Gays Now Want Discrimination Protection

No rest for the wicked, as they say. Not stopping to smell the roses after their landmark victory on gay marriage, LGBT proponents are already focused on the next stage in the homosexualization of America. Building a new movement from the skeleton of the old one, gay rights advocates want to push Congress to pass a law that would prevent employers from discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation.

“People do have to live in fear,” said Matt McTighe of Freedom For All Americans, a group aimed at accomplishing this legislation. “Now you can go get married, but to come to work and live openly as a married person means you are coming out and that could be a real problem for people who work in organizations that are not supportive.”

How far do we have to bend for these people? Honestly. At what point is equality enough? Do we need laws that give homosexuals special privileges as well? Is there enough proven employment discrimination that this needs to be a thing?

Americans who believe in the traditional definition of marriage have every right to adhere to those beliefs. And it’s very difficult to see any argument that says a gay American deserves the same special protections as those who are in a protected class through no choice of their own. Instead of creating equality, it creates a system through which gay people can sue their employers on the basis of phantom slights. Before the left is done, employers will have to consult six different law firms before they fire anyone.

It is very important that conservatives ready themselves for the upcoming fight. The left has shown again and again that they can steamroll the country with cries of “injustice” and “unfairness.” And the right falls for it every time. This isn’t about whether gay people are good people or sinners or whatever else. It’s about whether we retain the right of conscience in the wake of the LGBT awakening. Must everyone get on board?

No matter how much they want gay people to be lumped into the same group as women, blacks, and the elderly, there simply is no comparison to be made. Government should have as little influence over private enterprise as possible, and this is a step too far. This is taking us one more step towards a country where gay marriage is not only legal but also above criticism. And it further marginalizes American employers who happen to have a different view of gay marriage than five liberal Supreme Court justices. Let’s stop this movement before it turns America into an unrecognizable, rainbow-colored blotch on the world.

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