FSU Professor: Fox Lies, MSNBC Tells Truth

A Florida State University professor told his students that Fox News was full of lies, unlike the champions of truth over at MSNBC. The professor’s lecture was recorded and sent to Campus Reform, and now everyone can hear what students are learning from one Mr. William Claggett.

In his Public Parties and Campaigns class, Claggett tells his students that “when I’m home clicking through the stations, oh here comes Fox News, the Fox News Channel. Oh, I don’t stop there. I know they’re simply lying, and I keep on going.” Wait, it gets better. “On the other hand,” Claggett says, “here comes MSNBC. Well, I’ll stop here for a bit, see what truth I can find out the easy way while I’m reading the New York Times.”

Claggett’s comments almost seem as if they are leading into a discussion about intellectual laziness, but he seems to simply be relating what he sees to be the truth of the matter. Conservative media outlets are full of lies, and liberal media outlets are the destination for truth. It’s hard to believe that someone could be so ignorant and get an associate professorship at a respected university, but the proof is in the pudding.

An Education in Idiocy

According to a student who talked to Campus Reform, the recorded lecture is par for the course in Claggett’s class. “There have been a few times where his comments in class have made me feel uncomfortable, but saying Fox News is nothing but lies was a new low,” the anonymous student said. “I’m constantly afraid of speaking my mind in class because I know that my views don’t align with his. And ultimately, I think that my education is worth more than being fearful because I don’t agree with a professor.”

It’s not the least bit shocking, really. Every day in American college classrooms, professors like Claggett are using their authority to blow hot air about their political views. Instead of presenting them as “just one man’s opinion,” they persuade students to believe they’ve come to their views by way of education and experience and truth. And in a way they have; at some point in the past, they sat at the feet of some other liberal professor and got their heads filled with the same BS. The cycle continues.

Can you imagine what kind of feeding frenzy would take place if Claggett had been recorded telling his students that MSNBC was lying and that Fox was the place for truth? He would probably lose his job. There is only one acceptable ideology in today’s academic environment, and it isn’t the one espoused by Sean Hannity. We used to worry that kids would go off to college and get into drugs. Now parents have to worry about a much greater danger: that their kids will come back liberals.


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