Get ‘Em Out: Deportation Cases Move Quickly Under Trump Administration

According to the latest round of government data, the Trump administration has sped up the resolution of deportation cases considerably, rolling back a culture of delay that President Obama helped cement into place when he was in the White House. The Washington Examiner reports that immigration attorneys, who are now encouraged to actually DO THEIR JOBS, have been pushing the courts for swifter justice than they were inclined to seek in the Obama years. The net effect has allowed the Trump administration to remove people at a much faster rate.

From the Examiner:

Under Obama, immigration attorneys were more likely to leave cases for illegal immigrants in limbo, thus preventing them from ever ruling on whether they needed to be removed from the U.S. An official from the Executive Office for Immigration Review explained to the Washington Examiner that attorneys would push for an administrative closure, or a pause in the proceedings before an administrative judge.

That pause could be achieved by seeking continuance in the case, which might then make it easier to justify a decision not to prosecute.

“Rather than getting [a decision on removal proceedings] … Instead it created this culture of seeking continuance to try to build up a request for prosecutorial discretion for administrative closure, and so it had a ripple effect,” the Department of Justice official said.

According to the EOIR stats, judges are coming to their final decisions at a rate 16% higher than during the same time period last year and total removal cases have increased by 29%. These are the numbers that prove this administration, quite unlike the last one, is actually serious about enforcing our country’s immigration laws.

Unfortunately, that still leaves President Trump well behind on his promises to the American people vis a vis illegal immigration. No one, perhaps, expected that he would ever make good on his idea of a mass deportation force, but then again, few expected that we would one day see President Trump pushing Congress to come up with an amnesty bill for Obama’s Dreamers. And if Trump has faced resistance on Capitol Hill to his immigration agenda, that situation may not be set to improve. With the announced retirement of Virginia congressman Bob Goodlatte, Trump will have one less immigration ally in the House of Representatives. In a party filled with pro-amnesty RINOs, the Goodlatte loss is one that will really hurt.

Still, things could be worse. We could be enduring the Hillary Clinton administration right now. Or, in another world, the Jeb Bush administration. At least we have a president who appears to WANT to do the right thing when it comes to America’s border security. Whether that will ever translate into the tough legislation we entertained a year ago…only time will tell.

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