Georgia Sheriff Puts Up Declaration of Political Incorrectness

Apparently sick to death of liberals trying to turn the United States into something it was never meant to be, one sheriff in western Georgia has decided to take a stand against a declining culture. Harris County Sheriff Mike Jolley bought a sign and stuck it at the county line. It reads:

WARNING: Harris County is politically incorrect. We say: Merry Christmas, God Bless America and In God We Trust. We salute our troops and our flag. If this offends you … LEAVE!

Glorious. And, inevitably, controversial.

Annie Laurie Gaylor, the president of the perpetually offended Freedom From Religion Foundation, said the sign was divisive. “It makes visitors and citizens who are not religious or who believe in separation of church and state feel unwelcome,” she said. “It’s essentially turning believers into insiders and minorities or non-believers into outsiders.”

Hmm, the sign doesn’t say that atheists are unwelcome. It doesn’t say that people who don’t celebrate Christmas should find another place to live. It is a celebration of culture: This is who we are and if you don’t like it, consider whether you might not be happier somewhere else. It’s not wrong to promote your way of life. Especially when it comes down to simple, fundamental values that define what it means to be an American.

As for Sheriff Jolley, he doesn’t expect everyone to like the sign. “I spent more than 20 years in the Army to give everyone the right to disagree with me or anyone else,” he said on Fox & Friends. “And hopefully if they disagree, they can voice that opinion. But if it offends them – truly offends them, maybe they’re in the wrong country.”

Oh no, you can’t say that! We have to be tolerant, Mithter Jolley! We have to accept everyone! Unless they’re white. Or they are Christian. Or they believe in conservatism. No, then they can be endlessly mocked and vilified and criticized. But as long as you don’t fall into those categories, you’re good!

See, they recognize as well as anyone that you can’t have a strong nation without a healthy dose of intolerance. They don’t want a society that turns everyone into “insiders.” They want the same sharply-defined structure we’ve always had where some behaviors are discouraged and some are celebrated. They just want to reverse it so that the things that used to be considered good will now be considered bad and vice-versa. Anything they say to the contrary – any images they use of everyone holding hands and singing songs of peace – is a lie meant to obscure their real goals.

It’s about time that we stopped falling for the ruse.

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  1. If only Kaliphornia had a man in any office here. Geez we are rife with sissies, limp wristed slugs, libTURD, offended whiners, tax and spend pig vermin, gunphobes………………………

    • Raymond J Ambrozaitis

      And obviously you have no shortage of keyboard commandos such as yourself whose mouth vomits insane nonsense and whom no one fears nor should they

      • Osama Obama is CORRECT! My home state of California is a toilet because of the liberals and illegals.
        Raymond, you obviously do not live in the useless state of California or you would know the truth as Osama Obama sees it.

  2. We need more signs like that across our country.

    • lets start go fund me , and put them up

      • They probably won’t let us, because it’s TOO political an issue. Good idea though.

        • cal-You are in America! You have the right to put thay sign up in your yard if you wish.If citizens that believe in every drop of blood sacrificed for our Freedoms do not start taking our Republic back-we will lose what has made us great for 233 yrs. It is up to us to do what we must!

          • Even in America, people are banned from flying our flag or putting up religious ornamentation on their own property. I come from a military family and I’m upset over the total disregard of our true American history and the lack of it being taught to children in this country. Yes we all must speak up and the best way we can is to vote out every Democrat and RHINO in office and replace them with the most conservative candidates that we can find. What would really be the kicker is to infiltrate the Democratic Party with conservative candidates of their own and they would not be able to stop it.

          • I think only in a homeowner’s place of apartments the flag is not to be flown. I live 55 miles North of Atlanta and we can fly our Flag everywhere! We can put up signs everywhere.Guess we are part of our history here and proudly proclaim it. I agree Dem Party is really Communists now and that is so sad.A conservative like Trump has to be our next president. He hates political correctness and will bring back our Republic. He is a fighter!

          • I agree on Trump. As far as homeowner’s groups, Nobody in this country should be denied the right to fly our country’s flags. If people are offended by it then they can just leave.

          • Odd that the freaks/PC Lib-TARDS/Quislings can even see a flag when their vision is clouded by massive, opaque, sticky colon mucus?

          • mmm! colon mucus…..

          • Michael Dennewitz

            Got news fer ya pardner. In front of MY HOME, I have 3 flags flying high. The American, the french (to honor those that perished) and the Confederate, (which no one seems to understand the true meaning of) and I’ll challenge any asshole that even thinks of making me take them down! If someone tries, they’ll suddenly feel a .357 trying to sneak up their ass… I HAVE THAT GOD GIVEN RIGHT AND NO ONE’S TAKING IT AWAY FROM ME…
            disabled VIETNAM VET!!!

          • I fly the American flag, too. I was making a point on political correctness as in many home owners communities, mainly yuppie run, Americans are denied their right to be proud of the country. The Confederate flag that people have a problem with is Robert E. Lee’s battle flag and the army of northern Virginia. The true Confederate National flag known as “the Stars and Bars” consisted of Three horizontal stripes of equal height, alternating red and white, with a blue square two-thirds the height of the flag as the canton. Inside the canton are thirteen white five-pointed stars of equal size, arranged in a circle and pointing outward. The first one only had 7 stars. It is the flag that should be flown as it was never used in a negative way.

            Thanks for your service. My father was a China Marine, WWII, Korea, and two tours in Nam. I have nephews that served in the Middle East.

          • hey great Idea!

            Three squares in prison.
            saves on rent. free clothing allowance, free medical.
            almost like being back in the military.

        • You don’t ask for permission. You simply exercise your First Amendment Right.

    • cal3301—I agree with the county sign, but I would have added that we serve and eat pigs.

    • no what we need is more people to stand up and say what they think instead of cowering in the corner and letting these idiot destroy the country…both side are to blame that’s why we need someone who don’t care to say what he thinks and to back it… go trump 2016

      • The signs are also a way of stating we are fed up with the status quo and their political correctness and are not going to take it anymore. The more the signs, the louder the voice.

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  3. You love seeing your name in print? here it is bitch; Annie Laurie Gaylor. if it weren’t for our Puritan Pilgrim forebears you would likely have either been aborted or born in a pig sty or in Marseilles, France which is now a muslim city. You are patently STUPID! Dr. Thomas E. Davis, Colonel, USA (Ret)

  4. You can see clearly the difference between what the sign says and the leftist interpretation .

    • You nailed it.

      “leftist interpretation”
      Most of America`s current problems come from that twisted interpretation from the left.

  5. congratulations sheriff, the country really needs more like you!

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    • You’re absolutely right.

  6. Finally, a man with a set! Texas, my Texas.

  7. No big deal. I have always said that except to my Jewish friends or Muslim friends or Catholic friends, or my friends from Southeast Asia. I just take a second to realize who I am talking to and phrase my words accordingly. It’s called manners. The only one I change is the Merry Christmas one. The others, like “God Bless America” and “In God we Trust” are words they say because they chose to leave their homeland and live here and they also believe in God. I see this sheriff as making much ado about nothing.

    • Peter-then you do not understand America’s history! We fought to get out of British rulers, we fought in many wars to keep our Freedoms. God is worshiped every Sunday in our churches because we fought for that freedom. All people from other countries need to go by our Constitution of laws, and we take no demands from them.We stop nothing for Muslims, they all need to assimilate to America’s ways if they do not then they need to leave.That is manners!

      • I do understand America and American History and our Constitution and I served this country in the United States Army to protect those freedoms. And those freedoms include the freedom to worship as you please or not worship at all. It is called Freedom of Religion and it is the very First Amendment to the Constitution of these United States. I choose to exercise to worship God as a card-carrying Christian and have been active in my church organizing and teaching children’s Sunday School, adult Christian classes, as a Lay Minister, taking the Sacrament of Holy Communion to those in the hospital and those who were home bound. Now, if you believe that, in my heart, I am unfamiliar with the ways of this nation of ours and the Christ-centered community, then maybe you should become a more avid reader of the founding documents of our country and of the teachings of Christ. Christ did not force people to adhere to His way and His customs. He invited them. To the newcomers to our nation I say this, “Welcome to our country. We are a nation of diverse backgrounds and many cultures. Feel free to share your background and customs with us and we will share ours with you as we strive to become a larger, more accepting and loving family”.

        • Glad to hear that you served in the Army-Thank you for your service. I taught the Constitution in college so, I do know all about our documents. I am also a minister’s wife, and I know Christ as my personal Savior.Yes, Christ gave people a choice to follow him or not. Migrants coming here are required tolearn all about our Constitution of laws and to abide by them. They do not come here telling us what they are going to do.

          • Glad you accept that. That is all that is being asked of us by the people who do their best to govern what is probably the most diverse nation on this planet, without favoring or offending any one religious or ethnic group. It was tough enough just trying to keep our church centered on the teachings of Christ rather than arguing over what color the curtains should be in our fellowship hall. We humans loose focus too quickly on what Christ would have us do. I’ve been in trouble with someone in our church every day I was there because I did not care about the color of the curtains or who gets the solo when the choir sings. I always worried if we were doing a good enough job showing our children how much Christ loves them. What kind of message do we send to others if all we do is complain that some group doesn’t like us or we hate Muslims or we hate anybody? It sure isn’t a message that will bring a person to the Christ that I love.

          • You are right (a little bit) but that only relates to legal immigrants. Unfortubately there are 10 or 11 million illegal aliensl that came sneaking in via the southern border. That’s 10 or 11 million that are under no obligation to go through the steps that you are outlining, above.

          • No, the Illegals are criminals and must be deported. Trump is 100% correct!

          • You’re right and Trump is exactly right as well. And I hope that he ends up being elected. I would love to see the proceedings when the deportation or 10 or 11 million illegals finally begins. Big business (and medium sized business) will begin to squeal like stuck hogs. They will start to lose their cheap employees.

            Big business runs this country and they are also the reason that the southern border has never been actually closed… sealed. That is apparent to any “thinking” person in this country and Big Business/Government just thumb their noses at the citizens of this country, like we have no “say so” over what the government is doing.

            I am very sick of that.

          • Skip, if you check out the Chamber of Commerce, you will find how they cow to the Democrat Party. They are the ones that wanted Americans to lose their jobs so Illegals would be hired. Yes, Big business is part of the problem. It is mainly the Democrats influence. They are all for ILLEGALS and actually against Americans. I heard all this in a debate last yr.They called us stupid. Trump, I hope is elected and turns this all around.

          • I hope so too.

        • The sheriff’s sign didn’t have “Christians only” written on it anywhere.

    • We can see you have been warped by the PC police and MSM propaganda. What the Sheriff is saying is that this is America and if you don’t agree with what it means to be American, ie. follow the Constitution then you are more than welcome to leave.

  8. like to see more people take a stand

  9. So where in the Constitution does it say or mandate a separation of church and state? It does say that the government WILL NOT mandate a religion. I didn’t see anything in this article where the Sheriff was mandating a religion in the name of the government…he stated the facts of the country and if the PC idiots didn’t like it they could leave. I am offended by these self righteous idiot oxygen thieving feral animals everyday so can I force them to STFU????

    • As I stated earlier in this post, the statement was made by Thomas Jefferson. Jefferson statement was not meant to keep the church out of the government, but the government out of the church. Our government, federal or state, were not permitted to form their own church. Our country’s motto is “In God We Trust” and every monument in Washington, D.C. has Bible verses and references throughout. Presidents are sworn in using the Bible, as are people in a court room. Those that demand that the 10 Commandments be removed, need only look at our laws and see that it is part of them. What is ironic is the fact that it is a minority of bigots and haters, that force a majority to accept their points and they in turn label the majority, the haters. No wonder we have messed up kids in the colleges.

  10. Absolutely… it is time that we stuck up for our rights or we may well permanently loose them. In fact, its time to insist that public officials that enforce PC be removed from office and sent elsewhere to spread their PC culture… maybe Mexico.

  11. Great for this Sheriff! I live in GA and I am very proud we say Merry Christmas, God Bless America and we fly OLD GLORY with honor and Pride! We are Americans and these are our values as citizens to say just what we mean and we love our country with passion. Political Correctness is a bunch of junk from liberals. Get out of our way! We will always say IN GOD WE TRUST and mean it!

  12. Great sign! Brave man. Our Constitution does not say “separation of Church and State” it says the State cannot have an official Church, but that all Americans are free to worship as they please without unreasonable government interference. We need a good Supreme Court to affirm that and get rid of the folks who do not understand it. Merry Christmas to all!

    • What the Atheist spread, is not what Jefferson meant. You’re right that it is not mentioned verbatim. Jefferson statement was not meant to keep the church out of the government, but the government out of the church. Our government, federal or state, were not permitted to form their own church. Our motto is “In God We Trust” and every monument in Washington, D.C. has Bible verses and references throughout. There are members on this Supreme Court that are failing to do, what they were nominated for. They cannot write laws. MERRY CHRISTMAS !!!!!!!


  14. I love it, It’s high time that We the Silent Majority speak up and tell the unbelivers, infidels, atheists, what they can do and where they can go!

  15. On the one hand, I say good for the sheriff for making a stand that is contrary to the lot of those who refuse to acknowledge that we should bow and scrape to the creation-deniers, those educated fools who have their capital members in their colon and cannot see the surrounding matter.
    On the other hand, I declare that the Master Yahushua (Lord Jesus) has far more to do with Hanukkah and Purim than He ever had to do with Christmas. He never celebrated the latter, but for the first two, He is the one who gave the Jewish people their victory that resulted in both of those celebrations, because He had declared through the prophets that He would enter this world by way of the Jewish people, and therefore He preserved them alive so as to keep His promise. HalleluYAH!

    • Michael Dennewitz


      • And shalom to you, Brother Michael! It is truly a pleasure to meet a fellow-patriot and lover of the Almighty Yahuwah who is ready to defend this great country from the likes of our “POTUS” and his fellow Islamic and “Democratic” terrorists. Just the same as the Master Yahushua (Lord Jesus) gave the Jewish people their victory over the forces of evil, so He will give victory also to the House of Ephraim, the other ten tribes of Israel who went into exile before the Jewish people went to Babel. He will take us all home to the Promised Land. Per Micah 5:5, the Master will employ us under 7 shepherds and 8 principle men to remove all the forces of Islam and other evils from our homeland, and our eternal capital city will be the renewed Jerusalem, ISRAEL, in the Presence of our King of kings, the Messiah Yahushua. Home at last, home at last, praise Yahuwah we’ll be HOME AT LAST, omein.

  16. It seems the division between church and state is only one sided. Even the pope is into politics plus many so called religions so there is only one sided division.

  17. Many of us, tired of being constantly maligned by the leftists, can’t help but feel satisfaction, when some of us find creative ways to tell them that we don’t care what they think!

    • Michael Dennewitz

      I just hope that I’m around when the “GREAT REBELLION” takes place. I practically live at the gun range and I’m dying to pick off a shitload of Velcro heads and communist hot heads!!

    • Too bad the GOP leaders don’t think it’s base is intelligent enough to think for themselves. They are planning a brokered convention to take the primary away from Tump. Superdeligates will decide who your candidate will be. The only way to prevent it is if Tump actually gets over 50 percent but that won’t happen. There are rumors that they will enter a “dark horse” at the last minute and he/she will get the superdeligates votes. They have asked Mitt but he declined. I place my money on Jeb being the chosen one.

  18. What a A_ _ bag !!!

  19. Only BlackLivesMatter

  20. .
    the sign was divisive. “It makes visitors and citizens who are not religious or who believe in separation of church and state feel unwelcome,” –

    That is EXACTLY what the sign is intended to do. We believers and patriots are sick and tired of having to defend our rights and religion and patriotism from a bunch of malcontents. If you do not like the way this country is run then get the hell out and find someplace that will tolerate you if there is such a place.

  21. We need a lot more of our political figures and patriotic citizens to reject political correctness and enforce moral behavior and the constitution’s bill of rights as written by our founders. Reject ideological political correctness jargon interpretation by immoral socialists, illegals or anti American racial bigots of all colors and reeds. Physically healthy citizens and potential legal citizens need to rely on their own efforts for support of their families ( gainful employment) and not expect those who work and pay taxes to support their habits, moral or immoral.

  22. He should also post the “Bill of Rights” along with his sign as a reminder to those who’ve forgotten or ignore….

  23. Send ’em packin’ Sheriff…

  24. Thanks, Sheriff Jolley, I completely agree with you. I am politically incorrect (PI) and very proud of it. I stand with you.

  25. The need for the ad is necessary at every State, City and County to express the message of true Americans to the deceived Liberals and Atheists — that we love this country and that we stand ready to defend it and its ideals. Congratulations to the Sheriffs who bought the ad. I am willing to help in the funding for more if necessary.

  26. Hey Annie your Welcome…To Leave!!!

  27. Raymond J Ambrozaitis

    By Politics I Am a Progressive, by faith a pagan, I respect Old Glory and I support our men and women in the service. So tell me again where is the problem with the sign?

  28. The freedom from religion spokes woman is wrong. Non believers may not feel welcome but that is their choice. In order to give her indignation a degree of credibility she just had to include minorities in her statement. Ms Gaylor you are very wrong because almost 100% of the minorities I have known were Christians. I’ve never known a Christian muslim but I’m certain that they exist too. So don’t include them when you try to prevent a sheriff from expressing his view. This is still supposed to be a free country with freedom of speech. Back in the old days majority used to rule. So why don’t you go all by yourself into some corner somewhere and cry.

  29. The only thing missing from the sign is a small reminder at the bottom that it was posted compliments of the first amendment and the 2nd Amendment is applied liberally.

  30. This must be done in all the other 49 States!!! Get concept, it is contagious!

  31. Common sense prevails, Good sign Sheriff

  32. Someone with chutzpah! Praise the Lord!

  33. Sheriff Jolley, you are always welcome in Texas, as we have a good bit of the “politically Incorrectness” ourselves. Here when one allows his or her mouth to overload they backside, there are always folks who will be glad to reload your backside with common sense! Come on Down!!!!!!

  34. that go for me to I’ve always done all of those things a I don’t care weather it bother’s anyone or not …im just glad to see other people that believes the same way I do… so good work sheriff …it won’t be long till this country gets back to normal I hope anyway …go trump 2016

  35. Good job Sheriff! We need more people in public office like you. Keep up the good work. And God Bless you and yours.

  36. One god thing has come of this shooting by jihadists is this: we won’t have to send any more troops to afghanistan etc any more, as they can now stay in the good ol USofA and fight mohamed’s brain washed followers who die when killing all infidels in this country as the reward blanket will be spread on for those to use in reaping their rewards they have won for the killings they participated in and bellering Allah Akbar!!


  38. great job sheriff PC LEFTIST THE DOWN FALL of America

  39. God Bless you Sheriff Jolley. I’m with you 100 percent . Like you, I have served our great country in different capacities for some 30 years traveling the world. And for those who do not like your sign can LEAVE.

  40. Dennis B Anderson

    Yes lets open up this can of worms and start kicking a$$ Its time for a funeral fire.

  41. The sheriff said the following or so it’s claimed.

    As for Sheriff Jolley, he doesn’t expect everyone to like the sign. “I
    spent more than 20 years in the Army to give everyone the right to
    disagree with me or anyone else,” he said on Fox & Friends. “And
    hopefully if they disagree, they can voice that opinion. But if it
    offends them – truly offends them, maybe they’re in the wrong country.”

    Seems entirely reasonable to me.

  42. We need every Sheriff in America to do the same. Thank you to those who are standing for the 2nd amendment and for us all to enjoy our rights, specially those that help us to protect ourselves, our families and property.

  43. The crux of the situation is, that these people believe no one should be allowed to say their position is stupid, illogical, immoral, or destructive. Sorry. ALL Americans have the right to EXPRESS their opinions ANYWHERE in a peaceful manner, without fear of persecution by the government, but to expect protection from other citizens PEACEFULLY challenging their position is ludicrous. Freedom of Speech does not exist in a vacuum; EVERYONE has the right to disagree with you. If someone disagreeing with you hurts your feelings, too bad, GROW UP!!

  44. Thank you Sheriff Jolley. God will always be a part of our lives and I’m sick of people pushing God away.

  45. Great job it is time to speak up for what those of us that served believe. The problem is those that are so concerned with political correctness have never served.

  46. Mark N Starla Traina

    PRESIDENT OBAMA is a DANGER to HIMSELF and U.S. in 2015


  47. It’s people like Anne Laurie Gaylor who don’t want a separation of Church and State. They want the gov’t. putting chains on our Freedom of Religion. Well, what do you expect from a Commie slug??

  48. Dominic Roy Accampo

    We should promote a Constitutional amendment on this issue and then politely escort all liberal free thinkers who refuse to allow for freedom of speech to the nearest border and toss their assets out!

  49. Annie Laurie Gaylor, the president of the perpetually
    offended Freedom from Religion Foundation, said the sign was divisive; makes
    visitors and citizens who are not religious or who believe in separation of
    church and state feel unwelcome….. WHAT! Lady are YOU aware of the fact Muslims
    and other select Religious Groups are receiving FREE HEALTHCARE paid by Federal
    Funding! Christians – Black, White, Brown, Yellow, Red, and a mixture of many:
    as well as non-believers, atheists, and Jews are paying the tab with taxes
    !!! You should be INFURIATED about that!
    That should be viewed as Separation of Church and State. Open your ENORMOUS
    mouth about the cost!!! The sign you are complaining about did not cost you a
    dime! If this is the MOST offensive thing YOU have to deal with, thank my
    Savior !

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