Gender-Independent Princess to Become New Children’s Hero

The left knows that nothing can turn the culture tides faster than indoctrinating kids too young to tell the difference between nonsense and reality. Eager to push through legislation allowing men to use women’s rooms, stopping teachers from referring to “boys and girls,” and generally stripping the idea of gender from the national consciousness, they have come up with the bright idea of a gender-neutral hero.

Not content to simply promote one liberal agenda, our new princess – “Ten Ten” – is also an environmental activist! Nothing gets kids excited like LGBT politics and climate change, folks. The princess is going to be the star of several books said to be complementary to the new Common Core standards. Ten Ten is, of course, bullied because of her refusal to accept traditional gender norms. She won’t wear a dress and she won’t grow her hair out, which naturally causes her “own father to reject her.” Heady stuff.

The company behind the books is called Guardian Princesses, and they say their mission is to “promote greater racial, cultural, and gender inclusivity.”

Tolerance Versus Propaganda

Obviously, I have no problem with books and movies that promote strong female characters, and the same goes for entertainment that shows that boys and girls don’t have to fit in a neat box. But, come on. This goes well beyond those simple aims to produce something that can only be called liberal propaganda. This leftist notion that there is no difference between men, women, and gender-benders is ridiculous. I don’t support bullying or discrimination, but isn’t there room for some reality in all the “progressiveness?”

The reality is that there are differences between the genders. There is a difference between a man-turned-woman and one born female. There is a difference between a marriage between a man and a woman and a marriage between two men. And it’s not bigotry to say so.

We have freedom of speech in the U.S. for a reason. Part of that means Guardian Princesses have every right to create and market their books. But parents also have the right to discuss whether they want this material in the classroom, which is where the company wants their books to end up. If I were a teacher or a school official, I would be mighty hesitant to bring Ten Ten into my classroom. Contrary to what the left seems to believe, there are still a lot of Americans who have “old-fashioned” views on the subject of gender, sex, and the education of such, especially when it comes to young kids. And that isn’t bigotry, either.

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  1. It doesn’t matter if you like it or not, someone should take the time to explain to the unlearned that “princess” is the female noun reflecting female gender for the word “prince” which shows the male gender. This is just one more p.poor way to confuse our youngsters by the homosexual oriented crowd, and another clear indicator of the stupidity of the gender police.

    • When are they going to bring back He-Man comics. At least they had the gender right and how the sexes interacted.

      • I think you will have to start your own business and create them because the liberals are not going to do it. You might have a lot of customers. Also someone needs to create soldiers and dolls that are representative of the male and female gender. I think they will do away with them also. Did you see where the books about the princess doll are going to be complementary to the “Common Core Standards”. All this gender changing, LGBT, sex stuff, same bathrooms for the children is in “Common Core”. Jeb Bush and others are determined to push “Common Core” on the States.

        If you haven’t already find out as much as you can about the candidates that want to run in 2016 for President and post it. For Common Core – Jeb Bush, Huckabee said he was for it , now trying to say he didn’t say it (I heard him). Find out what the Demorat candidate is for and post it.

    • See my post to Sam W.

  2. Very sick and getting sicker

  3. This is a sensible, honest article yet it will surely enrage the transgender group. They want nothing less than to be set above the rest of us, placed on a pedestal and worshipped. The slightest criticism sets them on fire. Irritate their thin skin with the slightest questioning and they want to throw you in jail for “hate speech.” They will not be appeased until free speech is totally absent from our world. Freedom is a concept totally foreign to them. Truth, however, pays no attention to the wants and wishes of people. Each of us is born male or female, with very few exceptions, and every cell in our body is either male or female from birth to death.

    • I doubt many realize that the term transgender was advanced by a heterosexual transvestite publisher who preferred that term to include those like himself and homosexual cross-dressing prostitutes. It is simply a social construct which somehow has allowed gender to be the lead determinant for the transgender to use in their effort to impose. Most of the transgender it seems are simply heterosexual transvestites, many of whom are married – or were married – and have children.

      • You are right in that 99.9% of transvestites are hetrosexual, whether male or female. They get sexual gratfication dressing as the opposite sex. Males(dressed as female) perform as males sexually and females(dressed as males) perform as females sexually as a general rule, whether it be with their wives/girlfriends or husbands/boyfriends. Homosexual crossdressers are not transvestites. They don’t dress in order to acheive sexual gratification. It’s done for fun, entertainment reasons, comedy or “camp.” Neither the transvestite nor the homosexual crossdresser EVER CONSIDER AN OPERATION TO CHANGE THEIR SEX. They are comfortable as they are, with the equipment they were born with!! Transexuals are in a total different catagory. They are born physically male/female, however most have always felt in their mind, heart and soul, that they are actually the opposite sex. Once they have transtioned as male or female, they generally seak out partners who are the oppositite sex of what they transitioned to, usually. There are exceptions to every rule, as they say. As an example, I knew a cop in SF CA, who was transgender(male to female). She lived and worked as a woman. She was a lesbian with a beautiful girlfriend. I also knew a man(hetrosexual), who owned a bar for transvestites and gay drag queens. He dressed in womens clothes 24/7 365 days a year. She was the ugliest woman with a horribly deep,loud, obnoxious grating gravely voice. Was very rich and always had 1-6 of the most beautiful real women with her at all times. WHETHER PEOPLE LIKE IT OR NOT, GENDER IDENTITY IS VERY COMPLEX AND MOSTLY MISUNDERSTOOD. PEOPLE ARE THE WAY THEY ARE BECAUSE THEY ARE.

        • I may well agree with most of your points except that many who refer to even themselves as transgender get the sex alteration. Many are like the guy in the UK awaiting surgery who was a boxing promoter, married twice to women, had a number of children and he is over 60. He is not rare for it seems to be the pattern for quite a few of them to get the sex change in their waning years after, I suppose, the fetishism is in decline along with their deminishing sex drive. The only thing they are doing is to become castrated for everything else remains the same only now they can legally mimic a female all the while still attracted to women sexually although to be honest I have no idea how the actual sex act might be achieved except for a substitute penis device where one was not needed in the first place.
          You might be referring to the drag-queens but most of the cross-dressing homosexual prostitutes began as transvestite fetishists. They work the streets but remain males under the ‘cloth’; a few even have the sex change.
          How can one become a lesbian simply by having his penis removed bewilders me. The gays argue that their sexual orientation is inborn do they not?

          • The young children do not need to be exposed to any of this, let them find out when they get older. Planned Parent Hood is teaching different sex to the 10 yr olds.

      • Except that homosexuals have expanded it to fit their agenda to confuse gender with sexual preference.

    • Common Core is not sensible and that is what the doll and book is about. If you don’t know what is in “Common Core”, please research it. There is a lot of sex, LGBT, same bathrooms, etc. Bill & Linda Gates are doing the computer program for it that gathers all the information on you and your child and it can be sold to 3rd party companies. They have gone to the UN to make it the school standard for the New World Order that they are trying get all the countries participating in.

      • We need to start fighting back and draw a line in the sand to let them know that they can’t have it all. We need to take our part back by writing to our representatives about how one sided it is becoming. We ALL have rights, and we need to insist that our schools teach the TRUTH about male and female genders, and not a twisted and bizarre lie that genders do not exist in order to disguise and promote homosexuality and sexual preference to children.

    • placed on a pedestal and worshiped = you nailed it.

  4. disqus_C6fGXmCFNc

    you really can not fix stupid bunch of idiots!!

  5. The fallacy that has been foistered is that brain gender is the same as genital sex.

  6. ConservativeSenior

    More liberal degeneracy.

    • Yes, we should write to our representatives and tell them that we ALL have rights. Just because homosexuals think they’re genderless, it doesn’t mean the rest of us are, and they should not impose it on the rest of us to accomodate their twisted confusion.

  7. Typical of the wackos on the left and the LGBT community.

    – I hope all parents write their schools and protest this utter inanity and idiocy of this company. a Princess cannot be a prince or gender neutral – is he or she were then she would be a prin……Its idiocy for any gay to call their Partner a wife if female or husband if male – that really screws up the meaning of words. ITs bad enough gays use the term gay as that used to mean happy – now if you say, I’m gay – folks think you mean a lesbo or homo. Enough. IF that stuff comes into my school district, they will hear about it – this is the dumbing down of America gay style!

  8. You can thank the demon transsexual in Washington, living there with 2 rented children.

  9. Nothing like good old fashion science fiction fantasy to provide humor to an education free environment.

  10. Unless they refer to the characters in the story as “its”, I can’t see how it would be possible to be gender neutral. It seems to me that they can’t even use the term “princess” as that reflects a female. They would have to leave out all references of “her” and “she”. It is impossible to be completely gender neutral but it shouldn’t be done in the first place. There are females and there are males. We all would have to be the same anatomically to be considered gender neutral.

    • From a letter published in one of our “news” magazines fifty or so years ago…..”he’or’sh’it”!

      • So what would your suggestion be? How can you be gender neutral? How can you avoid using gender specific terms in a story without constantly using names?

  11. Common Core Communism will indoctrinate your children into libtard land! SMART people homeschool or private school their children to give them a chance to think for themselves, NOT be little sheep!

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