Giuliani on Charlotte Riots: “No Excuse”

Outspoken former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani, one of Donald Trump’s most fervent supporters among mainstream Republicans, told Fox & Friends on Thursday that he couldn’t abide the Charlotte riots regardless of the reasoning behind them.

“There’s no excuse for it,” Giuliani said. “Why should some person’s store get ruined, who had nothing to do with the shooting, who might be an African-American himself? Why should his store get ruined because a cop did something right, wrong, or ambiguous?”

Giuliani said that he supported the protesters’ right to assemble, but Charlotte’s mayor had a duty to stop the carnage. “You throw a rock, the first one that does it gets arrested,” said Giuliani. “Break a window, first one that does it, gets arrested. I said, ‘If you want to test me, test me.’ They never did.”

Charlotte was preparing for a third night of unrest on Thursday after protesters turned violent in the wake of a police shooting. At issue is the death of 43-year-old Keith Lamont Scott, who Charlotte authorities say was armed at the time he was killed. Giuliani said Thursday that there was no evidence that the police officer behaved unprofessionally.

“If in fact the police commissioner is correct, and I have no reason to believe that he isn’t, and he may have come out holding a gun, then the police officer had every right to shoot,” Giuliani said.

The problem is that this is no longer about each individual case, and maybe it never was. The citizens of Baltimore, Tulsa, Chicago, Charlotte, New York City, and Ferguson…they aren’t interested in having a close, thorough look at the facts. They are simply using these questionable scenarios and often-disturbing videos to further a leftist cause that has no grounding in reality.

And they are (wisely) distancing themselves from each individual case because, in most of these situations, it turns out that the scenario played out much differently than everyone thought. In most of these cases, the shooting was justified. And yet, Black Lives Matter keeps using the names of these victims as though they were heroes, shot down while rescuing babies from a burning nursery.

Giuliani and Trump are bringing a much-needed, realistic viewpoint to a subject that has been dominated by leftist groupthink for way too long.

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  1. Because of this thuggery and other actions is why BLM needs to be designated as a terrorist organization. When that is done then law enforcement opens its options on what can be done. The military can come in and start kicking butt and taking names. They can fill up Gitmo again. They can execute them. The one thing that it will absolutely do is put a stop to the carnage. They can go after those who are funding them, Soros. They have to option to freeze all of his assets. Many many doors will open up if you call them what they are, a terrorist organization. If they want to peacefully demonstrate that is fine.

    • That’s what they are a terrorist group plan and simple.

    • Unfortunately, Obozo and Clinton have praised them. So why would they declare them a terrorist organization? The leaders have also been invited to the WH as special guests. All this empowers the them to go forth and do much damage. Wonder how much Soros and his left-wing anti-Americans are paying Obozo and Clinton? We need Trump in the WH to break up the strangle-hold of the elitists and establishment, RINOs and anti-Americans who are ruling this country to the benefit of themselves, friends and donators.

    • Sorry not going to happen in obummers world

  2. A bunch of animals! They should have all been shot in the knee!

    • Shoot hem in the head, shooting them in the knee will cost the rest of us too much money.

      • Ever shoot someone in the knee! You shoot someone in the knee, the pain is unbearable! You don’t help them, you let them suffer!

        • SOUNDS like something out of the ISIS playbook!

          • You don’t keep up with what ISIS do to non Muslim or Christians ie: burn them a live in cages, slice off theirs heads with dull knives etc. They get their thrill murdering innocent people, men women & children & for homosexuals they have a special way of killing them they push them off of the top of buildings while they watch & stone them when they hit the ground.

          • YOU’RE singing to the choir, my friend!

          • No just wising up a no nothing about what’s going on in the world around you so you don’t end up in an ISIS burning cage or beheaded with a dull knife.

          • FLY AWAY ‘bobwhite’, you don’t know what you are talking about, my friend.

          • I’m not your friend my friends know whats going on in the world around them, my friends are not dummies.

          • TAKE A WALK, jack***!!!

          • Sorry I’m thru giving you good advice I can’t help you anymore you’re on your own now. So Long, Ostrich.

          • PROBLEM with you, Bob, is that you give advice to people you don’t even know who….don’t need your advice! ~ END of conversation!

        • The libs would let them suffer.they would be on opiods for life.

          • Rev. Walking Turtle

            “they would be on opiods for life.”

            At a HUGE PROFIT to the WRONG CROWD, no less! Headshots are FAR more merciful imvho. And that is all. 0{:-|o[

    • Double Tap, Center Mass; its not like on TV where they shoot the gun out of the hand, the bad guy goes to trail, maybe gets sentenced, serves his time. But more than likely Obama will release him & thousands more on the streets…George Soros funds the BLM & other organizations that are anti-police, govt, whites, hispanics or the government and Obama fuels the division for his agenda to make the UNITED STATES of AMERICA as bad as the rest of the world. He is NOT for America but against America, wake up!!!
      And Hillary will be worse for America.
      Decide? Would U want Hillary or Trump living next door.
      Obama/Hillary-GITMO 2017

  3. Look for Shittery to have an attack on Monday. Before, during or after debate.

    • I just hope she looses it, shrieks and coughs. Trump needs to remain cool and presidential without name calling or off the cuff remarks: stick to the script. She will lose many independents, undecided and possibly Bernie supporters as well as some millennials. Conservatives need to be aware that the Demorats already have Hitlery’s replacement in the wings. This would patently destroy the election process to stick someone else in at the last minute.


    • Wow..I know those blacks are distancing themselves…we all bleed the same color…they are as horrified as a white person..only color makes us different..we have the same morals, know where our children are work hard study hard. Accumulate the same student loans. They are our friends, business associates, doctors, friendly store clerks..we all have the same goals in life..there is no entitlement, you earn respect..thugs being made heroes, honest business people who worked so hard being burned out robbed, assaulted innocent whites, cops killed only because they are cops. Soros and Obama working hand in hand to divide this country

    • Great Comment.


    • Nailed it, brother. TRUMP is our only hope…………………………….

    • They really don’t want to do that, because 13.3 % of that population can be wiped out in about a week.

    • obama-the-lawless is nether black nor white – he is a phuquing curr!!

      Our congressmen are a bunch of sold-out narcissists. They kowtow to the Council on Foreign Relations started by that progressive, COMMUNIST, Illuminist, Eddy House, woody wilson’s right hand m-f! (I wonder how many times that pussy (woody) gave him (House) knobbers?) I voted for two republicans in 2014 and both of them, who made promises they NEVER intended to keep, have phuqued me over!

      I DEMAND they refund my vote!!!!!


      The word “nigger” implies the exact opposite of “elitist” – slave, in other words. The blacks have ALWAYS been the slaves of the democrats. Slaves in this country are STUPID because they haven’t had to stay slaves since 1865 – and millions of black Americans haven’t! It takes hard work to succeed! For whatever reason many “slaves” have not been willing to WORK at success! Work, “niggers”!! WORK! You are lazy cowards and your slavery to the socialist system is YOUR OWN FAULT! Its your OWN FAULT you are a nigger!!! Don’t rag on me as some kind of racist because I tell you the truth! Trust me, mindless fools; when you get what you want, you will find that you, and all of us, are SLAVES – NIGGERS – without the option of being free thru HARD WORK!

      When you stop being a rugged individual with personal liberty and personal responsibility you become PROPERTY! The Elitist, “all-powerful sovereign”, owner of that property will do whatever the hell he wants with that property and he intends to par the population down to less than one billion humans on the planet. You think he is going to keep you just because you are BLACK? What have you DONE to make yourself valuable to ANYONE?!

      You are a FOOL!!!!

      “And for the International Order that we have worked for generations to build, ordinary men and women are too small minded to govern their own affairs. That order and progress can only come when
      individuals surrender their rights to an all powerful sovereign” – Barrack Obama (The Lawless), Bilderberg Group, Brussels Belgian, 23 May 2014

      • Typical Republican white nationalists, when you can explain your argument you
        result is just a ranting yakking motion.

        • As if I cared what a stupid dung beetle thinks! Keep eating the msm new world order shit, slave. It’s all you know how to do…

          • That’s hilarious, what do you think the white Nationalists ARE? There controlling your party top-down, don’t try to blame the good party for YOUR screwed up Republican Party.


          • More cut and paste? Do you actually ever think for yourself?

            The “Good” Party;
            The 13th Amendment abolished Slavery. The Vote for the Amendment by Congress?

            100% Republican
            23% Democrat

            The 14th amendment gave slaves Citizenship. The Vote for the Amendment by Congress?

            94% Republican
            0% Democrat

            15th Amendment gave the right to vote for ALL men. The Vote for the Amendment by Congress?

            100% Republican
            0% Democrat

            Obamacare – where the government provides to itself the legal authority to STEAL the property of some individuals in order to give it to other individuals! The Vote by Congress?

            0% Republican
            100% Democrat

            All of the infamous assasins and mass shooters since John Wilkes Booth

            100% Democrats
            0% Republicans

            It’s one thing to sit on your computer and cut and paste the lies you devour, in order to assault the TRUTH. Its quite another to think for yourself, search out the truth – for yourself – and stand against shit eating dung beetles like you.

            Shall I go on?

            LBJ – called black people niggers and privately admitted the Socialist Programs and War on Poverty of 1964 – 65 were just means to insure Blacks voted Democrat for the next 100 years.

            Both the Criminal-Bitch and her fornicating, adulterant, COUSIN, and hubby, Bill Clinton, have been witnessed calling Black people niggers.

            Today, all that needs to happen is for the American people get off their asses and push their State Attorneys to begin legal proceedings against the Clintons and those two criminals are in jail! BTW the Criminal Bitch IS actually a criminal – just too rich to throw in jail. And who is going to vote for her?

            100% Democrats – of both the Republican and Democrat parties!
            0% True Republicans and Americanists
            (Remember; Democrats think it is okay to lie, deceive, and trick all of us to get what they want!)
            The Democrat Party was started in the 1790s by French immigrants who had already helped start the violent French revolution. Their purpose was to bring down Washington’s and Adam’s administrations and start a Violent revolution here – in the United States.
            Yeah… the good party…. riiiiiiight….

          • Wow, I make one little oh sarcastic post and you right wing extremist go out and start putting on your white pointy hats and crooked X armbands. Who would’ve thought Republicans were so thin skin. By the way you’re spin on history is so laughable that almost brought tears to my eyes. LOL

          • “Republican white nationalists, when you can explain your argument you result is just a ranting yakking motion.” – banDaroS carLossssss
            Pretty lame – you were just being a little sarcastic. Well, I wasn’t. And you just got your lying teeth knocked down your throat – by the Truth. Or are you too stupid to figure that out?
            Anyway. Keep eatin’ that shit, Dung Beetle. You have a talent for it.
            As for me, you are a waste of time. I’m done with you!

    • You don’t hear a word because the press finds such things offensive and protect you from hearing or viewing it..

    • Typical
      Republican white nationalists, when you can explain your argument you
      result is just a ranting yakking motion.


    • Agree with you wholeheartedly! Of course there are good black people, but they need to speak up and distance themselves from these thugs. Also, blacks don’t talk about the black on black shootings but always demonstrate against the police, who have a very difficult job and have to make life and death decisions in an instant.

  5. I heard that Black Lives Matter (but only if shot by police, not so much if shot by another black) was paying the rioters. And this after Democrat Party supporter George Soros gave them $74 million. Maybe BLM should be charged with something.

    • george soros should be charge with inciting riots.

    • The Mayor of Charolette claims most of the rioters, (up to 70%) were bussed in. If they are members of BLM and were bussed in, they should be treated and charged as terrorists, or belonging to an organized crime mob. There were many comments made by members of this organization that said they would like to kill not just ALL white police officers, but ALL white people. I haven’t heard of anyone besides a police officer being shot yet, but they’re the ones who made the statement. I don’t see why there have been any charges against anyone in the BLM crime organization yet.

      • A natural born American

        I read 90% of the rioters were ‘imported’ because we DON’T have those problems down this way except when out of staters bring them here.

      • Rev. Walking Turtle

        “I don’t see why there have been any charges against anyone in the BLM crime organization yet.”

        Um, protection…? And that is all. 0{:-|o[

        • When the POTUS is the HNIC who is going to make that arrest?

          • Rev. Walking Turtle

            Yerright. That hopey-changey-mopey-strangey one MUST go, whether Himself wants to or not. Won’t be a HildeBeast either, to be sure.

            Opinion: MAYBE a Trump. But even with that one, there is no certainty… Janet Yellen, the current Head of the Fed, recently asserted HER privately-owned firm’s supremacy over the POTUS and Trump doubtless already knows what a shotgun’s muzzle looks like… And remembers the reasons JFK bought the farm… And he is a generally pragmatic, practical sort, street-wise indeed Himself surely be.

            Which might be why this Old Turtle likes him. But TRUST him? Well now THAT’s different. Just sayin’. And that is all. 0{:-|o[

          • I guess you haven’t noticed that Democrats take care of their own problems if there is any to find, unlike the Republicans who would defend their crooks all the way the Supreme Court.

        • Its because blacks get a free pass in this world.

          I also heard it was a black Cop that did the shooting in Charolette. Is that true?

          • yes, a black cop did the shooting. These outside agitators are paid to vandalize and loot (BLM). Giuliani is absolutely right. The first one should have been locked up immediately, and everyone looting after that. Police always wait. The mob should have been hosed down with high pressure water to save the city a lot of money on police manpower.

          • Then really, black lives matter should be sued in open court.

          • Ha ha ha ha, typical Republican frightened hate rant. It wouldn’t
            surprise me that 70% of the protesters did take a bus Charlotte has a
            great public transportation system. If you look at the actual protesters
            you’ll see people from all races, I expect you that scares you the
            most. Give your brain a chance.
            You’re probably so scared that you would vote for a fascists dictator. LOL

          • You mean fascist dictator like both Obama and Hillary dream of being? No thanks, we want to save the country. Not sell it to the highest bidder. And the instigators/paid rioters didn’t take a bus, they were BUSSED IN, as in from out of state. That is irrefutable fact. Your asinine hate/racism accusations are tired, worn out, boring and irrelevant. I think that’s what scares liberals the most. That flinging wild accusations of isms and phobias aren’t working as well as they have to silence opposition and keep the propaganda flowing seamlessly anymore. Which is why Trump packs stadiums, and Hillary can’t fill a gym.

          • LOL make up your mind you’re confused are they liberal or fascist,
            I’ve actually attended both campaign rallies you actually have the numbers backwards.
            Clinton’s rally seem to be all-inclusive. Trumps rallies seem to restrict attendance to white people only. I Eyewitness numbers ejected from the rally four Blacks, one Hispanic and one young man probably about 18 or 19 years old wearing a Trump shirt just listen to music over is iPhone waiting for the rally to start. I was curious to see what he had done so I conveniently followed. He looked so disappointed because it turns out he was actually a Trump voter.
            Later the next day I saw him on TV explaining what happened with his father. Make a long story short I don’t think he’s gonna vote for fascist Trump. LOL


          • Liberals are the new fascists, Clinton’s rallies might be inclusive, but since no one shows well never know. Your saying Trump’s are all white is just like CNN, Wapo and others adding racial, racist, xenophobic, alt right and of course Hillary’s favorite, deplorable to every word they say about him and just as nonfactual. I think that’s the part that bothers the new Nazi party the most. That so many of the people they thought they had thoroughly duped are abandoning them for reality. My son and friends have gone to two Trump rallies, but didn’t get into either because there just wasn’t room, turns out they would have had to camp out to get in because you can only fit so many in a stadium. He’s still a dedicated supporter. Cute meme. Diud you call your mom down to the basement to show her too?

          • Your vision of, convoluted factual information is really bizarre. Historically if you want to insult us you would call us, socialists or communists but fascists is crude clearly a right wing fixture, for example a strong supporter of White Nationalism/Nazi is Steve Bannon of you should know it he is a senior advisor and confidant to Donald John Trump. Trump panders to the extreme right wingers like the alt right, neo-Nazis and Ku Klux You Klan etc. at this point it’s pathetic that you do not know the difference and who is really controlling your party? Of course you could possibly be one of them? Sadly
            Wouldn’t Know This but My Mom Is Actually Dead. She Died Rescuing a
            Republican Family from a Burning House She Went Back in Three Times.

      • I really don’t think it matters if these BLM rioters were bussed in. If they are U.S. citizens, they should be aware they are destroying their own lives, embarrassing themselves, and accomplishing nothing.

      • Ha ha ha ha, typical Republican frightened hate rant. It wouldn’t surprise me that 70% of the protesters did take a bus Charlotte has a great public transportation system. If you look at the actual protesters you’ll see people from all races, I expect you that scares you the most. Give your brain a chance.
        You’re probably so scared that you would vote for a fascists dictator. LOL

        • Then why do you suppose they had out of state ID, liberal dem c-sucker.
          Look at buying weapons and kevlar scum bag

          • Very few students actually change their ID when going to college. I don’t see how you’re trying to be helpful? Focus on the problem

          • I’m not trying to be helpful ;low life lliberal dem bloodsucker, if it were up to me, I would have shot them like rabid dogs when the first fire was lit or the first brick was thrown, you stupid compost heap.

          • Ha ha hahahahah, you don’t sound creepy at all. Actually all of you right wing fascists trolls, when you’re losing argument you always pervert to foul and abusive language. Much like your God Donald John Trump. LOL

          • Uh huh, all of you liberal dem bloodsucking parasitical scum, that think that any one that wants you to work earn and pay your own way or obey the law are fascists,,sorry p-ant, we quit listening
            Kill yourself, you ersatz life forms have no reason to be alive.

          • I guess I want because you’re start in the Republican yeah Chediak insult. LOL

          • No idea what your post said, low life liberal dem bloodsucking parasite.

          • Guess I’m going to have to type it real slow for you, to make it audience appropriate. LOL
            Low life fascists Republican bloodsucking parasite. LOL Republicans always resort to file abusive language when they’re losing. Focus?

          • Low life liberal dem bloodsucker is neither a name nor abuse.
            They are identifiers and typifiers, I can use those, then everyone know what sort of an ersatz life form you and the parasites like you, are, and it saves me a paragraph of typing.
            My suggestion, if you don’t like being called something that ,defines you to perfection, get a job, work, earn pay your own way and quit the incessant lying

            Beating on the walking talking compost heaps like you liberal dem bloodsuckers is simply boring, simply because humbling you life forms, is effortless.

          • Your repeating yourself again, like your God,
            Donald J Trump is a low energy , lowbrow debater. His health issues are in question because after about 15 minutes he was child lugging water gasping for air like a snorting pig and look like he was fixing to pass out of control.


          • You low life liberal dem bloodsucking p[arsites would support ar ock as long as it was promising handouts, It will be fun to watch Trump take office and stop the handouts for you scum, little luck we will get to watch some of you starve to death.
            Same old same old you leeches are voting for the freebies, I suppose that I were so worthless I had to join the Democratic Parasitical Party, I would vote for a parasite enabler, also.
            Why not just kill yourself scum bag,. you have no reason to live, you are breathing air and occupying space that a human being could be using.

      • Does the phrase: Lack of accountability, taking no responsibility for their own leadership??? ring a bell??

      • BUT the point being blacks can do no wrong. The mutts can say and do whatever they please because your “president” says so

      • Quite a few white people are armed. If any of them try to burn my house down, I will burn THEM down! My version of “911” is a fully-loaded Winchester M94, .30-30 (within my own house, I don’t have to worry about concealment, and a 170 gr FN going at 2000 ft/sec will work just fine).

          • Thanks! I think its interesting that almost everyone who supports the Second Amendment & self-defense talks about handguns. Yes, concealment means handguns. But, in your own home, there is no need for a weapon to be small enough for concealment. My problem with handguns (and I do own a few) is that I have to admit that I’m just not a very great shot. I’ve had a lot more practice with long guns (mostly I enjoy deer and elk hunting), and I can hit what I aim at with a rifle. Most of my hunting rifles have scopes on them (which is not good for self-defense at the close ranges you would expect within your house – like 20 yards or less). But, I do have a couple .30-30s (Marlin Model 336 and my Winchester M94 XTR) that have open (iron) sights. That gives me the accuracy of a rifle, plus the rapid target acquisition of open sights. There was even a magazine article written many years ago by Sheriff Jim Wilson about the .30-30, and he advocated that it not only brings home the venison, but it can protect your home as well.

          • I have the same problem with handguns. I just am not consistent. I don’t enjoy practicing with them. I enjoy Iron sights for the challenge. I have the same Winchester in 30-30 and .22 Mag. I have a Henry in .22lr and 45 Colt. I sold the Marlin 336 in 35 Rem for the sake of having to purchase less calibers of ammo, but they’re nice rifles and 30-30 has worked well on deer for over 100 years. 30-30 seems a little over power for home defense though, isn’t it? scatter gun might be better.

          • I have thought about that. If you live in a densely-populated suburb, you are probably right, shotguns are not nearly as likely to “over-penetrate” into your neighbor’s house. But, if you live out in the country, and your nearest neighbor is 400-500 yards away, the over-penetration problem is much reduced. Another thing to think about is that with the way things are going, if that “home-invader” is wearing body armor, a 170 gr FlatNose going at 2000 ft/sec has a lot more ability to put down the bad guy than a 55-grain bullet from a .223 (AR-15). By the way, I also have a set of matching Winchester “94 rimfires” (Model 9422 in .22 S, L, LR, Model 9422M in .22 WMR, and the Model 9417 in .17 HMR). I was very fortunate to have picked up the 9417 when I did, as Winchester only made them for about one year, back in 2003. So, I think its a bit of a collector’s item. And, of course, they all say “Made in New Haven, Conn, USA” on them, as they predate the closing of the American factory in 2006. I love the 9422s as they are a “modern” design (1972), and they never malfunction (feeding, firing, extraction, are 100% flawless, every time, with any ammo I put into it). I love my Marlin 336 too. I shot my first deer with it back in 1973. Only recently did I acquire the “matching .22” from Marlin, the Model 39A. It is a much older design (dating back to 1891), and it seems to have problems feeding some long rifle ammo (with truncated-cone noses, but round-nose ammo feeds just fine). But, I bought it mostly for collector’s value, as it is the oldest continually-produced firearm in the USA, and, it is a nicely-made firearm – Black walnut stocks, real cut checkering, etc.

      • Beeotchstewie the deplorable

        Because Obama has their silverbacks.

      • Paid Reactionary MERCS Committing An Act Of War! and as such They should be Court Martialed , and DEALT WITH!

    • Black Lives Matter should be treated as a terrorist organization, along with their leaders… Obama, Hillary, George Soros etc.

    • Your rant is about the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard, I get it you hate Democrats this this statement is totally stupid.

      • “rant”??? What rant are you writing about? Fact is those cities have been lib/dem. politically led for decades. If you support democrats – maybe YOU should take responsibility and try to improve your cities.

      • Rant, you stupid low life liberal dem bloodsuckers, just be sure and stay in the big liberal dem bloodsucker controlled cities,
        You start that close to me, there will be a lot of you lying on the asphalt waiting for the meat wagon.

      • Speaking of rants, yours is typical liberal BS. You don’t say anything of substance, you just hurl crap and hope it sticks. Then comes the typical liberal/democrat name calling. Let’s call people stupid and racist and on and on “to infinity and beyond”……..until we all believe it.
        Hitler said it a couple of times, “If you tell a lie enough times, people will come to believe it to be the truth (paraphrased)”.
        What I am trying to say is that liberals have no solid platform and are just trying to turn this country to socialism.
        Go ahead, try to tell me that I’m wrong, go right ahead special little snowflake. There, how’s that for name calling and ranting?

        • Based on your previous posting, you’re one of those semi-Republican fascists.
          Our country is already a socialist country nitwit, which socialist programs you want to give up Republicans have openly said they want to remove our reduce, social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, health care program, veteran benefits especially health, disaster assistance program, and so-called entitlement programs etc. you’re risking giving up all, nitwit.
          Disregard if you are a ALT right, White Nationalists. LOL

          • So all you can do is call people “nitwit”? That is a typical liberal mantra; racist, nitwit, fascist, and on and on and on.
            Try something intelligent that I might respond to favorably. When you choose to demean, your results will be the exact opposite of what you hope to accomplish.
            I am a Republican/Conservative/Tea Party Member and have voted democrat several times in my 76 years. I look at all sides of an issue and I do not walk the party line. I do as I see fit.
            So, stop the name calling and present valid arguments.

          • Okay you seem like a reasonable person. To be honest I didn’t think Trump supporters were that thin skin. LOL actually in my family the term nitwit was almost a term of endearment followed by SLAP up the back of the head LOL.Nitwit meant your bout to make a mistake.
            I’ve actually voted more Republican than Democrat I usually vote a split ticket but this year I’m probably going to vote straight Democrat to preserve a two-party system. I’m a firm believer that you need a two-party system to balance the power and have a better chance for good legislation.
            Now that being said my research tells me that the tea party movement was funded by the Koch brothers?

      • LOL, Bandera. I simply was stating the facts. George Soros is a big Democrat Party supporter. Soros gave BLM $74 million. BLM paid the people to go to Charlotte to riot. Then asked if people thought they should be charged with a crime. See, just the facts. I didn’t even raise my voice.

    • Black crime is covered up by the tentacles of the Marxist delete call the media every day in this country but never a peep about it you know why because one of the leading people in the media says it does not promote their agenda. If this would’ve been the Koch brothers paying people off to go against the Democrat Or Hillary rallies the media would’ve been crying to have him rest and put in jail

    • You’re losing your objectivity. A black person has a higher percentage of being shot by police, And even a higher percentage being shot by police while being totally innocent.
      Think about it? 8 to 1 chance, sadly.

  6. The evidence is now incontrovertible that George Soros and his shadowy destabilization operation arranged and paid for the Charlottle riots, as he did in Milwaukee and Ferguson. Soros was also behind the dreadful gauntlets of violence that sought to disrupt the Trump campaign in the Spring, and it was only the presence of many private citizens openly carrying legal firearms that prevented Soros, Black Lives Matter and ISIS from staging a massacre and quite possibly assassinating the Republican nominees at the Cleveland convention. We now know that the regime of the kinky-headed quisling, the campaign of the bloodstained bisexual battleaxe and the party of Marx, Mohammed and Mapplethorpe were deeply complicit in these earlier planned riots, so there is good reason to suspect that our rogue traitor national government and its ruling oligarchy, which have now turned on the people and thereby forfeited all legitimacy, had a hand in the Charlotte conflagration as well. It is just one Reichstag Fire after another with these people, and like their Fascist and Nazi precursors, these American totalitarians have kept their eyes on the prize – economic collapse, civil disorder, societal breakdown and the establishment of a state of emergency. There can be no doubt now that we are approaching what may well be the last election as we have known them in America, and that if we do not beat these people now we will have to secede from or rise up against them later.

  7. Black logic will start a race war. We don’t need an event like a police shooting. They are angry and want to riot. You know they get satisfaction at looting white owned stores.

    • Because the ones doing this are criminals!

    • OK ! one problem with your looting white owned stores. I am sure that many of the stores were owned by non whites . Many other cultures own a diverse number of small stores . SKIN comes in many off white tones . AND I am sure that many of those stores will close their doors and move way away from the areas with all the unrest. THEY will get what is coming to them .empty buildings DEAD citys !

  8. EVERYBODY must understand that this is COMMUNISM at work. They could care less about the TRUTH. All they need is an EXCUSE to RIOT and George Sorros, Obama and Hillary are behind it along with their Party. THE COMMUNIST PARTY. The PATHETIC TREASONOUS MAINSTREAM MEDIA enables all this to happen along with stations like ESPN who have become nothing but another POLOTICAL NETWORK. WE THE PEOPLE and I mean REAL AMERICANS who love and RESPECT OUR country have to vote this EVIL COMMUNIST TAKEOVER out. VOTE VOTE VOTE !! Get TRUMP in there so we can have a chance to SAVE THIS NATION !!

    • Mr. Yoladane, you don’t know what you are writing about. I was privileged to have worked 40 years at Bell Laboratories. But I almost left the best job anyone could have when I visited the Western Electric plant in Greensboro, NC and saw first hand the separate but equal situation. I expressed my disgust often until a Black Lady on a production line told me to be quiet or she would put her Soldering Iron you know where. I was proud to be a Republican because it appeared that all of management at the site were Democrats. Three Years later I back at the plant for a new product and Johnson had made separate but equal illegal and it was a slightly different environment and most of the Manager had become registered Republicans. I was even more disgusted. My commitment to the Republican Party has never been the same. I took a personal OATH in 47 that I would never become a Democrat because I learned that the leader of the Democrats in the White River Valley So. of Seattle, my home until I joined Bell Labs in the East, was a leader in the move to put those of Japanese decent in Concentration Camps at the beginning of WW II.
      Many of the white Southerners that I’ve known since the 50s are just a bigoted today as in the 50s. However, a major reason, in my opinion, is that the WPA was replaced by handouts. We should reestablish the WPA but with jobs that last. And reasonable minimum work outputs should be required. And no work type should be considered beneath anyone.
      We also need to eliminate the Citizens United and reestablish the Glass Steagal law. These are two essential steps to prevent the TOTAL DESTRUCTON of our County and your Man Trump loves the status quo. Two of the few real positives of a Hillary victory is these steps.
      While I’m at it I should mention that until we enforce our law against hiring illegals only an uncivilized sicky would consider building a wall on out Southern border. We haven’t enforced the law for many years but we now have a internet-based capability that employers can use to check the papers submitted by prospective employees. At present, most of those seeking job that come across our border are effectively recruited by the Trumps of our county who want cheap labor. We have to take the carrot away before we increase out efforts at the border to stop more coming across.

  9. Shoot to kill orders are warranted here for all looters and curfew violators. It will stop then, one way or another. A perceived injustice is not a license to commit arson and burglary.

    • THIS IS THE REASON that rioters burn-down their OWN neighborhoods because they are smart enough to realize that going into other folks neighborhoods would be suicide,….as homeowners don’t have supervisors to tell them to ‘hold their fire’!!!

  10. and not a word from obumer or lynch….bet if that cop was white obumer and lynch would all ready have launched an “investigation” into the police officer”s racist’s “action”…..

  11. Rudy is spot on! It’s not about the murky details of each police shooting case! It’s about the street thug mentality looking for another “excuse” to loot and burn. They must be rooted out (like ISIS terrorists) and destroyed!

  12. Freakin’ Boons! The Minorities run this Nation! WHEN have you EVER heard a Politician/Police Official worry about what the White Taxpayers Thought??? NEVER!! Cause They DON’T ‘Hit th streets, like a Pack of Raging Baboons!

  13. why have not the true inhabitants of that area not spoken out against the bussed in criminals that actually started these illegal riots? Many of the people living there actually had property and businesses destroyed and burned. None of this is a protest but an all out riot by those hired and paid
    by George Soros. He is the leader of internal terrorism by paying these thugs. All the out of area rioters should be arrested and charged for crosseng state lines to incite these riots. George Soros along with Obama and others have been the major players in race baiting incidents to further their agenda against whites and law enforcement. These mentioned should also be facing charges for what they are encouraging and inciting.

  14. Protest if you like, all you like.
    The first one to set a fire or break something that does not belongto him, shoot it a like a rabid dog.

    • RIOTERS LAUGH at the police and their shotguns because they have learned from experience that the police are only SHOWING FORCE but are held-back by their mayor & department heads from actually using those shotguns…..for fear of liability suits!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      TIME FOR CHANGE….or nothing will change!!!

  15. Mayor Rudy Giuliani is correct in his thinking but if I was mayor of a city under siege I would add the following warning:
    ‘ANYONE in possession of a fire-bomb, commonly known as a ‘Molotov Cocktail’ will be immediately arrested for a felony; anyone who ignites such a device will be immediately SHOT by our police snipers!!!!
    HOW MANY times have we seen video footage of fire-bombs being tossed at police officers, with them dancing around in the flames…which is totally ABSURD! ~ USE THOSE DAMNED SHOTGUNS, DON’T JUST HOLD THEM!!!!!

    • If the police just wiped out a dozen or so of these criminals just once, this crap would cease!

      • YOU BETCHA’ it would! ~ I’ve been through this crap during the Tampa riots of the 1960’s and it all boils down to the mayor & department heads holding back fire for FEAR OF LIABILITY SUITS!!!
        (The rioters quickly caught on and continued to burn down buildings….while we watched, holding our loaded, cold shotguns!!!!!)

        • It’s time to have our own Tienanmen Square. This will only have to be done once. After that, people will behave themselves and stop being criminals. Protesting and rioting are two very different things.

          • WE WOULDN’T be having all these so-called ‘riots’ where the ‘rioters’ don’t even know what in Hell they are rioting about but are PAID to create chaos & mayhem…IF …we had a REAL U.S. Dept. of Justice that would go after those that are FINANCING these thugs from behind the scenes, such as George Soros, CPUSA, et. al.!!!

          • Has anyone ever heard of any demands, the reasons for the protesting of BLM and when it would end? Some of them are now asking for NO police presence in their neighborhoods? They demand “whites give up privileges”?? Or give reparations? I guess in their minds…. MONEY solves everything…. except many of them are already receiving MONEY from taxpayers for their every need??? If I was a black person…. I’d be ashamed.

          • If we had a real government of, for, and by the People, none of this crap would be happening, but we’ve allowed America to become a land of the lawless. The Elite are criminals and crooks, both parties are filled with anti-American sentiment, only the Democrats are worse, and the Obama Administration have done everything within their power to destroy this country, so what else should we expect?! Someone should turn the lights out on George Soros!

          • ….and confiscate his entire empire of wealth as ‘reparations’ for the damage he has done!
            (which would stymie his kids from continuing his evil legacy!)

          • I agree, because as I understand it, George Satan Soros has a son in the wings ready to take over for him. This family needs to be eliminated from the face of the Earth!

          • YUP, ALEXANDER SOROS, 26 years old is just as bad as his father!!!
            (he lives in New York)

          • Somewhere there must be a bullet with his name on it.

          • OUR FOUNDERS would have eliminated the source of America’s problems in a heartbeat, but what we have in DC today are not cut from the same fabric, my friend!

          • Yes, these men put everything they had on the “idea” of this great country, and they would’ve done whatever necessary to protect it.

  16. Rudy is right about there not being any “excuse” for what’s going on in the uncivilized city of Charlotte, N.C, but there are “reasons” for this lawlessness. It gives freeloaders, thugs, and criminals a reason to rob, steal, and pillage businesses without criminal prosecution.

  17. David Melnick David

    Rudy is Damn right. Given, I’m sure every Democratic (The Witch too) will say to give more love.

  18. What is going to happen when the local business owners take up arms to prevent their stores from being burned or looted? This has already happened during a massive riot in Los Angeles sometime back. When it was all over the only businesses still standing and reasonably intact were those owned by ethnic Koreans. Around the periphery of those businesses were a number of dead bodies with mysterious gunshot wounds. Apparently, after seeing the police retreat and concluding that they were pretty much on their own, the ethic Korean community quickly came together and agreed that they help their friends and family protect the businesses they had invested their lives in building. To that end they locked and loaded their rifles and took up positions, usually on the rooftops, from which they could protect their properties. It worked and to the best of my knowledge no charges were ever brought against any of them.


      • That’s probably why you are still alive. What worked then will still work now. Peaceful protest, freedom to assemble…fine. Rioting, arson and looting…shoot them and they will stop.

    • It is the lib/dem. ideology of victimhood, and as Killary’s campaign, talk of more and more entitlements, it sends the message of “no hope” for some, unless the government comes in and takes care of them, gives them everything…. WHILE TAKING AWAY THEIR PRIDE IN SELF. As this “lawlessness” continues, with our police being afraid to take action, as every move will be investigated; those who will say “no” to being a real VICTIM of this lawlessness, WILL TAKE MATTERS INTO THEIR OWN HANDS.

      There will be more and more people armed, as gun purchases/ownership has increased. And, in cities with strict gun laws, will be victimized more and more, with increasing amounts of crime/deaths. And, why Obama and if Killary is elected, she will do all she can to eliminate 2nd amend. rights. We have background checks, those loopholes they speak of are nonexistent, and “gun free zones” invite criminals with firearms – as is fact. A good person with a firearm (as in St. Cloud Mall), our military, our police, the armed guards our wealthy/politicians/banks use are PROOF – it works.

      And, if Killary is able to take away 2nd amend. rights, from someone on a “no fly” list or terrorist list – SHE WILL BE TAKING AWAY CITIZENS RIGHTS WITHOUT DUE PROCESS, deciding someone is guilty without a fair trial. If she can take away this one…. what is to stop her, libs/dems from eliminating others????

      Trump 2016. Killary is not any more qualified as POTUS, than Jack the Ripper to be considered an expert surgeon!!!

  19. As both Giuliani and Trump have said as well as others, why doesn’t BLM know the names of the over 3,000 shot in Chicago alone, Obozo’ home town? Does Obozo even acknowledge their deaths? The answer is a resounding “NO”! I was in NYC before and after Giuliani. What a difference. I have heard Trump is asking questions of those mayors and governors who have made changes in their cities and states that benefit ALL residents. Smart to ask and listen. If you want change, sometimes you have to think outside the box. Americans took a chance on Obozo who said he would change American and look where that got us. It’s time to take a chance on someone who loves this country and is willing to give up everything he has to help this country. And the libetard media will NEVER point out the good, generous things he has done for others. Trump in 2016 and 2020!

  20. As I have said before, rioters and looters should be shot on sight (while they are committing the crimes) not 24 hours later. Why? Because they have no respect for law and order, but seek to have mobs rule the streets. Such people must be held accountable for their crimes one way or the other.

  21. Rev. Walking Turtle

    Opinion: There is NO EXCUSE for allowing criminal elite actors such as George Soros to finance these ongoing riots!

    Fact: More than ninety percent of those arrested in the Charlotte melee so far have proved to be from out-of-town, even out-of STATE. These bad apples were all bussed-in for the purpose AND well-paid for their time and trouble. By SOROS. That’s right.

    See http:// for insight re the above. NOT your Party-line Newqs Sitre, I assure you. Deplorable to the Soros Gang, that one be, arrr-rr-r…

    Remedy: ARREST, TRY, CONVICT AND SENTENCE SOROS for his TREASON. Then send ME a certified copy of the Writ of Execution on that UNGRATEFUL IMMIGRANT and CRIMINAL TREASONER aling with the requisite Letter of Solicitation for Contract Services. I shall then gather noose, wire, drop-chart and measuring-tape (etc) together and travel right quick to the Place of Lawful Execution to DROP-HANG the FELON ARIGHT and LAWFUL.

    Note: Wood-chipper and industrial-grinder owner/operators need NOT apply for this gig. Those methods are cruel and unusual as well as patently unlawful AND extremely messy, d’y’see? By Law, treasoners are to HANG.

    Note: Censoring this comment amounts to siding with the Bad People purportedly objected-to throughout this site’s content. The Law is the LAW. And that is all. 0{:-|o[

    • Unfortunately, his sons are as bad if not worse than the old man. They should also be tried and convicted.

      • Rev. Walking Turtle

        …And do these sons have names…? Naming-and-shaming has even worked on the Apprentice Shameless Ones in our midst, from time to time…

        Please help start that ball rollin’, Ma’am. We need the NAMES of them ALL. General locations of the Shameless Ones’ residences are very helpful too, for tracing-out purposes, fwiw. And that is all. 0{;-)o[

    • I’m sure there’s something in RICO that would apply.

      • Rev. Walking Turtle

        …And certainly a leetle something in the US National Constitution as well, leading exactly to the above-advocated outcome.

        NOT sayin’ that Soros et al have NOT engaged in a well-organized crime campaign. But the RICO statute can be subverted by a thousand utterly legal ways and means; it’s got loopholes. The Lawful Constitution is a Source Document and not a Derivative Work, the which imvho is phrased with far greater certainty at the very spot in the “System” where the base problem is found.

        I am no lawyer BUT my English Comprehension is plenty ’nuff OK. Have read enuf of both to have formed tyhis comparison. And that is all. 0{:-)o[

  22. Is anyone so naive as to believe these riots and rioters are just about a perceived social injustice? Just watch the news and one thing becomes more then obvious. On one side you have law enforcement who are there to protect the general public/community and their possessions. That includes shop keepers and home owners alike. On the other hand there are the rioters who at their core are opportunists. They are not necessarily even part of the community. They only seek to take away anything they can via theft, robbery or vandalism. Much of the rioters efforts is directed not against the law enforcement but against the community itself. Those who suffer the most are the home, property and shop keepers. And, when it is all over and the buildings cars and other property’s are all burnt and destroyed, a great majority of the rioters leave the area and return to their own residences with their stolen trophies. The riot areas are in ruin and may never fully recover. The Watts riots are a classic example of what these riots are all about and the unintended consequences of these lawless actions.

    • It is the lib/dem. hypocrisy that BLM are following. As they claim to protest the lawless acts of police… they riot, damage neighborhoods, loot??, some end up being arrested, and the rest of the nation, including many blacks, ARE ASHAMED OF THEIR STUPIDITY AND VIOLENCE.

  23. notice these democrapic soros riots are only happening
    in democrapic cities, in democrapic states???
    Tulsa didn’t have riots!!!

    I guess the democraps have given up on influencing black votes in Oklahoma!!!

    • Libs/dems. promote the idea of VICTIMHOOD. Even if one is not an actual victim, this idea hinders their motivation and thinking, that they are in control of their own future/success, it tells them they are at the whim of whites, who decide whether or not to hold them back. Their particular failures… and certainly all races have poor and some who are considered failures… they don’t take responsibility, THEY BLAME, and this very idea of taking away their power…. CREATES ANGER AND HATE. It is what Obama, Holder, Pelosi, Reid, Hillary, Sharpton, Jackson, etc. have been preaching for decades in THEIR POLITICS. And, the blacks are fooled – these particular ones, and not people like Dr. Carson, etc., and it makes them feel good to blame someone; but IT ALSO TAKES AWAY THEIR PRIDE, THEIR POWER, WHEN SOMEONE TELLS THEM THEY WILL NOT SUCCEED DUE TO RACISM OF WHITIES.

      It is insidious, in that the message of libs/dems keep them down and self-destructive, which is the message they prefer. Those who don’t believe it, are those blacks in this nation who’ve succeeded, AND let’s not kid ourselves, there are many athletes, actors, artists, politicians like Rangal/Waters/Lee, etc. Who’ve done just as well as their white counterparts.

      BLM is destroying themself and it makes me sick to stand back and watch.

  24. Unfortunately the video does not show the whole incident. More body cameras are needed. But the evidence indicates the man was “advertising” drugs and a gun which caused the officers to attempt an arrest. The gun was shown along with a holster and a drug device. The shooting officer was black as is the police chief. This is hardly a legitimate BLM intervention. Then we have mostly out-of-state “protesters” apparently financed by a real SOB, Soros. I would propose Soros be deported and BLM be arrested for violence and charged with the cost of replacing damaged property including police vehicles

  25. AGAIN: SOROS started and is funding Black Lives Matter – a group of naive, easily swayed Blacks that soros sends out to widen the abyss between the Whites and the Blacks. Soros is using these misguided group if Blacks to heighten and create more chaos – soros favorite tool to destroy nations.

    If YOU WANT PEACE TO EVER COME TO OUR NATION, KICK SOROS OUT AND FORBID HIM TO EVER SET FOOT ON AMERiCAN SOIL! It won’t happen with bho in office because soros is his puppet master and is pulling obama’s strings to destroy our nation.
    America is one of the most powerful Nations blocking soros’ One World Order. We blick his way of being the leader of the World, and even at 86 years old, that dream still burns brightly in his chest.
    When Trump takes office – and he will even though the Left keeps showing numbers thst favor killary — don’t believe those numbers. They are skewed and changed to look like she’s ahead – she is falling behind and they know it. When TRUMP takes office, soros is DONE in America! Trump is not afraid of that scum donkey and he will push him far away from America so Trump can make us strong again! Soros knows that and he will do whatever he can to hurt our Nation.

    If you want to help stop soros’ actions, tell everyone abt his part in Black Lives Matter and that he is the one orchestrating their moves — and Why! Because soros is still a Natzi in his ideologies and Natzis HATE people of color…he is USING THOSE NAIVE BLACKS TO ORCHESTRATE HIS OWN ATTACKS ON AMERICA — and they are ignorant enough to fall for it! Tell everyone you know this so they understand that soros is our ENEMY no matter the lies that come out his mouth!

    • Also, for some strange reason, Blacks LOVE TO RIOT!! Is it that inherent “savage” in those out of control “destroyers” of their very own cities? What’s up with that?

      Yes! Let’s go burglerize, break down and torch our neighbor Black’s stores that they worked.hard to build and run!! Yeah, let”s go burn down the grocery store so no one can eat or buy diapers for their babies.
      What is wrong with these blacks? Do they all have a “destruction”.gene that when as a group it flashes red?

      AND, who died and gave these irresponsible, RIOT LOVING BLACKS, the notion that they could do anything they wanted to their towns JUST because one og their black brothers was stupid enougj to get killed in a Law Officer’s righteous killing action.

      If I had a huge Black MAN (because most of these Black officer shootings involved ADULT SIZED MEN, not little boys) coming at me pointing a gun, you’d bet I’d shoot his butt! That’s not just the Law’s take on this situation, but it’s SURVIVAL!

      Until Black’s realize they are biting the hand that feeds and protects them — and until the Blacks truly understand that they are being used as a culture to divide our Nation by people like Soros via Obama, they will implode upon themselves until omly one will be standing in the middle of a blackened town og adh and brokrn buildings and lives!
      Is that what Blacks really want? I don’t think so. They have a lot of reflection and introspectoon before they will see thr danger they have become to their selves! Where are all the high paying black actors and sports stars who could afford to help their Black brothers and sisters? Why don’t they ALL (because I know some already do) gather togetjer, pool their monies, and work within the inner cities to help their race? Why? Because they are probably afraid they’d be shot by another Black…gang lines are drawn very tightly around those neighborhoods. Still…someone needs to help that race.

  26. Sure the mutts riot. How else do you expect them to shop for Christmas?

  27. Hey listen, the half-black communist bastard in the “Outhouse” was implanted by the NWO-ists for this very reason – to stir up the racial violence; after all, this is how the communists work! This demonic psychopath has given these black bastards carte blanch to riot as they please! It will only get worse, guaranteed! There will be no elections in November, that is the plan as rioting and Islamic terrorism will increase by the day! REVOLUTION will be the SOLUTION – guaranteed! This homo and lezbo commie regime is all for regime change in the Middle East, one is needed right here in the “TRANFORMED & TRANSGENDERED” AMERIKA, the sooner the better!

  28. Another excuse to riot and steal urged on by Killary on vote buying spree. Anything to win.

    Remember-Anybody butt Killary.

  29. We can thank the Muslim in our white house stirring the race card all the time…yuck

  30. If the liberal democratic jerks had their way, the church would be labeled a terrorist group before BLM is!

  31. michael schimanski

    george soros along with obama and hillary want the violence . The democratic party has always used violence to get and keep control in America . Watch the documentary ” hillary’s America ” , it shows what the democrats have been doing for more then a century to control the people . The democratic party are the ones who started the KKK to install fear in the black population and now are using PAID disrupters like BLM to cause confusion and riots all paid for by hillary’s main supporter george soros to keep the democrats in power so as to start there globalization and new world order , just like Adolf Hitler .

  32. Looked like to me that the police videos were inclusive. The wife’s video had something interesting in it. She yelled “Don’t do it Kieth!” Don’t do what Kieth? Reach for your gun Kieth? I would like to know exactly what “it” was.

  33. 70% were bused there to riot. That is against Federal law. Where are the “FEDS” to enforce some law, any law?

  34. let them keep rioting I love it they are so stupid the burn their homes and businesses REALLY? I have never understood that thinking and they follow the race baiters the traitor in chief and Sharpton those 2 scumbags have set the blacks back 50 years, shut them up and peace will return it is only the ghetto blacks causing the educated blacks are just normal everyday americans that should take a more active roll in getting the ghetto blacks educated because they will ot or do not want to allow whit America involved because they won’t have anyone to blame for their own created problems

  35. For b.l.m; any excuse will do! These thugs should be arrested and placed in jail!

  36. [There’s no excuse for it.]. Oh yes there is Mr. Giuliani.. It is called sin or even better than that, Satan.

  37. Rudy’s right! He’s always been right on this issue of crime prevention since he was the very successful Mayor of New York and installed the “search and frisk” policy. If you want to call it profiling, fine, so be it. The cops go where the crime is. It’s like the Israelis profiling those suspected of being terrorists rather than little old ladies in wheelchairs. Liberals don’t understand it. Never did, never will.

  38. In 1966, my father made a wrong turn driving to the LA airport. It had just turned from Thursday, August 12 to Friday, August 13. All of the glass in that rental car was broken out by people throwing rocks and yelling “kill whitey”.

    That said, people of all races had reason to appear peacefully in Charlotte. The claim that all of them were rioters is supported by no proof at all as is the claim that any of them were paid to riot.

    One has to be rather desperate to make up that kind of lie. Neither Giuliani nor Trump must have anything else going for them.

    My late Italian mother had been forced to ride in the back of the bus by “patriots”. By failing to support others who were similarly treated, Giuliani is a traitor to his own race.

  39. Chicken sh*t whitey needs to start killing these savages. Remember looters are legally able to be shot by U.S. law.

  40. Well according to the race baiter and professional protester AL SHARPTON. wE ARE NOT ALLOWED TO SHOOT AN ARMED BLACK MAN EVEN IN SELF DEFENSE. What an efn black ass hole. Remember if you are in Chicago, Philadelphia, Detroit, Los Angeles, New York, or any other ghetto State or city it is not black lives matter–it’s BLACK LIVES SPLATTER. and that’sk with me. I’m all for gung control…..every home should have ONE. Soros is paying for blacks to go to other cities to protest. 40% or more in North Carolina were out of State blacks that were arrested.


  42. While said Mr. Mayor.


  44. Donald J Trump is a low energy , lowbrow debater. His health issues are in
    question because after about 15 minutes, he hands shaking lugging
    water gasping for air like a snorting pig and look like he was fixing
    to pass out of control. Trump’s breakdown over nuclear questioning
    and dealing with other countries was borderline incoherent and scary,
    his rant was clueless.

    Hillary Clinton is the only candidate I see as president!

  45. Peaceful protest is legal and ok. Rioting is ILLEGAL and NOT OK!

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