Germany Takes Another Whack at Freedom of Speech

Modern Germans are understandably petrified of anything having to do with fascism, but in their desperation to silence “hateful” voices on social media, the Angela Merkel administration is rapidly turning into the very thing it fears. So concerned is Merkel about the rise of right-wing groups and anti-immigrant sentiment, that she’s hacking away at the one thing that can keep totalitarianism at bay: Freedom of speech and expression.

German Justice Minister Heiko Maas is supporting legislation that would slap enormous fines on social media companies for failing to remove “hate speech” from their websites.

“This sets out binding standards for the way operators of social networks deal with complaints and obliges them to delete criminal content,” Maas said in a statement.

If the law is passed, social network companies like Facebook and Twitter could be subject to fines of 50 million euros if they do not remove controversial posts within an acceptable time frame.

The law would certainly not be the first anti-free speech legislation passed in Germany. The country is already home to some of the strictest speech codes in Western society, with tough laws on defamation, Holocaust denial, and statements that incite hatred against minority groups. And Merkel has already compelled American social media companies to sign agreements to remove speech the German government deems “hateful,” which includes most anti-immigrant sentiment.

Now, Germans can decide for themselves what level of freedom they’re comfortable with, but don’t think for a minute that Democrats wouldn’t love to steal some of those hate speech laws and implement them in the United States. We may be safe from their legislative claws right now, but they will (probably) be in power again one day. When that day comes, they are going to start trying to dismantle the mechanisms that allowed Donald Trump to win the presidency. Why bother striving to win a political argument when you can simply outlaw opposition views? What Republican can do anything about illegal immigration, after all, if he isn’t even allowed to talk about illegal immigrants?

If you think the First Amendment will stop them, we hope you’re right. But when the Supreme Court can find abortion, gay marriage, and assault rifle bans in the Constitution, they can probably find “hate speech” laws in there as well. Then, it will just be a matter of defining exactly what constitutes outlawed speech.

And boy, will the left have a field day with that.



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  1. Let Germany do what it wants! Just don’t try that Bull**** in the USA, We the People will not tolerate it!!!

    • This is what is happening in Europe because those idiots let the leftist dooshbags run them into the ground.

    • Under Obama we did have some of that going on and am thankful Hillary didn’t get elected to carry on his policies.

      • The election of Donald Trump likely, prevented civil war.

        • Ain’t that the truth….but the left is still pushing for it, even if they don’t know they are.

          • The liberal dem bloodsuckers are a strange breed of cat.
            They really believe that all they have to do is keep talking and passing laws.
            They really, believe that they much too important to have to pay the price for what they do.
            I think that, the majority of conservative understand that we can no longer coexist with these ersatz life forms and that there is only one way to solve the problem that exists with them

        • Will agree with you there and you can bet there a good reason on the democrats part of wanting to disarm the public.

        • Mr. ” shadow government ” can still cause enough anger when his so- called jihad army tries to apply their insanity on We the People… islam MUST be eliminated – totally.. .

          Exactly WHAT did this organization need with so many rounds of ammunition…??? Obama certainly had, or still has, plans other than protecting our Homeland with it.
          Answer the question Schumer… You are likely in on any of herr Obunglers’ plans

    • I agree….but they keep Chipping away until one day America wakes up to some thing we do not want.See how they are like a Bunch of Rabid dogs going after President Trumps blood.

      • You would have really been able to see it coming if Hillary had won the election.

        • She would of finished what OB started, and all hell would break loose.

          • Wonder just how much as those that recognize what is happening to this country are the older people, the young of today are like sheep being led to slaughter. You also have the welfare group that don’t care as long as the checks keep coming, liberals that lean more to communist ideas, illegals don’t care along with the Muslims, so how many are left that really care?

          • Only those with pride in what they have done for this country, and those who have some form of wisdom to discern what is evil and what is good.
            Elderly, and most conservative minded ones are the ones who disapprove of all that is going on. May God help our country.

          • Agree with you and that is why I stated how many are left. The left knew we would die off in time and that was the reason to take over our schools and educate the youth to the new way of thinking.

          • It is called indoctrination in the schools into a sad socialistic mindset. Eventually, I hope and pray they see the light. I think a lot of the ones who voted for these Liberals, or socialists, should go and live under a communist run place and find out first hand what it is about as this is where this is all heading. Eventually, it will get more and more like a Communist run country. I pulled up the Communist Manifesto and we are so close to it that it makes my head shake. With Justin Trudeau in Ottawa, this country is going down the tubes to a dictatorship very fast. Trying to suppress the freedom of speech now is a complete insult to the vets who fought for our freedoms.

          • Don’t think they will see the light as the only reason Trump got elected is too many on the government dole were too lazy to go vote along with the fact think the democrats under estimated how many extra votes they would need from the grave and multi voters. All we need to happen is the democrats get control of both houses and the presidency again and that will finish us.

          • Country is stuffed and hasn’t been great for decades. Worst social disparity and social mobility among our peers (W Europe, Canada, NZ and Australia), worst healthcare (before or after ACA) and education systems, plus a homicide rate five to ten times theirs. What a dump!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Again, that boils down to Soros, Obama, Clinton and the ELITISTS wanting the One World Order.o

    • There are petitions out to get disqus to remove hate speech from it’s sites by the snowflakes.

  2. “Hate” speech is any speech that another person does not like, especially if that other person in in governmental authority. The German people do not have our Bill of Rights, guaranteeing the rights that were given by God to us. Under the Obama Administration, and various Obama-like mayors like the radical lesbian major of Houston, any speech against confused and tormented men using ladies restrooms (or with Obama–forcing elementary school girls to accept boys and men into their girls restrooms) is considered “hate” speech. Protecting your daughters and granddaughters and not wanting them to be put into harm’s way, is hate speech.

    Quoting Romans Chapter One or other Biblical verses as they pertain to sodomy or abortion or other preferred issues of the demented Democrats will get you called a Nazi, Hitler, or similar in the United States. If a child wears a cap or shirt supporting President Trump, the child risks personal assault, or being suspended from school. Make America Great Again is a racist slogan to the demented of the left.

    • the liberals have a Reprobate mind and are FULL of Evil.

      • When I think they have reached the bottom with their debauchery, they dig further down.

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    • SouthernPatriot, you are correct !

      • It’s a phenomena Western countries are experience to go against the grain. We wouldn’t find a single MUSLIM, class, education, ordinary run of the will, nor the village idiot, ever do what we are leaders are doing to their countries more. More fool us for letting them.

    • Southern Patriot, you spoke it well and I could not agree more. I am in Canada and our socialistic liberal idiotic idiots are in the process of passing a bill that if you speak anything negative about Islamist or their way of thinking about infidels and ect. that you will be charged. This law covers nobody but Muslims and this is suppressing free speech that our military fought so hard for us to have and maintain. I am at a point that I can’t stand brain dead liberals as they are destroying our freedoms one at a time, and they are in a complete supporting attitudes of giving illegal immigrants and refugees everything before Canadians who have paid taxes for years and who get no help when they are in need. These leaches are high up while they do not appreciate what they get and a number of them complain about not getting enough. They get a lot given to them, and they should get one way tickets back to Syria and fight for their country. But they are cowards and want everyone else to fight and die for them, support them, and ect., while the tax payers are getting the shaft big time.
      Sad to say, it is now becoming a country where it is against the law to have anti-liberal thinking, and we could be charged for saying anything negative about Islamist and their extremism.

  3. Francisco Machado

    One of the principle advantages of totalitarian suppression of speech is that the government in power can thus remain comfortably insulated from what the opposition is up to. This could be taken a step further – the Nazis outlawed all other political parties.

  4. What Merkel and the idiots from the left in America don’t want the world to know his just how deplorable the conditions have become in Europe because they have opened their borders to so many savage animals. Watch this short video to better understand what they have done to themselves.

  5. These suppression types abhor criticism. Hate speech removal should be done by the reader. You don’t like, you just don’t read. Opinions are a dime a dozen. Educated people know who is flagrant and personally turn them off.

  6. We are only 100,000 votes away from repeal of the First Amendment. The Obammunists were so close to a one-party dictatorship that they could taste it, and their bloodstained bisexual standard-bearer openly advocated re-education camps for “deplorables”.Large swaths of the country are essentially no-go zones for those who are not satanists, socialists or sodomites, and there have been riots and deadly beatings provoked by disagreement with marxist and metrosexual orthodoxy already and sooner rather than later somebody is going to be killed. The marxist muslim from Mombasa and his uppity militant consort just about completed the transfer of the United States into the Third World and were well along in its delivery into the Ummah; if we cannot stop and reverse this with President Trump we are going to have to find a Franco or a Pinochet and accomplish that by more vigorous means.

  7. Germany has lost its way. Angela Merkel, the European Union’s very own Hillary Clinton, has become a burden around the necks of the German people. Germany is a dying country. Its birth rate isn’t enough’t to maintain a vibrant growing civilization. Still, Merkel encourages an unmitigated flow of young Islamic refugees, most males and eager to reproduce the next generation of blood thirsty savages in the heart of Germany. Germany is a welfare state, its people don’t have the energy to reproduce nor the energy to attend to tens of thousands of people whose culture is alien to its own, will not assimilate, and will secretly work to murder them at their first opportunity. It parallels what Obozo tried to do to the U.S. And would have succeeded had Hillary not lost the election in November…

    • Apparently, George Soros has had his nose in everyone’s​ business so he can create havoc and get his One World Order.

      • soros has destabilized more governments than you can imagine, He is the face of Evil. And Know he will not stop, As long as he is alive he will not stop, and his son is a carbon copy !!!

    • “Merkel, the European Union’s very own Hillary Clinton”

      Hey, look, I also despise Merkel, but this is uncalled for slander IMO.

      • Slander of whom, NotJim? Hillary Clinton is such a diabolical, treacherous human being, she’s beyond slander. So, you must be referring to Merkel who has lost her mojo, and hopefully her job, over her inept handling of hundreds of thousands of Islamic immigrants flooding her country.

        • Slander of Merkel, of course.

          Did you notice I upvoted your original post?

          Merkel has put herself in an ugly quagmire thanks to 0bama’s BFF Erdogan:

          News item:

          Turkey’s NATO officials seek asylum in Germany amid Erdogan crackdown
          The majority of Turkish officials, reported to be military employees at NATO bases in Germany, have refused to return to Ankara despite orders. Berlin is now assessing the best way forward “with great care.”

          Good luck.

        • We in the USA should of course be smug , given our own bare escape last November.

          At least Merkel is (relatively) transparent.

          • Uh-huh, yep, I guess so. NotJim is fond of riddles and double speak, avoiding clear answers at all costs.

          • “NotJim is fond of riddles and double speak”

            Um, not really. I confess to being fond of puns, a taste that I get to indulge solely by virtue of being scrupulous with spelling and grammar (to the extent I can).

            Other than that, I have a keen sense of irony and of unintended consequences.


  9. as we can see…that Evil Slippery, Slithering Snake called obama is behind the Obstructionism along with the world liberal Communist, Socialist bunch of so called leaders. The People in these Euro countries had best WAKE UP and TACK BACK their countries from these Idiots that are Hell Bent on destroying them along with their Muslim Invaders.These Evil, Wicked liberals would like to Squash Free Speech if they could.

  10. If you haven’t seen this you should – take from it what you will. In the last pictures the guy on the left is the founder of the cult at an earlier age and the other is an overlay of his and Obama’s faces. I for one never believed that Obama Sr. was ever Barry whatever his name is biological father. I always thought it was Frank Marshall Davis – but after seeing this?

  11. free speech applies to only liberal approved oral diareiah.
    Freedom of religion only applies to muslimes that are legally in , out of, or illegally in the unitd states. You need to catch the Tucker Carlson show where he has a rep from the Immigration rights group . There perspective is that everyone has US Constitutional Protections no matter where they are in the world

  12. This is just another cyoa (cover your own a–) by Merkel and Maas opening the floodgates for immigrants and all the problems it has caused. Shutting people up doesn’t stop the problem, it will eventually cause dissent. Markel and Maas will lose in the end.

  13. If Germany turns into an Islamic shit hole, Americans will be shamed into sending aid. Do not expect Muslims to be able to sustain a first world economy.

  14. Strange isn’t it?
    Usually the first step is to disarm the citizenry, for their safety of course
    That has been a liberal effort forever, through history.
    Pol Pot, Fidel Castro, Edi Amin. Hugo Chavez. Benito Mussolini. Hirohito. Adolph Hitler. Mao Tse Tung
    Kim Il Jong. Josef Stalin. Josef Tito. The preceding group is responsible fr the death of about 22 million mostly their own citizens.
    The following are” democracies”, that have disarmed their citizenry.
    Australia, Canada, England, France, Germany Spain, Portugal, Italy , Greece.
    In an amazing coincidence all of these countries have passed laws that make it crime to say nasty things about their government , or “hateful” things.
    Germany has already started to smuggle weapons back into their country

  15. Os Germany taking Lessons from the (D) American Nazi party??? Or is it the OTHER WAY AROUND???

  16. It’s against the law to display a Nazi symbol or promote that doctrine in Germany, so let’s just call Nazism a “Religion” and then it will be approved.

    That’s the same argument they’re using to “justify” Islam, and it’s doctrines.

  17. Remember, somehow the SCOTUS found in the Constitution the right of the government to force us to buy what they defined as “Health Insurance,” as well as a right to gay marriage, abortion, and limitation of our gun rights. Watch out for unelected people in black robes – they tend to start thinking that they are the rulers, not the servants.

  18. Actually the NAZI (National Socialist) party was a left wing group. In the true spectrum the extreme right is total anarchy as in “Do as thy wilt shall be the whole of the law”. The extreme left is total government control of every thing and every body.

  19. Who is going to define hate speech? Oh Merkel is on TV is that a little moustache under her nose? It looks similar to another German. Possibly from the 30s and 40s? From what I see is happening in Germany it sounds like they do have a real big problem with muslime refugees. These people are doing disgusting things and innocent Germans are paying the price. It they are smart they will throw Merkel out of office. This is the dumbest idea I have heard of. It sounds like Merkel doesn’t like what is being said about her so she wants to silence her detractors. That sounds like so many tyrants throughout history. Germany beware!

    • Yes, “Germany beware!” But, I think we should also “beware” of Germany. Were not they the cause of World War 1 and 2?

  20. Merkel is a communist/socialist/globalist so do all to insure that NO opposition is tolerated.

    SO, what if, all along, there has been a secret plan or even two secret plans to create and help ISIS grow in order to create havoc as an excuse to send millions of Muslim ‘refugees’ into the EU and the US?

    What if each plan happens to coincide with one another’s objectives, but NOT for the same reason?

    What if globalists like Merkel, Obama, Hillary, Hollande, Soros, New World Order, the Democrat and Republican establishments, the oligarchies and the EU are part of it?

    What if Islam’s primary sponsors of terrorism, Saudi Arabia and it’s opponent, Iran, are part of the other plan?

    Yes…It’s so unbelievable, it’s unbelievable…

    …exactly what they count on…

    BTW: Less than A THIRD of Muslim nations signed up to coalition against ISIS.

    Saudi Arabia, Iran and other Muslim nations are funding ISIS and al-Qaeda.

    youtube. com/watch?v=I_To-cV94Bo&feature=
    Bill Warner, PhD: Jihad vs Crusades

    SEE: Coudenhove Kalergi plan

    • “Less than A THIRD of Muslim nations signed up to coalition against ISIS.”

      Do you have a link for that?

      “Bill Warner, PhD: Jihad vs Crusades”
      “youtube. com/watch?v=I_To-cV94Bo&feature= (close spaces)”

      Do you know of a version with English subtitles, rather than French?


  21. Well, unfortunately we can say Germany has gone from socialism right into communism AGAIN! I worry about my spouse’s family and relatives there. This all thanks to the nazi Merkel, and frankly, Trump, we need to be very careful dealing with this nasty hateful person. She doesn’t value anything but the lives of the invaders on her soil. Remember, Hitler has muslim help also during this “reign”, so now the muslims are back but to make Germany a part of their caliphate.

  22. So I guess that means the same thing pro’testical’ers here are getting away with in the U.S. such as threatening murder and physical violence to those they disagree with like reasonable folks. So, lets get at it and use AK-47’s to get those losers who take away our free speech, i.e. libnuts,. Then dig a trench to throw’m in and let worms crawl in their hole. Nah, just put big knots on their heads. Paybacks a bitch.

  23. Merkle is kindda murky thats going to increase rapes the muslims call whores who they keep raping with all their bros!
    Not only do they rape their victims, they have 3 whores @ home, that Moham said would make real men out of them is a clear joke on relligious ones! Rocky Mountain Oysters would indead clear up the sex problemo!

  24. Canada has already done this. Recently the Muslims have been granted the shelter from “hate speech”so that one cannot say things bad about them for fear of heavy fines and possible prison time. . . and the libs. are just salivating to get at the designater too.

  25. NEVER EVER FORGET; Merkle was raised in COMMUNIST EAST GERMANY, Indoctrinated there and is infected with leftist philosophy.

  26. Here we have another populace that lost the right to protect themselves with firearms. It is heart wrenching to watch a country run over by heathens that want to do nothing but harm the native population. Watch the video posted elsewhere on the site and wake up. Our biggest hope is that we not let a democrat take a major political office and have our country turned into a war zone by radical Muslims or another society that wishes us nothing but death. Our enemy of freedom is that normal looking person who opens their mouth and feels that America is up for grabs by these radical idiots. Never in a million years did I think I would ever feel this way until I witnessed what is happening elsewhere. It is bad enough that democrats think it fine to kill a baby that’s not born so what’s the next step kill children that are not up to their standards. There has been nearly 60 million abortions if the media is printing the truth. Tell me democrats what are you going to say to god when he asks you your stance on abortion or your stand on allowing radical Islam to rule your country and kill and rape fellow citizens. Do you really think that is what he meant when he said give to Caesar what is Caesars and to God what is Gods.

  27. Removing them, [ the threats from post contributions, is only part of the solution… It MUST be at least an arrestable offence to utter such nonsense, and names taken.
    In the unlikely event I thought so little of an individual to wish them dead, I would not perform the deed… Why you ask ??
    The German people do not have our Bill of Rights, guaranteeing the rights that were given by God to us.
    I will not stand before God on my due day, and be asked what happened to thus and such person… .

  28. Don’t fool yourself, very similar things are happening here as well. I made a comment on Facebook they apparently didn’t like and “BANNED” me. It wasn’t particularly a bad comment, I’ve seen worse, but they took it upon themselves to clip my freedom of speech rights, that’s what I call “CENSORSHIP” in the first degree. So our freedom of speech is also under fire. Just beware.

  29. Merkel won’t understand until they the jihadists get a hold of her and drag her off to the ditches!

  30. Freedom is a “tough customer.” I suspect that only a nation like the United States is able to truly practice it. I am convinced that the more the Gospel is preached in a nation, the more free it is. Too many people do not get it. Great countries like the United States of America do not happen by accident. “And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” The truth has been taught in this country. It has given birth to freedom. The more truth there is, the more freedom there is. The less truth there is, the less freedom there is.

  31. the liberal are already going full tilt at restricting free speech of those that disagree with the,. The muslimes get their arses kissed when any dare to say something true about Islime or allah. True facts about islime ie: kill all who are not muslime if they do not submit, raping women and children is OK, slavery is ok etc
    Islam needs to be destroyed

  32. Please! As long as facebook and twitter are not physically located in Germany, there will never be a dime paid for any German fine levied against free speech. The best any country can do is censor what they deem inappropriate via their local servers or ban the applications harboring the “offensive” content completely. Any American company, based on American soil, who complied with merkel’s BS agreement and signed it is stupid to the core.

  33. It’s already here! Two US congressmen have proposed the identical law. It’s always proposed by liberals since they’re exposed constantly for the anti-American rhetoric they spew, and their overwhelming desire to “transform” America into some Godless state. It’s up to the people to stand for freedom and morality.

  34. Continue to “cling” and buy more ammo. It’s coming like a freight train. Semper Fi!!

  35. Do you actually know what the German “free speech” laws are?

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