Funny: Neither Cruz Nor Sanders Can Tell Socialists from Democrats

Ted Cruz and Bernie Sanders enjoyed their debate over healthcare so much that they came back to CNN to do it again on Wednesday. This time, the subject was tax reform, and – like before – the news network couldn’t have found two other senators with as diametrically opposite views as Cruz and Sanders. Over the course of the debate, the two disagreed about how taxes impact the average U.S. citizen, why and whether inheritances should be taxes, and how and when the federal government should be spending taxpayer money.

At one point, the two senators even disagreed about the meaning of the old English legend of Robin Hood. Sanders said that the GOP tax reform plan was a “Robin Hood proposal in reverse,” with Republicans seeking to steal from the poor and give to the rich. He said that, according to the Republican framework, the wealthiest 1% would benefit the most from the tax cuts while 30% of middle class tax payers would wind up paying more.

Cruz, on the other hand, said the socialist from Vermont had a misconception – not just of the Republican plan, but of Robin Hood himself.

“Robin Hood was robbing the tax collectors, who were collecting too much taxes from the working men and women, and taking it for the rich. In Bernie’s analogy, it is the Democrats who are King John and the sheriff of Nottingham,” he said. “And Robin Hood is saying, ‘Tax collectors, stop hammering people who are struggling, who are laboring in the fields, who are working. Stop taking it to the castle to give out to your buddies.'”

As amusing as the Robin Hood part of the debate was, things got even more entertaining when Cruz turned to Sanders and asked, “What is the difference between a socialist and a Democrat on taxes?”

To which Sanders replied: “I don’t know the answer to that.”

“I don’t either,” Cruz said.

That’s a point of contention that came up several times in last year’s election, and no one – including then-DNC Chairman Debbie Wasserman Schultz – could come up with a satisfactory answer then, either. And the clear point being made to millions of Democrat voters is that there no longer IS any meaningful difference. Sanders is perhaps more left-wing than most in the Senate, but he’s really not that much more “progressive” than the mainstream of the party. He is the Democratic Party, two or three years in advance. This is where the party is going, and the sudden push towards single-payer universal healthcare is an obvious sign of that. Democrats in the leadership can talk all they want about how much they respect and cherish American capitalism, but they want to take us, slowly but surely, into a form of democratic socialism that bears more in common with Denmark than the U.S.

Crazy Bernie is just the only one with the guts to say it out loud.

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  1. Certainly, democrats do love capitalism, but only if they’re at the top of the food chain.

    • That is not capitalism…. it is criminalism…

    • No, they like CRONY “capitalism” which isn’t the same thing as free market capitalism; it’s criminal enterprise, as in RICO.

      • I’ve thought for the last several years of Obama and Hillary that they were running an organized criminal enterprise. Consider all the lies, all the unilateral laws passed by the King by merely calling them executive actions as a dictator would do, all the lefty violence, the attacks on free speech, and the incredible amount of money acquired by pretending it was going into their “charitable “ foundations. If that can’t be looked at under RICO laws than nothing can be.

      • There is no such thing as a “free market”

  2. Democrat Party mascot—-Put a Robin Hood costume on it !!———Robbin’ Hood

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  3. Democrats are supportive of any “label” that benefits them. It all boils down to money and how much of other people’s they can take.

  4. Well, if you overtax the business owners, they will be forced to raise prices or go bankrupt… the “domino effect” will result in layoffs and possibly closing up shop completely. Raise the minimum wage too? The suicide of capitalism is underway.

    • That’s not capitalism; there is no “minimum wage” in capitalism. Taxes, yes; but not to the point of choking a business to death either.

  5. The United States is headed in the direction of Denmark, but Denmark is ethnically and culturally homogenous, and the Danes are conditioned to conform and be controlled. This is why Denmark has produced mostly pork and cheese throughout its history, and why Switzerland is largely known for the cuckoo clock. The application of a Scandinavian social and cultural model would make this country into a larger and more decadent Scandinavia, but many Amnericans like the Scandinavians would be happy until the vodka ran out, then they would commit suicide.

  6. God,Family,Country

    Democrats love other peoples money, and find ways to steal it. They will keep 90% and throw a 1% bone to the poor, and a 9% to their Union Buddies

    • Well said. I believe the Clintons are the role models for such conduct. They have stolen for decades under the guise of helping the underprivileged and have done nothing. Obama has only divided the nation further and has used his leftist strategy to weaken America in his quest for socialism. By the way he sees to love deeply capitalism and is milking it for all it is worth. As a real socialist he should share it all with the rest of America as a true socialist would do . Good luck , I never see that happening.

      • God,Family,Country

        Obama is the Greatest Fake that has ever seen office, Yes your Right as a True Socialist as he claims to be, he isn’t sharing Nada, not even a bone!! And on top of that follows Billy Bubba Clinton on making Big Paydays off speeches!! Obama is the Biggest Liar, to every get elected.

    • That’s true but they still claim the Republicans are the wealthy class and want to keep the poor down, yet all we see and hear anymore is how wealthy Clinton and Obama and their cronies are. It’s mostly at the taxpayers expense. Then we see and hear how the DNC is raising massive amounts of money for the midterms and the GOP can’t compete, monetarily. Odd isn’t it??

  7. What’s the difference between Socialism and Communism? There is no difference until it too late and the firing squads are working to “trim the Comrades”!

    • The difference between them is an AK47! These Moronic Dimwits didn’t learn anything in school. Socialism/Communism never worked wherever it was tried. They think it will work here? Never happen! They will never succeed, Good always defeats evil! Most of these evil people belong in jail!

      • Or DEAD

      • I agree, and I also know that as long as there is a single Veteran or real American walking the country the Dimwits will get the biggest “Ass kicking” in history! GOD bless America and one of those Blessing is the American Veteran. Thanks for your Service and Be Blessed!

    • what is the difference between trump’s “conservatism” and fascism?

      • Rch you’re a fucking stupid worthless TROLL STFU

      • If he was a fascist you wouldn’t be able to make the stupid comments that you do because the only voices that would be heard are the ones that agree with everything he says and does.

        • Your comment is the most insanely idiotic thing I have ever heard. No one with any intelligence could consider this a rational thought. Everyone who reads this is now dumber for having listened to it.

          • RICH GIROD you just proved your ignorance. Geeze where do they get people like you? Shut up while you can (perhaps) still salvage yourself as only half human while the other half as an IDIOT.

          • Ok prove me wrong, go down to Cuba and start talking about the Castro’s the way you talk about Trump, go to the capital building and protest like they do here and see how far you get. since you libs love communism so much you should go try it out.

          • Rich Girod, even Bernie Sanders couldn’t describe the difference between a Democrat & a Socialist. What makes you supposedly such an expert?

          • karen shull

            “… even Bernie Sanders couldn’t describe the difference between a Democrat & a Socialist. ”

            That’s wrong.

            The question he was asked by Cruz was-
            “”Let me just ask, since this is a tax debate, what is the difference between a socialist and a Democrat on taxes?” Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) asked Sen. Sanders (I-VT) in a nationally televised debate Wednesday night on CNN.”

            Sanders response was-

            ” Well, I don’t know the answer to that, because I don’t know what every Democrat…

            Then Cruz interrupted him with-

            CRUZ-“I don’t, either.

            So your statement “even Bernie Sanders couldn’t describe the difference between a Democrat & a Socialist. ” is a lie –

  8. Excellent article – good analogy.

  9. Bernie Sanders has been ideologically demoralized. In other words, he has been brainwashed to think like a socialists.

  10. That’s not guts, it’s part senility, part stupidity, part raving lunacy, part smug complacency in his ability to say just about anything and fire up a crowd of dolts. Ever listen to the guy? The fact that people like Bernie Sanders, Nancy Pelosi and Elizabeth Warren are the best the Democratic party can muster tells you how completely insane and out of touch with reality they’ve become. The ‘do as I say not as I do’ crowd. Whose reigning Queen was just dethroned. It’s simply amazing to me that so many liberals are so willing to overlook the outrageous hypocrisy of their own party, they clamor for investigations, yet ignore the giant purple elephant in their own room. It’s embarrassing, the Democratic party’s new slogan should be
    ‘We see none of our own evil, hear none of our own evil, speak none of our own evil.’

  11. The insane marxist democrat party is public enemy number one. The insane marxist democrat party is a threat to every man, woman and child in this nation.


      • Just so you know the ICE director came out today and they are going after the employers who hire illegals. First will be a massive fine, next would be putting restraints on the business itself, kind of a choke hold to force them to comply with the law. They are also making major headway against MS13 and other gangs here; we just never hear about all of this on the news anymore.

      • Lynda Wheeler Dabson

        “Vietnam Vet”…I thank you VERY much for your service and sacrifice, first and foremost. But jobs stolen by illegals is the LEAST of our problems. Our leaders, misguidedly elected, are selling our souls and our children’s souls. They are doing to us what our founders said, “Don’t let them do this!!”. 1000’s of years fighting and feuding over human suffering at the hands of “nobles”, who’s rule was mostly about a grand, well guarded misconception of rightful loud-mouthness. Bloodlines were mixed a LONG time ago, experiments of who’s in charge have run their course. 100 years wars are the MOST ridiculous way to solve problems and redraw boundaries.
        If this country is really destined to “progress”, it really should be about reaching a higher level of understanding that war should be obsolete, technology doesn’t replace humans and leaders ARE our equals, not our superiors. 2 very important lessons have been repeatedly taught throughout history – Global government DOES NOT work – there is no one size fits all so everyone should just learn to get along. AND, socialism [communism, fascism, nationalism] or any other renaming of the same idea is as deadly to humans as black plague. 60 million speechless dead from WWII would attest to that if they could. So, let America be the nation that gives them a voice!!!

  12. I think there is NO difference; that’s why no one can label such difference.

  13. Names of political systems aren ever very exact.

  14. We have been hearing, from the Democrats, that ANY proposed tax cut is a tax cut for the top 1% ever since I was a Republican in diapers! And believe me, its been a LONG time! They don’t have an original bone in any of their bodies! Try something NEW!!

    • Francisco Machado

      At first reading, you will find this impossible to believe, think it a jest of some sort. Pause a moment, try to analyze the way Democrats think, then reread it: The Democrats consider it “unfair” that people who do not pay any taxes do not benefit from a tax reduction.

      • Oh, but they DO benefit………they just keep getting increases in their Welfare checks and food stamps!

        • Francisco Machado

          I didn’t say they didn’t benefit. I said “The Democrats consider it…” More money remaining in the private domain increases product and service demand which increases employment. Competition for employees (rather than the Hand of a Benevolent Government) pushes up wages. The Democrats just see a tax reduction as money they ought to be getting that the earners of it are getting to keep and spend themselves, which really makes the Progressives see Red.

    • Like lying? That’s not original, that’s what trump does every day.

  15. The Communist Party leaders were asked back in the FDR times whether they would field Fed candidates. Their response was something to the effect – why, the Democrats are promoting everything that we were going to ask for. That has not changed. There used to be a few reasonable Democrats, but almost to a man (that is, person) they are now extinct or running as Republicans. Why do you suppose we have so many RINOs anyway.

    McCain has always been a Democrat, but it served his purposes to join with the Republicans so that he could keep his buddies, the Kennedy’s informed about what was going on. Am I saying he is a traitor? Are you saying he is not? Let’s count the consequential votes where his vote was needed to get a Republican-sponsored bill passed? Which side was he on – previously he had a few of his own plans so he bartered away his vote to get what he wanted. But lately, he has been an out-right embarrassment. And if you think Trump is strange – McCain is a banana.

    • “The Communist Party leaders were asked back in the FDR times whether they would field Fed candidates.” Date and source please.

  16. Implement the tax system favored by our founding fathers: business pays all tax – working people do not.

    • Francisco Machado

      The person taxed is not necessarily the person who pays the tax. the last person in the line – like Crack the Whip – is the one who pays, e.g. the retailer is charged a tax on the revenue he derives from selling you a product. He (obviously) passes the tax on to you. Tax a corporation? It becomes part of the cost of the product or service. Corporations move from high tax states or countries to low tax ones so they can offer a product at a lower cost than the competition, meaning they can sell it to you for less than another provider. Taxing businesses makes products more costly which depresses demand so fewer workers are required for production.

    • That is exactly the way it is suppose to be!!

  17. Linda Christensen

    Can’t tell the difference. That is because they are now the same. They used to be different but not anymore.

  18. With the discussion on universal health care or single payer, Does Senator Bernie Sanders understand that this is cheap medical care or no medicare real care for American citizens and only the health care organizations will be laughing all the way to the bank. much like some are today since medical care is now a business ( Kaiser, Group health) etc…? Just look at the way the Veterans Administration is run and really by whom. It is a nightmare for our vets and yet those who are supporting universal health care have ignored the VA’s gigantic fraud and crimes committed upon our vets. Since our vets are ignored after giving so much, why then would any of these same politicians pay any attention to the rest of American citizens needs of real medical care. Senator Bernie Sanders has been bamboozled by the democrats who fell for the communists ideology decades ago.

  19. I’m against redistribution of wealth. That is Socialism. When I read stories about Britain now banning surgery for the obese and smokers, It raises many questions about socialized medicine. People who become wealthy due to their hard work should not have to pay for those who don’t work as hard. Where’s the fairness in that?


  21. We are getting much closer unfortunately to a Democrat Socialist party and the euphemism of Democrat is a misnomer. Elizabeth Warren is even more left so what is she going to call her party the “The Democrat Communist party” what about the dictator who wishes totalitarianism, is his or her party the Democrat Dictatorship Party. This is a very dangerous path.

    Venezuela has lost its way in its socialist agenda and has destroyed a country which was prosperous under the guise of social reform and state controlled businesses. Socialism really does not work. Socialism in the words of Winston Churchill is inextricably tied to totalitarianism and servitude to the State. It will ultimately morph into communism. The social utopia is a philosophy for fools and is sold by socialists masquerading as socially concerned citizens who really what a total control by government. The ideal worker state does not exist and its experiments in Russia and other societies has failed miserably.

    There is a profound contradiction between socialism and capitalism. Yes social programs are needed since the market will not produce them, but social justice must be carefully administered and not excessive exercises by those who seek to control America.

    George Washington has been quoted as saying that “Government is not reason it is not eloquence , it is a force like fire, it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master, never for a moment should it be left to irresponsible action. His words are ringing true today as our system is struggling to recover from the corrupt Obama Administration leftist policies which has damaged American.

    The left in the name of equality has destroyed its reverence for the first amendment. It now has gone to the extreme of using violence ( as we have witnessed on our college campuses), to suppress any ideas it disagrees with .

    The main stream media is a fake media device, and scavengers who act as propagandists to fuel the Democrat Party and the left wing forces who have destroyed any real free press.

    What does all this sound like if not the elements and a harbinger of Communism where all free speech is stopped and the government under the guise of equality stifles any real communication of ideas contrary to that sponsored by the State.

    If freedom of speech is taken away, then dumb and silent shall we be led like sheep to the slaughter. For me I am a not part of the sheep but one who will fight to keep our freedom and pray all reasonably thinking Americans will rise up against such tyranny.

  22. No questions about it the Demon Progressives almost took us down the Euro Socialist Democrat road. Go Trump!

  23. At least Bernie says it. He scares me, but he really believes in what he says. Personally, I like the fact that he is more honest than his buddies in the Democratic Party. They say one thing, then do something else. That is far worse.

  24. Before you try to define a difference, ask yourself, Is there really a difference?

  25. The Democrats are why America is hurting, vulnerable to illegals and muslims, and financially a disaster. They have not only screwed every American with taxes (especially Gov Moonbeam of California), but have created sub-cultures such as transgenderism and homosexuality – both their creations of perversion.

    Can you think of one thing the Socialistic Left has done to benefit our American citizens and our nation? Just one? There is nothing they have done that benefits us as a Nation. So why do we put up with them and why don’t we get rid of every last one?

    The elections are coming and we have the power to elect those individuals that “believe” as we do — removing all Socialistic Democrats from our Govt. If we want that change, we have to make it happen — for a better world for our children and the future of America!

  26. Dose any one out there in America know the difference between a Republican and an a Democrat? The Republican will tax you into the Poor house and leave you with with your car to drive to the Poor house and the Democrats will drive you to the Poor house in electric Buses.

    • Does, you ignoramus. The common word ‘dose’ refers to a prescribed amount of medicine.

      If you refuse to learn English, Senor Marquez, or are simply incapable of doing so…perhaps you should go home.

  27. If Bernie wants to speak about stealing he should talk to his wife.

  28. I had a paper that showed how you could change a country to Socialist with-out the people even knowing it !! Democrats has done got half of list finished !! THE NEXT STEP ON LIST IS TAKE ALL GUNS AWAY FROM THE PEOPLE !!! Keep your guard up and don’t just think Democrats are racist LOONEY BUGS ,but they are sneaky LOONEY BUGS !!!!!

  29. The democrats just keep telling the same lies and the really sad/sorry thing is so many keep believing the same lies over and over. The truth is the democrats are the rich ones and how do they keep getting richer? By appointing more agencies, more departments, etc so they have the means to misdirect taxpayer’s money into their pockets and those of their cronies. Wake up people, there is no free lunch, ever! Biggest scammers in history.

  30. We should change the names of the parties from democrats and republicans to socialists and barbarians.

  31. Why wouldn’t Ted Cruz call the Democratic Party Socialist. My answer why. I was frustrated at how the Democrats could lie and refuse to follow excellent ideas from the Republicans. Then by chance I caught a Documentary on EWTN by Arcadia Films “A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing”. In it was who the mentor was for both Hillary and Barack, but more importantly it talked about the history of socialistic philosophies as far back as the 1800’s. But what stuck out was a comment by an Ex-Communist Dr, Bella Dodd who explained that the leadership of both the American Socialist and Communist Parties told their followers to call themselves LIBERAL, PROGRESSIVES AND DEMOCRATS because they sounded so much nicer. The frustration I had been experiencing was ripped away. I finally understood the left media the Democrat Party and Socialists in general.

  32. If the Democrat Party in it’s current form were honest it would call itself the Democratic Socialist Party which it is. They no longer have any regard for the Constitution unless it is in their interest. If they were honest they would admit that they would prefer all Americans earnings be remitted to the treasury and they would decide what each person need to live on. They would tell us what to watch on T.V., where and when to work, and what to eat. They want to control every aspect of or lives.

  33. There is a terribly destructive myth that the general public believes the wealthiest 1% are not paying their “fair share” of taxes. The top 5% of tax payers pay almost 80% of taxes while the lowest 50% pay NOTHING. Or what they pay, they get back in returns. A huge number of people are being duped into thinking the rich need to pay more but the rich are already paying far more than the half of the country that pays nothing.

  34. I don’t think that there is a difference between Democrats and Socialists anymore. Certainly not any meaningful one. They all seem to believe in redistribution now.

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