Gillette May Have Actually Done Us an Unintentional Favor

New York Post opinion columnist Karol Markowitz is just one of many, many Americans who were disgusted by Gillette’s “woke” attempt to decry so-called toxic masculinity and join the left’s crusade against anything traditional, wholesome, or pure, especially if it has to do with white, straight men. But Markowitz’s take was a little different than most. Instead of lamenting the direction of society in the 21st century, she thinks the Gillette ad might have been so bad and so poorly received that it could actually be one of the biggest blows to feminism in recent memory.

From the New York Post:

In 2015, a company called Protein World released an ad for a diet supplement featuring a fit model in a bikini and the words: “Are You Beach Body Ready?” The backlash was swift. The ad was defaced again and again in the NYC subways, and the city of London went so far as to ban “body-shaming” ads on the Underground.

If there was a moment in time when women collectively decided that they would no longer stand for being body-shamed, that was it.

Similarly, the response to the Gillette ad feels like a dam breaking. This might be the moment when men have finally had enough.

Men are constantly barraged with criticism. “Men are the worst” has gotten old. The word masculinity is only preceded by the word “toxic” these days.

“Isn’t it time we stopped excusing bad behavior?” Gillette asked in the tweet introducing the commercial. Yes, it is. And that includes the bad behavior of corporate salesmen treating half of the population as monsters, all to sell a product targeted at precisely that segment of Americans.

To be fair, this was a possibility we had considered. The problem is, we’ve thought this about so many things over the last several years. And every time we think that this is surely the moment when Americans wake up to the absurdity of the left…nothing happens. We just move on, and before you know it, the left is pushing the envelope even further. There’s something about their systematic propaganda that works. Call it brainwashing, call it media manipulation, call it whatever you want, but they know how to move the needle, especially when it comes to their cultural nonsense.

We wish it weren’t that way, and we hope that Gillette’s terrible ad signals a change in the “all men are terrible” atmosphere. But we’re not holding our breath.

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