Georgia Governor Vetoes Religious Liberty Bill

There will be plenty of criticism thrown at Georgia Governor Nathan Deal for vetoing the controversial religious freedom bill on Monday, but he won’t deserve most of it. This wasn’t a fight between ideas or principles or even political opponents. This wasn’t the purehearted LGBT supporters winning a victory over evil bigotry. It wasn’t even the annoying brand of Republican capitulation we’ve seen so much in Washington. This was the only choice Deal had.

When it comes to gay rights, liberals have big business on their side. They learned the power of this alliance last year in Arkansas and Illinois, and it puts these governors in an impossible situation. When Disney, Apple, the NCAA, and the NFL are warning you of the consequences of passing the bill, there’s not a lot of room to stand on principle. You can’t sink your state’s economy over something like this. You can accuse Deal of betraying conservative values, but if his signature cost the state thousands of jobs, he would have been in betrayal of the governorship itself.

“Our people work side by side without regard to the color of our skin, or the religion we adhere to. We are working to make life better for our families and our communities. That is the character of Georgia. I intend to do my part to keep it that way,” Gov. Deal said. “For that reason, I will veto HB 757.”

Because you can’t say, “Uh, we have to give the corporations their way on this one.” Just sounds bad.

Who knows, maybe Deal would have vetoed the bill no matter what. But assuming otherwise, there are two very troubling implications of what happened here. First, and most obviously, we have allowed companies to essentially overrule the people. Gov. Deal was elected. The legislature that passed this bill is made up of elected individuals. No one elected Apple. Not saying that corporate influence is anything new, but it’s a little disheartening the way these companies don’t even try to hide it anymore.

More importantly, this signals a desperate need for better messaging on LGBT rights. Republicans have a history of obliviousness when it comes to taking their principles to the people. If we had some party spokespeople who could frame these issues in a way that resonates beyond conservatives, we might actually gain some ground. Instead, we get two extremes: Republicans who wish they were conservative shock jocks or Republicans who wish they were Democrats.

It’s a cliché at this point, but our country desperately needs another Ronald Reagan.



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  1. Money, the root of all evil.

  2. So much for morals and ethics.

  3. In the USA and with any number of anti discrimination laws on the books, there should be no need for another law and yet we are seeing discrimination aimed at Christians.

    • Michael Dennewitz

      … we inch closer and closer to socialism…hmmm

      • Dude, this nation went socialist over a hundred years ago. Socialism is what enabled us to win WWII and become the greatest nation on earth.

        • Ha Ha Ha!!! Social Security=ponzi scheme on steroids, low income housing project slums, welfare generations, wasteful gubment spending.

          • You should write a letter to your congressman.

          • I don’t know about you, but I worked for 46 years, paid into social security and have earned every cent of my monthly annuity. In 2012 when I went to apply for it, there were very few people with gray or no hair in the office that day. So much for the “lock box” when it comes to social security. Seems anybody can get it these days and haven’t earned one penny of benefits.

      • Not socialism, Michael, but pure communism via the DNC 1963 published Communist Manifesto to take over America in 44 steps, and if either of the DNC evil twins get the WH, that is what we will have and America gone, gone, gone.

      • Right on, except that we are not inching, we’re galloping. Inching is what the U.S.A. was doing when I was a little boy, during the final years of FDR’s time in office.

    • There is no evidence that Christians are victims of discrimination.

      • Then you are not paying attention.

        • Give us an example.

          • There are plenty of examples to anyone with eyes to see and ears to hear, as with the suits that the perverts have launched against people who will not bake a cake or do the photography for a so-called same-sex wedding, which might exist on paper but not in fact. That’s just for starters. Stop being a contortionist. Remove your capital member from your colon and stand up straight and look around. Don’t ask us to do your homework, because we’re not your baby-sitter.

          • Jesus loved everyone.

          • Jesus sold his goods and services to everyone.

          • How could Jesus sell anything? He didn’t own anything. He didn’t even have a house to live in or sleep in. He depended on the generosity of others His whole life while He was with us.

          • He was a carpenter and worked for gays.

          • Ok, he was a carpenter because that was His earthly father Joseph’s trade. Like any good father he taught his son a trade. There again in order to be believable, please reference scripturally where He worked for gays??

          • The truth is hidden from the wicked.

          • Lest we forget that Jehovah God referred to their chosen lifestyle as an abomination. Just a part of Satan’s army and agenda to win as many souls to the losing side. Read Revelation. In the end we win. Or I should say, we have already won. Those of us that have our names written in the book of life. Come join us. Heaven is going to be great!!

          • I’ve seen the book. You’re name is not there.

          • I know that Fred is telling the truth. Your name was nowhere in that book.

          • That is precisely why it is hidden from you, nu?

          • I hear all and know all.

          • Only Yahuwah Tzevaot (LORD of Hosts) “sees all and knows all.” Even the term “all” is beyond our ken, for we are mere humans, and His zeal is directed to making us–all who will accept His call and act on it–ever-living sons in His Kingdom through His beloved Firstborn Son, our Master Yahushua, omein.

          • Follow the lead of Fred Trump and support White Nationalism..

          • White America must support Trump’s mission to be Fuehrer, and restore White People to Supremacy, as ordained by God..

          • There are Americans of all shades who are supporting and working for Mr. Trump. Besides that, there is only ONE race, the HUMAN race, and we are all equal under the Constitution, at least that’s how it should be.

            White supremacy, black supremacy, and purple-polka-dotted supremacy, whatever, are all the result of minds suffering from severe mental constipation.

            In any case, our Redeemer, the Master Yahushua is an equal-opportunity Savior, and may He rebuke and remove your lie and send it to the pit of hell from whence it came and even wise you up to His truth, for He loves and cherishes all people of whatever shade of skin, for He made them all, and He is zealous to save all who come wholeheartedly to Him for Him to be our Redeemer, omein.

          • Tell that to the Master when you come up for judgment. Or maybe you will wake up and humble yourself before Him before then, as the Master would rather we turned from our evil and to Him for everlasting life. Again, it has to be your choice before the Master Yahushua, not anyone else’s, omein.

          • His name is Jesus, not Yahushua. You need to learn English or Trump will have you deported.

          • For many years I was saved, knowing only “Jesus,” but now I the Master Yahushua has shown me that it is more blessed to know His real Name, rather than the twisting of it through the Greek and English languages. I have told you His word. His word to you is, per Luke 6:46, KJV: “And why call ye me, Lord, Lord, and do not the things which I say?”

            When you start following His instruction, you will be a much more blessed individual. Until then, just keep on making your excuses until you tire of them.

          • I know the true Jesus.

          • Do you know the Master Yahushua, our Redeemer, who never once for eternity ever violated His Father’s Torah, which forbids homosexuality? Do you know the Master, who has no pleasure in the death of the wicked, but that we should turn from our Torah violations and live? For we all have sinned, per Romans 3:23, and the wages of sin, Torah violation, is death, per Romans 6:23. If you don’t know the real Savior now, you will, you will. May it be a joyful meeting for you, with your sins washed away, as Paul said of some of his congregants, that they repented of homosexuality and other violations and overcame them, in Yahushua’s Name, omein.

          • Poppycock,jackass!!!

          • When you call names, you tell everyone what you are already. It is your choice, if you want to remain where you are, hopeless both in this world and the next, and you will find out who’s the bloody jackass in the Judgment. I feel for you, following the blind and falling into the ravine, and you’ll find out how funny it really is, in the Name of the Master Yahushua, who would prefer to be your Redeemer rather than your Judge, omein.

          • Name-calling is a baby-level thing. When you do it, you are actually calling yourself the name you give others. Shame on you, and I hope you can give it up and grow up, in Yahushua’s Name, omein.

          • I love your mind. Bravo!!!

          • The reference to “Jesus loved everyone” would indicate that he is in the past or no longer relevant?? Just guessing though. Truth is He is very much alive in Heaven. He will when Jehovah God says so return to earth. I have a personal relationship with Him. Oh what a friend we have in Jesus!!

          • Show me where Jesus told his followers not to sell things to the gays.

          • You are right, 30 pieces of silver could buy you everything.

          • Christian teachers forbid students from saying the name of Satan.

          • You lie, Christian teachers in Christian school use that name all the times.

          • It’s in the Bible.

          • You are quite right that the Master Yahushua (Lord Jesus) loves all people. That’s in the present tense, because He is still on His throne.

            On the other hand, He has given us a road map (called Torah) to follow that leads to everlasting life and has given us the choice to follow it or not. He is the one who told ancient Israel to choose life and blessing, and who told them the trouble they would cause themselves by not obeying the instructions.

            He is who gave Moses the instruction that it is confusion and abomination for man to lie with man as with a woman, per Leviticus 18:22 and 20:13. He it is who had the Apostle Paul to write in 1Corinthians 6:9-11 that there will not be any practicing effeminates or homosexuals in the Kingdom, but he says that some of his students were washed clean of their sexual perversions. We can all be cleaned of whatever sins that hold us slaves by the Master Yahushua, because He loves us and has the power to save us from ourselves. None of us deserve everlasting life, but He will save us FROM our sins, not IN them, for He will not have us living in everlasting misery, but we have to choose life.

            If we cling to sins, such as homosexuality, pederasy, bestiality, or any other use for sex than the proper sanctification of a husband and a wife, then those sins will cause us to die in Gei-Hinnom, the Lake of Fire. We need the Master Yahushua’s POWER to lift us out of this abomination, or else we are choosing death and not everlasting life.

            Your choice, my friend, in the Name of the Master Yahushua our Redeemer, omein.

          • You belong to a false religion.

          • Wrong! I left religion because all religion is perverted by the devil, the #1 pervert of all, who will go to his place in Gei-Hinnom and never emerge from it for eternity, by the power of the Master Yahushua, omein!

            In short, I am a recovering Christian, much as an alcoholic can never say he’s totally cured, but the Master Yahushua is gradually cleansing me of all churchiness. HalleluYAH and omein!

          • I to feel the same about religion. But I still attend church. Here’s why, according to scripture it says where two or more are gathered together, I am there also. For folks to say they don’t need a church family is like having an automobile in the driveway and never putting gas in it. How far are you going to be able to drive? I believe in a relationship rather than a “religion”. John 3:16 says whosoever believes in me shall not perish, but have everlasting life. That includes all who believe regardless of your particular “faith”. You will never find a perfect church nor a perfect pastor. I am a sinner in need of a Savior every day. After all isn’t that who Jesus wanted to associate with, sinners? Just as we are called to do by following His example. God has called me to prison ministry. I am a “Kairos junkie” Go to KPMI and check out our website.

          • You people are FAUX CHRISTIANS and make a mockery of all religion.

          • I have shunned religion and am not a Christian at all, but I witness to you that the Master Yahushua, the one the Christians call “Jesus Christ,” is the one who formed YOU in your mother’s womb and who gave you the free will either to choose His Way of everlasting life by putting your heart and soul in trust in Him or to remain mortal and suffer the second death as well as the first.

            Religion is twisted by the one we call satan the devil, so you should beware of passing judgment against Yahuwah Almighty based on the hypocrisy of religion, in the Name of the Master Yahushua, omein.

          • Bingo!!!

          • Many on this site, are pathetic right wing lying losers.

          • Just as right is the opposite of wrong, so is it of left. It is more blessed to be right in the sight of the Master Yahushua (Lord Jesus, but not the wimp that many people imagine) than to be either wrong or left. He is the definition of RIGHT, from before the foundation of the world, omein.

      • Students are forbid to say the name Jesus in schools but teachers having no problems of making homework assignments on Islam religion.

      • what freaking universe do you live in??!!!!!

    • the Illuminati is behind this whole thing they worship Satan and they are plotting for the new world order they want to Ban christian faith and all christian churches from this country and to Deport all the Catholics to Rome and they are also Using Isis to destroy the Vatican now it is time for the Priory of Sion to reveal the truth about the Real jesus that the Templar Martyirs and the 19 centuary Priest Beronje Sunere is telling us

  4. “Deviants”, the root of all evil! Is a contributing factor to the demise of this country. If you have a “dick”, you’re a male, if you don’t, you’re a female! Live with it!

  5. Is what these companies doing called fagot bribery? Where is the AG for Georgia?

  6. What troubles me about the article is that there was no explanation of what the bill actually said. While I don’t want an agenda forced down my throat, some laws are written very poorly and should not be passed. This article gave me nothing to base an opinion upon except the word of the author and, while it may be accurate, there is no way to really know for sure.

    Make no mistake, I am tired of being told by corporations what I can and cannot do; groups like Disney, Apple, Facebook, the NFL or NCAA have no right to force their worldview on others. To be clear, there is a difference between lynching African Americans (which is clearly) and being told that you cannot disagree with another lifestyle in a non-violent way based on your worldview (which violates the first amendment). This type of political blackmail by powerful un-elected entities should be addressed legally, although doing so would be a challenge to draft and enforce. Again, because the article didn’t offer specifics I remain in the dark regarding the facts of this case.

    • Please, please do not use the same lazy tricks the liberals use. I just googled the bill after reading your comment, you can also find it faster than what you just typed.

      • I know that I can look it up, but when reading an article I want to read the significant passages in the article. I don’t live in Georgia and I work three jobs, so I am not that interested. My only point is that the author can help us out a little by at least including the significant passages.

        • That is a good point, but remember the author might have an axe to grind and leave out small details to push readers a false path. Liberal and conservative writers both do it to push an agenda.

          • Agreed and I am aware of that human tendency. Unfortunately there is too much information out there to assimilate it all, so we have to pick and choose where we invest our time. The provision of context helps, even if it is biased, as there is no shortage of different opinions which virtually ensures that someone will point out the deficiencies.

            By the way, I appreciate the thoughtful comments.

          • How true, how true.

            Another point is what ever happened to attention to detail ?

            When I was in school that article would have rated a big goose egg for leaving out the 5-Ws+H. (If you don’t know what that is about you can google that too. No time to explain it here)

  7. Being a Georgian that was his last deal. I for one will not support any company that forces into depravity and as for Gov. Deal enjoy your last term.

    • He’s term-limited, so, yes, this is his last term as governor.
      With campaign financing corporations can spend all the money they want without being identified with the groups they fund.
      At least in this instance you know where the companies stand. Don’t like Apple’s or Disney’s actions? Don’t buy Apple computers or watch Disney movies.

      • All the “powerful” bigwigs who push their evil agenda on the people will wake up in a resurrection, having left all their temporary wealth and power in this age. They will be raised up literally quite stark naked and having nothing, and will have to answer for all they’ve done to the people instead of for them. As Romans 6:23 says, “The wages of sin is death,” the second death from which there is no resurrection, while those who humble themselves to accept the gift of life from our Master Yahushua (Lord Jesus) will have everlasting life in new bodies that never grow old or sick or any of the problems these mortal bodies suffer. In the Name of our Master Yahushua, omein!

        • This world is not my home. I’m just passing through. All my treasure is laid up somewhere beyond the blue. We can’t even take our bodies with us when we die, so what’s the use in accumulating a bunch of “stuff”??

          • Oh, yes, those who die in the faith in this age go to heaven for a while, but we return with our Master Yahushua (Lord Jesus) when He comes to clean up the earth, and He will give us new bodies that never age or wear out or get sick or hungry. Keep your trust in Him, and you will have more than heart could desire, omein.

          • That may well be true. But right now I am satisfied to have a relationship with my king, my friend and most of all my Savior. I am a humble servant serving my Lord as it directs us to do in scripture. Love one another just as I have loved you. Thanks brother for your words of enlightenment. See you in Heaven some day!!!! May the good Lord bless your socks off!!!

          • It’s great to have brothers and sisters like you, eagle keeper. May our Master Yahushua also bless you with continuous growth in learning His Way, omein!

          • To: Shem and Eagle, both: I like the conversation, I’m reading, here.
            Why wouldn’t I? I agree with everything you’re saying!

            Keep up the good work (maybe someone, who doesn’t yet know these things will see faith and be with us, on the Day of Judgement.)

          • HalleluYAH, for that is the purpose of our Master Yahushua (Lord Jesus), that we point others toward the Light, which is Himself, for He is the Light of Isaiah 9:2, John 8:12 and 9:5, and He is able to save even the worst of us who turn from our Torah violations and to Him, even as He saved the violent persecutor Saul of Tarsus, and he became the Apostle Paul, who led many people first to salvation and then to Torah observance, keeping the horse in front of the cart, as He learned from the Master Yahushua after the Master knocked him OFF his high horse. Praise Yahuwah for His great patience with us sinners and His zeal to save all who choose His Way, in Yahushua’s Name, omein!

          • Science

          • The Master Yahushua (Lord Jesus), the Son of the Most High Yahuwah, is the author of order, of all science (which is from the Greek meaning ‘knowledge’). We have YET to search out all the basics of science as He laid it all out. Maybe we have scratched a little bit of the surface, but no more than that, but He will wise us all up when it is time to do so, omein.

          • I think maybe somebody has scratched a little bit of your surface. It’s medication time

          • Projection, Brother Jimmy, projection! You’re looking in the mirror.

          • Ahhh Shemp, again you’re wrong. Mirrors dont see me

          • No, they don’t, but you see a reflection of the ignoramus who’s looking at it, nu?

          • No, you dumbass Thats what I am saying

          • I am not. I’m a smartass, just like you. We come by it honestly, but the Master Yahushua, our Creator, the one who formed us in our mothers’ wombs and who offers us salvation free because He already paid for it, will wise us all up in due course of events. Count on it! In the Name of the Master Yahushua, omein.

          • It’s your choice and your privilege to laugh now. But you will remember this when the laugh is on you, in the Name of our Master Yahushua, omein.

          • HAHAHAHA Thanks Shemp I needed a laugh May Jah have mercy on your soul

          • Yahuwah tzevaot (of armies) already has had overflowing mercy on me, and will have plenty more, for I need it just the same as anyone. I am glad for it, but not so glad for those who refuse it, for they will regret it every moment of their remaining life.

            May He likewise have mercy on you, Brother Jimmy.

    • A natural born American

      The Supremacy Clause of the United States Constitution (Article VI, Clause 2) establishes that the Constitution, federal laws made pursuant to it, and treaties made under its authority, constitute the supreme law of the land.[1] It provides that state courts are bound by the supreme law; in case of conflict between federal and state law, the federal law must be applied. Even state constitutions are subordinate to federal law.[2] In essence, it is a conflict-of-laws rule specifying that certain national acts take priority over any state acts that conflict with national law. In this respect, the Supremacy Clause follows the lead of Article XIII of the Articles of Confederation, which provided that “Every State shall abide by the determination of the United States in Congress Assembled, on all questions which by this confederation are submitted to them.”[3] The Supremacy Clause has been described as the “cornerstone of our Federalism”.

    • That is a choice every citizen has but noting it here as a response, I believe does minimal good. The CEO of each corporation must get the word. The grassroots must inundate the offices of the CEOs with emails and/or handwritten letters. They should be polite but firm.

    • You’re trying to force companies into depravity.

    • I agree. We have a young man from our church that ran for and won a Georgia house seat. His grand parents are in my Sunday school class. We need to pray about him running for Governor. He wouldn’t cave on religious principles the way Nathan Deal did.

      • Eleanor Cummings

        Pray hard for him then, that he doesn’t “fall in with the crowd”! Seems power corrupts. Pray hard, so we can have HONEST, GOD-LOVING people in office.

        • You can have all the god loving people you want, but they have to follow the constitution before the bible. Problems arise because you clowns can’t seem to remember that

          • Eleanor Cummings

            If the Constitution is followed as written, we should have no problems with that. I don’t think church and government should be mixed.You still need God to guide you on what the rights of ALL religions are. (We are talking about RELIGION as vs. IDEOLOGY.) Everyone worships in his own way, as long as that doesn’t mean beheading people, raping children , blowing up and destroying everything you don’t like, etc, etc. And It’s up to the voters to elect “good” people to office, and let everyone attend to their own religion.

          • You forgot “using religion to discriminate against people” And how does ‘god” advise on what the rights of ALL religions are, if many religions believe in a different god? Or is it just your god that gets to decide. How about the people who believe that there is no god? Why should your god speak for them? You don’t need god and religion, you need morality and empathy

          • You don’t even know what you’re talking about!! You sure didn’t read my post as written. You, Jimmy King, are most definitely a liberal democRAT who gets on sites to try to start folks arguing with him, which is just your form of idiotic entertainment. No wonder your elevator doesn’t get off the first floor – the lights are out! I don’t think you’re the sharpest knife in the drawer, either. You write gibberish. I don’t believe you know what you’re talking about, so I’ll just ignore you from here on in and read the rest of the comments from people who do – more interesting. Someone like you bores me to tears.

          • Ellenwhore, that is usually the response given when people are not quite smart enough to understand what they are reading. You might be best ignoring anything written above your head. I would hate to see you learn something or strain a muscle

          • Morality is doing what is right, no matter what you are told

            Religion is doing what you are told, no matter whats right

      • It doesn’t matter. The trash you clowns are trying to get enacted is unconstitutional You can elect all the bible thumpers that you please and they will be wholly ineffective in getting your stone-age bigoted views into law

    • Another good thought, along this thought: When U.S, Sen. Paul Coverdell (a duly elected Republican from Georgia) died in office, Gov. Roy Barnes ( a dim bulb democrat) replaced him with former Gov. Zell Miller (Democrat) and Miller proceeded to become a thorn in the sides of the democrats because he’d decided they had “left the will of the people.” (To quote him.)
      When Barnes was up for re-election, he got thumped by Sonny Perdue, who became the first Republican elected to that office since right after the Civil War.
      When Barnes ran against Deal, he got his head handed to him in the ballot box; it remains to be seen whether he’ll try it again.

      The point is this: Georgia’s voters appear to be fed up, with the shenanigans of the Democrats and I am glad for that!!

  8. Americans Wake Up

    So corporate America dictates what we can and cannot believe. Time to boycott the heck out of them. I already have written Disney and the NFL off. Will not patronize them in any way. Have Disney channels blocked after they started pushing the gay agenda in their kids programming. The NFL is a waste in so many ways whether its the gang bangers always in trouble or their push of agendas like the LGBTXYZQurs. The halftime show at the Stupid Bowl was nothing short of a BLM and Nation of Islam show.

    • Time for Corporations to boycott you.

      • I guess you like living on the dole while congressional members and probably SCOTUS are owned by the big corporation donor dollars as well as by Soros. Sorry, but this has to end and we take back our America. You no likey? Pack up and leave today and you won’t get your passport back if you want to return. We need real Americans and more so those who know our history as I do.

        • I live on the interest and dividends paid to me by the corporations I own stock in.

          • You see it as Socialism and I see it as Capitalism. We will see how great this nation stays if we have either Hillary or the great Socialist Bernie Sanders be the next President. I hope you will enjoy being forced to share more of what you worked hard to attain. I, personally will not!

          • You see it wrong. I see it right.

          • Says you!! What a statist DOLT!

          • This nation was founded by statists.

          • How can you see anything, your head is up your a$$.

          • Like having your garbage collected once a week instead of having to drive it to the landfill yourself? Thank socialism.

          • I think you are BLIND Fred.. That & your ignorance is not buying you much.

          • You see it wrong. I see it right.

          • Left / right establishment same shi& on different plate. Must get out of establishment that rob us all with ludicrous spending and skim and skim off the top. I’m all for programs to help the poor but that’s not where all the money is going-mostly black budget and to other nations interests. They’re using our money to create so many unneeded programs that just make us and our children debt slaves. ONE ny toll bridge/tunnel collects over 6 million dollars a DAY. EVERY SINGLE TRANSACTION IS TAXED- there’s more than enough money-where’s it going???

          • Probably to try and pay the interest on the 20 trillion and growing debt would be my guess?? What say you??

          • For sure while spending out of control and skimming off the top everywhere. That’s 55k per person, paid off slowly over ten years it’s 5600 a year or over 20, 2800 if they could do zero interest (possible without federal reserve). Clearly the money we’ve spent in this 14 year war made them profit and tanked us and only made problems exponentially worse. I wish Gaddafi was alive, all the innocent civilians and I’d be much happier having to pay $5 gallon for gas than taxpayer money making globalist so wealthy they can control the entire world. I don’t mean the 1%-they’re broke in comparison. I mean the .00001%! Sigh. I wish people understood that mine and everyone else’s push to stop this was for their freedom and benefit. I’m sick, tired, my life is pretty much done, so this is all for those who don’t understand geopolitics and have their whole life ahead of them. They had no hand in letting it happen while we didn’t see what was happening so I feel it’s my duty to repair something they cannot grasp//wouldn’t know where to start, but it’s exhausting, ya know?

          • Corporate whores!!

          • If the toll roads I’ve been on are any indication that money sure isn’t going to keep the roads in good order. Toll roads are some of the worst roads I’ve ever driven on

          • What happened was “regulatory capture”. The free market needed SOME regulation to avert certain types of environment catastrophic errors if people could just go bonkers drilling and dumping whatever/wherever they wanted. Capture is when it’s out of control govt. failure leading to special interests. If not familiar with regulatory capture (new terminology to me), check it out-quite interesting. It’s like you know what’s happening but if you don’t have the words to describe it on their turf it’s harder to contend. So learning that stuff helps me.

          • Fred did you have sex with your mother growing up?

          • Yes. My mother is a hot babe.

          • I think Fred has 2 dads, and I bet they like to swap positions in the dark.

          • You and your ilk secede, like you have bellowed about for years.Texassss is your speed.

        • Fred wants his “slice” and doesn’t care about others.


          Start by reading the Constitution, turn off Faux News and put down the six pack. Our history was white washed, and your ignorance is showing.

      • Irrelevant!

      • Dennis B Anderson

        Time for someone to slice your sorry phucking head off you muslim mongrel. Your pants are so shiny and thin a person could count the change you carry in your back pocket. Obama hasnt yet paid you yet for your socialist views you put down here. Tell us where you live and we will make sure youre thrown away at the border. You see where I come from we dont take light of muzz socialist who come to our country trying to change it. Youre living on borrowed time punk.

        • Kisses to you.

        • HAHAHAHAHA Its hilarious to me that there are still people in this country as ignorant as you are. You must have had one shitty life to have so much pent up anger and racism. What happened? Your third grade education isn’t taking you as far as you thought?? Did uncle lester make you play hide the salami at the family bar-b-que The ignorance is frightening

    • Add to that list: Burger King and Campbell Soup and ALL their other related products which there are hundreds….

    • Join my boycott… We are doing something about Liberal MEDIA Bias.

    • You forgot about Disney retiring their workers, hiring illegals, and make the legal citizen workers to train them. I worked there, and never saw their libturd viewpoint coming. I did know that they put foreign students through school and they worked their way through the school terms. Never knew what happened to those illegals after they graduated.

    • Nobody can dictate what you believe. You are free to retain your stone age views. However you’re not going to force that garbage on the rest of the state

    • They don’t dictate what you believe. You’re free to be as bigoted and homophobic as you please. And they are free to take their business to states that aren’t backwards and in the stone ages. Problem for you, is they don’t give a shit about you and your antiquated views. They will keep on thriving, without closed-minded people like yourself. Come out of the stone age or get left behind

  9. Now do you people realize the control business has over our Govt. This is at the state level, now figure out why billions of dollars are spent at the federal level to control the elections The citizens have lost control of everything except the very minor legislation. Now maybe some of you will realize why Trump is so popular, except to the people that have the most to lose, it is not because they are racist or any of the other names they are called, it is because Govt. has sold us all out for power and money and some people have been living this for quite a long time. Remember, the scotus ruled that companys are people which helped give them more control and rights. Do not think for a new york minute that big business (not small business) are worried about a boycott.

  10. Could it be that Nathan Deal is a fudge packer himself? The NFL is also known as the National Felony League, due to the moral caliber of a lot of it’s players. As to the NBA, like Imus (NY radio shock jock) said once. If it wasn’t for the NBA a lot of these players would be on 10th av. with a spray bottle and a news paper cleaning your windshield. This refers to alcoholics and drug users, trying to make spare change by cleaning windshields.

  11. And another politico bows to pressure from the useless left at the expense of his voting base. wonder where
    he will find work when they throw him out of office next election? I heard / read his statement that he thinks
    there are enough laws on the books to protect the people of Georgia from abuse of the criminal deranged
    sociopaths in our society. It is truly a shame that we have judges who are so moral corrupt that they even
    tolerate such frivolous abuse of our legal system for the demented sickos in the homosexual crowd.

    • James I maybe wrong, but I am of the opinion that most of the perverts do not even vote, they just wet their pants (if they are dressed) out in front of some business or city hall and the jerks in the capital write legislation to defend their perversion. I find it hard to believe that a portion of the population that does not even comprise 3% gets to whip the dog around like super man…something is amiss with this picture…

  12. Because we have driven most corporations out of this country, states are now forced to do anything corporations want done. The states are now fighting to get what few remain and if it wasn’t for the fact that those bidding on government contracts have to be located in the U.S. can you imagine what would be left if they those few did leave this country.

    • glenn, and that is another reason to elect Mr. Trump because he shall bring manufacturing and other businesses back to the USA which will help in our very weak economic recovery(?) 1.2% under OWEbama and should be around 3 or 4%. More businesses will mean we the people can stand up to those who dictate depravity as right. The Dems have of the last few years totally capitulated to the devil and now the RINOs are doing so, too. NWO? Evil!!!
      TRUMP 2016!

    • A county must be self-efficient America is not anymore. Small businesses can’t even get there foot in the door without too big to fail businesses paid for governors stomps them out!

      • We really don’t produce much of anything any more and if you took out the government employees that there are probably 3 for each job we would be in a real bind. No worry though as the government keeps passing laws to justify hiring more. I grew up in the 40s and 50s when this country was Conservative and religious and to see what we have changed into really frightens me. Trouble is each new generation doesn’t realize how much freedoms they have lost.

    • True that, we used to be a manufacturing society during the industrial revolution. Then the left couldn’t bear all that “prosperity” so they had to unionize the plants, force management with demands that they could not abide by. So they cut their losses, moved off shore which threw a lot of people onto the dole. Democrats increased their voting block thru such actions. Most of those former gainfully employed folks are dead or have seen what unitization did to their jobs and have become conservative Republicans. So now the libs have to open up the borders to import a new voting block and support them off the public dole. Only problem is the horn of plenty ran dry a long time ago. 20 trillion in debt and growing larger every day. Yea now that’s the way to run a country into the ground Mr. Obozo.

      • Trouble is the republicans let the democrats get away with everything without saying a word. They knew when Johnson get elected to the senate it was with votes from the grave. All they said way back then was we didn’t want to raise a stink. Look at how Johnson alone changed this country and how much just his great society has cost us. We now have Obama and again the republicans are quiet. Just take the Philly districts where not one vote was cast for a republican plus more votes were cast than registered voters, not a peep. Allowed the black panthers to control the polls in sections of Florida driving away republican voters, not a peep. So they are going to impeach him, what a joke at the rate they are moving on that one he will be dead of old age before that happens. Obama has set up programs and put people in place that will cause destruction to our country long after he is gone. Guess the most discussing election was between Obama and McCain what a joke, which democrat would you vote for. McCain has been nothing but a big mouth doing nothing and when he joined Kennedy showed his true colors. Of course it was well known he was a registered democrat until he ran for the senate but since a democrat at that time couldn’t get elected in this state changed to republican. He also got in by saying he could help the vets as he was one but every time a vote came up said he couldn’t vote because it would be a conflict of interest. The only time he voted when running for president was on the increase of his own pay.

        • Eleanor Cummings

          And how much you want to bet we Arizonans won’t vote McCain back in office in August? And Flake, the other turncoat, is next to go. Both are Obama’s lapdogs.

          • Yes have always said Flake has the right name. As far as McCain he has always been a turncoat and really showed his true colors when he join Kennedy on immigration. He was a democrat and changed to republican because they told him at that time a democrat couldn’t win in Arizona but he really never changed just in name only

          • Eleanor Cummings

            My pet peeve (or should I just call it what it is – my anger issue) is the fact that McCain, as a veteran himself, should have been on top of the situation at the VA Administration and VA Hospitals nationwide, but he couldn’t take the time or just didn’t have the inclination to see how badly our vets were being (un)treated! These men and woman who came back home maimed in body and spirit, who shed blood and limbs fighting a lost care because we have a president who is bringing our enemies to our country in droves- the enemy that is already taking American lives!! Yes I get very angry at our government who uses the lives of our young people then, when finished with them, they just discard them like scrap. Since I’ve “vetted” McCain, I can only think of spitting on him, which wouldn’t be PC, now would it?? Nor ladylike, I suppose! (sigh)

          • McCain first ran for the senate saying he was a veteran and could help them. Problem is every time a vote came on veteran issues he said he was a veteran and it would be a conflict of interest to vote on the issue. He did vote on one issue and one only when running for president and that had to do with an increase of his own veteran pay.

          • Eleanor Cummings

            How can congress vote THEIR OWN pay raise?

          • They really don’t, it was set up in 1989 for automatic pay raises. What they have to vote for is to stop the automatic pay raise.

          • Eleanor Cummings

            There’s no way those greedy, do-nothing, so-called representatives of the people will forgo a pay raise for themselves! But they WILL refuse the COLA for seniors. They can’t live on their paltry salaries!!

            They only get a percentage of their present salary when they retire? Here’s their present RETIREMENT salaries! All For Life!!

            Salary of retired United States Presidents $180,000 FOR LIFE
            Salary of House/Senate….$174,000 FOR LIFE
            This is beyond stupid !!!!!!!
            Salary of Speaker of the House …$223,500 FOR LIFE!
            This is really stupid.
            Salary of Majority/Minority Leader $193,400 FOR LIFE!
            Ditto last line.

          • How would you like to have a job for just 2 years and be able to get that salary for life? It was also nice they were able to change the law so instead of having to vote for their own pay raise they had to vote to stop the automatic raise. Problem started when our forefathers who loved this country couldn’t imagine the criminals there would be in the future who’s only interest was to bleed it to death.

  13. Set up a recall election take the fing RINO out.
    The thing for a state or municipality to do when they start starts this crap is maintain a state website with the names of the people and the businesses threatening them.
    After actors and companies lose about 25% of their revenue, they will quit this crap.

  14. william g munson

    How long before they can impeach him or recall him for this this is a country founded on the In God we trust not gay or lesbian rights Period and by the way hIs word does not change or does his commaments and he destroyed two cities because of this and only saved four rightous Period

  15. Does anybody know the list of companies?

  16. It makes me mad when another Stupid governor will violate the constitution when it says we will not restrict or impead religion. That might not be the exact word but religion (Christian faith created with Gods, help this country), but it takes just a few stupid liberal ” know it all’s” to break God’s will.

  17. And the left continues its fear mongering to control people.

  18. The only examples of discrimination are the ones of the LGBT community discriminating against Christians.

    • You are forgetting atheists, agnostics and now Muslims. I refer to the, all as the perpetually offended.

      • Examples?

        • Well, besides the obvious Muslim attacks on Christians here in the US, how about the boycotts against Chick Fil e or Hhobby Lobby or those people who want to adhere to the tenets of thei Christian Faith but are forced too. Or complaints this Easter by Muslims objecting to an Easter Egg hunt where the community was all included. Do you not see that as a form of discrimination? Probably not

          • Jim David Adkisson, a devout Christian and anti-abortion right-winger, walked into a Knoxville church on July 27th, 2008, and began firing a shotgun at children who were performing Annie Jr. He killed two and wounded seven, targeting “the church because of its liberal teachings and his belief that all liberals should be killed because they were ruining the country.”

          • Liberals murder millions of babies every year! So?

          • Abortion is a God given right.

          • Give a scriptural reference for your assertion that abortion is a God given right?? There is one that would not cover your statement. That is the one that states thou shalt not kill. Is that not what abortion does? If it isn’t true, how many aborted babies do you know of that are playing in your neighborhood???

          • All constitutional rights come from God.

          • Ya think?? The founding fathers would have three hour prayer sessions before proceeding with the people’s business. So yes, we started this country’s foundation on very strong biblical beliefs. They referred to scripture for guidance as we still do today. God’s word is still as relevant today as the day it was written. A book for all ages and all peoples.

          • The founders prohibited prayer before the people’s business.

          • So I guess you are trying to say that this country was founded on Satanic principles rather than on Godly ones??

          • Is slavery a Godly principle?

          • Godly nations don’t adopt Godless Constitutions.

          • Oh my my, ‘gay babies’ don’t stand a chance.

          • Gay babies are a blessing from God.

          • Says Dr. Kermit Gosnell.

          • Gosnell is a Christian.

          • A Christian killer is as guilty as any other killers and he probably thank God for the homosexual babies.

          • If you kill in the name of Jesus, it’s OK.

          • You must be reading ‘The Homosexual Manifesto’ !

          • There are no such beings. We are not born into the homosexual lifestyle. It is all about the life choices we make while in these Adam suits.

          • Now, you’re just making stuff up.

          • Don’t respond to AKlady!

      • All of whom will reside for eternity in Hell unless they come to faith in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Now that is true truth.

  19. Interesting! In all the arguments, political encounters and public discussions among politicians that we hear about, it seems that “Political Correctness” has been the watchword where equal rights for homosexuals has been the major issue. It should be noted that the LGBT people do not want “equal rights”, rather they want to forcefully push acceptance of their lifestyle on everyone! Nowhere has anyone had the moral strength to even mention “God”! Essentially, God has been thrown out of the discussion except by those Christians whose rights to conduct their lives and businesses according to their biblical moral code have been trampled! They are called “homophobes”, “bigots” and all kinds of harsh demeaning names! In calling God’s people such names, the LGBT group and their supporters are also calling God a “Homophobe” and a “Bigot”! When the time comes, these people will rue their foolishness, but it will be too late! They will learn that you do not mock God! That day is not far off!

  20. From what I have read, this bill was aimed at protecting Christians from the harassment of the LBGT groups that target Christian businesses for law suits.
    It is just like many cities and states that are being pressured to “add the words”. Those words are designed to set up a special classification to benefit the LBGT members only and at the cost of others protection. We already have anti-discrimination laws on the books, but the LBGT groups want special protection based on supposed discrimination. But, the mere idea of a law that is designed to protect a persons religious beliefs from targeted lawsuits is not allowed.

  21. Selling your faith for money is going to offer you zero returns! Good luck with that when the big book is opened.

  22. Queer Logic is the absence of common sense and logic… This social form of cancer should not be either condoned or accepted in any capacity…period!

  23. The governor is a coward. The truth is, standing in courage for the truth will cost you something. Get it?

  24. At this time, only Christians can be legally discriminated against.

  25. There is no reasoning with LBGT, BLM or others of same ilk. They demand their “rights” at the cost of guaranteed Freedoms granted by Constitution. As long as we have progressives in power, D or R, as long as we keep the powerful Conservative leaders down or on the fringe, then we’ll continue playing to this dirge

  26. We need to vote for Donald Trump, he’s the only one that will make our country the way that it was before Obama and his communist administration took over for 8 hellacious years! Cruz and make me sick are bought and paid for polititians that will have to pay back all the money from their campaigns by being puppets to those that gave them money! They have had almost 8 years to stop Obamas antics and have done nothing! The ignorant Gop and super packs have done every horrible deed that they can to stop Trump because they know that he will clean up the whitehouse and they will either have to go or stop their evil ways and deeds to gain money and power for themselves! They will have to work instead of just sitting around and talking tne tax payers money and giving it to the demoncrats to spend on elaborate vacations! If we don’t get Trump in their nothing will change , please stop and think hard before you cast your votes and let’s get an American to run our country not a foreigner like Cruz! Trump 2016

  27. And once again the voice of the people will be brushed aside. How sad that WE THE PEOPLE seem to not exist at all. Well time to change that and Trump is a good start. WE THE PEOPLE employ the government not the other way around yet the government can’t seem to understand that and unfortunately WE THE PEOPLE let them get away with it for far too long. I am taking back what is rightfully mine and we all can by voting for TRUMP and get these establishment personnel out!!!!

  28. Apparently, Deal dealt himself a political death blow!

  29. Please supply the names of all businesses and corporations that support the evil and immoral LGBT agenda so we can start boycotting them. It is important to stand up for our values.

  30. So they sold out for filthy lucre it sounds like to me.

  31. This is really discrimination against Christians and the sooner we wake up to that fact the quicker we solve it. I seriously doubt that any business is gong to leave any area where they are making money. But if they are that determined, adios. There are other businesses that will take their place. As for the federal government, they should be supporting the First Amendment, not the minorities that they have chosen. Christians are merely practicing their beliefs. I seriously doubt that they have any other reason. At least that is my stance. I have every right per the First Amendment, to follow that guideline. No one is going to tell me otherwise.

  32. so you just sold out GOD and most of your voters and there children in your state for a few jobs and a hand full of queers

  33. What fools we mortals be, making poor bloody excuses for not doing the right thing. This is blackmail and extortion compounded by the forces of evil that will come under the judgment of the Almighty Yahuwah, though we put Him out of our minds when making such foolish decisions.

    Has anyone consulted our Creator, Yahuwah of Armies, about this? He would give us power to deal with the enemy, even all these companies together, for they are not even a drop in the ocean next to His power! He’s the One who gave us freedom of choice. We can choose either the way of the Master Yahushua (Lord Jesus), which is Torah observance and resulting blessings and life, or we can choose not to accept the free gift of life from Him and remain mortal, so that when the elements melt with fervent heat, as Simon Peter mentions in 2Peter 3:9-10, we simply burn up and cease to exist. Our choice, each one of us individually, in the Name of the Messiah Yahushua, omein.

  34. Reagan was a Socialist.

  35. I’ve never liked football, until today.

  36. Americans are being betrayed by their governors get rid of their azzez there selling us out, Democrat and Republicans.

  37. Retiredextremelydangerous

    Gov. Deal, you caved in to big business on this one! So are you going to cave in on the 1st, and 2nd and all other Amendments, too? Because I will guarantee you, it will come to that in the not so distant future! Gov. Deal, I wouldn’t waste my time running for reelection, if I were you!

  38. Then the legislature will simply have to over ride his veto.

  39. Well….I’m not familiar with this law of yours…I will research it later….however reading this article and referenced portions of it….seems to me it’s a mater of individual belief whether one feels strongly for or against something. One should remember that people of different lifestyles are the same as anyone else. They work, pay taxes, volunteer in churches and many other noteworthy causes, there are lawyers, doctors, nurses, musicians, the everyday person, yet some people would step up and state these people/individuals are not to enjoy the same rights as others. Whether it is religious based, non acceptance, or just plain hate it isn’t correct to demand or prevent someone to their right to happiness nor love regardless of lifestyle. So…if the shoe were on the other foot how you yourself react or feel. I believe the Bible has a phrase in it about those who are without sin cast the first stone…I believe the Bible preached acceptance, love, compassion, understanding and not the opposite. Perhaps one should re-evaluate and ask oneself a simple question…Do I really appreciate the preachings of acceptance, love, compassion and understanding or am I more driven toward the hate magnet…thanks for reading

  40. Get rid of the Governor—he’s no conservative—he’s a rino

  41. Dexter L. Wilson

    Like I have said, the Democrats have more Billionaires supporting them than those supporting the GOP. They made a big deal of the 1%ers and guess who gets most of that support, Democrats. Forget anything the Democrats and the media say about a couple of GOP supporters the KOCH Brothers and remember who most of the Billionaires are supporting. While the People of Georgia are at it they can always have a recall election of their coward in chief. Did I hear any brave sportsman say BOYCOTT THE NCAA AND THE NFL? While you are at it you can always boycott Disney movies, and its amusement parks and support the smaller ones. When it comes to Apple, you can always buy HP, ACER, etc. Are you controlled by your purchases?

  42. The NBA shut down Gov. Lameass Pence of Indiana(moved here by the party from Texas,’99) last year. Now the NFL stands up for what’s right. So where is the voice of the real sport…MLB?

  43. In reference to the article concerning Gov. Nathan Deal and as a citizen of Georgia, I feel he caved in to economic pressure concerning our God given rights. He let us down by vetoing the rifra bill. Florida already has a similar law on the books recognising religious freedom. If there is any discrimination going on it is the lgbt community trying to force God loving Christians to bend to Satan’s will and deny our Savior Jesus Christ. They by our example should come to the same saving grace and love for their fellow man. Where is there any love exhibited by their behavior? We as a Christian community will not bow to their ungodly demands regardless of man’s laws.

  44. Did Nathan Deal get elected as a Democrat or Republican? I think that his actions speak louder than any political party that he claims to be a member of.

  45. The governor IS a coward!

  46. The Governor should reports the 30 pieces of silver as income to IRS.

  47. The queers and mentally ill win another one!

  48. The real point seems to be that the first amendment has been violated KNOWINGLY by a Governor. If ones’ religion forbids the marrying of gays—-whether we like it or agree with it—you are violating their religious teachings and liberties. The first amendment does not GIVE us the “right to disagree” rather, it SECURES our right to disagree on religious grounds. There are many who will marry or perform gay weddings and gays should go to them. This marriage business is not all it is cracked up to be anyway. Of course, everyone has the right to be miserable, so why not gays too? Governor Deal needs to tell corporate he is not subject to blackmail. Take their business elsewhere. He would get a groundswell of businesses who admired his “we will not violate the first amendment ” attitude. Believe it or not, people are turning to the constitution, many FOR ThE FIRST TIME and it is still the law of the land! Reagan called the constitution a 6,000 year old miracle and we treat it like toilet paper.

  49. ive been boycotting them already

  50. “You can’t sink your state’s economy over something like this. You can accuse Deal of betraying conservative values, but if his signature cost the state thousands of jobs, he would have been in betrayal of the governorship itself”

    Whatever, your not betraying the people by upholding the U.S. Constitution and its ammendments, that’s a crock of shit. Whether or not a company moves out of your state causing loss of jobs is likely a bluff. How much would it cost a major manufacturer to just close up shop and start over elsewere? We have more power over these political activist companies than they have over elected representitives, we have the power to not buy their products.

    I can’t say I know just what the details of the legislation was, but if it in any way detracts from one’s freedom of religion it is unconstitutional and therefore not worth the paper it is written on. No judge or lawmaker has the authority to take away our inalienable rights. The only way this crap keeps happening is because weak-minded individuals allow it by playing along.

    • Exactly which rights does it take away by saying Christians can freely exercise their religion? I guess the secular humanism religion the LGBT community observes is the only one that matters now.

      • Name one religion that says selling goods and services is religion.

        • Spoken like a true agnostic or atheist. Being a Christian isn’t something that you are on Sunday. It is a way of life with a set of core beliefs. If the Bible, the place where beliefs are defined, is clear on something, it becomes a part of the Christian’s life. Thus the refusal to participate in an activity that’s considered sinful. I don’t expect you to understand.

          • Where Jesus say that believers should not engage in commerce with gays and lesbians?

          • “Judge not, that ye be not judged. For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again. And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother’s eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye?” (Matthew 7:1–3).

          • Jesus never said that following him is a way of life with a set of core beliefs.

          • Selling Goods and services to gays is sinful?

          • Where did Jesus say that it was sinful for gays to marry?

      • Where did the Lord establish that we owe him the duty to buy and sell goods and services?

  51. Boycot Ed Lee & Sodom by the Sea Because:

    SF government again rocked by child porn scandal

    “Longtime San Francisco political consultant Enrique Pearce, an early backer of the “Run Ed Run” effort who was working as a $5,000-a-month consultant to Mayor Ed Lee’s re-election campaign…

    “and many other well-known political figures in San Francisco, had photos and videos of infants and young children being raped and sexually violated when he was arrested, a prosecutor said Wednesday.

    ‘Babies as young as infants in onesies were being sodomized by adults’”In 2011,

    Pearce spearheaded the “Run, Ed, Run” campaign, encouraging Ed Lee, who had been appointed Mayor following Gavin Newsom’s departure, to run for election to the office.

    At the time of his arrest, Pearce was employed as a campaign consultant by Mayor Lee.

    Pearce’s client list is just about a carbon copy of politicians who have lambasted San Francisco Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone for his defense of natural marriage and his initiative to ensure fidelity to the Catholic faith in Archdiocesan High Schools.

    Both Assemblyman Ammiano and Mayor Lee attacked Cordileone for his attendance at the 2014 Defense of Marriage rally in Washington DC.

  52. Heard the accusation that LGBT rules the country and this does seem to prove the point. Too many major corporations seem to be in their pocket, sad to see a once great country go down the toliet, but that is the sorry fact. These outfits go out of their way to bring us down to the lowest point and are doing a good job of it, hope that they enjoy the mess that they are helping create, because it will come back on them too. They and our president are sowing the wind and better get ready for the whirlwind. Cannot cure stupidity!

    • I have a catering company and we give a basic questionnaire to prospective clients to determine education level, we don’t do businesses with the stupid or uncultured. No reason to put us in a position to have to put out a chocolate fountain or serve hot dogs at a wedding, chancing the embarrassment of their need for hay on the floor is just against our taste levels . I just double the estimate, they get back on their donkeys and go elsewhere ..

  53. When Henson created the Muppets and the first puppet ministries he was an art teacher at Georgetown College , a southern Baptist school …I guess he chose love over dogma he resigned, the rest is history .

  54. Georgia seems to vote in muslim/illegal minded idiots. Wake up Georgia…..lets get these libturd politicians a change of pace……….TRUMP IN 2016

  55. he just sold out the majority for a hand full of queers..ONLY IN AMERICA GOD HELP US

  56. I have a new term for this one: Corporate blackmail.
    The corporations of causing people to do the world’s bidding and thumb our collective noses at the God THEY have denied.
    When Deal decided that he would honor righteousness, those corporate bigwigs decided to blackmail him!
    The liberals will rejoice because this will split the state and even cause the moderates, who were almost leaning toward righteousness, to fall even further away from the good.

    Remember this, though: Christ foresaw this coming. In John 15:18, He predicted, “If the world hates you, keep in mind that it hated Me before it hated you.”

    To me, the world’s hatred is a badge of righteousness that every Christian should strive to earn.

  57. StupidConservativeValues

    Good for him! You fucks are TOAST in November!

  58. GodBlessRealAmerica!!


    All the “powerful” bigwigs who push their evil agenda on the people will wake up in a resurrection, having left all their temporary wealth and power in this age. These corporations and orgs Disney, Apple, the NCAA, and the NFL are warning you of the consequences of passing the bill, We need to TAKE THEM OVER and fire them

    These Morons will be raised up literally quite stark naked and having nothing, and will have to answer for all they’ve done to the people instead of for them. As Romans 6:23 says, “The wages of sin is death,” the second death from which there is no resurrection, while those who humble themselves to accept the gift of life from our Master Yahushua (Lord Jesus) will have everlasting life in new bodies that never grow old or sick or any of the problems these mortal bodies suffer

  59. Be careful what you wish for! That warning is well written. Many think I’m christian it will not effect me. Sorry, it will. The governor was correct. There are over 300 sects of “Christian” then add all the other religions. Some of whom have beliefs that are anti- constitution. Once in place it would be hard to get rid of.

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