Georgia Professor to “Stressed” Students: Just Choose Your Own Grades

University of Georgia Professor Richard Watson was forced to change his policies after a Campus Reform story came out showing that he was allowing students to decide for themselves what grades they achieved in his class. Under the guise of a “Stress Reduction Policy,” Professor Watson encouraged his students to look at their grades, decide if they would cause them to be “stressed,” and then ask for a different grade if they needed relief from that emotional burden. And please note, we’re not talking about some mushy social science course here, either. Watson teaches Data Management, which sounds like the kind of course where your grades would not be particularly subjective.

“If you feel unduly stressed by a grade for any accessible material or the overall course, you can email the instructor indicating what grade you think is appropriate, and it will be so changed,” Watson said in the syllabus. “No explanation is required, but it is requested that you consider waiting 24 hours before emailing the instructor.”

Another aspect of Watson’s policy gave students the option of leaving their group work at a time of their choosing without worrying about what that might do to their overall grade average. Furthermore, all exams were open-book, meaning, essentially, that you would have to be some kind of blockhead to actually get a bad grade in his class. Which just proves the earlier point: If you were failing Watson’s class, you damn well deserved to be failing.

“Only positive comments about presentations will be given in class,” Watson’s Stress Reduction Policy continued. “Comments designed to improve future presentations will be communicated by email.”

What kind of ridiculous, safe-space nonsense is this, anyway? Is he teaching tomorrow’s leaders or a class filled with soft bunny rabbits?

After the policies went public, the University of Georgia released a statement frowning on Watson’s kid-gloves approach to teaching.

“The University of Georgia applies very high standards in its curricular delivery, including a university-wide policy that mandates all faculty employ a grading system based on transparent and pre-defined coursework,” they said.

Professor Watson subsequently removed the policy from his syllabus.



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  1. This is proof that the education from University of Georgia is worthless.

    • Now, based on the almost 30 years I spent working with a Federal Agency, a UOG decree would be enough to get you hired. As long as you are not a white, male. Anything else you have a chance, you may not really be able to do the job. But then you could collect a good settlement by claiming your boss was unfair. And at least when I retired there was still ,barely, enough good staff to cover the workload.

      • Isn’t it wonderful what Communism has brought us? Sarcasm intended.

        • -You definition of communism is incorrect-You wouldn’t know what a communist was if they sat on you face-

          • Perhaps, my definition of Communism is:

            Communism – Marxist-
            Leninist system.

            the Marxist-Leninist version of a classless society in which
            capitalism is overthrown by a working-class revolution that gives ownership and
            control of wealth and property to the state.

            Socialism – Political
            system of communal ownership

            a political theory or system in which the means of
            production and distribution are controlled by the people and operated according
            to equity and fairness rather than market principles

            Capitalism – Free-Market System

            an economic system based on the private ownership of the
            means of production and distribution of goods, characterized by a free
            competitive market and motivation by profit

    • NOT only UoG!! Many years ago a college degree ACTUALLY meant something!! It was something to be admired, something that was to be envious of!!
      Now it is just about as worthless, as a Kindergarten participation award! You have clowns graduating (?) with a degree in basket weaving 101, English Lit. and History majors!! Unless one is going to be a writer, a teacher or become another WORTHLESS professor WTH good are these degrees?????????????
      I “used” to be in awe of someone with a college degree!!! That passed, now it, for the most part, is a degree in “Party Hardy “U””!!!

  2. I can just see these pampered little pearl clutchers at their first job post college/nursery school. “But sir I think I am doing a good job, it’s just that I’ve been a bit stressed, so I cut my hours back to three a day, also I gave myself a raise, a week off and a corner office. I know I’ve only been here a week but I feel I deserve it. And I find it most inappropriate that your criticizing me to my face, you should have sent me an email so I could consider it and decided whether or not to sue you for whatever discrimination I can come up with at my leisure.
    I get the feeling that over the next thirty years or so we’re going to see an awful lot industries effected by liberal snowflakery. It’ll be exactly the kind of chaotic insanity these lunatics bring to everything. Thank God Trump won. Could you imagine the damage four more years of this ridiculous nonsense would have wrought?

    • Great job at satire!

    • This crap could send our industry back to overseas. Everyone will be on welfare because working will cause stress. How stupid is this so called educated moron idiot?

      • my best friend’s step sister gets $82 every hour at home and she has been without work for 9 months.. the previous month her revenue was $16719 only working from home for 3 hours each day.➤ look at➤ this➤ site

    • They need to fire all the “professors” like Reagan did the Air Traffic Controllers. Bunch a panzyasses.

    • It’s because of these softees coming online that I will have my good paying full time job as long as I want it. I’m 68 years old, with an old fashioned “work ethic”, that can run rings around alot of the people 1/3 my age. I have three grown daughters and I’ve told each one of them that as long as you have a good work ethic, you will never lack for a job. There may be times where that job may not be the greatest, but you will always have a job (if you want it). I told them that many years ago when I saw that latest “crop” of aspiring “workers” (and I use that term loosely) coming into the work force,

      Many businesses are trying to broom the older workers, and bring in younger ones … because they come cheaper … but some are seeing the error of their ways and are trying to lure retirees out of hiding.

      Us older types can only go for so long, then we HAVE to give way to these molly coddled losers who have wasted mommy and daddy’s hard earned money getting something called an “education”. An education in WHAT I have to ask?

      • Yep. My son was learning disabled, so his main job was to LEARN and go to school. The DAY after he graduated high school, he got a job, has been working ever since, is now an Army NCO, and almost done with his college degree in Criminal Justice.

        He didn’t get off easy because he had a learning disability, either. I never called it a “disability.” It was a “challenge” and an “opportunity to excel.”

        I cannot imagine these pansyass snowflakes as parents.

        • Krazeehors you are a fine parent and you do us all proud! It sounds like your son is turning out to be a fine young man and you have alot to do with it. God bless you both!

        • USN Vet 31yrs Svc

          My youngest son has a learning disability, also. He has worked since age 14. Due to his work ethic and pleasant personality, he was just awarde hie 15 year pin with the county road dept. He never took anything for granted. He knew he had to excel at application & ethics. He is loved by all his fellow employees of all depts. I am a very proud Dad. I never once interferred with is job. He did it all on his own. Personal responsibility, good character, honesty, ethics will win at any job.

          • That is awesome. My ex-husband and I knew by the time my son was in 1st grade that he had learning disabilities. He was born with deformed Eustachian Tubes and had to “grow into them” so he didn’t hear or talk until he had tubes in his ears at the age of two.

            He was always a polite and respectful young man. Then we moved to a small town in Illinois, spoke to the school superintendent to let them know that he had ld’s so he would get the help he needed. He got NO help of any kind. Just a lot of abuse and ridicule from his teachers and, trust me, he has a Grizzly Bear for a mom!

            My son overcame all of that!! Left middle school with a 2nd grade reading and comprehension level, and graduated high school with the reading grade level of a junior in college!!! He got some awesome special education help, believe me. He did the work on his own. Once he learned HOW to learn he flourished!!

            To this day, he is just a nice young man, father of three and married to his high school sweetheart for almost 13 years, and up for another promotion!!!

            I am a proud mom, indeed!!!

          • God bless you, him and his family and a “heartfelt” HALLELUJAH!!!

    • Natalie — your post is welcome. But, may I point out that the industries will be AFFECTED, not EFFECTED by this liberal “snowflakery”. (I like your use of that last word.)

    • Can you imagine one of these morons on the Supreme Court?? OR in the military?

      • There are those who would jam the military full of them. Can you see it? “I’m not sure whether I’m a man or a woman, how can you expect me to be sure that guy with the funny looking vest and detonator is actually my enemy?”

      • Apparently, we do have some of them on the Supreme Court, and in the Military. Example of the rulings against President Trump. The acceptance of LGBT s and homosexuals in the Military.

    • ROFLMAO!!!

    • Sounds like you’ve described our Congress critters.

    • Round up ALL of these little snowflakes and airdrop their spoiled little butts onto a Taliban infested mountainside in eastern Afghanistan and let them see how tough life can be. My youngest son did 5 tours over there and managed to get a Masters in International Business at the same time, without any snowflake pampering BTW.

      • USN Vet 31yrs Svc

        Send the snowflakes to venusuala. Where they don’t have to compete & everything is free to socialists.

        I salute your son, Sir. Now he has value to America.

        • My son, Paul, is one of the lucky ones in that he never got physically injured but I know his last tour in 2013 he described as “the tour from hell”. That’s an even BETTER idea!!!!! i LOVE IT!!!!!! Shall we send their professors too?

          • Professors FIRST, students 2nd wave!!

          • Possibly BUT I still think it’d be more fun to drop the snowflakes in first and watch them mess their diapers without anyone to run to (i.e. professors).

        • I agree with sending the snowflakes off, but feel Venezuela is too close. Send them to North Korea or Syria.

    • Yeah, they not longer graduate with a degree!!! They granulate (just pass through) and get a participation paper!! ROFLMAO! WTH has this Country become?? Land of the “DUMB”!!! LOL!

  3. That ought to produce a few winners! NOT. I think the professor is the one who is stressed out by the thought of having to grade tests and papers. Let them choose their own grades and nobody has to do anything except pay tuition to do nothing and learn nothing. The professor can just collect his pay and wallow in his benefits. Liberal Arts!

  4. Today’s young men and women are going to have a rude awakening when they enter the workforce and see how the real world works. Of course many of these so-called “Snowflakes” will be living in their parents basements until they are well into their 30s, so reality won’t set in for a while. However, when they final get work, they are going to find out real fast that the corporate world isn’t going to give any “Safe Spaces” or cut them any other kind of slack. If they don’t perform, they are replaced with someone who can and will do the job. If today’s teachers and parents think they are doing these kids any favors by coddling them, they had better think again.

  5. Data ,management? Sounds more like data tampering.

    • Americans Wake Up

      University of Georgia – We are proud of our basement dweller, game playing, website hacker graduates!
      If your a snowflake- apply today. We refuse no one (except conservatives)

      • Hey dummy.  You go to college to learn.  If you are so stressed out you can’t handle it, get out of college.  You don’t belong there.

      • William McNamara

        One would think that a “University” could at least understand the proper use of “you’re” instead of “your”.

        • Moonlight Gambler

          Thanks! I am tired of being pilloried mentioning comments about to, too, your, you’re, their, there, they’re, and a host of others! Americans apparently don’t review their screeds, or just don’t have the smarts to use proper words.

  6. I have a solution for those over stressed, poor little snowflakes. Why not just mail degrees to the high school students and allow them to by pass those four years of stress that college brings. Same result!
    (Heavy, heavy sarcasm!)

  7. The best solution here will be to give them a college degree at the time of their birth and be done with the whole issue. There, even their education is free, problem solved. You’re welcome.

  8. DirtyDaveyDownEast

    If only back in the day; I could have been a contender. I could have had it all. I could have been valedictorian.


  9. I’d be embarrassed beyond words if I were a UGA student or alumni. People need to realize that colleges are not Day Care Centers……ostensibly they are institutions of learning!! Obviously, that’s not the case at UGA.

    • That is what that old a**hole Obama was trying to do to our country for the last 8 years. Take him out of his house along with Michael and let him live on the street.

    • Surely there must be a criminal penalty for tampering with school grades, regardless of the level of education. If not, the states should pass such laws.

      • Interestingly, my oldest of 3 daughters(who is a UGA graduate along with my grandson) told me that the prof. who made this comment is in the Business School and rumor has it that his “days are numbered”. We’ll just have to wait & see how this plays out, won’t we?

    • Alas poor college I knew thee well!! More and more colleges ARE become DAY CARE CENTERS!! ARE becoming schools of mixology ( how to mix drinks) and how to have righteous parties!
      They have all but given up teaching!! I used to respect a college degree but anymore if I see a sheepskin on a wall and need to wipe my a–, ask the holder if I may use it!!

  10. Michael Dennewitz

    And these shitheads are guiding and structuring your children and grandchildren!! 🤣😃😄😅

  11. The ultimate cloud dropping more snowflakes on an already weakened and wussyfied culture.

  12. Remove the policy from his syllabus but, no doubt, not from his classes.

  13. As you noticed the man is still teaching so no penalty for poor conduct.

  14. Professor Watson subsequently removed the policy from his syllabus.
    SEEMS it would be more appropriate for Professor Watson….to be removed!!!!

  15. Does anybody think this would happen with students in China or Japan? NOPE!
    • They’re learning the old fashion way like we used to. That’s why they are achieving while we are concerned with snowflakes and unqualified peeps supposedly teaching them.
    • Liberal/Progressive indoctrination has been winning and there’s not much time to turn things around before it’s over for the America I once knew.

  16. Everybody gets a trophy.

  17. The Liberal rule for the “New Liberal Schools”……….”I don’t want to attend any classes, I don’t want to have to study or do any reading of materials, I don’t want to take any tests, I don’t want anyone to talk to me about the class and I demand an A on all of the tests I didn’t take. And, if I don’t get all “A’s” I will call you a Bigot and a Racist and have my brain-dead parents Sue the school and force them to complete my “so-called education” at no cost what so ever. And, I also demand a safe space for 18 hrs. of the day so I can go to the pub and drink myself to sleep” And, this is what the Federal Dept. of Education has planned for the future of this country!

    • USN Vet 31yrs Svc

      And because I am so up set at hitliary’s loss*, I want my final exam cancelled.

    • Good God how true!!

      • Both of us remember how it worked back when we were “held responsible” for everything and none of us ever thought that we were entitled to “anything and everything just for being present” to anything! Near the end years of my career I found that many of the young folks seemed to think that they should be the CEO, just because “they were there”!

        • AMEN!! Now a days the kids want $50 per hour to start, work 15 minutes and get a 1 hour rest break, a “FULLY” furnished apartment and a $300,000 car and all the PS 3’s, XBoxes etc. they can have!
          “If work ethics was TNT they couldn’t muster enough to blow they’re nose! Now before some A–Hole tries to climb in the middle of my s h i t there are in fact some good kids coming up through the ranks BUT that number is shrinking by the minute!!

  18. Why do we have professors like these destroying our kids? From a college professor.

  19. And this idiot is still on their payroll?? Depending upon course curriculum and circumstances I have known instances where grades were determined by the students but they were social study courses concerning group activities and were determined by the participation students exhibited during the course by the individual group members. That has nothing to do with a professor letting students change their grades because they were stressed. That is stupid. Who wouldn’t claim stress? Who doesn’t get stressed during a semester? Cannot see a future with students taught in this manner.

  20. He dropped the policy from his syllabus. Does that mean he really rescinded his policy?
    Teachers like this and the bad reputation they bring upon their school only hurt the
    non-snowflake students. What’s an employer to do? Check behind their ears for frostbite?

  21. So WHY even attend college – sit home in mom and dads’ basement and make up your own grades and even degrees……
    Tiger Woods: “You can’t possibly mess up your career like I did”

    Kathy Griffin: “Hold my beer.”
    Johnny Depp “maybe it’s time we killed the president”
    Madonna ” I have a dream …of blowing up the White House”
    Hillary Clinton “like with a cloth”
    Loretta Lynch ” meet me on the tarmac”
    Lois Learner ” lets investigate the tax records of these conservatives”
    Eric Holder “sell mexican all the guns they want”
    Lois Lerner ” I claim the 5th”
    Susan Rice ” lets get these masks off”
    Samantha Power ” lets unmask everyone”
    John Brennan ” everyone is a security risk to democrats, unmask them all”
    Barry Osama ” you can keep your doctor”
    James Comey ” Ok, I will call it a matter”
    Phil Montag “glad” House Majority Whip Steve Scalise got shot last week.”
    Pelosi ” lets just pass it”
    Schumer ” they are murdering millions of people”
    Waters ” we have two Vietnams, side by side”

    Democrats are lost in a house of mirrors, and all the hallways lead to Hillary.

  22. If you’re too stressed then resign. Professor from Georgia he must be a NIGGER PROFESSOR!!! When it comes to work NIGGERS are a bunch of LAZY BASTARDS!!! I will never hire a NIGGER!! Right away if things don’t go their way they are always looking to sue.

  23. When the professor is more stupid than his students, there is trouble in the nation’s future. The idiot SHOULD HAVE BEEN FIRED AND HIS TEACHING CREDENTIALS TERMINALLY WITHDRAWN.

  24. Yet another example of Liberal Foolish in the Propaganda centers of so-called Colleges. What if our Forefathers had been this spineless, we would not have the freedoms so many Snowflakes Liberals take for granted. It is indeed very sad to see this happening in this great Country. Lord Jesus please save us all from this Foolishness.

  25. Tyronne Shoelaces

    Why show up at school at all? Just pay your tuition and they can hand you a post-dated diploma. No such thing as higher education any more. Not since the communists infiltrated our education system. Time to come out with guns blazing.

  26. Our education system in America is raising a nation of wimps! I pity students when they meet the real world!

  27. I give myself an “A” in everything. In fact, I don’t see the reason to attend classes any more. Just give me my diploma and shut the fuck up.

  28. Obviously this “professor” is a total MORON teaching a class full of aspiring MORONS!!

  29. ConservativeSenior

    He’s dumber than the students. Take him away from them and give him a janitor’s job.

  30. With professors like that, I coulda been a straight-A student.

  31. Hmmm , we have seen what sort of leaders we have gotten with such liberal leadership . God Help America if these sorts get into politics of any sort . And God help anyone hiring these pampered little brats .

  32. I’m going to be a Engineer designing bridges but don’t worry I gave myself A+ grades even thought I only attended half of my classes. But I really feel good about myself. Would you like a list of the bridges I’ll be working on?

  33. Mathematical certainty

    “The University of Georgia applies very high standards in its curricular
    delivery, including a university-wide policy that mandates all faculty
    employ a grading system based on transparent and pre-defined

  34. This is very wrong–If I was a tax payer in Georgia–his job would be gone tomorrow–this new way to grade–takes the competition out–and we need that in the world to give a challenge –everything you do today is in a competition way–even getting out of bed–and the world would be gone if we do away with it. Giving everyone a positive grade makes everyone stupid–life this stupid professor– If was his boss he would be gone with no comment from him.

  35. You would certainly think that Georgia graduates would be the LAST ones hired since you could never take there degree seriously. In fact, today, you couldn’t take a degree from any university seriously.

  36. Lets see.. they graduate (of course) get a job, and get to choose their own salary… right?

  37. Just reinforces the obvious — “education” at today’s universities does not require any real LEARNING. The professor, who is baby-sitting for the little snowflakes, will give you any grade you want. There is no concern on his part as to whether or not you’ll be able to do anything useful after you graduate (and you’ll graduate as long as you are breathing). This is what today’s liberal faculty (and they are almost all liberals) consider education — making it clear that they, too, have learned almost nothing useful.

  38. David H. Cheresh

    Whoa, Nelly! You mean I could have gotten into medical school by ascribing my own grades in physics, chemistry, biology, anatomy, calculus, and statistics? Damn, am I stupid!

    That diploma would sure look a lot more impressive than my “Gay Minority Women’s Diverity Studies,” with a minor in “Basketweaving” sheepskin!

  39. Classic example of how to destroy a college.

  40. What have universities come to? Overpriced professors encouraging students to take out loans they’ll never be able to pay back for an inferior education. Time to remove tenure and fire these pampered leftest idiots. There are “real” teachers who would do their jobs. If there are no grades there is no responsibility of the professor to teach their students the required material nor any pressure for the student to learn the material and the costs just continue to go up. The prices of a university education continue to go higher and the quality of an education continue to go lower. The salaries demanded of professors continues to go higher beyond any possible return of value. Administrators are even worse.

  41. With Instructors like Professor Watson, our kids will learn absolutely ZERO at college. Now isn’t that a great return for your money invested for them to go to a good University and still come out a dunce? I would be so angry if my kids had an instructor like that idiot — needs to be removed or at least RETIRE NOW!

    And you wonder why our Society has become one of the less intelligent in our History as a Country. No wonder Europe was laughing at us when obamalama was President. They couldn’t believe anyone with half a brain would ever elect an unknown, inept man to our most important position in the Country. Well, they aren’t laughing any more (and neither are the Liberals)…thanks to President Trump!!

    Step One – Strong Patriotic President — accomplished.
    Step Two – Bring God back to our Country, our schools, our Sports Events — working on that now!
    Step Three – Re-invent our Public School System to “teach” not indoctrinate — working on that one!
    Step Four – Diminish the Progressive Party — they’re doing it to themselves!
    Step Five – Bring America back to the People — Need to pass Term Limits to remove all the pretentious and non-working Congressmen from getting $$ for doing nothing but getting more $$ — Really need to pass this and kick those old foggies to the curb FAST.
    Step Six – Bring up our children to be responsible and caring…that’s a life long endeavor.

    What else can you think of as Goals for making America great again?

  42. Joseph Krvekoski

    A college indoctrination (degree) today isn’t worth the paper it’s printed. My son just graduated and he told me he had a professor have them choose their own grades. He also had professors that did not speak English and when he and others complained they got the “racist discrimination talk”. Our entire educational system needs repair, no wonder companies are importing foreign workers for technical jobs our colleges are failing. Our kids go into debt for the piece of paper. They are better off becoming a plumber, electrician, AC Repair, Welder or even joining the military than wasting their money on college. College professors credo “If you can’t do, TEACH.

  43. How is this Moron still teaching?

  44. This is a total embarrassment to the University of Georgia. How about they just fire his butt and hire a real professor?

  45. Why don’t those where the school is just close it down? How can he call himself a teacher? Colleges are useless today as they refuse to teach anything they find offensive and they seem to find it all offensive. What a mess Liberals have made of this country,they just don’t like it to be good I guess. I am of the mind of others who say that being liberal is a mental illness.

  46. AWWW, the spoiled, whining brats are stressed. Living in the stupefied, lefty liberal world of moonbeams and la la loons, what else could be expected. When the real world ‘spanks’ them, they riot in the streets.

  47. Than! Why even bother going to college. Stay home and save money because you have to prove to any employer you understand what they want. Any employer worth his salt has very strict rules and they will question extensively.

  48. They should FIRE this total moron who has no business being allowed near ANY young vulnerable minds.

  49. Kudos to the president of the University of Georgia for taking rapid action to put a stop to this so called professor’s ridiculous efforts to turn students at this fine school into snowflakes. Southerners know how to put a stop to nonsense.

  50. “Professor Watson subsequently removed the policy from his syllabus.” Professor Watson should be removed from the faculty.

  51. If that’s the case, a college diploma is worthless. Why would any company hire a recent ‘graduate’ with a 4.0 GPA only because that graduate gave himself the grades?

  52. These Snowflakes will be America’s future.We will be the joke of the world when it comes to higher non education

  53. Good thinkin, who needs Prosperous Phillosipfors, or speach studies?

  54. I recall that hundreds of Georgia “educators” were arrested and convicted for padding kids’ grades and graduating them out of high school so they could continue to get federal funding for their schools. Fraud comes in many forms, and with that said, Georgia should hold colleges to a better standard of earned grades or else arrest the “nutty” professors.

  55. USN Vet 31yrs Svc

    I guess when they present their resume & degree, they won’t be surprised that its relegated to the bottom of the pile as having no value. The georgia degree is equated to purchasing one on the internet. An employer would question its value. Wish them luck.

  56. That’s wonderful! Why not pay ,whatever you like ,for tuition? Choosing your own grade will make professors obsolete, Just send ,the college of your choice, the type of degree that you would like and they will send back your degree. think how glad al,jezzera,gore will feel, all that carbon used from ,mom & dad’s house to campus, will be saved!

  57. Frederic Charles Hilnbrand

    You gave me a ‘D’ on my grade. Look I only missed 1/2 the term and never got over a ‘C’ on my tests and exams but never gave anyone a hard time and always did the best I think I could have. So because of that I think I should get nothing less than a ‘B’. OK??

  58. Don’t send you kids to colleges like these. Waste of time and money.

  59. Or if they have Many Millions of Taxpayer Funds at their disposal just have your records hidden !!!

  60. One more from the book of STUPID!

  61. I started to watch Fox News channel at five o’clock and was totally shocked. The moderator plus all guests were bad mouthing President Trump’s remarks to the press today. Fox News Network is just about as liberal as CNN, and other bastard networks. I’ve heard rumors that Roger Ailes and others were looking to start up a new conservative News Channel. I really believe all the little kiddies in college along with the likes of George Soros have ruined our country.

  62. This “professor” needs his head examined! For crying out loud he’s supposed to be teaching College age students, NOT 2 yr olds!

  63. Too bad they don’t give the parents the same opportunity when it comes to paying for that worthless education that their children are now getting from so many colleges.

  64. problem is, these little kiddies never got a 9EEE up their a$$ when they were growing up.
    Remember, the gov’t says you can’t look at your child cross eyed or it is some kind of “abuse”

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