Gay Rights Group’s Followers Making Death Threats

The dubiously named Human Rights Campaign is the world’s largest LGBT lobbyist organization. Wherever there’s a story about gay rights, you can be sure you’ll see their weaselly fingerprints on it in some form or fashion. But according to Pastor Scott Lively of Abiding Truth Ministries, their latest onslaught of propaganda has gone too far. Lively claims that “HRC has targeted me for murder.”

He may have a point. While HRC has certainly not endangered their funding with a blatant call for violence, they have targeted Lively and others for their willingness to spread the pro-family message overseas. And the way they’ve gone about it represents the absolutely worst of fear-driven politics. With a series of videos called “The Export of Hate,” HRC is looking to recruit like-minded individuals who will pledge their money, their time, and maybe their insanity to helping the cause.

Lively says they’ve definitely attracted some nutjobs. He published two death threats he received as a result of the videos, one of which said in part, “let him know we are waiting for a moment when he is alone. then we will take him to the woods, rip out his throat and show him videos from youtube where he has caused misery and suffering to the gay people of the world. then we will put a hungry rat into his throat and film it on youtube. time is coming soon.”


But that’s the kind of fanatic you draw in when you launch an irresponsible, personal attack campaign against Christian missionaries. You see, groups like HRC aren’t content with anything as moderate as “tolerance” anymore. Despite the misleading equals sign in their logo, they want what feminists want: a kind of larger equality that puts gays, lesbians, and transgendered individuals on an untouchable pedestal. They don’t want to live side by side with pro-family Christians, each of them agreeing to disagree. They want to destroy any remnant of conservatism. In this goal, they are succeeding wildly.

Their use of the moniker “human rights” is beyond laughable. Gays have had equal rights under the law in America for as long as anyone working for HRC has been alive. Does that free them from discrimination? No, because contrary to what liberals want you to think, you can’t legislate personal disgust. You can’t legislate what people choose to believe. Well, not yet, anyway. But HRC and their ilk have managed to legislate the most obvious forms of discrimination, and municipalities have been all-too-willing to succumb to their pressure. Consider the growing number of cases where Christian business owners have been forced into submission after refusing to cater to one gay couple or another.

Two years ago, a man named Floyd Lee Corkins shot up the offices of the Family Research Council, hoping to kill as many people as he could. He was inspired, he later said, by seeing the FRC on a list of “hate groups” collected by the absurdly liberal Southern Poverty Law Center. When so-called “rights groups” cater to extremists, extremism is what they get. Human Rights Campaign should consider that before filming their next video.

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  1. Definitely will have to return the favor at those gay rights scumbags. They are the pointless anti God Anti rules of God for which our country was founded upon and they want to change the rules to anything goes? I don’t think so. How would this gay group like it if all straight up folks targeting all gays for death?


    • If you want to throw up, take a peek at “Project Runway” on the boob tube. This guy Tim Gunn needs someone to clean the slobber and self righteous snob talk out of his drooling mouth. If that is what the fashion world is about, it is just like nuclear radiation, the only protection is distance!

      • Tim is fabulous! His house boy makes the best Cosmo’s, they are tasty wastey. There is a private men’s club in NYC where all the fabulous men frequent…..but it is member’s only.

      • Terry, the Navy is full of Gays Guys! In San Diego everytime a Navy Ship came in the Gay Bars were packed. Then you have the Naval hospital with the male nurses (officers) and the Corpmen….both frequented Gay Bars. You know what the say about subs…100 men go down and 50 couples cum up!

        • I was in the Navy during the Korean War and aboard two ships I served on, there were homosexuals. The second ship was a repair ship that helped destroyers maintain their operation. We were deployed to the Mediterranean and our ship had the Admiral aboard and we served as the served as command ship for the entire operation. One night I had gone to my bunk a was asleep when I felt s hand moving up my leg. I lifted my head to see one of the guys in the command group sort of wobbling, either from alcohol or drugs. There was access to drugs even overseas. When I realized what was happening I grabbed his hand and might have broken it! He yelped and then backed away. I had been working out with weights and some specific exercises that built up my arms and hands, so when I clamped down on his hand he really felt it! Maybe he put out the word to leave Rudy alone or you will get hurt, But he or any of his other sick pals never touched me again.
          Those perverts are sick! They can find deliverance if they look for it, but there is such an evil power that takes hold of them that it is hard to lead them to a change. The entire subculture is evil and we need to avoid them completely. And if they approach you, do what I did: Break a hand!

        • Since the founding of psychotherapy as a medical practice, homosexuality was diagnosed and treated as a disorder (dubbed “Same Sex Attraction Disorder” or SSAD) no different than Schizophrenia and other mental diseases[1]. Under pressure from homosexual activists, in 1973 the American Psychiatric Association (APA) removed homosexuality as a mental disorder from the APA’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-II). STILL A MENTAL DISEASE.

        • That is what “They” Say yachty? What do you say? I am a former SUBMARINER. You don’t even get the joke correct. It is 120 men go down, 60 couples come back. We may have had a homosexual or even two onboard. If we I did not even know nor care. If you are NOT a submariner, then keep those lips CLOSED. You are an ignorant fool. I am sure their were many gays and lesbians in the Navy when I was in, 84-88, but what they do in their own time and space, I do not care. Go back to the gay bar, obviously you know it well.

          • You are talking about numbers! What was your other halfs name after that long cruise? I bet you were the bottom….you are so bitchy! Are you and your Navy boy still a couple?

          • I have gay and lesbian friends. My problem is not with them, it is with militant gays and lesbians, who talk about things that should be between themselves. I do not want to know your business, nor am I willing to share mine.
            The fact that you talk about how rich you are, and how much fun you are having, tells me you are a very insecure person. It must be a very empty life you lead. I pity you.

    • You are correct Rome fell, The Turkey Empire fell, Sodom and Gamorrah (I know that is spelled wrong).etc.etc. The Bible speaks of men lying with men and women with women and it is a sin against God…… also speaks of men and women lying with animals and that is a sin against God. It speaks of this over and over and particularly in the Book of Revelations. I know many do not believe the Bible is true and this is your right…………however, what if it is?………at least I have a chance of going to Heaven and you have none.

      Once our Muslim Government allows the Muslims to totally take over, they kill you for being homosexual.

      • You got that right; it’s even a sin to them.

      • The wild part about the whole thing is that Islam and homosexuality are of the same spirit, and that spirit hates life. The Bible is right, in that God is a giver of life, and Satan is a killer of life. The liberals are signing their own death warrant by allowing the Muslims so much reign, and the homosexuals are signing theirs by attacking the Christians. When it comes down to it, only the Christians and the Jews are the only two groups demonized by none other than the prince of demons himself, Satan. And the non-believers are free to laugh; No Christian is going to harm you. But when the fun starts in earnest, be ready…

      • Deborah, put an “o” where the first “a” is located and you will have it right.

      • Just like they kill women & babies. Behead people.Good luck with any Muslim like that getting into heaven. They will rot in hell. To the Muslims that love USA and are happy here. We love you too.

      • Almost makes you want to pray for sharia law to be in effect for a 6 month trial basis. Or just long enough to get rid of a certain section, haven’t seen a good stoning since the late 70’s while in Saudi Arabia.

      • Galatians as well speaks in detail of this abomination. As for muslims? Watch out ovomit, they already said they want your head.

      • Book of Galatians is more detailed. Good bye ovimit. Muslims already said they want your head. I don’t know what for but they can have it. And wasn’t it ovomit the really wanted states to approve of same sex marriage? What about Michelle…….or is it Michael?

    • I just wish everyone would stop demeaning the word “gay!” Gay means happy, and the people and organizations everyone is referring to are simply Q U E E R S ! Plain and simple, QUEER meaning ODD! And anyone who hones another guys “tool” is ODD – A QUEER!! Let any one of them confront me. He’ll probably like the feeling, but he will look even more ODD with a .380 stuck in his ass!!

      • thank you i was hoping someone else would finally speak out about them using the word gay of which they are not.

        • We are happy, rich, educated and gay… can a homosexual not be Gay! It is the greatest gift that God could have given me.

          • Satan not God gave you the gift of being queer!

          • Al, how is Nevada this evening. Mr. Schmidt there is no such thing as Satan……Come on, you are in the winter of your life and so much hate fills you. Did you have a boyfriend back in School and it was forbidden love back then? Go get your dancing shoes and find a nice older gentleman to fill that void. Not sure about that Area of NV, but there are nice gentleman clubs in Reno and La Vegas.

          • I don’t hate anyone. What you do with your life, is your business until you start trying to push it on us, then it becomes our business! I have worked with and for homosexuals and only had a problem when they tried to convert/seduce me. Keep pushing for special rights and you will turn sympathy for your mental illness into hate. God did not give you a gift of homosexuality, He gave you a gift of choice. I had a cousin that was queer as a $3 bill, he died of AIDS about 30 years ago. I do NOT wish the same for you. Pahrump, NV has 2 cat houses, I don’t use those either. Just as I feel you have the right to be queer, I feel prostitution should be legal too. I am not into either one of you, but you should have the right to be a queer or a prostitute. I came to CA when I was 18 and knew no one. I went to a lot of movies. At one theatre, a guy sat in the seat next to me. After a few minutes, he put his hand on my leg. I took his arm and removed his hand from my leg. A few minutes later he put his hand on my leg by my crotch, this time when I removed his hand from my leg, & told him that if he did it again, he would be sorry. A few minutes later he again put his hand on me. I didn’t remove it, I just stuck a .25 auto in his mouth and asked him he wanted to die. I didn’t think I would ever again see anyone move that fast. When he got to the lobby door, he turned around and started yelling all kinds of names at me. I fired a shot over his head and he moved even faster this time. I went out the side door. CA was not gun friendly even back in 1959. I was in the plumbing business until I totally messed up my back and many of my customers were queer. At that time I found 2 types of queer men. 1. Those that had pictures cut out of magazines of nude men and 2. Those that had very clean and organized houses. When you went to the house of #1 and you see all those magazine pictures turn around and leave as you will never get paid. At #2 house, they knew what they wanted and were willing to pay for it. I don’t know which one you are, nor do I care. I’ve never been interested in men except as a friend. I am faithful to my other half even tho she is in CA & I am in NV. She is younger than me and still wants to work. She was just up here a week ago and will most likely be here a again for New Years. Oh, there is a gentlemen’s club in Pahrump featuring nude women. I have not been in there either. Sherry’s Ranch used to have a sports bar and I used to go to the bar. The girls knew I was not interested in their wares, but would sit and talk. They did away with the sports bar, so there is no reason to go there. By the way, I have nearly 1/3 of my life left. How do you have left?

          • BlueEyedAl What you call a right is by no means that! It is freedom to do what they want, but there is most certainly a day of reckoning.

          • Then they will believe in God, but to late.

          • Good correction Rudy. They need to use that word instead of “RIGHT”

          • You are sick.

          • Ewwwwwwwww!!!!!!!

          • yachty, denyiong truth does not excuse you! As I have said to some people before: If I am right, I go to Heaven, but you a re wrong you go to eternal damnation in hell!

          • If you are wrong you have wasted your life…..

          • Sorry, but it is YOU who not only has wasted his life, but have now become a waste of human life by your sick decision. It doesn’t sound as if you not only don’t believe in Satan, but more importantly, you don’t appear to believe in God Almighty, and that is where the real problem will lie if such is the case.

          • Bobby baby! Jesus is a fable stolen from the Egyptian Book of the Dead. Come on, you believe in a fairy tale. There is no heaven or hell. Actually if you really read old texts, God and Satan were good friends that made wagers on various aspects of the world. Also Satan has only killed a few people, God hundreds of thousands if not millions!

          • You are already living in your personal Hell by definition, separation from God. My pity for your ignorance is only exceeded by the degree of how much I despise you due to your arrogance. You are truly pathetic, not because of you erroneous hatred for God, but for your arrogance in announcing it to the world, and for what reason do you choose to attack those who do believe in God? Please, just go away and comment with your atheist think alikes, equally sick in the head as you are.

          • Believing in Jesus has nothing to do with G-d! Only in your Christian Cult is it the same!

          • Yachty! Christ Jesus. Has everything to do with God the Father. Christ Himself proclaimed so. I have pity for you that.That you have Faith in nothing. What a pity, lost in a world with out Love , No Hope. Living a life of self. That doesn’t sound like a life of joy an Happiness . Such as The life I live. God the Father forever my Hope.

          • Your Christian religion is based on a story stolen from the Egyptian Book of the Dead! It is all BS! I have love, I am married to a wonderful guy and we have 2 boy’s! I have my family, worry about yours!

          • I follow no religious tennons. I have absolute Faith. What You describe as the Egyptian book of the dead. Here’s
            a clue for you the books of the bible are in fact historical records so to the Torah, so to The Talmud. The Egyptian book of the dead reiterate s the historic facts of the other 3 Books. Now we all know the very reason folks deny Christ or even the possibility of there being a superior being. That reason is so that can live like animals with out shame. With out having to live a life of right or wrong. You ask us straight folks to not judge you. Yet in retrospect when we we refuse to except your behaviour you then judge us. When we whom not only Believe but try each day to live ad Christ live. You reject us. So who is truly being the freak – en hypocrites . Not us that dot is on your far head.

          • I am Jewish! Even if Jesus lived he was no way a Messiah! Sorry to break the news, Christianity is all Bullshit!

          • being a queer is a mental illness , being without GOD is insanity . you dumbfuck libturd who says Christianity is a fable , no one but other atheist . they do not believe in any superior being made all the world , they believe in the “big bang theory . which there is no such proof , just theories . thats like assholes everyone has one .I find it amazing to me that they do not believe that someone or a being made the world wonders , just someone farted and it was made.

          • I never said anything against G-d.. Christianity is a fable from the Egyptian Book of the Dead. No one has found any proof that your Jesus ever existed. The “Big Bang” has been proven at the CERNS Super Collider.
            So where is your proof that Jesus existed. You have none, because he never ever existed. You false religion is a total lie!

          • Mental Health Professionals will tell you that being Gay is not a mental disorder or disease and people are born that way.

          • If you are Jewish then you fully understand that AIDS is Gods way of identifying those who by their personal contacts should be removed from the Gene pool. Evil men perpetrating evil have squandered Billions on paying greedy evil men to find a cure for AIDS. The only real cure is burning in HELL. Too bad so many Christians fell for the Psycho Babble feeling sorry for them and contributed to AIDS Research. But Mrs Gump(Forrest, Forrest Gump’s mamma) had it nailed when she said: stupid does as stupid is”… , “stupid is as stupid does:.

          • AIDS like Ebola are from Africa and neither targets one group over another. I give $25,000 a year for AIDS research. There is no hell in my Religion. Seriously, G-d has better things to do than be upset how a person gets off! Seriously we wouldn’t have the society that we have if it wasn’t for homosexuals! Forest Gump was a lame film simple minds!

          • You could not say anything more ignorant than that if you tried. You have it totally backwards, which means that your ignorance is only exceeded by your gross stupidity.

          • Are really naive or just plain ignorant. If you do not realize the difference between what evil is and what good is then no wonder you are unable to make correct moral decisions. No matter what you may think concerning Lucifer ,one think should be made abundantly clear is this planet is just about finished and will be judged by a superior being . So you can keep ignoring the reality that is coming or pick up the spiritual knowledge to break free for your abnormal lifestyle. One last thing. I do not think I am a perfect person,not by a long shot. But I do know one thing. Mankind has had over six thousand years to fix the world and we have made things worse. When men try to play God, they make the society and the world much worse. We as a planet are circling the drain.

          • And I bet you have been to all of them trying to satisfy your perverted desire.

          • My husband and I travel and go to Gay Bars everywhere. Why are you looking for a Gay bar in a certain city?

          • Excuse me? You are a male and stating that you have a “husband,” thus you, a male, is a “wife,”or the other way around, a female with another female you call your “husband.” And you call this a gift from God? You are crazy; seek help.

          • It is exactly the same as the CEO of Apple feels…..OMG a Billionaire Homosexual! We are each husband on our certificate. You think a heterosexual type marriage, that is how narrow minded you are!

          • You are even sicker than I first thought while trying to give you the benefit of the doubt. My God, you are sick. This mental illness you two share is becoming epidemic and needs to be shut down by whatever means needed.

          • The CEO of Apple just came out. Don’t you watch the news? Dude, even our military accepts gay marriage. We went to one at Annapolis, my husbands Cousin was married to his other half on the base! They wore their officers dress whites, it was a moving ceremony.

          • Your proving to be a bit deficient in historic facts. As well A bit simple minded. Here’s a clue as to where your going wrong. As far back as 150,000 years the religious term or tribal term for marriage has been that between one man and one Woman. Male joined together with, Female. Stop trying to piss down our legs and telling us it’s rain.” Think ” Why do you think hate for gays continues to rise ? Why do you think gays are still getting the crap kicked out of them? Why do you think they are still being murdered. ? It’s no different then any other out side group whom enters in to another’s culture. When you screw with other people s beliefs you should expect retaliation.

          • As the older generation dies out and the younger generation takes over the attitudes will change! People under 40 could careless if you are straight or gay and the majority thinks we should have equal rights. If marriage is only for procreation, then any couple unable to reproduce should not be allowed to get married, same goes for couples choosing not to breed. Israel has allowed gays in the military for 20+ yrs and recognizes the right to marry and they also allow a Jew married to a Gentile same sex to move to Israel! Judaism was also the first religion to allow same sex unions!

          • Well they may be what the liberal media is telling that those under 40 could care less. . However that is their bias shinning through and not even close to the truth. Why the hell do you think gay kids are still hiding still getting the crap knock out of them. Sure I know you want to believe it’s true. Just because you wish it so doesn’t make it so. It about the possibility of having bore children not that it will be so. With fagot’s there is not a possibility. I could care less what other sociaties do or don’t do. Islam kills gays. I think their right. In that belief . But do I Condone them killing you here hell no. But if the Gay community
            Keeps pushing for special an extra rights then I could change my opinion on that an Join with islam on that subject matter. Hey why not move to Israel.

          • That’s generally in the redneck states! I grew up in SoCal in an all white area, we had one token black kid but his father was an attorney. I was on the swim team and surfing team ( yes we had surfing) and when guys found out I was gay, I couldn’t tell you how many of the guys I had sex with. Most are married these days, but especially one really like to get fcuked! The difference between a straight guy and a gay guy is a six pack of beer! In other words, straight guys will cross the line when they have an excuse!
            Why should I move to Israel? My main house is in one of the most beautiful cities in the world and I can bet we don’t have anyone black or Mexican living there. Why don’t you go back to Italy, at least I am American by birth!

          • Well I have heard some very really long,tall stories in my life you’ve top them all. ( Leave it up to a fagot to flat out lie through his teeth and make it sound real. ) I would guess your so insecure; you’ve have to make up far fetched stories in order to seem more normal. I think what your trying to establish is there are in deed Bisexual men. Yea everyone is aware of that sickness as well. They are not straight men. For you to try and confuse of conflate the difference just proves; you to know your sick. Demented perverted, Now I thank you for inviting me to go back to Italy. Well I have visited there often in the past. After all my Family does have a 700 years history there. Beings that I am third generation born here I think I’ll stay and fight against any special or extra rights for fagots . After all you already have the same constitutional rights and protections as every one else.

          • Well Great Peter the Breeder! We both have lineage that dates back in Europe, I even have a pope in my family. No far fetched stories, 60-70% of boys experiment with the same sex from middle school thru college . We did have one black, name was Dennis Rodman and we finally got rid of him. He tried to open a night club in an old waterfront restaurant but was closed down after 2hrs. Yes, 32 states now have equal rights and soon the rest of the country will follow!

          • I just love how ” You and others use ” statistic’s that you have manipulated to affirm a false notion or prove your false theories. Premature experimentation is not sexual deviant behavior/. The study your referring to . Which referenced adolescent boys experimenting. Refers to boys touching other boys while in their adolescent years. That study was not, had not implied in any way! That they were taking it from behind. Or preforming any other deviant act or behavior which your attempting to imply. Now as I remember it full well that study was offered up in health class. Believe I was 12 years old at the time,What 7th. grade. So your using a study which the results have not changed one iota in 44 Years. Ah as far as a Pope goes ( Man appointed not God anointed.) I am named after Peter the foundation stone. Which like so many that I have set as a stone mason, which is my first Trade. Now when the Supreme court Crushes your little hopes of changing the meaning of Marriage !. We shall then go back to everyone having the exactly the same Constitution rights and protections. No special fagot protection or rights. You are a Bigoted raciest hate filled fool . You are seeking to be excepted by all others; yet you have utter disdain for the African American community. What give’s?? O I know ! it’s not that you gays want equal rights; you already have them ! It’s you want extra rights and protections. those that exceed all others and place you all in a special classification. Well The best gay is a dead gay. (Go Islam your religion is correct on the gay issue and only on the gay issue.)

          • What a nice asshole! You think your so special! Fucking Catholic POS! Catholics, like their Muslim brothers need to disappear! So what do you do for a living? A plumber or do you make pizza’s! Italians aren’t worth a piss! We will have equal rights in all 50 states in 2015, then your son can marry a nice nigga boy! I don’t like wetback or gooks either! I wouldn’t want my kids around animals like that or you! We can tell you are poor Italian trash.
            Best thing G-d did for me is that I am Jewish and Gay!

          • No Thanks I won’t show you my a hole because like most fagot’s your also rapist an pedophiles. But you’re also a rare type of Hate filled racist. I now know why you won’t go back to Israel. Your hated even in your own home land. You had better live in a gated community. Because out side there are many whom would end your use of oxygen. Now as far as my Faith goes I am not Catholic. You mite have figured that out had you possessed the intellectual capacity to understand that which had been written. Such as my trade an skill is in stone masonry. What has the aids virous destroyed your capacity to grasp the English language. No you already have equal rights in all 50 states. What you will not have is extra or special rights. You shall be quite pissed off when the Supreme Court actually crushes the crap out of changing the meaning of marriage. Now for your information. I as everyone else whom I know ,agree in this one area .Civil unions recognized national as having equal equivalents to marriage s but you type of fagot’s don’t get it no one I repeat no one whom I know or associate with wishes to deprive anyone of their constitutional rights. However we are not on the other hand willing to give anyone special or extra rights.

          • Most pedophiles fit your MO……Married, middle aged man that takes advantage of kids. You see pedophilia has nothing to do with sex, it is like rape, it is all about the power. You fit the MO perfectly! I know you are Catholic…you go to Oasis. The Supreme court won’t do it! Face it, the powers that be want gays to have equal rights.
            I have been to Israel several times. Last time with my husband and our son’s for Gay Pride in Tel Aviv. It was 2 weeks of fun. One of the founders of Israel was a client of mine about 7 years ago.
            The person with hate and rage are you…Like most Christians! Christians like Muslims equal hate!

          • I think you are a married and closeted Fag that fantasizes about getting fcuked by another male! That’s why you belong to Oasis….LOL! You closet cases are all the same! Just like the Marines….Fcuk me, suck me, but no kissing because I am not gay…LOL!

          • Yes ( F,) Stands for Forward.( A,) Stands for Attack , (G) stands for Gut. So yes forward attack gut the freak bastards. ( LOL! ) and I am not laughing.

          • All it shows is that you are a closet case and afraid the world will find out that you are a dick sucker! Do you swallow? Piss ant in NJ…..LMFAO! Enjoy your little life in the asshole of NJ! See you at Oasis lover boy!

          • Ah – so the only way for you to respond is to openly reveal, to the world at large .Your merely gutter trash. Hint everyone already gained that awareness two days ago. Hey I am about as gay as you are straight. . (Not)

          • Please Mary! You were the one with the childish Fag remark. Gutter trash….I piss more money than you will ever have! If you don’t like homosexuals, then you should never watch movies, TV, attend a Broadway Show, purchase clothing or do much of anything at all! I could careless what your emotions are as I have no apathy. I could careless about children starving, or giving money to any charity that does not further my interests. Ok, I don’t do tents, if I go camping (which I do not do) it would be in a 45′ Pusher with a tag axle! Dude, I race sailboats, pussy’s like you would have the balls! So go pray to your false profit and have a good life Peter!

          • Homosexuals are Repugnent, against the written word, dirty, foul sewer trolls this is the nicest thing I can say!

          • Bob from Titusville, Come on, you live in the shithole of all of Florida! Is the doublewide roomy enough? How is that 1991 Pontiac, still running? Is retirement what you hoped for? Who’s written word? Sewer trolls? More heterosexuals engage in anal sex than gay males per capita! It is sad when Rednecks and Black Thugs think alike!

          • Yea I’M IN pussy every day! Now racing sail boats is TRULY A cunts game TRY- TIMES TRIALS’ OR MOTOCROSS.Have you ever had to take a life in combat.or in a self defense action. NOW UP AN UNTIL YOU’VE WATCHED FROM UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL THE LAST BREATH SOMEONE TAKES AS THEIR EYE’S GLASS OVER YOU ARE THE CUNT! One can ascertain billions of dollars And STILL BE TRASH . You can take the trailer trash boy out of the trailer park. But you can never take the trash out of the boy. You are TRULY TRAILER PARK TRASH. NO MATTER WHERE YOU GO OR WHAT YOU DO YOU’LL ALWAYS BE TRAILER PARK TRASH. ON A MORE PERSONAL NOTE I DO NOT PRAY TO THE PROPHET’S . WHEN THE SEE ME THE FALL DOWN UPON THEIR KNEES AND PRAY THAT I PASS THEM BY.

          • Please Mary! I do own a few mobile homes and I will sell them for $450,000 each. A mile to the beach in SoCal…..You and you merry band of GI’s can go and live the good life! Seriously you can never piss me off or hurt my feelings! You were a big scary GI…whippy! You couldn’t find a job or afford an education, so you joined the military. The four walls are comfort. I did the MX thing when I was a kid and we went to the desert sandrails, even then we had a motorhome.
            The insecure one is you….The fall on their knees when you cum…LOL! Anyone that needs religion is insecure. So sport, enjoy your masturbation fantasies of other guys in your pup tent and say hello to your pastor at Oasis……..Did you see we gained the 35th state!

          • Hey little cunt. See I was right you can take the trailer trash out of the park but you can never take the park out of the trash. Now let’s just say flat out No I am not a millionaire. Have never strive to be so. However as a stone mason I’ve earned a dam good living. An have always provided the needs as well most of the wants for my loved ones. I have also ascertained some very specialized skills. Which I learned while serving my country. No I did not join because there wasn’t or could not find any work. I joined because I like killing rats it’s exciting. Now as far as the state s court playing fag marriage. That will all soon end when it reaches the most hostile Conservative supreme Court. Not for nothing but I see the tears running down your face as they return their verdict. It certainly is going to set the stage for some really pissed of fagots. Hey that’s right I will say I told you so. So in case you decide to end your demented tormented life before I afford the opportunity to do so. Hey I told you so.

          • It’s official! ‪#‎SouthCarolina‬ becomes the 35th state with the freedom to marry after the U.S. Supreme Court today denied the motion filed by ‪#‎SC‬’s Attorney General to further delay the start of marriage for same-sex couples.

            Learn more here: ‪#‎LoveUnitesUS

          • not if we stop the libturd bullshit

          • There are now 35 states and counting……It will happen! Even the Military recognizes same sex marriages!

          • you are so full of shit its a wonder you can still breath . you think cause the liberals are teaching bullshit that the kids will believe being queer is ok , I find that so funny its hard to breath from laughing so much . you grew up in california , that says a lot being the libturd state in the country . go the just about any state in the nation it is not accepted like in cal. . there they accept anything that has no moral compass to guide it , no matter how you look at it it is wrong . you were taught in school libturd bullshit all your days in school . you believe it is ok to do whatever you want to do . right or wrong have no meaning to liberals , they make it up as they go . no vision at all .

          • you maybe right about that , but thank God I will not be alive to see it . no mater how you look at it being queer is a sickness and totally immoral, unnatural and gross to boot

          • you idiot , marriage IS A RELIGIOUS believe ,so you are not married in anyone’s eyes but other queers and maybe atheist

          • You really are serious, aren’t you? Seek help, as you are most obviously sick (in the head).

          • Yachty, You choose to attack those who disagree with you, yet you want others to accept your views and beliefs. Didn’t your father every teach you to respect others. This doesn’t mean that the jerks who attack you personally may deserve some of there own medicine.. You need to remember that men do not react positively to anyone challenging there man hood, thats a fact.

          • No such thing as the Christian Satan……..

          • You are repeating yourself. Why are you here on this thread? Please, go away, go to whatever sicko liberal site that shares you sickness.

          • Wrong, and Satan resides in you and yours, and you two have totally accepted him and his evil, perverted ways. You two are now just part of the Walking Dead.

          • So Satan resides in me, my other half and our kids? You are one FU dude…..
            Do you know wearing clothing made of two different textile leaves you open for a stoning? It goes with eating pork, shellfish and a whole host of things! Like praying to a Lesser G_d, following a false Religion and prophet…You are doomed!

          • WTF are you ranting and rambling about now? Textiles and stoning? You are nuttier than a Muslim’s fruitcake.

          • Bob, you are the Religious one that believe in Leviticus…..well you can’t pick and choose. A sin is a sin and your religion according to the Torah is a huge sin!

          • You certainly do assume a lot. Who said I was religious? Who said I believe in Leviticus? And who said give a fuck about the Torah, which I don’t.

          • How can homos be ‘gay’ (which means happy-go-lucky and carefree) when they have a large incidence of suicides (which is not covered by the so-called media)?

          • Funny…I never met a single one who wasn’t wretched and making everyone around him utterly miserable with his whiny “poor me” sttitudes!

          • AIDs, HIV, STD, You can break your rectum, to much action in the out door. To me that doesn’t sound like fun…….
            It’s not all rainbows and unicorns.

          • Good grief, yachty! You are desperately evil attempting to disguise your lifestyle as “Good.” And to say that God gave you “the greatest gift” is a crime/sin against God. God makes it clear in Leviticus 19 that such a sin is an “abomination against God.” You perverts had better be careful how you characterize your sin. You will answer God in the afterlife during your day of judgment.

          • No being queer was your choice. Yes God gave us free will . However you choose to live a sick demented abnormal grotesque life style and that choice will never be excepted as normal . Just plain no good degenerates. Science has proved beyond all and any reasonable doubt. Your not born as sick fagot’s . No you choose to be sick.

          • When did you choose to be straight? Did you get the same questionnaire in the mail to let them choose for you, or did you just go straight to piss your parents off?

          • When I kissed my first little girl friend in Pre-K age 4 just about the time when one figure’s out there’s a difference. Love the little muffin then and still love the furry or no fur muffin today. Tiny girl,tall girls,slim thin ,average , Athletic girls , big girls Love them all. There absolutely, has to be some ,sick depraved psychosis for any man not to find the sheer beauty of the female body Intriguing, alluring,intoxicating exciting irresistible.

          • Age 4…..I remember that girls had cooties until 3-4 grade. I have never been attracted to a female, but give me a hot cute swimmer he is all mine!

        • Gay people are really homosexuals.

      • I agree Michael. The word gay is a cloaking device that erases the actual vision of homosexual behavior. I have no problem being labeled heterosexual. If people would just refer to them as homosexuals (or carpet munchers, rump riders) it brings the spot light on their deviant behavior right into focus.

        • I always liked the term “Breeder” for heterosexuals. Queers are happy, so we are Gay!

          • Yachty, Yachty, Yachty, who cares what you think? I won’t argue with a “man” who can’t figure out if “he” should stand or sit to take piss. Do enjoy your HIV/Aids though but just don’t give to young boys as most of you are filthy pedophiles..

          • Pedophiles are generally heterosexual males fat men (like you), same as cross dressers. No HIV here! I am married to my wonderful husband and we have two boy’s (by surrogate). We also have a fabulous life!

          • Baloney. Most queers were victims of pedophiles you fudge packer.

          • Where do you people come from? I don’t know one guy that was molested? You people have no clue about shit! Seriously find a mental health professional.
            If you idiots had any brains you would spend more time worrying about Muslims in the USA, then Gay’s and Lesbians!

          • My brother was molested while attending a summer music camp by his male instructor.Unless you live under a rock the Catholic church has been protecting their priest from prosecution for hundreds of years, knowing full well the damage they caused to generation,s of young men.

          • Catholics are just really Fcuked up people!

          • And you should talk, like the pot calling the kettle black. One of my fears, in your case, is when you start molesting those two boys, and you will, either you two sicko adults or your like-minded friends, or both.

          • See how fucked up you are? Pedophiles are generally middle aged married heterosexuals. You are the sick one to even think that one up! Is that your sick fantasy? Are you a Pedophile? Seriously, if you are one, please seek help before you touch your children!

          • Really? Gays, lesbians, queers, whatever, are in the same category as the pediphile male Muslims, and should be eliminated off the face of the earth before they destroy any hope of moral dignity.

          • I think the world would be a utopia if Muslims and Christians all disappeared! Both are religions of death. That is both have a fairy tale end where you get a prize when you die….You really have to be a stupid fuck to believe either one!


          • No answer Jeffery? How is Caldwell this evening. I once had a lover from Idaho….he was a fun little spudboy!

          • Ok, spudboy….just shows the low IQ of people in your redneck state!

          • REALLY, yachty?! You are really demented!

          • A “fabulous” life? What drugs are you two on? I feel very sorry for the two boys in your possession, as they need hetrosexual parents to be raised properly. Shame on the pair of you for helping to distort their view of a proper world.

          • They are legally ours! Studies have shown children raised in a same sex household are better adjusted adults. I personally do not believe poor people should be allowed to breed. You should have a minimum income of $150,000 a yr for one and for each additional one add $50,000 in income.

          • Are you in the diaper stage yet?

          • Jay, what is the diaper stage? Dude, you are a perfect example why ugly people should not breed!

          • Hate to break the news to you, Queer, but if it were not for the “Breeders,” you would not even be here. Makes me a supporter of retroactive birth control, in your case.

          • Really…..I have a great relationship with my parents. My mom bought the house 5 down from hers for our wedding gift. It is a great life……

        • or wennie washers

      • Michael, I have some close friends whose last name is “Gay.” and I despise the use of such a noble name. As you said, they are queers and perverts…period!

      • I AGREE Michael, When my children were young they couldn’t sin a certain Christmas Carol, because a line was “Now we don our “GAY” apparel. There are NO groups that have special rights, NOT Gays, Lesbians, Men, Women, Christians, Jews, Muslims,.Afican Americans, etc. I’m an Irish American and my ONLY right is to believe in the Lord Jesus Christ. That will never change you do want you want, BUT you don’t have any more rights than I do.

      • i was always fond of the words, faggot, homo and so many more. i like to watch old movies, the word gay is used all the time, to make the point that people were happy, or having a good time. queer and faggot aptly describes these perverts, another good descriptive word

      • I have read this entire post. Yacty has certainly put all of his cards on the table.
        He has no compassion nor tolerance for anyone who does not completely surrender to his views.
        Fact, all humans are born either male or female. If the person has sexual tendecies for the same sex, they are in fact in need of help. If they decline the help, thats there prerogative. The act of engaging in homosexual sex is not natural. With that said, Homosexuals are no less human then anyone else. Therefore, deserve love and respect.

    • If this happens then I say lock-n-load open season on all of them. But I’ll bet that makes us the bad people they (the fags) can say anything and that’s ok well not any more you piece’s of trash want a war let’s get it started

    • I just wish that EVERYONE would stop slandering the word “gay!” Simply put, gay means happy and those QUEERS might be happy to be QUEERS, but they stole the word gay, just to cushion the fact that they’re OFFENSIVE QUEERS! And “Queer” meaning ODD! And they damned sure are odd!!!

  2. HRC, how about threats against YOU!, I have a pound of lead for your A$$. Keep pushing your sadistic message and I WILL target YOU, guarantee!!!!!

  3. Hey, HRC. Come see me. I haven’t had any fun for a long time.

  4. 50,000 new cases of aids every year and the push FOR the sickness goes on. Anyone that wants to make love to some ones stink hole deserves aids. It is immoral, unhealthy and act against nature and if you have an ounce of faith, it is against the teaching of Christ.

    • Who ares about your Jesus BS? 60% of heterosexuals engage in anal intercourse and not only for the girls. There are a lot of “straight” males out there that like to play bottom boy! So, get over your holier than thou self!

  5. Don`t discourage these “FREAKS OF NATURE”! THEY`re getting BOLDER and now more threatening! They might make a point by doing something to somebody as an example, but they`d rather perform SAadistic AND IMMORAL ACT UPON EACH OTHER.

  6. Hey,HRC, you can make all the threats you want, and maybe even carry some of them out, but GOD’s WORD is truth! Remember what happened to Sodom and Gomorrah. What’s waiting for you on judgement day may be even worse than that.

    • Obie, be nicer….Mr. Retired Bus Driver in TN……S & G supposedly happened because how they treated strangers. There is no Judgement day, that is all a fairytale.

  7. Oh, really?
    What are they gonna do? – Slap us to death? – Silly boys ….

  8. All the former posts are correct. Notice there are no messages from the pro gays, as of yet.

  9. If Pastor Scott Lively deceases under mysterious reasons, maybe we should reciprocate with like action to the LGBT organization. Just saying. Gays have been bashing straight people for quite awhile now. Maybe we should start bashing Gays. Only fair.

    • Drive them back into the holes they cralled out of!!!!

    • If it weren’t for straight people, they wouldn’t even exist. they should have a care what they wish for.

    • Unger is angry in Oklahoma…..Bashing gays is a hate crime, you should know that even as a renta cop!

      • bashing gays is a hate crime but you pieces of trash can bash a Christian and that makes you cool theres going to come a time when all this PC BS is going to be put aside then we’ll see how brave you are

        • Being Gay is not a choice! Being a narrow minded Christian is a choice.

          • you’re right being gay is not a choice it is a sickness and again why is it that you and your kind can make threats say anything you like but when you get it back at you for all the sudden the people that are disagreeing with you are bigots narrow minded and racist

          • Please supply your non-religious documentation that homosexuality is an illness. It is rather wide spread throughout nature, so please explain how other animals can have the same illness.

          • they are animals with a little pea brain so does that put you in the same class as them the only way for the human race to continue it’s by a man and a woman being together not a man and a man or a woman and a woman and anytime a judge lets people like you adopt children that judge should be taken out of his position of authority and I would have to say about 80% of all states that allow same sex marriage if you was to look at the ballot box you people would not have the right to be married the only reason these laws are passed is because they are passed by judges who do not do the will of the people they are tyrants who think they know better that is why these people should be taken out of office our country was founded on a majority rule why should a small minority of people be allowed to have more rights than we do our rights are just as important as yours actually they are more important than your rights because we are the majorityand as I said in my first post one of these days all this PCBs is going to get put aside and then we will see how brave all of you are you will be given one chance to leave the country shut up or pay the priceand a price all of your kind will pay on judgement day even though I know from reading your other post that you don’t believe in any of that someday you will and someday you will pay

          • You do realize that the Constitution is there to protect the rights of minorities from the majority. We did not adopt, we used a surrogate and I can tell you it was well over $100,000 cash. Equal right will come to all 50 states in 2015 and there is shit you can do. You sound like a MUSLIM! Are you a Camel Jockey? Do you want to live in a Religious country? I heard that Syria is looking for people…..
            Dude there is no judgment day, you people and your stolen fairytale. When you are dead, you are dead!

          • and yes I am a Christian but I did not make the rules in the book that I follow my Heavenly Father did and one of these days you are going to pay for what you have doneunless you change your ways repent and ask for forgiveness again I don’t make the rules our heavenly father did I just follow them as best I can. and why should we respect anything you and your kind have to say when all you do is make threats and tell everyone how you are going to kill Christians just because we don’t agree with you we have rights also we do not have to agree with you and you don’t have to agree with us we have a right to have our faith and believe the way we want to but when you start making threats saying how you’re going to kill us then we have a right to stand up and make sure you know we are going to protect ourselves if anything happens

          • Have you ever thought that this story is all BS! I have found several of their stories on SNOPES as BS! I know lots of people in HRC and no one knows about this……..

  10. Todays gays are lockstep and parallel with the Nazi SA. Ernst Rohm He was a co-founder of the Sturmabteilung (“Storm Battalion”; SA),the Nazi Party militia, and later was its commander. Most of the SA were gay and participated in perverted sexual activities. SA intimidation contributed to the rise of the Nazis and the violent suppression of opposition parties during electoral campaigns, but its reputation for street violence and heavy drinking was a hindrance, as was the open homosexuality of Röhm and other SA leaders such as his deputy Edmund Heines. One American journalist would later write, “Röhm’s chiefs, men of the rank of Gruppenfuehrer or Obergruppenfuehrer, commanding units of several hundred thousand Storm Troopers, were almost without exception homosexuals.”In 1931, the Münchener Post, a Social Democratic newspaper, obtained and published Röhm’s letters to a friend discussing his homosexual affairs.

    SO it is no surprise that today’s homosexual gays are doing similar to what the SA did to only protect and promote those political figures and parties that protect and promote THEM. In the end in 1934, as part of the Night of the Long Knives, Rohm was executed and most of the homosexual hierarchy on Adolf Hitler and Heinrich Himmler’s orders as a potential rival. In the end they served their purpose for Hitler a=and once they served their purpose they were disposed of. Today is not different in the end their own political parties they protect and promote will in turn them in concentration camps or executed. Don’t think it could happen…Think again….History always repeats itself because man never changes only technology and his knowledge.

  11. Has anyone noticed that these queers target Christian knowing that they will be rejected? This is so they can sue the Christians, get their name in the news and further the queer agenda. Before they even contact the Christians they already have the lawyers and judges lined up.

    For example, the queer couple that got married in one state and then tried to get a divorce in a State that does not allow queer marriage.

    Or those that tried to get the NY couple to allow a queer marriage on their farm.

    Or the CO bakery, etc.

    This is not about love, it is about destroying America’s morals.

  12. I wonder how the SPLC will manage to justify threats of violence from the weenie washer’s union? I mean, if they see Evangelical Christians (who have threatened no one with death as far as I know) as a terror threat then an overt threat of death from a skin flute musician should surely raise their legal eyebrow. Wonder if they’ll get put on “Homeland Security’s” list of those to not be trusted?

  13. Death threats to straights, I got an answer for them; my Bersa Thunder!

  14. I love HRC, they would never kill anyone. Although there are a lot of Christian Pastor’s etc…that need something to consider! Some of the good Christians have caused Gay’s to be beaten and murdered. I write a nice check to HRC every year and now have gotten my mother to stop her giving money to faith based groups and write one check to HRC.

    • I realize that there are many self-righteous and very judgemental folks out there,but please remember that not ALL of us Christians fit into that category. As for me, the only hatred I hold in my heart, is for those who abuse animals and children,and for those who thrive on being unkind to others. I do have gay friends,and while it’s not MY chosen lifestyle, they are some of the kindest and most loyal,and supportive friends I have ever known.They don’t push their lifestyle and beliefs on me,nor I to them. None of us, gay or straight, should be this violent towards each other. For me,and I don’t speak for everyone here,just myself,…… I am only responsible for my own soul,and what’s right or wrong,not everyone else. There is too much hatred these days. I worry for our younger generations and what life will be like for them. 🙁

  15. You queer F’rs try your schette in my area, you will get a very heated response. I WILL take you out!!!
    Semper Fi

    • It’s pretty obvious they don’t want to live and let live; so be it. Game on. Semper Fi

    • I will tell you, the Marines per Capita have the most Gays than any other branch of the service. I remember going to the Capri Lounge outside Camp Pendleton to pick up young Marines for weekend fun!

  16. Keep a list of these organizations and individual names so that when the time comes we wont miss any. Remember, two to the chest and one to the head.

  17. The biggest haters on this planet are those ‘oh so compassionate’ Lib thugs.

  18. Is there anyone out there like me, also suffering from ‘homodisgustia’?

  19. ArizonaMilitiaDotCom

    OK, so please post a website link or an email address so I can send these whackadoodles my home address. I have some new soft-tip .308 Winchester ammo that I *really* want to test from my M1A.

    Buy More Ammo. Support your local Militia. This won’t end pretty, America.

    • Flagged!

      You do realize death threats are inappropriate on a message board, right?

      • ArizonaMilitiaDotCom

        So, are you saying that you do *not* have a an email where I can send these whackadoodles my home address?

        My statement was not a threat, it was an invitation for the Whackadoodles to come pay me a visit and help me test out my new ammo. We have a nice, shady spot down by the creek already picked out for them, where they can stay a long, long time.

        If they don’t want to come for a visit, that should be their own choice. But you should at least give me their contact info so that I can make that choice available to them, Shirley.

        • No I said no such thing. A course in reading comp wouldn’t go amiss in your life. Sooner rather than later. As for the rest of your incoherent post…what good would it do to tell you anything?

      • Tell that to all the millions of death threats posted by Libterd, whackadoodles like you.

        • My advice to you, Kreskin, is don’t take your act to Vegas. You’ll starve.

          I am and have always been an indie, conservative who has voted for people in both parties over the years, once even for an indie. And I have never ONCE posted a death threat. They are in fact illegal. Sane people don’t do that and I am both sane and law abiding.

          I make that O for 2. As for whackadoodle I’ll let the facts speak for themselves.

          • And yet your post sounds like a bleeding heart liberal post. My brother says he is an indie, and yet votes far left liberal. Which is it? An indie or a Conservative, you can’t be both? My wife and I are Conservatives. We are pro God, pro Constitution, pro gun, pro man and woman relationship, anti big government etc. etc. etc. As far as The Amazing Kreskin, my father-in -law learned hypnosis from him. I never accused you of posting a death threat, and I never have either. If your reading comp was better, you would have understood from my post that the far left, liberals post them all the time.

          • My post doesn’t make a “sound.” It’s cyberbytes.

            Your INABILITY to grasp that by definition an indie can be conservative, or moderate, or liberal, or radical, or disinterested, or uninspired, and can like or dislike all or none of the candidates in either or both parties….. is not my problem to solve. Webster’s Dictionary can help you there.

            My reading comprehension is fine. However, unlike Kreskin or your father-in-law, I don’t “intuit” points not made and long ago gave up guessing what people mean in a post. If you meant to say far left liberals post more death threats than other groups, then why not just type it and be done.?

            As we are…………..

          • I did post that far left liberals post more death threats a few posts ago. An independent having mixed beliefs is not a Conservative. A Conservative believes in all the Conservative views and not a hodge podge of liberal and right leaning views combined. You believe in views from both sides making you an indie, but your liberal beliefs don’t qualify you to be called a Conservative.

        • You just called TS a libterd? I normally don’t resort to juvenile text lingo, but seriously, LO frikin L. Really is time for you to consider a nice reading comprehension course. Just sayin’.

          • I know, lol. Advised Kreskin not to take his act to Vegas lest he starve. Amazing, init?

            Dude wouldn’t know me in the mall but feels free to define me by my politics. I do hate to shock him re my support of Reagan, Nixon, Bush, Ford, Bush 2, McCain, and Romney.

            BUT I have every hope he will seize on my one youthful lapse when I voted for JFK, well both JFK and Jackie, and spin that into…how did he put it…my libtard, whackadoodle politics.

            The education system in this country has a truck load to answer for. We’ll be paying a price for it for two generations of Borg they systematically dumbed down and brainwashed .

            Keep yur powder dry.

          • LIGHTEN UP! Just sayin.

  20. just sit tight and let God handle this ! We already see how much God loves N.Y.

  21. Gay Jihad. Fabulous!

  22. I honestly believe these queers are possessed by Satan. Nothing else can explain their insistent hatred for God and His followers. The Bible calls homosexuality an abomination and as usual the Good Book is 100% correct.

  23. Bashing Christians is ALSO a hate crime. One that GAYS do not seem to want to answer for.

  24. Homosexuals are always in denial about God. They always want something or someone to justify their filth.

  25. F–K the LGBT.! If they want to F— with me, I’d be delighted to oblige. What this pastor is doing is what we all should have done….STOOD UP FOR OUR RIGHTS1 These groups, including minorities, have turned this US into a HATE-WHITEY , nation.

  26. Human rights group. Guess they get to decide who is human.


  28. All of these homo people are sociopaths. Their demonstrations prove it and their constant threats against anyone who does not agree with them is a target. Just like Obama, they continue to show their hate for America.

  29. Yep…Here is another sign about the spirit that is on homosexuals…SATAN!!!! All we can do is pray pray pray!!!

  30. these fudge packers and leg lickers are the perverts and pedophiles who if you disagree with sick agenda they resort to threats so I say fight fire with fire and not cool whip. these freaks are a small percentage but yet they can still change laws. why because our leaders are the same perverts and pedophiles who hide in the shadows and back these scum bags. put them all on a island and let them do there thing and hope for a huge tidal wave to wash them all out to sea. let the sharks feast of perverts and pedophiles.

  31. Kill a gay a day will keep the doctor away.

  32. WELL I look at it this way if a QUEER threatens me because I do not kiss his or her QUEER ass that QUEER had better have HAD WHEATIES FOR BREAKFAST AND HAVE A LOT OF FRIENDS ALONG BECAUSE I WILL STOMP SOME QUEER ASS.!!

  33. Gay rights activists have created their own problems by try to justify their perversions. That is right, call me what ever you want. Let’s even take out religion for a minute. There is not one positive concrete benefit that gays can point to that has had a positive impact on this country or the world. Their lifestyle has caused more damage to children the country’s moral fabric then drugs,war BUY crime. Parents have the responsibility to teach the reality of drawing the distinction why girls and boy’s go together. Not men and men or woman and woman. So all you people who practice the gay lifestyle, stop trying to push your argument that you are normal. Stop trying to alienate and persecute those who want nothing to do with your mixed up identity crisis. I do not hate people who are gay. What I dislike is the hypocritical gay rights fascist.

  34. Concerning mental health and homosexuality, studies have long indicated that homosexuals have a substantially greater risk of suffering from a psychiatric problems (suicide, depression, bulimia, antisocial personality disorder, and substance abuse).[2]

  35. I’m so sick of every ones rights. None of you have any more rights than I do. Gays, Muslims, African Americans. illegal Aliens you have NO special rights. And to Deborah, good luck with the Muslims taking over the USA> Obama is OUT and another Muslim will NEVER get elected again. Thank Obama and the sick group of ISIS and you’re kind of attitude. If you don’t like it here LEAVE.

  36. They are just following their typical historic Satanic nature!

    Gen 19:4 “Now before they lay down, the men of the city, the men of Sodom, both old and young, all the people from every quarter, surrounded the house. 5 And they called to Lot and said to him, “Where are the men who came to you tonight? Bring them out to us that we may know them carnally.” 6 So Lot went out to them through the doorway, shut the door behind him, 7 and said, “Please, my brethren, do not do so wickedly! 8 See now, I have two daughters who have not known a man; please, let me bring them out to you, and you may do to them as you wish; only do nothing to these men, since this is the reason they have come under the shadow of my roof.” 9 And they said, “Stand back!” Then they said, “This one came in to stay here, and he keeps acting as a judge; now we will deal worse with you than with them.” So they pressed hard against the man Lot, and came near to break down the door. 10 But the men reached out their hands and pulled Lot into the house with them, and shut the door.” Shalom!

  37. Unbelievable. A thread filled with DEATH THREATS based on a person’s sexual orientation? Is this what America has come to?

    Patriot News my sweetarzzz. Patriots do not advocate slaugjhtering people over their beliefs……in case anyone is remotely interested.

    • So I guess the call from a homo group to kill straights is OK with you. That is what the article is all about. By the way, there are 7,000 PINK PISTOLS across the US, gay and lesbian women and men being trained by the NRA in gun safety and concealed carry. They want to defend themselves against GAY BASHING.

      • What a ridiculous, infantile post. Grow up. Death threats are unacceptable. Period. Your prejudicial post is an affront to everything decent, law abiding, tolerant Americans stand for.

        • And your bleeding heart posts show that you are not capable of thinking on an advanced level. I never condoned death threats in the first place. I merely mentioned that they are out there all the time. They are only words. By the way, the majority of death threats on the web are by Muslims against the Infidel, and those Muslims mean it. Just look at the decapitations being posted.

  38. This group better be careful , they may attack a CCW Holder . This will lead to their Death ,or serious injury from gun shots ,

  39. I hear that there is a disease that effects the mouth and throat in the gay community that results in death.

  40. Who gave those gays & lesbians rights to change the law? If they can, why not we, we the majority chose not to pass the law. If they are making death threats, are they any different from ISIS, HAMAS and any terrorists group? Is it not, that’s how the terrorists group runs?

  41. Did you see the lady from Tennessee who traveled 400 miles to stand up for Christ in some big national church in WDC. Alot of muslims were praying to allah there. She got her message out!! I believe she is wonderful and there will be more like her………stand up for Christ, I do and I believe in the bible, I try to live a good life and am good to people in anyway I can, I haven’t found a true church where people act like they are happy you are there. Sometimes Christians give me concern: I can not judge them though, as I do know God knows what is in every ones heart, no matter what the people say they are, God knows what they are.oh yeah.

  42. The gays are all on for this Muslim President. The Muslim book calls for death to all Christians which was written on his deathbed when he lost his mind. This country was found on the bible as many here say it was not and keep trying to change it. As parents we should tell our children what they are not learning in school is why the Constitution was written and why. Our forefathers fought for us because of the tyranny they were subjected too and we should not let Obama try to change them.

  43. This group and the rest of all LGBT groups are just sick people. Sorry, but I don’t have any suggestion as to how to cure their ailments.

  44. It’s now time to bring back gay bashing!


  46. God gave his permission to the Jews to take the land of Israel, and the tools to destroy the evil dewelling in that land. Jesus said turn the other cheek, not to allow yourself to slaughtered..!!! I believe God was the power behind the founding of our Great Nation and God/Jesus/Holy Spirit provided the tools to destroy the British Army! And Angle of the Lord appeared to General Washington to provide him the strength to move forward and win the Revolutionary War..God will be with “We the People” if we need to fight to take our Nation back as long as “We the People” seek his face and leadership in all that we do, and restore his Name above all other in our Nation when “We the People” win the War! I know that I will if I survive! Shout it from the Mountain tops People…Praise be the Lord Jesus Christ!

    • Jesus said in Luke 22:31-41 ” He who has no sword, let him sell his garment and but one”. The garment Jesus talked about was the cape, that which kept the men warm. The cape was one of the most prized possessions, and the only protection from the cold.

  47. Got a word of, should I say caution. Don’t come knocking on my door. Been trained in a 30-06, know what a bird gun can do too, besides my dog on command likes to rip off whatever one has on. Maybe a more defensive stand would turn there so called “tolerance” into “I’m sorry”. you have this view of sodomites. God tells in HIS ALMIGHTY WORD just what they are and its not “Oh I’m born that way”. Here goes the medical community and there wrongful way of supposedly help these sodomites. W R O N G W R O N G W R O N G

  48. Has protection of the hate laws gone to the minorities heads that they are now allowed to assault and kill the majority without dear of retribution? This is what happens when the liberal judges legislate from the bench that the majority no longer has rights. That the rights of the minority out weigh the common good of society.

  49. That’s OK as long as it is suicide!

  50. Stop calling them gay….they are homosexuals. Stop calling them ‘trans’, call them what they were called in the
    seventies: gay crossdressers/heterosexual transvestites.


  52. Who are the tolerant ones now? Immoral behavior is not a RIGHT! it is just out right BAD, IMMORAL Behavior, fornication, PERIOD! We can not legalize immoral behavior, if so then we must legalize, murder, theft, rape, and every moral crime, then release every prisoner in the prison systems, Wake up people and Judges, and stop being bullied by morally diseased people. Past time to fight back!

  53. GREAT NEWS!!!!!!!!
    It’s official! ‪#‎SouthCarolina‬ becomes the 35th state with the freedom to marry after the U.S. Supreme Court today denied the motion filed by ‪#‎SC‬’s Attorney General to further delay the start of marriage for same-sex couples.

    Learn more here: ‪#‎LoveUnitesUS

  54. the founder and driving force just made hero status with the perv crowd, he has been arrested foe Juvenal rape

  55. Tolerance? Guess the new norm in America is threats and violence. I no longer recognize my country!

  56. Gay rights people have become fascists.

  57. Gays are just humans and they scream if any one offends them in any way injuring them or threatening them is against the law but they turn around and do the same, they threaten and sue and disparage and insult and hurt Heterosexuals‘.
    They swore if we passed gay marriage laws they would not impose their wishes on others but the lied as do the sinners, to makethem selves richer. They ar Satans Children.


  59. They justify their immorality with their own religions, forcing you to eat their beliefs and opinions. If you don’t agree they take you to court since they need money for their causes. They attack businesses without regard.

  60. They justify their immorality with their own religions, forcing you to eat their beliefs and opinions. If you don’t agree they take you to court since they need money for their causes. They attack businesses without regard.

  61. Liberals believe in freedom and everyone can have their own opinion EXCEPT if it is contrary to their beliefs. The shove it down our throats and try to force us to like it. How about reversing it? How would they feel. They have their own belief system to justify their life styles. Then if they are so happy why do they have a high suicide rate? Oh, I forgot they blame us.

  62. If you are gay lesbian, ‘Make sure that you oppose strongly against extremist islam first’. What is the use of getting what u want and when this country is taken over by islam, your head will be the 1st to roll.

  63. To far was homosexual gone, with Dems and Nobuma down homosexuals must start be scare and accept go down with Dems. A worse are for come.

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