Gays Now Want Discrimination Protection

No rest for the wicked, as they say. Not stopping to smell the roses after their landmark victory on gay marriage, LGBT proponents are already focused on the next stage in the homosexualization of America. Building a new movement from the skeleton of the old one, gay rights advocates want to push Congress to pass a law that would prevent employers from discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation.

“People do have to live in fear,” said Matt McTighe of Freedom For All Americans, a group aimed at accomplishing this legislation. “Now you can go get married, but to come to work and live openly as a married person means you are coming out and that could be a real problem for people who work in organizations that are not supportive.”

How far do we have to bend for these people? Honestly. At what point is equality enough? Do we need laws that give homosexuals special privileges as well? Is there enough proven employment discrimination that this needs to be a thing?

Americans who believe in the traditional definition of marriage have every right to adhere to those beliefs. And it’s very difficult to see any argument that says a gay American deserves the same special protections as those who are in a protected class through no choice of their own. Instead of creating equality, it creates a system through which gay people can sue their employers on the basis of phantom slights. Before the left is done, employers will have to consult six different law firms before they fire anyone.

It is very important that conservatives ready themselves for the upcoming fight. The left has shown again and again that they can steamroll the country with cries of “injustice” and “unfairness.” And the right falls for it every time. This isn’t about whether gay people are good people or sinners or whatever else. It’s about whether we retain the right of conscience in the wake of the LGBT awakening. Must everyone get on board?

No matter how much they want gay people to be lumped into the same group as women, blacks, and the elderly, there simply is no comparison to be made. Government should have as little influence over private enterprise as possible, and this is a step too far. This is taking us one more step towards a country where gay marriage is not only legal but also above criticism. And it further marginalizes American employers who happen to have a different view of gay marriage than five liberal Supreme Court justices. Let’s stop this movement before it turns America into an unrecognizable, rainbow-colored blotch on the world.

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  1. We were doing just fine before the LGBT discriminated against us! We’re the ones who need discrimination protection, but we’re smarter than the homosexuals because we don’t want any more government and judicial control. We can handle this perverted 2% – do you hear?

    • how have you been discriminated against?

      if you cons were smart, you would have let gays marry before the supreme court made it the law of the land.
      time to read the 14th amendment again.

      • If you queers were smart, you would have gone along with civil unions and then NONE of this intolerant hatred would be happening and NO ONE would need special protections.

        And you should read the 14th Amendment again and understand the history behind it and why it was written. It does not protect the rights or give equal rights to queers. It was part of the Reconstruction package to create personhood for ex-slaves as well as giving citizenship rights under the Constitution to the ex-slaves as well as Native Americans. No where does it give you the right to trump the Constitutional rights of the rest of the country.

        This wrongly construed dependence on the 14th Amendment is just as completely wrong as the right to privacy given women to allow them to murder their unborn. Again, trumping the rights of other persons is not and never was the intention of our Constitution.

      • Not to worry liberal dem bloodsucking scum, we know we can’t staynaround you, we are going to force partion, then you liberal fing garbagecan do it your way.
        About 10 years after all of you have starved to death we can restart, then you liberal garbage will finally be worth some as fertilizer for the desert You garbage really thought you were going to get away with this didn’t you??

        • the rambling of the mental.

          telling this to a psychiatrist and you will get a 3 day evaluation pass to the loony bin.

          did gay marriage make your tiny brain cook?

      • Dim wit go eat a bowl of dicks

        • my question was too hard for a con. I agree.

          • Can I ask what it was that made you so simple minded? was it an injury suffered as a child? fetal alcohol syndrome? did you lick the walls of an older house and injest large quantities of lead? did the cord get tangled around your neck cutting off the oxygen when your mommy tried to spew you out of her uterus? well what is it something had to make you so weak minded.

          • the con demonstrates he’s a moron.

            But we knew that.

          • You really did not answer my question OK maybe you are just too stupid to understand it but that is why I am asking in the first place, how did you get that way. Let me put it this way your brain seems to function on a lower level you seem to be about as smart as a can of soup and I want to know why. Look go ask your mom maybe she can explain what I am asking you here, maybe she dropped you on your head when you were young. I would think some where along the line she would have noticed damage like that however and would have tried to get help for you. Maybe it was some sort of mutation in your skull that destroyed massive amounts of brain cells. I think the scientific world would want to study a person like to to find out how you still have enough brain cells to keep your heart beating. Do the right thing and offer yourself up for study perhaps you can help others.

      • This new law of the land will get repealed you can count on it.

        • Roe V wade is what 42 years old now?

          cons are not too bright.

          • You mean like you dimwit.

          • who is the idiot claiming the law will be repealed.

            your talking about repealing the 14th amendment fool.

            even my dog knows that is impossible without a landslide of public support.
            and since 60% are already AGAINST YOU, I’d go cry in a corner or pray.

          • Hey TROLL go back to your CAVE

          • Think you mean Mama’s Reality Check Basement for another FIX……Kool-Aid, crack, smack, Xanax or PCP I’m not sure which yet. Select any two.

          • I hear ya Jarhead

          • The majority of many states were against same sex marriage, so I doubt that there is any great percentage in favour of giving any more incentives for a minority of self indulging sinners.

          • the majority of states, because we have 37 states with wacko legislatures doing things the public don’t want.

            that IS what got the supreme court involved, BECAUSE you fools passed unconstitutional laws. Blame yourself for nation wide gay marriage.

            young people favor it by over 80%.
            and lets face it, it’s THEIR country.

          • Actually, those who support the murder of innocent life are the ones who are not too bright. If they do not change, they will be destroyed at the end of the millennium.

          • that is only in your Crazy Christian religion.

            Good ting we have Freedom from you crazies.

          • People like you may see their last day sooner than you think.

      • The 14th Amendment does not cover lifestyle, nor does it cover sexuality. The supremes were trying to rewrite the Bible, and God will do something to them for that. In the last chapter of revelation, He promised plagues to those who add or detract from His Word.


    • Raymond J Ambrozaitis

      Such a wondrous Christian attitude. This will certainly bring a lot of people who are sitting on the fence to your way of thinking. NOT!

      • Michael Dennewitz

        You a fag Rayray??

      • Who are you kidding! Christians don’t have to put up with all this BS simply because they’re Christian. They can show just as much intolerance and hatred as the next bigot! The is the USA where free speech reins and if you’re offended, then stick it where the sun don’t shine. I’m sick and tired of left wing loosers crying about how they’re not being loved by the Christians. Ever hear of turning the other cheek? Yeah, that’s our cue to turn around and ignore you ingrates.

        • yep, we have to physically separate ourself from the liberal garbage and their pet faggots, it’s the only wy to prevenrt civil war.

      • I have no religion and I don’t want to bring anyone over to my of thinking, I hate all liberal dem bloodsuckers and their queer familiars, soon we will force partiton and in your own country you can do anything ou like,.

      • Is that another pleasure device for homosexuals – the picket fence?

  3. Wouldn’t it be nice if White, straight, Christian males were protected? NOT in Oblame-o’s AmeriKa.

    • Just be male and see what discrimination feels like.

      • I have ceased being nice about it.
        When attacked by a faggot or a liberal dem bloodsucker, I break their head.

        • I am afraid you don’t have the intellect to crack a pistachio.
          so tell me con, what state are you anti gay marriage folks moving to?

          the Mojave desert has plenty of land for sale.
          lots of sunshine.

          I think Ca will let it go cheap.

          • I’m sure that cracking a pistachio is real challenge for you drones on the face of society, perversion of the biology, pustules on the species.
            We aren’t going anywhere liberal scum, you might want to check the voting patterns pervert, lot more Red states than blue states.
            We will politically separate, the Federal government will do, nothing about it.
            The rifle and pistol days are done scum bag.
            Adjust your sanitary napkin, you still have the feces odor coming from both ends.

          • you just hold your fantasies real close and pray, mentally challenged con.

            once Hillary or Bernie is pres, we will make the SCOTUS 7-2 liberal by 2020

            THEN you morons are going to be extra sad.

          • Not one of God’s brighter children, are you?
            We won’t be there liberal scum, don’t you get it, you fags, the liberal dem bloodsucking garbage , the Clinton Outlaw or the mentally vacant socialist will be of any consequence to us.
            the only option is civil war
            Personally, I prefer to do it peacefully, lot of us would rather start killing you.

    • the poor down trodden white man.

      60% of the population is white.
      95% of the congress is white.

      I think you are protected, low info human.

      when was the last time you got pulled over for driving while white?

      • IN the sanctuary state of AZ. because the “PIGS” had nothing else better to do,,,,, SATURDAY!!!! BRO!!! HOMMIE!!!

      • As if blacks are ONLY pulled over because they’re black! This BS of the poor, downtrodden blacks. Apparently, under this administration, ONLY low info humans or humans who have identity issues not knowing who to sleep with or which bathroom to use, are protected and all our Constitutional rights are trumped. Maybe we should just go back to segregation where everyone is on their own in their own little segregated communities. And further, maybe the taxes of each segregated community ONLY goes to that segregated community. Let’s see who the low info humans are then, wise ass.

        • Ken Dometriosis .

          Gee, if the poooooor, oppressed, former-slaves weren’t the ones perpetrating over 3/4 of the crimes, habitually, racially and stereotypically, they wouldn’t GET pulled over so often. Act like a HUMAN being- a WHITE human being-, stop turning your homes into ghettos, stop selling dope, stop yabbering in that flivver-lipin’ ebonics, stop shooting every white person you see, stop raping white women 93% of the time and finally, GET THE F*&^ BACK TO YOUR BELOVED AFRICA and THEN we MIGHT consider you 3/5 of a human.

          • if there was any doubt that there is still plenty of bigotry in the US, they just need to read you post.

          • “Read you post”…Ebonics at it’s best.

          • Truth hurts you, huh? Most of that was truth.

          • Only whites are bigots, right Chick? You stupid frikken libTURD!

          • I have an idea since most black people hate whitey because we made them slaves. Lets send them to Africa where they can meet the blacks who captured and sold them as slaves to whitey. Lets give them each $10,000.00 each in return for their passports and leave them there.

        • “As if blacks are ONLY pulled over because they’re black!”

          well that prove you have never met a black person.

          • “Well that prove you have never met a black person”…….Hey chick, try this, go to school, learn, try, work, excel and stop your putrid “blame game” crap.

          • when a con goes after grammar, it’s a badge of honor to a liberal.
            It proves that the con HAS NOTHING of substance.

            the moron does not seem to remember we played this grammar game before and you were horribly disfigured by it.

          • Aw! If a libTURD accuses a conservative of being “trailer park”, it’s only fair to show how stupid, ignorant, slovenly, and uneducated the leftist maggot is.

          • trailer park is way too upper class for you moron.
            TMR is much better.

          • Thanks chick! Mission accomplished.!!!

          • That some things happened in the past does not mean that they are still happening. Most white folk are not racist, and the only ones who are tended to get that way from being beat up by roving black thugs, like in Cincinnati, Ohio this past week. I can see that guy turning racist against blacks.

          • to believe that racism is dead is to be a naive con.

            pick any thread that has a “black: theme and you will see that the racists are still alive and well

          • I said that they got that way from being mistreated by people who did not act intelligently. Have you ever noticed who does the rioting? I guarantee you that if there are any whites, they are democrats who are trying to stir up the blacks.

          • “I said that they got that way from being mistreated by people who did not act intelligently”

            well that is CRAP.

            prejudice is learned from your parents and surrounding society.

            people get mistreated by whites all the time.
            does that then make them prejudice of whites?

            WHO tells you this bull poo?

          • ” Have you ever noticed who does the rioting?”

            proof that you are a bigot as well as dim.

            have you ever notice WHO is the race being discriminated against?

      • I figured you were a nigger. Why don’t you go smoke your dope and behave yourself.

        • You actually used the N word. I prefer calling them WEBES instead. As they always scream WEBE black WEBE picked on. Now the gays are using it.

          • Yes I used the N word. I’ve had many run ins with this idiot. If Obama can use it then I can too. If blacks call each other that the I can to. When they stop calling whites honkies and anything else they can think of then I will stop using the N word.

          • I totally agree with both of you…..

          • I think we are all getting tired of being pushed around.

          • I actually agree with you. Other names that I use are Porchmonkeys and Yardapes.

          • I like those too. But I want you to know that I have good friends that are black and they do understand why a lot of whites are getting upset with all this BS that’s actually caused by the dicktaster in office.

          • Agreed!!!! As more blacks and Latinos join the T party, it’s easy to understand that pukes like chick are upset.

          • I assure you ,without a doubt The T.E.A Party,is no organization for Latinos or blacks,if the Constitution isn’t their first priority,so your dead wrong..

          • why lie.
            no black person would ever hang out with a bigot like you.

          • Just so you know asshole. I don’t talk to faggots. So I will flag you and refuse to talk to queers. goodbye dipshit.

          • oh gee moron.

          • Well, yes you are, pustule on the species.

          • aren’t you the fool who thinks the country is going to separate into a pro gay marriage and anti gay marriage country?

            Do you own a lot of Florida swamp land too?

          • Ha Ha Ha!!!

          • Niggers are living proof that indians had sex with buffalos

          • God made them stink so blind people could hate them too.

          • Watch what you say about Indians.

          • Don’t worry I don’t hold it against the indians they could not see the future

          • your post is proof that cons are morons.

          • Your post is proof you have a dick stuck in your throat been meaning to ask how is it in fairy land

          • cons specialize in stupid and then wonder why the rest of America think cons are retarded.

          • Your comment bothers me so much all 2% of your fairy brotherhood so good luck with that

          • What chick, the rest that sponge off of the rest of us?

          • if that was supposed to make sense, YOU FAILED.

          • No, stupid libTURD! You can’t keep up. Let’s all slooooooow down for the fool so he can understand, like we have for the last sixty years.

          • That PC troll called Real Chick is back….what a fruitcake…..if you went any slower for him/her/it to understand your would be in a dead calm….. O O .

          • Why in the world would anyone care about the opinion of the liberal dem bloodsucking leeches or their pervert familiars?

          • except that I am a retired white dude, moron

          • That means you are a white nigger idiot.

          • Don’t insult good blacks!!!!

          • Believe me I wasn’t talking about good blacks. I’m talking about the thugs that are out there.

          • I agree, I knew what you meant.

          • Thanks Obama. Now where have I heard that name before. LOL. just kidding

          • Ha Ha Ha!!! And I am a North Eastern, flag lover, Constitution lover, gun owner……..

          • Kudos O O you got the fruitcake Real Chick to admit he/she/it is a moron…..

          • Wasn’t hard, and thanks for your service sir!

          • What ever else you might be garbage, you are also a liberal dem bloodsucking parasite,.pustule on the species

          • Theicecube, I know a couple blacks that tried to get a toys r us franchise and could not! So they started their own company and called it WEBE TOYS! Needless to say they filed bankruptcy and now are on wellfare!!! Also this gay hispanic and a black guy opened a new restaurant and they call it NACHO MAMA’S !

      • Not to worry liberal dem bloodsucker, we are going to force partiotion on the USA, Shortly there will be noting but liberal dem bloodsuckers in your half and then your life will be wonderful, well except for starving to death

      • I am sick of people like you the white WORKING male is the largest minority in the US, we work pay taxes and get the shaft whenever some group of PROTECDED bunch of Rainbow warriors ,latinos or blacks want something for their cause, but as soon as white men come up for a cause of their own they are bigots racist or right wing conspirators. Screw you and all of your freaks, Lock & load guys it should be open season all these poor downtrodden asswipes

      • Why are you so stupid? no really I want to know honestly. I want to be sure I don’t do anything you might have done in the past that killed all those brain cells.

      • Ken Dometriosis .


      • Actually it was yesterday Reality Check. The trooper stopped me because he thought I was driving awkwardly. When I told him I had just come from the chiropractor at the VA treating my back that has bothered me since the war and was quite sore and uncomfortable. He sent me on my way but followed me for a ways. The trooper was white and so am I.


      • I am a White female, and I have been pulled over, and ticketed 2 times, since I was a police officer. So don’t pull that stupid trick out of the hat. It does not work. And that officer who got my money last time…was a Black male officer! I went to court…even though I paid the ticket…to tell the judge just how well the officer treated me!

        But…alas…there is no more looking out for sister or brother police officers. Never has been..since I left law enforcement in 1986. At least not in the South.

        • Bull POO

        • I was a long hair, in Phoenix, in the 60’s. I was pulled over various times and NEVER touched, abused or harassed. Why???? Because I never gave the officers reason to beat me, harass me or berate me. Try it sometime Chick!!

          • Who are you talking to? I never said I gave my brother officer any grief! You obviously need to put on your rose colored spectacles, and read my comment again, Hippie!

          • Sorry, Keep, I was responding to Reality chick!

          • O O why do you waste time with this fruitcake PC Troll….living in the basement of mama’s house sucking that ole Kool-Aid thru a long straw cause his head is so far up his colon..
            Really Chick needs to check into an asylum.

          • OK

      • What about white females? You think we are discriminated against? Believe me, we are.

      • I particularly liked his lighting of the Whitehouse for the SCOTUS ruling, but our POTUS seems to have forgotten our most important holiday where we as a nation like to light things up…WHERE WERE THE DAMN RED, WHITE, & BLUE LIGHTS on the WHITEHOUSE FOR INDEPENDENCE DAY??????

        • first YOU have to prove there were none.
          you can tell a con is lying when his lips are moving.

          • I was pointing out Obama’s insensitivity to the public. He only seems concerned about special interests and not the country as a whole. When it suits him the LGBT crowd will be under the bus like the Black community whose loyalty he has rewarded with open borders leading to higher youth unemployment and eventual dilution of entitlement benefits as the pool grows. I could care less about being discriminated against, It happened when I was hired and I out performed the women and minorities that were paid more than me, Performance is the only thing that counts, too bad the President can’t be fired for negligence.

          • Abba Zabba,……

        • He hates America remember? So he will not be showing support for anything that does not go toward his agenda of destroying this country.

      • Pamela Craghill

        Isn’t it marvellous how the 60% population and the 95% in congress have to bow and scrape to the others and watch whatever they say, in case the upset the minority.

      • Oh, Oh, hands wringing Chick…..Dumbed down schools for you, dumbed down tests for you, lowered bar in employment testing, preferential treatment in hiring, housing, welfare, ebt, and now, we have a new “oppressed” class. Thank you Ocumstain, for bringing about a “transformed” America. Gee turds, G.W. never had this much dissension!

      • Vernon Cunningham

        Don’t break laws and you won’t draw their attention. They have a job to do.

      • You mean driving while sober, at the correct speed limit, with all of my lights working? We’ll just keep holding you up, Chick, dumbing down schools, testing, giving you preferential hiring, feeding your kids at school…..

      • I never have, don’t
        speed , don’t drive drunk and don’
        t shoot at kids on my way by.

      • No one gets pulled over for being a certain race. They get pulled over for driving erratic or breaking a law. They pull the race card because they do not get taught to treat those in authority with respect, so when you act like a jerk, you get treated like a jerk. Time the mothers of this country did some work with their kids and teach respect early on. It takes very easily when a child is young. And then no one has problems in school because everyone is respectful to one another.

    • Ken Dometriosis .

      How about the atheist males as well. Seeing as the xtian god doesn’t seem to be protecting them at all, it’s probably better to get off your knees and start doing shit for yourselves and tell god to f*&^ off.

      • Aren’t you just precious!

        • Wouldn’t life have been a l whole lot easier for all of us if: Going for Civil Unions with ALL the same benefils as marriage, been the answer with some peace? The use of the definition of marriage, known for what it is/means since millinium and involves the religious belives of a number of our population gets in the way. What is really the goal here? Is it the same benefits as marriage or getting into changing/forcing people into doing what is against their beliefs? Go after Civil Unions and we will have peace on this issue!!!

      • You will be judged by your works.

      • Was there some reason you felt compelled to say that.
        What are you atheists going to do when the religious people get tired of you,, close the ER’ s on their hospitals, and schools and health clinics and food banks?

      • Free will. Know what that is? God cannot interfere in what happens in anyone’s life who is not one of His Elect. Does not matter if you are a Christian, because not all Christians are Elect.

    • When you have a gay muslim communist sociopath in the WH there will be no protection for anyone but gays and all other deviants.

    • Pamela Craghill

      Seems like they are a dying breed though. More and more are coming out of the closet and making their demands.

    • You have your privilege.

      • Yup, I am privileged to pay for libTURDS, their ebt, section 8, illegal aliens, their welfare, licenses…….

        • Do not forget that welfare can be converted into cash for booze, drugs, tats, vacations, gambling and sex to mention but a few items taxpayers are providing in addition to food, housing, etc……….going rate seems to be around 50 cents on the dollar.

  4. Gays demand protection for their rights will trying to destroy the Rights of Christians, They are better than ISIS/Al Quiada. Perhaps they would rather be parachuted into Yemen or Iran.

    • “Perhaps they would rather be parachuted into Yemen or Iran”

      so rational thought is out of your purview?

      many gay ARE Christian, low info voter.
      where do you get this silly shit?

      • AmericanBelle1

        There’s a conflict there…you can’t be a homosexual and follow the Word. It’s not possible. You can’t act directly against God’s rule. If queers were true Christians, they wouldn’t be harrassing every single Christian they can possible affect to demand Christians give up the Word of God or His natural laws. If this is how queers “tolerate” Christians, then they’ll have to accept how Christians “tolerate” them.

        • THE WORD is just a fable some religious cults follow.

          The US is a secular country.
          Freedom of religion means freedom FROM your religion.

          tell me, do you have any divorced relatives?
          divorced friends?
          THAT is a sin too.
          con like to pick and choose which parts of the bible is a GOOD law and which is NOT.

          AND you wonder why we call you hypocrites..

          • One minute you are professing inclusion into the Christian movement. Next, you are trying to condemn the word (Christ). Make up your mind which sin is better for you?

          • “One minute you are professing inclusion into the Christian movement”

            ya that never will happen. you are mentally challenged if you think you read that.

            “God was a divorcee. And He understands that there are some reasons one cannot stay married to a person.”

            I was unaware that God had a wife.
            please provide the passage for that

            as for divorse.

            YOU LIE.

            “It was said, ‘WHOEVER SENDS HIS WIFE AWAY, LET HIM GIVE HER A CERTIFICATE OF DIVORCE’; but I say to you that everyone who divorces his wife, except for the reason of unchastity, makes her commit adultery; and whoever marries a divorced woman commits adultery.”

            did I miss the part where God forgives them? and that it’s OK.

            cons just make up the bible to suit their needs.

        • And they cannot claim to be Christians in the true sense of by the Word. Christ was the Word in the flesh, and even He did not change the Word to include sinners into the church. Sinners must repent, change. Staying homosexual shows they are not really Christians.

      • From stupid fing liberal dem bloodsuckers/queers like you.
        not to worry,. soon you will be in your own country and life will be wonderful for you.

        • where are you moving to?
          Russia, Iran, maybe Kenya?

          they hate gays too.

          • Not moving at all liberal scum/pustule on the species.
            We intend to physically separate ourselves from you, you can take your half do anything you like any way that you like, we will go back to running a real country.
            The fun part of it, will be watching the liberal garbage starve to death, when they can no longer fund their handouts

          • “We intend to physically separate ourselves from you,”

            I AM A MORON

          • Yes liberal dem bloodsucking ersatz life form, you are.
            It still amazes me that you fing scum really thought we would let this get by.
            Buy weapons, just in case scum and adjust your sanitary napkin, you have the feces odor coming from both ends.

      • Cannot be a practicing homosexual and Christian at the same time. That is an oxymoron.

        The homosexual ACT is the abomination mentioned in the bible or is it that homosexuals don’t bother to read that section. But then some pastors obviously ignore those admonishments so as to accommodate their collection baskets.
        Note please that I REFUSE to label homosexuality as being somehow ‘gay’. Nothing gay about suffering from the many diseases being spread by homosexuals even to the innocents who are affected because of bi-sexual lust.

        • “Cannot be a practicing homosexual and Christian at the same time”

          This where the liberal proves to the con, that she is a very ill informed human.

          an embarrassment to humanity.

          Here is a list of churches in the US that are gay friendly.

          Affirming Pentecostal Church International

          The Anthem Network

          Association of Welcoming and Affirming Baptists

          AXIOS – Eastern and Orthodox Gay and Lesbian Christians

          Catholic Apostolic Church in North America

          Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)

          Community of Christ

          Ecclesia Gnostica

          Ecumenical Catholic Church

          Ecumenical Catholic Communion

          Episcopal Church (United States)

          Eucharistic Catholic Church

          Evangelical Anglican Church In America

          Evangelical Catholic Church

          Evangelical Lutheran Church in America

          Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada

          The Evangelical Network

          Friends General Conference

          Friends of Jesus Fellowship

          Global Alliance of Affirming Apostolic Pentecostals

          Inclusive Orthodox Church

          Independent Catholic Christian Church

          Independent Greek Orthodox Church of the United States

          Metropolitan Community Church

          Old Catholic Church

          Presbyterian Church (USA)

          Progressive Christian Alliance

          Reformed Anglican Catholic Church

          Restoration Church of Jesus Christ (Salt Lake City, Utah, USA) — a Latter Day Saint denomination

          The Progressive Episcopal Church

          United Catholic Church

          United Church of Christ

          United Church of Canada

          Unity Church

          • Most of those ‘churches’ you list are but separatist cults. If they call themselves Christian they are delusional and they darn sure are not Catholic in the true sense of the meaning.

          • Oh, so now you get to decide WHO is a Christian Church?

            so much for tolerant.

            If you meant Catholic, you should have SAID Catholic.

          • If there are so many who support gay lifestyle, then why force the idea of gay marriage? Obviously, you are wrong, or they did not do the challenge to our constitution for reasons other than greed.

  5. Michael Dennewitz

    Fastly becoming a system where all the little faggots will have far more rights than the rest of the world! Welcome to communism – the worst is yet to come. God help us!!!

    • the homophobic con is afraid.

      communist don’t like the gays fool.
      they put them in jail.
      why are cons so friggin ignorant?

      • AmericanBelle1

        You think WE ARE IGNORANT? You and your ilk are the ones who are not only ignorant, but intolerant of Christians’ lifestyle. You don’t believe in God or natural laws, so why are you so intent on marriage, which is a religious rite. Why not civil unions? Because it set you apart from Christian lifestyle? That’s makes no sense. You want to be mainstreamed, you want to be “normal”, but you can’t if you don’t honor the mores and traditions of the citizenry. Accept yourselves as a subculture and you’ll all be better off.

        • Not gay fool.

          one does not need to be gay to defend a citizens right to equal rights.

          how are gays hurting your Christian lifestyle.

          I mean YOU not some imaginary baker.

          “You want to be mainstreamed, you want to be “normal”, but you can’t if you don’t honor the mores and traditions of the citizenry”

          they don’t want to be ANYTHING like you intolerant Christians.
          they just want Equal Rights.

          i don’t think the low info con is aware there are over a 1000 legal BENEFITS that married people get that single DON’T.

          THOSE are the reason the court ruled for gay marriage, silly human.

          they ARE a subculture, JUST LIKE YOU ARE.
          60% of Americans are in favor
          ad if you ask the young people, that number goes up to 80%.

          and lets face it, you religious enthusiasts are a dying cult.

        • They really are working with satan. Their whole existence is dependent on destroying anyone who loves God. If they can separate us from God, then they believe they will have defeated God’s Plan of Salvation. The truth being, that all those who passed away without making a choice, or learning the truth, will be in the millennium, and in spiritual bodies, which will not be easily swayed by satanic forces.
          God is always in control, because He has hIs Elect to make sure that His Plan goes forward.

        • still waiting for an answer.
          “how are gays hurting your Christian lifestyle.

          I mean YOU not some imaginary baker.

          you cons love to whine about how HURT the Christians are.
          you should be able to tell me very easily.

          were you lying?

      • We are smart enough to force partiton and get you liberal dem bloodsuckers and queers in your own country, after that you can do what ever you like.

        • “We are smart enough to force partiton”

          no fool, the fact that you think you CAN proves you’re a moron.

      • YOU need a fuking reality check, you left-winged ding bat, limp wristed faggot!

      • No you are thinking of Muslims. Communists do not care about sexuality issues. They only care that their workers work, and that they stay in charge.

  6. How would an employer know about someone’s deviant lifestyle unless they were planning on flaunting it in hopes of a lawsuit. I thought we came to work to work and left our personal lives at the door. Now anyone who is gay that does a horrible job can force an employer to put up with substandard performance.

    • believe it or not, some people have pics of the family on their desk.
      kind of is a MUST DO for management types.

      you can still fire black people for CAUSE, oh ignorant one.
      and Blacks are a protected class.

      time to get a brain and use it.

      • You are avery stupid man libeal dem bloodsuckers aka queer.
        just keep pushing your luck, see how it works out for you.

      • A pic of a family will be considered offensive to single people and orphans in the near future.

        • cons and their flimsy grasp of reality

          • Are you aware that there are no longer “Father Daughter Nights” at pre-schools because it offends or may offend children that have two moms. Ya, I don’t have a grasp of reality, I just live it.

  7. The LGBT persons should not go crazy and smack religious believers with the SCOTUS decision. The court sanction a sexual behavior that God’s said is a sin, and this doesn’t matter if you white or black, or of any ethnic background. Now the majority of people support homosexuality, but that isn’t a surprise. NON CHRISTians outnumber CHRISTians. There isn’t a stampede by people to get into God’s Kingdom when they die. SCJ Roberts said that their reason of the
    decision for not voting against the ACA is that Congress should vote against
    the ACA, not the SCOTUS. Congress represent the people. The ACA had nothing to
    do with the US Constitution. However, five members of the SCOTUS felt that
    God’s Laws were no longer valid and same sex marriages were Ok . They fail to
    realize that Marriages was started by God, not the states. Genesis 2:21-25.
    It isn’t even mentioned in the Constitution. Homosexuals do have a right
    to “sin” if they want to. But they do not have a right to force you to not
    follow your Christian beliefs and make you participate in
    their sin. Marriages were taken care of by the church until it was decide
    that the counties need to issue marriages licenses to make money for the
    counties. Before that, separation of church and state meant that the
    church took care of marriages. I have a question for the Supreme
    Court: Have you as a group, become so important and powerful that you can
    change God’s laws? If so, does that mean you are greater than God and we are to worship you rather than the God of the Bible?

    When anyone or any group challenges God’s laws and decide that such laws can be changed at their discretion, they are trading on dangerous ground.

    • “The LGBT persons should not go crazy and smack religious believers with the SCOTUS decision”

      AND where is this happening Steve?

      tell me how you have been personally SMACKED.

      • No one is going to play your game liberal dem bloodsuckers, you know as well as we do, continue to screw with the religion you had better buy weapns first,you are walking on the ragged edge right now liberal scum/gaggot

        • Him buy a weapon ha ha ha he might hit you with a daisy thats about all you need to worry about from that limp wristed jellyfish

        • you are a delusional fool.

          what you going to do when there is yet another Dem in the White house?
          no candidate that does not support gay marriage is ever getting elected.

          • Keep in mind Obama and Hillary were on the record as opposing homosexual marriage. Once in office they reversed themselves. What makes you think someone in the future will not do the same, just to get elected and then initiate reversal?

        • I put God on my side. His way of doing things is the same way an abortionist removes a life from the womb. Only, when they are removed, they are separated from those who were devoted to God. God has segregated the goats from the lambs.

    • Check out this short eye-opener; Bible Law versus the United States Constitution. (byline) The Christian Perspective, by Ted R. Weiland. Once I started this 62-page, the hook was set and I did not put it down until I was done. I was in SHOCK.

      Having been reared in the public school system starting 1955 kindergarten, I was taught to believe that the Constitution was next to the Bible in its Holiness and its national sovereignty. As our founding document it housed our God-given rights, our inalienable rights, and our rights as American citizens.

      After reading this short paperback, you will walk away with possibly new information you didn’t have before you read it and I PROMISE you, you will see things in a vastly different manner.

      • The turning point was 1963, when prayer (and all that it entails, not just a prayer) was forcibly removed from the public school system. B the time you finished 12th grade, the infection was just starting to spread. Now, 40+ years later, the virus has metastasized where the public school system is worthless, but costly.

        • Everything that God is removed from will become aberrant and abnormal. No human ever succeeded without God and therefore their lives will become more animalistic.

    • When did we become a theocracy?

  8. NO! No protection for the homosexuals.We as Christians aren’t protected from you,so WHY should YOU get special protection from the government?We Heterosexuals are SO TIRED OF YOUR SHIT and you wanting
    special protections.You already have it set up by the government to where if we DENY you what you want,
    you get to sue.What about US?We want protection from you.You can’t have it ONE WAY,and we get nothing.
    So quit your fucking whining and just do the heterosexuals a favor,STAY AWAY!WE DON”T WANT YOU IN OUR ESTABLISHMENTS if you are just going to make up some kind of fucking excuse to sue people that DON’T
    SEE IT YOUR WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. I think it is the STRAIGHT men and women who need protection from the gays and lesbians, after all they get fined for not baking a cake or photos BUT when a straight couple went to 5 or more gay bakeries to have a wedding cake for a straight or normal marriage they were turned away. now that anyone can marry anywhere WHITES should go to all black churches just to see how they worship, I went and even joined and they are wonderful people, there are a few who may say something but the majority will welcome you because you worship the same GOD as they do and we may all get to know each other and accept each other as children of GOD. There is strength in numbers, The LGBT represent less than 5% of the population but they are united by a GAY leader in the WH and by people he put in powerful positions to further their cause. Leaders like Jackson and Sharpton keep us divided by lying and distorting the truth so they stay in the limelight and therefore gain power but the Blacks they are supposed to represent suffer after they start the trouble and leave so the poor and misguided have to live in the misery and destruction Sharpton and Jackson have created. Black religious leaders don’t believe in GAY and Lesbian or transgender or whatever this group comes up with. I dont want my son or daughter going to a bathroom and finding a boy or girl in there. let them use the TEACHERS bathroom until they find out what or who they are. Stop letting the LGBT people tell our kids “hey you want want to see if you like trying it with another boy or girl while they are in the 2nd or 3rd grade and we parents can’t say or do anything. Let us bring sanity to our schools and have them teach the abc’s to read and write and not thing about having sex or what to or how to have sex. Let them play with their dolls and baseballs or soccer, let them be kids. Teach them about GOD or our founding Fathers and why this country believes in the Judeo-Christian doctrines and the States take back the powers the Federal govt stole from them with Obama’s anti American policies and his flagrant disobeying of our Constitution.

    • The Bakery did not get fined for not baking the cake, but ‘saying why’ they did not bake the cake, big difference.

      • You are aliberal dem bloodsucking liar, not to worry they alread have enough money to pay the fine and move out of fag heaven

        • No I am a conservative business owner who knows when to keep his mouth shut and not let my personal beliefs run my mouth when I should just say no to some one. When you start clling names, it isyou who are acting like a liberal, that is one of their traits.

          By the way were you one of those who stayed home and did not vote in the last election because you did not like Mormons?

          • Nope the last part of your post told me all I needed to know about you.
            You are a low life, ersatz liberal dem bloodsucking parasite.
            i you don’;t have the courage to live by your morals, please kill yourself, we have way too many of you in the USA now.
            Very soon the decent people will force separattion, we understand that we can no longer live with the liberal scum

            most of us feel we must in order to avoid civil war.
            At this point, we just hope to get iit done before the shooting starts

          • So I take it you stayed home and did not vote, lived by your principles, and got pure evil elected into the Whitehouse along with your fellow religious zealots. Your unpatriotic actions have put us back 30 years in this country and you should be called to account for it. When you take actions that are counter productive to your cause and call it principle, that is the logic of a fool. You have made Most of Humanity around the world suffer for your ingrained stupidity.

            long and wicked life followed by five minutes of perfect grace gets you into
            Heaven. An equally long life of decent living and good works followed by one
            outburst of taking the name of the Lord in vain – then have a heart attack at
            that moment and be damned for eternity. Is that the system?”
            If that is your system , Welcome to the Christian version of Jihad.

          • Dumbo, I have very little in the way of religion.
            It’s not about religion.
            It;s about garbage like you, without merit, worth, value, morals, honor or integrity.
            Compromising your moral s honor and integrity for the sake of practicality, just makes you another liberal dem bloodsucker.

            No one will take your work for anything, they already know you have no convictions
            God may or may not punish me for my convictions,
            But when i go to meet my maker he will know, that my word was my bond, not just when it was practical

          • There is a difference between compromising your principles and running your mouth; these bakers did not seem to understand the difference and could not resist the temptation to be as in your face as the LGBT crowd, which is exactly what they wanted them to do; extremely dumb, since they did not have to do it, zero principles involved, just ego, which is what got them in trouble not principle. When your ego decides to get in someones face, you generally loose. Most times you look a lot smarter and cultured with your mouth shut, try it some time, you might be surprised.

          • Ever hear of the First Amendment liberal garbage”
            Why not just admit that you have no honor or integrity?

          • For all the things you have said about me in a public forum you could be sued for liable and defamation you nitwit, which is my whole point about running your mouth. Do what you’ve done here in a bar sometime and see if you make it to your car.

          • So, sue me liberal dem bloodsucker.
            I have convicitonsn sitting behind the keyboard or in abar.
            I will say the same thing in both places, it has never been a problem, primarily because people without honor or integrity usually lack testicles, also.

          • A thug through and through

          • This is why the liberals win. Two conservatives bickering with one another. Who cares if either of you have principles? The point is God expects us to stand our ground against our enemies, not our brothers.

          • No the reason the liberal dem bloodsucking scum are winning is because we allow the RINOS to stay in office, when they break it off in us.
            Sorry, I don’t want to deal with any of you RINOS, that do not have the courage of your conviction

          • Hardly a rhino. That is like calling God satan.

          • As I said, I agree with you. But their intent would have been to change the date, or challenge their excuse.

          • The answer is still no without explaination, As I teach in my part time college Marketing classes, Identify customers from Haites and run.

          • Taking the Lord’s name in vain does not put you in hell. You obviously do not know God or you would not make such a statement. God is fair. To all.

          • It was a quote meant to illustrate a point; however I have been told by selected members of the Religious Right that without total acceptance of the whole deal without question one is doomed. Seems that’s a bit intolerant and starting to sounding like other religions with only the damnation after your natural death not your execution.

          • God has every right to destroy anyone who would be a troublemaker. There were one-third who rebelled against God, and if that one-third continues to rebel, then we will not miss them.

          • Your approach seems more in line with my upbringing , but sure does not coincide with my Holyroller buddies in Appalachia.

          • God put you here to make a choice, between Him and satan. With God there is total commitment to HIm. Before all others and all things. With satan there is anything goes. Your choice.

          • Actually, God tells us that all who call on the name of the Lord in the last days will be saved. They may be naked as a jay bird, because they did nothing to help others, no witness for God. Without works, there can be no robes. Thus an eternity in embarssment.

          • There is no such thing as embarassment or shame after raping, pillaging, or plundering on Wall Street, Solindra, or at a govenment Agency; it’s what these people do! So an act of contrition effectively gets them what they want….the final CON. Like all else, religion ends up being one more disappointing bureacracy where being a good guy doesn’t pay.

          • Do you think God is stupid? The act of contrition must be sincere, and God is not to be mocked.

          • There seems to be a lot of sincerity on th way to the gallows, interesting; or is it just that they got caught and punished?

          • Does it matter how sincere they are? God knows what is in their minds and He will be their Judge. We are supposed to send them to Him, for their trial and to face those whom they killed. What contriteness they feel on their way to Him is for Him to determine. We have only the need to send these murderers to Him for dispensation.

          • No, but a lot of those who preach for god seem to be, when they blather that a life of sin, murder, and decit can be atoned for by contrition at the end, whereas those of us who lead a great Christian oriented life but are not particularly devout are going to hell, if that is the system then the fear tactics need to revised by the messingers.

          • Murder cannot be forgiven in the flesh. And God has only one unforgiveable sin which cannot be committed by those who are ignorant of the end time events. Only God’s Elect can be held to that strict expectation. God is fair, and if you repent, of your sins to Him, then you will be forgiven of those sins. God knows what is in your heart. But you cannot go against Him in doing what you want, like homosexuality, and expect Him to accept your refusal to adhere to His Plan. It does not work that way. Those who warn you are not to judge you. But, as all good servants of God, we cannot accept someone who is in the middle of sin, and chooses to continue in it. Those who continue to support the Democratic Party are a prime example. The democrats support murder of innocent life, homosexual lifestyle, and many other sins. Those who support them, the party or even vote for them are condemned already in their actions. You cannot be a partaker of sin and not be held accountable as if you were the one committing the sin itself. When you support the Democratic Party, you are spitting in God’s eye.

          • And one thing more. Those who make it by waiting until the last moment for redemption, may make it, but they will be naked as jaybirds, for all eternity. It is like being on the bottom rung of a chosen heirachy, because you chose to be at the bottom.

          • I agree with you. They should have just told them that they were all booked up. And suggested another bakery. If the perverts had changed their wedding date, then it would have been seen as an attempt to challenge their religious beliefs. No one changes their date to suit a bakery or a photographer.

        • A diatribe like yours is why they collected the fine whether I agree or not.

          • Gays try to find a quick way to get rich. They are greedy before they are lusty. Satan’ s first sin is in selfishness, greed, desire to obtain that which is not his. Thus, the agenda of the perverted.

  10. I’m an employer you come to me looking for a job how do i know if you’re hetero, gay or whatever? There are two possible ways: there is a sexual related question on the employment form (illegal), or you flaunted which is up to you in which case you may or may not get the job. According to my old employer I couldn’t make sexual remarks toward a girl ( i.e… I hon you look good today!!) I would be busted; therefore how are we to differentiate between the different sexually related personalities if we can’t talk about it? or if a man looking person shows up in a women’s bathroom how are we to know he-she isn’t there just to look at the ladies? You know there are a lot of perverts out there.

  11. May I interject a voice of reason? I am appalled at the decision made by the 5 Supreme injustices. But calling names is not going to alter the situation. The LGBT folks have sold their souls to the devil. They don’t realize it yet, but if and when they do they will need our help and understanding, We have all fallen victim to temptation at one time or another. Not necessarily to sexual things, but maybe cheating on a test or lying about something or dwelling on just how ‘hot’ your next door neighbor is. Or maybe you have said “I hate you” These are all sins. The saying goes: “You can go to Hell for lying just the same as for killing” So be very careful about casting stones. Pray for your enemies. Be kind to those who wrong you, for it is like heaping coals on their heads. Our anger fuels their moral defiance. So let’s smile and be as nice as we can

    • Too late for that. Sorry. They may have sold their souls to the devil but that doesn’t mean we have to.

    • I think the owners of the bakery were nice and polite in their refusal to bake the cake for the homosexuals and look what they got in return. Bankruptcy. Same withthe ranchers when they refused to rent their property for a homosexual wedding reception. The list is lengthy and will be getting a lot longer.

    • We cannot be friendly with sinners. Trying to placate sinners causes you to become the same as they are to our God. And murder is different, in that you cannot get salvation in the flesh. So, I would not be trying to cozy up with democrats, or anyone who voted for Obama or any other democrat in the last election. Why? Because their platform was for murdering innocent life. And even a vote for that party, supported murder, and made you a murderer as well. How do you get back into the good graces of God? Well, by supporting and being a strong advocate for turning this country against abortion. Otherwise you will be facing millions of souls who had their lives cut off because of that agenda.

  12. I want protection from the homosexualization of America! The rainblow (no pun intended) flag offends me. I want protection for my First Amendment rights! Queers aren’t a special class. They could have been if they didn’t change the DSM to take homosexuality off its list as a mental disorder…at least they would have had discrimination rights on THAT basis. They demand to be a part of the “normal” culture, to be part of the mainstream, then cry like little faggots because people are offended by their offensive behavior. Wake up and smell the coffee. There will ALWAYS be people who will not see eye-to-eye with homosexual living. It’s unnatural and offensive to the sensibilities. Worse, is THEIR unspeakable intolerance and hatred of anyone who doesn’t agree with their living practices. We should be protected from THEM!

  13. They will find it immpossible to prove discrimination as a class. On average they earn more and are in just as may mangerial positions as anyone else…so where is the discrimination?

  14. It seems that the weeine washers now demand to be loved by all albeit under force of law. I reserve the right to associate with whom I wish, normal or otherwise, “big brother” notwithstanding. Over my working career I have known or been aware of workers who had abnormal sexual proclivities but who were good, reliable workers and were treated just as every other person performing the same task. Evaluations, raises and promotions were predicated on performance, not personal, off the job, choices. It seems to me that the light loafer crowd is wanting to be “in your face” rather than attempting to merge with others in an apparent desire to flaunt their depravity. Lighten up people, you will never force everyone to like you, so join the rest of the world.

  15. Michael Dennewitz

    I’m still waiting on ray ray to tell us if he’s a little faggot! What happened there ray ray, you run out of nerve? You like insulting everyone with your big mouth, what else do you do with it ray ray???

  16. Michael Dennewitz

    HAHAHA. ray ray won’t answer up. He must be one of those little weenie washing fudge packers. HAHAHA

  17. We have come to the place.
    We can no longer coexist with liberal dem bloodsuckers and their pervert familiars.
    We must physically separate ourselves from, them, almost certainly it is the only way to prevent civil war

    • I’m thinking lets send’em all to Mexico… I’m sure there’s some room for them down there considering half of the population has illegally migrated North.

  18. Thank you G.H.finally someone that understands where I am coming from.

  19. Considering the ruling in Oregon with the bakers, I would have thought they were already protected from discrimination.

  20. The Lettuce, Bacon, and Tomato crowd already have more “special rights” than normal people. They’re like spoiled little children, (I want, I want, I want) treat them all the same as normal people, if they don’t like it, then live a normal life and STFU!

  21. prevent employers from discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation….yea right….I don’t think so and even if they did pass it will be like age discrimination. Discrimination in the job market IS A REALITY…FACE IT!!!….It is difficult to PROVE and companies do it everyday by cleverly skating around it with pre developed wording…Its like trying to legislate MORALITY….Can’t be done. Impossible so why go there?

    • You mean all of the women on TV news shows were picked primarily for their looks? Same with movie actresses? Gee, I thought they were hired because they were … well, I guess it because they all look good.

  22. Seems to me the real discrimnation is being directed at Christians who refuse to give up their religious values and are forced to accomodate homosexuals who demand they be part of the homosexual ‘party’ such as providing services or goods specifically those with homosexual themes.

    • God has told us that we would have to deal with Sodom and Gomorrah in the end days. And that prophecy is coming true. So we learn to stand firm for our beliefs and show that the perverts are the evil ones.

  23. carlton goodson

    They are not being discriminated against people that have fath just don’t want to deal with them!!!!!!!

  24. I know how you did it,”KILL THEM ALL AND LET THE DEVIL SORT THEM OUT”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. FUK the Gay KWEERS!! – ALL of ’em !!!

  26. Yes live in fear you deserve it for pushing your twisted deviant lifestyle down the throats of the American public. With such a small minority of these freeks how did they get this unlawful crap passed. So now they say they have to live in fear GOOD!! I hope you have to look over your shoulder every damn day of your lives. Think about the law abidding NORMAL citizens you deviants have put under with insane fines just because they would not bake a fagcake too damn bad they should not have to bake one for you if they do not want to.

  27. (Gays Now Want Discrimination Protection) you’ll find it at sewer 10 pipe 8 where the rest of the slime runs.

  28. Way past tired of the queer shit.

    • Ken Dometriosis .

      I didn’t know we could write those words here. Thanks dude! I was holding back waaaaaay too much! HA!

  29. Ken Dometriosis .

    No kidding! Good article. Think about it. It’s NOT about the 99% of the NORMAL people whose health is put in danger every day by the bunghole fingering homosexuals or the vibrator-fumbling lesbians who handle your food or serve your dinner. no telling how many billions of fecal smears are on those fingers! It’s as if good ol’ illegal migrant welfare skell Pedro just picked your dinner after taking a dump in the farmers field. Yeah, what about OUR rights to a sanitary place to eat or work?
    Some flamer or some bull dyke who just LOVES to flaunt their disgusting lifestyle in your face? And since most of you need your job you won’t just go snap off a piece up their 6 when they do their filthy antics in your face. Geee, try this, you might liiiiiike it, wink wink! Yeah, like I’m going to have some fruity-^$$ try to rail ME in the keister. I don’t think so. THAT is why I have fists, so no matter what other people think homophobia, I shall stand my ground, pound a POS that invades MY personal space with their perverted and child-molesting lifestyle! Is that a baaaad thing? Better ask the kids who get molested by those freaks. Besides, as long as I don’t say a word that makes it a hate crime, it’sd a simple assault and a no more than a $250 fine and NO jail time! OR bond, plead no contest right away before the jew Persecutor can label you a racist and VIOLA!
    I am one of those who have ALREADY been charged with a hate crime and been screwed through the zionist, leftist court shitstem so I lost MY fear of calling them names right to their faces.


  31. Irene Elizabeth Grooms

    It seems like you can’t please cry BABIES .

  32. The deal is to do background checks before hiring them then you don’t need to fire them. Homosexuals have a brain disorder that at one time in this country people sought mental help for. Now the ACA mandates that mental health care is covered gays should be required to get treated. If gays do not seek help then business’s cant be forced to hire someone with a brain disorder because of potential legal problems. You never know how someone with a total lack of judgement will act if things do not go their way.

  33. Peatro Giorgio

    It’s a pity the mothers and fathers of those gay’s seeking discrimination protection. Had not used birth control protection. This world would have been far better off.

    • Look, no one knows who will chose to go against God. So, you cannot expect to be able to stop some pervert from birth. It is a choice, and it is made by them when they allow satan to take over their lives.

      • Yes your correct. However if just half of the gay communities parents had chosen birth control. Would we be where we are today.
        I think not.

        • Birth control goes against God as well. So, it could not be. God allows us all to chose where we end up. And really, those who chose ro be destroyed, deserve that path.

          • Dorie, my friend judging by your last comment your either Catholic or a Protestant. Please find a single passage in scripture where God condemned the us of birth control. If it wasn’t God’s plan there would not be birth control. Religion and Faith my dear sister are two woefully different things. Every religion has its traditions ,customs, and dogma the anti birth control dogma was brought about in the early 20th century. By the Catholic church. It is nothing more then propaganda. Promulgated by the Catholic church.

          • One can abstain from sex during peak periods of time when one is fertile. That is form of birth control that does not kill off souls. A s soon as a female egg is fertilized, God puts a soul into that egg, and it is a sin to kill it off once it has begun to grow.

          • Thought shall not kill is not in the context of the Ten commandments. The original text says though shall not commit murder.

          • To destroy an innocent soul that has not had a chance to start life, is murder.

          • Yes Sister to kill an unborn child is to plan . Which is Murder. No if an or butt about it . Though shall not commit murder.

          • Some forms of birth control do destroy the fertilized egg. It is for us to learn what kinds of birth control are not destructive to God’s Plan of Salvation. And use only that which guarantees that we do not cross that line. And I am not a catholic, but I do respect their right to believe as they do, and not deny them their right to control what their children are taught by heathens.

          • It is not God who is in control of the earth at this time. God allows satan to have full control with the intent to see if souls can be drawn away. If they can, then they are not wanted in eternity.

          • Dorie sister ! Here is the best way I can explain. Birth control and the contrived notion of murdering a soul by using birth control . Go to Genesis chapter 1 verses 1 -25 Now in the Beginning as with the egg The earth was formless and empty. Darkness was over the surface of the deep and the spirit of God was hovering over it.( Notice God’s spirit was hover over it. Same as with the egg . Now interject the Sperm and what emerged. A life with a soul,spirit. Genesis life began in six days thus is how it is with the child. My sister If you have the spirit of love and the Word of God and the will to know the word of God I would ask of you to learn listen and Pray. Set aside all dogma all tradition all religion and Walk in faith . God shall grant you wisdom if wisdom is that which you seek. But wisdom comes with much learning and less Tradition. Not destroying a fertilized egg is murder. Here we shall agree.

          • Peatro, Gen 1:1 was the beginning. Gen 1:2 came after the rebellion, and the destruction of the earth. God did not create the earth without form. You need to study the word under someone who has a better understanding of the Hebrew language. When God created this earth, it was created to be inhabited. It was not created without form and the upheaval of our destruction in the first earth age, caused the earth to become tuhu. God reclaimed the earth, and set about His Plan of redemption. The Bible details one family based on their purpose toward bringing about the Messiah, God in the flesh. God is capable of doing anything, so when you doubt Him in any way, you prove to Him your unworthiness to be in the eternity.

          • Sister Read Gen1: more carefully. (Without Form
            )Genesis 1. In the beginning God created the earth and the heavens.2. The earth was formless and empty.
            I would suggest You might explore the teaching of a trust worthy teacher.. I’ve study under a Great
            theologian. Who Teaches in the ancient Hebrew, Aramaic an the Greek. His name is of course, Marty Feldman A Orthodox Jewish Who became a Christian Pastor . I might suggest you pick up a MacArthur New American Standard Study Bible with Concord hence,an commentaries. Also a Vines Expository with Dictionary. Remember this an we should agree if your taught correctly. God was,is ,an always shall be the never changing God. He created all that was and all that ever shall be. God recreated what he had created from Nothingness.

          • God did not create the earth without form, it became without form. It became without form because of the tuhu, the battle between God and satan and all those who were on their sides. God destroyed all of the cities and the land when it was over. Thus, the land became waste. Several OT passages support my interpretation. As I said, you may have a good teacher, but he will not stand with you when it is time for judgment.

          • If this so called bible has changed the wording, then it is an abomination and a sin against Christ, who is the Word. What you posted, is not the wording of Genesis.

          • And my dear sister,what translation are you reading from that you might declare the word of God an abomination . Which is written in its entirety ,in nearly Identical wording in as many as 5 Translations. NKJV. NLT. AST 1599 Geneva bible . American Standard Bible, as well the American Standard Catholic bible.I suggest again firm another Teacher one whom is Faith in teaching correctly God’s word. Now I shall ask you once again. Please site the old Testament verses you stated confirms your them or forever remain. Silent.

          • KJ is the most reliable, since the translation does not turn away from the original texts. And my, but you are bossy. May God deal with your insufferable nastiness. As to your education, I will let God school you since you are just a trouble maker and not someone who really cares about God’s intentions. As I said, the works out today are changed, and are not what was originally written thus they are abominations because they mislead people.

          • Now isn’t that much like a sinner. Making pretentious accusations towards others,
            while at the very same time refusing to, site those verses in scripture which you have claimed gives credit to your formed opinion. With which I’ve now asked you 3 times to please site.
            Being bossy has nothing to do with seeking truth. But you have rejected the truth. Then making another false claim, stating the King James to be the soul harbour of God’s word. When in reality. The King James was begun being written in 1604 an wasn’t finished an published in the year 1609. The Geneva bible was long before out an in circulation having been written in the previous century. And is by far closer to the old Hebrew. Having its first publication in the year 1560. Do wish to share anything more about which book is closest To God’s word. Or do you just desire to stand on your Lutheran , religious dogma’s.

          • Satan does exactly what you are doing. God tells us to avoid contenious banter, especially with those whose only intention is to create disharmony. The Geneva bible only preceded the KJ by 51 years, so you are off by quite a milestone. Which is where I will leave you, since I know God would not wish me to waste my time and energy on fools.

          • So it seems your not part of that shinning lamp post on the hill. For you’ve either flat out lied or are under some false narrative of some false teacher. ( still waiting for you to site those verses you so readily claimed proved your statement as to the beginning. Further more it’s clear your very much unable to even add simple math. 49 years is the correct sum not 51 years 1560 -1609= 49 years in between Actual Publications. While your at it stop being angry with one who is teaching for being way off by a Mile stone ?How is that when what I stated is fact . That Fact being the Geneva Bible was written in the previous century before the KJ do you not know what the length of time a century is.?? It’s one hundred years but did I say 100 years (that’s definitely no ) What I clearly said was previous century. Do you not understand that the 15th an 16th centuries are two different centuries. With Love I forgive you. May you seek an find the truth. And a God bless you with the ears to hear and the heart to listen.

          • You are hardly a teacher. You would not be making an issue over the Geneva bible, and the KJ bible, since they are virtually almost identical. The only thing missing from the KJ is the commentary in the margins, which is not biblical. And I do not wish anyone a good day whose intent is to deter them from God’s goal.

            As to the information derived on the two Bibles, you stated they were centuries apart, and those were your words. A century is a hundred years, and therefore your intent was to mislead, not to be a teacher.

          • Now I’m beginning to understand your difficulties. You struggle with reading comprehension. ( No where are those words used by myself my exact words were in previous century. Again you chose to make false claims. Therefore I must conclude your one of Satan’s minions an not a follower of Christ . Be off with you Satan.

          • God’s Plan of Salvation is to separate those who reject His laws, or who try to change them to suit their own desires from those who adhere to His laws without waiver. And to eliminate those trouble makers who would challenge Him as satan has done. If in the operation of His plan, rules are broken, we who love Him, must not follow sinners or we become as they are. Thus, God will help us find a way not to commit a grievious sin.

        • God will find a way to bring to this earth age all those who rebelled against Him. It is His choice to allow them to face Satan in the end days, so they will be born, and they do have the choice to go against God again.

  34. Who protects the other ppl? Who protects the gang raped military man who finds his tormentors conveniently transferred and no one wants to talk about it? Who helps the man raped by an uncle and then told that he’s making it up to pick on the gay uncle? Who helps the christian who finds themselves forced to loose their job or violate their beliefs? Who helps the babies born and then choked to death or given lethal injection after birth to kill them as “Mom” doesn’t want them? (Isn’t that saved for criminals? What did they do criminal?) I’m not against the gays, I’m friends with some, but I think the concept that they deserve more rights than anyone else is insane.

  35. Billy Bob Johnson

    I can’t believe how racist this site is. You all are disgusting.


  37. to hell with all those 2% queer bastards you got a fag president and a tranny first he/she that’s all you get and that’s just a tempary thing

  38. I’m thinking that if “ISIS” really is here then we should start a propaganda campaign compelling them to focus on the outwardly Homosexual Community since in their world “it’s” such an abominable sin…

    Then we can sit back and watch the homosexual community try to sue ISIS for targeting them [specifically] and see how that all works out.

    I’ve said this once before and I’ll say it again… homosexuals rest their laurels by the fact that a whole bunch of non-gay soldiers fought and died on battle fields thus giving and/or allowing them the luxury of such a repugnant life-style they enjoy today.

    If and when our entire populations sum total becomes a bunch of effeminate men who are unwilling and unable to defend our once great Nation then I guess the whole party’s over because they won’t stand a chance fighting a real army with real men who are not gay but do think it’s fun to “eliminate” them.

  39. I’ve always said they don’t want equal treatment, they want special, special treatment. The liberals are using the gay and same sex marriage scenario to cause more chaos.

  40. “No matter how much they want gay people to be lumped into the same group as women, blacks, and the elderly, there simply is no comparison to be made. ” What kind of statement is this? The thing they share in common is being marginalized in society. It appears you think it is some kind of choice of gays to be marginalized. Who would choose that?

    You can’t legislate away discrimination anyway. The fact that people like you exist and write articles like this proves that. And good for you Sir! I may not agree with you, but I will defend your right to say whatever the hell you want. Even if it is full of intolerance and bullshit. Keep up the good work.

    • They joined that club now let them suffer the consequences of their deviant actions THEY DESERVE NO SPECIAL TREATMENT we should not be spending a damn dime of taxpayer money on these twisted freaks unless it is to try to find a cure for them.

      • Some are more equal than others.

      • The only cure is to repent and devote their lives to God. Anything less will not change their sinful lives. And like an alcoholic, they must stay off of their perversion or they will be repeat offenders.

    • Satan chooses the weakest to put into the kind of perversion that these people are involved. And they do chose to be put through this hell, because they follow satan.

  41. Christians outnumber gays more than 100 to 1. They should stand up bravely and tell these defectives to “piss off!”

  42. The politics of LGBT and the politics of the left are so intertwined, that it comes as no surprise we continue to be pushed down this path of total destruction. It won’t stop now because all goals have not been met. Change is not complete until they sweep away all laws and practices believed in by our Founding Fathers.

    • God expects it to get so bad, that people are forcing themselves onto others on the streets, and no one cares. That is how perverted it will get.

  43. Michael Dennewitz

    I’m still trying to figure it all out. The HTNIC himself is illegal and has totally false documents. The so-called supreme court is not there to make or pass laws, and every repukelican there is, turned around and threw everyone under the damned bus…. WHAT THE HELL IS AMERICA WAITING FOR??????

  44. Vernon Cunningham

    And here I thought they wanted equality. By asking for this protection they are admitting that they are not as good as regular straight people. A protected class is like animals in a zoo being given legal protection against abuse. But I guess we can classify them as animals since they act like them, I take that back, animals have better sense of self.

  45. Giving gays special anti-discrimination consideration amounts to discrimination against the rest of us. Where’s my special consideration??
    Buck it up Nancy and live with your choices!

  46. Well, poor ole me! I am such a “duke’s mixture” (who knows what race I am) with a known history of Turkish, French, English, Scotch/Irish and American Indian – and yes Black/Mexican thrown in for good measure it is SOoooo difficult to find support for MY RACE! GIT UP OF YOUR LAZY POSTERIOR AND EARN YOUR WAY! QUIT BELLYACHING! Or I may have to apply for MY ENTITLEMENTS (That’s a hoot!) so you can pay my way! I turn 80 come October, I worked until 65, retired and now have 2 jobs to pay my bills and likely some of yours! Because I am such a mix, I am considered “Caucasian “! Go figure. Responsibility? It’s YOUR JOB! SYMPATHY IS IN SHORT SUPPLY HERE. God, please forgive us for this mess – and the sin that we have caused – give us time enough to sort it out and get on with being the nation under God we were called to be at the founding of this country!

  47. Gregg the voice of reason

    Lock and Load
    This will not turn out good for them

  48. OH don’t worry folks. This is only the start of the PERVERSION that is going to be thrust upon us. Wait till all the TV shows, movies, adds etc.etc. start dominating the air waves. This will be FULL BLOWN CHILD ABUSE of the worst kind. The flood gates are open. We Christians are in for the fight of our lives to be able to do business and raise our children with moral values. We cannot give up. We have to fight to the death if need be because this world will not be fit to live in.

  49. Ooooooh, the problems of married life. You got what you wanted, so quit crying. You should have come out of your closets before you tied the knot.
    But I can tell you what… I saw this coming a mile away. Special treatment, on top of ripping our Constitution to shreds.

    • They will not be satisfied till they have us all in trouble with God. Their goal is to try to remove God from everyone’s soul, and therefore they think He cannot destroy all who have sinned and chose not to repent and get right with God. It won’t work. There are God’s Elect, who will not betray Him, and Christ shortened the time for this tribulation to five months. So, when satan shows up, you only have five months before Christ returns.

      • Can you tell me where that five month reference is?

        • Revelation 9:10, Mathew 24:22, Mark 13:20

        • I can even indicate when it begins. The bible references that it begins with the locusts. When do locusts come out? In April. They only last till September. Thus, the five month period before Christ’s return. And since Christ was born in September, it is logical He will return in September.

  50. For decades we have been the victims of the Jim Crow laws called affirmative action. Back in high school I was discriminated against by the girls because I didn’t make the football team. Well that was just tough titanium coated sh*t and I had to make my way through life anyway. Now you got your gay marriage which is ok with me. But now you better get off our backs. Bakers and Florists have the right to freedom too.

  51. They won’t have any protection when they are judged by the king Yahshua. Nothing will save them at that time when they hear the words: “away from me I never knew you”. Then off to the lake of fire. Gone for eternity. Good Riddance. I am satisfied,…THEY WON’T BE IN HEAVEN. This is their world but God says its being reserved for destruction by fire. So much for their rights !

  52. That law exists now and this is silly reasoning. Making more laws to cover what was done years ago is foolishness. Apparently gay’s just want to continue to bring the spotlight upon themselves at the extent of loss of common sense and good judgment. In America now the people that really do need laws to protect them are the straight Christians and white men and the elderly. Especially elderly white people.

  53. Dear American Belle1 The words I quoted about being kid to people who wrongfully treat you were not mine. They come from the Bible. God knew what Christians were going to face, and he laid down the rules. Anger begets anger. Violence begets violence. We shouldn’t let ourselves be beaten down, but neither should WE start the war

    • 2John 10-11 also states that if you accept those who are sinners, you partake of their evil deeds. And tell me how can you get forgiveness for the sins of others? You cannot, so you take on their sins and cannot be forgiven of their sins unless they repent and change. Why would they, when they have snared you?

  54. I think that, it’s obvious, we can no longer coexist with the liberal garbage and their pervert familiars.
    We must physically separate ourselves from them.
    Almost certainly, it is the only way to prevent civil war.

  55. YOU don’t need discrimination protection….. YOU NEED AIDS PROTECTION!!!

  56. lexus alexander

    I despise faggots and liberals equally. God abhors queers, according to the Bible, and so do I. When a faggot wants everything special, and especially attention and special laws, just to be outside the norms of everyday life, he or she becomes a damned antagonist to a heterosexual or ‘normal’ person. Why can’t you go about life like a heterosexual, in as much as they make no big deal about it or feel compelled to draw attention to themselves? I don’t walk around wanting special treatment or making a stir simply because I’m heterosexual. Forcing someone, when it’s against their religious or moral principles, to do a service for the hell of it and to unnecessarily create a stir is spiteful and certainly draws out agitation, a defense for themselves or straight out violence for the confrontation as with any other matter. Then when the law is dragged into it for further intimidation or jail time, you’ve certainly pushed a button for which the law doesn’t make a shit to me.

  57. what special rights do the queers want that they don’;t have already. I SAY GIVE THEM AN OUT DOOR JOHN TO USE ,THEN BOTH SEX’ES WILL HAVE THERE OWN TOLIET.

  58. And the FREAK SHOW continues!!!!! Welcome to the New America.

  59. Freaks and fags!! All gutter trash!

  60. Michael Dennewitz

    America will sit back and watch as the HTNIC tears this country apart, piece by piece… Hope I don’t live that much longer, sad to say…

  61. Albert L Biele

    Sin, as defined by God can only be cleansed by the redeeming blood of Christ. We either reject the sin or pay consequences. The Gay’s fears are misplaced. They should be more concerned with their eternal lives rather than the short time they spend on this planet. There are only two roads to choose from, at the end; one leads to perdition, and the other to paradise. Choose Wisely,

  62. DorieN, I think you have misinterpreted the meaning.” If you wish God speed to an evil doer, you partake of his sin,” does not mean that you have taken ON his sin and cannot be forgiven for that sin. Each person is responsible for his own salvation. If you ask God for forgiveness for your sins in all sincerity, He will grant it. Only Christ could “take on” all the sins of everyone(for all who lived prior to His birth and for all who were yet to come) Christians are not perfect, but we are forgiven for OUR sins. People are free to choose which path they walk. When they make their choice, they must accept the consequences.

    • So, what you are saying that a person can have his cake and eat it too? God will not be mocked. Either you support sin or you do not. You cannot have it both ways.

  63. DorieN, I am very curious about the source of the Biblical information you have. Only God knows what is in a persons heart. Many are deceived by fine words and promises. With nothing to disprove those words they are accepted as truth. Especially in politics. When the opposition claims there is something wrong with the candidate it is difficult to believe because so much ‘mud slinging’ is done. Just as Eve was deceived by the serpent. so are voters deceived by political serpents . But that doesn’t make them guilty of the sins of the deceiver

    • Already posted one passage that pertains to sins, and sinners. Are you admitting that you cannot find any proof of what I have claimed? Any Christian who cannot find a set of truths on their own deserves to remain ignorant. This is not a forum for teaching. 2 John 10-11

  64. DorieN, I can read . What I was asking you was where you attend church and who is leading you spiritually. You seem to be very new at this and don’t seem to have a real grasp of the scriptures. We are not to associate with liars, idolaters, fornicators adulterers and all those other sinners, IN CHURCH! They are to be cast out. Those rules do not apply to the “world” We work in the “world” and we live in the “world” We have no choice but to associate with them. That does not mean that we automatically take on their sins if we are polite or speak to them, or treat them decently. God said we were to love our enemies. You can’t witness to people you don’t want to speak to. Read I Corinthians chapter 5

  65. I am NOT required to give any predetermined treatment to anyone for any reason, nor does Washington have any authority to try to make me. Stand up against the undoing of our rights and freedoms. Fight back at any cost because the cost of not fighting back is far higher. Refuse to comply

  66. I knew Gays and liberals would never stop now King Obama wants transgenders in the military to serve openly and wants cross dressers to serve openly and God only knows what else the idiot in the White House will do to destroy our military before he leaves office ! He’s made our military look weak around the world and made it a joke around the world ! I think its been pretty clear from the beginning that Gays don’t want equal rights BECAUSE THEY HAVE EQUAL RIGHTS and Gay marriage was just a stepping stone for them they really want special rights and the idiot in the White House will give it to them and anything else they want no matter how the rest of the American people feel ! He’s done nothing but destroy our military and our country since taking office ! He is the most ignorant president to ever serve and the biggest liar to ever serve and will go down in history as THE WORST PRESIDENT IN AMERICA’S HISTORY AND THE PRESIDENT THAT DIVIDED OUR COUNTRY AND SET IT BACK GENERATIONS WITH HIS RACIAL HATRED ! It will take generations to rebuild our military and our country !

  67. 3% and they bitch, whine and snivel more than the other 97% combined, STFU just keep pushing and the backlash will be midevel.

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