Ghislaine is Back on the Run

Ghislaine Maxwell is back on the run — but this time safely behind bars.

The notorious sex-trafficking madam for late pedophile Jeffrey Epstein was filmed enjoying a morning jog in her low-security prison — laughing hysterically with a pal in the Florida sunshine.

Photos taken from outside Federal Correction Institute Tallahassee show the “special” friend of former President Bill Clinton looking relaxed and happy while doing laps on a four-lane running track.

Dressed all in gray, the 60-year-old was filmed laughing with another inmate while speed walking at a distance from other exercising inmates.

Only the barbed wire separating her and the photographer gives away that Maxwell is actually serving her 20-year prison sentence.

FCI Tallahassee is a far cry from the jet-setting life the disgraced British socialite enjoyed for most of her life, especially after hooking up with multi-millionaire Epstein.

Her laughing prison buddy likely does not have the social cachet as those she mixed with on the outside, such as “dear friend” Prince Andrew and Clinton, with whom she shared a “special friendship.”

Still, the Florida jail — where inmates also get to enjoy movie nights and relaxing yoga sessions — is far cushier the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn, where Maxwell routinely complained about inhumane conditions while holed up there after her initial arrest in July 2020.

Her relaxed, jovial appearance also appears to betray her complaints in a recent jailhouse interview that the “softer” regime there just as harsh — if not harsher — than in Brooklyn.

“It’s still jail. It’s very far from a cushy country club … You’re locked up the entire time,” she complained to documentary filmmaker Daphne Barak, according to excerpts in the Sunday Mail.

“When they do let you out for an hour there’s not a chair for everybody in the communal space and no way to watch TV,” she whined, also bemoaning the lack of internet access and the wait for phones.

Maxwell revealed that she had a job — inside the prison’s law library and education center — bragging that she has “been helping people with anything that is possible.”

Despite her litany of complaints, she admitted that she had “not experienced any of the gross violations of my rights that I experienced at MDC.

“I don’t feel unsafe. And I am perfectly able to live and work here,” she said.

A prison source told The Mirror — the UK paper that first obtained the photos — that “Ghislaine is incredibly fit,” said a prison source.

“She runs almost every day,” the insider said.

“She is happy to be allowed out in the open once again, where she has at least some semblance of freedom.

“When not working in the law library, she stays outside in the sun for hours. She is very, very sociable,” the source said.

While it was not immediately clear who ther laughing prison pal was, Maxwell is said to have become fast friends with Narcy Novack, the Florida woman serving life for orchestrating the murders of her millionaire husband and his mom.

Maxwell is no stranger to the Sunshine State — where she routinely stayed with Epstein in one of his many mansions where he abused young girls before killing himself in his own lockup in 2019.

Maxwell is currently appealing her sentence. If she fails, she plans to seek a move to finish her time in a “far superior” UK prison, her brother previously revealed.

“Inevitably, we want her to serve the sentence here in the UK,” Ian Maxwell, 66, told The Telegraph in June.

“There is a program where overseas nationals can serve their time in the country of their nationality. There are precedents,” he said.

As it stands, her release is scheduled for July 2037, when she will be 75.

Clinton and UK royal Andrew — the younger brother of King Charles III — have both repeatedly denied any knowledge of Maxwell and Epstein’s perverted activity.

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  1. who cares about her but to say epstein killed himself – you guys got rocks in your head to think he killed himself – it’s one of the biggest coverups in the decade – he was knocked off to cover up who his clients were

    • I agree with brybo, he was killed to keep him quite. He had dirt on too many people who liked young coochie. I have a friend who use to be a NYC cop and DA who said he was killed to keep him quiet. Too many inconsistencies for a controlled jail setting are there to cover up who did it to him.

    • I agree! No way, that this pedophile, sick bastard killed himself. People who adore themselves would never hurt their pretty face! Plus the fact that A LOT of the ‘ ELITE ‘ in America, did spend a LOT of time with this sicky! A few heads would roll, don’t you think?

    • The Clintons took him out but he deserved it, she deserves no better preying on young troubled girls.

  2. Billionaires Don’t Kill themselves.
    They are too self absorbed to do it.
    The cameras conveniently quit working at the same time when he supposedly committed suicide.
    The Pentagon Cameras quit working when it was bombed on 911.
    2 Government facilities Camera equipment conveniently quit working.
    Smells bad on both accounts.

  3. For what she did to those young girls she should sit in a tiny 5×8 foot cell for 23 hours a day, period!

  4. It’s obvious demo elites are on that list….the name Biden comes to mind ,Schumer, and pelosi..,Newsome, Schiff , all have been involved in the sins of perverts…

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