fall right in ’cause they don’t want to be labeled as anti gay. Fear. We didn’t hire this mob to act on fear, we elected them and told them “do the work, we’re behind you”
    It was a good law and didn’t need to be fiddled with or tweaked or anything.

  24. All they need do is adopt the same language that Texas and Pennsylvania have in theirs. Just a short paragraph saying that it can’t be used to discriminate. That would take all of five minutes, and in no way would “Give too much ground”. Their intent WAS to discriminate-otherwise they would have copied the language from Texas and PA.

  25. The Christians are the ones who have helped America great and the greatest Country in the World! We are not going to stand and be walked on by anyone including the queers! The bill in Indiana and Arkansas both need to be rewritten to protect everyone and Arkansas needs to impeach Hutchinson for not protecting Christians!

  26. While some of these laws were based on gays they had unintended consequences that were not fully thought out. The worse scenario is letting the courts decide that always is a very bad idea. Even if it takes time to strike a balance that is what the legislature is there to do.

    Remember it was Christians at one time who were flaunting their alternative lifestyle. Then it was Christians killing Christians over minor differences. All have to be very careful with emotions. And watch out for ambush reporters.

  27. The solution is simple: just make it open season for hunting faggots year around with no bag limit, and no one will see or hear anything from them again. Shalom!

    • Or we could just make it open season on people like you, and solve a host of problems all at once.

      Where you at you waskally wabbit…

      • I’m not a hunter, but for this slime bag, I’ll make an exception. I don’t own a gun, so could I borrow one of yours ? Thanks!!

        • Absolutely.

        • Are you threatening him?
          SEMPER FIDELIS 1983-2004

          • My comment was in reference to what Yeshuafriend had said about Homosexuals. So, when he makes a comment about hunting Gays, is he threatening them or is he just making fun of them in a joking manner? Why didn’t you ask him if his statement was a threat to Gays? Maybe he wasn’t joking. How would you know? All I did was substitute Christians for the word faggots, which I find very offensive to Homosexuals, when I replied to his comment. Do you seriously believe I would hunt down any animals, let alone Christians ? If you do , you’re crazier than I thought. Are you familiar with the word satire ? If not, I suggest you look it up in the dictionary. Now that you have had time to think about it, wouldn’t you agree that your question was pretty stupid? DUH!!!!

          • No I don’t think my question was stupid, it was just on face value was all. I didn’t say what he said was right but when you say for this slime ball I’ll make an exception, and can I borrow one of your guns. Just dont like seeing so much hatred is all. Plus do I seriously think you would hunt someone down, hell I don’t know you, how would I know, I would hope not.
            His comment could be misconstrued the same way. I’m not crazy, just a retired Marine, who has seen more bloodshed and loss of life, and misery than he cares to. You seem like a reasonable person, so we’ll chalk it up to a heated discussion out of control. This is why lately I don’t comment much, cause everyone’s always fighting on both the conservative, and the liberal sites. I prefer the face to face hand to hand combat myself, not behind a smartphone or computor. Have a good one,,
            SEMPER FIDELIS 1983-2004

      • Are you threatening that guy?
        SEMPER FIDELIS 1983-2004

        • Nah, I didn’t make threats in person, much less over the internet. I’m a firm believer in action over words.

    • The solution is simple: just make it open season for hunting Christians year round with no bag limit, then no one will ever see or hear from them again. Does that sound reasonable , YOU SICK BASTARD !!!

      • And now you want to hunt christians. Your level of lowliness knows no bounds. You seem to hate christians very much was it a christian church that kicked you out for being a worthless whore when you got knocked up by your brother. Its ok, grudges take a long time to heal, like your 100 c section scars

  28. Politicians (Lawyers) will bend over and kiss the backside of any one who had one
    thing dime to put in their pockets. They are the bottom feeders of our society today.
    They will sell their soul to the very devil himself in order to gain riches and political
    power over others. They do not care about morals, family values or any thing else
    only doing or saying what ever is necessary to promote their clients point of view
    over others. You can see this in the Politicians (Lawyers) in political office across
    the nation today. They take the payment of the Lobbyist who bring the most
    money into their pockets and vote they way they are told they no longer represent
    the people who elected them. They have sold out to the highest bidder and sadly
    the voters, for the most part, are ignorant of this fact and do not exercise their
    right to remove these criminals from office.

  29. Somewhere in the deep,dark past there is a verse that says “Adam and Eve”. Quite different than todays version “Adam and Steve”. Every country that has existed and has fallen for the “perverted” line has also fallen politically, socially and morally. Check it out -if you know how to read! The US of A is now on its way- out! We have warning signs all around us now – the sign that tells you there is a bridge out ahead can’t be ignored with out devastating results if you continue on that way. Bondage to perversion is not freedom.

    • So, homosexuality is bringing about the demise of our “great” republic? I could have sworn it was a government bent on control, and a populace that is a little too comfortable to care. Who would have thought thatime two people of the same sex bumping uglies was so catastrophic.

      • Taught that in my World Civ. classes in H.S.. My theme for years was Power Corrupts. Every civilization fell when it grew in size and became immoral in every area. We are at the beginning of that phase. We can still change it but it will require a very strong leader to unite us. Christians have fallen into the extreme hater Faye Hayes’ level and in the end sound just like her. We can defend our Christian believes they we were taught by Jesus. She is like the devil dragging us down. We don’t believe what she believes and no amount of clever name calling will change that. Who don’t knows who this person is but she doing a good job of making Christians act very un-Christian. We have a voice but hatred only brings us down. We don’t have accept her vile words but and have strong beliefs against homosexuality. This small minority seems to rule against majority because they are organized and that is what Christians have to do. While many defend their Christian religions when was the last time you were in church? The numbers are very low and that is why they are winning. We are not hearing His word anymore. When this country was strong my church was packed and now we are lucky if is half full. We go to church to hear His message but you must know what is in the Bible. Faith isn’t always easy with goes on in our lives but for me without God there would be no reason for life. How many Christians organization do you know and when you vote do you know what that person stands for? You want change? Get involved and save the America you use to know and love. We need freedom for religion not from religion. And if you choose no religion you have that right just don’t force that on the others.

  30. Straight people don’t owe gays a damn thing. You can’t force respect and you sure can’t force American citizens to treat any group of people in any particular way. They have no authority to pass such legislation, nullify bastard law by refusing compliance.

  31. By persecuting ones religion, makes you just like Isis! Where are the rights of religions? What happened to Freedom of Religion? If one cannot practice their religious beliefs, LGBTshould not persecute peoples religions. They are Totally two different things, lifestyles & beliefs! If any business owner’s religious beliefs do not coinside with anothers lifestyle, do business with one that their lifestyle will not MATTER! What about a business who refuses to serve one who doesn’t have a shirt on, a jacket on, shoes on, where does it STOP!

  32. Homosexuality is the only mental sickness to be removed from the books by a VOTE under lgtb pressure and not by any studies done at the moment they removed it. It is still posesses the qualities of mental sickness that are on the 1973 book.

  33. You want examples of “gay right activists”? Go google Larry Brinklin and Frank Lombard (both convicted pedophiles) and see the real agenda of Mambla and the lgtb demonic agenda. Soon the bestialist , the pedophiles and the polygamist will all be fighting for their right to their “sexual orientation”.

    • I love these arguments, because they illustrate just how far gone the supposed “conservatives” are. “Lock up Fido, they’ll be coming for him next!”. This sort of argument also illustrates how little people actually understand the mechanisms of law. Polygamy, probably, because there’s no reasonable legal argument against it. Pedophilia and beastiality though, really?

      • Larry Brinklin , the “hero”of gay rights charges or running an online pedophile ring from his home exclusively for his gay friends,are facts demonstrated in court. So are Frank Lombard charges. Also Brinklin associasion with Mambla is well known. You are just trying to deviate the facts, since all of you have deviated minds.

        • all of you, who? I could care less about mambla, or their asinine arguments regarding pedophilia. Being homosexual harms no one. The same cannot be said for pedophilia. Regardless, your lack of understand where the law is concerned is causing your confusion.

  34. Under the pressure from the muslim lead government to the sick-o’s I say STAND YOUR GROUND and your belief in God and not in the crap this misguided camel pile of social bias news media under the socialist demo-nutcakes puts out.

    We must be strong and stand our ground or cowardly kiss the backside of ever socialistic moron that stated they are against America and what she stand s for. There is no freedom for those that give in.

  35. convict# oh735683

    obamas gonna pardon all of us soon and give us like a million dollars to start the big turnaround. crackers gonna be down sized and we be ruling now. so take all the guns away from the whit e people now. and this religion aint gonna help whitey at all. we been held down too long. we rising to the top

    • your picture says it all about you.

    • Michael Dennewitz

      Yo ass sukkah.. You be keeping yo own funky ass down. Making kids and skippin out, selling drugs. Yo own people sold yo Velcro headed ass out, not Dem white folk!!

    • Molon Labe dumbass, you can read can’t you,
      Im not typing too fast for your first grade education am I. Good so since your such a tough ass, why dont you be the first to step up and take whiteys guns away. Oh you wont because your a chickenshit convict thats why. And you would get popped. So why don’t you do what cons do best and steal someones shit, and sponge off of society, like you always have you worthless p.o.s. cause you couldn’t raise a welt on this Marines ass,
      SEMPER FIDELIS 1983-2004

  36. What gets me pissed off is all them gays and brutha’s and them little people all cry the blues on there rights,, Here i few weeks back i was called a honkey donkey and told the police they just laughed and said its not a racist remark so dont tell me us white people are not getting fair treatment.

    • I’m mixed race, Irish and Lebanese (arab), and it’s amazing the amount of cap I hear. I suppose I should mentioned that I’m 6′; blonde haired and blue eyed; haven’t been under 200 lbs since my JV year as a freshman in high school: I look like Hitler’s version of arianism. Since I look white, I get to hear all of the “sand-nigger”, “towel-head”, “camel-jockey”, and pretty much every other racial slur used by a predominantly white group of bigots to describe those of middle-eastern descent. Let’s not play victim; if you use derogatory terms to describe a specific group of people, you don’t have any reason to cry foul when it comes back around.

  37. Like this one friend put it I LOVE SEING THEM LOLLIE POP suckers cry the blues.

  38. Let the good times roll lmao.

  39. Just when you think things are going the right way for once, and our civil liberties are being protected. They retract the law due to a few crybabies, and end up having things worse than they were before.

  40. i wish they would have done what i wanted to along time ago. Have a gay rodeo in the desert and then nuke it

  41. Homosexuality is a contagious form of social cancer that threatens the moral fiber of mankind itself. More lethal than ebola…it destroys the heart and soul along with the body. True Christian Believers have not only the right but the obligation to fight the spread of this evil disease…period! Vietnam taught me that you either stand and fight or lay down and die… Either way they are bringing the fight to us! The truly sad part is that, along with homosexuality, we are fighting Islam…Communism…Socialism…Liberalism! All are a threat to the whole of mankind! One Nation Under God…no compromise!

  42. Another thing that pisses me off to is the N word is not even in the dictionary so how in the hell can it be a racial remark.

  43. This story and the below link demonstrate that the Gaystapo Propaganda Scam is Not about buying or selling food, or other items – but about Forcing People to Speak Against Their Own Conscience and Faith.

    No one is refusing to sell cakes – but they are refusing to Write / Decorate them in a manner they find offensive. As the link shows, Who is offended is More Important when it is a Gaystapo Mau Mau Artiste…

    – and those with Different Viewpoints do Not have the Same Rights.

    Of course – the Baker / Decorator… Has a First Amendment Right – Not To Speak, which is what is being violated, by Forcing Speech / Writing they find offensive.

    State agency backs bakery that refused to decorate cakes with message critical of homosexuality
    Catholic World News – 4-6-15
    The Colorado Civil Rights Division ruled that a bakery in Denver did not engage in discrimination when it refused to decorate cakes with messages critical of homosexuality…

  44. we must unite and take our government away from those that do not honor our constitution, we have people sitting at home that we must get out to vote

  45. I will remind you all of GOD’s words
    If you know me not now I will not know you in the days of judgments
    I for one find queers an their life style to be not only sick ,but also afensive to GOD an human kind.

  46. This is a prime example of how common sense has given way to the call for political correctness, driven by our Muslim President and his fellow socialist,liberal,immoral minions.

  47. Michael Dennewitz

    I’m so glad I finally got this damned phone programmed right. Now, all the comments from America’s derelicts go straight to a spam folder. Those like vern, faggot Faye, sissy boy meadows, headinhisass, Garrett, and a few others.. Ha! So nice NOT to have to read their bullshit!! Whewww!!! :-))

  48. I find more fault with the Christians than with the gays. Christians USED to allow themselves to be crucified, thrown to the lion or into the fire for their faith. even today, Christians in OTHER countries are being murdered rather than deny their faith. Here in America, Christians just run whining to the courts for help or ranting on the Internet. There is more casino gambling among nuns than ACTIVE resistance to the anti-Christian agenda. I can’t blame the Sodomites for showing more passion for THEIR religion than we do for ours.

    It is almost as if we are all a bunch of CINOS.

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