Free Speech Controversy at Christian College

If you haven’t seen the recent flap over a Texas Christian University student’s Twitter controversy, it’s worth looking into. In a country where liberal colleges both public and private are hiring radical extremists as professors, conservatives must keep an ear to the ground. Whether you are attending school yourself, have kids going into college, or are simply concerned about the future of academia, every story matters.

This time around, the subject of controversy is a TCU student named Harry Vincent. Vincent fell under scrutiny when a Tumblr user complained to university officials about the former’s Twitter account. At issue were a handful of tweets that violated the left’s precious political correctness:

– “#Baltimore in 4 words: poor uneducated druggy hoodrats”

– “This is clearly not a religion of peace. Stop islam 2k15, enough is enough! @BarackObama needs to step up and take action”

– “Almost as tan as a terrorist. Going to be thoroughly disappointed if I’m not racially profiled on my trip to gulf shores.”

Upon seeing the tweets, university officials informed the 19-year-old that he had violated the school’s Code of Conduct policies. As punishment, he was “suspended under abeyance,” meaning he was banned from living on campus or participating in the school’s extra-curricular activities. He was also placed on disciplinary probation for the remainder of his academic career.

Once the press got wind of the story, though, the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education got involved. Together with a legion of conservative supporters, they have successfully pressured Texas Christian officials to drop the most serious of the punishments.

“Have been reinstated as a student at #TCU under disciplinary probation- no suspension. Thanks for all the support #FreedomWins,” read a celebratory tweet from Vincent. He said he received a personal call at home from TCU Chancellor Victor Boschini, who told him that he had decided the punishment was too harsh after reviewing the case.

”Stand strong in your beliefs and don’t let anyone try to quiet your opinion,” Vincent said in a statement. “We are entitled to our freedom of speech and we can’t sit back and allow institutions such as TCU to attempt to silence us.”

Obviously, the First Amendment does not mean a private university cannot have its own code of conduct. It applies only to speech censored by the government. That said, the ideals of free speech go beyond our constitutional rights. Colleges, in particular, should be very careful when infringing on those rights, if only because it hinders the free exchange of ideas.

Frankly, it’s hard to imagine what it was about Vincent’s tweets that deserved such a reaction. The first one about Baltimore is borderline, but is it factually wrong? The one about Islam is not offensive and the last one is clearly a joke. Unfortunately, when it comes to criticizing the left’s sacred cows, there is no room for humor or dissent. Conservatives won the day this time, but the battle is far from over.

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  1. I think the correct conservative adage for this situation would be.


    But the better question is WHY would a Christian University be so PC?
    Maybe these are not good Christians.
    Kind of like conservatives in congress, not being REAL conservatives?

    Do you think this Christian Hall of higher learning has staffed the establishment with a bunch of liberals?

    • They suckle off the government tit just like all the rest of today’s so called schools of higher learning. Administrators are selected based on both their lack of character or commitment to the Truth. While some may not have started out as hedonistic sadist, by the time our government is done playing “chase the money ball” with them, these people are willing to do anything, and I mean anything to keep the dollars flowing.

      • “They suckle off the government tit just like all the rest of today’s so called schools of higher learning.”

        Well now it’s confirmed.
        You have the intellect of a radish.

        Almost no federal funding goes directly to these schools.
        Students may have federally back student loans, but that’s a lot different.

        I think that might be over Jimmy’s intellect level though.

        Feel free to post a link proving your lies, but we both know that’s not going to happen, right Jimmy?

        • You again? I thought you got lost when you never came back to refute the existence of a creator… bet that one really blew your mind, didn’t it? Ha Ha!

          Of course, how could it be expected that you could pay attention to every little detail of life that goes on around you, even when it is so in your face, if you were a deer in the road you’d have been killed multiple times by now?

          Poor widdle baby, you are so cute and stupid. The government has all of the so called schools of higher learning by the balls and especially those that employ any sort of religious exemptions.

          Are you really this far off the mark with everything you write? You might find that you get a little more traction if you change your name to Unreality check.

          • independent thinker

            Lack of reality is usually even further off the mark.

          • For example?
            cons have such issues with being specific.

            harder to get shot down for ignorance that way.

          • Independent just called you “Lack of Reality” check… you should admit, that is a pretty good description, don’t you think? I think so and I bet a lot of other people think so too.

            Just because they don’t have the time to tell what they think does not mean they don’t think it. Anyway, I think it so that is something.

            Maybe you need to go on vacation. Obama does that a lot and you like him and that’s what a lot of people do when they are starting to lose it, you know?

            Just my thoughts, but you don’t own any guns, do you? Just checking… I mean, you should admit, mentally ill people should not have guns.

            Surely you agree, right?

          • this site does not notify me all the time.

            I wouldn’t pass up an opportunity to talk about religious enthusiasts and their silly beliefs.
            feel free to reiterate.

            So many words, so much stupidity.
            AND this was YOU pretending to be intellectual?

          • Weak. You’re ducking the issue. Are you a professional politician or just practicing in case something opens up?

          • What part was I supposed to respond to?
            “Poor widdle baby”
            “you are so cute and stupid”

            or maybe this bit of stupid
            “if you were a deer in the road you’d have been killed multiple times by now?”

            I have no idea what the issue about creation was.

            it must have been the closest you have ever been to winning and argument, so it’s forever branded in your mind.

          • Get off the drugs. Are you in a mental institution? I’m beginning to think you are.

          • “University research is a vital building block of the nation’s research and development
            (R&D) enterprise. While U.S. universities perform just 13 percent of total national R&D,they perform 31 percent of the nation’s total research basic and applied and 56 percent of the nation’s basic research.
            Because there is broad consensus that university research is a long
            term national investment in the future, the federal government supports about 60 percent of the research performed at universities. In 2009, that amounted to the federal government
            supporting about $33 billion of universities’ total annual R&D spending of $55 billion.
            Along with creating new knowledge and the foundation for new products and processes, U.S. universities use their research activities to educate students who will become then ext generation’s scientists and engineers, teachers, and leaders in government and industry”.

            So ya lets cut the funding and get even MORE BACKWARD in our tech.
            sounds like a well thought out conservative plan.


          • And you just made my case. Anything else?

          • Not really Jimmy.
            I did show you where the money goes.
            For important shit, like keeping America strong and number one in technology.

            Why are you against that Jimbo?

            you rather spend it on $1000 toilet seats?
            Or maybe tax breaks for corporations?

            Maybe open a few more military bases around the world!

          • I support anything that gets the government out of a position to dictate what people will be taught.

            What is it that you can’t understand? “We the people” do not want to live under tyranny.

            I sometimes wish that this nation could be separated into two areas. One area for freedom and liberty and the other for tyranny and human debauchery.

            Then, we put all democrats in on area, just call it pre-hell for a more descriptive title, and you can spend the rest of your days trying to claw your way back into the area of liberty and sanity, but we will never let you in, since in truth you are anti freedom and anti liberty.

            You only pretend to care, but in “Reality Check”, your a fraud and what gets you the most angry is that we can all see it and you can’t.

        • You idiot! You don’t know what the hexx you are talking about! You wouldn’t know reality if it hit you in the face!

    • REality,
      This “con” does when it is a Constitutional issue and this is.

    • Why is it only the Conservatives that fight and support the Constitution and the Bill of Rights? Should not these libtards in academia be teaching by example? Clearly they want a country that panders to every bleeding heart cause that is detrimental to the success our our Country as long as it does not hurt someone’s wittle feelings.

      • “Why is it only the Conservatives that fight and support the Constitution and the Bill of Rights?”

        Well know that would be your first mistake Dylan.

        Maybe you would like to back that rhetoric up by illustrating where or how liberals are destroying the Constitution or not supporting the Constitution?

        So does Dylan actually know that the institution we are talking about is a Christian university?

        You know a place full of CONSERVATIVES.

        That kind of takes the wind out of your “anti-liberal” Propaganda.

        • Are you on drug vacation right now? You seem a bit off. Like your point is in there somewhere but you are having a hard time making it.

          I mean, even people like you deserve break, so if your cracking up or something, it’s okay.

          Just take a break and get back to us when you feel better.

          The fight for the hearts and minds of the people isn’t going anywhere and there are still a lot of maltilects (that’s people who are stupid) out there to carry Obama’s water.

        • Your president for starters. He stated that the Constitution was out-dated. Of course obama really is a so-called liberal. He is a marxist muslim.

    • Have you read or heard about the war between Christians? The liberal holier than thou against the rest of us. It’s coming.

    • anybody can cal themselves Christian… but their actions show who they really are..

    • I met several that can AFFORD and send their kids to TCU and they are liberal assholes and think they are better than everyone else. The Lord is my refuge and anyone that has to come up to me and tell me that he is a Christian, I move as far away from them as I can. Satan has infiltrated the Christian church, especially the mega churches…………. BUT, as it said in the last days, there is an underground Christian church that is observing and ready! THANK the LORD

      • The Christian church has been taken over by Satan?

        wow Pam, it’s pretty far out there

        • I didn’t say that but rather, many have and when someone has to announce to me, trying to prove to me that they are, I am weary. The Lord said to test the spirits to see whether they are true or not and also said, Let your light so shine before men that they might see your good works and glorify your Father which is in heaven. There was times and especially early on in the Word, being on fire for Christ that someone said that they were a Christian and invited me here or there and when I got there, was asking myself, what in the world and what does this have to do with uplifting Christ????? Look how many pastors that have left the book of Leviticus and Romans and Galatians and Corinthians accepting the gay lifestyle and even gays in the pulpit when the Lord said NO homosexuals shall enter the kingdom of God…… I don’t even know why you asked me this question

        • Pam is right, dude, and what would you know about Christianity?! I doubt that you’re there most every Sunday, serving as a deacon or an usher, etc. You probably never go, and know nothing about it!

          • There IS no “Christian church”. Hasn’t been for 500 years. That’s precisely why Satan has such an easy time infiltrating & subverting.

      • Does the Lord who is your refuge approve of you calling other people “assholes”?

        • Jesus called the scribes and Pharisees worse than that. He said, such as vipers, whoremonger, liars, hypocrites and thieves….. Meek does not mean weak and we are MORE tired of you and there is going to be a Holy War and read the back of the book. Guess what? We win, you lose

      • You are right Pamela. Satan is after the Christian churches. The Christian churches are populated by God’s people. I’m not saying everyone who goes to a church is a Christian, but most of them are. Now we get to those who are already in Satan’s grasp; they are useless to him, and most of them would not be bothered by a “used demon” let alone satan…Now this is a Reality Check!

        • So right Jena, and it is time for us to stand up and take up the sword (Word) and start, binding and loosing, rebuking and casting out along with the love and sharing that we have done in this country, because many in this country and many coming to this country have not yet come to the God who IS LOVE and the Lord gave us more ways than one to get His Love across and sometimes it is TOUGH Love. I hate what is happening in this country, but it is time for believers to Stand Up and become warriors for Christ…

    • I hate to say it, being a Christian, and an angry one at that, but Christianity is dying! Christian churches are dying, and many of the supposedly Christian ministers have sold out to the liberals. They are just going along to get along! You see, Christianity itself is not P.C., and the liberals HATE Christians, and Christianity! It’s true, and I could give you many examples to support that, and anybody who is dumb enough to actually believe that Obama is a Christian really needs to get to the nearest mental hospital quickly, because you are completely NUTS! He is not a Christian, never has been, and never will be!

      • ” He is not a Christian, never has been, and never will be!”

        and what EVIDENCE do you use to make that decision?

        no I mean REAL evidence that people will not laugh at.

        even Donal trump says he is a American Christian.

        why are you clinging to fantasy?

  2. Hate speech is hate speech and has no place in America let along higher education !!!

    • I hate stupidity. So how do you like that for hate speech, stupid? Also, you might want to take a look at what you type sometimes. It tells a lot about your education level. No shame in admitting your failures, but I was wondering if you made it past the 9th grade?

    • Hate speech. I did not read any word in Harry’s comments that could incite anyone to commit a crime against blacks, terrorists, or Islamist’s. You need to un-string yourself once in a while before break something.

    • Donald H Sullivan

      Everyone is guilty of hate speech. Every damn one of us; What you just stated is hate speech,as well as is this reply of mine. But we’re all protected by the 1st amendment…unless we slander someone, yell “fire” in a crowded theater, or yell “Obama is a fink” in a crowd of Liberals.

  3. The punishment was correct. It was doing what the Bible teaches. This is a Christian college. The Bible talks about separation of church and state. If he wants to blast the government he should have gone to a regular college. Makes sense to me.

    • Obviously, you being a Biblical scholar and all that, perhaps you can school us all on what else the Bible teach us about government?

      If you can’t do it or your just to much of a coward to put yourself out like that, I understand. It’s exactly what I would expect from a blowhard hayseed.

      • It’s obvious you are not a Christian. No Christian would talk like that. You are so full of hate you don’t want to listen to anyone with another set of thoughts. You sure know how to call people names which makes it obvious you are living your life as a bully. The only time bullies feel good about themselves is when they think they have made someone else feel bad. I hope when you made your comment about me that it made you feel so much better because then I can feel I made someone’s day. I want to thank you for the opportunity for making yours.

        • No, I am closer to God than you could ever imagine and just like Him, “I hate liars”. You are so obviously an ignorant blowhard. Someone needs to knock you down before others begin to believe that all Christians are idiots like you.

        • You’re also a chameleon. Don’t know what that is? That’s an animal that changes colors to blend in with it’s surroundings.

          That is the way of the Laodicean. Bet you didn’t know that either did you?

          • No I leave it up to people like you to give me an education. You obviously think your pretty smart.

          • But first…..your head must be surgically removed from your colon. Let us know when that is completed and we will start classes for you immediately since you are in such dire need of an education. Actually PRETTY HANDSOME & VERY SMART.

          • Actually I am sitting in a corner on my stool. I am looking for my dunce hat. Have you seen it?

        • Donald H Sullivan

          Tsk tsk tsk! More hate speech there, Wayne. Control yourself.

    • disqus_C6fGXmCFNc

      wt another ignorant liberal just a donkeys hole.

    • Wayne, exactly where in the bible does it say separation of church and state? I must have missed it the several times I had read it.

      • If you have to ask. Then you don’t need to know.

        • Wayne Thorson: Well, I have to ask, because Warpaint’s reply was my recollection, and “separation of church and state” is unknown to me. Where is that in the Bible?

          • Somebody on this blog has already answered that question. Read all the comments and you will get your answer.

      • Render unto Ceasar that which is Ceasars and unto God that which is God’s (not exact It’s been a very long time)

    • So the whole Cesar thing, ok. Where does it say “thy shall be forsaken if you speak in a public forum your own thoughts and views”? I don’t remember seeing anything that said Jesus’s flock should be sheeple and have no thought other than the ones of their leader? Are you not in school to learn and have questions, views, opinions? I suppose in the near future students will need to type their questions and answers in a PC filter program before they speak so they are not expelled. Glad those hollowed halls of learning are worth the price.

    • You will have to remind me where the Bible talks of separation of church and state. As for indicating certain characteristics about a group of people, what about Titus 1:12 where Paul acknowledges that what one of the Cretans own prophets said about his people being lazy, gluttonous brutes was true!
      How does that square with your PC view of scripture?

  4. Michael Dennewitz

    Glad as hell that I’m an old fart!! It’s a comin! Won’t be much longer before this FU government will be telling us all when we can take a shit!! ALL because WE THE PEOPLE refuse to get off our dead asses and take this country back!!

    • A hot war is coming, Mike.

      • And that is what the narcissist Obama wants…MORE POWER…so he can stay in office…even if it is under Martial Law.

      • yes, a war is coming but as my brother who is a Viet Nam vet says, it will not be from where you think, but only caused from where you think. That is why obummer is stirring up racism. It will be a black vs. white war and since there are more of them than us now in this country, stock up on ammo!!!!!

        • I agree Obama wants a race war and a third term but the blacks only make up 13% of the population, will the U.S Army turn on us? Probally

        • Good grief! Do any of you ultraconservatives ever check out the facts before you decide to barf up your presumptuous and absurd nonsense?!

          Here is some CORRECT information on the racial composition of the U.S. population

          “Whites constitute the majority of the U.S. population, with a total of about 245,532,000 or 77.7% of the population as of 2013”


          See more–straight from the latest official U.S. census:


          • not in the state of Texas mean person!

          • Well, Glory Be! A wackadoodle has admitted that she does not check the FACTS before putting up her viral nonsense!

          • You vile name calling demon, I rebuke you IN THE NAME OF JESUS. I don’t converse with demons, I cast them out IN THE NAME OF JESUS. I BIND YOU and say BE SILENT by the POWER that was given to me through the BLOOD of JESUS CHRIST. DON’T DARE BLASPHEME or it won’t be me you are contending with. I feel sorry for you for opening a door to let demons take over your tongue

          • That asinine performance qualifies you for a spot on one of the more absurdly unscriptural cable televangelist programs. There is nothing whatsoever that I have posted here or elsewhere that has even the remotest resemblance to blasphemy. You wouldn’t recognize blasphemy if it jumped up and bit you in the arse!

          • Can you read? I didn’t say you did, what I said was Don’t, now leave me alone and go rant at someone else.

          • No can do, Pamela. Your ludicrous blithering just compels me to comment. If I committed no blasphemy–as you seem to be saying–then what the Sam Hill made it necessary
            to warn me against committing blasphemy?

            You have no power toe BIND me or to compel me to be SILENT. For you to falsely assert such power and to claim it comes to you through Jesus is a claim that goes at least to the edge of blasphemy, if not clear over the edge.

          • Good statistics, but what percentage of the whites are useful idiots?

          • What percentage of them are nattering nincompoops? Start with the deranged ultra-right wingnuts and then add in the rest of the nincompoops and you will have the total of such nincompoops. Then divide that into the total population and Eureka! you have your answer!

          • Your ID should be headupbackside.

          • …and I’m trying to be nice.

          • FAR TOO MANY. After all white women made Oprah a billionaire. White women voted in majority for Obama. White men under age 45 voted in majority for Obama, as did ALL other major categories of voters….except one—white males 45 and older who did not vote for the Community Organizer-in-Chief.

        • amen pam, believe hes behind this mess black lives matters. to keep ones eye off what he doing in this country as he continue destroying it in so many different ways. sad when so many took their eyes off God and put them on a man who dont even acknowledge God. yet they say they are christian. I pray God open all of these peopls eyes before its to late .not only him , see michelle dowing whites also. and that sick minded farrakann……we that knows God we are so blessed , were we dont have to allow satan to use us, yet do things Gods way .to me all lives matters. just as they do to God. .

        • Nah, there are not enough Negroes to make a war. It will be Dems versus Americans.

    • So am I but I still have some fight in me: REVOLUTION will be the SOLUTION – I’d rather die for the right cause than take it up the ass as all the sheeple are doing!

      • Me thinks like You . I DO believe a Civil War , Then an Armed REVOLUTION , Is in Our very near Future . OBOGUS is Bankin on it , for His Martial Law , to Strip US of OUR Gun Rights , Abd OUR GUNS . AMMO UP , and ARM UP and LOCK & LOAD . Cuz THIS OLD VET IS . MOLON LABE to My Last Breath

    • Kevin E Krostosky

      Obama’s regime is pretty certain that a statute already exist pertaining to when you can shit, they just haven’t decided to enforce it yet through homeland security resources. It’s on the Executive Order agenda.

  5. Vincent used provocative language which would incite anyone! Unfortunately, he returned “evil for evil” which is something a true Christian should not do! And, he will pay for it, not simply by the liberal professors, who re certainly not finished with him yet, but by God Himself. The Almighty will teach Vincent that is not the way to approach problems. Vincent simply open the door for Satan to get in. Too bad!

    • Donald H Sullivan

      Speaking for The Almighty are ya?

    • Pamela Sue Therrien

      what an odd comment does not the scripture say to stand and stand firm against evil? Have you studied the Prophet Mohammad? Do so. See who this man was the beheading’s of “Infidels” he commited the small children he had sex with and so on…..does this sound like a prophet to you?

    • Interesting. Do you know the story of how Christmas began. It’s not nice, in fact it is rather ugly. During the celebration of the fertility god, December 25th through January 15th, it was 100% legal for Roman soldiers to rape any woman they desired. That would be your mother, your sister, wife, daughter, friend, you name it.

      Unfortunately for these soldiers it was Christians who spent their nights and days hunting these men down and killing them for their evil acts. The Caesar of that day then changed the holiday to include Christians by calling it a the celebration of Christ’s birth. This gave the soldiers license to kill the Christian men who attempted to stop the soldiers from raping their women and it eventually lead to Christians being killed for sport.

      You are a perfect example of the cowardly Christian. The Laodicean. Too scared to stand up for the Truth so you pretend to be a pacifist. I’d say that you are living your punishment for your cowardice and only those who are making real sacrifices for the Lord will receive their reward.

  6. Freedom of speech is a right that folks have to express their feelings, and when a person is prohibited by anyone from saying what they think it is wrong… Political correctness needs to be shoved to where the sun don’t shine on those who espouse it…

    • Shove Affirmative Action in there along side the PC BS.

    • my fight against this evil will be between prayer and doing whats right before God. its not the people we are up against . its a spiriutal warfare going on in this country. between evil & good. I DO KNOW WHAT PRAYER CAN DO. THATS WE CANT DO WE MUST GIVE IT TO GOD AND TRUST HIM TO FIX THE THINGS WE NEVER we pray we have to trust God 100%

  7. We are not robots or androids so quit trying to program us to be politically correct.

  8. Easily explained:

    “We asked for freedom of the press, thought, and civil liberties in the past because we were in the opposition and needed these liberties to conquer. Now that we have “conquered”, there is no longer any need for such civil liberties.” -Prominent Communist Party theoretician Nikolai Bukharin, executed by Stalin in 1937.

  9. Political Correctness is a Moral, Mental and Spiritual Sickness that is epidemic throughout our society. America is now under as much Oppression as a consequence as the Old, Dead, Soviet union ever was. Remember the story of the Frog in the pot of water that was slowly boiled to death because it did not have the COMMON SENSE get the hell out. The water in the pot, AMERICA is getting warmer and warmer. Still America slumbers. Our schools no longer teach, they indoctrinate. Our Government has fallen prey to the Oppression of the Politically Correct. The institutionalized church is no longer the church, as it has fallen prey to the god of Political Correctness. Bottom line: America, WE HAVE A HUGE PROBLEM. The question being, can this illness be reversed?

  10. soon the only speech that will be allowed will be 1984’s “Newspeak”.

  11. Time has come to put the government back into the hands of the people where it belongs. Vote Trump he is the only hope we have he tells it like it is.

  12. Mark N Starla Traina

    “LIBERAL HYPROCRACY” exposed once again! ENT

  13. Once again,the liberals at a college or newspaper or meeting who seem to think that anything said or printed that offends ONE individual needs to be given a higher level of priority than that same written or spoken item that offends many,many other individuals.

  14. Raymond J Ambrozaitis

    Want to know what the right and Christians really think of free speech? Post anything questioning them, their religion or something they just posted and add facts to your question. Then you will see for yourself what the right thinks free speech means.

  15. As an alumni I personally wrote Boschini concerning this matter and suggested that he be punished and not Vincent for violating his constitutional rights. It is inconceivable that he was originally barred from the schools facilities such as the Student Center and even football games. This travesty is a sure sign liberal academia at it’s worst. TCU actually awarded the Humanitarian Award to Rev Wright a few years ago but the celebration and the formal dinner for the presentation was cancelled due to numerous death threats. TCU is not a Christian school as the school’s administration would make you believe. I had a grandson graduate from TCU this spring and granddaughter favoring TCU for her education but I will discourage her from attending TCU as a result of their radical liberal politically correct position that has poisoned the faculty and the administration.

  16. Damned glad I’m 60 & no longer in college. I’d be in trouble all the time.
    That said, this political correctness b/s is getting completely out of hand when, as a college student, you DARE NOT freely express your views. How the hell are we training the next generation to accept responsibility for managing this country when we’re busy teaching them what they can & dare not say?

  17. I’m glad TCU backed down. They have no business policing a student’s private accounts. Only those social media accounts which are the property of the university should be “policed”. Because TCU accepts Federal funding for its students, it is, in fact, an agent of the Federal Government. In my opinion, that fact gives TCU the same responsibility to protect First Ammendment rights as the Federal Government has.

  18. Kudos to Harry Vincent. He is so right when he said we must stand up for our rights of freedom of speech and all of our freedoms. If obama has his way we will not have any freedoms except those that he dictates. He is a muslim communist and his “transformation” of America means turning our government into communism.

  19. If your ear is to the ground they can stomp on your head. What is the value of these institutions if they just teach PC there? They don’t hold a monopoly on knowledge. It is what is in your head and not what is on your wall.

  20. As much as I emotionally agree on the ‘revolution’ talk, what we NEED to do is Do Something besides just griping, meaning: since MSM is in bed with Obama’s university professors’ hatred for America, civilized Americans must organize enough to contact MSM advertisers (print & broadcast), tell those funders of MSM that you will organize larger groups to boycott Macy’s, Target, GE, etc! For MSM it’s All About The Money; your money they transfer to Obama/Boxer/MSM/Feinstein/Reid/Planned Parenthood, etc, etc!

    • Why does the silly right think that everyone except them is to destroy the country?

      Yet it’s only the right that post hatred and division articles like this one.

      Could be you guys are just too stupid to know you’re being manipulated

      • You sound quite a bit like I did while I was still being fooled by these sly shysters (who are now fabulously wealthy from their orchestrated plunder of our government trreasuries all across America), before I left the party of hate-mongering, name-calling, and deeply-veiled racists of my former party. There is little more societal hatred than forcing every student at college to DuckSpeak in unison with their political mind controllers’ demands! PC was invented by one of the greatest mass-murderers in history, a guy who made Hitler look less than able. That guy is Josef Stalin, the mass-murderer of over 40 million human beings in the Old Soviet Union and it’s Empire. Whoever didn’t clap for Stalin’s speeches was arrested, imprisoned and/or murdered (“for the good of all”).

        Also, just ask yourself, “Who is in political control of all these big American cities where American Blacks have had the families destroyed by paying 16-year-old girls to get pregnant by multiple fathers to get welfare money, rotten schools, huge drug addiction/drug gang problems, vast unemployment, corrupt city governments (like chicago/Detroit), monstrous murder rates/rape rates/abortion rates, street thuggery, and great loss of hope, etc, etc?” The answer: My former party, the party that “cares so much”! No republican has even had a say in the monstrous running of the Giant Black Reservations my former party’s governments have run for the last 50-60-70 years!!!!! The Real Racists are my former party mates!!! Not the republicans, or conservatives, or Tea Partiers, etc!!

        The deluded fools are the democrats who’ve not yet awakened to the mass-hate machine which runs, and profits handsomely from, democrat-run crony-governments in bed with crony capitalists, & corrupt government labor union machines all across America!

  21. This, again, is classic double standard. If you are a liberal, you can say whatever you want about the conservatives, and they do! The things that the liberal media and politicians, and azzholes like Al Sharpton, can say whatever they wish, and it’s ok, but just let a conservative say nasty things about liberals, or blacks, or illegals, etc., even though it’s probably the truth, you dare not say such things then! Double standard, big time!

  22. Good to know. Even though two of IMO Mr. Vincent’s comments were borderline, they never should have been censored. A private conversation is just that…a private conversation. If the PC police don’t like it…TOUGH!
    BTW, some liberals are advancing the premise the 1st Amendment is a privilege to be controlled, not a Constitutional Right.

  23. it was a christian university! what this person did was unchristian. so what’s the problem w/ punishment?

    • TCU is “Christian” in name only. If they receive federal funds (and exactly how many colleges do not, even private institutions) there is a problem with punishment for exercising his First Amendment rights.

  24. .
    druggy hoodrats a very apt substitute for the term “thugs”.

  25. The solution to this dilemma is not to censure the students for reasonable tweets but to replace the administration that is hiring the extremists and wild eyed liberals professors who are protesting common sense

  26. Clearly a liberal PC attempt to silence a conservative thinking young man in a very liberal environment. As a graduate of TCU of many years ago I am disgusted with this PC mentality at TCU and it’s action against this student because of ONE COMPLAINT. TCU showed it’s true liberal stupidity when it chose Rev Wright for the Humanitarian Award which had to be cancelled because of deaths threats. Here again they show their liberal stupidity.

  27. TCU has a heckuva good football team! Does that mean that God is on their side?

  28. You can always tell when he is lying. It is when his lips are moving. It is now quite obvious where the statement came from, someone who knew Obama.

  29. The problem is that if you listen only to the Republican Candidates, Republicans don’t have any speech worth hearing. they are anti Christian (Syrian refugees for example) and anti Americans (they love having 30,000 Americans killed by guns each year). Just atrocious.

  30. Count himself lucky to get out of there!

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