George Will: Conservatives Must Keep Trump From Winning

George Will is one of the few prominent conservatives to garner respect and admiration from the liberal media. Part of it is his affinity for over-intellectualizing his columns, but most of it is his ideology. Will’s conservatism is the kind that liberals find palatable. It’s the kind of conservatism you see in David Brooks, the lone “other voice” at the New York Times. The kind of conservatism, in other words, that fails to understand that liberal Democrats (and their media allies) are killing the United States.

Of course, no – ahem – proper, respectable, intellectual conservative could ever support Donald Trump. “Trump would be the most unpopular nominee ever, unable to even come close to Mitt Romney’s insufficient support among women, minorities and young people,” Will wrote last week.

But Will isn’t telling Republicans to rally around Trump if he were to secure the nomination. He isn’t advising them on ways they could turn those support numbers around. He believes that if Trump becomes the nominee, Republicans and conservatives should do everything they can to make sure he doesn’t become president.

“Were he to be nominated, conservatives would have two tasks,” Will wrote. “One would be to help him lose 50 states — condign punishment for his comprehensive disdain for conservative essentials, including the manners and grace that should lubricate the nation’s civic life. Second, conservatives can try to save from the anti-Trump undertow as many senators, representatives, governors and state legislators as possible.”

Right. That’s what conservatives should do. Dedicate the next six months to putting Hillary Clinton in the White House. This advice is so foolish that it almost comes back around the other side to become wise. To win…we must lose! Jesus, maybe this is what elected Republicans have been thinking for the last eight years. It certainly would explain a lot.

We’re standing on the brink and Will wants to stop and talk about “manners and grace?” Are you serious? Out of all the “conservative essentials” that Will thinks Trump lacks, he chose that one to highlight? Take note, future Americans. We had a chance to put the brakes on the country’s rocket ride to socialism, but we passed because our great white hope lacked the poise and civility we prefer to see in our nominees. Hopefully, you can understand.

Conservatives have a host of reasons to legitimately worry about what a Trump presidency would look like. But there’s a very good chance that this is going to come down to Trump vs. Hillary. That’s all. Hillary has already told us what her presidency will be – another four years of the Obama Doctrine. In what universe could Trump be worse than that?

The universe of George Will, apparently.


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  1. George Will is a total Fraud , he is the epitamey of unheard of criticism of the Republican Party , if it was up to me he needs to move to the liberal media . Like NBC, CBS, MSNBC or ABC , maybe he can hVe his own show . They need stupid ignorant incompetent people , which you qualify for 100% .

    • Ignorant? Have you ever checked your spelling before you hit ”post”? At least you can spell those networks correctly.

      • Robert Kahlcke

        Grow up you’re a putz.

      • You have to be the establishment nim rod, your ok mthammer

        • Just because Trump is a White male and born here Repubs and TPs hate him and prefer a foreign born Ted Cruz? These dumb Repubs and TPs do not know Cruz was born in Canada and wants to make USA a province of Canada which is under the Queen of England. Screw them. We will vote for Trump today although we will vote for Hillary in November.

          • Anyone who votes for Hillary, has to be stoned out of their minds and actually believes she loves all!! hahahahaa

          • I think somewhere in the bible they tell of a better way to stone people like Clinton Supporters.

          • Correction, pmbalele. Trump has obvious support from Repubs and TPs. About the only opposition is from so-called “establishment” (RINO) republicans. You can tell by the # of votes, %s, and delegates. Why are you such a racist and elitest? [asked by a “dumb Repub and TP”]

          • Many Repub and TP governors such the Scott Walker of Wisconsin who abandoned Trump for a foreigner – Ted Cruz. We know why Walker voted for Cruz. Walker wants Wisconsin to be a province of Canada. That way Walker and Cruz can band to get rid of all Blacks and racial minorities in Wisconsin. Last year Walker and his buddies – the legislator voted to leave the USA and be independent country. Funny thing is Walker wanted to be USA president. Now you can tell how illiterate Walker was. He as person in foreign country, Wisconsin, wanted to be president of the Union he was trying to leave. Please join me to vote for Hillary in November.

          • pmbalele you are an idiot.

          • That was not response. Open up. I hope Trump will win the GOP nomination. Hillary is going to clean Trump mouth in November,

          • disqus_2HJyL9vcD3

            Can’t wait to see Hillary’s Houdini act. Well, the first part anyway, when the ‘cuffs are placed ON!

          • This is a high blow to you and racists. The poll conducted by conservative Rasmussen polled Obama as the most loved, most successful and most popular president than all presidents including Reagan. That means Hillary will be elected as president. She was the main adviser to Obama. So, are you going to jump in the lake today. We will pull you out before you drown. We want you to see when Hillary is sworn in as president.

          • disqus_2HJyL9vcD3

            I didn’t know cell blocks had presidents, thanks for that info.
            You almost had me there with your ‘poll’ results, right up to the part about “most successful”. Being loved and popular isn’t a prerequisite for success or accomplishment, obama is the perfect example of that. Fools like you adore him, critical thinkers…not so much. Besides, it kind of depends on who you poll now doesn’t it? No ‘poll’ worker asked my opinion, and that would certainly skew your results.
            So….stay behind the curve and stuck on stupid, you wear it well.

          • You have your football team. If they win-you certainly cheer your self and go to bed feeling good. But if your team loses – you may get stomach cramps and high blood pressure. People have jobs now that is why they voted Obama as most popular guy in USA and abroad.

          • disqus_2HJyL9vcD3

            Your analogy is ridiculous. While this may be a game to you and your fellow leftist fools, it’s deadly serious to me I shudder to think of where this nation would be if you morons had the same influence in the 40’s that you have today. We’d be fluent in German and Japanese, that much is certain. And just where you get your job stats? From Josh Earnest? Maybe you don’t realize….welfare is NOT a job. Wake up.

          • Another ignorant fool.

          • SouthernPatriot

            Cruz is no longer a Canadian citizen. He does not want to “make USA a province of Canada which under the Queen of England”! Where do you get this crap? It is fine if you like Trump, but there is no need at all to degenerate Ted Cruz and lie about him. If you will vote for Hillary at any time any place, you are demented.

          • Tell me, how does a person who has been a Canadian citizen for all of his 43 years of life , just say they are no longer.
            Cruz is a Canadian citizen always has been.

          • I think you might be mistaken, because on May 14, 2014, he renounced his Canadian citizenship, and since apparently he never submitted the proper U.S. documentation, he just might be a man without a country.

          • As I understand it, US citizens can have a dual citizenship thanks to the Democrats changing the immigrations rules.

          • From my reading, at the time of Lyin’ Ted’s birth, Canada did not allow for dual citizenship. It wasn’t until seven years later (1977).

          • You trying to tell me that a person who has held citizenship in another country and with no documentation of citizenship in America, after holding that citizenship for all his 43 years of life,, can just say one day, I am running for the American presidency and not until he is caught, then say I renounce my Canadian citizenship and then becomes an American citizen? Not the way it works my friend. Cruz is a Canadian citizen, OR, and I will give you this, at best a man without a country. But any honest court will say that Ted Cruz is a Canadian citizen, an illegal immigrant and an illegal senator and placed under arrest arrested, incarcerated and then after finishing his jail term, deported.
            Ted Cruz is trying to pull an “Obama”.

          • You’re an idiot also!

          • And, what do you base that comment on?

          • He had dual citizenship which now, thanks to congress, is legal.

          • Canada did not recognize dual citizenship for Canadian citizens when Cruz was born and he never filed any claims, Congress has not addressed this, like they did with the Panamanian born John S. McCain, which is also a shady incident.

          • I respect your opinion and choice SouthernPatriot. Though I support Trump, your concern about the crap or exaggerations is righteous. Good luck with Cruz and Carly and this should be decided soon. Hope you support whoever the winner is, I will.

          • One more time for another ignorant Cruzbot. The U.S.Constitution Article 2,Section 1, Clause 5 states “NATURAL BORN CITIZEN” as a requirement for being President. Not a naturalized citizen, or any other type of citizen that requires “approval” for citizenship. Law is to be read using the common definition of words at the time of the writing of the law. A natural born citizen at the time the Constitution was written was commonly known and defined as “A person born of two citizens upon the land the parents are citizens of.” Cruz’s mother surrendered her citizenship of the US to become a Canadian. Her voting records show that. His father was a Cuban citizen, who migrated to Canada. No dispute from anyone yet on that fact. Cruz was born on Canadian soil. He is as far away from being a natural born citizen as he is of being an ambassador assigned here from the planet Venus!

          • Not since the adoption of the US Constitution has this republic elected a US president with documents that prove him to be born in a foreign country that was one of its citizens. All elected US presidents for more than 170 years have been born in the United States. Why would anyone defy America’s history and find it acceptable to elect a US president born in a foreign country they were a citizen of, NOW? How can any judge or court dismiss over 170 years of US history precedence and claim it to be merely a coincidence?

          • Because the law was changed by Congress.

          • Congressional Research Service reports on “Natural born Citizen” are NOT law. These reports are merely opinions of lawyers that disclose only the information they want exposed. They twist and bent that selected information in an attempt to convince others their opinions are facts. Apparently, you are naive enough to believe attorneys don’t deploy these typical tactics to sway other people’s understanding of an issue to get the results they are paid to produce. If you research this issue, you will find numerous other attorneys, law professors, and legal scholars that refute these CRS reports by disclosing ALL information relating to that subject matter.

            Congress members from 2003 through 2008 attempted eight times to change or remove the “natural born Citizen clause” in the Constitution. Rep Synder, Rep Conyers, and Rep Rohrabacher tried a total of six times by submitting proposals to amend the Constitution in the House. Senator Nickles submitted S.2128 to redefine the “natural born Citizen” clause and Senator McCaskill tried to attach an alternation of the “natural born Citizen” clause to military bill S.2678. ALL of these attempts failed. These actions by Congress prove you wrong when you say ONLY a law is necessary to change the “natural born Citizen” clause in the Constitution.

            Your post makes it obvious you are only pretending to be intelligent on the workings of our US government and the limits placed on it by our US Constitution.

          • The 2016 report similarly stated:

            Although the eligibility of U.S. born citizens has been settled law for more than a century, there have been legitimate legal issues raised concerning those born outside of the country to U.S. citizens. From historical material and case law, it appears that the common understanding of the term “natural born” in England and in the American colonies in the 1700s included both the strict common law meaning as born in the territory (jus soli), as well as the statutory laws adopted in England since at least 1350, which included children born abroad to British fathers (jus sanguinis, the law of descent). Legal scholars in the field of citizenship have asserted that this common understanding and legal meaning in England and in the American colonies was incorporated into the usage and intent of the term in the U.S. Constitution to include those who are citizens at birth.[58

          • So how does an update report reaffirming political lawyer’s opinions change the fact that their reports are NOT law as you said in an earlier post? Your doubling down with this post proves to me and others that you are a very slow learner.

          • So you know how to ‘google’ that doesn’t make you intelligent either it just means you can cut and copy!

          • My intellect and integrity know better then to try to pass off a CRS report as a law. I am smart enough to know that a simple law by Congress does NOT amend the US Constitution. At least I have the smarts not to be gullible enough to believe that opinions from political lawyer’s reports is NOT law. I even know I need to make an effort, through research, to post facts rather than propaganda so I don’t look like an idiot to others.

          • I understand that–but the only thing we have to go on is the Founders’ intentions when they wrote ‘Natural Born Citizen’. This has not been addressed by the Supreme Court so all we have to go by is what previous Judges have said. The Courts did rule that Cruz was a legal citizen and could run for the President of the United States. So all this BS about him being a Canadian is just noise.

          • It is proven fact that Cruz renounced his Canadian citizenship in 2014. Cruz personally made the decision to do so after being a citizen of that country for 40 some years of his life.

            You are allowed to believe what is in the CRS reports. As for me, I will accept the opinions of Supreme Court Justices in The Venus, 12 U.S. 8 Cranch 253 (1814), Shanks v. Dupont, 28 U.S. 3 Pet. 242 (1830), Minor v. Happersett, 88 U.S. 162 (1875), and United States v. Wong Kim Ark, 169 U.S. 649 (1898). The Supreme Court of the United States has never applied the term “natural born citizen” to any other category than “those born in the country of parents who are citizens thereof”.

          • The leftists and ignorant will elect ANYONE who meets their mentally impaired agenda. Trump in November, a real American who loves his country and wants to make it great again! Deal with it, naysayers!

          • disqus_2HJyL9vcD3

            “The leftists and ignorant”….Why the redundancy? Nice ride OldPat!

          • Under your antiquated ‘natural born citizen’ requirement, Obama doesn’t meet the requirements of a natural born citizen. What you are not aware of is that ‘natural born citizen’ was revised by Congress–do some research.

          • Southern patriot it’s no use trying to talk to people of this ‘ilk’. They don’t know how to think through or give an intelligent response as to why we should vote for Trump so they denigrate another Republican–which sounds a lot like what progressives do. Don’t waste your time trying to get an intelligent response from these people–it’s impossible.

          • Tom Buyea -- Fla.News service

            Vote for Trump the White “American” Male the Master Race, You have been shown for the last 8 years what an N will do in office, Now maybe you will listen ?? !!

          • Typical trumpanzee; bigoted redneck from the trailer park in Hell.

          • Ya, he should have said HNIC.

          • Yo mama….

          • Now, now, trupanzee? You must be a Cruz supporter. Funny how the opposition takes those who support Trump. But I do take offense when we are supposedly on the same side. Good luck with Cruz. I believe the decision will be made on this Tuesday. Go Trump! The non politician and finance guy we will need to clean up the politicians’ messes including BO and the congress respectively NOT respectfully!

          • The decision was made awhile ago. But some people don’t know how to lose gracefully so the decision has to be made over and over and over. And it’s past time for this crap to be OVER! Trump won the nomination. Now let’s get on with it!

          • BRAVO GrumpyOldMan! This pitty patty crap is over and done. You are so right on your comment and I commend you!

          • No, that is a DEM poser, and you fell for it. Nearly all the over the top racial comments are Dems, because they get impatient waiting for a real one to show up.

          • What did you say -You have been shown for the last 8 years what an N will do in office? That tells me people on this website are racists and bigot. Too bad you have been suffering from high blood pressure because you could not believe African-Americans were living in the WH. You were told by your granny that the WH was built for Whites. No longer. And in fact you make me sick to my stomach. Why can’t join the KKK. Those will make you their leader for you know how to curse. Anyway, please join me to vote for Hillary- She is White but the right White person.

          • Tom Buyea -- Fla.News service

            Besides the damage Obama has done to the USA with illegals especially women with children that will cost the tax payers a fortune to support for the next 20 years + He has guaranteed no Black man will be elected President for a Long Long Time !! Do you think it s OK for tens of thousands of illegal women and children to bankrupt the (many being put up in hotels for over $100 a night !) USA while Americans are living in tent cities all over the Country ? Jus do a Bing image search for Tent Cities in the USA and see !!

          • Typical asshole commie tactic.

            If someone says “Nigger” they are a racist but if you refer to “White Male Supremacist ” you are a progressive.

            And if you remember when Berry was running he was mixed, After he was elected he suddenly became black.

            Snotballs like you have done more to perpetuate racism than the KKK ever did.

            People like you and Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton make a lot of white and black true Americans sick. Leave us alone and we get along just fine.

          • You’re the one started calling us the “N” word. To me that word means: a useless human being, inferior being, intellectually inferior to White people; an individual not worth to share education, secrets or home; even bathroom; an individual to be hired because of the law not that we need him or her; and individual we can talk behind and call him “that person.” An individual who laughs to please you and other racists. As a whole the word means a subhuman being. Some Blacks use it on other Blacks. I have never used it and plan never use that word in my life on another Black or White. My kids know it. I raised them right.

          • As I sit here a re-run of Sanford and Son is on TV. Redd Foxx just used “The word” less then 10 minutes ago.He got a big laugh out if it too. (I especially love it when Fred tells Lamont “Don’t you go messin’ with no white woman” His show is one of my all time favorite because he reminds me of myself in a lot of ways.

            Go to the PC forum somewhere and leave White and Black and other Republicans of all colors alone to be friends here. We don’t need your racially motivated agitation.

            You got to be some chump kid because if you had any street smarts at all you would realize racism collapses of it’s own weight when people get to know each other.

            Your argument holds about as much water as when true racists say Trump is racist because he doesn’t want to let ISIS terrorists into the country. .

          • I have never said Trump is a racist. It is the GOP elites that are spreading that. Just like Obama and then Hillary as president, Trump just wants to keep our lives safe. Read what I have personally experienced. I said 99% of Whites are excellent people. It’s the 1% of people in government power that spoils the other fish. I went to college where 99.9% students were Whites. I never experienced any racial divide. In fact, I ran as senator to represent graduate students and they elected me. It is you and the 1% racist that affect the lives of Blacks, women and racial minorities because you were raised to think women, Blacks and other racial minorities were inferior to you. I believe you saw Archie Bunker in “All in the Family” show. I enjoyed that show when in college. When I got out I found what Bunker depicted was real.

          • From Florida, and afraid to say ”Nigger”? My, you southerners really have changed, haven’t you? And what was with all those white robes you used to parade in…cross-dressing transgenders?

          • Vote for Hillary? Then you will vote for a traitor to your country.

          • I don’t have to vote for Hillary–I just don’t have to vote period. Tell me why I should vote for Trump other than he will “build a wall” (which he won’t) and make “great deals” which will make America Great Again! Our problem is systemic caused by 80 years of progressives continually and patiently working to degrade our Country and ignoring the Constitution. Give me some specifics about what he’s going to do in getting the federal government under control? What is he going to do about the thousands upon thousands of regulations that are killing our economy? What is going to do about taxation, specifically? What is he going to do about the Dodd-Frank regulations (do you know what that is?) He just sounds like Obama to me “Hope and Change” period with no specifics and look what we got for eight years. I don’t want us to make that mistake again. I want to know specifically what Trump is going to do systemically to fix the problems long-term. Convince me, if you can, that Trump is the person to do that.

          • What candidate has said “specifically” what he (she) is going to do in any regard?? Look on Trump’s website where he has listed his policies.

          • GAGGiRL12 “What candidate has said ‘specifically’ what he is going to do in any regard?” Are you kidding me? Specifics is all Cruz has talked about. I just think you haven’t been listening to what Cruz has been saying because you’re a Trump supporter. I have been listening to both Cruz and Trump and I can say Cruz’s plan for getting this Country back on the right road is better for us than “building a wall” and “making this country great again”. Look on Cruz’s website and see the multitude and diverse things he will do. There is just no comparisons between the two candidates when it comes to fixing what is systemically wrong with this Country. It’s like curing a problem of having a continuous headache–Trump is focused on taking an aspirin and Cruz is focused on removing the tumor.

          • Any candidate not focused on solving the illegals problem and fixing a faltering economy and upholding the Constitution and ousting the leftist and Muslin traitors in fed. agencies and getting govt. spending under control will NEVER get my vote.
            Cruz is a politician with little economic expertise; Americans will vote (basically) with their pocketbooks, as they almost always do. Trump in November, to attack these issues and problems; otherwise watch the nation sink into the 3rd World of tyranny, corruption, poverty, disease, and general misery under a 1-party Marxist-Muslim system. Hillary, Sanders et al are nothing but Communists at heart, hiding behind the banners of socialism and progressivism. And the former is a compulsive liar completely bereft of any ability to lead the nation; her record of non-accomplishments and failures speaks volumes.

          • You definitely don’t know anything about what Cruz is proposing. Nothing you have said convinces me that you know anything about Cruz. You are the one wearing blinders because a man has a great slogan “Make America Great Again!” Good luck with that

          • You have to start somewhere patriotaz right? Gosh…just sitting by idly isn’t doing anyone any good. It may not be perfect but no one is. Trump’s ideas are heading in the right direction as many of us see it. Listen there are a lot of deep rooted problems so let’s try to be positive and at least get moving instead of contemplating if it’s the root. Something is better than nothing and Trump has got something we have wanted done for a long time. Time will tell and we will see. Just my take on your response. Obviously I am a Trump supporter yet when the time comes and if it is not Trump I will go with whomever is the nominee for the Republicans and not be a turncoat.

          • I agree that Trump is talking about things on which 45% of the republicans/moderate democrats are focused. However, it isn’t going to get us further down the road to curing what ails this Country. Short-term thinking is what got us here. We have to start doing the hard work and getting the federal government out of our lives. I don’t hear Trump saying those things. In fact, I don’t hear Trump even talking about the Constitution. I fear that what we are all going to realize, and which some of us already know, is that Trump is a liberal moderate and he will not do the ‘right’ things in getting this huge behemoth turned around so in the end we will have gained nothing!

          • Well we can always pray his intentions aren’t what you mentioned above. I would like to think that his remark of “Making America Great Again” means sticking to the Constitution to do it. Gosh this has truly been a crazy ride hasn’t it? I just want my country back and I know you feel the same. Hey at this point either one is better than Hillary and I know we agree on that.

          • Well the slogan “Hope and Change” sold well and look where we are today because voters didn’t ask the question “what are you going to change?” Although Obama was very clear, if anyone was really listening, on what he was going to change. He openly talked about redistribution of wealth, about closing down the electric coal generation plants and consequently closing down the coal mines, and more, but conservative people didn’t pay attention and they stayed home because Romney wasn’t conservative enough. That’s what I’m talking about–go behind the slogans and look at the ‘meat’. Make your decision on what the candidates are saying beyond the ‘slogans’.

          • Phoebe Isley–“We have to start somewhere, right?” Yes, we do and Cruz is talking about starting somewhere, but the things Cruz is talking about doing are the ‘right things’. That’s what is important.

          • You are right in that the right place to start is always a great thing. We will see at this point. I truly believe Trump has some great places to start that are right yet as you said so does Cruz. Always fun talking with you patriotAZ

          • Progressive damages? Do you mean like child labor laws, social security, allowing women to vote, protecting the right of women and minorities to vote? Allowing bargaining with labor unions instead of gunning down strikers using private security gunmen? The courts have usually been on the side of progressive change. Get used to it – it’s in the Constitution.

          • Vote to keep Clinton out. Somewhere there is a person that WILL vote for that criminal and your vote will cancil theirs.

            Hey, I voted for Mitt Witt even though I wouldn’t urinate on him if he was on fire. It was a vote against the Royal Exulted Bomma. My concionce is clear that that I had NOTHING to do with his highness living in the White House.

            You talk a good argument about protecting the constitution. Do you think withholding your vote and helping Clinton defeat Trump is a way to practice what you preach?

            BTW “MAke that mistake again” ???? That had to be a slip, No way did you vote for Berry., Right?

          • GA? Is that still part of the USA?

          • Ted was born in Calgary; however, his mother was an American citizen. He is American. Nice try, though you are simply regurgitating this birther nonsense started by other uninformed trumpers.

          • I would love to see Cruz defeated. After all he is a foreigner trying to be commander-in-chief of USA army. And you morons TPs and Repubs allowed him to come this far. The guy is still young he may run again if you do not sue to stop him. He is a Canadian-Cuban faking to be born in this Big USA. I do not like when he bashes our president’s for his accomplishments. No doubt John Boehner calls Cruz “Lucifer in the flesh.” You remember when he caused government shut down -two people died and many resorts and restaurants went bankrupt.

          • pmbalele, first Cruz didn’t shut down the government, Obama did, but of course the Republicans got blamed because the Rinos wouldn’t stand up to the press. Cruz was doing what all of you people at the time were wanting Congress and the Senate to do–stand up for you. Now, all of sudden, Cruz is lucifer because he stood up to Boehner and his rino cronies trying to get the ship turned around. What you should all be asking is where were all of the republican Senators? Why weren’t they standing up with Cruz when he was trying (by himself I might add) to stop Obamacare? Where? They were sitting on their asses, wringing their hands, saying there wasn’t anything they could do about it. And, we, the citizens, were screaming to stop the democrats from passing the Obamacare bill. So instead of giving Cruz credit for standing up for us you all are crucifying him. As Christ said “forgive them for they know not what they do.”

          • What did you say – we the citizens? So you still think Whites are the only citizens and we Blacks are sub-citizens. That is why I label all Repubs and TPs are racist and bigots. You and other think only you should live in this country and we Blacks should be shipped to Ebola countries. You should have lived in 50s and 60s when we Blacks were nothing in this country. Trump is a USA citizen, but he does not know what it takes to be president of USA. Reagan hated Blacks but eventually came to terms to terms that Blacks were people like himself. That is why he named James Watt who said: I have hired Hebrew, an N and a cripple.” By cripple he meant handicapped person.

          • Your mind is locked: “anyone convinced against his will is of the same opinion still.” Liberal mental illness explained.

          • You and Repubs make me puke. You were raised to believe Blacks were inferior to you. Too bad. We are now in the same boat.

          • You’ve got one thing right “we all will be in the same boat if the SHTF” .You’re buddy’s in the white house pit one against the other b/c that is only one tactic for them to take all and color isn’t going to matter as only a few of the accult elite’s will end up with the package….I suggest you wake up and read between the lines of lies that they spew . Plans have been set for years to complete their agenda of the few so the masses degenerate through their plan of slow kill by many means in progress. One small example ” All the children” will be subjected to transgender bathrooms and only a straw in the haystack if you haven’t noticed all other in place to date… Do you have children ? What the hell are you going to do about that !!!! Wake Up !!!

          • You’re kidding, I was sued for passing Wisconsin Department of Correction written exams. Thank God some of the attorneys who sued me are out of a job now. It was not funny

          • The problem with you people who have never been taught anything about your own country the Untied States, is that the Constitution specifies one office (job) and one office only, that specifically requires a natural born citizen, as opposed to an ordinary citizen, as a qualifier to hold it. This provision was first ignored with OBozo, Clown in Charge. And you fools think it was such a good result you want to keep doing it.
            Be gone with you.

          • What you don’t understand is that ‘natural born citizen’ clause was amended. Do your research.

          • What?! Killary Rotten Benghazi Clinton?! That’s insane!

          • What – did Hillary had to do with Benghazi. You have been watching Bill O on FoxNews too much. Benghazi issue was created by Bill Orielly. Bill O, as a White male has not yet come to terms the WH is occupied by African-Americans. Bill thought Blacks were intellectually inferior to him as a White Irish.

          • If blacks aren’t inferior to whites, why are they responsible for the lion’s share of crime-to-race ratio in the nation? Inquiring minds want to know.

          • disqus_2HJyL9vcD3

            You really should start paying attention.

          • Did you hear this: The poll conducted by conservative Rasmussen polled Obama as the most loved, most successful and most popular president than all presidents including Reagan. That means Hillary will be elected as president. She was the main adviser to Obama. Are you TPS and Repubs going to jump in the lake today. We will pull you out before you drown. We want you to see when Hillary is sworn in as president.

          • disqus_2HJyL9vcD3

            Repeating crapola does not make it granola. Rub those two brain cells together and try to come up with an original thought.

          • I know that report would hurt you, Repubs and TPs. In fact one lawmaker wants to change the Constitution to allow Obama to run a 3rd term. That will hurt you and GOPers who are rejecting Trump their nominee because he is a White male and born here. GOP wants a foreigner- Cruz a Canadian-Cuban to be GOP nominee. Is that not dumb for GOPers!

          • disqus_2HJyL9vcD3

            It must be hell inside your mind, you make very little to no sense.

          • Here is another one.I believe you did not read my posting about Repubs and TPs. I said I has never seen primitive people like Repubs and TPs in my life. They are hypocrites, liars and racists and I believe they enjoy being called so. I cannot understand why they hate Trump a pure White male born in USA; but prefer a foreigner – Cruz a Canadian-Cuban. They have not even vetted Cruz who wants to make USA a province of Canada or part of Cuba. All what Trump has been preaching are what Repubs and TPs have been asking Obama to do: They have bothered Obama to build an electric wall to kill all immigrants from Mexico; to ship out all illegals in bus loads; and stop all people from Arab countries from coming here. The same people are hating the candidate who wants to do exactly what they want. American people are watching them. Repubs and TPs are hypocrite. Please do not vote for any of them. Let’s rally behind Hillary the best candidate for the WH job.

          • disqus_2HJyL9vcD3

            You get less coherent with each passing post. I’ve got house plants with more intellect.

          • That is what you think -I have to lump all my thoughts in as few words as possible. Now tell me which part of my posting is false.

          • disqus_2HJyL9vcD3

            The parts between ‘Here” and “job”. Actually, I’m sure you see it that way. Pathetic, but then that’s all I expect from ardent leftists.

          • McCain wasn’t born in the US either. I find the majority of Trump supporters to be the same, sounding a lot like the Progressives. Instead of giving me concise, intelligent and well thought out reasons to vote for Trump you yell and scream, throw out obscenities and repeat lies that Trump started–just like the lemmings you are. Why don’t you tell me why I should vote for Trump and if he wins the Republican nomination, why I should waste my time to go vote for him. That’s what you should be doing, instead you just give me more reasons why I shouldn’t vote for Trump–big mistake on your part because Trump is going to need the support of the majority of Republicans who did not vote for him. Trump is going to need them to come out and support him in the General Election and you all are making it really hard for the 65% to come to your side. Of course, that’s short-term thinking, a lot like Trump.

          • What – McCain wasn’t born in the US either? McCain was born on USA military base. The base was controlled and operated is it was in USA.

          • Take off your blinders and pull your head out of the dark place. Americans of all stripes are FED UP with politicians who say one thing and do another, all the traitorous rats in the federal government, illegals flooding the nation, and an economy based on pumped up stats while ignoring the millions of underemployed, unemployed, or those who simply gave up looking for work the past 8 years-period. TRUMP!

          • Well Cruz isn’t one of the “traitorous rat” politicians–he said what he would do and he did it and that is the reason all of the RINOs hate him and why Boehner calls him Lucifer. I think you should heed your own advice and “pull your head out of the dark place” because you obviously don’t know anything about what Cruz did–it seems you are one of the “kool-aid” drinkers from the Trump trough.

          • Goodbye Cruz, another traitor !!!

          • You’re bonkers, totally out of your mind; get help!

        • That’s right. A nimrod is a hunter and I’m just hunting for Trumpeters to skewer. What fun it is!

      • Well—How many likes do you have?—-mthammer has 8 !!!!!

      • Shari L Mikaelsson

        One of the most intelligent person I ever met couldn’t spell worth a flip, but she was a walking encyclopedia when it came to her career. I would have much rather have had her as my nurse than somebody who could spell but wasn’t nearly as knowledgeable.

        • not if you were given the wrong R/X because of bad spelling, I betcha.

        • Well said Shari. PC spelling police are not necessary. We get the point of what they want to say!

        • Those who can’t spell correctly or construct sentences correctly or use punctuation correctly have less credence than those who can. At least, they should use a spell checker. I suspect many are dictating their posts, thus many errors.

          • They are so angry that they push to get online, rather than think twice. Probably why so many of them are for Trump.

          • No credence to what they wrote huh? ,,,,Like Trump’s favorite general George Patton? He said, among other things, he had a very low opinion of those who couldn’t spell a word not less then 3 different ways. He got his point across in other ways, though.

            Here are a few other bad spellers that may surprise you. Check it out.


            Guess us BAD spellers are in GOOD company 😉

            BTW —- OldPatriot, Just pulling your choke. Though we could all use a laugh. (Especially the Cruz supporters after yesterday)

        • I have a doctor friend like that too. Maybe that was her text. It so, my apologies.

      • Hey TOMATOE head, I guess you understood what he was saying. Wow, I didn’t know that there were any English scholars in the DEMOCRAPIC PARTY?

        • They all are. It’s one of those “useless” things that people got into when they didn’t have any skills before the U.S. Government hired them all to work at the Post Office, IRS, VA, etc.

        • There aren’t!

        • Those are pumpkins, a**h***. What about all the ranting you Repulsivcans do about those Ivory Tower academics?

      • You stupid democrat”

      • James in Texas

        Tom, just say please use “spell check” before you post. No reason to become as “nasty” as a Democrat!

      • Does the spelling change the meaning or content of the subject? I hate you Looneys that can’t follow the subject matter and deflect off into the stupidity of having an English/Spelling Jr. High School class!

      • To be totally correct one should capitalize his or her given name and their surname.

      • This statement shows your arrogance which leads me to believe you are not a conservative but a ‘troll’. Only liberals who can’t make an intelligent argument pick on such minor things as “spelling.”

    • SouthernPatriot

      You are quite correct about Will. He is not a Reagan conservative as much as he espouses to be one. He is a curmudgeon, a contrarian, always at odds with conservatives.

      I am supporting Ted Cruz because he stands for what I believe, in numerous ways. I will support Ted Cruz until the convention and if Trump is elected as it appears likely and maybe almost guaranteed at this point, I will support Donald Trump fervently after he is nominated. American cannot have Hillary and cannot have the third term of Obama…or worse.

      • Standing for Cruz in no different than what you are saying about George Will. Cruz is no different than what we already have. No different than the democrats. Non at all a lying professional politician is one and the same a lair.

        • SickofPoliticks

          I’m a Trump supporter, but telling SouthernPatriot that he shouldn’t support whomever he wishes is no different than George Will telling me I shouldn’t be supporting Trump. He has the right, as a Republican (or not) to support Cruz if that’s what he believes is right.

          • I agree, he has a right to be wrong.

          • SickofPoliticks

            Thank you.

          • You are right-but the sorry thing is he believes it

          • Yes, I know, but some people are beyond help.

          • WVF, did you view the Conner Eldridge campaign video ad up above? View it and tell me what you think.

          • You are right Sickof Politicks, he has a right to support Cruz, but since he voiced his opinion other have a right to voice theirs also. That is all we’re doing here. We learn from each other even if we disagree. I enjoy the conversations as long as they are civil.

          • SickofPoliticks

            I agree. But for some reason, civility seems to be sorely lacking when it comes to both Cruz and Trump supporters. I swear, I’m really trying, though it’s not easy at times when you have the back and forth nastiness. Look, I want Trump. I believe he is exactly what this nation needs right now. Is he perfect? Hell no! Is he a true Conservative? No way! But he’s a moderate that believes America is great and should be great again. If I have to, I’ll vote for Cruz. He’s not my first choice, but he’s a hell of a lot better than either Kasich or Hillary. We cannot let her win. She’ll finish this nation off in less than 4 years.

          • It is almost impossible to determine who started the mud slinging on the internet. All I can say is that I try not to start it, but will no longer tolerate it either.

            The old saying of what goes around comes around is proven out every day.

            Correct me if I am wrong but the first punch that I was acutely aware of was when The Donald called George Bush a liar…. That worked so well that the Donald coined the phrase Lying Ted…

            I believe in the Golden Rule of do unto others as you would have done to yourself…

            The Donald does not treat people with respect, that will come back around to haunt him…

            I am a Cruz supporter if for the only reason that I do not appreciate The Donald’s methods.

          • MAHB001 re: The Donald Methods? Maybe that is what is needed at this time. The goody two shoe method has failed this country. It is time for more action and less sweet talk. You saw the sweet talking candidates eliminated one after the other. Sure they tried to get tough at the end, but it was too late.
            Did you see Cruz and his wife when Florina fell? They didn’t even try to help her. There wasn’t even an OMG out of them.

          • We the People used to hold our politicians to a higher standard…

            The country is NOT better off by letting liars, cheats, and bullies into these offices of leadership.

            I noticed that as well when Fiorina fell. It was wrong for ALL of them to sit there and be silent… What the MEDIA did to Fiorina was wrong.. Bias by omission must be eliminated from the MEDIA… See Cruz IS paying a price for letting that happen… Not so much Trump…


          • Tom Buyea -- Fla.News service

            The USA needs to be an Isolationist Nation, Take care of ourselves and let the rest of the World take care of it’s self !
            Manufacture everything we need here and buy it here with the wages made making it ! No more made in China by slave child labor where they have to put nets around the tops of building roves so the slave children worked 18 hours a day don’t kill themselves jumping off the roves !

          • Think we are lacking civility now. Just wait ’till we start in on Clinton 😉 Nothing is too low to use against that greedy criminal.

            Cruz is done for. He pulled out with class so enough bad rapping each other. Let’s get ready for the REAL fight my comrades.

            Trump over Clinton 2016.

          • THAT is the TRUE American way.
            God bless you my fellow patriot.

          • SickofPoliticks

            Now voting for Cruz is a moot point. I just hope the Cruz supporters will realize that Hillary is much worse than any candidate we could have put up there.

        • You obviously are blinded by your ‘love’ for Trump. Ted Cruz is no George Will and he certainly is not an Establishment insider. One of the many differences I see between Trump and Cruz is that Cruz is talking ‘long-term’ fixes–getting the government back under control and operating legally under the Constitution. Trump is about ‘building walls’ and ‘negotiating trade’– all short-term fixes without fixing the underlying problems. So when the Democrats get back in control (which they will) under Cruz they will have been set back a century or more and they won’t be able to do the damage they’ve done these last 60 – 80 years. Under Trump, nothing changes systemically, so the Democrats just waltz in and continue their progressive crusade. That is what all of you Trump supporters are missing–huge mistake.

        • Brucefandrews:You obviously are blinded by your ‘love’ for Trump. Ted Cruz is no George Will and he certainly is not an Establishment insider. One of the many differences I see between Trump and Cruz is that Cruz is talking ‘long-term’ fixes–getting the government back under control and operating legally under the Constitution. Trump is about ‘building walls’ and ‘negotiating trade’– all short-term fixes without fixing the underlying problems. So when the Democrats get back in control (which they will) under Cruz they will have been set back a century or more and they won’t be able to do the damage they’ve done these last 60 – 80 years. Under Trump, nothing changes systemically, so the Democrats just waltz in and continue their progressive crusade. That is what all of you Trump supporters are missing–huge mistake.

          • It is possible that being a Trump supporter will be a big mistake, but then it is possible that being a Cruz supporter will be a big mistake.
            Everyone other than Trump was more of the same in the debates until the last one where the other candidates including Cruz starting saying the same thing as Trump.
            Trump has awaken the nation. We must give him credit for that. We should take the chance that he will make America great again.
            Cruz and the others would just be more of the same. All talk but no actions.

          • Right on Jerry:

          • They all said more or less the same thing from the start…

          • Let’s say you are right MAHB001 it would seem that only Trump got his message across. This would be a plus in leadership don’t you think.

          • I can not condone the smear tactics that Trump used to get where he got.

            A GOOD leader could and would have done it without taking other down with slander…

            I mean really, Trump quoted the National Inquirer for the slander of Cruz’s Dad. Who believes the national inquirer?

            Reagan won, and he didn’t slander his opponents.

          • MAHB001 Cruz and Rubio slanted Trump big time. How come you didn’t see that.

          • I see it as a reaction to Trump, What Cruz and Rubio brought out in the debates were legitimate concerns and the pointed out the inconsistencies in Trumps words and actions…

            There were actual FACTS behind all of the hits that Trump took.. For instance, Trump did say those things about Women, and when Megyn Kelly confronted him, she was put through the slander ringer… Or the fact that Trump really did support liberal causes against Cruz.

            I just see Trump as a bully that uses the same tactics as the liberal progressive trolls on these posts.

            If we do not hold our politicians to a higher standard, we are going to get what we deserve.

          • So MAHB001 what you are saying is we deserve 20 trillions in debt, the trade imbalance, loss of jobs to other countries, 20 millions illegals, crooked politicians who do not have to comply with the laws they make for us, social security on the skids, millions out of work, a weak military, millions on welfare, candidates preaching socialism, and the many other problems I cannot think of at the moment.
            More of the same would be good you think.
            Even if Trumps turns out to be a complete f up, it would still be better than the direction in which we are now headed.
            I hope Trump will come through for this Country and make it great again.
            He will go in office in a landslide with a serious mandate that will be difficult to achieve. We must get together and support him.
            If he turns out to fail because he lied or is a traitor to his word he will be out in four years in a landslide never before seen or imagine.
            For now, he is the presumptive nominee or the nominee. We need to end the squawking about him and back him one hundred percent so as to give him the power to accomplish his goal to make America great again. To do otherwise would be anti-American.

          • ??? I don’t think I said that.. Jerry, are you practicing liberal logic??

            I live in CA, I have not voted yet. When I do, I will not vote for Trump in this primary. I will STILL vote for Cruz.

            That is my protest vote. And if Trump wants me to vote for him in the primaries, he is going to have to convince me that he is not the slanderous bully that his political persona has shown….

            Trump has not won this state yet. Wouldn’t it be a statement if he lost CA to Cruz even though Cruz is not in the race?

            Trump has a lot of smoothing to do… I suggest he start now.

          • It’s too late now. Either we stand with Trump or elect Hillary.

          • As I have said before.

            A vote for a Republican is a vote for a chance at Capitalism and our Constitution.
            A vote for a Democrat is a vote for slavery and socialism.
            A non vote is a vote for a democrat.

            I want Trump to know that HE alone now has to unite the Republican party. But I fear Trump is closer to a democrat than he is to a Republican. At least that is what his actions are telling me.

          • Now we wait…

          • We wait as we have in the past, to find out if a politician can actually tell the truth.

          • True, but in the meantime we support ours until we know what he will do, or we end up supporting the known enemy.

          • I think that we have to live for another day. We have to attempt to influence Trump. Appeal to his better side, if he has one…

          • That is my point. He already change the face of politics. Supporting him is not so much supporting the man, but the revolution that he has inspired in the middle class Americans who is now coming out of the shadows and speaking out.
            The bigger the landslide he has the more power he will have. Congress will find it difficult to defy him.
            If he sells out and goes establishment he will fall from grace and go down so hard he will never know what hit him. Still the American people will have spoken whether he succeeds or fails. The future will be different and better for generations to come as the people rule instead of the politicians.

          • I think it is a mistake to put so much faith in a man that has so little integrity. Is Trump any different than 0bama? Both use the ends justify the means.

            I live in CA, I will not vote for Trump in the primary… Trump has not earned my vote.

            I hope Trump’s people read and understand my post and the reasons I am protesting.

            In my opinion, the ends do not justify the means. Trump had no problem spreading lies about all his competitors, do you think Trump will have any trouble telling you a lie?

          • MAHB001, my point is I don’t care what Trump does. What I care about is what he has done. The country was in complete complacency. He woke it up. Now he must survive in politics long enough to get the movement going strong enough to the point where no one can stop it. Future politicians will try to offer Trump plus.
            This is similar to what happen to the Democrat Liberal movement years ago.
            In Kennedy’s day the Democrat Liberals were very conservative by today’s standards. This is what needs to be done now with the Republicans. This is why we must back Trump all the way for now.

          • I do not deny that there are good things about Trump…

            But the abandonment of our morals and what is right, is not worth the gains…

          • Really ? doesn’t seem like side knows the difference, so then why do they fear him so much ?

          • Democrats = Socialism
            Republicans = Capitalism.
            The elites are ALL socialists.

            Doesn’t get any easier than that.

          • Tom Buyea -- Fla.News service

            Yes we will be saying Merry Christmas again and that “Affirmative Action” Is not Reverse Discrimination it is Just Downright out And out Racial Discrimination !!! Against White Americans !

          • Absolutely correct, Jerry.

          • The obviously blinded one is those that listen to and the double talk and blatant lies of Cruz. He isn’t even an American he is Canadian and then from Cuba and his socialist ways have shown through. when not padding his pocket book with taxpayer money. All of what he has said as ways to solve problems will not work and in most cases will cause more problems that they could possibly fix. And how in Hell is allowing millions of non working and unskilled illegal invaders going to solve anything.

          • Tom Buyea -- Fla.News service

            Right you are !! There are tens of thousands of Hispanic (Actually Spanish Speaking Indians) illegal immigrant unskilled women and their children being kept in $100.00 a night hotel rooms with out tax dollars, While Americans are living in tent cities all over the USA ! When we say unskilled these people not only do Not speak English, But they can not even read and write in Spanish, These people not only never will be able to support themselves in the USA but they will never be deported even under Trump ! How many of these pro illegal immigrants people have taken an illegal immigrant family into their houses or even let them pitch a tent in their yards ? !

          • It seems to me that you are the one who is missing something !

        • Funny, I see Donald as no different than the liberal progressive democrats.

          The Donald’s actions of late have proved me right. He will say and do anything to promote himself. I fear he is lying to us all.

          • Tom Buyea -- Fla.News service

            We just have to wait and see ? !
            But the other choice was lying Ted or Criminal Hillary ? !

          • Liberal Progressives have been using our natural tendency to give a person the benefit of doubt to their advantage. While one proves out the lie, the liberal progressive advances forward, never to retreat. Incremental advances have consequences..

            It will be the destruction of civility. .

          • Tom Buyea -- Fla.News service

            Just as an example did you know that Hillary one of the other Candidates recently said if she was President she would have shot down Russian fighter planes that have been attacking Syria ! I can’t keep up with all the politics that are going on around Syria but I know better than to attack the Russian Bear !!

          • Liberals will say and do anything to get elected.

            I think that is the biggest problem I have with lying Donald.

          • So you would rather vote for the brown suit and take the chance to worship a new religion or is it that for some reason you are not American and trying to convince us to further the demise of America !

          • Not sure what you mean by brown suit… Have you read any of my posts? Only a little of 55,000 of them…

            The Donald uses unsubstantiated character assassination just like my liberal enemies do. I for one do not call someone a liar until I know they are lying beyond a shadow of doubt. Cruz admitted he and his employees were wrong and that they should not have believed the Liberal CNN press that said Carson was dropping out.

            Being wrong about something is far different than lying in my mind… And those that falsely accuse someone of lying stand the chance of losing integrity in my mind…

            The Donald lost a lot of integrity by falsely accusing people of lying. If I condone that type of activity, I too am guilty of the same. So are you…

          • Reply to “Brown Suit” (Hitlery) and I might add, what the hell is Bernie doing running for the presidency??? He Is a commie ! Speak for you’re self as far as being guilty; I do my research! This is how it will go down!
            All ready in place upon outcome of nominee for president (Trump) these people will be released in every state in America and all Hell disbursed to prevent an American election ! Now you tell me What happens next ???

          • It is hard to believe how far the socialists have come. Alas, they are being used as useful idiots once again by the Alinsky Radical Communists.

      • Now if you only you stood for our Constitution and believed in the wisdom and intelligence of our Forefathers. Trust me, Cruz is the LAST person they would allow as President Of The United States. We’ve already had 8 years of Obama ONLY because the Constitution wasn’t followed. Cruz is no different and only further weakens our Constitution.

        • It is obvious to me that you know absolutely nothing about Cruz which makes you incapable of making a knowledgable decision–you are just like a lot of the Trump (although not all) supporters–lemmings being led to the cliff.

          • Hi patriotaz…
            Remember Cruz is a professional debater. He debates to win. He researches his topic and expounds it whether he believes in it or not. Trump on the other hand speaks from the heart and he speaks for millions of us who feel the same way. I prefer to take my chances with D Trump than vote for more of the same.

          • Not only a professional debater but a lawyer to boot so he can always take any side of the argument. Like you I believe Trump speaks from the heart and that is a whole different thing.

          • Sharlie K Trump just won Indiana. It seems a lot of people agree with us Trump supporters.

          • Was it really any surprise? Go Trump!

          • If you listened to the left wing Commie Media they had Cruz ahead
            Don’t believe anything they say or write that he will lose against Hillary.
            They had Reagan 20 points down against Jimmy Carter before the election

          • headonstraight

            Yes, because there are plenty of naive sheeple in the electorate. But not enough to beat Hillary!

          • You’re just trying to stir up trouble, aren’t you? ;>)

          • headonstraight

            No need to stir. The huge, fantastic, tremendous, amazing trouble the GOP has made for itself by making Trump their man needs no stirring. It evenly contaminates the party
            from head to toe and assures four years of a Democratic female president.

          • Put up some money!

          • I would imagine about 1200 Carrier employees voted for Trump.

          • Yes, a lot of…uh…ahh…oh, better just forget it.

          • Well lets hope there are enough to keep feeling that way. I can’t help but feel we are just too lucky at this point but I have been praying as this is our last stand !

          • Tom Buyea -- Fla.News service

            Cruz is a Lawyer ? And that has shown to be a good thing in elected politicians in the past ?? !

          • Exactly with pretty much similar credentials to BO. Wouldn’t that have been fun?

          • Well, if someone has to write a law would you hire a gardener? It depends on what kind of person he/she is…and who they are REALLY working for.

          • Trump speaks from his gut. The man is a bleeping suineg….that’s genius spelled backwards.

          • StupidConservativeValues

            You’re fucking stupid.

          • And his wife is with the NWO crowd. That says it all about Cruz! And there was more if the cruzbots had cared to research.

          • Well there you are . . .”The only foundation of a free Constitution, is pure virtue, and if this cannot be inspired into our people, in a greater measure than they have it now, they may change their rulers, and the forms of government, but they will not obtain a lasting liberty.” —John Adams (1776)

          • It is going to be a big step to go from what we have now which is pure greed to pure virtue. Let’s hope Trump can get things started in that directions.
            This has been a good day. Great posts today. Different points of view yes, but all done in a professional manner. Thanks everyone.

          • Jerry this is what we can expect–hold on to your britches. Scroll further down for the Democrat campaign video on Trump. This is what is in store for us in the future and we may lose the Presidency, definitely the Senate and possibly the House.

          • That’s exactly what I’m afraid of !!!

          • right and I’ve listened to both Trump speak and Cruz speak and Cruz HAS lied about what Trump has said he will do.. It is very obvious he lied if anyone listened to both.. yet the media does not call him out on it… I’m glad he pulled out of the race

          • I’m with you on that Mamacat104. Good observation…

          • You may not be so ‘glad’ when you start to see the democrats double down on Trump. Scroll down below to view the democrats campaign video on Trump. This is what we can expect and probably worse. Congratulations on the Trump win and the Senate loss

          • Gee, I believe that “doubling down” has been tried. I also believe you know the result! Good luck!

          • Yeah that was with Republicans and look at the ‘shit’ that caused with the liberals. He’s in the big league now Did you view the campaign ad below? That’s just the start and trust me that ad doesn’t bode well for Trump regardless what you think. What’s going to matter is what do the moderate liberals think, and what do the women think? After that ad, I’m not seeing much hope for Trump.

          • Believe me, Women are with Trump. Most women do have brains and do think for themselves. We are thinking of our children and know Mr Trump is thinking of them also. Hillary will lose in the biggest landslide in history. Look what she did to the Coal Miners and people don’t want her to appoint SCOTUS justices because of her wanting to destroy the 2nd Amendment. People just don’t like her. Trump is his own person and he let Ryan know this afternoon who will be in charge. That is the kind of President that We The People want.

          • Speak for yourself, but if you don’t have a great rack Trump wouldn’t give you the time of day.

          • I always had a great rack. But i am not looking for a man/woman relationship, I am looking for a man that can help Make America Great Again and Mr Trump has that ability.

          • StupidConservativeValues

            “I always had a good rack.” Are you dead now? Hopefully so.

          • Agree Jane, most of the Trump supporters I know are women, because, they value the future, they do not want their Kids, to grow up in a world or Socialistic mediocrity, where all are encouraged to under perform, and never be able to achieve, the Life they deserve. America has much to offer, if we can clean it up, and Trump is well on his way. Imagine a Real American President!!!! For our Kids Futures!

          • More Americans have to get off their butts and do this !

            The City Council in Knoxville City Iowa voted on November 2nd that
            they were not going to have enough back bone to support the majority
            that elected them.
            Instead they would pander to and be bullied by the small atheist
            minority to remove a veterans memorial that many of the atheist minority
            found to be too “offensive”. Too bad for them this decision would cost
            them dearly.
            The veterans memorial in question featured a soldier kneeling to a
            white cross that represented a tombstone but these politically correct
            atheist would not stand to show our veterans respect if it meant they
            had another shot at coming after Christians.
            However, when the city council voted for and ultimately took down the
            memorial they upset a whole lot more people than the few that
            complained to have the memorial taken down.
            The citizens decided that if the council was to remove their memorial
            then they would just have to remove the council of their positions.
            Prior to the decision some 2,000 white crosses had been erected in
            yards all around the town. Furthermore, the citizens made sure to warn
            the officials that if they took down the memorial they would be taken
            down just the same.
            Council members April Verwers, Carolyn Formanek, and David Roozeboom
            decided not to heed the warnings of their constituents and voted to take
            the memorial down anyways.
            The very next day council members April Viewer’s and Carolyn Formanek
            were voted out of office receiving less that 15% of the popular vote.
            Roozeboom decided to forgo the re-election process entirely, knowing
            full well that he had no chance to be back in office.
            It just goes to show that when elected officials no matter how high up stop listening to the electing majority, like they have been so much recently, they’re going to lose support fast and they better watch their back.
            It’s time that our elected officials stop being the spokesperson of the ‘outraged’ minorities and start listening to what the masses are telling them or something like this will happen on a much larger scale.
            Be sure to share this on Facebook if you agree that it’s about time
            that these cowardly officials start listening to their constituents if
            they ever want a place in office again!
            Source: Mad World News

          • Effie, love your story!! Many years ago, and since, the Liberals tried to attack a huge cross, sitting on Mt. Soledad, a World War II Vet’s Memorial, near San Diego. Every time they start their Jazz, people from miles around appear in defense. I have been there more than once. Your story reminds me of the ousting of Eric Cantor, it can be done, but, people must care enough to become involved. Thanks for you showing us a great example of the power of the people.

          • THANKS, actually a bit of research credited to ” Christian Conservative Daily”

          • My wife is a VERY intelligent woman and is 100% behind Trump. That BS about women hating Trump is just more of the Democrats ‘war on women’…

          • Most of us are smart enough to know that we don’t want a woman president for the sake of having a woman president, we want one that will make us proud.

          • I can’t wait for the Hitlery Trump adventure ! As Alex Jones says we live in historical times. Does anyone know how long the far left “to be kind” has been working so hard to destroy America and take over, remember we are already there as it will take a real man and much time to ever get back what we have already lost. I know Trump is going to be like a tornado in reverting actually we and him have everything too lose and only death as an option. For Gods sake look at all the other countries while do people wait till the last minute to save their lives and then have no choice and that’s what it really comes down to !!! In the end, the one’s who put up a fight and the one’s who did nothing all go down in the same boat !! “evil prevails when good men do nothing”

          • Moderate liberals should love him. After all, everybody’s saying he’s actually a Democrat still! So they can vote Trump and still feel good. It’s a shame that’s the best the Democrat party has to put up as candidates…a socialist, and a known lair! Shame… 🙁

          • It’s Trump you should be wishing ‘good luck!’ By the way, I will vote for Trump because I am a conservative (even if he isn’t) and because I will take the least of two evils.

          • Don’t forget…Reagan was also a Democrat at first. I too, was not a conservative in my younger days. But as most people age, they learn…and they usually become more conservative. Those that don’t mature…are called liberals. Just saying…

          • People who have brains and care about their family and know whats at stake may think twice !

          • You mean Mitch, Obama’s little Bi**ch is gone?

          • What, we can’t say ”bitch” on this site?

          • Some you can and some you can’t. Seems to be ok here.

          • Yes they are tolerant and we need the opposition as maybe we can enlighten if that is, they are not brainwashed but at the same time trying ourselves to have some patience although very trying at times !!

          • I have a hard time being tolerant of people who will not respect my views.

          • LOL ! Challange happens all the time !!!

          • “They” are the People who got us here, and they want to suppress the Voice of the People, as it threatens their existence. “They will scream bloody murder, and Trump will win.

          • I just pray that you are right, because there is a lot at stake this year and I think we’re taking a huge gamble.

          • I can’t see any reason for the down ballot defections except where they want Obama’s policies to continue and more illegal immigrants.

          • Turn the damn Media off, they’re in the Tank!!! Trump will win, he’s a winner, and it is going to break “The Establishment’s” heart. No more Lobbyists, OMG! How are they going to survive? Maybe a whole bunch will retire!!!

          • Trump works in strange ways; and he is working already and prepared to put all in place that he can as soon as the balloon drop’s!

          • StupidConservativeValues

            Yea, he did real great. HE LOST because he’s as creepy as fuck!

          • Cruz is controlled by Goldman Sachs and is more attached to the establishment than Trump is.
            Cruz has a bad name in the Senate – agreeing or disagreeing on bills and then changing his mind causing the members to be pizzed off

          • First,you know nothing about Cruz and Goldman Sachs except what you heard Trump say–he lied. Second, you should ask the question why is Cruz hated by the Republican establishment? You would be better served looking more deeply into what exactly Cruz actually did. But that is all moot now–here is what is to come–hold onto your underpants because we may lose the Presidency and the Senate also. Take time to view this video–this is a little bit of what we can expect. It’s enlightening and remember you all chose it.

          • People won’t pay much attention to that as some things were probably taken out of text and spliced together. What do you think the adds are going to be like against Hillary? They won’t be good . The first debate will be in Sept and Trump will hit her so hard with all her garbage , she won’t know what happened.

          • The die-hard Trump supporters won’t pay attention, but believe me there are a lot of moderate democrats and libertarians that we need who will take notice. And, a lot of them are women.

          • There is too much on Cruz to be written off and as it stands Trump tell’s it like it is but much is taken out of context, that’s the way media puts it they do not do justice when a sentence or a paragraph is not compleated. Is Trump perfect,, no one is, you try deoturing a threat on you or you’re families life. Trump is the only man for the job peroid…..

          • Yeah right!! It looks like you’re showing your ignorance now. Did you view the Conner Eldridge campaign video below? Tell me what you think?

          • Yes, I just finished watching the video, and it was great! It’s not as good as Mr. Trump, but it is terrific!

          • What? You don’t make sense. That was Mr. Trump in the flesh over the years making all of those crude comments. You’re joking, right?

          • Truthfully, this kind of propaganda doesn’t bother me in the least. I support Mr. Trump, and the Lord willing, I will vote for him.

          • One might ask just what have they done to Trump, but one may not have enough research to prove video as questionable. The far left ,worse than commies, as someone else is in control; and all are the one’s who speak with the devils tongue !!!

          • Have you heard the latest news? Who did Trump bring on board to help him? Look it up–a Goldman Sachs guy. And, he isn’t going to fund his own general election campaign another promise broken. Just hold on, there will be more to come.


          • AmericanBelle1

            Correction…BETRAYED lemmings will suffice. And therein lies the reason why Trump is now the presumptive GOP nominee. You know absolutely nothing of what we’ve just gone through these past 8 years! Our constitution has been shredded, our rights stripped, a president who writes illegal and unconstitutional executive orders without a hitch, and a Democrat candidate who promises she will continue Obama’s policies! Like we need another 4-8 years of this chit?
            Pay attention because I believe you missed all this as it happened. Voters elected CONSERVATIVE governors and state legislatures nationwide, they put a conservative GOP majority in the House, and they put a conservative GOP majority in the Senate. And all their conservative wherewithal did nothing more than betray us, because they did what they wanted without a single care in the world of what the PEOPLE WANTED! We did not elect them to kowtow to Obama or democrat policies. Our economy is as bad as it was in the ’29 depression, with one difference. We recovered from the earlier one, while we’ve been held in a constipated void of recovery of nonexistence! This administration, and our conservative majorities, have gone along with cooking the books (at least they’ve never fought for the truth! or change!)….our unemployment rate is closer to 20%, not the unbelievable lie of less than 5%! There isn’t a problem in this country with income inequality…what we’ve had for 8 years is income stagnation…worse, our income is less than before Obama took office! The middle class is all but wiped out. We have no sovereignty and being invaded by uneducated, ungrateful, illegals — many with criminal records! and our conservative majorities have allowed Obama to basically give illegals amnesty (he’s not allowing any deportations! even of the criminals!) and bring in Trojan Horses filled with so-called Syrian refugees, who underneath the burkas are bomb-carrying terrorists! Hell, we’ve got a president doesn’t recognize that we have enemies, and a democrat candidate who allowed 4 Americans to be tortured, sodomized and murdered during a terrorist attack in Benghazi, then blamed it on and jailed an innocent film maker … and she’s now the candidate swearing she’ll maintain Obama’s policies! Democrats have created the largest chasm between the voters based on false claims of racism and unqualified phobias worse than recognized during the Civil War!
            This country no longer has a future, the American Dream is dead, and you’ve got the gall and audacity to spew your idiocy?!
            Wake up and smell the coffee…voters have gone with the conservatives for 8 years now…8 years of absolutely no fight to save our nation. So when Trump comes along and says he’s going to take it all back and make us the great nation we once were, and you have the gall to criticize his supporters, you simply underscore why we are NOT lemmings, Trump is our ticket, and you are the problem!
            BTW, I’m a Trump supporter who grew up going to private schools, won a four-year scholarship to college, and followed up with post-graduate degrees. And I AM the typical Trump supporter, so take it where the sun don’t shine because clearly you’re elevator doesn’t go to the top floor!

          • I haven’t been sleeping for 8 years, puleeze don’t insult me. But if you had been really watching you would have seen Cruz standing up (alone I might add) for our rights. So to put Cruz in the Republican Establishment bucket is just wrong! View the Conner Eldridge campaign video below–this is just the start. Trump is in the big leagues now and the Republicans are in big trouble–losing the Presidency, the Senate and most probably the House. And quit yelling at me, I’m going to vote for Trump (while I hold my nose).

          • I’m glad you will support Mr Trump. You won’t be sorry.

          • You truly tell it like it is. Why would anyone not want to support Mr Trump. He has the brains and the work ethics to get things done. He is not owned by all those crooks in Washington that now control this country and have literally driven it into the ground. I love the way he let Ryan know this evening who was going to be in control, after Ryan came out and said He was not ready to endorse Trump yet and Trump would need to do things the way Ryan wanted it done. Mr Trump is a strong man and just what we need as our President.

          • Truck Fump!

          • Recently,
            it made the news that the City Council of Hamtramck, Michigan is now
            100% Islamic. The old guard have left the building, so to speak. Those
            that remain must be quaking and bracing for what is coming. When elected
            members of council shrieked about how the city would come to know the
            control of Islam, others decried that man’s incendiary speech.
            Was the condemnation of the power-hungry Islamist City Councilman
            just for show? That will be left up to you, the reader, to decide. In an
            effort to help you come to your decision let us enlighten you to some
            New World Order in the sleepy little burg of Hamtramck.
            The Council’s first order of business was to construct an “Islamic
            center,” code word for mosque, large enough to accommodate 2,000
            worshipers. The Islamic call to prayer, the “adhan,” is being broadcast
            across the neighborhoods, via the Islamic Centers bull-horn like
            speakers, starting at 6am.
            Are you an owner of a liquor store, a restaurant, bar, convenience
            store, or grocery store within 500-feet of a mosque? Well, then, you
            should be aware that you are no longer allowed to sell alcohol in your
            The non-Muslim, and even the moderate Muslims, who had no real
            appreciation for who they were electing must be thinking they made a big
            mistake? How long before daughters of families everywhere, irrespective
            of their religion are donning the Hijab, or worse the black sack-cloth
            Burka? How long before symbols of other faiths are banned?
            How long before members of those faiths are attacked, either
            personally in the street, or have their properties vandalized, or their
            businesses made to suffer financial consequences, aside from the
            prohibition? How long before Hamtramck turns into a third-world, 7th century, backwards terror filled place? Given how quickly things are progressing, not long.
            The people of Hamtramck should be ashamed. They should be ashamed for
            voting these people into office and setting a precedent for the nation.
            Hamtramck should serve as a bellwether call for the rest of us.

          • No more Politicians, we’ve seen their betrayal ,and failure to come through.

          • Also a lost generation and a new one coming up by the bot’s teaching our children through our colleges, Gulen’s A-G Stem schools and the parents in my town just voted for the budget of Gulen schools and the taxes will pay for it, look it up . Also public schools and the parents do nothing !

          • Well it seems as you have not done research on Cruz b/c there is so much to the negative on him!

          • StupidConservativeValues

            Cruz hangs around elementary schoosl with his schlong sticking through the fence thinking it’s a glory hole. What an asshole. Cruz sucks dick.

          • you’re a real moron. You’re probably the kind of person only a mother could love.

          • StupidConservativeValues

            Damn, you’re a witty one.

        • Jhon F kennady wants Immigrints in this country he opend this country for all people but now Trump thinks he can revoke the rights that Jhon F kennedy wrote now Jhon F kennady is twisting in his grave for this country it is time to send people to Trump to Protest against him and say we do not want Trump”s stupid Empire

          • Michael Dennewitz

            Ya need to STOP SNORTING DATA SHIT!!

          • You are misinformed and might like to study up a bit on your Kennedy facts. He did say “Ask not what your country can do for you, but ask what you can do for your country”. That is as good today as when he was president.

          • True, even though one of his writers came up with that sentence.

          • Kennedy opened the door for Legal Immigration. I have no problem with that. However, I do agree with Trump on illegals and terrorist. Send them back…

          • Amen, brother

          • Cookie Vranish

            The door for legal immigration has been open for 200 years or so! We just don’t want illegals and terrorists!

          • Come here legally or do not come at all.

          • The only ones who see illegals immigrants and terrorists as right are the illegals and the terrorists.
            With you 100% Cookie…

          • i AGREE!! ANYONE with a brain and common sense should NEVER want illegal aliens to flood this country..

          • We don’t need 1.5 million a year, cut it back to 250,000 like it was for years.

          • Illegal is illegal… We could make it easier for some to immigrate legally. This way they would pledge allegiance to this country.

          • I agree, ILLEGAL immigration should be stopped. I don’t think we need 1.5 million Legal immigrants a year either. From the 1920’s until the 60’s it was something like 250,000 per year.

          • Exactly.. she OBVIOUSLY did NOT listen to what Trump actually said.. NOT ONE Time did Trump say he was against LEGAL immigration.. he is against ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION…He welcomes anyone coming here but wants them to come LEGALLY… ANYONE with a brain should want the same thing.. ILLEGAL ALIENS have NO right to be here … we citizens are footing the bill for these illegal aliens..

            TRUMP 2016

          • And their employers are laughing all the way to the bank.

          • You should have a problem with our immigration law since it was changed by Ted Kennedy and the Democrats.

          • We desperately need immigration reform, but we won’t get it if we don’t win the White House and keep the House and Senate.

          • Most people don’t know one Kennedy from the next.

          • Are you drinking, or just skipped English class?

          • Jay looking at your profile says a lot about your character and none of it is good!

          • Cookie Vranish

            Who is Jhon kennady? Do you mean JFK? Which means Jack Fitzgerald Kennedy.

          • Tom Buyea -- Fla.News service

            So you want to give America away to illegal immigrants ? Have you taken in an illegal immigrant woman and her three kids into your house yet ? Because my taxes are currently supporting her in a hotel room at over $100.00 a night on a long term basis !! ? until a section-8 house can be found for her, While Americans are living in tent Cities all over the USA, Just do a Bing image search for “Tent Cities in the USA” and see hundreds !!

          • i am a Catholic and i agree with pope Francis that we should show mercy to the poor i must ask you this if this man made law said do not go to church and do not volenteer in any ministries will you follow it or will you reject it? give your honest answer

          • First amnesty was REAGAN. That opened the door. And it lead to the current mess. 32000 + crossed the border last month alone. Can anyone say GO HOME. No welfare spigot, enforce e-verify. Punish employers who violate it, etc… Most will leave which will amount to much smaller numbers to round up and deport or jail. Time to clean up the mess and haul out the trash in DC. Things done in the dark will come to light and prosecutions will follow. No free passes for the BO admin or the federal agencies and dem lemmings or the go along get along good old boy rinos. And do not underestimate the zealots of the right. They will always be a problem as much as the liberal left. Moderation in all things is good.

          • then why did the government allow the immigrants to have International resturants if they are going to Deport them and why did they allow the American people to eat at International Resturants?

          • What???????

          • Showing your ignorance,lady
            Do a little research first

          • Trump is NOT stopping LEGAL immigration.. he is against ILLEGAL immigration and ANYONE with a brain would want to stop illegal aliens from flooding this country.. Trump welcomes ANYONE to come here but wants them to come LEGALLY.. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THAT???
            John F Kennedy opened the door for LEGAL immigrants NOT ILLEGAL ALIENS!!!! so Trump is NOT stopping what JFK started… obviously you listened to the lying media and NOT what Trump said…

          • Trump calls himself a Presburtarian and on youtube Trump said he is Episcopal he is the Church flip flopping Idiot why do you want this Idiot to lead this country if he is going to flip flop churches?

          • I shed my blood and saw my fellow soldiers maimed and killed to see to it you, and anybody else in the world, can go to any church they want or to not go at all.

            It’s none of anybody’s business where Trump spends his Sunday mornings,,,or Saturdays for that matter. (BTW I’m Catholic, or so it said on my Dog Tags, anyway)

          • Maybe because he seems to actually care about the U.S. instead of just wanting to suck it dry like many of the Political class.

          • GIVE ME A BREAK, PLEASE!!!!!!!! All this commentary is giving me a headache!!! 🙂

            This has become so simple. Some “idiots” (if you MUST use that expression) are better than others. Here is the choice….Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump? Only 2 to choose from….does not get any easier than that. Save all your angst and opinions. Make a choice and be done with it.

            MOI???? No brainer to me. TRUMP 2016. I do not want this country to become the next bastion and failure to the social agenda and way of life. All socialist countries have failed because NOTHING is really free. It may be free to some, but SOMEONE has to pay for it somewhere. That goes for EVERYTHING!! NOTHING is free!!

          • if nothing is free then why are Missionaries working for free? and why are people requesting free bibles?

          • Jay, Missionaries who work for free are noble people and the passing of free bibles is also noble. BUT, Free college, free medical, and free “other” stuff” is paid by someone done the line and that someone is the TAXPAYERS. Or do you thing that if someone wants free college they walk into the admission office, say they are entitled and they stamp them as “no charge”? As for the missionaries and free bibles….who sends the missionaries to wherever they go? Free flight? The company that prints the bible…they do it for free?? Someone , SOMEWHERE has to pay for this.

            Please think about what you say before you say it. NOTHING is free. Someone pays for it somewhere down the line!!!

          • You are so right. But you didn’t know – Jay is an illegal.

          • Conservatives are anti ILLEGAL Immigration.

            Not anti immigrants. There is a HUGE difference. Don’t fall for the lefts word plays.

          • It was Ted Kennedy that helped to change the immigration law and that is when they started allowing large numbers of people without skills to immigrate. The problem is they allowed too many people too quickly and didn’t leave enough time in between for assimilation into our culture. Ted Kennedy did that consciously–he’s probably laughing in his grave because today we have exactly what he wanted to accomplish.

          • It wasn’t John it was Teddy the Communist Kennedy and the 1965 Immigration Reform Act. Does that title ring a bell? Immigration is a function of the Congress not the President, that is why Obama is getting sued.

          • Kennedy had his character problems but he was a lot more than a sleazy land developer.

        • StupidConservativeValues

          Fuck our forefather’s fornicating foreskins. They were all fags for inventing the constitution. Conservatives need to be enslaved for their own good.

      • Cruz is going to get creamed again today for the seventh consecutive time ! He cannot win! If you vote for Cruz, you lose! Donald Trump will be the 45th President of the United States.

        • If you vote for Trump the Country loses!

          • I respectfully must disagree.

          • I must respectfully disagree, because Mr. Trump is going to be the 45th President of the United States.

          • Well OK, but tell me why it’s good for this Country to have Trump as the 45th President of the United States? OK, we’ll get a wall (which I don’t believe) and he’ll make this “Country great again”, but just how is he going to do that? Focusing on the top layer will not in the long-term keep this Country great! Focusing on removing the multitude of cancerous layers is what will make this country great again. But, you see Cruz is no talking in ‘slogans’, he’s giving us real solutions to fixing what is systemically wrong. But 45% of the republican/moderate democrats are focused on tomorrow. Well, the problem with that is that after tomorrow, there’s another tomorrow which will end up the same as today.

          • I completely understand your concerns, but Mr. Trump is the only candidate who can and has brought over massive numbers of Democrats and Independents into the Republican Party. It could be wishful thinking on my part or naivety, but I believe Mr. Trump will do what he has said. Besides, he has the toughness to beat Killary Rotten Benghazi Clinton, and that is essential!

          • I agree with your stance that, so far, Mr. Trump has been able to bring aboard democrats and independents (not massive amounts however). But I have real concerns about the woman, hispanic, black and asian votes that he is not attracting. All the polls show that he cannot beat Clinton and that concerns me. I am not concerned that
            Trump will not do what he said he will do, my concern is that he isn’t doing anything of substance that will affect the long-term.

          • I don’t disagree, but I think you and I are being bamboozled by the media. For example, this whole thing about women not voting for Mr. Trump is total nonsense. In the last six primaries women turned out in record numbers and voted for him. I live in Nevada and attended his rally in Las Vegas, and I can assure you that there were as many women in support of him as there were men. In addition, he won a majority of the Hispanic vote. In my case here, my wife and several of our female neighbors think Mr. Trump is fantastic! In fact, one of my daughters in Florida is driving my son-in-law nuts about how great Mr. Trump is. I have never seen that particular daughter excited about anything but Trump!
            I see him as a man who knows how to get things done. He could not have built his company without making the right decisions regarding who to assign to what projects. I believe he will take that same approach as President.

          • Especially the polls about Trump that are put out there by the RNC….they are total B.S.

          • I completely agree!

          • That’s a good comment.
            trump is a loose cannon.

          • Yes he is and that is what is needed. He is a loose cannon and he has the b**ls to load and fire out the crap that now exist in Washington.

          • That massive ego will be the worst President since W.

          • Again with the value judgements tomneale. I presume you are an expert at being the worst. That is a very heavy statement. Have you checked out some of the more current presidents.
            I would feel safe in saying that you excel at extremism.

          • Hey Jerry, Don’t even talk to this trol. It’s obvious whatever he has been smoking has screwed up his mind. (I think it’s something that came out of the South end of a North bound hildabeast.)

          • Hahahahaha. Sucker!

          • A woman’s point of view…..I am concerned about safety, debt, taxes, jobs, the economy in general, our military, vets, elderly, health care,immigration, recovering our status with our world friends.

            I personally do not think a presidential election is the place to fight social issues as on those issues “No one wants equality, they want supremacy”.

            All the women I know are strong Trump supporters. We aren’t cream puffs who need to be protected.

          • SickofPoliticks

            OMG! Thank you so much, Sharlie!!! That’s exactly it. I keep telling people that I’m a pragmatic Conservative and they think I’m nuts. But if we don’t get this nation back on track financially, there won’t be any social issues to fight about.

          • You have my complete respect. You are so right women are as strong in all ways as men. Over the years we may have developed differently physically due to the role each one played, but oday women are taking on all roles, and yes they are not cream puffs who need to be protected. Go Trump…

          • Thank you Jerry, I am 76 and was an accountant and computer analyst when those careers were definitely a “mans world”, however I found if I did my job everything was just fine. The victim mentality has been/still is a mystery to me and seems like quite a burden to bare.

            I had a father who told me, as an only child, “I could be anything I wanted to be if I was willing to work hard enough” and that was quite an attitude in the 50’s when girls were encouraged to be nurses or teachers.

            I even went on to become a pilot when the air controllers referred to me as “that woman” when I was in their sky but that worked out too.

            I am from Colorado so have fought with the GOP here and in DC ever since they pulled their stunt here, wonder what they do now? . There used to be a rhyme when we were kids that “cheaters never win”, hadn’t thought of that in years.

            I am so happy we are headed forward to a President Trump as we so desperately need him and his abilities and his love of America. I just hope we have time for him to clean up the mess of the last many years.

          • You’re just a kid K Sharlie. I’m 83. I’m for Trump because I believe the younger generation should have some of the many opportunities we’ve had. I’m a retired Police Lieutenant from LA County.
            You have had a good career. God was good to you and me.
            If, as I suspect, Trump does what he says he will do it will be good for all Americans.
            The demonstrators will soon learn that it was a mistake to demonstrate against Trump. They probably will be the ones who will benefit the most with a Trump Presidency. They will not be divided. They will be included and benefit from the better economy and job opportunities. Those who have preached hate will be cast aside and will be seen for what they truly are.

            Enjoy your golden years K Shalie you’ve earned them.


          • It has been wonderful connecting with you! I hesitate to say too much as we have such different experiences and ideas than many of the younger people.

            You must have experienced things during your career that I have only seen on TV , let me thank you for your service. I have a sticker on my car that I support law enforcement, I can’t believe we are so upside down with excusing the criminal and blaming everyone from GreatGrandmother’s aunt Ruth all the way through the police system, no one is responsible for their own bad behavior anymore.

            I do so hope that the demonstrators wake up and realize how awful they look behaving so poorly and can gain pride in themselves and America as a county.

            I read the other day that if all things stayed the same our great grandchildren would still be paying on the debt as it now stands. Another reason to back President Trump as he certainly knows how to make things work for us and our country.

            Again, great to have connected with you and you enjoy your golden years too!

          • THE SHAME OF IT ALL !
            We are on here, some of us to fight for the last days of America.
            We are trying to get out points across to those who really don’t
            believe in America and are here b/c they are payed to do so or do not realize that someone has brainwashed them so they cannot conceive the difference between truth or fiction. Along the way we have lost a generation or more instrumental in paving the way for the next.
            Without realizing it, our own children and grandchildren are caught in this scheme and we are loosing them to this cult way of thinking . I am sure there are stories out there confirming this. Doe’s this sound familiar to another era ? The signs are there if you know history! I am terrified of this as it may be the last election or none at all, and in the making as we speak to happen very soon.. We will no longer be able to strike out at one another in any fashion !
            More important we need a way to reach them and I wish it could be here on this site for they are taking down many and there are sites I refuse to frequent. I wish there would be a way to reach those young impressionable minds before It’s too late !!! Thanks Disqus

          • You and Sharlie K. are both getting senile.

          • Why thanks tommeale. Enjoy your value judgements since you are presumably an expert at senility.

          • Who is Senile ????
            You see the election results yesterday or do you just live in an Obomaesque delusional world? (remember Bagdad Bob?)

            This is that fact. It is Trump against Clinton and nothing is going to change that,,,,,unless Trump implodes this afternoon like the media has been saying every day for almost a year.

          • Trump is a rich piece of s**t.


          • No. The ”rich” was just to distinguish him from other pieces……

          • If you don’t like Hillary now you should read ”The First Family Detail”, then you’ll really hate her.

          • I haven’t read the book, but I did see some pretty wild excerpts from it, and Killary Rotten Benghazi Clinton is a security person’s nightmare!

          • I was never sure if she just had no respect for the job the Secret Service does for ALL Americans, or was just pissed off because of how much they covered for Bill.

          • Candidly, from my observations of this vile and evil woman over the past 30 years, I think she is just bad to the bone! I think she hates everyone, even herself!

          • Cruz has been a senator and accomplished nothing good. He is a globalist and that is not good for America.

          • SickofPoliticks

            But… I’ll vote for him if I have to. My concern is that the GOPe will crap on Cruz as soon as they get rid of Trump. If that happens and they put a Kasich or a Ryan on the ticket, the best thing Trump and Cruz could do is go third party on a Trump/Cruz ticket.

          • Looks like we don’t have to vote for Cruz!

          • SickofPoliticks

            More often than not, God is on our side.


          • We’ve heard the talk for years. What we need now is action. Go Trump…

          • If you don’t vote for Trump, you have just voted for Hillary.

          • I never said I wouldn’t vote for Trump–I’m a true conservative and I believe Trump as my only choice is better than Hilliary. Who knows perhaps in the coming months he will surprise me and provide some ‘sane’ specifics.

          • And this is what you voted for–

          • Sorry, I don’t see a problem. Most of his remarks were cut up in pieces and were tongue in cheek responses. If everything in those clips were accurate, he’s still the better choice over a murderer, thief, liar and anti-american candidate. You think she’s not a murderer, tell that to the 4 Americans at Benghazi. Makes me want to puke everytime I think about it.

          • No I don’t expect you to see the problem, but it will be a problem for Trump when people begin to see these clips–they aren’t going to know they were ‘tongue in cheek’. And even if they were (which I doubt) they are still inappropriate which many people will also think. He already has a problem with women supporting him, this ad will sink him.


        • If I vote fro Cruz, I lose? If you vote for Trump, we all lose.

          • Yes if we vote for Trump we all lose. We will lose the corruption that now exist in Washington and in Counties and Cities across the nation. We will lose the sell outs who are selling our country to the big money changers. We will lost to the one world government makers.
            However, we will have a great country again with Trump as our President. Go Trump…

          • Well it looks like we will have a chance to see if all you Trump believers are correct. I just pray to God you are.

          • I hope we are too.

          • Tom Buyea -- Fla.News service

            We had no choice but to pick some one new an outsider Not purchased by Corporations like all the rest, I just hope the Secret Service can keep him alive ? !

          • You always have a choice and there is no evidence that Cruz was owned by Corporations or special interests. I believe the two candidates that survived this far were the true outsiders, but only one of them is a conservative. My fear is that we have lost the conservative party and just moved left of center. There goes our opportunity to fix what is truly wrong with this country. I never, in a million years, would have thought that conservatives in the Republican party would turn their backs on conservatism, but I have witnessed with my own eyes. Very unfortunate.

          • Once Trump is in , the trash goes out !!!

      • I totally support your position, However the support needs to have been sifted from the time the candidates reach 1237.

      • Southern Patriot is an oxymoron.

      • I was a Cruz supporter as well but I became a Trump supporter as things got further along and I am so disappointed in any of these so-called conservatives who become so enamored of his or her candidate that they refuse to support whoever wins unless it is theirs. Thank you for being reasonable!

        • What is disappointing to me is the tactics that Trump used to seal this deal. That tells me the man is not above saying and doing anything to achieve his goals..

          To me, the ends do not justify the means…. I mean really, the Donald quotes the National Inquirer as a news source? Have you ever stood in the lines at the grocery store and wondered who believes the headlines in the Nation Inquirer? I guess the Donald does.

          I live in CA, and will still vote for Cruz, as a protest vote. In the General Election.

          A vote for a democrat is a vote for socialism/communism.
          A vote for a Republican is a vote for a shot at Capitalism…. If you can believe the donald…

          A non-vote is a vote for a democrat. Shame on George Will for abandoning Capitalism. But I now know how he feels.

      • You are a true thinker. I thank God for all patriots like you. My first choice was Carson; but now Trump all the way.

      • StupidConservativeValues

        You are quite incorrect about Will. He is a Reagan conservative with a really rough ass I love to spank. He is a freakin’ stud who likes pony play, especially with My Little Pony.
        I am supporting Hillary because she stands for what I believe, in numerous ways. I will support Hillary until the convention and if Trump is elected as it appears unlikely and maybe an almost guaranteed loss at this point, I will support Hillary fervently after she is nominated. America cannot have Donald Drumpf and cannot have any more Republicans or conservatives in this country. Hillary will build the needed trains and camps to transport and “store” idiot conservatives.

      • No such thing as a southern patriot, just a bunch of sore losers.

    • Totally agree. He is incapable of “AMERICA FIRST”!

    • EPITOME-agreed.

    • Geo. Will writes a column for the Washington Post. Left-wing.

    • StupidConservativeValues

      Suck my hammer fraud boy. You don’t know shit about radios!

  2. I’ve seen George Will on talk shows for years. Why anyone would believe what he has to say is beyond me. He has never been correct unless he heard someone else say it first and repeated it. He is nothing more than a mouthpiece for the D.C. establishment. He has never had an original thought. The most amazing thing to me is people are stupid enough to pay this clown.
    Dan French

  3. Will is so smart he almost qualifys to be on the worst program on Fox news. The Five

    • He MAKES people BELIEVE he is SO INTELLIGENT. I have never seen any certificates hanging or showing where he got this authentic “qualification”!

  4. Georgie boy is the one that can’t be trusted. True establishment. Remember the dinner he had when the rag head was first elected. Telling everyone don’t say anything bad about the rag headed be-atch

  5. The author of this article is either an idiot or a follower spreading the opinions of George Will. This feckless individual lacks the courage to identify them-self only as “admin”.

  6. If Donald Trump isn’t the nominee for the republican party, hillary Benghazi clinton, will become the next president – that is if barak Hussein obama doesn’t declare martial law and cancel the election. Donald Trump isn’t a politician and almost all politicians have lost their credibility because once they are in office all of their promises are forgotten and they become one of the pack of money collectors.
    Politicians who call themselves conservatives usually lie to get elected and once they are in office we quickly learn that they are just another liberal RINOdemocrat. Donald Trump is spending his own money to campaign for the presidency and doesn’t owe anybody favors once he is in office. He hasn’t labeled himself as a conservative but rather someone who will make America great again and we the people deserve a chance to have our country recover from its current state of degradation. Donald Trump is the people’s choice.


    • Stop shouting!

    • He KNOWS he would be found out that he is an Alien and not qualified to be a registered candidate!! But we do have a 2x elected POTUS, when we ALL know is not from the USA and then Ted Cruz, who should not even be allowed to run because he, too was born out of the USA. I just never understood Texas letting him being their Senator and I always thought Texans had it together!

    • The ass that pays him for writing his columns that is who. If you want to get to the truth of anything in politics all you need to do, follow the money trail. Everything revolves around the money. How many times has your Dad told you that? Right?!

  8. I am frustrated at all these GOP elites criticism of Donald Trump and their plan to keep him from winning the election. Donald Trump is the most qualified candidate we have. Trump may not present the social skills they want, but I whole heartedly believe he loves this country and will work hard to bring America back to the Nation we once were. The last two in the running are NOT the leaders most people think they are. Cruz is a product of the NWO and his wife is imbedded with Goldman-Sachs and a former member of the CFR. If anyone can beat Hillary Clinton, it is Donald Trump.

    • Hahahaha! What a sucker you are.

      • Trump was NOT my first or second choice. However, he is the enemy of my enemies (the Democommies and the RINOs) and that means he is at least a potential ally. George Will…. not so much.

    • How is trumf qualified? He is an inarticulate, unstable demagogue incapable of uttering a single coherent statement without vitriol or vulgarity. A simple minded buffoon who has never worked a day in his entire useless life. He will be crushed in the General Election by Hillary, a vile hag I despise.

  9. Dear George:
    U R an A$$hole !!!!

  10. So then Will is for Hillary. This means the supreme court, at minimum, will be liberal leaning 5-4 for at least a generation. And she is adamantly against the 2nd amendment, so our gun rights will be shot down (pun intended). Yes, Will is an Ass.

  11. The whole of Congress is scared to death of Trump.. He will end their gravy train of scams.

    • At the very least he will TRY; and like the debates, I believe he will focus attention on the problems (unlike the current politicians with few exceptions).

      • Yes Trump will try to run our government like a business,, not a charity. If you want welfare you will have to do something for the government.

      • Trump will try to run our Government like a business.. NOT a charity.

    • No he won’t, but he’ll probably want a cut in the “gravy train of scams.” Trump is as corrupt as any of the DC Cartel. After all, he has been sending them checks for over 20 years.

  12. Tomneale – and you know it all?

  13. Fire George Will, the divider working for Hillary. That would truly help the country.

  14. Robert Kahlcke

    FOXTROT, George Will he’s trailer trash. Period

  15. Will doesn’t understand that it is the conservatives and Democrats that have done nothing of the We the peoples work , they are still acting like they know it all and will not fight for America. so they have caused this anger of the We the people against the federal Government and those whop are to reduce it and remove many of the regulations and other walls they have erected against the people. We the people are damn mad, and are not going to put up with it anymore, so Mr. Will and others you have failed the people also. please sit down and be quiet.

  16. Egor von Johnson

    Will is a twit and has not survived the put down by Trump 6 weeks ago which included Kraut, Crystal, Hayes, Barnes et al. He embarassed them . and they have not recovered. Rove as well. They are very confused now and when they have to cover Trumps continued victories, Will in particular, looks like the fox chewing shit and pretending he likes it. Hilarious, to see those assholes squirm denigrating Trump.

  17. Egor von Johnson

    Received my red Trump hat, Make America Great Again. Walked around my trust fund baby neighborhood, all democrats. and not one waved at my wife and they drove by. We loved the walk, expressing our political selfs, that we returned home and made delicious 4 oz. Vodka Martini`s. Slurp,slurp. Will repeat every evening. Much Fun. By the way, my wife, my second, is 15 yrs younger and a 12 , on a 1 to 10, glamour with brains scale.
    That`s why Egor is so full of piss and vinegar dealing with all these democratic twits and twats on the internet. We are Christians. God Bless America!! and my NRA LIFE MEMBERSHIP. GO TRUMP!!

  18. Egor von Johnson

    To all you liberal democrats!!!! Shit Happens! You must learn to live with it the next 8 years. GO TRUMP!!

  19. What WE MUST do is stop George Will and his cronies from hijacking the republican nomination and destroying the republican party! George Will is actually a liberal masquerading as a conservative and needs to be stopped and ignored!

  20. Trump is rude, crude, he acts like he’s still in grade school and he doesn’t speak much better than a grade schooler. Sad state of affairs, but apparently that’s the best we as a country can do.
    Hillary would be an unmitigated disaster, I will not vote for Cruz, should he win the nomination, as I do not believe he qualifies as an NBC, Trump ain’t the perfect candidate but he will have to do.
    One thing you can’t argue with, Trump will be the greatest president to hold the office in eight years
    Like I said; sad state of affairs

  21. Irene Elizabeth Grooms

    Most people are tired of the way our country is and want a change and TRUMP is that change.

  22. EnemyoftheState

    Will is odd. He would prefer a witch, a woman who has a trail of dead ex colleagues behind her like Cruella de Ville,, a woman associated with dereliction of duty over Bengazi where a US Ambassador was murdered, thousands of emails sent willy-nilly possibly compromising the security of the

    United States and yet George Will prefers HER to be POTUS over Donald Trump?


  23. My question is why should we pay any attention to the opinions of George Will?

  24. George Will is a Liberal in Conservative clothing!

  25. George Will is an establishment republican, bought and paid for by the GOP and RNC who are just as corrupt as the liberals and democrats who want to control peoples lives.

  26. Joy Daniels Brower

    Ever since the powers-that-be “allowed” Will to host that dinner for all the so-called “Conservative” insiders at his oh-so-perfect home in DC to introduce them to the Beige Boy Wonder, Will has been sleeping with the enemy – and he’s beginning to look, sound and act like them more & more ever since. He’s such a smug-ass I want someone to punch him in the face and make his nose bleed. Poor Georgie Porgie Will. But if Trump invites him to the White House, you can bet he’ll change his tune fast – in fact, he can be as big a whore as anyone in DC!

  27. I just love these guys who say do not do this or that, but dot offer an alternative, like that group in the National Review…Zero respect because they did not give concrete evidence why not and offered no alternatives; if you tried that where I went to business school, your paper would have been returned to you with a zero written on it.

  28. To be “fair,” Trump suggested that Cruz should drop out, similar to Will thinking hitlery should be handed the presidency. I might as well ask Karl Rove or Priebus as Will, for their fair and unbiased (chortle, guffaw) opinions.

  29. It’s losers like Will that keep the R party in the losing column

  30. George Will, You are one of the MOST Liberal idiots of the Liberal media and have them believing that you are the “Intellectual Guru” sent from the Outer Space to give these people of lower beings, the intellect of a superpower, who came down to reeducate them! Well just go back to your spaceship in the sky and fly away!!The scary thing is is the fact there are so many people who actually believe your intellect!

  31. Anyone else notice all the stop Trump articles that come out on or on the day before a vote by the people? Also noticed the unfavorable polls come out about a week before the same vote trying to sway the outcome.

  32. The most amazing thing about Hillary is that she has been there done nothing positive.
    Her accomplishments include a failed healthcare bill as first lady, turmoil in Libya with 4 Americans killed, pressing the Russian reset button leading Putin’s takeover of Crimea, and selling American defense technology to the Chinese.
    She has the evil fecal touch, everything she touches turns to S%&T

  33. Loving America

    If this is a news man Do Not buy the sponsor products that supports wherever he works, do not buy the newspaper he writes for…just turn o him and comopany he works for..We the People will not tolerate this kind of rheteric anymore…enough years of Obama and the criminal Plots and activities without allowing it in the White House or those who write negative about it!

  34. janice kraczon

    Make sure Trump loses 50 states? What a total IDIOT….I can’t stand watching him on special report with Brett Baier. He always has a scowl on his face and he dresses like Bill Nye the science guy. He is a total loser…..And then he has the nerve to call us non respectable, not proper, non intellectual. His comments are becoming irrelevant and I don’t understand why Brett has him on his show.

  35. william russell

    Hey will no one care what you have to say. We are no longer listening to the washingtion elite. This election is the election of the working class and we vote for who ever we want. If trump wins great, will shake things up, if the republicans loose the senate so be itt because they have not done a thing since being control in jan. The democrats are still running things using the filibuster rule so the democrats will only vote on things they like.

  36. George Will is way overrated. His opinions are almost exclusively a gift to Progressives/Democrats.

  37. What Conservatives is George Will talking about? Surely he is not referring to those who are, and have been, nothing more than another arm of the Democrat Party for years and have failed their voter base miserably. Maybe he is talking about the Conservatives who helped create a mountain of debt that we can never hope to repay, stood by and allowed the destruction of our health care system and were involved with the passing of
    legislation that led to the closing of about 55,000 US manufacturing plants, resulting in millions of our jobs being lost to other countries. Is this the kind of Conservatives that he wants us to elect, so they can continue ripping our country apart?

    The fact of the matter is that the Republicans and so-called Conservatives we have elected haven’t done one single thing to help improve the future of this country for our children and grand-children. Instead, they have worked side by side with the Democrats to aid them in their agenda and it is rapidly destroying our country.

    What the American people don’t want and this country certainly doesn’t need is another incompetent, self serving, do nothing politician as our President. Trump is saying what tens of millions of Americans have been saying for years and now we finally have someone running for office who has the courage to say the same
    thing. The damage that our politicians on both sides have done and continue to do to our country is scary and needs to somehow be stopped, before we reach a point of no return. If that means that we elect a businessman like Trump to straighten out this mess that they have created, so be it. He certainly can’t do any worse than the others we have been foolish enough to elect, based on their promises to make things better, only to watch them make things worse than ever.

  38. George Wills needs to go to hell and soon. I guess he won’t be making his bucks off of the citizens like the all do. He knows Trump will stop it all. I have to say the following but I’ll try to be nice. Screw you George Wills.

  39. Houston Hammac

    Of course George Will is anti Trump. George Will is apprehensive of any disturbance to his aloof comfort isolated from us subjects to the self appointed elites that want to keep us a safe mental distance away from them. I know Trump cannot possibly accomplish ALL that he has promised, but 25% would be yuge compared to NOW! And, a bonus would be possible demise of George Will propaganda!!

  40. I’ve always thought of George Will as a Hack to start with and I really don’t care what he thinks….!

  41. All those conservatives like George Will have done such a great job standing up
    against Obama and Clinton. Give me a break what a bunch of pussies.

  42. Will is a minion of corporate media, paid handsomely in order to deflect popular anger away from the Dem-Rep duopoly and also away from the Wall Street/City plutocracy that have worked together to financialize our economy. Although profiting handsomely from the damage they do, they have destroyed our middle class.

    Will has no credibility when he styles himself as a “conservative Republican”.

  43. Bottom line it is ashamed all the American people have to vote for is the five remaining candidates – especially the two Democraps. The USA is in deep dodo.


  45. Will is an atheist and a stupid jackass! He is a fraud and he will not brandish Donald Trump…. WHAT A TOTAL JERK!

  46. George will is a total hate filled little turd
    Just a total disaster that needs to be kicked to the curb.
    Nobody cares what he has to say !

  47. George Will is a bitter old has been; and why anyone reads his overinflated option is beyond me, he is a pompous ass.

  48. Regardless of Will’s opinion, Trump must be stopped; he is a divisive and unstable demagogue who will simply extend the destruction of America begun by Obama. You don’t replace one tyrant with another.

  49. Does this article reflect Mr. Will’s conviction or is he simply stating a scenario, a “what if” type of thing?

  50. George Will is a sickening establishment pusher, not once have I heard him say anything good about the suffering American families.

  51. George, wake up and smell the roses. It is the Conservatives who are Donald’s strongest backers! We want what he wants, and that is back to the good old days. If you even think that Cruz is more conservative than Donald, you need to see a shrink. Jobs, people working, supporting their families, no free pay outs. Respect for Police, Firemen and all who take the risky jobs to protect citizens. Honor our Servicemen and women who lay their lives on the line for their country. Pay a fair share of taxes, support your schools and churches, Bring companies back to America, ~ and that is just the beginning of cleaning up the mess that has been made of America’s standard of living. The last 8 years has seen the destruction of almost everything we Americans believe in. I could add a few more paragraphs on dealing with other countries, but maybe you get the point.

    • Donald J. Trump is a lifelong liberal Democrat, who switched to the GOP in 2012, when he endorsed Romney. He has never been a conservative; he is for higher taxes, he is for Planned Parenthood and has supported partial birth abortion. In fact, he is only in this race to divide the GOP by scamming angry people like you into believing in him. Trump is a cult figure; he is no person to save America or it’s future. Wake up!

      • Keep telling yourself that, Gerald, you will feel like you did what you could, when Donald Trump is sworn in. A closed mind will never accept anything different. People can change with time. I voted for Kennedy, and I am a Republican. I don’t vote because someone tells me that is our choice. So again, be happy in your own little fantasy world, it is a safe place for you, while we go ahead and bring back all that America stands for!

  52. Will would rather see killary in office than a republican , total FOOL !!

  53. George Will hates Trump because months ago Trump “dissed” him. I suspect that added to this is Will’s perception that Trump has “NewYork” manners—in other words, Trump is a vulgarian. And indeed he is.

  54. James in Texas

    Will may have been a Conservative at sometimes in the past. Then he became a Moderate RINO and found that all things must be looked at from all of the 6 sides of the cube, which takes weeks or months. Then it has to be talked about for days with the Liberals, Moderates, RINO’s, the DNC, the First Bush President and any other fool he can find. All the while the Democrats/Socialist run flat over him, make the issue a “rule”, then a Law before Will comes out and say……”Well, I have always felt that this was the right to do”! He should run for the Senate, he is the kind of “turn-coat” that the Democrats always insist that the GOP run in the Presidential elections, and Lose!

  55. Sounds like the establishment and their servile toadies are in panic mode. They can see that a Trump Presidency would upset the comfortable applecart that they have built for themselves at the expense of the American taxpayer, not to mention that Trump would investigate, uncover, and prosecute them for their crimes.

    Clearly, political maneuvering means more to these asshats than do the votes of the Citizens. If our votes don’t matter to them, then why should we vote for any of them in the first place?

    Elect Trump and then let’s start draining the swamp.

  56. How can we keep pundits, Fox, writers from giving this over the hill slug air time and print time? Just ignore him. He is no longer relevant. As bad a Dick Morris.

  57. SickofPoliticks

    You know, George, You need to STFU and stop trying to tell people how to think and vote. Are you sure you aren’t a liberal?

  58. George has no will to win.






  59. George Will is human (I think). As such, and since he’s no youngster, he may very well be afflicted with that disease common with old people. Senility, Alzheimers, dementia, whatever you want to call it when the brain says bye-bye and goes on permanent vacation.

  60. So in other words, the status quo in Government are so terrified of losing what ever ‘benefits’ they have been getting from who ever is paying them to vote on way or the other? All this “we have to stop Trump” from the GOP is making me ill!!! What about stepping back and LISTENING to what he is saying and the response from the American People???

  61. Trump has to nominate Condoleezza Rice as his VP and make her a close confident. She will provide the political and international expertise necessary for the new administration. She also, will bring with her, many blacks, especially their women, and women in general, and those political groups who have worked with Margaret H. Thatcher, the ex-PM of Great Britain. Rice has those same qualities as Thatcher. If not as VP , perhaps as Secretary of State. Rice probably has more voter “drawing power”, for the office of VP than any other person.

  62. Don’t know why Bret keeps having George on his show. He’s one of the most obnoxious, bloviators around. He looks down his nose at everyone and hasn’t been right yet. Waste of skin!

  63. George Will is nothing but a so-called intellectual nit-wit. If a candidate doesn’t meet his litmus test then he is to be vilified. Will and the establishment losers have been giving us just that—losers. Americans want a mover and a shaker to get things done and if don’t you get fired.

  64. All your so called CONSERVATIVES, GO TO HELL. I respect those who are standing by their principles. But, not tjose whose principles are destroying America and destroying ther American people.I can’t believe, you are part of the Establishment, CFR, One World Order, Bilderberg. I think, yiu arer a bunch of traitors. The biggest disappointment for me is Pres. Ronald Regan, son, Mchael.You spoiled your father memory. Shame of you.

    George Will & Co, are nothing more than a bunch of traitors, Sorry to say, that Michael Regan is part of this group.He shadowed his father memory.Shame of him.He, in his site, called a vote for Cruz. It looks like the esteblishment won’t give up, untill they will destroy our Country.They think we are stupid, We know they are part of CFR, One World Order, and BILDERBERG. And also, all of us, knows, what they stand for.

  65. another conservation with cranial impaction .
    Get a grip. No matter who is the republican nominee, Hilary wins if all you pendejos do not vote for the republican nominee. It could be trump, cruz, or some other shill foisted upon us

  66. michael schimanski

    Four more years of an obama like presidentcy that hillary would bring would surely destroy the United States of AMERICA as we know it ( and not for the better ) . obama is destroying our country from within , importing ratical muSlims by by-passing our immigration laws and hillary wants to continue the same . She continues to get big money from billionaires of she will give big money contracts to in return . She has sold out the American people for profit to line her own pockets . Sold secrets through ( e-mails ) to foreign businessman and government for BIG donations . She will continue on this path and destroy America , that we may never be able to return from . hillary is not for America , hillary is only for hillary . Donald Trump 2016 .

  67. Grace and civility, eh?
    I don;t want to be civil to the liberal dem bloodsuckers, the only grace I want them to see is when I bend over and invite them to KMA.
    i don’t want to talk with them, I don’t want to deal with them in any fashion.
    I have cordially despise the liberal dem bloodsuckers for 50 years.
    Over the last 7.5 years I have evolved, I hate them all with a depth, intensity and bitterness, that has no bottom.
    I believe that the only way that we can prevent civil war to physically separate ourselves from them, ASAP
    As soon as w3e get shut of fthem kick back and applaud as they starve to death.

  68. George Will is senile and should go to MSNBC. I turn the tv channel when he is on, because he is just too stupid.; He also needs to become a democrat, he does not have a clue.

  69. I too am a CONSERVATIVE. I don’t necessarily like or trust Donald Trump, but I also live in a world of REALITY.
    The majority of Conservatives and Republicans have and are voicing their support for Donald Trump through the ballot. The will of the American voter must be honored or we have totally lost our nation. If Donald Trump wins the Republican Nomination for President, then he must be honored as such. I SHALL support him as the Republican Candidate for President. The United States of America cannot stand under a socialist democ-RAT like the Hilda-beast or the socialist BURN.
    I don’t know what has happened to George Will or some of the other so-called Conservative “Thinkers” over the past eight years, They no longer act or talk like the Conservatives I have come to know and respect. They have turned into feckless snobs. George Will has forgotten what conservatism is. He is now but an elitist blow hard.

  70. Albert L Biele

    George Will’s, lives in the dark-ages along with is pompous bureaucratic buddies who have shoved the voters under the table, totally disemboweling the voice of the people as a means to rescind the empowerment given us by the constitution. They have become tyrants; self-aggrandizing moron’s who have not come to the realization that the days of white-washing the demands of the people under the table are over!! Him and his cronies are a little slow in comprehending, and if the party doesn’t wake-up soon, they’ll be no party.

  71. George Will is an atheistic moron who looks as goofy as he is. Why anyone pays any attention to him at all is a mystery to me. Essentially, he is an irrelevant pseudo intellectual.

  72. I voted for Cruz in the primary. but it really concerns me that it appears that many in the R “establishment” would rather have Billery for president than Trump. These are the “Colin Powell” types (has he been thrown our of the Republican Party? don’t think so!) To save our Nation, there has to be a house cleaning in the Republican Party.

  73. Karen Samulcek

    George has become insignificant so he’s trying to rattle some cages in order to be noticed. Desperate old man stuck in his glory days. He’s looking for love but really we should pity him

  74. His best work was his book on baseball. He is a pompous pontificating prink. All the pundacracy have been neutered BY THE PEOPLE. That young man with the baseball cap and shades , the one confronted by Rafael Eduardo Cruz , showed the knowledge and contempt held by the now SURGING MAJORITY..

  75. What the heck is George will thinking? I think he should retire–he’s nuts!!

  76. George Will is not really conservative. I don’t listen to him anymore. We need to save this country if Trump is the only other alternative to Mrs. Clinton he will get my vote even if I don’t care for his arrogance and manners.

  77. What ever happened to good ole common sense? We were taught, “if it looks rotten, feels rotten, smells rotten, tastes rotten…it’s ROTTEN! Growing up, the spiritual awareness is the same. The morality of a person says it all. What goes into a man’s mouth does not defile one, but it is what comes out of a man mouth or should I say his heart that does. What a man says and does says every thing about the man. You do not need to be a Holy Joe to understand this, but often do need to be one, to see through the smoke screens that people put up. Like bad fruit, bad people will stink, eventually. None of the candidates left over would qualify for their various reasons. Some just stink less than others in the political realm and those who those who claim to hold the balance of Justice. Corruption is everywhere! Now you know why GOD destroyed mankind in the flood, save eight souls. Oh, forgot, that didn’t happen either.

  78. Every American with even an iota of common sense intuits that Trump may very well be the panacea to at least attempt to save our dying country. Brilliant pragmatic decisive non political leadership is the oxygen mask to at least try to revive the corpse.

  79. Will has lost it. He is an elitist who, like Cruz, loves the Constitution more than the people it is supposed to govern. The ONLY reason for gov. to EXIST is to SERVE the people. It is not flawless, or it wouldn’t have denied full citizenship to women, or written in slavery. The plan for choosing vice president was foolish. Why was the 2nd amendment so unclear? It is like the conservatives had their Constitution Messiah in Cruz, and will destroy the country if they can’t have him. Cruz is the most arrogant, rigid, cold blooded candidate I have witnessed in my life. Guess I can put George Will in that category also.

  80. Sadly, these last few months I have been making a list of previously admired leaders that I will no longer listen to, for the most part they call themselves conservatives but seem to be in the democraps pocket. They act as though Jesus would not meet the rather demanding points that they require of a leader, a truly sad thing. Well turkeys the people will be heard and after this election the conservative movement and the republican party are going to get an overhaul for the better. It has gotten to where it is hard to tell these fools from the democraps and the time is definitely right for change. Would never have believed that some of these idiots would go so bonkers, used to admire quite a few of them, no longer. They seem to have such contempt for the voter and our country and that is no longer acceptable. So to hell with parties until we get some that actually listen to the people and not the establishment. Down with the establishment in both so-called parties!!!! Just cannot cure stupidity!!!!

  81. George Will, needs to check in at the nearest mental institution, and get evaluated ASAP !!!

  82. George Will can have a stroke and drop dead or shut up, as far as I’m concerned!

  83. Those pro-Cruz and anti-Trump commenters here refuse to believe US citizens and voters are FED UP with politicians and the status quo. Trump will expel the traitors, Muslims, and other anti-Americans from government agencies, and get the illegal immigration problem under control. Trump in November, to restore the nation and keep it out of the UN 3rd World of crime, corruption, poverty, disease, and general hopelessness under a 1-party Marxist/Muslim system and possible dictatorship.

  84. Richard Trundle


  85. If George Will is getting respect from the liberal media, then he is NOT a conservative. Trump will win the election and start cleaning up the messes obama has made.

  86. George Will is a looser. He should be on MSNBC with the rest of the far left haters.

  87. Egor von Johnson

    One sick cookie. Advise new hairpiece. Can`t do much about the girly man personna. Trump deballed him 6 weeks ago. Damaged permanently. Will soon be ask to retire

  88. It seems everyone in the press and politics just wants to protect there butts and continue to live fat off the people.
    I would like Trump. Even if he screws up he would be one hundred times better than what we have now.
    Trump will try his very best to do what he says he will do. His pride does not allow room for failure.
    He speaks for me. If he turned out to be a buffoon so be it. It would still be better than the phonies we have not.

  89. Will is another foolish liberal,the people know that he is trash talking. George is a liberal wearing conservative clothing.

  90. Jeannie McNeil Hudson

    George Will is senile in my opinion, apparently. I’ve never been able to follow much of what he spouts or writes, conservatively speaking. I think he’s totally out to lunch, and I don’t believe he has the GOP or any other party’s best interest. George Will, are you on the NWO payroll…or soros’ payroll…or both? It sure sounds like it.

  91. Michael Dennewitz

    I think georgie boy has an idea as to where I’D tell him to stick his ideas..
    Damned liberals are scared shitless of Mr Trump, and rightfully so. The bastards KNOW that their gravy train is going to be derailed! !

  92. George E. LeFebvre

    George Will is exactly what’s wrong with this country. To even suggest that people back HITLERY FOR THE WHITE HOUSE, is as absurd as anyone can be. maybe he should move to Syria, Iran or any other middle eastern cesspool, we certainly don’t need his stupidity here. GO TRUMP!!!!

  93. I have a new title for the above article: “Patriots Must Keep Idiots from Reading George Will”

  94. It seems that George Will has lost his Will to Win. I think he has been Brainwashed by the Liberal Sc#mbags at the Washington Post along with Bill Kristol.

  95. So the answer is to vote in a big talking liberal like Trump as President? That would be the death of the conservative movement. His closest historical comparison is Mussolini.

  96. Cruz dropped out so we have the RINO and left of Clinton Trump vs the criminal Clinton. Sure hope some third party has a reasonable candidate because I will no longer vote for the lesser of two evils. The conservative movement has been fooled into the dust bin of history.

  97. Smart man let Hillary get elected. If Trump gets the nomination he’s the man and we need to vote. In droves. If Hillary gets elected this country will turn into something very ugly (kinda like her). Will should be ashamed of him self. It looks like he is not a conservative but an idiot.

  98. Will—is why the republican party loses elections !!!!

  99. Stephen Norman

    Trump said it best – a few times – George Will is a moron.

  100. This is truly demented thinking. Calling yourself Conservative, but calling for Republicans to hand the election to the Democrats. A warped little man.

  101. Look, you little bow tie wearing geek. Nobody likes you. You are the ‘little boy who always got picked last on the playground and had your hand up first in class.’ You are unmasculine. Now get lost.

  102. Alleged Comment

    So the moron is NOT a conservative but a diaper wearing Demoncrap! Should of known….

  103. For as long as I can remember George Will has been an over-stuffed shirt totally in love with the sound of his own voice. I believe the rise of Trump has Will and those like him scurrying in a panic as no one is listening anymore.

  104. Cookie Vranish

    George Will is a Traitor to the Republicans and the country. Between him and his wife, they are bleeding these Republican candidates dry with their consulting fees. Will’s wife bled Scott Walker out of 24 million dollars in 25 weeks. Go figure!

  105. If the American people want Trump, as it seems they do, George Will will just fade away, because he is definitely an incompetent who thinks he knows everything! I always turn off the TV when his face appears because I don’t want to hear his rhetoric.

  106. Tom Buyea -- Fla.News service

    “The American People Have SPOKEN !”

  107. headonstraight

    Will is the darling of right wingers when they agree with him, but when he writes a column that goes against their naive and warped notions, such as the absurd idea that Trump belongs in the White House, they come unglued.

  108. George, give it up!

  109. Egor von Johnson

    George, what a snotty POS you are. Get Lost asap. Take that thin skin, yid cripple with you to a baseball park and shoot each other. Our countrymen will praise you for finally accomplishing something.

  110. Anyone who works for the Washington Post I don’t trust and that includes Krauthammer

  111. Wills is an idiot and no one should give him the time of day—his ideology is trash. If he thinks Hillary is the better choice I suggest he get another shrink to deal with his mental problem.


  113. So, George, who do you recommend? Hillary? The DEMS are chasing Bernie to not leave them alone with Hillary. Cruz has already backed out. So, would Bernie and Kasich make a better pair of contestants? And, George, what about the people? You know, those people who vote for the president? Haven’t they already spoken? I know you think you know better than the unwashed masses. So, who do you recommend? Me? I would rather have a yellow dog elected as they did in Brazil decades ago.

  114. Is this guy on drugs? The only way to stop Trump is to vote for Clinton. Is that what he wants?

  115. No Democrat in the WH. Anyone not on that page is not just suspect, but an out right traitor. I used to like will, but Lord have mercy.

  116. Who cares what atheist George Will thinks, says or the pseudo intellectual drivel he writes.

  117. Sorry George, but you sound like a shill for Hillary. Part of the Crook or the Communist party!

  118. Get over it George. Trump has it. Crawl back in your hole.


  120. George Will you are a phony – you are NO conservative. If you would risk our getting HC as president as a result of your attempt to block DT you are a traitor to this country. HC intentionally left her email server unsecured, knowing
    it could easily be hacked, knowing that the information contained therein could get one of our CIA operatives killed! But you don’t care about that do you. How about HC, as SOS, leaving our Ambassador and 4 SEALS to die – no security for them, and then has the nerve to lie to the American people and the loved ones about who was responsible for the attack. Despicable human being. DT is a saint compared to her. He is a brillant business man, exactly what we need at this time. In areas where he is not knowledgeable – he will get the best people to advise him. It seems you are afraid that DT will dismantle the Washington cartel – is that what worries you?

  121. He’s the Establishment. We have to do everything possible to elect Trump and keep Hillary out of the White House.

  122. Will is an Elitist Establishment Republican that believes the people are stupid and should shut up and do as they are told.

  123. Restituto Guzman Jr.

    George Will another liberal democrat masquerading as a conservative Republican Trump hater.

  124. George Will is well on his way to “dead in the water”.

  125. George, how in the world did you EVER get a reputation for being conservative?

  126. disqus_aIHEcFxl3G

    George Will should go back in the hole he came out of. He is a real ass and wants to be in the lime light.

  127. What ‘conservatives’ like Mr. Wills still does not is that ‘the conservative base’ IS NOT the real ‘base’ of the Republican party anymore. It hasn’t been ‘the base’ for many years it is just that the ‘party’ has only been putting party candidates forward for the people to vote for. This is why there are so few registered Republicans than there are Democrats. I like Mr. Wills a lot, I think he is a very smart person and as far as I know he is a good person. It is just that he and the other D.C. talking heads do not have a clue about how the American people feel about life’s issues.

  128. This guy is an anti-American fool!!! Trump 2016!

  129. Clearly George Will doesn’t give a damn about the United States, the first ten amendments, or liberty—as if he is saying, “just let me keep writing my cute little column.”

  130. George Will is better adapted to commenting about baseball. With regard to politics, he is out in left field.

  131. Little Bright Feather

    This guy is no conservative ! He’s a communist to go against freedom and restoring this land !
    Just another deceiver and liar like Cruz !
    Cruz is a con-man and no conservative that he pretends ot be – Cruz is and has been for years a Globalist and working with the Bushes FOR the OWG.
    George Will is a fraud just like Cruz.
    Do not fall for his lies and deceptions.
    He is a OWG Globalist in disguise !

  132. Maybe the old, bitter, cynical George Will will do us a favor, and pass out of our orbit. If we all thought as he did, we’d live a life of Lies. The man is an Imposter, and evidently in Hillary’s camp, in Drag. He does not realize he’s so far off, and over the hill, it’s time to say “Goodbye”. We’re bored with you, go away quietly.

  133. George Will is not a conservative. He says he is, then badmouths Trump for media attention.

  134. George Will is ”disgusting” and the little group of Trump Haters on the Prima Dona Bret Baier ”Hate Trump Show” are all disgusting. There is finally another great New TV News Network, very informative, Good News coverage and very good International News. It is really ”catching” on! No Screaming, no interruptions, no debaters, but Real News, no one talking over someone else, and no one invited on the program to listen to the host. It is OAN, ”One America News!” I used to be a FOX Fan, now I get Real News on OAN.


  136. StupidConservativeValues

    mthammer: George Will is a total STUD, he is the epitamey of what I admire about the Republican Party , if it was up to me he needs to move in next door to me. Like NBC, CBS, MSNBC or ABC , maybe he can have his own show . They need intelligent competent people , which he qualify for 100% .

  137. If the Republicans had done what they said they were going to do, instead of wrapping their arms around illegal immigration, amnesty, and giving in to Obama on EVERYTHING, then the right wouldn’t have Trump to contend with. Its their own fault. Shut up George (and company) and suck it up like we’ve been doing the last 8 years.

    MODO– Facebook
    workers routinely suppressed news stories of interest to conservative
    readers from the social network’s influential “trending” news section,
    according to a former journalist who worked on the project. This
    individual says that workers prevented stories about the right-wing CPAC
    gathering, Mitt Romney, Rand Paul, and other conservative topics from
    appearing in the highly-influential section, even though they were
    organically trending among the site’s users.
    Several former Facebook “news curators,” as they were known
    internally, also told Gizmodo that they were instructed to artificially
    “inject” selected stories into the trending news module, even if they
    weren’t popular enough to warrant inclusion—or in some cases weren’t
    trending at all. The former curators, all of whom worked as contractors,
    also said they were directed not to include news about Facebook itself
    in the trending module.
    In other words, Facebook’s news section operates like a traditional
    newsroom, reflecting the biases of its workers and the institutional
    imperatives of the corporation. Imposing human editorial values onto the
    lists of topics an algorithm spits out is by no means a bad thing—but
    it is in stark contrast to the company’s claims that the trending module
    simply lists “topics that have recently become popular on Facebook.”
    Not a huge shocker here, but it is a little disheartening to see an
    actual report showing the political bias of the most influential
    platform in the world. The sad thing is, this will be a non-story by the
    end of the week. On the other and, if the same report were to allege
    Facebook slanting news to the Right, every bleeding-heart organization
    in the World would be knocking on Mr. Zuckerberg’s door demanding his

  139. StupidConservativeValues

    Hey, all ya niggas, what up dogs? I’m down with your con views.

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