Gender-Independent Princess to Become New Children’s Hero

The left knows that nothing can turn the culture tides faster than indoctrinating kids too young to tell the difference between nonsense and reality. Eager to push through legislation allowing men to use women’s rooms, stopping teachers from referring to “boys and girls,” and generally stripping the idea of gender from the national consciousness, they have come up with the bright idea of a gender-neutral hero.

Not content to simply promote one liberal agenda, our new princess – “Ten Ten” – is also an environmental activist! Nothing gets kids excited like LGBT politics and climate change, folks. The princess is going to be the star of several books said to be complementary to the new Common Core standards. Ten Ten is, of course, bullied because of her refusal to accept traditional gender norms. She won’t wear a dress and she won’t grow her hair out, which naturally causes her “own father to reject her.” Heady stuff.

The company behind the books is called Guardian Princesses, and they say their mission is to “promote greater racial, cultural, and gender inclusivity.”

Tolerance Versus Propaganda

Obviously, I have no problem with books and movies that promote strong female characters, and the same goes for entertainment that shows that boys and girls don’t have to fit in a neat box. But, come on. This goes well beyond those simple aims to produce something that can only be called liberal propaganda. This leftist notion that there is no difference between men, women, and gender-benders is ridiculous. I don’t support bullying or discrimination, but isn’t there room for some reality in all the “progressiveness?”

The reality is that there are differences between the genders. There is a difference between a man-turned-woman and one born female. There is a difference between a marriage between a man and a woman and a marriage between two men. And it’s not bigotry to say so.

We have freedom of speech in the U.S. for a reason. Part of that means Guardian Princesses have every right to create and market their books. But parents also have the right to discuss whether they want this material in the classroom, which is where the company wants their books to end up. If I were a teacher or a school official, I would be mighty hesitant to bring Ten Ten into my classroom. Contrary to what the left seems to believe, there are still a lot of Americans who have “old-fashioned” views on the subject of gender, sex, and the education of such, especially when it comes to young kids. And that isn’t bigotry, either.

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