Get ‘Em Out: Deportation Cases Move Quickly Under Trump Administration

According to the latest round of government data, the Trump administration has sped up the resolution of deportation cases considerably, rolling back a culture of delay that President Obama helped cement into place when he was in the White House. The Washington Examiner reports that immigration attorneys, who are now encouraged to actually DO THEIR JOBS, have been pushing the courts for swifter justice than they were inclined to seek in the Obama years. The net effect has allowed the Trump administration to remove people at a much faster rate.

From the Examiner:

Under Obama, immigration attorneys were more likely to leave cases for illegal immigrants in limbo, thus preventing them from ever ruling on whether they needed to be removed from the U.S. An official from the Executive Office for Immigration Review explained to the Washington Examiner that attorneys would push for an administrative closure, or a pause in the proceedings before an administrative judge.

That pause could be achieved by seeking continuance in the case, which might then make it easier to justify a decision not to prosecute.

“Rather than getting [a decision on removal proceedings] … Instead it created this culture of seeking continuance to try to build up a request for prosecutorial discretion for administrative closure, and so it had a ripple effect,” the Department of Justice official said.

According to the EOIR stats, judges are coming to their final decisions at a rate 16% higher than during the same time period last year and total removal cases have increased by 29%. These are the numbers that prove this administration, quite unlike the last one, is actually serious about enforcing our country’s immigration laws.

Unfortunately, that still leaves President Trump well behind on his promises to the American people vis a vis illegal immigration. No one, perhaps, expected that he would ever make good on his idea of a mass deportation force, but then again, few expected that we would one day see President Trump pushing Congress to come up with an amnesty bill for Obama’s Dreamers. And if Trump has faced resistance on Capitol Hill to his immigration agenda, that situation may not be set to improve. With the announced retirement of Virginia congressman Bob Goodlatte, Trump will have one less immigration ally in the House of Representatives. In a party filled with pro-amnesty RINOs, the Goodlatte loss is one that will really hurt.

Still, things could be worse. We could be enduring the Hillary Clinton administration right now. Or, in another world, the Jeb Bush administration. At least we have a president who appears to WANT to do the right thing when it comes to America’s border security. Whether that will ever translate into the tough legislation we entertained a year ago…only time will tell.

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  2. This is a good sign, but not as good as when the Justice Department starts prosecuting Eric Holder, Loretta Lynch, Hillary Clinton, Lois Lerner, and perhaps even Barack 0bama for their crimes.

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    • I AGREE

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    • Agree. I hope Sessions is pursuing this.

      • Session is asleep . A good kick would wake him up , maybe .

        • The ones asleep are our cowards elected to congress .

          • You’d best stand up then – we could do with more fukwits in office.

          • Do you always brag about yourself being a Fukwit ????

          • Not in office and have you ever been able to refute anything I have said? NOoooooooooo!

          • Poo is the same thing as Sh*t, so you must be a Sh*thead, right?

          • Oooooh I’ve never heard that before – are you in primary school?

          • Mastery of the obvious is not some sort of ‘gift’.

          • Not really asleep, they just don’t take enough interest in their jobs or their duty, responsibilities and obligations; but then they feel they don’t have too. They were allowed to set back and do nothing for eight years and still got paid and reelected.
            We need to replace every Congressman/congress-lady who was in office during the Obama Administration and did nothing to force his lazy ass to enforce federal laws, and from creating the dissent and distrust we today have in our government, justice system, social stability, and racial/gender problems! .

          • It has been going on a lot longer than Obama if you look back the last 60 years .

          • Agree ; their pockets and interests are first ; WE don`t count .

      • Sessions is being blackmailed and silenced – but the man is a fool and did nothing but stumble – fumble and mumble…..

        • To many Obama – Clinton hold overs to accomplish anything , kick McConnell in the rear instead to get rid of them .

          • Too is not a difficult word.

            I can understand your not grasping the concept of ‘holdover’…but even children can discern to from too.

          • If I did it right you would not have anything to whine about , do you serve crackers with your whine ,Polly ????

          • That’s an absurd remark.

            You’re not the only dummy on the Internet. Indeed, you’re nowhere near the dumbest. There is no shortage of belligerent loudmouths to call out for their ignorance.

          • We are with you – – I believe most people expected him to be thrown out at his last elections but he must have something over someone; he has been a waste for long enough.
            He and Harry Reid are like Kissing Cousins; it was good to see Harry Reid leave and now we need to get rid of McConnell – – – actually- we need to get rid of about ALL of those men and women who were in office during the Obama Administration who just set back and let Obama all but ruin this nation.
            We need to replace the dead beats who ignored what Obama was doing – get rid of them and replace them with men and women who will put the country and the American people first; will honor our long time values, our heritage, our national pride!

          • Thanks for the support . McConnell and a few other need to meet the people that took care of Reid.

        • …………..and a Republican to boot.

        • He does seem to be lost so much of the time. I have always liked him and was looking forward to an effective replacement of Comey but I feel, in spite of his improvements in looking out for our country, he is not well prepared to defend himself or the Justice Departments much needed recovery of the FARCE Comey made of the FBI.
          BUT THEN – It makes little difference who or what the issue is, the racial Democrats are out to create a mess of everything they can to see anyone and everyone they don’t like is pressured by both the head bobbing democrats and the media supporting them. COMEY is a perfect example; the Democratic party leaders were against him until he was fired for supporting Hillary Clinton illegal activities THEN he became praised by the Democrats (it makes no difference to them if he was good or bad or did his job as required and obligated – just as long as he protected of Hillary Clinton) – – and that is the kind of men and women the Democrats seek out for their party; those who fail to accept their responsibility and duty to the Americana people, who put party above the nations best interests and needs, ; others like Hillary Clinton, Debby Wassermann Schultz, Harry Reid, Schumer, Pelosi, etc.

    • I AGREE!

    • I agree, that would be better! Send all the WORTHLESS DemoCraps to Gitmo!

      • Some of their illegal actions are traitorous.

        • Most NOT some…..

        • ……………but no one in detention. Funny as! Meanwhile we’ve elected a President with a record of 3000+ legal cases, convicted of employing illegals and tax liens a norm. Can’t beat double standards can you? Ha, ha, ha!

          • You sound just like AK and it’s BS . You did not say anything when Obama gave Green cards to replacement workers in California and Florida , plus they had to train them first before getting laid off .

          • Who did Obama give Green Cards too? Suggest you look up Trump legal history – it’s factual.

          • Go to Disney and the electric Co. . You are posting the same as AK , are you and it one ???

          • Similar, but I think you’ll find quite differently written. I’m a boy and I assume she is female – duh! Lady/Mr – duh!

            Now, back to the Green Cards – any substance or is it the usual BS?

          • AK is a guy and you two are the same, living in a dream world .Did you forget how many million Green cards Obama ordered ????

          • Got anything else? Doubt AK is in the same country as myself never mind state.

          • Factual? BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…….LMAO…….

          • Poohead is another AK and maybe one and the same Clown .

          • “Retired” is an ignorant moron, with zip between his ears. Am not bi-polar and very obvious our style is very different. Funny as!

          • Suppose you were an idiot. And suppose you named yourself mrpoohead…
            But then I repeat myself….


            3500 actually. Scroll down to bottom for references.

          • Think he got one by default – American by birth. Duh!

          • Prove it. Prove 0bama was born in the United States.

          • No need; mother American, father Kenyan – citizen of both by default at time of birth. Place of birth actually irrelevant – if parents had been working legally in another country he’d be able to claim that one too.
            Two ways to be a citizen – birth or naturalization. No record of latter which would preclude him from being President.
            Suggest you check citizenship status and how to be an American – government website.
            I know kids that qualified for five passports at birth, I myself collected two. You need to improve your knowledge – very narrow-minded and ignorant.

          • All here May require some reading and degree of common-sense. Good luck!

          • If you meet certain requirements, you may become a U.S. citizen either at birth or after birth.

            To become a citizen at birth, you must:

            been born in the United States or certain territories or outlying
            possessions of the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction of the
            United States; OR……

            You can’t prove 0bama was born in the United States or certain territories or outlying possessions of the United States….

            He also has to fit under this qualification.

            “No person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President; neither shall….”

            Who is the stupid fuck now? Prove it.

          • Still you. Suggest you look up the Naturalization Act of 1795 the term “natural born” was removed then because it is ambiguous – you are either a citizen at birth or by naturalization.

            You also missed the line “or, had a parent or parents who were citizens at the time of your birth”. The problem with you communists is you only see what you want to see – us folk that sit on the fence (ouch!) read it all, even the fine print.

            Go on, trot off back into your little hole. You’re still the fukwit!

          • Is that what Soros told you to say?

            Still can’t prove he was born here. Without proof, it is just a claim.

            You conflict being a citizen with being a naturally born citizen. There is a difference. 0bama MUST prove that he was born in the US, or on certain territories or outlying possessions of the US, and subject to the jurisdiction of the US… In order to be a President of the United States.

          • Soros and I would probably not get along.
            No need, citizen by birth.
            Term “natural born citizen” redundant since 1795. Citizen by birth, thank you to mummy – both of us, different mums though. A naturalized citizen can not become President – thus, no Arnie.
            Continue to walk all over you and you make no attempt to justify any of your drivel, because that is all it is.

          • Now boys-I have watched this contentious conversation go back and forth-You both need a brake to cool down-

            Here’s a joke-

            Donald Trump and Barack Obama ended up at the same barber shop. As they sat there, each being worked on by a different barber, not a word was spoken. The barbers were both afraid to start a conversation, for fear that it would turn nasty. As the barbers finished their shaves in silence, the one who had Trump in his chair reached for the aftershave. But Donald was quick to stop him, jokingly saying, “No thanks. My wife, Melania, will smell that and think I’ve been in a brothel.” The second barber turned to Barack and said, “How about you, Mr. Obama?” Barack replied, “Go right ahead, my wife Michelle doesn’t know what the inside of a brothel smells like.”

          • Whilst I appreciate the humor suspect you are inflaming the issue.

          • sorry i will tell a anti Obama joke next time.

          • What goes black, red, black, red, black, white – Obama masturbating.

          • How embarrassing – I don’t live there anymore yet still know considerably more about how the country works than you do. well probably a lot more about everything.

          • Dude, you probably never lived here in the US. You are just a communist sympathizer being paid by Soros to waste your time down here on these posts attempting to disrupt Conservative conversations.

            Everything you say needs to be ignored.

          • Lived, educated and worked (in both) – probably seen more of it too. You’re not a conservative – you’re an extremist. Thankfully everything you say is representative of a small percentage of the population.

          • You really are a dummy! MoronsAssholesHyperbole&BS001 – funny as!

          • You have to be one of the stupidest people on these pages.

          • Really, an insult? you can’t prove it can you?

          • Unfortunately, for you – your missives are all out there. You seem to have no idea of how the country works or pretty much anything else. Worldly knowledge is zip – yet you’re happy to berate folk and the government. Hysterical! Think you’d struggle to justify most of your missives. Funny as!

          • You don’t even live here… Hysterical… communist sympathizer.

          • You’re the one for the totalitarian state I’m happy with mixed. Why live in a toilet when you can have better?

          • You lie with the devil, and your not smart enough to know it.

          • As opposed to your not smart, period. Ha!

          • How does it feel to be outsmarted by a stupid person?

            You can’t prove 0bama was born in the United States.. So he wasn’t.

          • Again, no need. He’s American by birth. The claims are he was born in Hawaii, that’s in America, see no reason to disbelieve that. Bet you do, but still moot point – still American by birth, regardless of place of birth. Funny as!

          • Lame answer poohead. You failed to prove he was born in America.

          • No need, citizen by birth because of mummy. Never said I could prove he was born in America – citizen by birth, yes!

          • HAY, Manson was also born in the United States; his murderous rampage had almost as serious results as the past eight years of destructive politics in America. Economically, socially and trust in government, justice and each other went down the tube with the Obama Agenda!

          • President has zip power, Congress legislates, President plays cards dealt – dummy!

          • I can’t – not seen papers. they apparently do. Awwwwwwwwww!

          • Wikipedia…. awwwwww the troll is wallowing in salt…..

          • Ignore Wikipedia missive but scroll to bottom of their page and do some research. Or, refute one thing on Wikipedia with reputable reference – any page. I’ve found two discrepancies and i’m way smarter than you. In fairness it was ambiguous language that was at fault.
            I’ll be waiting………………………………….

          • You first, prove 0bama was born in the US…

          • Why – he’s American no matter where born and you can’t prove otherwise. Seems a genuine certificate to me.

          • You failed to say who ‘they’ are, stupid.

            I’ve owned parrots that could communicate better than you do.

            (By the way, stupid…it’s is a contraction of the words it and is.)

    • I believe Obama-ass should be at the top of the list! He wanted to destroy America and the rest if them have aided him in all the problems we have today. He brought so many illegals in our country so they could get into our programs and bankrupt America. Everyone of them should be send back to their own country. Hillary and Bill and Loretta Lynch and Eric Holder and Lois Lerner and Nancy Pelosi all belong in JAIL! If the Republicans would stand by President Trump we could get America back and try to improve everything that is taking us down.

    • Everyone of these POS need life in gitmo.

    • ………that you can’t list or name because you can’rt find any with substance. Alt-right pipe-dreams and conspiracy theory. Funny!

    • That should have already been underway; Just because this nation has lost respect and confidence in our government and justice system there is no reason why these people are allowed to go on and on without at least through investigations and appropriate prosecution! Just because the Obama Administration created hate, discontent and divided this nation as it did
      Lawless breeds when crimes go unpunished; a person is more likely to commit a crime when they know they are likely to get by with it. When our federal government (White House and Congress) and legal systems starts allowing ANYONE (elected official, appointed government employees, teachers, actors, major corporations OR ANYONE ELSE, to commit crimes and get by with it we open the door for greater problems.
      We can see what has happened in the past eight years as violations of our federal laws were ignored by the White House and Obama’s Justice Department and when numerous states attempted to pass state laws that would give them some control over the massive invasions of illegal immigrants into their jurisdictions; Obama and is Attorneys General stopped it saying managing immigration was a federal responsibility BUT THEN – neither Obama or his Attorneys General did a thing to control or manage the growing mess! It is easy to see what Obama’s refusal to enforce federal immigration laws has done to our nation. AND – today, any attempts to fix the problems created with Obama’s “hands off” attitude has left for the new administration. AND – any attempt to now enforce federal laws is being challenged by the Democratic Party leaders who, along with Obama, turned their back on the American men and women (and their families) in great need of jobs were ignored while millions and millions of illegals poured into this country and were allowed to work (in violation of federal laws) – we now face a major problem with illegals in this country – and it took less than eight years to make it happen!

    • Even Slick Will thinks a Grand Jury needs to be convened to exonerate these crooks. A Special Prosecutor would do a better job I think. Might even help Trump Drain the Swamp which unfortunately has far too many Swamp Creatures in it.

    • Let us not forget Koskinen and Clapper. A little water boarding would do them good.

  3. The highest priority of the Trump administration is to divide Hispanic families. To separate parents from their children and married couples from each other. That is the way the God they believe in wants it: divide and kill if necessary the brown skinned people to save the superiority of the white people. That is God’s intention for the future of America.

    • You’re such an ignorant moron. These people have broken federal law a and just because your lover obozo the clown refused to enforce the laws on the books doesn’t mean our American President Trump does believe in enforcing the laws already on the books doesn’t make him the great divider your accuse him to be it only means he believes in enforcing the law. He hasn’t tried to make new laws or circumvent the law like obozo did on a daily basis. If they would’ve gone through the proper channels to come here legally there wouldn’t be any problems. Assholes like you are the problem in this country not a great President who believes in the rule of law. Of course if you don’t like it you can always move to a different country nobody’s stopping you moron.

    • cry me a river you liberal puke, I suppose you think breaking the law is allright unless it effects you, these intruders take our jobs and add to the tax burden by taking everything that liberal piece of shit obama would give them. Then send money to mexico or whatever shithole they come from

      • Allright is not a word.

        Tell me again how solid your vocabulary is, dimwit.

        • Sherree Hobbs-Ingle

          Actually, the correct spelling is all right. Last century about the time I was born just before WW2 alright came into use, but all right is controversially the preferred spelling.
          FLOYD Ingle.

          • He wrote it as one word. You, quite notably, did not…you disingenuous cow.

          • Train conductor…figures. I wonder if there is anyone in the entire country incapable of working as a train conductor.

            Talk about a follower.

        • Why do you insult John Tracy .?????
          Just correct the mistake and drive on . Thanks , dimwit .

          • Because he’s too stupid to be calling others stupid in every other post.

            Why are you thanking me…and why do you refer to yourself in such a demeaning manner?

            Regards, Sam

          • Chi Sam ; vai a fare nel culo . VAFFANCULO .!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • You spelled your own choice of screen name wrong.

            It does not get much more incompetent than that.

    • NO, don’t separate the family; DEPORT THE WHOLE FAMILY!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. All these ASSHOLES out their are making it look like that NIGGER was the GOOD GUY and PRESIDENT TRUMP is the BAD GUY!!!

  5. Awe just another libturd, ray2hill. Must have voted dumbocrat

  6. Doing what we the people want done the way we want it done. Enough of this pandering to these outlaws and their offspring. Send them to Bush’s ranch and California, they like them so much.


    • I agree, get all the leeches out today!

      • Take them to the border that they entered illegally through and put ’em out there. Let them get home the same way they got here. Mexico gave them a pass to get here so let Mexico worry with them going the other way.

  8. Thank you President Trump – finally a man who is a worker for this country.

  9. lock them all away I agree

  10. Fast is not soon enough!
    How long did it take for the illegals to commit their violations of Federal law, and for how long did they continue? WHY = knowing what they were doing was illegal WHY did OUR government (the ones responsible for enforcing our laws and protecting out nation just turn it’s back on the problem as it got bigger and bigger? (We know the political answer – – just ignore the problem and hope it goes away! )
    Why did Obama ignore our immigration laws and the immigration program that served several president before him so well?
    Why when we had over 30 Million Americans in need of work did Obama increase the number of Green card worker visas to almost 25% more than congress had already approved? Hos own labor department pointed out that three out of four jobs weer being taken by immigrants; and while American families were out of work, out of unemployment benefits and living off welfare – Obama continued to support legal and illegal immigrants who were taking American jobs at reduced wages costing every American, working or not, tax payers money!
    Why, when Obama tell us there were 4 million illegal immigrants working in the United States, did he not take action against them and the employers who had illegal employed them?
    Why did Obama turn his back on the American workers when large corporations started laying off American workers and replacing them leave office with immigrants; it was in violation of federal laws – but Obama did nothing about it – – even when the numbers of American unemployed workers continued to increase!

    • Everyone after Reagan are globalist operatives, except Trump. Almighty God has given this country a reprieve, but we have a short time to repent and call out to God for mercy and grace. If we continue looking to “man” for all the answers, we will be overtaken by the steamrolling globalists and we will fall under God’s judgment rather than favor. Our Founding Fathers were “liberal” with their understanding that only through faith in Almighty God of the Bible could we create the greatest form of government this world has ever known. We need to follow their example. Check this out: also watch: Monumental: In Search of America’s National Treasure on Amazon.

    • Let me tell you why : Obama loved and loves illegals and refugees with Passion . Obama hates America and all Americans with Passion .
      He just about destroyed this Nation .

    • Why, DAinB41, Because Obam-ass wants to destroy America

  11. I agree with MAHBOO1 Let’s get after those dirty political criminals…what the hell is going on in this countgry when the DOP wont do anything? Does Loretta still have friends there?

  12. I know they’re trying but not fast enough for me. There are too many illegals taking GOOD JOBS that Americans would like to have but the illegals work for less money and there is the problem, MONEY !!!!

    • Illegal numbers have been falling since 2007.

      • Not TRUE :::: They just roam from one area to another where ice is not operating . Can we send you all the Illegals to your area .

        • No need – sanctuary cities, duh! The figures are form ICE – Mexicans have less of a reason to come now. Or, should I bow to your ignorance and stupidity that has no reference or substance.

          • Yes you are the Ignorant one , we have Illegals from all over the world and not just Mexicans .

          • Mexicans were the majority by far, their numbers have fallen thus the “total” too. Duh!
            Were you born ignorant or have to work at it?

          • Funny we went from being called little Italy to little Mexico and Clinton let them into the country and they are still here . So Obama did not do such a great job of sending them back . Our county has Prison hold people for extradition and the Judges in our district lets them out and walk the streets .

          • Technically we had open borders until 1924, except for Chinese. Open again during WWII. According to ICE numbers have been falling since 2007 – probably something to do with the economy. Duh! Obama rate of deportations actually higher than Trumps – to date. You remain an ignoramus!

          • You are not to swift Comparing 9 month of Trump to 8 years of Obama . now add the 8 years of Clinton so the drugs could infiltrate the US and you have todays mess .Why do you call yourself names ????

          • Most illegals are working in jobs, they are not all drug peddlers – more of a white and black thing actually.
            Trump deportation rate is slightly lower than Obama’s Reported widely, many links.
            Drugs will remain a problem forever – too much money to be made, capitalism rocks. Not sure what the answer is; Portugal have de-criminalized drug possession for personal use, this has led to medical access for treatment and a drop in prison numbers along with petty crime, Spain and Italy have followed the lead and a number of other nations have made similar rulings.
            Today’s mess in the US is actually home-grown pharmaceutical companies – opioids! Nothing to do with illegals, our lack of regulation – little regulation thanks to the fact that the pharmaceutical industry own both parties. Dummy!
            Maybe if you keep trying you’ll actually get something right – doubtful, but congrats on the perseverance.

          • You skirted the issue of 8 years to 9 month ,like a good Demon Rat . WP the paper that had 20 workers to dig dirt on Trump , do you believe that they will write something positive about Trump ???? The Countries you mentioned are all in big financial trouble and making dope legal is not going to bail them out . As far as the opioid problem the Gov. is lumping the medical use with the illegal deaths of which there are way more of . The Insurance industry is after the medical pain killers because of the high cost of the pills .The insurance Co. have been fighting that since after the ACA became law . I know from first hand experience .

          • No, you’re just stupid as per usual. Obama averaged per month a slightly higher figure than Trump has. Duh!
            US hurtling towards $21 trillion in debt, Portugals debt per capita is less. Many European nations now paying back their debts. The Financial Crisis 2008 was American owned, luckily we off-loaded some of it as AAA+ investments to W Europe and China – thankfully they took the moral high ground and swallowed it. If not then our banks would have been sued and bust, we’d be bankrupt. Fukwit!
            The opioid issue is all in-compassing, genuine users have suffered – moral high ground here. Can’t differentiate in ruling too ambiguous – suck it up. anti-inflammatories and exercise, lazy git! Far better for managing problem.

      • Sherree Hobbs-Ingle

        Day after day these DACA types are STILL coming in. Thankfully President Trump has somewhat stemmed the flow . Obama, Bush, and Clinton did try to send many back, but President Trump is the only one the libturds criticize. Even Eisenhower sent many back.
        FLOYD Ingle.

        • Flow falling since 2007, numbers here have been falling since 2007. Under Trump deportation rate actually slightly lower.
          Technically President did nothing as legislation is the remit of Congress. Facts!
          Who’s the hot blonde with the hat on, on your Facebook page – dummy! I’d do her!

        • PS DACA – means they were already here and born here – duh! They have right to work and be educated but to become a citizen they’ll have to have been in the forces and got a degree, whole heap of hoops to jump through. Duh! Do I get the blondes phone number?

  13. Agree with MAHB001

  14. Faster yet, shoot em and send them to incinerator.

  15. Congress needs to pass a law stating that all detained illegals must be removed from the US within 24 hours after they are detained. No court date, no lawyer, nothing and that they will never be allowed to obtain citizenship, no green card, no visa of any type, and no asylum or refugee status granted to them. Build that wall so that those deported will find it harder to enter the US again.


  17. God job ! Only between 30 to 50 million illegal aliens to go. This may take awhile deporting this many illegals.

  18. I can’t see why they should even delay deportation for any time or reason anyway… why the hold up? If an illegal is caught committing a crime, or whatever, they should be deported ON THE SPOT. There should be no red tape to wade through, for Pete’s sake, just get ’em out!

  19. Slowly president Trump is unscrewing everything Obummer screwed up. Unfortunately, it will take more than 8 years and there’s no guarantee the next president will continue the practice.

  20. ABOUT TIME —- and take a chitload of DC with ya’ll….

  21. If their Country will not accept them back Pack a cheap Chute and Drop them in !!

  22. If Sessions is being blackmailed — he should said who is doing it and put those people away. It is no good to have skeletons in the closet. He should tell the truth.

  23. Speed up the process -now! Everyday these parasites are in our country is costing taxpayer money that we need to spend on national security.

  24. Yet another example why Obumshit was such a “great” prez


  26. They also need to have shuttle buses to get them straight to the border!! Those tubes that they use at the bank drive thru to suck things up and bring them to the tellers would be nice!! Just suck them up and shoot them out in the middle of America!!

  27. Yes, we must deport before they commit a crime so we don’t have to house them and feed them for the rest of their worthless lives. And if they do commit a serious crime, they should be sent to mexico to serve their sentence, but unfortunately we know that dysfunctional country will never cooperate. President Trump needs to put a team together, send them to mexico to work on their problems so that they’re citizens will want to stay home and not illegally infest our country.

  28. I don’t understand why illegal aliens need to come before a judge, they are in America illegally, not being Americans they are NOT entitled to the same laws, rights and responsibilities as true citizens. Just send them home unless truly need and seek asylum. Can we please get started on the wall?

  29. Has anyone seen the Orange Moron, Drumpf’s illegal birth certificate? How about those crooked Tax Returns and illegal bank transactions. Get ready for Mueller to buy a whole lot of hanging rope. Trala – trala – trala!!!


  31. Steven David Cessna

    gang members out first

  32. We really to hate all those brown people. Look at how many jobs they’ve stolen from us.

  33. With Trump, there is an improvement, but not enough of an improvement.
    We need to have the wall ASAP, and the wall should be backed up with enough BP officers to catch the wetbacks who get over or under it. The ones who are already here may need a prison sentence to show them the error of their ways, before being deported. This crap of catching them, taking them across the border in the morning, only to have them show up again in the afternoon, is a drain on the BP budget, and serving no constructive purpose.

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